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tv   Book TV  CSPAN  August 22, 2009 11:00pm-12:30am EDT

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>> bob: frank catalanotto again. >> rob: they are going to walk him. >> bob: they will take on a right-handed right-handed matchup with kendall. >> rob: another great contact man. >> bob: that is true. it will be the sixth walk issued by the nats. they have not beaten themselves with bases on balls. only 3 in a game like this not that bad. >> rob: it may not be reproduced or retransmitted in any form and the descriptions of the game may not be sky sem
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nated without the written consent of the nationals. conditioneddal a hit to deep short. paid nov a run. paid nov a run. , nieves, 1st and 3rd. giving out sign to the middle infielders know what is going on. the throw is going to go to 2nd. he is going to hold it. fire it down to 3rd. this is huge. we have shut down the offense. >> bob: and rivera a 1, 2, 3, 4th and 5th. that was it for him.
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fastball up. fair ball. another reliever gives up a run. 2nd and 3rd for the brew ares. they lead 11-8. you cannot win giving up runs in 6 out of 8 innings. kendall cashes in the first r.b.i. he is 8 for his last 15.
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number 8 man. escobar. and the nationals have given up 18 runs on 27 hits. more than one run per inning in -- runner in the series. -- run in the series. the insomething over. but a lot of damage done again. 1-run innings are hurting the nats. bottom of the 8th coming up. 11-8.
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 >> bob: stopping the opposi and the nashes have not done that. and key times now the games against colorado. that's not the case. bombs away in milwaukee.
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and. you have to win the games. and out of the bullpen. >> rob: the last couple of outtings and they're going one inning at a shot. they need three outs. it is frustrating to fight back down 7-0. score 8 runs. get their starter out of the game. you are still down 3 runs. something has to change then go into the meetings thinking about what you will do for the staff. i do -pbt think there will be a lot of the same names next year. >> bob: the nationals had hoped that over the last couple of months they revamped the bullpen. for a while it appeared during the streak that was the case. they were outscoring them and the pitching was not that great. >> rob: there was a run they shut people down. but to shut it down for six months no the weeks and two months not three and they have
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to pick it up a notch. cannot mail it in. a lot of people are evaluating it now going into the winter meetings. >> bob: good set-up man todd coffey. saw counsell at 3rd. they shored up their defense here going into the bottom of the 8th. this very not had a lead on the home stand at this stage of any game. o-4 so far. dukes an r.b.i. and ground ball. >> rob: give you an accident he finished 5th in cincinnati. pete rose was sus opinioned. an interim manage are. they traded our close you are. we brought in myers. murphy was then traded. williams, another set-up man.
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he was let go. most. are anddy myers. liana were the new bullpen. basically we're all thrown together for the first time that year. >> bob: hmm... >> rob: it happens. >> bob: and that's a broken bat and dukes has a chance. but far to the left to cut it off. makes a good play. harris now for padilla. , well that ball crushes duke's bat. counsell in here. and maybe faster than mcgehee getting the ball. able to get the fast dukes out at 1st base. as we said earlier in the game. i mean. this was a lot of openings in the organization. hear basically given a
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starter's rein to open a slot for themselves for next year. doesn't seem. mine and skip the worth time of year for me. this is when i had moot best years. i didn't know if i had a job. i didn't know if they would be coming back to the same organization. i had eight 1-year contracts in my year. >> bob: there is incentive for you. nieves a base hit and run scored tonight. harris suffering from a lack of playing time lately. having a hard time getting anything going offensively. >> rob: show you there was nothing given to you in the game. just four years removed from the world series that i had. shoulder reconstruction.
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we went on strike in 1994. i was a free agent i had to go to winter ball to get a job in 1995 with the white sox. >> bob: where did you play? >> rob: puerto rico. that's where i met ron vilone. up and coming young stud. it depends on how bad you want it. the guy started. burns. guy has been a journeyman. look at bough borg. another guy, 9 years in the minors. and harris. he has hit it out of here. it is 11-9. harris first pinch
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homerun of the year. first pinch r.b.i. of the year. and it is his 5th of the year overall. 25th career homerun. >> rob: i have a name for him. willie the hot rod harris. [ laughter ] hitting this home run here. he has a -- that's a cutlass parked out there. that is all suped up. that's a classic. >> bob: it is a classic. >> it is a classic. it is loud. you can smell the gas. [ laughter ] >> rob: that's a real muscle car out there. >> bob: he muscled one out of here. >> rob: yes. >> bob: a 2-run game. maybe nieves can get something going.
