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tv   Book TV  CSPAN  August 29, 2009 11:00pm-12:00am EDT

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hauschka had a first miss the pre-season. jarrett johnson, and then was fine. to steal the game. jalen parmele, nice to get in the highlights. >> gerry: the guy was able to be patient through the hole. excellent job by him. >> the 1st downs just overwhelming for the ravens. 26-12. rushing yards more than 100. passing yards more than 300. and penalties while early it was a struggle, they had 9 in the first two games. now with seven as they had a turnover. joe flacco goes into the pre- season without an intercep interception. >> that's called dictating on the defensive ball and sustaining drives. good job all around and you saw
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that in the statistics. >> there were a lot of defensive plays. we didn't show them a lot but they got done. thanks to jarrett johnson, he blows by mike goodson. we watched him with a smile sitting back and watching. >> gerry: >> johnson is one of the underrated guys. a continuous motor. way to get that sack. >> we could have gone a lot of ways for the offensive play. todd heap leaping up to make the catch. it's gorgeous. we are reminded todd heap can be a great player. >> absolutely. todd as a lot of great football left in him. a post corner route. man-to-man coverage on the
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linebacker. that's what he does best. it's go b joe trusting other guys besides mason. >> the first time he threw to todd, todd dropped the ball. he went right back to him and proved him. >> every time you have a drop, you know you feel bad. but the confidence in joe flacco, of course cam cameron calling up 86's number and 86 delivering and joe flacco, i promise you he's saying to himself, oh, yes i got the guy todd heap back. he's looking like the probowl performer we are, customed to. >> when we come back, we will check with john harbaugh at the podium. he's 3-0 in the pre-season. ravens 17-13 tonight over the panthers. (announcer on call) ...he throws it across the field. he's got something! 30...4 .he's got it!
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>> ravens win tonight.
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joe flacco a rating of person 115. let's go listen to joe. >>ung we looked good. the biggest thing i wish we had three touchdowns. we kind of hurt ourselves. we have to eliminate that. overall we felt good and came out with another win. [ audio faint ] >> we are not worried about that. we are going to go out and tackle each defense the way we have a best shot of winning. in the pre-season we throw the ball around a little bit and we did a good job of that and tonight was another example. [ audio faint ] >> those guys are playing great. anytime you have that kind of guys out there winning, it makes it easy for a quarterback. [ audio faint ]
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>> you have a team that was dropping out a little bit on us. especially when we came back in the first drive of the second half. it was too easy not to check it down. whenever you have linebackers who have that depths, you cooy see what you can do from there. >> he's a little guy that should be in there. he has good balance. you get him the ball, you don't what happens. he doesn't go down with the first hit. [ inaudible ] >> it's definitely going to be improving for us. i think we would last year about what we did and we have to naturally progress. we'll be better at it. [ inaudible ] >> those guys have been doing a
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great job all pre-season. i didn't expect anything different. we have a couple new guys. they are a bunch of young guys which is awesome. they are young and i'm a young guy and anytime you have a like that, you feel comfortable with that. they help out and they create separation on the outside is a big way for me to get rid of the ball and it helps the line a lot. it's awesome. you need a tight end to be successful. todd had a great night. i was happy to see that. he had one on 1 with the linebacker. i was waiting for him to beat him and throw it over his head. [ laughter ] >> finally at the end we see joe smile. >> they have a lot to smile
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about. you saw an opportunity for todd heap and washington. a lot of trust by joe and had the receivers. to protect him as far as dropping off the ball without him getting dirty. >> let's check with john harbaugh at the mic. >> i think he hyperextended his elbow. he should be all right. [ inaudible ] >> i think maybe it does cut down on the talk. i'm not sure if it does. it gives you another playmaker. joe has proven he can spread the ball around. in todd emerges like he is, and we thought he would, they are getting on the same page and
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figuring each other out. you put l.j. in the mix and justin down the road. we have potential weapons. now we have to see them play out. kelly played well i thought. he looked good. yeah, it was good. gaither had the neck thing but it was good to see. all set? okay. thank you. >> and when we come back we hear from ray rice. he's our player of the game. that's when the show continues right after this.
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>> ravens victorious tonight knocking off the panthers.
