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tv   Book TV  CSPAN  August 23, 2009 2:50pm-3:40pm EDT

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a base hit, a run. a suicide squeeze bunt for an rbi. he has been the consummate lead off man so far. prince fielder grabs that one. it was labeled for the right- field corner. cristian guzman is next. 1 for 2 with a home run. >> rob: tough to get it by the big man at first. fielder gobble this one up and he just stepped on the bag.   >> bob: guzman, two hi six at-bats in this series.
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>> rob: he had that pinch hit last night. hopefully that got him going today with a home run. >> bob: guzman in ten major league seasons -- and there's another line drive. he hit 60 career home runs. and when he gets going, he is the line drive machine and hey, rob, maybe all he needed to do is switch to the other side of the plate. >> rob: most were born right- handed hitters because of their speed. they turn them over and make them switch hitters. >> bob: from my observation of him over the last three years -- and he didn't play one year here -- he has more power from that natural right side. >> rob: yeah, berkman does, chipper jones when he is going well does. >> bob: zimmerman can, 1 for 2 with a hit. he is hitting an even .300.
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his next run scored will be number 90 on the year. and i don't know what is going on with the pitcher, but bosio comes out after ball one. dynamic duos. rbis by teammates. the milwaukee duo right up there. dunn and zimmerman behind st. louis, philadelphia, ahead of tampa bay and minnesota. those are great combo, aren't they? >> rob: yeah, and mauer was injured for the first month of the season and has been on a pair with about .370 right now. or it is .380? glib wonder what happens if pew high schools and holliday play for an entire season together next year. >> rob: that would be nice to watch. >> bob: that will be one of the interesting free agent signings over the winter, to stay if he is there or is lured to new york by the moolah. >> rob: i don't want to see him go to the yankees. they have enough all- stars. >> bob: matt holliday is a
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country guy from oklahoma, lives in denver. i'm not sure the east coast is that attractive to him. there's a lot to be said for being in the same lineup with that over guy. low and in to zimmerman. >> rob: a good family guy from baseball blood. tom holliday, long-time college coach. actually recruited me to go to oklahoma state. a baseball lifer. >> bob: zimmerman, right field side, out of play. 
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 bottom of the 4th in. nat have outhit and lead 6-1. way outside. power guy on deck who homered his last time up. dunn hit two homers in this series and 33 for the year. >> rob: by the time the nats get home for the next road trip, dunn will be flirting with 100 rbis. >> bob: zimmerman hammers one to right center. that baby is gone! [ cheers and applause ] right over the scoreboard and about the 390 mark! number 26 for his career and is 8-1!
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>> rob: i don't know what pitching coach bosio told manny parra become, but obviously the fastball away. you see the bat head right in front of the plate, meeting the ball to crush the ball. >> bob: parra is done for the day after 3 1/3. he will give up eight runs, five of them earned because of that error back in the 1st inning. and the nats are slugging today. jody gerut will replace cat that not toe on the double switch. zimmerman, three rbis today, 85 on the year and the nats are up big. at some restaurants when you get boneless wings...
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 >> bob:  the nationals top we usually see zimmerman on defense. how about this swing? >> rob: check this swing out right here. you see the hips come through right there. the head is just still down on it. full extension of the arms and look at right here where the bat is out in front and meets contact and the ball will go to right center. i was growing up and saw a picture of steve garvey, almost
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an identical swing and it's the head look down at the bat, making contact ball and bat and full extension and you can learn a lot as a pitcher from that. that's what you're trying to not let happen. you don't want to let a guy get full extension or let them get his arms out like that and his body behind it because the net result, home run. and, you know, as a pitcher, you have to tie the guy up or make sure he doesn't get good contact. >> bob: look out, grissom. >> rob: you brought it up before. a lot has to do with making the hitter uncomfortable. >> bob: right. >> rob: making him move -- i call it dancing. make the guy dance in the batter's box. you can't let him stand there comfortable. mike piazza was the perfect example, like he was asleep in the water's box. nobody tried to make him uncomfortable.
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every now and he was drill but out of respect because they get him out. they hit him. i'm talking about make the guy off balance, rock them back, get them on his heels and get the good stuff. >> bob: 1-1 to dunn. >> rob: you saw adam not have nog#úthe i cause the private pitch was up and in.& and dunn offers no swing. 2-2. florida has the 5-4 lead against atlanta. >> r the plate is somewhere in here. 
