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tv   Tonight From Washington  CSPAN  December 7, 2009 8:30pm-11:00pm EST

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where do they get it from. watching off the ball, that time, never saw him coming until it was too late and tat got the block without the foul. >> matt: malone, way off the mark. shooting only 18% on his three-pointers this season. signed out of south atlanta high school in atlanta. virginia answers with their own three. that is the second three-pointer for jeff jones and he has eight, the. >> daymeon: if you are auburn, you got to find out where he is at. no matter what the scouting report says, when a guy knocks down three of them, you have to watch him. >> daymeon: reed a guy who tries to pick it up when feels like his team needs it the most. a scoring point guard from that position. >> matt: the rebound knocked out of bounds by auburn. bad luck on that one.
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7:43 left in the first half and the virginia cavaliers coming out strong. dewayne reed trying to keep the auburn tigers in the ballgame. - basically, it's about symmetry. - ugh! i'm good. to be honest here-- ugh! ah! - hooked it. - i'm good. - my bad. - i'm good. i'm the ma-- ugh!
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>> matt: 7:43 to play in the first half. virginia with the 25-16 lead over the auburn tigers. sec versus seatbelt coming up on friday night here on css, live from nashville as the tennessee volunteers take on middle tennessee state and that will be followed by vanderbilt versus western kentucky. friday night at 7:00 eastern right here on css. tony bennett in his first season as the virginia cavaliers head coach following in the footsteps of his father. played for him at wisconsin green bay and coached with him at wisconsin and then at washington state. among the challenges with the new coaching staff, daymeon, is not one player on the virginia
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roster recruited by the coaching staff so they are working with a brand new set of players and a coaching staff that has not worked together until the start of this season. >> daymeon: and at the same time, they are excited about the recruited guys already and coach bennett excited about the new kids that they have coming in as well as working with the group that they have this year for the duration of the season. >> matt: when you talk about a bennett coached team you talk about defense which makes their dead last rank ghtsing in the conference so hard for them to swallow. landesberg had to fire up a three. didn't hit anything and auburn brings down the floor as the shot clock was running down on them. foul is going be called on sene. >> daymeon: still learning to
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play this basketball game. people forget how young he is and i think he has a world of potential defensively. we know what we can do, he can block shots. he has to continue to improve offensively to develop a turn around jump shot. if he can do that, he will make a world of difference for that virginia team. >> matt: brendon knox at the free-throw line and the rebound battled for and won by auburn. ross got to it. beat two guys to it as well. hargrove. and that is what jeff lebo wants to see. they want to see him slice through the hole. that was the game plan right there and gets the tigers back to within 7. >> daymeon: early in the season, hargrove was taking too many threes for jeff lebo's liking. said to try to get his teammates involved. >> matt: long three-point attempt by calvin baker.
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reed. hargrove. hits the three. hargrove with 7. >> daymeon: hargrove before that troy game had two double doubles back to back and a guy who really gets going. >> matt: and landesberg answers with a spinning move to the hoop. six-point lead for the cavaliers. reed splits the defense. and that is what has bothered tony bennett this season. >> daymeon: tony bennett is such a nice guy. a lot of times, people mistake him for being soft which is the last thing. you are exactly right, he doesn't like that there. >> matt: foul is going to be called on reed.
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watch dewayne reed split the defense here. >> daymeon: he has four blue jerseys around him, matt, but uses the old jump shot to try to separate himself and then with the nice kiss off of the glass a nice finish by him and a guy who at any point in time can really take over a basketball game because of his ability to get to the rim. it is probably quicker and more difficult to stay in front of than anybody else in the sec. >> matt: auburn has gotten eight from reed. you see the tigers 5-13 on their first 13 shot is. they went nearly six and a half minutes with only one bucket. the fact that they are down only four is good news for them. landesberg. wow. >> daymeon: tough. >> matt: he really is. got reed up in the air and waited for him to go by him. sullivan launches the three. and the rebound comes right to
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reed. >> daymeon: landesberg a guy who shows you how good it is to get to the rim. we have seen tonight time and time again he will make space and slowly but surely get to the rim. >> matt: in the corner. off the mark. offensive rebound, however, by the tigers. they are fourth in the sec in that number. >> daymeon: talked about one of the keys in shot selection. that time, reed took a three-pointer. they settle for the three-point shot too much when they need to go to the basket. >> matt: landesberg has 13 of the cavaliers' points. he had twelve 20-point games to set the record. >> four on the shot clock,
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sherrill. sullivan got the rebound and was standing on the baseline when came down. >> daymeon: back breaker. >> matt: watch the great control by landesberg just to get reed in the air and wait for him to go by. pull the ball back and put it in. ever. >> daymeon: landesberg 13 points, eight straight double figure games. this is really a game for him to really excel because you see ross the young freshman for auburn just went out. auburn doesn't have a lot of size. they don't have the taylor made small forward. >> matt: and sene called for the foul on the inbounds and that is number three on him. sene who has already fouled out ones this season and only played in four of their seven games is already in foul trouble here with four minutes to play in the first half. >> daymeon: it is unfortunate.
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you can see the frustration on the young fellow's face. of course, he wants to win. if you are coach bennett, you teach him, you really allow those type of fouls because it is him going hard and simply making mistakes early in his career. >> matt: reed working against zeglinski. hargrove now with ten on the shot clock. crossover dribble. spin move and the block from behind. ahead to landesberg with 15 points for landesberg. star out of holy cross high school in new york, 2008 mcdonald's all american. mr. basketball in the state of new york. lived up to the billing last year, 2009 acc freshman of the year. >> daymeon: and right now just basically putting the team on his back and refusing to allow
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auburn to get back into this game. >> matt: reed standing for the three. reed has really struggled. he and hargrove both struggled with the shots on the perimeter this season. one of the reasons why the auburn tigers are 4-4. 3:04 to play in the first half. landesberg and the virginia cavaliers an cc
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>> matt: late first half, virginia with the eight-point lead. bennett has to be happy with the way they are playing. they already have three blocks in the game and they only average two per game. >> daymeon: you just saw one of them there. the good defense leading to offense. watch this change as he splits the defenders. that is what you see in the pro os because that shot looked a lot easier than it was. he was going full speed and the
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last two steps he slowed up to allow one defender to pass by and got it up with the finger roll and kiss off the glass before the next defender could get there. >> matt: landesberg with 15. the rest of the cavaliers 16. 10 touches for landesberg and 15 points on the 20 touches at sherrill at the line hits the free-throw and makes it a nine-point lead again. >> daymeon: will sherrill out of new york and phillips academy andover, averaging 14 minutes but called in to start this ballgame tonight again because mike scott their big 6'8" pow power forward out with a high ankle sprain that was first learned about when posted it on facebook. inside they go. and knox got fouled. mike scott posted on his facebook page that he had a high ankle sprain and that is how people found out about it. we found out of course today when was not participating in
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the shoot around. check out talking hoops starting friday, january 15th. 9:00 eastern time. in depth look from college football from top notch experts who know the game's best. coming in january. brendon knox. see his season numbers. averaging 18 minutes, 6 points, 3 rebounds. senior out of georgetown, south carolina high school by we wayf spartanburg methodist college. >> daymeon: and knox a guy who was -- coach lebo wanted to try to go to him and try and establish an inside presence. right now, though, haven't seen a lot of that. knox a couple of passes inside but i feel like if you are auburn you want to try to get in there a little bit more. >> matt: auburn hit the first four free-throws and missed the last four free-throw attempts. landesberg working on hargrove.