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>> rob: guzman next. >> bob: easy for lopez. 2 outs. guzman is 3 for his last 29. you can follow the nats on your iphone and ipod touch. and the video highlights and audio. visit the to purchase. guzman a 17-game hitting streak. now he has gone stone cold. that's a base hit. , he is 1 for 1 and come back tomorrow? >> bob: a hot of pinch hitters say within you come up late you know the pitcher will get
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ahead, you know he is quality or he is not pitching in the 8th or 9th. a lot of them swung at the first and a base hit follows. >> rob: if you watch todd last night he was throwing low to mid90s. breaking ball. you don't want to fall prey. you have to swing early. and he got the ground ball it was hit hard enough in the box that the fastball is in the out field before the infield can come close to it. he is a contact guy. they drove me crazy. >> bob: morgan 2 for 4 today. with ap r.b.i. batting average is .311. he is around 365 now. 46th game. >> rob: nice double here would be perfect get another run.
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take that away. >> bob: i tonight know the way he hits it down -- i don't know, the way he hits it. his bread and but ser to our left. >> rob: where mike cameron is. >> rob: coffey throws it on the outer which is against the defense. there they go bringing it in. you would think they jam. >> bob: they jam the heck out of it. >> you would think every pitch would be like that.the braking ball there on the inner half. and stop by kendall. you have to be geared up. he can throw 90 plus. see what they do on 1 and 2 a tying run. bottom of the 8th. because of this inning, though.
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dunn and zimmerman will bat again. target is in. he slammed it off the bat well. >> bob: targeted again. chopper to the left side charged by counsell. nats are gone in the 8th. they strand a run are -- run are and left four. 2 run game. 
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 >> bob: a long, long night. a three hour game on top of waiting for the first pitch. and parr. a scored one in the last five starts. his e.r.a. over 6.2. and stammen. and no decision on july 27th. e.r.a. too high at he will look for
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his 4th rin. top of the 9th. and stayed in after the homerun. and doug doug gets work. and there have been no save opportunities this week. came in on a double switch leading off the night. a different batting stance as we in milwaukee. by counsell. making some late career adjustments. getting the bat closer to the hitting zone than where he used to start it. at the age of 39.
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had a birthday yesterday. >> rob: used to have the hands way away from the body, the top of the bat facing the pitcher. one of the craziest looking thing. worse than franco did. but it worked for him. they were hold do not watch him. [ laughter ] >> rob: everyone has different mechanics. now his a little bit more orthodox. 39th homerun against the nationals while we were in milwaukee. i love this guy because he makes an out or anything like last night. he is not happy.
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>> bob: 3-1 from mc dougal to sideline sell. good swing back at you. 3-2. lopez and cameron to follow here in the ninth. i don't know how. >> rob: and lopez had three hits. lopez add dam ron are the difference in the game. and. and runs they have driven in. and and into the 2 slot ta
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wagsle difference. >> rob: the hammer there. he can get it. >> bob: i bet he would like that a great. and a great defensive player. 25 homers and it was the strikeout that hurt his career. he would tell you that. >> bob: 142 of them last year for san diego in 120 games. 2-0 to lopez. 3-5. overall hitting
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approaching and he had 146 hits. which puts him in the top 4 in the league. >> rob: don't tell me he's not tired of traveling around. he wants to settle down. >> bob: when he is motivated. this is the player he can be. >> rob: he had unkind things to say about the nashs after he departed. >> rob: that's understandable. most guys. >> bob: he didn't last there long. didn't stay in arizona long. a nice job for milwaukee. >> rob: they feel slighted within they are traded. >> bob: he was insulting to the whole atmosphere here. last year's team did only win 59 games. sometimes when you are on the team 59 you need to look in the mirror, too. we have talked about the
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accountability. >> bob: to center. morgan cannot reach it. and lopez is 4 out of 6 with 3 extra base hits. i'm not sure i would throw him any fastballs. right out over the plate. >> rob: he knows hit it well. a lot of motivation against the former club. >> bob: it is stuck. >> rob: stuck the bottom of the wall. some guys would have tried to get a double there. he kind of held up. >> bob: here is guy that will not hold fun that happens. mike cameron two singles, double and homer tonight.
