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tv   Close Up  CSPAN  July 17, 2009 7:00pm-8:00pm EDT

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. referring to is externalities and i raised this in my question with the original testimony of the first doctor who testified with regard to the cost of treating people whom have contracted anti-biotic resistant boo bacteria. i would also @@@@@ @ rr
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for treatment rather than for prevention. and i think that bill furthers that end. and that's why i'm proud to be a co-sponsor and applaud gentlewoman slaughter for holding this. and i want to yield back. >> i want to thank you our panel of scientists. thank you for your help and your support for this bill. i can you to consent that the record be open for written of written testimony and ask unanimous consent to be open for seven days for the submission of testimony.
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the letter from honorable mr. boswell, 2009 the statement of miss hiyman. i'm going real fast. can you keep up with me? i'll give you this list. risk management strategies for the use of antimicrobials. letter from dr. anne her shon. the chairwoman lou, se slaughter -- ouise slaughter. transcript on the poultry
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committee to review the advances of animal health. thursday september 28, 2008. the letter from joshua sharkstein. and the deputy commissioner of the f.d.a., the chair of antibuy yotucks committee. thanks to you all. thanks very much to you. and this committee is adjourned. >> no president obama on health care. he talked about the urgency or passing a comprehensive bill that will reduce costs and not add to the deficit. his remarks came at the white house following the passage of legislation by two key house committee's. this is about 10 minutes. good afternoon. i realize that washington is
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often focused on the 24 hour news cycle. instead of the longview. and i know that there's a good deal of that going on right now when it comes to health care. so i wanted everybody to step back for a moment, and look at the unprecedented progress that we have already made on reform that will finally lower-cost, guarantee coverage, and provide more choice. over the last several weeks we have forged a level of consensus around health insurance reform that we have never seen before in this country. in may, we were able to bring together health care providers around an agreement to do their part to decrease the annual rate of health care growth by 1.5 percentage points, annually, which will save us $2 trillion or more over the next decade and lower costs for all of us. a few weeks later, we got the
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pharmaceutical industry to agree to $80 billion in spending reductions over the next decade. reductions that will make prescription drugs more affordable for seniors. that's partly why the aarp has endorsed our efforts. last week, we reached an agreement with hospice to bring down costs by another $155 billion. and just this past week, both the american nurses association and the american medical association representing millions of nurses and doctors across the nation who know our health care system best announced their support for what we are trying to do. in these past weeks, we have also build consensus around specific reforms on which there hasn't been consensus before. let me list some of those. and i want to particularly applaud the efforts of committees and the house and senate who worked long and hard to make this progress. we are now at a point where most
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everyone agrees that we need to invest in preventive and wellness programs that can save us money and help lead healthier lives. we have an agreement on the need to simplify the insurance forms and paperwork that patients have to fill out every time they go to a hospital or see a doctor. we have an agreement on the need to reform our health insurance system so that if you lose your job, change your job or start a small business you can still get affordable health insurance. we have an agreement on the need to prevent insurance companies from denying coverage to americans with pre-existing medical conditions. and we have agreement on the need for a health insurance exchange, a marketplace where people can compare prices and quality, and choose the health care plan that best suits their needs. so this is what health insurance reform will mean for the average in the transamerica. it will mean lower costs, more
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choices, and coverage you can count on. it will save you and your family money. you won't have to worry about being priced out of the market. you won't have to worry about one illness leading to your family going into financial ruin. americans will have coverage that finally has to do with the insecurity. and americans who don't have health insurance, will finally have affordable, quality options. these are the areas where we agree right now. this consensus has brought us closer to the goal of health insurance reform than ever before. now we've got to get over the finish line. and part of this process is figuring out how to pay for it. i said that health insurance reform cannot add to our deficit over the next decade, and i mean it. let me repeat. health insurance reform cannot add to our deficits over the next decade. and i mean it.
