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tv   Close Up  CSPAN  July 31, 2009 7:00pm-8:00pm EDT

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more bars in more places. at&t. the best coverage worldwide. for back to school, get the pantech matrix for $29.99 after mail-in rebate.  the following is a masn presentation. >> bob: the nationals flex their muscle in milwaukee totaling 30 runs in the four- game series. tonight, the scene shifts to pittsburgh where the pierps pirates have completed their fire sale. nyjer morgan returns intent on terrorizing his former team. 
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 >> bob: there's been ra the last couple of days in pittsburgh, pa, but it's a beautiful friday night for baseball. the nationals-pirates starting a four-game series and it is definitely a time of transition for both of these ball clubs. bob carpenter, rob dibble, welcome to what should be a very interesting weekend. the pirates and we'll talk about this throughout the night, pretty much a total makeover of their ball club and now joe beimel is a rocky and nick johnson is a marlin. >> rob: yeah, this was trade deadline day a lot of teams were looking for aces. they got a good guy in nick johnson. he's going down there to florida. he's going to play great first base. he can hit anywhere in the order. great on-base percentage guy. there you see the last of the expos. so, he goes down to florida and fredi gonzalez will be very happy about that. he plays great defense, good contact guy, crushes lefties. sad to see nick go, but we were
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going to lose him at the end of the year anyway. >> bob: an unusual situation as the last expo at the major league level is gone, but here is the future and future injury is now the way lannan slanl pitching. >> rob: john lannan has been fantastic n his last 10 starts, nationals have won seven of those. in 50% of those, he's gone eight or nine innings. he's been very consistent that. record not reflective of how great he's been. he's a team leader. he's an ace. he's great even though he's only 24 years old. a lost team lookses -- looking for aces. nationals have theirs in john lannan. >> bob: a lot of hugs and congratulations the way john has been pitching lately. at home, on the road, he's getting outs and very, very efficient. maybe his toughest opponent the pittsburgh parrot. you beat this guy. you can beat the pirates. ross ohlendorf, the bucs-the nats, hoping to be all over the pirate. there's morgan. lastings milledge was called up by the pirates today. 1?owo j
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 . >> bob: nationals baseball masn brought to you in part by southwest airlines. book your next trip at by pnc bank, pnc leading the way. and by mcdonald's. feeling thirsty? try a refreshing 32-ounce mickey d's sweet tea. i'm loving it at participating mcdonald's. right across the river into the golden triangle here in pittsburgh, pa. the loud cheer you're hearing is for nyjer morgan who was just announced as a nationals leadoff man. we'll set the lineup for you shortly. ross ohlendorf makes his 21st start of the year against a former teammate and morgan has been fantastic. first pitch of the game right on time at 7. 067895. partly cloudy, but right now mostly clear skies and 75 degrees after some morning and
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late afternoon showers. morgan takes a fastball for another strike. ohlendorf on the year 8-8 with a 4.51 e.r.a. the nats have seen him. they hit him pretty well five runs on six its hits in five innings but pirates won that game on may 18 at our ballpark 12-7. morgan gets a piece of it. this is an interesting day for nyjer as well as sean burnett coming back to a place where they pretty much matured as major leaguers. he's hitting .404 as a national. a breaking ball will pop him up. right out behind short. ronny cedeno just obtained from seattle for the first out. here is the rest of the lineup. cristian guzman five straight multihit games. zimmerman and adam dunn, i guess you say the adam dunn era at first base gets begun og -- gets going on a full-time
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basis. willingham, willie harris, josh bard and alberto gonzalez. nats are hitting .253. still ninth in the league in runs and home runs. guzman hits that ball pretty well in the sun light and that's the outstanding, young player andrew mccutchen. looking forward to seeing him this weekend. >> rob: let's break him down. let's break down mr. ohlendorf with the pnc bank scouting report. he's been traded a umm could have times. he was trade the from the d'backs to the yanksthis year a deadline traded from yankees to here with carson, kucinichon and tejada. he has to repeat his delivery along with a crush a lot of bapts bats and repeat the delivery. >> bob: that was for the left- handed reliever marte. ryan zimmerman takes one right in there and ohlendorf has come out of the dugout and thrown nothing but strikes to start
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the game. ryan had an ok series in milwaukee to say the least. two home runs and six rbi's. inside. 19 on the year. 66 batted in for zimmerman who is fifth in the league with 70 runs scored. inside, 2-1. >> rob: i was listening to their manager john russell before the game talking about all the trades they've been making. he said we weren't winning with this team. we need to make moves to try to win with other guys and the guys in this clubhouse have to be proud with the effort they do on the field. it all starts with them. so, he put the accountability on the clubhouse. i like it. >> bob: two balls and a strike. that's low. you're always going to be dealing players who are popular with certain fans.