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>> bob: a fastball hitter and he doesn't throw anything but fastballs. occasional slide piece. >> rob: 0 night like tonight. not that you want to give up any runs. why not throw in the sliders and work on the slider. and the and i was told by one pitcher that was his bread and butter. sliders it is sometimes of the that's all you have you're not comfortable with your fastball. change the speed and have at it. there was one. that was beautiful. they didn't get the call.
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>> rob: doesn't miss a lot of fastballs though. >> bob: i thought that you closers had a little connection. in the dirt. >> rob: and slider over the inside corner. and he throws three straight hooks. i'm not sure he is believing it. >> rob: 1-2. over the top. look at that. over the top. right elbow to left knee.
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that's what i'm talking about. >> bob: do you have any idea what the stock market is going to do on monday morning? braun 2-5 a 2 run double. up the middle. dein facted. ul the midsideline belliard. get as zero on the board. nats are still within reach of the brew ares.  our 737s fly to over 65 cities across the country every day. pa announcer: final boarding call... all passengers... each with an average speed of 590 mph... almost as fast as you. nothing's gonna hold you down. grab your bag . it's on™west so our low fares stay low. ( ding ) book now at
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 did a good job cannot g or 8 innings. we'll see you in a few minutes. >> bob: he thinks it will happen lightning quick. we'll see in terms of saves. hoffman two blown saves. 580. talking to some of the milwaukee guys. he let it be known he wants to be around for number 600 next year. will it be in milwaukee? where will it be? >> rob: the way he takes care of himself physically he can pitch another couple of years. his work ethic is leg engary around baseball.
11:29 pm
>> bob: why not a look at that active leader list. i'm not sure he wit catch him before they hang it up. he was picked up on waivers. they are both hurt. the nashs gonzales, dunn and zimmerman in the bottom of the 9th. hoffman gave up a run on a homerun. they had the lead. that ill with be interesting to see if one of the first two can get on. 84-mile per hour fastball for a strike. not the chang up. >> rob: you better move up in the box. it is in the 70ss. >> bob: it will be diving and
11:30 pm
darting. >> rob: and bringing it tonight. umprise' sure that gonzales has asked all his peers what does he throw. great changup. >> bob: a half swing to the mound last night. struck him out. there is the change up. , that's the thing the young are play ares will be more nervous about the changup than the fastball. that's why see what he can do and now once i'm ahead, right in the dirt. he will get another one right in the dirt. >> bob: that was so gone before it got there. 1 out. >> rob: this will be an interesting at bat. >> two fastballs, two
11:31 pm
changeups. see how devastating. i call it the equalizer a changeup is. not a lot of pressure on the arm. you sell it with the same speed as a fastball. all about the grip. >> bob: hoffman is changing his approach tonight. changeup after changeup. he may throw all fastballs to dunn. >> bob: he has thrown four fastballs and four called
11:32 pm
strikes with it looking for the changup and can't react. there is a broken bat. that's escobar. zimmerman was leading off the bottom of the 9th when he hit the homerun. >> rob: you saw how that moves catcher wanted it down the center of the plate. more to the outside. moved all the way in. down on zimmerman. >> bob: zimmerman o-3 with a walk tonight. ryan was the about to let it get to o-2 without swinging. >> rob: and conditioneddal way outside.
11:33 pm
starting without a fastball. it moved over the plate. and last night it left the park. >> bob: look at that spin and the game is over. it goes 3 hours after the rain delay. they scored and lose. grand slam back in the bottom of the 3rd. nat nats could not hold them down.
11:34 pm
>> never say die attitude tied the game up. the bullpen was in the able to hold it. >> brew ares 11, nats 9. for rob dibble and debatey taylor. we'll see you tomorrow. we'll start at 1:00 with nats extra. this has been a presentation of masn. stay tuned nats extra next. johnny holliday ad ray are here. jim riggleman made an early exit. so long for just a while!   you are right, the 16 base hits, 11 runs on 16
11:35 pm
hits. they climbed out of a hold to tie it and then they put on a run. and nats extra post game. johnny holliday with ray knight. we take a big deep breathe after a long night of baseball. and the nats are now in a funk. dropped five in a row. it is tough to put your finger on it. >> ky do it here. i'm on top of it. the last four starters. 1-3. and 1.2 tonight. and 6-2/3 for martin. you cannot it will in the happen until you get six innings out of the starters. it seems like it's the bullpen's fault.