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ray rice a harg part of that. when they drafted him, kind of small, how good can he be? very good. >> very versatile and explosive. we look at his versatility and how he's able to carry the load. when we look at ray rice we see him have the stepfather to get positive gains up the field. here ray, take this. watch the explosion up the field for positive gain. that's going to be a security blanket for joe flacco. it's north and south making people miss and getting chunks of yards. that's something you can have in your pocket. >> he's got going to be a 25 or 30 carry in the game. carry the ball. he met with the media and ray
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is always smiling for sure. >> it felt good. as running back you try to get the first guy tomiss. i probably only ran six or seven in my whole career. [ indiscernible ] >> my coach helped me with that being he played in the league for 10 years. any bit of knowledge whether it's holding or setting the blocks up, just when you get the ball in your hand and setting up the screen. i had a lot of help with that. especially the off-season being i was around. that helped me out. this whole season is going to be an attribute. i got put it out on the field. i luke my chance against
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linebackers. i feel i go up against the greatest in practice. if i beat him, everybody else i go against, i'm not downing anybody but i feel my confidence level, anybody i get one-on-one,i'm going to make that guy miss. >> three up and three down. what happens when a team specifically game plans to stop the offense. >> you look at usually suspects. you talk about stopping ray rice. for joe flacco, the next progression is him being able to scan the field. derrick mason is going to get his touches but get it to other guys to make a complete quarterback. >> before we get to the chiefs, we have one more pre-season coming on thursday in atlanta as the ravens take on the falcons. we will be there and the
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postgame show. this postgame show brought to you by empire today. 17-13, the ravens victorious tonight. thanks so much for joining us. vey great night in charlotte. s may be tough t but the things we all look forward to haven't changed have a great night charlotte. owning a home. watching our children grow. and retiring with confidence. so whatever you're looking forward to m&t bank is here to help you get there. m&t bank. understanding what's important.
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pnc. leading the way.
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>> gary: back here at camden yards a rain delayed game. then a rain drain delay. the drains were not working that took extra time. we to to the bottom of the 8th.
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>> buck: what a big pinch hit for carroll knocked in a run ad another thrown out at the plate. 21st r.b.i. for carroll examining it to 5- 3. and a 12 hit game. on the mound is sipp. starts here with izturis. and has a single. bullpen is going to get a lot of use. that's in the dirt. raining again 16789 ball, 1 strike count. indians had ten or more hits in 11 of the last 14 games. second half after the all-star
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break was produced. the pitch. 2-1. >> buck: i think the competition has pushed them -- them to have and a nice job of incorporating the younger players into the hitting philosophy. and. >> gary: they're averaging five runs a game. they had the big 13 run and 13 hits last night. now down by 2 in this one. 2-2 delivery. izturis in the air. center field. sizemore. he has it. 1 away bottom of the 8th. .jones walked and scored. he got on and markakis brought him home with an r.b.i.
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double. 281. he will 1257d in -- stand in with the bases empty. orioles with the outburst with the 13 hits up there. they're hitting .295 at home and .246 on the road. they have the largest differential in the lead between home and about thing average. and crowley would like to take that on the road when they go. but they use it here at home. here is the delivery. and fastball. >> buck: that batting average is a result and contributor to the fact they won 22 on the road. 22 and 44 on the road this year. >> gary: trying to get back to 500 at home. they're under that right now. there is the 1-1 delivery.
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a 1 ball, two strike count. >> buck: we haven't seen jones really react to anything that he is having trouble with his back. he started the second batter. he a base hit against the wall. and i don't see anything on the back. >> gary: 1 ball, two strike delivery. inside out again. >> buck: and down by 2. in the 8th inning. and another good night. double and a first.
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2 for 3 r.b.i. >> gary: the 1-2 delivery. skwroepbz is down swinging. two strikeouts. two away in the inning. orioles in the home stand. they have the four against cleveland. a good fastball. then the yankees coming in for three. a day off and texas in for the weekend. obviously big games for texas. they continue to try a spot. run down the angels. nick markakis 2 for 3. a single aáeld double and r.b.i. tomorrow is the fourth game of the set against the indians. masterson.
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>> buck: and the pinch hit single into center. >> gary: that will be taken inside for a ball. top of the order and sizemore. he had an o-4. 3 for 13 in the series batting a .245.
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1-1. bass a couple of innings. gave up the run on three hits. 1-1. sizemore takes that to the gap. not playing that way. and good hustle by jones. gets it back. holds sizemore to a single. 13th hit. , and what a club that is. sizemore first hit in five trips tonight. goes the opposite way and a heck of a job getting around the ball. getting it back and keep sizemore at 1st base. >> gary: caen and -- cabrera a runner at first. outside for a ball. two singles in the game.
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4 for 11. 9th best average coming in. throw over to get sizemore back. 13 stolen bases, 21 chances. a big lead there he goes. that's caught. a double play. over to first base. two down. >> buck: a nice diving grab by roberts. it was academic. sizemore was at 2nd. cutting in front of roberts who spears the line drive. cabrera, he has been on everything.
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and this time he just hit it right at roberts. reaction. big play. down low for a ball. >> gary: 2 down, bases empty. orioles in the bottom half of the 9th. wieters and mora will be due up choo will take it outside. tampa bay over detroit. texas shut out minnesota. boston held on to win against toronto. finals in the american league. the leaders all won. >> buck: and a nice start when
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it will be important and they traded scott kashmir. and taking the spot in the rotation. >> gary: choo. foul ball. 2 balls, 2 strikes. orioles came in 20 and 27 in games started by left-handers. sowers, none decisioned in the game, did a good job. came up because of the rain delay. >> buck: i would have liked to have seen tillman and sowers. they were pitching very well. taking advantage of agreement
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defense behind them. >> gary: 2 ball, 2 strike delivery. 24358 the announced attendance. >> buck: a few are left. >> gary: a long night. fouled off by choo. , you mentioned the leaders for the american league. angels have been tied up by the as and texas won. and knocking off the angels. 3 back. >> gary: can you believe that? >> buck: no. >> gary: i can't either. fly ball center field. jones going back. and up and makes the catch. the second spectacular catch by jones in this game tonight. he got 1 in the first inning.