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nyjer morgan was very popular here. jack wilson was the shortstop probably as long as some people have been coming to the games around here, younger people. freddy sanchez. now there's ronny cedeno out there sort of a journeyman. 3-1 to zimmerman. he turns on one go but gets jammed and that -- and that ball is falling into left and run down by the former nat lastings milledge. three balls in the air by the nats. milledge will bat after mccutchen. ♪ ♪
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 >> bob: from our vantage po high above pnc park, one of the most dramatic moves from allegheny river. who knows what to expect? ryan doumit was supposed to be out for the season but on a hitting streak and he's always hit washington pitching very well. the big question is who is going to provide protection for who in this young pittsburgh lineup that john lannan faces tonight. for john, it will be his fourth career start against the pirates. he's never beaten them. 0-2 with a 4.50 e.r.a. he's been magnificent this year. a strike to young andrew mccutchen who is the reason nyjer morgan is in washington. a very talented 22-year-old out
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of fort meade, florida. he was their first-round draft choice, number 11 overoverall four years ago. he's 8-19 last in five games here batting .275 with a .332 on-base percentage. 13-year veteran is the crew chief in week brian o'nora. rob drake, mark wegner and tim timmons on the bases. mccutchen pulls it hard. zimmerman right there to scoop it and he throws wide to adam dunn, but it's a good thing your first baseman is 6'6". >> rob: we haven't seen that dubl double pump in a while. here is the pnc scouting report on mr. lannan. he was asked your favorite pitch? a strike. bailey, his goal, his list of goals. we're thankful bailey the puppy did that. would i call him a bargain for $424,000 this year.
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guys are making a lot more money than that. i'm glad we have john lannan. >> gary: john will make big money -- >> bob: john will make big money if he keeps on doing this. here is milledge who was 4-24 in seven games and some defensive problems for the nats before they sent him down.   then, of course, to pittsbu with joel hanrahan for morgan and burnett june 30th. at the triple-a level, milledge hit .333 once he got back from his broken hand with six rbi's and three stolen bases in 17 games. there's sean who knows pittsburgh very well. and john lannan goes 3-1 missing to milledge. >> rob: i thought it was interesting their manager mr. russell said in triple-a we worked on his hitting but really worked on his defense. >> bob: we'll keep an eye on
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that. alberto gonzalez had to back up on a high chopper. two ground balls for john lannan to start the ballgame. here is a deal that took place one month and one day ago. morgan and burnett coming over here. their production with the nats has been amazing. joel hanrahan has pitched better since he's been over here and that's what milledge did at triple-a. >> rob: good for them. you always want the trade to work both ways. maybe the change of venue will help joel goit. >> bob: this is 28-year-old garrett jones the first baseman. he's been around for a while since atlanta took him in the 14th rownt 10 years ago. they released him. minnesota picked him up. he's been in the minor leagues for the better part of 10 years. >> rob: we do a shift on him. very nice. >> bob: he's a pull hitter who hits for power, rob. he's only played in 24 games and has 10 homers and he hit those in his first 19 games. the fastest to 10 home runs in the history of the pittsburgh
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pirates. he's got some pop. he's from the chicago area, harvey, illinois. nats defensively now get used to seeing adam dunn in our first base panel. harris will play some left field. nationals will bring an outfielder up tonight after the game. speculation centers around elijah dukes. and he jammed him there. that will be easy for josh willingham. each pitcher has a very good first inning. adam dunn is strong enough to put one in the river and send one on its way to ohio. we bring fiber optic all the way to the home. um... which gives you more bandwidth than cable. so you can upload faster. so it's like comparing a horse and buggy to a sports car. am i the, uh, horse? (announcer) it's a whole new internet. makes uploading as easy as downloading.