11:36 pm
it's not. you cannot expect them to get you six, 18 outs every night. they're not going to be effective 4, 1 5 guys every night. they dade good job. we talked about that in the pregame too much pressure on the bullpen. >> you know the only way to do it. there is nothing that riggleman can do. when lannan. i have never seen him throw it that up in the strike zone and he got rack attacked. he hit as hard as anybody. >> you talk about a defining moment it was top of the sixth. and 1st and 2ndment they walked fielder. that's it cameron singled. he wanted to a sam shot he thats to make a better pitch than that. manly, golly, i must be
11:37 pm
reverting whatting to the mind set i had, riggleman making the walk there to the right thing you do. >> one die that is happy is lopez. a couple of runs scored. and many coulds up with a solo homer. for milwaukee, 9, 10, 2. let's go to talk about the job he did tonight. >> reporter: almost an identical situation as he faced
11:38 pm
colorado. the starter knocked out. they had that pitch the better part of three innings. he does it for the second time. touched for a run. clippard had to come in. he gets in there. and he will be in there so long. gets a hit. and opened the flood gates. did a great job throwing it. a great job then he shows he can do it. and a great job but this guy that's coming up has done it and outstanding job. and keep your team. give them a chance to win. and everything that was expected and more did it with that tonight. so, you know, he was probably the mvp of the game tonight.
11:39 pm
>> the fact that we're talking about a reliever doing this twice in a week. not a good sign. long relief for rivera. that's twice this week now on an o-5 home stand when the national starter has not got six outs. >> we'll touch more on rivera in a moment. thank you bob and rob. they're back tomorrow at 1:30 here on masn 2. nationals were down after an inning and a half they are shaking their heads like what happened. you have the ace on the mound. this he have 2 in the second. 4 in the third. and a grand slam. >> and belliard and cameron misses it. runs into the wall. it cost an r.b.i. zimmerman scored. and dukes a hit on this ball here. to the rest of third base. doesn't get to it.
11:40 pm
and the ball does not pounce up. within you play the at home give him a base hit and r.b.i. gets the third. and grounds into a double play. and we started our come back. two there. not too shabby. a single to center field. and first hit, first hit for this organization, i know. a double, the things is left field and to bases. i don't know that his bat went out. i didn't get a look at it. that's the reason rig regular was -- riggleman was arguing the play. i love his about him. he protects the players. hanging breaking ball. you hang them, we bang them. guy runs tonight. that made it 8-6. then starting off with a single where he is going to hit it. and the great play. double to left in the field.
11:41 pm
nieves scores. rivera and after getting two strikes. rivera scores. that made it 8-8. then we have a problem with shutting the door. but this team the reason they are where they are, they have terrible pitching. the starting pitching is right up above us. they're as bad as we are. it doesn't surprise me we're down 7 when you come back. you are going to get to the bullpen and starting pitchers until you aboutet to the closer. he will shut you down. >> what every fan has to be proud of they scratch and fight and claw. it is they come back at 8 with
11:42 pm
a clutch hitter there. we could be talking about a win, we're not, and that's all i have to say. they're doing the best they can. they have been terrible. and it is -- it has to get better. >> we have to figure out why they have not been on the top of their game. they were on john lannan early. ♪
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make no mistake. you will get caught and you will be arrested. over the limit. under arrest.  a beautiful picture the 11-9. milwaukee has taken the first two games of the series.
11:45 pm
this he will be here tomorrow at nationals park and a rare monday afternoon game as well. you talk about a guy who was laying the fat pitches up in the zone earliment that's what happened to john lannan. milwaukee sitting there. >> i want to you look and see the movement they have. and they move good. you will see the balls that are flat. they're not thinking. they're up every one of these that's a double by escobar. and lopez doubles on a pitch that's up. it is hanging in there. another pitch is up. that's a hang up. that's floating it's not that motion that he kills it. doesn't have any he has good movement. it was in the strike zone but everybody is hey don't worry about it. he pitched great for us.