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already congress has embraced our proposal to cut hundreds of billions of dollars in unnecessary spending and unwarranted giveaways to insurance companies and medicare and medicaid. so we actually believe that about two thirds of the cost of reforming health care could be achieved through these savings alone, without any new revenue. of course, that still leaves one third of the cost in order for us to cover all americans that we are still going to have to find a way to pay for them. and the key committees in congress are working diligently with the white house to see if we can come up with an agreement on that remaining one third. the bill i sign will also include my commitment, and the commitment of congress, to slow the growth of health care costs over the long run. this is a separate issue and i just want to be clear. there is an issue of how to we pay for health care reform
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immediately in a way that its deficit neutral, but how do we also been to the cost curve so that we are not huge health care inflation over the long term that would not only make any health care reform package more expensive, 15, 20 years out, but would also make sure that people who have nothing to do with the government programs like medicare and medicaid, how do we make sure that their costs are under control as well. i realize there is going to be a lot of debate and disagreement on how best to achieve these long term savings. our proposal would change incentives so that providers will give patients the best care, not just the most expensive care. which will mean big savings over time. this is what we mean when we say that we need the liberty system reform. i proposed to congress and i am actually confident that they may adopt these proposals, that
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independent -- an independent group of doctors and medical experts will oversee long term cost saving measures. every year, there's a new report that details how much waste and inefficiency there is in medicare, how best practices are not always used, and how many billions of dollars could be saved. unfortunately, this report ends up sitting on a shelf. and what we want to do is force congress to make sure that they are acting on these recommendations to bend the cost curve each and every year so that we are constantly adjusting and making changes that will reduce cost for families and for taxpayers. we need an independent roof that is empowered to make these changes. and that's something that we proposed. i'm confident that if we work with the foremost experts in the field, we can find a way to
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eliminate waste, slow the growth of health care costs and provide families more security in the long term. now, i realize that the last few miles of any race are the hardest to run. but i have to say now is not the time to slow down. and now certainly is not the time to lose heart. make no mistake, if we step back from this challenge at this moment, we are consigning our children to a future of skyrocketing premiums and crushing deficits. there is no argument about that. if we don't achieve health care reform, we cannot control the costs of medicare and medicaid and we cannot control our long term debt and our long term deficits. that's not in dispute. so we're going to have to get this done. if we don't get health care reform done now, then no one's health insurance is going to be secure because you're going to
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continue to see premiums going up at astronomical rates, out of pocket costs going up at astronomical rates, and people who lose their jobs are having a pre-existing medical condition or changing their jobs finding themselves in a situation where they cannot get health care. and that's not a future i except for the united states of america. and that's why those who are betting against this happening this year are badly mistaken. we are going to get this done. we will reform health care. it will happen this year. i'm absolutely convinced of that. i believe that members of congress are prepared to work as hard as it is going to take to make this happen, and i am grateful for the work they have already done. i am confident that we are going to be putting in a lot more hours, there will be a lot more sleepless nights, but eventually this is going to happen. thank you very much.
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>> an update now on the progress of health care legislation in congress. here's a capitol hill reporter with more. >> julie rother of national public radio lots of action this week on capitol hill regarding health care legislation. why don't we start with what ♪ ♪ i always feel like (announcer) it's right here, it's easy... ♪ somebody's watching me.'s the money you could be saving with geico. ♪ who's watching? ♪ tell me who's watching. (muffled music) (announcer) it's right here, it's easy... ♪ i always feel like somebody's watching me. ♪ it's the money you could be saving with geico.