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plus a free dvr for 3 months. call the verizon center for customers with disabilities at 800.974.6006 tty/v we're getting set for o's extra post game. a bright spot. tillman has a good outing. the bullpen gives up 4 of the 5. in the series by marte. they are down with a swing of the bat. that run in the 8th looming large. the construction coming up. back to you in the booth. >> gary: thank you. and is a 5-3 game.
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chris perez will pitch. , he made 19 appearances. and a big arm. they thought he was going to be the closer in st. louis tis year. and ryan franklin took off. and kerry wood gets the night off tonight. >> gary: the orioles will try to get it done here. reimold. hit into a dodge play, grounded out. walked in the game. reimold. wieters and moore due up against chris perez. that came on may 10.
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it is going to stay on the grass. the tag will be made. and marte. 1 down in the 9th inning. updating on on the at&t player of the game. izturis on top now. tillman and marte. you can still vote. wieters a 1 for 3 in the game. single. san francisco has defeated colorado 5-3 in their game. the wild card lead is down to 1 game. colorado ahead of the giants. >> buck: hovering for the second game. and had not a leg injury and out of the lineup last night. did the same tonight. and barry zito with another good outing. >> gary: wieters will take it.
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the dodgers won their game today so colorado is five games out. the giants are six out. colorado is 2nd in the west. and the slider inside. >> buck: giants winning the first game. and going to the game at 12-4. jason marquis. looking for his 15th win. >> gary: 1-2 delivery on the way. down the line. into the stands. laporta. a long way to go. he went into the stands. and hauls it in to retire wieters. >> buck: a great effort. four hits. look at the focus leaning bell
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into -- leaning well into the seats to catch it. he is learning to play the outfield. >> gary: he tipped the cap on that one. there are 2 down. a night of some real defensive gems. >> buck: and you have to when you have a two hour delay to maintain this focus. that is impressive. both sides. delivery. takes it. perez stands to get the victory in the game. his 4th. ray will take the logs on the way. fouled away. a save opportunity for perez.
11:44 pm
second of the year. >> gary: o-2. up high. a 1 ball, 2 strike count. perez added to the roster end of june. and picking up a save. that is into the gap left center field. not done yet. the throw will send it back to first base. gets thesonle k not chance making the out. at 2nd to end the game.
11:45 pm
scott for wigginton. >> buck: he comes off the bench representing the tying run with two outs here in the ninth. he is 1 for 5 this year with an r.b.i. >> gary: orioles get their ninth hit on the singwell two down. the big shift that cleveland used against scott is implemented here. and (crowd chanting) >> gary: scott had to wait five hours to get this at bat.
11:46 pm
playable. center field. sizemore this game is in the books. >> the season series will conclude tomorrow. our coverage fronted by at&t. from the crew. thanks for being with us. not a homerun. they win it. this has been a masn presentation. how it happened jim and rick next.
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>> welcome back. the series game following the rain delay. welcome through the it seemed the delay had an effect on the orioles in a negative way but it had a. it was the indians that were the aggressors. they picked up life when they got two men on. and then a big homerun for them. that's what they needed. i have to see tillman the way he was pitching. the rain came down. they took him out and brought in the bullpen t struggled a
11:48 pm
bit. a long layoff. ray has been pitching well. the hanging breaking ball. >> how about tillman he lose as game in minnesota. allows one run and he is washed out of the game by a rain delay. >> and the lead the development of the first. and markakis gets it deep enough. it is a double. jones will score. you can see a tough time judging it. coming through with a r.b.i. a triple the other way. this gives them the lead. and the last out rain delay. coming through with the hit
11:49 pm
there. triple and r.b.i. 1:37 later. two on and. >> inside the foul pole. puts cleveland up. >> this is a big play. top of the 8th. that give as cushion going into the 8th and 9th. they win it 5-3. so outstanding defense on both sides but the bullpen was better. they win it. so perez gets the second win. and taking the loss. and indians won the first of the and the indians. and a steady night in the
11:50 pm
field. the player of the game is izturis. indians with win it. a long time for the groupeds crew.
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boston lager continues to be a very special beer. six weeks after jim started the business it took the best beer in america award. nobody had tried an american beer that had that kind of flavor. twenty years off, jim is still obsessed with boston lager. sam adams lager continues to win medals all over the world. that's pretty cool.
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indians celebrating a win. birds lost. they need a win tomorrow. a four-game series split. jones and he looked good. after the muscle spasms you would have never known he had a bad back. he was ready to play. early in the first inning he is
11:53 pm
catching this just a foot. sometimes this one for me. way up over the fence. two great. >> two great catches. >> those plays it shows you how well prepared he is and he knows his park. he knew how far cogo back he knew when to jump. >> he has a very good rhythm


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