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hit the side of the backboard. they want to go inside to knox who is double teamed. put it on the floor. tripped and fouled by baker. >> daymeon: a good decision. look at this line-up out here right now, knox is probably as big or bigger than anybody on the floor and what they do is simply move it around, go out one end, good entry pass, the double team getting there too late and knox going up and showing a little strength. if you are auburn you got to knock them down once you get to the charity stripe. >> matt: knox just dropped his contact lens on the floor. he had it on his finger trying to put it in and now dropped it on the floor. sullivan found it for him. well, he missed two free-throws wearing the contact lenses. perhaps he should go without them, daymeon, i'm not saying
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anything. >> matt: he had nine points and five rebounds against troy the other night. number one field goal shooter on the team which you might expect from a bulky 6'10", 238-pound senior. 68% from the field. a good majority from close range. >> daymeon: knox last year was really the main center who came in behind bar bette barbour whd a double double in the sec. now, he started out early in the year as a starter for the team and now has been overtaken a little bitly lett. both of those guys getting a lot of minutes for coach lebo. i think coach waiting to see if the cream rises to the top between the two guys. >> matt: i have seen people struggle trying to get them in your eyes. can you imagine the pressure of trying to get one of those on
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your eyeball with an arena full of people watching you and waiting for you to do that so you can continue the game. that is pressure. >> daymeon: i think he handled it pretty well. >> matt: he just hit the free-throw. not so much on that one. under two minutes to play in the first half. virginia has led for most of the half to that man right there, landesberg who now has 17 points here in the first half, just says i'm bigger and stronger and taking it to the basket at will. >> matt: and there is ten nba scouts in the building and i got to put on a show. the former georgia billy head coach here scouting for the phoenix suns tonight. pete babcock here tonight scouting for the cleveland cavaliers. they got a row full of them
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over there. auburn now more misses -- there is dennis phelpson. auburn now 6-12 at the free-throw line tonight. >> daymeon: still remember coach felton winning the sec championship. >> matt: incredible accomplishment. won four games in three days. had to move over to georgia tech and play because of the tornado that hit downtown atlanta and damaged the georgia dome. won a double header on saturday to get to the championship game. it was a wild ride. they couldn't keep up that momentum the following year. >> daymeon: virginia really trying to set the inside presence off of the bounce versus going inside to their big man. >> matt: sene back in there with three fouls and had the rebound and lost it. sullivan ends up on the deck. actually, that is waller who
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ends up on the deck. landesberg picks up his first personal foul. that will get tay waller at the line. a senior out of manchester, georgia. same high school that produced corvotny barbour. >> daymeon: a streaky shooter. as a player it doesn't seem it would make a difference being out the two games back to back. he is still adjusting only playing two games against troy and a&m. over 100 three-pointers in the sec last year. third in three-point field goal percentage. so auburn know hass he can do from behind that line. >> matt: one of two starters returning from last year's ball club. they have a lot of pieces that some of those players are guys that did play last year but they were role players now
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being asked to do a whole lot more this year than they have been asked to do in the past. eight-point lead for virginia. tay waller. starting to heat up. >> daymeon: virginia with basically one possession now. surely want to take it down to the wire. film' coach bennett somehow some way i'm getting it to landesberg and letting him go to work. >> matt: jones the miss. shot clock reset so now virginia can play for the final possession. too timeout called by tony bennett. use it or lose it timeout here with 20 seconds left in the first half. >> daymeon: and coach tony bennett that time probably didn't like that shot by landesberg. even though he was wide open, probably wanted to take that clock down a little bit more to try to take the momentum into the half. >> matt: tune in mondays at 10:30 eastern for the ride on
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css. join former nfl players and coaches as they take eight under the radar high school quarterbacks through agility, technical training for a shot at being developed as an all american. join the ride mondays at 10:30 eastern only on css. auburn shooting 41% from the floor, daymeon, and 33% on the threes. 50% at the free-throw line. and right now, they trail by five. they have lost every game this season that they have trailed at the half. >> daymeon: well, and right now, when you look at all of the shots, very crucial. not for the statistics of the outcome of when they trailed at the half but to take some kind of momentum into the halftime. if i'm coach tony bennett i will have a play drawn up to try to get it into landesberg's
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hand with about eight seconds left. >> ball knocked out of bounds by hargrove. 21.5 seconds. number 15. standing with one foot in the paint. there he is. ball is going to end up in his hands if at all possibly. zeglinski in trouble. double dribble. >> daymeon: coach jeff lebo at that time realizeing that they probably wanted to go to landesberg and saying we will double team them and we will not allow them to run their set. element of surprise always crucial for coaches especially coming out of half and getting in the game situations like right now right before the half. >> jeff lebo exercises his use it or lose it timeout before the end of the half. what are they going to do now with 14 seconds to work on offense here and possibly get a final basket going into the locker room.
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>> the first thing you don't want to do. a lot of peeples are 14 seconds and take the time and holly gag. do you don't want to push but you want to put yourself in a better position to run whatever sets you are going to run. >> matt: get the offense set in a hurry. >> daymeon: once you do that, you don't have a lot of time with 14 seconds. three or four seconds and you want to have it in your best player's hand and try to create. get to the rim and get you a good shot. especially being in the bonus if you our auburn. >> matt: and now we are down to five. the ball tipped. sullivan at the buzzer. frankie sullivan at the buzzer! and the auburn tigers with a big kick of momentum as they head into the locker room.