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because your internet's not fast unless it's two-way fast.
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 >> debbi: we are back in pittsburgh as we move to the top of the second inning. earlier today, a couple of trades made. nick johnson going to the marlins and joe beimel going to the rockies. joe beimel said there's a lot of good things happening here in washington. >> the one thing -- the one thing that stands out is they have very bright future. they have a lot of good baseball people with rigs taking over i think. it's been really big for this team. mike rizzo has made the changes to try and win. it just hasn't happened, but as far as the future here, i think it's going to be a team that's going to win for a long time and going to be a great organization. >> debbi: jim riggleman said both the players will be missed for their leadership. both were quiet leaders in the clubhouse as you know. back to you.
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>> bob: joe beimel, 4.40 e.r.a. in 45 games a record of 1-5 and sometimes relievers lose games when they shouldn't, but it works out that way sometimes. he had a save and 10 holds and we wish him well in colorado. it will be interesting because joe's back in the national league west after pitching for the dodgers for three years. so, it's strike one to adam dunn top of the second under way. ross ohlendorf stepping off. >> rob: he's right in the hunt for the wild card with the colorado rockies. they could use the help. >> bob: they're right in it. that's a fastball inside. adam dunn, .390 with 12 rbi's on three homers in his last 13 games. he says he's seeing the ball really well right now. and like any other hitter, he's a guy who can get hot and actually build a hitting streak even though he's not a little line drive guy obviously and they do have the shift on with delwyn young in short right
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field. first baseman steve pearce on the dirt. the infield is lightly to the left which is interesting. that means that may be the way they're going to pitch him and that results in a foul ball the other way. 2-2. >> rob: another reason joe beimel acquired for a lefty to go up to colorado, embree out with that broken leg. corpsias on the d. l. and they have four other pitches they traded for. rafael betancourt just went on the disabled list boirt. >> bob: adam dunn will be called on a fastball on the inside corner. >> rob: ohlendorf has anexcellent fastball inn any --anywhere from 92-97. northrop grumman will show you on the pitch track. 2-2, heater down broadway. he's 6'7", very big incline coming downhill at you and adam couldn't pull the trigger. >> bob: that's a great pitch to a big man handcuffed him.
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>> rob: well, the last at-bat last inning on zimmerman he rushed his bat. so, it's a real heavy baseball. we'll explain that in a little while. >> bob: sheer josh willingham. i think everybody in the organization is very pleased that at 7:20 eastern time, three ours and 20 minutes after the trading deadline, josh willingham is still wearing a washington uniform. they know there are other clubs after him. he's been hitting well. he has another base hit hitting over .300 right now. he should be a mainstay in right field for the nats for quite sometime. this is interesting. wilson is gone from their up the middle defense. pirates have made the fewest errors of any team in the national league only 43. in fact, only minnesota and toronto among all major league baseball teams have made fewer errors than the pirates rated number one defensively in the national league. now they've got milledge in
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left, cedeno and young up the middle not wilson and sanchez. that ball hit hard by willie harris heading for the gap in left center. willingham slowed down for a moment at second base. pat listach will send him. it will take a good throw to get him. he's safe and out at third is willie harris. so, he makes the second out of the inning at third base, but drives in a run and the nats are on top. >> rob: well, you trade an out for run a right there. you keep running right through second base. come right to third. you hope the cutoff man will not go and let it go through to home so you can score the run. right here you see willie harris take that 92-plus-mile- per-hour sinker. mccutchen tracks it down. he's got amazing speed. you see josh willingham motoring around. he's going to score easily. right here you just keep going because the third base coach wants to you could have in there -- come in there. you see the catcher throw to third and they get him out at
7:22 pm
third. it's called trading an out for a run. >> bob: 8425. willie's ninth of the year. here is josh bard, nats on top. i think willie harris just sent us all a message as if to say don't assume that i'm not going to be pretty good playing the outfield no there's a spot open out there. willingham gets the single and harris drives him home. these are big gaps here. you've got to have fast outfielders. i was a little concerned i have to admit about adam dunn playing left field in this ballpark for four days. it's 383 to deep left field. not left center, left field. that's a foul tip. it's strike two. it's a little cozier down the right field side, 320 with that baltimore-type scoreboard they
7:23 pm
have you can take a -- they have. you can take a right fielder and hide him shallow a little bit. it's 1-2 now to josh bard. and he'll get under one and pop it up out behind second. delwyn young. nats get a couple of hits, an rbi by willie harris and a 1-0 lead in the -- lead in the second. geico's been saving people money on car insurance for over 70 years. and who doesn't want value for their dollar? been true since the day i made my first dollar.