11:46 pm
you are due for an outing here in florida. i think the first game of the year he went three. onny. he knows how to pitch. it is august. the ball is flat. >> did you notice that jim riggleman mentioned the thing he likes about lannan he is never satisfied if. he wins he can improve. if he loses a game. he gets tagged. he is watching video now. >> you can bet if it is me mechanical and he has giver tem up. that's not like him. he has always given up hits the reason he is successful he makes pitches 2-2. he can make
11:47 pm
that pitch on the outside part of the down or in or out, up and down. middle of the plate working to the corners. and the changeup effectively and what we saul go time. 22 count makes the pitch. it's not anything to fret about as long as he is knelt think. there is no soreness. when you start not seeing movement on a pitch and have this kind of movement. changeup that. and everything is in there like this. it floated. >> when you talk about effective. rivera. he is goes 3 and a third. very effective. >> well he was. and he has been a guy to take the ball. he through it well tonight. you have he has been a guy that would go 2 but he has been a
11:48 pm
man that will take it. the slider. he can locate it. ad and on struck. throwing the breaking ball and a tilt and he did that very effectively. >> nationals are down 11-#. harris kept things alive and gave the nationals a glimmer of hope. he went deep. >> he never gives in. you said it. none of the guys are giving if. -- given in. and there is not a man on that club now. >> on this club now that is -- that is something that doesn't give their best effort daily. they're not going to tolerate it. if you don't win it is lack of ability or execution. i think we have the ability to play with the teams in the
11:49 pm
league. this is a great club. they are tough to go through. lop lop is hot. >> let's see what jim thinks about the game. he is talking to the media now. >> that's going to create a situation where we -- we're going to have a lot of people overextending t did catch up to us. i'm very happy that our guys or we're down if the game. they are coming back. i know john lannan is doing everything to pitch effectively. he is a professional. i love i hadling film the ball
11:50 pm
and get it straightened out. he is putting guys in situations -- situation where they are pitching more. but you know, it is weir he a unrunning into a few i days where we take pride in the fact they are cog everything to win the game. they're hurting, you want them to be. they lost games i'm glad they are getting after it. >> and what do you think it wrong. he is not hitting the spots. some good hitting zones. and they're a good club. his last game and it blew up.
11:51 pm
that was kind of could you point to that one at bat. but they didn't let him get away with anything. we swung it there. and that's not the way you craw it up. >> and made it before he connected. someone yelled they hit a brand slam. he hit it. and he knows. and you feel the momentum. we just could not turn it around. >> were you trying to get them
11:52 pm
inspired? >> i thought i would be get thrown out. i have the utmost respect for the umps i was arguing with. you know with chuck and mike riley. you are going to get a great effort. so, you know it -- is hard to really be totally upset with guys who are give you an effort a couple of calls that could have goodbye our way. the call i think the replay has shown it. about out i had been out there three times. >> in a way it is required so much energy to get back into it at this point it was hard to
11:53 pm
stain that. >> it is you know narveson, the left-hander. he stifled us a bit. once we hit him a bit when he first came in. he really slowed things town on us. that was key. we didn't get to him. and i think when he came in and a couple of hits. then he put zeros on the board. when you have -- they get 8 hits out of the first two hitters. you are not going to lose many games when you get 8 hits. they kept doing it and setting the table and braun and fielder. mcgehee is hurting us. it is tough. >> mcgehee another great effort what did you think of it that and what is your plan.
11:54 pm
>> he gave us a good effort. he has just been outstanding. he is giving us a chance. we have to be careful. we have aum could of guys shut town. maybe sosa. we have to be careful about who we use and how much. we're running ourselves in that situation. we had a couple of games we didn't get to the second or 3rd inning with the starters. but it was healed. >> and the starter may have to take one or the team? >> it could happen. you know we'll try to avoid that as much as we can. but, it is hard to do and watch
11:55 pm
someone just get beat that bad. young guys. if you have a get ran. i had that before. i had some guys who were starters. mid-to-late 30s. and get beat up good. the young young are guys that's where near like that. >> thank you. >> thank you. >> that's the skipper discussing the game with the media. the first two the interviewers outscoring. 18-12 they have taken the first two. we'll come back with more. ú ♪
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 that brought the nation right back into the game. not enough as milwaukee wins it 11-9. back at you tomorrow on masn 2. then game number 4 of the series at 4:30 on monday. and same goes for wednesday and then thursday afternoon you have the cubs. we'll take a break and we'll continue. the silver fox. great slow motion. at work. we'll be back in a minute. bag $15 dollars to ride in the bottom of the plane in the dark. no peanuts or nothin'. and then if your bag wants to bring one of its little bag friends for company, they charge another $25. that's just plain mean. why do they hate your bags? at southwest airlines, bags fly free.