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iteforce fil.lan- let the nibbling begin. >> bob [ laughing ] yeah. sometimes watching adam dunn and the pitchers who pitch to him, it's like watching a guy fish on a sunday afternoon. and there goes another line drive, this one will stay in ballpark and it's going to be a single. a 340-foot single by adam dunn. any elevation at all, that baby is gone and the nats continue to hit the ball beautifully. nine hits now. >> rob: well, he is just off balance enough to where this ball is out and he can't get underneath it to drive it out of the ballpark but we talked
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about how big and strong he is. the upper body pulls it off the wall. come on. bebehind it here. >> bob: he needs a hit. he is 2 for his last 18. >> rob: came out last night after the game. the hammer was upset because of the white junk all over his truck. hopefully he is thinking about that and mashes the ball. >> bob: that's a breaking ball. he hits it to left and it is caught on the run by ryan braun. all the way back to first, adam dunn. he was at the second base bag. well played. two outs. that ball was hooking away from braun. >> rob: throwing into the outfield because he made too many errors at third base his
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rookie year -- makes a great jump and is spectacular day, a little tit for tat. that's just athleticism. >> bob: here's belliard. he walked last time up. it was only the 10th base on battles to him all year. >> rob: still more than guzman. >> bob: it's the staple. [ laughter ] but guzman plays three times as much. >> rob: that's what i was going to say. guzy is not there to walk. 
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 >> bob:  well, he attac pitch and counsell has to jump in front of the dirt to stay on top of it. the nats hit the ball hard in the 4th inning. 26th home run and in his career, he hit 84. nats lead by 7. it's on. it's... no, not yet. it back that way. it's on.
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 >> bob:  no chance of getti those kid to sit stilt in an 8- 1 game. stop me getting run support he needs. as we visit with you, bob and rob on what is turning into a fun afternoon, mets haven't had many games like this lately. >> rob: no, they haven't. it is not over yet but 12 runs and you see a pop out from bard. basically in the last 14 innings, bob -- you have to make do with what you get and you have to compete. it's not just execution and throwing the pitches and tough lining that. it's being an athlete and competing against your foe and
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that's what the younger pitchers need to learn. stammen setting a good example. he doesn't have his best stuff but is battling through four innings already and maybe seven or eight innings today. that's your job, to give your team an opportunity to win. >> bob: escobar, the shortstop. in the number 9 hole. nothing like a quick out >> rob: nothing like a quick out. keep bunting. you have to lighting when you're up seven runs and bunting. >> bob: 2-1 to escobar, who grounded out to second the first time up. top of the order for a moment for lopez, who had a good series. that ball has a chance to leave. it's gone. [ cheers and applause ]
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escobar's first major league home run. it's now 8-2. [ cheers and boos ] >> rob: too fast of a pitch by stammen. stick to the game plan, regardless of the score. >> bob: lopez, 1 for 2 with an rbi hit. lopez is 7 for 13 hits that one hard enough for hit number 8. but the nationals are not doing anything to make him uncomfortable. two out. counsell is coming up. come on. you won't pitch today. sit down.
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look al villone. what is that, like a shark cage? >> rob: i don't know. he is like an mma fighter, ready to go. well, if i can't get you out with the curveball, i'll beat it out of you. no, ran knee is great. come on, he is 39 and has to stretch more than the youngsters. >> bob: i'm hurting just watching. come on, ron, you're killing us. the bet bather is counsell. almost like gold's gym out there. it's up and away to counsell. 0 for 2 today. 0 for 7 in the series.
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braun just made a good defensive play. he has a base hit and steal in two trips. the nats would love to see him leading off the top of the 6th. the series finale is tomorrow. balester and gallardo, who is 11-10 with a 3.5 e.r.a. slapped by the mound but belliard scoops and fires. well played by ronnie belliard against a very speedy runner. you can give up solos when you're up big. and the nats are up big, halfway through the game. it's 8-# washington. 8-2 washington. @@úúxx
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 >> i'm having fun. it's a sunday. it's beautiful out here.
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i'm excited. my parents are in town so try to put on a show for them. >> debbi: so far he is putting on a show. he has been a key part of this game, a double and scored on the suicide sweep. i'm joined by mike's parents, his mom arlene and his father figure throughout his life. i have to ask you. being a baseball mom and a single mom at the time, how was it raising mike and his brother t.k. >> well, it was very challenging but i encourage all single mothers to keep going and never give up because you never know what the end result is. i'm very proud of him. >> debbi: i know you have told mike not to give up, too. stan, you coached him along the way and helped him with football and baseball and you were the football coach at duke university and you also play in the csl. what advice did you give him as he tried to make it through the professional ranks? >> basically, always work hard and keep a good attitude and if you have a bad day, forget about it and learn from it and
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move on. >> debbi: okay. >> that's basically what he has done. >> rob: >> announcer: he has done a great job. thank you for your influences. bob, up to you. >> bob: thank you. that was nice. morse, 1 for 2. he hit the ball hard his second time and he will bat after josh bard here in the bottom of the 5th. bard flied to left and flied to center. a 2-0 pitch gets by him. 80 on the changeup. bard, morse, and stammen, bottom of the 5th inning. struck to right center. it's us.