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>> daymeon: shot by frankie sullivan. but i tell you what, he is a guy who put up 21 a game at daytona beach in the tournament and a big shot that time. but i tell you, if you are auburn, you can't get too excited. you are still down two points and virginia really dominated the first half. it will be interesting to see what happens coming out of the second half, matt. >> matt: fannie mae sullivan the in up one three-point shooter on this auburn team nails the three as the horn sounds. and virginia who led for most of the first half still does but their lead only two as they go to the locker room. ( thumping )
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( rhythmic clapping ) ( chanting ) ( shouting ) gatorade-- that's "g."
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>> matt: and we are back halftime at the beard-eaves coliseum on the campus of auburn university. virginia with a 34-32 lead at halftime. but it was five and now it is two because frankie sullivan nailed one right before the horn to give the tigers a big dose of momentum going into the
8:58 pm
lockinger room. >> daymeon: not quite sure if coach jeff lebo called it like this or drew the play up but a big-time shot but the sophomore in frankie sullivan. more,sn't play like a so mar, matt. all tournament team at daytona beach and a guy who i think really is kind of the future for this auburn team. >> matt: in this ballgame we have seen one of the best freshmen from a year ago, sylven landesberg who was named the acc fresh man of the year. let's take a look at six of this year's top freshmen in college basketball. >> espn u number 1 recruit. keith gao wan was expected to fill the shoes of blake griffin at oklahoma at those are big shoes. luckily for the sooners he is 6'9" and around 300-pound. there has been hype about his
8:59 pm
offensive skills, leading the mcdonald's all american game at 20 points have, he is expected to keep up his numbers and help oklahoma. number six overall recruit and number two power forward, john henson is sporting carolina blue and a lot of potential on the tar heel team. at 6'10", henson is long and lean. he has proven how good he is on court as one of four 6'10" forwards he is playing small forward and getting some early playing time. after o waffling, number five recruit, as espn u's number one point guard in the country, a lot is expected from john this season. he already dunked on gary stackhouse over the summer, thus already making a name for himself. he is expected to be a tough playmaker who helped the wild
9:00 pm
cattrano driving past his opponents. henry is known for his offensive game. henry not only has range but punch. in addition to his offensive tex tarity henry was expected to use his size and athletic ability to be a great defender. he could make an enormous impact. number two overall recruit and number one power forward, derek favors is one of six new recruits at georgia tech where he already stands out from the crowd. he has incredible national athletic ability. he is is expected to be tough not only on the offensive end but also as a defensive player. look for georgia tech to be favored this season. espn u number one overall recruit and shooting guard, avery bradley landed in texas. bradley's three-point shooting should make up for the loss of a.j. abrams but it is not just bradley's shooting skills that
9:01 pm
separate him from the pack. his defensive expertise will make it tough for any team facing texas. expected to combine his defensive and offensive abilities to lead the longhorns to victory. >> matt: and here is a look at those six freshmen impact players and what they have done so far. john wall at kentucky averaging 18. and john calipai. derek favors at georgia tech with 13 points per game. >> daymeon: and you talked about the acc derek favors and in the sec john wall right now a couple of guys predicted to come out one and two in the nba draft this year. >> matt: halftime here at auburn university where the tigers trail the virginia cavaliers by a bucket at the half.
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welcome home, man. >> matt: back at the beard-eaves coliseum where virginia leads auburn, 34-32 and sylven landesberg started out at the story. at halftime he is the story. averaging 16.6 points per game. 10th in the acc. he has 17 already. looks to drive to the hoop as landesberg has been almost unstoppable. a great spin move right there and even when they put defense on him he still gets it. 17 points for landesberg on 8-13 from the floor here in the first 20 minutes.
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as a result, virginia with the two-point lead here at the break. boss: y'know, geico opened its doors back in 1936
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halftime here at auburn where virginia leads the auburn tigers, 34-32. ma34-32 matt stuart back with daymeon fishback. >> daymeon: they have done that, matt, off of the bounce more than just inside presence. you see landesberg time and time again is winning off of the dribble, they couldn't stop him. on the other hand, look at auburn and virginia that is supposed to try to stop the threes. auburn filed the 13 from beyond the arc and knocked down the threes and that is why they were in the basketball game. >> matt: a look at the stats. virginia, 47 to 44%. 5-13 on threes.
9:08 pm
is pretty much a wash. >> daymeon: sends out to me 14 attempts by auburn to only 3 by virginia. that can't get you a w with 7-14 from beyond the arc. >> matt: 34-32, virginia with the two-point lead. back with the start of the second half in just a moment.
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landesberg has done just about everything in th first h. >> matt: and let's update daymeon's keys to the game and see how you called it. >> daymeon: what we talked
9:11 pm
about at the initial onset of the game. three-points. they made a lot late which kept them in the game and then shot selection, of course, by auburn. they didn't do too bad. improved their shot selection as the game went on. i think if virginia will limit their three-point makes they will have a good chance of winning the game. >> matt: farrakhan tried the reverse lay-up. virginia in the blue and auburn in the white as we start this second 20 minutes. first time, virginia played an sec team in their building in 15 years when they lost at vanderbilt back in 1994. that was the last time. first time they ever played here at auburn. and a foul is going to be called on meyinsse. >> daymeon: let's see if at the half the coaches made adjustments. coach bennett a good first half. a good lead until auburn started to knock down threes late. for auburn looks like they will try to establish the inside
9:12 pm
presence early. interesting coaching move with only 34 seconds into the game, meyinsse out and sene into the game. >> matt: frankie sullivan hit a three right before the halftime horn and that pulled auburn to within two. they can take the lead on this possession or tie. waller. and an offensive foul on waller. number one on him. >> daymeon: let's take a look at it. goes in. lowered the shoulder, i think. >> matt: i think that is the call right there. >> daymeon: a lot of times officials really call any time you use that off arm the call is going to go the other way and that is what happened on that trip. >> matt: landesberg nearly had it stolen. found sherrill cut together basket. pops it out there to zeglinski who o hits the three.
9:13 pm
five-point lead for the cavaliers. reed weaving through the defense. got the basket and blocking foul on zeglinski. >> daymeon: well, a couple of calls. one going towards auburn's way. the other going towards virginia. as we take a look at this one. reed behind the back, two defenders. reed -- pretty good position. >> matt: i mean that looked like less of a foul than the previous call didn't it. three-point play for reed. >> daymeon: i think what the official called was him going to the side. >> matt: turnover on the cavaliers as farrakhan throws it away. mustapha farrakhan, senior guard having a much bigger role here in the first season under tony bennett.