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it's toppings on top of toppings with no outer crust to fence them in. go to the edge with either the works, meaty, or pepperoni for just $9.99 for a medium. now you're eating america's favorite pizza. pizza hut. >> adam pacman jones is still looking for a team. jones is expected to testify at the trial of the man he accused of shooting three people outside a las vegas strip club in february of 2007. that was the night during nba
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all-star weekend when jones infamously took to the stage to make it rain. the frenzy over the following money, the fight that broke out, the shooting will all be relived before a jury. "outside the lines" has obtained some of the evidence those jurors are likely to see, never-before-released documents and video from inside the strip club. the video for the first time reveals the scene inside the club in the moments before the shooting. we should warn you, some of the images may be considered offensive and are not suitable for children. here's john barr. >> ladies and gentlemen, it's all-star weekend. >> february 19, 2007, the wayneing hours of nba all-star weekend in las vegas. >> when you wake up tomorrow, remember this [bleeped] >> the minx gentlemen's club is packed with a mix of regular
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customers and celebrity, many with deep pockets. dancers receive so much money in tips that they and club staffers would carry it away by the bucketful. >> ready for the grand finale? >> this never-before-released amateur video obtained by outside the lines and the las vegas journal captures the events leading up to a fight inside a strip club involving adam pacman jones, a fight followed bay by a triple shooting outside the club. that's jones in the baggy white t-shirt. outside the lines also obtained document, including two different statements jones gave to authorities. jones told las vegas police he had close to $is 100,000 on him when he arrived at the strip club shortly after 2:00 a.m. >> pacman jones in the building. he told police he took $40,000 from this louis vuitton bag and converted it all to ones and it wasn't long before jones showered dancers with that
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money. first from off stage, later on stage. at one point jones was joined on stage by rap star nellie, to whom jones gave $10,000 in ones in exchange for larger bills according to jones' statement to police. jones then showered the dancers with money. a strip club ritual known as making it rain. but as the bills poured down, several dancers bent down to pick up the money, a move that apparently angered some, like rafer producer jermaine dupree, who took over the d.j.'s microphone. >> all right, listen, we're going to show you all how to make it rain. i'm jermaine, dupree, right. you all are here to dance. don't bend down and try to get your money. all right. don't try to get the money until i tell you all to get off the stage. you all just keep [bleeped] dancing. >> not long after dupree
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scolded the dancers, the amateur video abruptly stops. what happens next depends on who you ask. according to court document, jones became enraged when a dancer continued to collect the money he'd thrown on the stage. then jones grabbed dancer by the hair and hit her in the face with his first two to three times. two minx security staffers told outside the lines the same story. jones denies hitting the woman and says bouncers attacked him and he confronted a club promoter who snatched his bag of money. what's not in dispute is that minutes after jones and his entourage were forcibly reproved from the club, a lone gunman stepped from behind this palm tree and opened fire, injuring three people and leaving a club manager paralyzed from the waist down. >> in a statement taken the next morning, jones told police he only briefly saw an unknown man fleeing the shooting scene. but months later jones
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identified 28-year-old arvin edwards as the shooting suspect. jones was initially charged with felony coercion for his role in the fight inside the strip club, but that charge was reduced to a misdemeanor in exchange for jones' testimony against edwards. jones is expected to take the stand at edwards' trial, which will begin this week, but it's now been delayed until february. when contacted by espn, jones's agent and attorney said jones has "been trying to stay out of the news. he's got a child. he's got other family he supports. he's trying to get back into the only career he knows, playing football." >> tiger woods going home in a major. tom watson being in the lead at the halfway point. what's more surprising? "p.t.i." puts it up for debate coming up next. wassup man. keys. keys.
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>> welcome back to "p.t.i.." okay, dan, which is the bigger story, tiger missing the cut or watson right at the top? >> over the last three decades we've seen a lot of the quaint story, the jack nicklaus, the john daly in round one, round two, first day. you don't see a lot of what we're seeing with tiger woods anywhere in sports where he's missing cuts in majors. when everyone tunes in, when the sport relies on him to keep interest on day three and four, this is not something you see. tom watson, we've seen it in a different outfit before. >> we're one year removed from the greg norman saga in his mid-50s contending legitimately through three
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rounds, but tiger woods is the only person in the history of the modern pga or golf for whom every tournament it is the question, tiger versus the field. it was never nicklaus versus the field. it's tiger versus the field. this is the big story if tiger misses any cut. >> when i say to you give me what's second on the list in sports of things that would floor you if they happened where you saw greatness and you saw it deteriorate, it is tom brady throwing four interceptions in a big game, what's comparable to this? >> it would have to be federer, who has made the semifinals in 21 consecutive majors going out in the first round. federer doesn't go out in the first round. tiger doesn't fail to make the cut. that's about the only... >> but different sports, though. because in an individual sport, i understand what you're saying, in an individual sport you're, playing just one guy, only one guy you got to beat. here you got to be ahead of 70 and mott be playing poorly at all.