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interest. bard gets the start today batting right-handed, goes 0 for 2 and switches to the other side to hit the ball well to left center. i don't know if he hurt himself on the way to first base but lee kuntz, the trainer, going for the bag. >> rob: you can see that coming out of the box. he barely made it over to first base limping. >> bob: he doesn't want to come out of the game. >> rob: no, he doesn't. glob i love what josh had to say this morning. the lerner family is paying me groom money and taking care of my family. if i can get out of bed, i should be able to play. >> rob: i love it. >> bob: he is a tough guy. here's villanueves. >> rob: something happen to josh? i'm ready. >> bob: oh, what a lovely day. lead off man aboard. in five innings, the nat have had their first batter either on base or rounding the bases
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four times. so they put constant pressure on the milwaukee pitching staff today. here's mike morse. 1 for 2. mom's got the video ready. >> rob: mike will be thrilled at thanksgiving when we whip out the video tape. [ laughter ] [ crowd clapping ] >> bob: he has three major league home runs. glowow wish we could do more baby pictures. >> bob: oh, you do? >> rob: yeah, i kind of dig that. you have to do some on the coaches, too. see what it will is after looked like as a baby. less after. [ laughter ] >> bob: i don't know but i'm sure he was challenging bigger
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guys to fight. [ laughter ] it will be awhile before we forget the video of him charging dibble. >> rob: but it was so much fun because i will never forget. someone stepped on my boot! [ laughter ] biggest guy on the field. >> bob: moving the ball around a little bit. cameron makes catch for the first out. stammen will be next. >> rob: funny how you remember things, moments from the memories. like my manager not giving me $1,000 for the fine, paid me $990. i don't want people to think i'm paying your fines so he gypped me out of $10. >> bob: $10. a good gesture. >>rob: i know. >> bob: who was that? >> rob: jerry bevington.
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and honely, ent had started long ti before that. a fine fund. >> bob: a fine fund? [ laughter ] do they have those for every player? >> rob: no. just annoying ones like me. >> bob: maybe we should have you do personal appearances and put that money aside for some day. we'll call it a fine fund. [ laughter ] actually, in the national ague %% >rob: i was allowed to give the money to charity so it wasn't just -- okay, pay the national league. they aemployed to give the money to charity so they were cool. >> bob: what about the american league? >> rob: tthe money and give it to the dhs -- i can't remember. >> bob: stammen, 0 for 1 with a sacrifice bunt today.
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long ball game, especially if for the brewers. that's a pastball well inside. 2-2. 25-year-old villanueva originally sign with the giants and came over with willard and a franklin-estraya deal in 2004. he has been with milwaukee for a long time. stammen standing on a breaking ball outside. that's the first nat to strike out today. we had a suicide squeeze today, executed perfectly. >> rob: he doesn't give it away and at the last second, too late to change his delivery. you see the runner coming and you have to make contact. are you watching that ask alberto gonzalez? you can't bail. you must wail. at least make contact.
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>> bob: nyjer, 1 for 2 with an rbi. pitcher steps off and looks at the runner for some reason and nobody is covering first. fielder is playing from behind the less-than-peered did josh bard. if he hits one, he could be across second or third base. and a breaking ball. 0-2. >> bob: good breaking ball right there.
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going the wrong way -- has to keep the head down.   >> bob:  a couple of ho getting pounded. astros trailing in the bottom of the 3rd to arizona -- 6-0. houston only a half game ahead of milwaukee in the central and wild card race. those two teams bolt both have to make a move before labor day.