9:14 pm
made the mistake right there to leave the door open for the tigers to take the lead. hargrove gives auburn the tie with that lay-up. oh, wow, zeglinski over and back. zeglinski on the spin move. reed the rebound. auburn can take the lead with a basket here. a little weave up top. they give it to reed who has 12 points. leading scorer for auburn in the ballgame already with a three-point play here in the second half. hargrove got his man in the air. sullivan. lead for auburn.
9:15 pm
it. >> matt: so auburn riding the momentum of frankie sullivan's three at end of the first half comes out gunning in the second and the tigers have a three-point lead as tony bennett signals for timeout. know about the apartment? things happen in this building... what are you trying to say, like the building is haunted?
9:16 pm
please do not scare the new girl. (screams) who are you people? (woman) i am getting out of here right now! (man) you can't! it's not that simple. how did you know what i was going to do before i did it? how do you know any of this is happing at all?
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>> matt: auburn fans have something to cheer about as the tigers rattled off eight straight points to take a lead over virginia and deja vu for tony bennett. kind of the same thing that happened to his team against penn state the last timeout when they held a three-point lead, actually a six-point lead going into the second half and penn state went on a 27-3 run. >> daymeon: eight straight points and since the three-pointer at the end of the second half in the last 3:32, auburn on a 15-3 run. we talked about coach bennett and the way he loves defense and is passionate about
9:18 pm
defense. he needs his guys to step it up on both the defensive and offense end right now. >> matt: landesberg with 17 first half points has not yet scored. still has not scored. the 17 points that he had in the first half the most by a virginia player since single singletary against virginia tech in 2004. johnnie lett an interesting story. a young man out of mobile, alabama. and signed with virginia coming out of high school and ended up going to ocaloosaual walburn college. and ended up with the cavaliers. >> matt: hargrove on the move. and the lay-up.
9:19 pm
hargrove the senior out of south carolina really counting on them to give them big things this year. he and reed will have to have big nights almost every ballgame. zeglinski. a long-range three. he dials it up. they have six points in the half, daymeon, and he has all of them on three-pointers. reed back the other way. the virginia a defense didn't get the payoff at the end of the reverse. jontel evans all the way. he had his shot blocked from behind by waller. nice. oh, and the block by sene. denied on his way to the hole. >> daymeon: you have to know where he is at. very good at blocking shots. also good for the other defenders for virginia. you can throw out more ball be sure when you have sene waiting in the back. >> matt: sene has three of virginia's four blocks in the
9:20 pm
ballgame. they really missed him when started the season on suspension. he is wac tonight and making his -- he is back tonight and making his presence felt. auburn with the two-point lead four minutes into the second half.
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>> okay, everyone, we have a lot to cover this morning. tim should be here any second with the latest budget numbers to -- uhh, take us through the initial... schedule... for production and..ndndndnd >> ouch. >> this is one way to avoid getting the h1n1 flu virus. >> oopsie daisy. >> all right. good morning! let's get this meeting started. >> for some better ways, visit [man sneezes] [groans] [groans]
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honey... the credit fairy... doesn't exist. what? it's make-believe. nobody left anything under your pillow. if there's no credit fairy then who will make our credit score go up? we will. by doing things like paying our bills on time. announcer: there's no magic to improving your credit. but there's help and it's free. go to what? clock. they dumb tampa inside to knox. -- they dump it inside to knox. nice move by the senior! >> daymeon: speaking to coach lebo about knox as well, he says when you ask him to do something he always does it but there are times it is tough to get him motivated, he doesn't know just how good he is. >> matt: auburn patient on offense and worked it around to the open man. knox working against sene,
9:24 pm
working against the shot blocker. >> daymeon: we talked about shot selection. patient and a good chance tore a good job of really being patient on the offensive end to get a good look. >> jones. jeff jones with another three-pointer. and he has 11. his third three of the ballgame. >> daymeon: jones came in the first half with a couple of tres and now picking up where he left off. >> matt: sullivan. hargrove offensive blast. tried to bounce it off the defender and virginia ends up with it. landesberg and there is a foul on the play. reed his third personal foul. landesberg has gone five and a half minutes here without scoring. >> daymeon: i'm sure coach lebo
9:25 pm
made a conscious effort to stay in front of landesberg. the first half, auburn did a job of trying to put different defenders on him but he is so good atgeting to the rim and agile and wiry and a lot of those guys who are wiry like him are tough to defend and all of those guys are very good at the next level. >> matt: landesberg 2-3 at the foul line. he missed four free-throws against penn state after missing only six free-throws in his first six games. two-point lead for the cavaliers. approaching 14 minutes to play. sene, good backside help on defense and knocked away the lob pass. >> daymeon: auburn felt like they had a mismatch with hargrove against evans. a point guard against a power forward. and sene doing a good job of helping the point guard out. >> matt: traveling on auburn. he may have started the season in tony bennett's doghouse.
9:26 pm
suspended for "conduct detrimental to the team." but the way he is playing defense right now makes tony bennett happy. >> daymeon: i don't think there is no doubt that sene brings a lot to the team. i think he will be a key ingredient to success in bennett's career. he has a ways to go. his upside is phenomenal. >> matt: landesberg. and the rebound controlled by auburn. sullivan ahead to ross. and ross, great defense by jones. ross stays with it. gives it to knox. knox with the left-hand! >> daymeon: knox really getting in there and you see coach lebo is excited on the sidelines. when knox plays like this, auburn is so much better of a team because they had the ability to do what you see here. form some type of inside presence. excited about trying to get a w
9:27 pm
against an acc game here tonight in virginia. >> matt: knox a 54.5% free-throw shooter. and the rebound by ross kept it alive. ross has been very active. doesn't necessarily have a lot of numbers by his name on the stat sheet but very active here in the second half. reed trips and falls down and zeglinski brings it up the floor for the cavaliers. zeglinski, three. not this time. zeglinski 4-8 from behind the arc. >> daymeon: right now, if you are virginia, you are on the road and you had a lead and a run against you and now you have the game tied up and you have to be solid leer on the the defensive end and get shots.
9:28 pm
>> matt: they give it to knox. he had the hot hand working against sene. ross and the rebound pulled down by the cavaliers. >> daymeon: solid defensive tip by virginia. you have seen a couple of jump shots. you have seen jones knock it down. right now having to do all of it on his own. >> matt: nobody this for the rebound except auburn tigers that time. again they want to get the ball to knox. hargrove and a pushing foul on virginia. and this is going to be on zeglinski. and that is going to be, i believe, number three on him. tune in this winter for live college basketball on css. your favorite sec, acc, seatbelt, conference usa and sun teams. visit css for a
9:29 pm
complete schedule. we will be back here on december 20th for more auburn tigers basketball as auburn takes on sam houston state. >> daymeon: you have finals coming up right now. as a player you don't want to lose this game. it will make for long practices over the break if you do. >> matt: virginia will be back in action against wilmington in 12 days. that will be seen on many of these comcast sportsnet stations. auburn will be back if action playing at florida state. ball out of bounds. it will be virginia's ball. that the third of three acc opponents that the tigers will play this season. 11:50 to play in regulation. virginia and auburn tied at 46. jeff lebo wants an explanation. it doesn't look like he is happy with it. towels in my room.