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streak and snap their own slide. manny parra his 22nd start. >> he was one of the best left- handers in the last three years. he whose a 7 unerned is average over the last and four run as game. craig stammen needs to to what he did in july. averaging 17 innings. and we have to go out there and has to put him on the mound. he that has to throw 100 katechs. >> and no decision last time he faced the brewers. he is only given up four rins in is 11. he is wiching well. and five game stretch. where he was not throwing not throwing quality strikes. only 9 in the last ten starts. he has to bite the bullet.
12:02 am
25 years old. month that big of a workload. if he gets his brains and you could lower that. i know that i would. i would not want them to give me team a chance to win. >> how many ejections wren you were danging. 11 or 12. >> 11 or 12 as a manager. jim riggleman knew when he went out there that was it. >> thanks for joining us. 11-# is the final.    >> from the spire sta evening. á6 á6
12:03 am
12:04 am
you'll make it in the chase. so, you know, i did the math from 3160 minus what we were and figured that out, divided it by three. we needed 147 point average in these next three races which is sixth. >> i'm up the creek as a p.e. major. i dropped math, man. we're in trouble.
12:05 am
>> it's better today because we got 190 instead of 147. so maybe next week we only need 138. i don't know. but i look a lot smarter than i am but all you need is a calculate tomplet trust me, you can figure it out. we're just chasing that number. if we can get that number i think we'll will all right. >> he's my boss and i -- i play his game. go out and do your job. work hard as a race team. you cannot control what the 16, the 17, 39, whoever it may be, you cannot control what they do. you can control what happens to you. so that -- that's what, you know, listening to joe, you know, work hard, you guys go out and do your job, what you're capable of doing and all that stufufufuf place. and our deal is to go out and win races. you know, that's the big thing. if i need to back him down or if we need to be third, finish
12:06 am
third at richmond instead of putting ourself in a bad position to go for a win, i'm going to tell him, we're good to go. we'll know where everybody is. but we need to go to atlanta and have a solid run and we'll go to richmond and see how i plays out. >> jenna. >> jennifer associated press. kyle, if you could bear with me on. this it seems to a lot of people like you've been really unhappy the past many weeks to the point where another driver has made many comments about how miserable it must be to be you and live your life. a lot of people have sort of started to wonder if your waves of emotions have affected your performance on the track. i'm wondering if you can verbalize to us why winning means so much to you that it sort of has become to us maybe the end all for you. when you don't win, you are just absolutely miserable. you know, if you know why it is that it affects you thatch. >> well, to me i grew up racing
12:07 am
in vegas and i think i won 35-plus races a year. and to me, when you come up and do another series you want to win races. the next year i won 10-15 late model races one year. and i'm a guy that loves to win. and there's nothing else to me but the feeling of winning. and it's frustrating finishing second or third sometimes. but when you look at the big picture and big scheme of things i'm cooled back off after the plane ride home. and so it's just the heat of the moment. it's the 20 minutes from getting out of the car back to the motor home. but that's going to be my strong suit, you know, coming up. so unfortunately there are a lot better ways for me to handle it and i can certainly do a better job that, but like today, i mean, you see all the faces of
12:08 am
the guys in the pits that work so hard now in victory lane. i mean, they're jiewb lated. they're excited. they know they've accomplished what they were set out to do. i accomplished what i set out to do. steve accomplished what he set out to do, and that's to win races. and for us to win races as a team together, i feel like sometimes i let the team down when i don't win a race. and that's what i'm most upset about is, you know, it's like ah, just, you know, i want -- it's not that i want to win. it's us and the team that's going to win. and sometimes i feel like i let them down. sometimes they feel like they let me down, you know? but we all love each other and dig in for each other as much as we possibly can and do our jobs to the best of our abilities. but some days it's just not meant to be and there's a better way for me to recognize and understand that. >> whoever was on the outside today on the restarts clearly had the advantage to keep the guy pinned down. you've been to enough tracks
12:09 am
now. is there one clear lane at pretty much every track that's advantageous? realizing it might be different at different tracks. and how big a factor do you think that's going to play down the stretch when people are going for a championship? >> it's going to play -- going to play a lot. i tell you there's going to be one place everybody is going to choose the bottom and that's martinsville. i guarantee you that. it's going to be the bottom there. i could be wrong there. the outside might just be able to pinch the inside guy down enough where they can get a good shot off of turn two. it seems like everywhere has been the outside. even indy, jimmy made it look simple on the outside. he passed mark on the restart and went by to win the race. michigan was last week. it seemed like everytime i was on the inside like three out of the five restarts and i just -- if i couldn't get to the top and get in the top lane and go on the outside, it's just -- it seems like it's the outside.