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>> it's a huge story. one minute left. let's go to the big finish. michael vick will be released from home confinement and become a free man on monday. your thoughts? >> i hope goodell decides this is enough and he's suffered enough, but i'm not optimistic. graham harrell has signed with the cfl saskatchewan roughriders, is that a perfect fit? >> the bombs away league and the bombs away quarterback. perfect fit. diana taurasi is suspended two games for extreme d.u.i. >> that's the legal classification. i had no such thing there was extreme d.u.i. until diana taurasi. the spurs gave d'juan blair a three-year guaranteed deal. are you happy for him? >> i'm happy for anybody who gets to play for gregg popovich and the spurs. levi leipheimer is out of the tour de france with a bum wrist. you disappointed? >> no idea who that is. aptdny morrow had 47 points in a summer league game last night. are you impressed? >> after 42 by anthony
7:25 pm
randolphs, wake up the golden state warriors. the braves are retiring greg maddux number. >> you need to do that as fast as you. can. >> we're out of time. i'm bob ryan. >> i'm dan live tard. "p.t.i." off next week but returns the 27th. bristol! awkward silence. >> "p.t.i.." >> nascar racing, jeremy mayfield continues to defend himself in the media. of course, nascar says the driver has tested positive twice for methamphetamine. he got suspended by the sport but had the ruling lifted by a judge. however, what makes the story more interesting is this stepmother situation when nascar says they have an aft from the stepmother saying she's personally seen him use meth numerous times over the years and now he's accusing her of killing his dad even though his death has already been ruled a suicide. mayfield with more talk today. >> there's no truth at all. all that will come out.
7:26 pm
i promise you that. this lady, you know, it's perfect because i couldn't have got a better wish because nascar did a great job. that's pretty much a low blow and especially the lady who was involved in killing my dad and doesn't like me not one bit and needs the money, and i'm sure they made it pretty hefty deal with her. so that's part of it. >> you're implying there may have been money exchanged between nascar and your step mom. why would they do that? >> why would they do that? >> why would nascar do that? >> why wouldn't they? >> i really don't know. that's why i'm asking you. >> for one, she needs money, she's trying to get money out of me several times over my dad's situation and she's just among hungry and she's a gold digger and like i said, it will all come out. we'll see. >> have you used methamphetamine? >> no, and i'm not going to say that anymore. i said, no, no, no, i've never used methamphetamine. >> did you ever race under the influence of a drug? >> i've never even in this car
7:27 pm
under the influence of a drug, any car whatsoever. >> now jeremy mayfield told that his stepmother will be served with a wrongful-death suit on or before august 16th. >> tiger woods will not be there for the weekend at turnberry, but tom watson certainly will. what went right and what went wrong for these players coming up. ♪ to the point of no return... ♪ ♪ return there for you and your guilty pleasures. ♪ how long... ♪ how long ♪ has the fastest serve
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coming up on o's extra, adam jones and the birds back at it. jones fresh off his game- winning rbi in the all-star game. we'll take a look at the many young players getting a shot with the orioles this year, especially on the pitching mound. we'll also take a look pack over the first half of the season. the top 10 defining moments by the orioles, including reimold's walk off home run. it's the orioles and white sox. it'sor's xtra coming up on masn.