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colorado has the lead in the wild card race. they're leading the giants and split their series so far. braves and marlins are right in it. >> rob: cubs don't want to go away. >> bob: one that team with that talent, one game over .500, four and a half month into the season. >> rob: if you truthy we're frustrated, think how many hundred of millions they have spent for that record. >> bob: i'll give you a little perspective on that. a lot of people around here who aren't baseball fans think way too much money one spent on this stadium. the cubs have spent half as much money as its cost to built nationals park. >> it's all relevant. that wasn't even the parking lot for the new yankee stadium. $1.5billion and they're still spending money. >> bob: yeah. and lift one out to left
3:21 pm
center. the ball has some carry and right in front of the wall, mike cameron grabs it. nyjer showing some serious power right there. the nats strand their fit runner of the day. onto the 6th. braun, fielder, cameron. 8-#. on i ns 8-2.ur anve70 or their dollar? been true since the day i made my first dollar. where is that dollar? i got it out to show you... uhh... was it rather old and wrinkly? yeah, you saw it? umm fancy a crisp? geico. fifteen minutes could save you fifteen percent or more on car insurance.
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 >> bob:  narcs baseball bro to you by -- 
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 it's a hot day in d.c. we can do to keep cool. maybe it's a bonnet. maybe it's a little time up in georgetown, too. here's our game summary. nyjer morgan is a 1st inning terror for pitchers this year. guzman hit his sixth homer of the year and is 2 for 3 and scored three runs and zimmerman is having a big gay. three rbi and he has 85 and a home run, his 26th. lot of offense. craig stammen, not spectacular on the mound but very solid today. and it's family day at the ballpark. >> rob: speaking of family, injury die lerner stopped by with oatmeal and chocolate chip cookies for us. for everybody in the booth.
3:24 pm
it's not like they head had a busy week and she still had time to bake. >> bob: that's right. that's why love this place. it's all about family. and fattening up the broadcasters. [ laughter ] >> rob: i resemble that remark. sorry, boys and girls, they don't know where the truck is. we'll keep it that way. >> bob: they go to five guys for lunch anyway. they never send any over here. the first swing of the 6th ing by braun. 4 for 8 in this series, a couple of rbis. busy box score for the brewers. >> rob: their offense is not exactly stagnant. but the nat have just raked their pitchers today. >> bob: but in comparison to the last couple of games.
3:25 pm
well, this is the second-worst e.r.a. team in the league. milwaukee at 4.90. the nats are back over 5 at 5.04. 2-1 to braun. fielder and mike cameron and then the pitcher, if it get that far, here in the 6th inning. braun hits it hard again. guzman gets rid of it -- and % -@'srst 'pse! >> rob: oh, he is out! >> bob: and brawn is rejected after slamming his helmet e gro [ eers and applause ] th's a rookie umpire who just threw him out! you t tofor thatx
3:26 pm
[ crowd booing ] >> rob: impresssive play by guzman. he still has some r and a @ great arm. check this out. he gets rid of it. knows he has speed coming. a great call, actually. he got him by a good step. guzman right there, turns, all arm. very accate.  crowd booing ]oóoóló nice stretch. nice pick. anbraunie gnótheútú shower here before everybody else.  >> bob: that would the last young men i expected something from that from -- a quick outburst, toss of the held expect the heave . i'm not sure if that the umpire's first career ejection. but he is the rookie umpire on this crew and he was quick on the trigr. prince fielder, quick a
3:27 pm
flyball to right but is @carrying to the glove of mike morse. www battling the sun. mike muchlinski. >> rob ly look in the umpire media guide. i'm not sure he is in there because they sometimes don't list the rookie umpires. i'm taking my bat and going home. i don't like that muchlinski guy. >> bob: and that's the right call. you can't throw the helmet down like that. >> rob: no. >> rob: somebody ask me who my favorite umpire of all time was. >> bob: hmm. >> rob: i had an answer for that. i don't want to get into the
3:28 pm
story with two out but will tell it next half inning because it's funny but it's jocko connelly from chicago and was a great character and is in the hall of fame. for some reason, somebody gave me his book after he retire and i read it. >> bob: it's a great story and appropriate. two balls and a strike to cameron. and ball three. unlike most of the umpire that i played in the major leagues and had around me at all times, doug harvey was one of my favorites but i would have to sayles lee nielsen in naked gun was maybe my favorite. the actor playing the umpire. >> rob: yeah, he was ridiculous. >> bob: stammen, the ball hits him and stays close.
3:29 pm
we hope he is okay and throws out cameron, ending the top of the 6th inning. another 0 on the board for craig stammen today. nats fans are all smiles. it's 8-2 on a hot sunday afternoon in august. 