9:30 pm
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>> matt: auburn and virginia tied at 46. a year ago, daymeon, sammy zeglinski was one of eight in their loss to the auburn tigers and responded tonight with four three-pointers. >> daymeon: look he is doing a shooting drill out here. one for one. two for two. a little bit of all of it. makes only a couple of three-pointers a game and playing good here tonight. 12 points, 4-7 and the rest of the team 3-10. now, know wheyou know when thes running down and they have the penetration off of landesberg you know he is looking for every time, looking for zeglinski. >> had tears in his eyes when they lost to penn state. he missed a three at the buzzer that would have tied the game. an emotional loss for virginia against the nittany lions because they fought so hard.
9:33 pm
they thud they could win it but they didn't. eight on the shot clock. five. runner. calvin baker with his first points of the ballgame puts the cavaliers back in the lead. >> daymeon: remember baker coming off of getting that snow scoped and now he is back and you -- that knee scoped. he is feeling better and each and every night he comes out on the floor. >> matt: now, just two points for auburn in the last four plus minutes. dewayne reed. , that is where reed really improved his game the most. has always been a good defender and has the ability to get to the basket but this year shooting it more like a pro from behind the arc. when takes big shots he is definitely from behind the three-point line. >> matt: jones another three-pointer for jeff jones.
9:34 pm
14 points for him and virginia back in the lead. gabriel. and the putin! >> daymeon: you know, ross actually started. averaged about 8 points and four and a half rebounds before waller came back. we'll see how virginia responds. >> matt: we are tied at 51 now. under ten minutes to play. baker no place to go with it. nearly threw it away. ten on the shot clock coming up now. jontel evans. ever penetration. wow! tony bennett says he is their energy guy. now, look at gabriel. he's got some hop!
9:35 pm
baker. ball on the deck covered by sullivan. possession arrow pointing in auburn's direction. >> daymeon: well, they always talk about boxing out on the defensive end. see reed going to the basket, no boxout and gabriel is saying get some of that action. with the nice finish off of the rim. >> matt: freshman out of charlotte, north carolina where they know how to play a little basketball by way of paris, texas, junior college. tied at 53. now, under nine to play. >> daymeon: field goal percentage, 44 in the first. around 56 in the second for auburn. the defense of virginia really
9:36 pm
has to pick it up. >> matt: sullivan on the wing. they want to win tonight. >> daymeon: both teams. >> matt: how about evans. twice he takes it right to the dish with the left-hander. and a foul on evans. jontel evans earning himself some playing time here with his late-game substitution in there against penn state. tony bennett wanted to see what he can do and he earned playing time tonight in auburn. >> daymeon: he was a big-time high school player and showing kills with the basketball out here on the court tonight. weaving in and out of the defense and a nice kiss off the glass and doing a great job while zeglinski and landesberg have a chance to get a breather. >> matt: out of west virginia,
9:37 pm
a hotbed for great football and basketball stars. >> daymeon: right now, for auburn offshorely, not a lot of activity. no screening, just stagnant. >> matt: hargrove against zeglinski. is a size mismatch and hargrove takes advantage of it. takes zeglinski right to the hole and couldn't stop him. three-point lead for auburn. away from the ball. the foul is going to be called on knox. 7:45 to play. auburn trailed for most of the first half. they now lead by three on their home court. ( thumping )
9:38 pm
( rhythmic clapping ) ( chanting ) ( shouting ) gatorade-- that's "g."
9:39 pm
9:40 pm
>> matt: auburn 58, virginia 55. time to take a look at tonight's bass pro shop in the net. comes from kenny gabriel. not only in the net, nearly tore down the net, gabriel taking it up to the second, third and finally the top floor. the young freshman coming in snowplow as a shooter. showing a little athleticism, too. >> matt: i saw him leap over a teammate at shoot around today. looked like a kangaroo. >> daymeon: always coaching. assistant coach bryan bartley talking to the youngster armstrong. a lot of young players for auburn this year. >> matt: hargrove on defense. and guess who has been shut down here in the second half? landesberg. zeglinski and hargrove denied landesberg again. they have done a great job on him. landesberg has scored only one point here in the first 12.5 minutes of this half after 17 in the first 20 minutes.
9:41 pm
>> daymeon: and we have one of our cameramen take a stuff shot on sullivan coming out. we hope he is okay down there. sullivan going for the ball and -- >> matt: auburn has gotten burned on some inbound. not this time. they defended well. zeglinski shakes himself free. landesberg will put it on the floor and take it to the hole. again, great defense on landesberg. >> daymeon: well, as a team instead of one on one right now. >> matt: sullivan. landesberg the rebound. he has got an open floor in front of him. and foul is going to be called on auburn. that's going to be on waller and that is number three for him. seven team fouls now or six team fouls.
9:42 pm
>> daymeon: the opponent team i'm going to the rim with reckless abandon. >> matt: landesberg 0-5 here in the second half. zeglinski. bottom. there is not a shot that he won't take. >> daymeon: well, he is a guy who gives you that bottom of the net and again he has shown more than that tonight. he has shown the ability to put it on the floor and get to the rim as well. >> matt: reed will take a three. and he will hit the three! ninth three-pointer for the tigers. virginia's also got nine three-pointers in this ballgame. sullivan out there working on zeglinski. goes by him. there is landesberg. 0-6 in the second half.
9:43 pm
knox working against meyinsse. and the foul on meyinsse and that is going to be number four on him. we'll see if that gets sene off the bench. indeed, it does. sene checks into the ballgame. the sophomore out of senegal. a 7 footer. can't coach 7 feet. can't teach a guy to be 7 feet. they either are or they aren't, right? >> daymeon: what you are seeing right now, matt, you have to remember virginia is missing mike scott tonight. you know, not only physical presence but toughness, defense on the interior. the other guys are missing him. he gets a lot of double teams as well. >> matt: scott a big physical presence who averages 13 points
9:44 pm
and 9 rebounds per game. they could really use him as a stopper in there. sullivan slipped on the wet floor and out of bounds, virginia. >> daymeon: doing a good job of continuing to stay positive. trying to put the pieces together. a guy who is not concerned just about winning games but concerned about building a winning program. a lot of people don't realize the difference between the two. >> matt: five on the shot clock. see if auburn recognizes that. hargrove does and the jam. second time auburn has been able to stick the putback right in the hole! hard to miss when you jam it home. five-point lead for auburn. five to play.