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good evening, everybody. welcome in. it is o's extra presented by at&t. at&t, your world delivered. it is mullet night in chicago. we're going to sky that all night long. as you see, the tarp being rolled up as the orioles begin the second half against the white sox. here is the pitching match-up. berken goes for his second big league win. he'll go against the left- hander john danks. good evening, everybody, welcome. jim hunter and rick dempsey here in the studio as the orioles get back at it after the all star break. you look back to how the o's closed the first half, and the question is, after they've had a layoff, what does this team need to do to try to keep that
7:32 pm
going, and if anything, maybe get the momentum going in a positive direction >> >> i think it's good for the position players to get that kind of rest, but what it's always been about is the pitching. i think they'll have to take a real conscious close look at every single starter on that staff. bergesen seems to be on the right track. you just have to make these guys do the kind of thins, take them make the adjustments they need to make to be better the second half. and it's so easy to point it out when you see them pitch once every five days in that rotation, and guthrie, it's good, he gets a chance to get those five days off to get himself healthy again. >> so the orioles one of the teams that have that extra day off for the all star break. they had four instead of the traditional three, be ask they're back at it tonight. one of the orioles players was
7:33 pm
bussier than the rest of his team mates, and he didn't mind at all as jones went to the all- star game, and he had a pretty good game. let's get more now from amber. >> whichever team wins the american league pennant can thank adam jones at least in part for giving them home field advantage for the world series. he got that game-winning sacrifice fly, rbi that gave them the win. i asked him what he was thinking about in that batters box. >> put the ball in play. same situation i've been in a lot of times. put the ball in play. i knew it's hard to double me up. sofy put the ball in play, i give myself the best chance. >> at that point, did you kind of take in the enormity of the fact you did do something big for the american league that's going to translate into the world series? >> i did. it's cool to help out whoever
7:34 pm
is fortunate enough to get in the world series, they get home field advantage, and i'm glad i was able to help the american league win. >> 0 overall, just your impressions of being there. when you're in the clubhouse, and guys you had a chance to meet and play alongside? >> it was fun. it was one of them thinks words can really describe it. my eyes are still in amazement from the things that i've seen. >> is it win of those things, it's such an honor, and once you experience it, you want to go again and every year for the rest of your career? >> yeah, hopefully i can maybe ate routine going there every summer, but just -- the first one was amazing, so i'm just trying to just soak is that if and swallow that before i think about trying to get to any more. >> well, if adam jones continues to improve the way he has year to year over the next couple of years, he will go to
7:35 pm
many more all-star games. take a look at his numbers last year compared to this year. he's here at u.s. cellular today looking forward to the beginning of the second half of this season against the white sox. >> thank you very much, adam. adam jones' first all star apersons. 23, soon to turn 24. he is in fact officially an all star in the american league. rick, this year is very much about building and building from within, whether that means young players coming in trades as adam did, or young players developing. let's look at three of the key pieces of this foundation that andy mcphail and the orioles are putting together. jones, reimold and mat wieters. what to they need to do? >> i don't know that you would want to advise jones too much.