3:30 pm
 >> bob: time to bridge you to speed with the rapid rewind. how about long distance like
3:31 pm
cristian guzman's six home run in the 2nd? dunn leading off with his 33rd and in the 4th, skimmer man, right center field, a beautiful swing. and his 26th. at&t, your world, delivered. guzman, skimmer man, and dunn. bourgeois takes over in right field after the ejection of ryan braun. villanueva is still in the game and the nationals box score will go rolling by. it was a hot sunday afternoon at the old polo ground and the new york giants were pretty bad. they were playing a double header and collin was on the umpiring grew and i think he had the plate for game two. and about the 2nd inning, frankie frisch is screaming at the umpire and jocko said, what's up with you? he goes, i want you to throw me
3:32 pm
out of this game. he says, why? he says, i'm sick of watching these .240 hitters. i got a case of beer iced up and waiting for me. i want to go home. [ laughter ] and without blinking, if i got to watch this fill in the blank, so do you, get in the dugout. that was my favorite story. the hall of famer at the top of the list. i think lesley nielsen is a great answer. i should have said you step into cinema. >> bob: that's my life. another great one in the late eric greg was one of my favorite. always fun. tom browning. making fun of his weight one day at hot day at shea with a cheeseburger when he wasn't pitching and i truly believe tom wanted to go hang out in the clubhouse and where it was
3:33 pm
cooler and aaron greg, when he got to third base that day, tossed tommy out from the dugout. you're out of here. hes toed him out. >> he knew who did it? >> of course he knew who did it! >> bob: guzman lines out to cameron and cristian guzman, folks, i believe, is back, hitting line drives again. zimmerman has scored his 89th and 90th runs of the year. and only albert pujols with 96 has scored more. so ryan is building -- knock on
3:34 pm
wood -- a year year here. he has a career number of home runs with 26. adam dunn's presence made a dramatic difference how other teams pitch to ryan now. they have been nasty-pitching this guy for three years knowing that hitters behind him weren't going to hurt them if they walked him. >> rob: and he was hurt last year with the bad shoulder. >> bob: 48 game. >> rob: yeah. within you're not healthy, people don't even know you're not healthy and you go out there and they think you're lousy this year. that's why i give josh bard so much credit. we both know that groin may not heal the entire season. >> bob: i don't see how it can. >> rob: you know it's heavily wrapped and cumbersome and hard to play with it and catch and he doesn't care. i'm going to suck it up and play because i love playing and i waited my whole career to be an everyday catcher.
3:35 pm
i won't give it up now. harris could have a broken bone and keep playing. >> bob: mets have picked up a run. fill lies still lead 8-5 and in the bottom of the 6th at atlanta. marlins still lead 5-4. that's a battle for second place. they're 6.5 back of the phillies and 2.5 back in the wild card. the giants just got two in the 1st colorado. that's a good take by zimmerman.
3:36 pm
and a breaking ball outside. 3-#. 3-2. >> rob: 2-0 giants in the top of the 1st? >> bob: they're top of the 2nd now. >> rob: that's lincecum in colorado. >> bob: they got two runs off jimenez. >> rob: a good match up with very good, young pitchers. >> bob: ryan pops it up behind the plate. and caught by mike rivera. two outs. kids run the show. it's time to let the kids run the show your ages 5-12. enter the kids run the show for your chance to help run the ball club when the nats take on the marlins on sunday, september 6, at 1:35 p.m. check the washington post for details on how to enter. contest ends monday, august 24.
3:37 pm
can't be two or one. >> rob: we had fun kids up here over the years. i remember at rfk when we let them on the air one year. tough to get them off. [ laughter ] got a little chatty. >> bob: what if they needed a diaper change? >> rob: they're older than that. >> bob: didn't you have a kid that is older than two? if or she is wearing pull ups they can manage the team. adam dunn, 2 for 3 today with his 33rd home run of the year. rbi number 89. i tell you, zimmerman is only four rbis behind dunn. this will be villanuva's last inning. they were warming up weatherers a short time ago.
3:38 pm
and a four-pitch walk to dunn. that's the 94th time he has been walked this year. >> rob: are you pitching to him? >> bob: no. >> rob: probably a waste of pitches. hit him once. no harm, no foul. >> bob: that's right. the last time he was up there was a single but off the right field fence and got off there in three second. >> rob: it was a long single.
3:39 pm
>> dunn, 2 for 3 today and batting around .290 now. he is having one of the great batting average seasons of his career. you know, there are some guys who just feel comfortable in certain ballparks and adam dunn, he may be around here for awhile. he likes this park to hit and will do some big-time damage. the nats had on their roster doing as much damage as this guy -- nobody. and willingham takes one up near the shoulder. that will bring up belliard. the hammer didn't deserve that one but takes it off the shoulder. [ cheers and applause ]


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