9:45 pm
jontel evans. offensive blast, got tied up. possession arrow pointing in favor of the cavaliers. >> daymeon: sene going after the lose ball. frankie sullivan as well. the acc and sec schools going head to head, realizing the importance of this basketball game. >> matt: watch on the inbound, virginia has executed these well. more so than auburn tonight. landesberg not on the floor. they are saving him for the final few minutes. fans continue to stay in it without him out there. jeff jones. and hargrove chases down the ball. >> daymeon: jones has been hot but don't know if coach bennett wanted the fadeaway close to
9:46 pm
the three-point line for that possession. >> matt: now, auburn can open up some space here. waller gives it to them with the three. the 8-point lead. their largest of the night. >> daymeon: we talked about it, matt. limiting the threes from auburn. now, continuing to knock down the three-pointers and auburn doing a very good job of having shot selection. if you are virginia right you you have 4:20 to get d. you have to get stops. you can't allow them to go from the offensive end. >> matt: but got to get back in the ballgame, right. >> daymeon: no question about it. landesberg has been the key. without landesberg in the first half you wonder where the cavaliers would have been. and auburn now picking it up on the defensive end and offensive as well.
9:47 pm
29% on the season. again, shot selection a little better tonight. virginia is not limiting the threes and that is why they are down now by eight points. >> matt: auburn outscored, virginia 34-24 here in the second half. and landesberg still scoreless after 17 in the first half. he's got one point. scoreless from the floor. the one point on the free-throw. he is wa back out there with 4:20 to play. they need stops on defense and they need landesberg to score for them on offense. did a good job of slashing and getting into the paint in the first half. auburn denied him here in the second. zeglinski has kept them into n. it. fires another three. the putback by sherrill. >> daymeon: sherrill with size on the inside needs to get to the offensive glass a lot more.
9:48 pm
>> matt: six-point game. >> matt: look at zeglinski getting in there and fighting reed for the ball and it's stolen by jones. he's got a trailer. takes it himself and lays it in. >> daymeon: all that caused by switching of the defense by ach bennett. going out of the man to man and switching to a three-two zone and abdomen was trying to decipher what they were in. so activity by zeglinski and a finish by jones. >> matt: virginia 13 points off turnovers and that was two very big ones right there. that cuts the auburn lead to four. >> daymeon: got to get someone in the center of that zone, the three-two zone. >> matt: airball. reed claims a defender touched it. the officials say no they didn't. 2:59 left in the ballgame. virginia trying to get a big
9:49 pm
road win. jeff jones with 16.
9:50 pm
9:51 pm
9:52 pm
comedian: stroke's no joke. out bounds. it will be virginia's ball with 2:34 to play. and a lot of credit to jeff jones when landesberg was shut down by the auburn defense in the second half, jones has stepped up and given them the offense that they were missing. still has zeglinski. landesberg trying to make something happen and he gets to the line. and he does that so well. this year averaging six free-throws per game. a year ago as a freshman averaged seven trips to the free-throw line per game. >> daymeon: he is very crafty with the basketball. we talked about different players having the ability to change speed. landesberg does a good job of it. he is not one speed all the
9:53 pm
time. slow down, watch your step and go in a different direction which makes him successful in the small paint areand at teeth of the defense. >> matt: landesberg a preson woodin may smith award candidate. third point of the half, all from the free-throw line and gets, virginia, to within two. >> daymeon: auburn really struggling since going to the three-two zone by coach bennett. >> matt: jones the rebound for the cavaliers. they will come down the floor, a chance to tie tore take the lead with a three. landesberg called for the ball and gets it. or it was against sullivan? a size advantage there but has to give it up. landesberg again.
9:54 pm
sherrill in the corner. and sherrill hustles to get the ball and calls timeout. >> daymeon: sam gets credit on the play by keeping -- taking it to his teammate sherrill. >> matt: don't miss sportsnite week nights at 6:00 and 11:00 eastern on css. tonight, lots of football talk as they take a look at the bcs picture and alabama and texas and the standingsed there. this is the second day, nobody wants to see that. they want to see the david slay the goliath. don't get me started. >> daymeon: i'm leaving college football alone. >> matt: we are live at the beard-eaves coliseum. take a look at the game recess. auburn not yet in the bonus. tigers with four timeouts and virginia is in the bonus.
9:55 pm
possession arrow pointing abdomen's way. matt stuart, hope you enjoyed the acc sec battlele. the two teams started playing, believe it or not, way back in 1920 when they were starter members of the southern conference. and this is their 7th all-time pete meeting. first time they ever met here at auburn and it has been a good one. and now we have 1:39 left on the regulation clock. >> daymeon: so critical. but if you are auburn i want to try to keep it out of landesberg's hands. got to work harder to keep it out of his hands. he is too good. >> matt: gets the screen. can't do anything with it as they slit up and double. gets it back. takes it to the hole.
9:56 pm
missed the runner and sullivan grabs the rebound with 1:09. >> daymeon: good boxout by sullivan. sullivan at 6'3", go against sherrill, 6'8". >> now, virginia needs to stop. what are you going to do here, coach? >> daymeon: i wouldn't let the shot clock run down like auburn is doing. ten seconds left and they are in the three-two zone. >> matt: three on the clock. reed. rebound won by auburn and knocked. shot clock off and knox is fouled which is if you have to foul somebody, foul knox. >> daymeon: what you saw, you know, whereas a lot of coaches may have been upset for going after the basketball and fouling him you actually saw coach bennett on the sidelines clapping hands.
9:57 pm
frankly not one of the worst free-throw shooters. right now if you are town two virginia was going to have to mull anyway. >> fox five out of the six misses. remember, shot clock's off. i think virginia wants to call it timeout and they do as soon as zeglinski crosses half court. okay, coach daymeon daymeon. i will let you be the coach tonight. tell me what the coaches are going to tell their guys. >> daymeon: if you are coach breaking news you want to anticipate what coach lebo is going to try to do. i think he willle try some tomorrow of element of surprise. we try to work up a play. that is the type of plays it
9:58 pm
said that i run. film' coach bennett i have to get it into "atlantis'" hands. another chance for one an offensive rebound and number two, if you don't make it you can foul and try to extend the game again. you are telling your team we are up two points right now. don't want to allow the three but tonight want to give anything going to the basket either and -- something that coach is not expecting, whether that is a trap or zone and try to throw them off and take more seconds on the game. >> if auburn wins this game they will look back on a great job they have done defensively for landesberg. i think they what they have done well is denying landesberg any look at the ball and open lane to the hoop.