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 >> bob: weapon a wood stain performance for you. you'll find heritage, pride and commitment in every can. our per for marquis daniels is ledge darey. just like the great roberto clemente. final day of the 1972 season looking for his number 3,000 and a line drive to the gap in left center for a standup double. the great clemente more than a baseball player, a great man grairkts humanitarian and in that vein gave his life and his statue outside three rivers stadium where he starred a staplele of the pittsburgh surroundings. that pop fly off the bat of ryan doumit caught by alberto gonzalez in the bottom of the second is under way. >> rob: he would die in a plane crash on his way to help earthquake victims in nick -- nick running back rudy gayia. on new year's -- nicaragua. on new year's eve, they waved
7:26 pm
the deal and put him in the hall of fame in 1973. he's still a legend in preek yoa. i went over to play went are ball. he's as reverdict as -- reveered as any person we've had in this country. >> bob: he played the game with so much flare. here is delwyn young. second baseman chops one foul hitting .316. .344 over his last 13 games. there's no doubt about the fact the piets have stockpiled some young -- pirates have stockpiled some young talent. you never know when it will manifest itself at the major league level. he's one of the old guys, 27 years of age. with the dodgers for parts of three years, and he came over here april 15 from l.a. with a couple of names to be -- players to be named later or cash. >> rob: he was going to play. orlando hudson, all-star second baseman was ahead of him. a lot of younger players especially on the pirates and nationals have to be happy not about the trade, but the chance
7:27 pm
that they get to prove themselves at the major league level. >> bob: organization of opportunity both right now. maybe it's only appropriate washington meets pittsburgh on this significant baseball weekend. out to third. cut off by zimmerman. you've got to wait. you can't say out to short because he's going to cut off anything he can get and ryan results in a short throw there to retire young now. steve pearce coming up. as good as this do i have has been, rob, he's taken it to another level in this month of july. >> rob: well, he's one of the best young men in professional baseball. he does so many things not just defensively. great individual. quiet leader in the clubhouse a lot like josh willingham. >> bob: steve pearce, the hitter. a 26-year-old outfielder from
7:28 pm
lakeland, florida. the pirates drafted in the eighth round four years ago. lannan work quickly. gets a foul ball. pearce has been an organization guy who did appear in 36 games for the pirates last year. former south carolina player. he hit 42 home runs for the gamecocks in two years counsel there in columbia, south carolina, in the sec on the all college world series team. 6-26 over seven games and he's walked some. and low and away, 2-2. this is a ladder you wanting to down, not up. john lannan has done that. i mean, june, he was almost untouchable. that's inside the line to
7:29 pm
third. into the left field corner for steve pearce. pirates have their first base hit. >> rob: well, he throws a lost fastballs on the inner half. he likes to tie up hitters. pearce gets the bat head out in front that have one for his double. two outs. >> bob: here is andy laroche. that's a run-scoring sing toll left. with two outs, pirates get back- to-back hits and tie the game. laroche has more major league experience than most of the guys in the lineup, but they have him batting seventh. >> rob: that's a breaking ball on the inner half.
7:30 pm
maybe a cut fastball. jams him, but not enough. he fights it off for a base hit and that's all he needs is two outs and on second running on contact scores easily. >> bob: here is ronny cedeno. john lannan drops a breaking ball into him. cedeno with seattle hit only .167 and with the cubs before that signed with them 10 years ago at the rage of 16. up the middle, john lannan will have that comebacker easily. done dunn steps on the back. -- bag. pirates are gone not before tying the game on a laroche base hit. l... all passengers.. each with an average speed of 590 mph... l... all passengers.. almost as fast as you. nothing's gonna hold you down.