7:36 pm
he has done a great job of laying down the foundation for his career. but i think a little bit before the all star break, he started to pull the ball maybe a little too much. the batting average started to go down a little bit. i think he has to start spraying the ball around a little bit to the right side, be and everything will work itself out. remold is one of those guys that hasn't been around the league long enough to see is how the pitchers will pitch him. and i think they started to figure him out before all star break, so he has to make areadjustment himself and go back to hitting the ball the other way, too, especially looking for the breaking ball, which is how they seem to be setting himself up now. >> matt beaters is another one. he has proven himself offensively. all of his home runs have been opposite way, which tell mess he's waiting on the ball. i don't think we'll have to worry about him too much offensively. i think defensively, is where
7:37 pm
he'll have to make the biggest adjustments. it's hard for a big man to set up behind home plate. i think if to he makes a few adjustments setting up, he'll be fine. i think all three of these guys in the future will be all stars together. there is a look at all of them right there. >> it's interesting how you said they tend to get themselves into trouble by being too pull happy, and you said they need to break out by going the other way. why is that? >> well, you've got to let the ball get deep in the count, because so many pitchers are going to try to adjust to you all the time. they know you can hit the fastball, remold has shown that already, and adam jones has show head can power the fastball, not only to the right side, but to the power side. matt wieters not yet with the home run ball, but he has gone
7:38 pm
the opposite way. he i think is more accomplished than the other two guys, and adam jones is right behind him, but if theses will slow down rather than try to speed up, things will be so much easier for them when it comes to that batting average. >> this season has been about developing pitching. already there are three rookies all drafted by the orioles in the rotation. what have you seen from them, and what do they have to too to continue to learn at this level and as a result possibly win at the big league level? >> i think bergesen sunday the right track. he can pitch with the fastball alone, because he gets so much movement on that. it's easy for him to throw his slide iser then. he's going to be real effective. one thing he'll have to do, late in games now, the catcher has to remind him to stay on top of the ball, so that sink iser isn't going up into the hitting zone. berken has showed me he's trying to work on keeping the
7:39 pm
ball down, and when he does, he gets a little bit of that movement like bergesen gets. we can't look at the record, because the ball club just doesn't score him enough runs. david hernandez is a whole different animal. he has a much better breaking ball than those two guys, and working the fastball, he's not the kind of movement that the other two guys have, but he's not that 94, 95, and he can work it up in the strike zone a lot easier than the other guys. so he's one guy that you have to live dangerously with a little bit, and make him pitch up in the zone, especially when he gets up in the count, so he can throw fewer pitches and actually save himself innings by doing so. >> bergesen has been the most consistent. right new he is the orioles most reliable picture. that 1-6 a bit misleading for
7:40 pm
berken. not any run support. and david hernandez, 2-2 with a pretty respectable era at 3.94 first time through. we'll come back and get a look at the starting lineups. ♪
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♪ tell me who's watching. ♪ i always feel like somebody's watching me. ♪ (announcer) it's right here. it's easy.
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look scott has an 1-game hitting streak. -- 11-game hitting streak. >> well, if they move had a category for most improved
7:43 pm
hitter, luke scott would winner that award. he stays back well and has done such a much better job this year. already 7 home runs against left-handers in the first half of this season. only five last year, and he's driven in a lot of runs. since mare 27th -- since may 27th, 13 home runs, first in the american league. first in slugging. he is probably the strongest man in the american league right now bar none. he can hit the ball a long way, and he uses his strength to his benefit, and i think it's really a big positive for him so far this year. >> so far this year, he has been less streaky than last year. aubrey huff has been the opposite. he has been a tad more streaky this year. he gets red hot, and all of a sudden they seem to be able to get him out now. aubrey huff is in a lot of trade rumors, out in started by the mead orioles, but the media. what does he need to do in the
7:44 pm
second half? >> well, he knows it's all about him moving in the strike zone. when he stays back and just stays very quiet, gets that front foot down, he seems to find his swing very easily. very sweet swing, a lot like nick mars -- markakis. when you get down in those pennant drives against the red sox and all of those first and second place teams, they will pitch around aubrey huff if reimold is not swinging the bat good, because they will not be afraid to put him on base. if reimold can get on base, huff will get more fastballs and make it easier for him to drive in a hundred-plus rbis. >> as the orioles begin the second half tonight, rick's suggestion, luke scott the hottest hitter has moved up to the number 5 spot, one spot
7:45 pm
behind aubrey huff, so that pitcher looks on deck and he sees luke scott now behind aubrey huff, who is the cleanup hitter. >> germane dye, looked like he would be traded, but they didn't. >> well, germane dye is sneaking in there. he's first on the club with 20 home runs so far this season. he's powering the ball. second on the club with 55 rbis. paul cooer in co has 60. bust he hits in that quiet
7:46 pm
little spot to protect the other hitters. he's getting great pitches and taking advantage of it. the batting average, .302. jermaine dye, you don't want to have him come up with men on base, because he's swinging the hot bat. >> first of three, the birds a on nine-game road trip. tomorrow afternoon, that's a nationally televised game on fox, 3:45 p.m., and sunday back on masn 2 at 5:00, and then it's back to knock. and then a day game on wednesday. all of those games on massen and in masn hd. and tomorrow, don't forget no o's extra before or after the game because of the game being nationally televised on fox. we'll take a look back at the first half of the season. the top 10 defining moments of 2009.