9:59 pm
>> daymeon: you have seen all of the good guys and this is one through four, trying to. >> there 26 seconds to play. ties with a two and leads with a three. jones. zeglinski. landesberg right back to zeglinski with ten seconds. a long three with a man in his face. is it good? he was fouled by hargrove on the three-point attempt and jeff lebo can hardly stand it! >> daymeon: and it was a good call. it was a good call and not a child play but the veteran lucas -- not a wild play but lucas hargrove. you see it on the end. hits the hand. actually didn't do that good a job of selling it.
10:00 pm
most guys thought he would have fallen down or made a bigger deal to the official. but the official right there on it and made a foul. >> lucas hargrove with a foul that opens the door for virginia to grab the lead with 7.7 seconds remaining. jeff lebo still cueing on the officials chewing on the officials' ears. >> daymeon: if you are coach below, you have a chance to win the basketball game. what you are doing if you are coach bennett i'm expecting zeglinski to go up and make the free-throws and afterwards i'm sure we will pro epifor auburn to try to get down in a hurry. >> matt: oddly enough, zeglinski who does not hit from the free-throw line that much
10:01 pm
because seven a three-point shooter, only 6-10 at the free-throw line this season. >> you know is a better free-throw shooter just. he is not that high that you want 2:but again, he has to make all three and definitely has to make two to keep from being down. if i'm auburn i'm loud and hoping you get a miss right now. >> matt: virginia, 5-7 as a team at the free-throw line. only seven assists. auburn has missed more than virginia has taken. >> daymeon: any time you are playing and you got pressure you want to see the first one go down and takes the pressure off. >> matt: tie game. and coach jeff lebo fryin leboo
10:02 pm
ice them a little bit. you want to make some type of plan whether you make or miss it after the free-throw. >> matt: lebo is still angry about the ball that got zeglinski through the line. >> daymeon: and went from two extremes to being up 66-58 to an 8-0 run by auburn the last couple of minutes and right now the good news for auburn is that you got a chance to win no matter what happens. the bad news after this you could be done and have a very difficult time with a good defensive team 86. >> matt: let's assume zeglinski hits the free-throw, la what are you doing? >> daymeon: if i'm coach lebo, i would devise a play -- you don't want to give a chance for the defense to set up. as soon as it throws through, get the out and try to go
10:03 pm
directly to the rim. >> matt: hawaivirginia has the. 7.7. here's reed. all the way to the hole. and the put-in by knox. landesberg at the buzzer. auburn wins! >> daymeon: look at this celebration. you think the auburn fans wanted to win tonight? what a basketball game. >> matt: brendon knox plays the role of hero tonight. >> daymeon: one of the things you always got to watch for when you go for the blocked shot, did a good job of keeping reed from getting it. the shot clock after the shots you always leave the offensive glass wide open.
10:04 pm
good job of knox of going to the rim in a much needed victory by auburn tonight. >> matt: brendon knox 11 points tonight. auburn, 68-67 for the first time this season they win when they trailed at halftime. they are now 5-4. a good break for them going into final exams. and now for daymeon fishback i'm matt stuart and the entire team, thanks for joining us from auburn where the tigers
10:05 pm
coming up -- >> two games, four points, 14 goals, and all without alexander ovechkin. now, with the great 8 back, the caps lightning keeps striking in tampa. >> she almost looked at it and just guy .500. >> there is still disbelief where they were 7 minutes away from beating the best team in football. then snatched tee feet from the jaws of victory. >> tell me all your problems. >> yeah. >> you've got a lot of them, don't you. >> yeah. >> jason campbell may need some therapy after the season. chic hernandez talks with him after the game.
10:06 pm
>> live from the comcast sportsnet studios, this is geico "sportsnite." to geico "sportsnite." alongside lisa hillary i'm jill sorenson. >> the hockey game you saw, the caps had reeled off five straight wins outscoring their opposition in the process 22-6. could they make it six wins in a row with alexander ovechkin backs in the lineup? let's take you to tampa bay. with a good history against the lightning he scored the six of his last 7 games against them. good passing here by the caps. seven shots stopped, looks like marine, off the inside post. have a closer look. the puck trickles on the goal line, no goal called. still scoreless in the second. he'll pass it off to the great 8 for the one-timer. that's ov's 19th of the season, it's 1-0 washington. later in the period, thomas
10:07 pm
fleishman with the puck high towards the net, eric fehr gets a handle on the pouncing puck. 2-0 caps. he has scored in two straight games. caps on the power play, semin steals the puck from former cap jeff ha burn, he will set up fleishman, his shot will be saved but, oh, he is in the right place at the right time, ovie, 3-0 caps. simeon varlamov was unbelievable between the pipes notching his second career shutout. the caps win it 3-0, it's their #th straight win over tampa, a franchise record streak against one team. and let's get you back down to the sunshine state now and bring in joe beninati and craig laughlin. when ovie and semin are not trying to be too cute, gentlemen, they are one successful duo. >> they sure are. i mean they just dominated tonight. i think i find that both those guys get cute when they know
10:08 pm
the game is out of reach. this caps team put it together, joe, a full 60 minutes, which allowed semin and ovie to have a little trickery and fun? lisa one of my favorite lines today was from bruce boudreau, we're going to go with backstrom, ovechkin and semin but soon as they make five passes in the offensive zone i'm ring them apart. he didn't have to do that, the great 8 came back with a couple of goals. >> he has great presence, the best player in the world, so when he welcomes pack into the lineup you know he is gonna do something special. >> the fact the team didn't think they were in awe, they continued playing their game even though ovie was in the lineup is kudos to the players. they could lay back and tsao vy is here, he is going to take care of everything. alexander ovechkin moving up the goal scoring ranks and he just had another great game on the road here. >> numbers are rooking pretty
10:09 pm
good, plus 1, trying to chase down zach parise of new jersey when it comes to goals. >> imagine if hills knee wasn't sore. kidding fans, his knee is fine. i'm just kidding. >> you're trying to scare the people. i know they have to be scared when they see simeon varlamov pencilled in as the starter for washington because, right now this young man is tough to beat. there is no openings. as a shooter when you're playing against a goalie like this you try to cut things too fine. tampa had a couple of giveaways, got some unlucky bounces but for the most part look at where all these shots are coming from. not a whole lot in sight. long range shot. notice the d, mike green, how he gt out of the way. when your goalie is having a game you don't to have block shots. >> varlamov blanks tampa bay tonight. next in line leads to buffalo
10:10 pm