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 >> bob: what a beautiful ni for a boat ride on the allegheny here at pnc park. watch the nats take on the d'backs a week from tomorrow night 7:056789 come out early. first 15,000 fans receive a free adam dunn bobblehead presented by pnc bank. 888-632-nats. visit or stop by the box office at the ballpark and get your tickets ahead of time. that will be a popular giveaway item, so get there early. you top of the third.
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gonzalez, lannan, morgan for the nats. >> rob: now you don't see that every day. >> bob: a practice swing that knocked the catcher's mask off? >> rob: yes, it is, sir. >> bob: how about that. alberto gets under one and flies not too deep to milledge in left. alberto gonzalez continues to struggle 3-36 last. it will bring john lannan up. >> rob: i love the story about bailey eating his 2009 goals. >> rob: the -- >> bob: the dog ate my homework. john, 6-36 this year. >> rob: what kind of dog do you think john lannan owns? one of those lap dogs like paris hilton or do you think
7:34 pm
it's a big dog? >> bob: i don't know about the former. more likely the latter. >> rob: like a bulldog kind of guy. >> bob: is that a compliment? >> rob: yeah, bulldogs, boxers. >> bob: how about that stroke to left field. john lannan seventh base hit of the year. >> rob: now, talking about this in milwaukee about our pitchers. >> bob: i've got the number right here. that's the 26th hit by a nats pitcher this year. they had 23 all of last year. nyjer morgan as a nat opposed to what he did as a pirate. >> rob: that's classy by the fans. >> bob: they like him. he's likeable. >> rob: how can you not like this kid? >> bob: he's already stolen 12 of his 32 bases in nats uniform. popped up first time. he has one fewer multihit game
7:35 pm
than cristian guzman this year. 36. guzman, 37. morgan has had 12 as a nat already. he's had an amazing month. >> rob: i always believe good things come to good people, really good people as are nick and joe beimel. i hate to see guys go, but that's the business they're in. >> bob: we had a chance to say good-bye to nick in the clubhouse and he kind of looked at me funny when i told him i guess we'll see you tuesday because the marlins are coming in. that will be unusual for nick, i'm sure, so soon after the trade. the marlins are home this weekend playing the cubs. 1-1 pitch. morgan grounds softly. no way they're turning two on this and they know it.
7:36 pm
young to cedeno for the second out. if he -- if you got caught in friday traffic and wond whearg we're talking about, left- handed pitcher aaron thompson comes not nationals for nick johnson. he was the only nat with the franchise upon the move from montreal to dc back in 2005. .409 on-base percentage this year, nearly .400 career a great character guy. a fun guy to have in the clubhouse f any of nick's family is listening tonight including his wonderful wife, liz, and those two great, little kids, we want them to know how manythey've meant to us. when ever we go to the wekd, -- west coast, we get to see the johnson family in full force in l.a., san francisco and we are going to miss them. this was pretty close. >> rob: yep. could have gone either way. ohlendorf, nice, quick move.
7:37 pm
aaron thompson was the 22nd player taken in 2005 in the first round of the first year player draft. >> bob: we've heard today the nationals envisioned him as a future middle of the rotation guy. they got him! he was leaning that time and nyjer morgan is picked off by ross ohlendorf. so, he's caught stealing for the 15th time this year. the most in the national league. ♪ ♪ tell me who's watching. ♪ i always feel like somebody's watching me. ♪ (announcer) it's right here. it's easy.