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7:49 pm
. >> gary: well, the orioles continue to build an exciting team, the foundation is beginning to come into place as the orioles try to first get very competitive consist .ly and then contend once again in the al east. let's look back over the top 10 defining moments of the 2009 season.
7:50 pm
>> luke scott having a great night. >> that ball is gone! what a night for luke scott! he has 7 rbis! >> grounder going off the bat of wieters at the wall, that's going to fall in! first major league hit, matt wieters, a triple! >> swung on, hit in the air, left field, pie coming, diving, and makes a great catch, and the orioles win it! >> up the middle, jones coming, driving, and has it! outstanding catch by adam jones! melvin mora, back inside, and that saves a run. >> markakis with a great catch. and he has saved the game!
7:51 pm
>> fly ball, light right field, rios back on it be back it goes, it is out of here! it's gone! the home run drought over for melvin mora, and the orioles win! >> so the top 10 defining moments of the first half of 2009, but now it's back to business as the orioles begin the second half following the break. here is the pitching match-up for tonight. berken for the orioles, and danks on the mound for the white sox. we'll get the rick dempsey scouting report on tonight's starting pitchers.
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7:54 pm
they can do. want to see our future. >> well, pitching coach rick kranitz talking about the three rookies in the rotation. what do you think about berken? >> is well, i think he is moving in the right direction. when he misses the strike zone, he misses it low. six game losing streak has a lot to do with the fact orioles are not scoring this young man very many runs. once he qualifies, he will have the lowest run support of any pitcher in the american league, and i think a lot of that era that he's showed so far came with the nine runs he gave fun the second game versus the oakland a's in three innings, otherwise that would probably be a very respectable 3.5 or
7:55 pm
maybe as much as 4. >> the white sox accepted john danks. how texas let him get away, i don't know. >> well, tanks is very hard to hit. he's been on a hot streak for the last month and a half. has the lowest batting average against him at 1.78. not putting a lot on base, and it's showing up in his run record. he's 2-2 with a 4.5era, though, against the orioles. >> what is the key to the game? >> well, it's keep the jinx on danks. he is only 1-2 with six saves against us, but the orioles seem to have his number, so if he comes in late to try to close it out, don't go to bed
7:56 pm
early, because the orioles have got the con the dense going against iconify dense going against mr. jenks. >> who is your player to watch in the game tonight? >> nick markakis. he has a lifetime batting average -- in fact, he's the toughest guy that the white sox face, .385 batting average against the white sox. and if he gets a hit his first time up, i'm calling three or four hits, at least three. >> my player to watch tonight is matt wieters, the rookie catcher, because he is able to sit back and relax and get everything off his mind. when he was brought up to the major leagues, they announced it on tuesday, he, he didn't play until friday. but i hope he just goes out there ask sets to sun and plays a great game tonight.
7:57 pm
beaters is my player to watch. >> that's going to be a good pick. you have the pup i half of the order web and bottom half of the order. -- you have the upper half of the order and the bottom half of the order. >> the orioles need to get off to a good start. let's not forget the white sox are contenders in the central, they go to new york and boston, the top two teams if the division. >> the white sox have had a hard time playing at cell you already field, the orioles have won 9 out of 15 games at this field, so they like that ballpark. in berken can get the orioles a chance to win and they to win this ball game, they're off to a very good start, because bergesen is right around the corner. >> happy anniversary to my wife, vonnie, 27 years she's put up with me.
7:58 pm
>> me, 45 years. i love you joanie. ? >> gary thorn and jim palmer are next. they have the play-by-play. we'll be back after the game. announcer: during the autobahn for all event, you can get great lease deals. i love it! i just want to know it's the right move. me?
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