12:10 am
these cars are built of momentum because they don't turn on the center. when you get in the corner and can't turn you have to slow down and then accelerate more. on the outside they're still going. they're keeping it going. and they're keeping it wound up. and they just get down the next straightaway faster. so you could see some differences in the maition wide series because of the different car. i tried both sides of the restart order at watkins glen. stewart outpoired me. i didn't have the car i needed that day with what stewart had. but to me it seems so far, i don't know the ratio but about 95% of the time it's the outside. >> thank you. >> kyle busch the first driver to sweep at bristol since his brother kurt bish did so in 2003. busch also ties mark martin who he edged at the ends for the most wins this season with four.
12:11 am
tony stewart and jimmie johnson each have three wins. >> um ahead, matthew stafford may have been the number one pick in the draft, but he didn't exactly make a push to be the team's number one quarterback. >> and the american league wild card chase, pena providing tropicana rays for the thunder. our top stories, next. forty see i told you there were forty shots in there. but you also said there'd be a reverse ventriloquist act here. excuse me guys. (announcer) calling all captains. drink responsibly. this is the year you take the road less traveled. the year you stop hoping for opportunity
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>> anish shroff, will selva with
12:14 am
you. rangers and rays both chasing the red sox in the a.l. wild card race. texas a game out entering saturday. tampa three out. that's carlos pena. hit two home runs in the game, 3-4, 16th career multi-homer game, leads the league with 34 jacks. rangers down a run, two out, marlon byrd, his 15th of the year. he's got three homers in his last three games. rangers tie it at 4-4. we go to extra innings, pena again. there is one of his three hits. that a walk-off job as evan longoria beats the throw home. tampa wins 5-4. for pena, his seventh career walk-off hit. tampa has now won 6-7, the rangers have lost 4-5 so texas now trails boston by two games in the wild card, the rays remain three back. >> san francisco can pull into a tie with colorado for the wild
12:15 am
card lead. 3-1 giants, jorge de la rosa gives up a meat ball to ryan garko. 5-1 g-men. bottom sixth, rockies trailing 6-3, ian stewart, three-run shot. the giants bullpen had a 3.34 e.r.a. entering this game but went three innings allowing eight runs. later in the sixth, seth smith lining one down the right-field line. yorvit torrealba scores. smith beats the throw for a triple. 10 rockies recorded a hit. rockies win 14-11 -- colorado gaining some breathing room in the n.l. wild card race. de la rosa got the win, improved to 5-0 all time vs. the giants. ian stewart who had the big blow on a big win for the rockies. >> we played better as a team,
12:16 am
timely hitting and i went up trying to be aggressive, felt good, we had early b.p., got my work in, felt good and came into the game feeling good and things worked out tonight. >> entering saturday, the dodgers had a five-game cushion on the rockies in the n.l. west. l.a. has won two straight. ted lilly looking to win 10 games for the second straight season. matt kemp, up, up, up and away, an estimated 455 feet, the longest homer at dodger stadium this year. bottom three, brad ausmus. cubs would go on to lose 2-0. knuckleballer charlie haeger wins for the second time since september 3rd, 2006 when he pitched for the white sox. in his second start since coming off the d.l., lilly loses against the dodgers. >> last time a.j. burnett faced
12:17 am
the sox -- a different story saturday afternoon. bottom two. kevin youkilis 3-5, two jacks, big papi in the fifth. his 20th of the year. eighth straight season with at least 20 homers, burnett gave up a career high nine runs in five innings. you see him saying, "why? why? why do you throw that?" junichi tazawa six scoreless innings for the win -- tazawa was the pitcher who gave up the walk-off homer to a-rod in the 15-inning game a few weeks ago, his big-league debut. as for burnett, maybe something going on with him and posada. he's got a 4.93 e.r.a. with posada as the starting catcher, 3.27 with every other catcher on the yankees. >> we throw the ball. we throw what we want to throw, so he's there -- it's definitely not him, i had a good hook today
12:18 am