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 >> bob: one of our great na fans barbara angeleno is here for the weekend with friends and family of hers cheering on the na.s we go to the bottom of the third inning with ohlendorf, mccutchen and milledge coming up for washington. >> rob: you mean pittsburgh. >> bob: what did i say? >> rob: you said washington. >> bob: yeah, i like our guys better. john lannan to ohlendorf, 2-39 with a couple of sacrifices this year. he gets around late and gets himself a bathe base hit. josh willingham had designs on throwing to first and give credit to ohlendorf. he saw the ball go to right field. he really ran hard out of the box. that's his third hit in 47
7:40 pm
career at-bats. adam dunn just a little bit taller. ohlendorf just a little bit taller -- dunn just a little taller at 6'6". ohlendorf at 6'4". >> rob: adam is going to have to get used to the hey, how you doing, over there at first base. you get to -- he doesn't talk to a lot of people out in the outfield unless you're jimmy peirsol. >> bob: yeah, adam is pretty chatty. that's right in there upperpart of the strike zone to mccutchen who bounced out his first time up. this kid has great speed and and he's going to get that one up the middle. first and second, nobody out and the only good thing about
7:41 pm
this situation is there's a pitcher on the bases ahead of mccutchen who is 9-9 stealingbases and a big spot early in the game for lastings milledge coming up. >> rob: mccutchen just like our own nyjer morgan making contact using his speed, easy base hit. the infield drawn in for double play depth as bob said with ohlendorf on the base pads, you have a base clogger. >> bob: breaking ball misses. bouncing ball to second base his first time. hard hit, bathe base hit. that might score a run. they're going to send ohlendorf around third. mccutchen is in to third and the pirates have put three
7:42 pm
singles together. lastings milledge's second rbi of the year. >> rob: the pitch gets the heart of the plate. lastings milledge pokes it right back up the middle and ohlendorf stutters. still comes in to score. >> bob: he flies to right the first time and another runner at third base with very good speed and nobody out. milledge has good speed and the pirates could be running him. milledge takes off for second base. josh bard may have a decision to make. >> rob: well, you have cristian guzman. you have the shift on. cristian can come running in and cut that ball off and try to throw mccutchen out at the
7:43 pm
plate. >> bob: that's stepped up out of play. you have a speedy runner at third and it would take two on target 120 quick throws to get him if milledge takes off. this is a really intriguing situation. nats had a shift on. lannan misses up and away. doesn't take major league teams wrong to get a lead on at that guy. 96 major league at-bats for garrett jones and teams are shifting on him. >> rob: a breaking ball that just misses. >> bob: two on coming. a slow roller, a play at home. safe as gonzalez throws it on the run in behind the runner.
7:44 pm
you've got to know who is rung and how softly the ball was hit and a questionable decision by alberto gonzalez. >> rob: i'll question it all day. that's an awful decision right there. you have to take it out. there's no outs in the inning. you have the fastest man besides nyjer morgan on the field at third. no chance at home. i don't know why you would go home. you take the sure out. you can't get the double play. you at get one out. it's really -- too early in the ballgame -- >> bob: that's a foul ball well played by zimmerman. >> rob: that's a young mistake. >> bob: fielder's choice rbi for garrett jones. the pirates have three runs on five hits already and john lannan is in a pickle in the third inning with nobody out. >> rob: i almost said just concede the run, try to get the double play if milledge doesn't
7:45 pm
take off. that was the worst case scenariocoming to the plate with the ball. once again, as you said, you must know who is running, know the situation. sometimes it's painful to allow the runner to score, but you want to get every out you can right here to stop the inning. >> bob: one ball, one strike. alberto not doing a whole lot with the bat or the glove to win that second base job. it's up for grabs. 3-36 last. coming up next, delwyn young, the former dodger. you do have a catcher in the batter box. double play in order here with
7:46 pm
nobody out. lannan goes off-speed to gate foul ball, 1-2. pirates beat the nats 3-4 at nationals park back in may. the all-time series between the two clubs, washington 15. pittsburgh, 14 since 2005.   >> rob: reverse switch. excuse me, alberto gonzalez almost behind second base. >> bob: how come nobody plays the shift on a right-handed
7:47 pm
batter who pulls the ball awm all the time. you never see that. >> rob: nope. almost a right-handed shift. also means that lannan is not going to throw a lot of changeups away much he's got to keep it in. >> bob: fastball caught looking. foul -- hooking foul. barely foul and it was very close to being 6-1. >> rob: see the swing on the
7:48 pm
inside cut fastball it looks like. maybe a changeup. not only is that ball foul, -- >> bob: it's only 3 at that down the line, but it gets re-- 325 down the line, but it gets real deep as it angles itself out to 7370. 383 in dead left field. >> rob: 410 by the bullpen. look how it juts out. >> bob: that's huge. zimmerman to the back for one. thought about a throw to second and he has time to get it to first. >> rob: nice play boirt. >> bob: i don't know if gonzalez didn't get there quickly or maybe the run der and ryan zimmerman improvises a 5-3 double play. >> rob: this is the shot. he looked like he was going to go for a triple play. nobody was home. throws to first. makes a good, strong throw. nice pick. first baseman if you will
7:49 pm
timonen adam dunn. >> bob: john lannan needed that. runner at second, two outs. the hitter, delwyn young. bouncer up the middle. guzman to his left. on the run. got him. the damage minimal. it came close to being a lot and it's 3-1, pirates. úú÷÷
7:50 pm
 >> bob: beautiful evening h
7:51 pm
in pittsburgh, western pennsylvania. we go into the top of the fourth. guzman, zimmerman and dunn. we have trivia for you. >> aflac. >> bob: two well known infielders did the pirates acquire via trade in the we are family championship year of 1979? >> rob: i think phil garner was one of them, scrap iron. >> bob: i think they had richie -- >> rob: did they get madlock? was he already here or did he come from the dodgers? >> bob: i don't know. cristian guzman swinging from the heels. he was at the plate when nyjer morgan was picked offending the third inning. -- picked offending the third
7:52 pm
inning. that saved ohlendorf. he's only thrown 30 pitches. john lannan has pitched 50. the 0-2 to guzman. breaking ball jammed him. out to second for young. close. safe young took his time while guzman was taking off and he steals himself a base hit. know who is running. >> rob: always know who is running. he may look old, but he's a veteran. cristian guzman, you see him flying by first base. another gear, another gear. got me one. >> bob: while young took those two crow who has, guzman took about four or five steps. here is ryan zimmerman and a long ball could change the face this have game in a second.
7:53 pm
fastball up and in. ryan flied to left first time. came in this ballgame 10 its his last seven games and hit them for power and rbi's lately.   2-0 to zimmerman. that's ball three. ryan has done some damage against this pitcher a couple extra-base hits against him
7:54 pm
back on may 18th. problem was the pirates scored 12 runs on 12 hits that night.   >> bob: leadoff man aboard in the fourth. nats down by two. and zimmerman takes the walk ahead of adam dunn. first walk issued by ohlendorf first time up, ohlendorf got ahead of adam dunn and matched him with a fastball under his
7:55 pm
hands. dunn couldn't pull the trigger. ohlendorf's only k of this game. this is a great ballpark for left-handed batters if they can pull it with authority. first-pitch breaking ball. nats are five home runs away from 100. ninth in the league. 320 down that cozy line. roitd. >> rob: take a left center field gap shot. >> bob: sure. oh, baby, that was a big rip.
7:56 pm
. >> rob: big swing by a big man. pitch up. he lifts it. >> bob: he had a 1-1. off- speed. they have an interesting scoreboard here. they give you the speed of the pitch what it was at the plate and then the horizontal and vertical break. i've never seen anybody do that and how do you register that much information on every pitch? that's amazing. a 1-2 to dunn. adam strikes out again. two k's on the night. ohlendorf's only two. josh willingham with the one out. >> rob: the big breaking ball
7:57 pm
insidement fastball up and away. he misses it. another great breaking ball. outpitch breaking ball in the dirt. >> bob: josh willingham took a base hit up the middle the first time. next rbi will be 40 for josh. who is under contract for a couple more years. this situation at the trading deadline while teams were scouting him was totally different of that than pending free agent nick johnson. 9-22 in his five-game hitting streak.
7:58 pm
front door breaking ball. >> rob: he's got a great fourth ball working tonight. when he can throw for strikes, he can throw for an out pitch. boilt. >> bob: nats saw a good left- handed one in milwaukee yesterday from yovani gallardo and a bouncing ball from laroche. zimmerman went after the seak second baseman young and turns the 5-4-3 and nats are gone in the top of the fourth. you re. how come? well if you're hurt and can't work it pays you cash... yeah to help with everyday bills like gas, the mortgage... ...and groceries. it's like insurance for daily living. so...what's it called? uhhhhh aflaaac!!!! oh yeah! that's it!
7:59 pm
aflac. we've got you under our wing. a-a-a-aflaaac!


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