and i feel like i should have used it more. >> they were on the curveball so wanted to throw a couple more pitches so they can get away from the curveball. >> it's a matter of me throwing what i want to throw. you don't throw a pitch unless you're 100% behind it. >> we really didn't get on the same page so autojust a matter of executing and the location really killed us. >> burnett a career-high nine runs in five innings pitched on saturday. he's got a 14.21 e.r.a. in three starts at fenway this season, a far cry from what he did against boston in boston last year with the blue jays. >> hut one, hut two, preseason pigskin. matthew stafford the starting nod against the browns. stafford rolling right, looking good, the i-n-t returns it to
12:19 am
the lions five. stafford did not look as sharp as he did a week ago. second quarter. lions down 20. off the play action, stafford rolling out, has adam jennings but he overthrows him, jennings wide open, stafford 5-13 for 35 yards and one i-n-t -- browns win 27-10. >> the football giants facing the bears. cutler with his first pass on saturday. to earl bennett, his former vanderbilt teammate. that drive would lead to a field goal. second bears drive, matt forte had a fine rookie season, breaks free, 32 yards for a score, that capped an 80-yard drive. 10-0 bears.
12:20 am
third drive for cutler, sometimes you've got to do it on your own, 12-yard scamper good for a first down. that keeps the drive alive. later in the drive cutler to desmond clark, cutler 8-13, 121 yards and a touchdown, bears win 17-3. >> usain bolt has singlehandedly raised the bar for human physical achievement. incredibly, the world's fastest man will emerge from the world championships even faster. he shattered his own world records in the 100 meter and 200 meter dash. now, he wants to slow down. bolt said he wants to go on vacation. go clubbing. go to the beach. he said, "i just want to party." before he can do all that, he had one final gold medal to win. bolt running for jamaica in the 4x100-meter relay. did not hit a world record with his relay team but they still took gold. for bolt, his third gold medal of the world championships.
12:21 am
37.31 seconds. that's just off the world record of 37.1 seconds which bolt's jamaican team set in beijing. >> next on espnews. running full throttle under the lights through wrecks and which driver took advantage of a late pile-up. that's coming up on the other side of the break. ship in a bottle. had these dreams ♪
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♪ to be a captain of the great high... ♪ hum, well there's 40 shots in this bottle. (announcer) calling all captains. drink responsibly.
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>> nascar sprint cup making a stop in bristol -- that's tennessee, not connecticut -- mark martin won the pole, starting his 1,000th race. lap 11, this from the view of joey logano's car. reed sorenson in the 43 car fighting for position with logano, bumps logano from behind, logano bumps into the
12:25 am
wall and would head to the garage for repairs. kurt busch, his crew can't get the tear off the windshield before busch drives away, then on the track the windshield covering comes off and starts blowing in traffic, blows away before doing damage to the other cars. lap 317, jimmie johnson battling with mark martin for the lead and johnson makes his move -- johnson the new race leader. lap 423, johnson's crew having issues in the pit. they drop the jack while adjusting his right-rear tire, and johnson is a bit wobbly coming out of the pits, almost collide with david reutimann. johnson would have to repit. drops to 21st due to the mistake. two laps to go, kyle busch now in the lead but martin trying to pass him on the inside. busch somehow holds him off. final lap, busch holds on to win at bristol. busch happy about the win.
12:26 am
>> it's awesome. racing the sprint cup series with all of these guys is really an honor, and mark martin -- what a class act. he deserved to win this race, and i'm sorry he came home in second. i know how he feels. but i drove as hard as i could, and he had a chance. he could have done it, but he didn't. he raced me clean, and we didn't have the best car tonight but we had a car capable of doing it. >> for kyle busch, the first driver to sweep at bristol since his brother kurt busch did so in 2003. busch ties mark martin whom he edged at the end for the most wins this season with four. tony stewart and jimmie johnson each have three wins. >> our top stories are next. matthew stafford, the number one pick in the draft might not be the lions' number one quarterback. and in the a.l. wild card chase, carlos pena providing tropicana thunder, and late heroics for thunder, and late heroics for the i'm racing cross country in this small sidecar,
12:27 am
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>> here is a look at saturday's notable mlb home runs.


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