and varlamov has a shutout over them. bruce boudreau is gonna lean that way. >> i do have one question before i let you go. good to know. any concern -- i think this is a fair question -- with having too much success this early in the season, highest scoring team, this is a team that once they circle that light switch tends to go off. >> i don't think so lisa. i think this team is well grounded and i think bruce does a good job at keeping them grounded and knowing it's the work that they put in brings success on the ice. i think they are gonna go through a lull. don't get me wrong. they are not gonna win out this season, they are gonna go through a lull, joe, mid- season, a couple games here and there, but they are gonna be too powerful for most teams in the nfl. >> i think it's a really good sign lisa because if you look at the trends in the last five years teams that have gone on to win the stanley cup have gotten off to great starts of late. let's hope that's going to
10:11 pm
happen in washington, d.c. >> joe beninati and craig laughlin, good travels to buffalo, make sure you get to the ship and anchor. >> i'm gonna do that. i'm gonna leave my sunscreen here in tampa bay. >> he has already had too many chicken wings. >> oh-oh. we'll hear from capitals coach bruce boudreau and his dominating performance against the lightning. saints yesterday. this play illustrates the improbability of the whole game. drew brees picked off by kareem moore and as moore tries to take it the other way robert meacham rips it out of his hands and he heads the other way 44 yards for the touchdown. i mean that was, i was gonna say that was only the first half. with two minutes left in regulation sean cleveland pooches a 23-yard field goal that would have given the redskins a two-possession lead. mike sellers takes the pass
10:12 pm
from jason campbell but he fumbles, it's recovered by the saints at the redskins 37. and new orleans capitalizes with garrett hartley's 18-yard game winner to give the saints the improbable victory. now shaun suisham is on shaky ground despite hitting on 18 of 21 field goal attempts this year. but chic hernandez did confirm today that the 'skins will bring in a few kickers to work out tomorrow one of which is former terp and former redskin nick novak. he hit this game winner in 2006 against the cowboys. how could you forget. there could be a change in the running back rotation as well. quinton ganther is likely to get the start sunday against the raiders which clearly is news that may not please current starter rock cartwright. and we think quinton is a pretty good runner, finishes runs off a little bit better, you know. so, you just go with this, it's
10:13 pm
not what rock isn't doing, we think it's what quinton may be able to do for us that rock is not tony. so we'll just give him a chance. >> monday mornings quarterback is brought to you by could be could be. >> redskins quarterback jason campbell with a stellar performance yesterday, 367 passing yards, three tds, but then there was that one costly mistake, the interception on what could have been the game- winning drive at the end of regulation. here is kelli johnson with the qb. >> we can't, you know, you can't think that way you know. you got to continue to keep fighting and understand that the way all these finishes come down the last three weeks is, you know, learn from them at this standpoint because sitting around you know just beating yourself up about it is not
10:14 pm
gonna help but learn from it. put nurse the cyst situation again and see what you can do differently, a you know. bad teams seem to find a way to lose and good teams always, you know, find a wave to win and that's what happened. it's obvious right now, that's the reason the saints are 12-0. >> how much more confidence do you have now if devin and fred? i mean there has to be so much more there, you know, in terms of knowing, now they are not just making plays catching the ball, they are making them after? >> yeah, kind of figured out their personality a little bit. >> reporter: yeah. >> all three of them are different, you know. the one thing, i'm more happy for them because they are making plays, you can tell that the confidence is there. they feel comfortable what they are doin', you know, for a defense, soft-spoken, now you're in the huddle. "i'll be there for you, give me the ball," that just shows you that they are having fun, complimenting, devin gets his
10:15 pm
head almost knocked off, he says be quiet, i'm okay, that's when the guys are feeling it. when they are feeling it they are not thinking so much. they are just playing the game and it takes a while you know to get into your own groove or you know for a light to come on for you. i'm happy it's starting to show for them. >> reporter: they are starting to show that yelling swagger. >> right. if it works for you, three or four touchdowns, must be some type of l.a. or california thing. >> reporter: a west coast thing. >> i didn't see a chance to see devin's dance but. >> he is posing a lot. >> he is posing a lot. during the week i worry about him. >> reporter: why? >> during the week he is like a totally different person. i can't calm him down. >> really. >> sunday i can't say anything. if i stay hyped, what he is doin', whatever he is doin' is working so stay hyped.
10:16 pm
we'll have more burgundy and gold coming up including the exclusive conversation with jim join. one week after they fired al groh and one day after the end of the richmond season they hire the man they were under. mike london, the former cavaliers defensive coordinator who led them to the championship was introduced as the new headman in charlotteville. here is lane cas take donti. his former team lost in the aa playoffs he came back to charlotteville as the new head coach of the cavaliers. but when he took over the richmond program it was on the rise. here he inherits a program coming off its worst season in a couple decades. >> the last couple takes, it's been a whirlwind. i will make winning a priority
10:17 pm
but also, by doing it the right way and also making sure that it is okay to embrace the academic qualifications and expectations here at the university. >> this coach stood out as a leader, teacher, and coach. he stood out with his insight and respect for this great institution. he stood out as a winner and as one around whom we can, and must, all rally. >> if you don't take a chance on someone, mike london is a guy with a lack of experience as a head coach, but he can win at 55 good level. obviously richmond's program has been so good the last couple of games, he can win here. other coaches have less experience taking over jobs and done well, i think michael will do the same here. >> reporter: in his first two stops he spent six years as assistant to al groh, a man whom he now replaces. >> i'm a big relationship guy, i'm looking to provide my own mark and do my own things and
10:18 pm
make my own way. >> london becomes just the second african-american head coach at a b.c.s. school but said he would rather be judged on his performance. absent was john casstein who ironically was on a business trip in london. in charlotteville lane casa donti, comcast sportsnet. >> in the finalists for the heisman, colt mccoy and tim tebow are going to new york as running backs, mark ingram and nebraska's nude anew kong sue who had a great day against texas in the big 12 championship game. new basketball coach still looking for his first big win. virginia/auburn big win. >> when i had the opportunity i was just happy to come back
10:19 pm
here. you know. jrue turn it down. >> if allen iverson was emotional about his return to the 76ers last week imagine the scene in philly tonight when ai actually set foot onto the court. >> that doesn't bother me as much as tebow. >> niles. that was weird. >> and the caps welcome alexander ovechkin back to the lineup. we go back to tampa for more on the caps win over the lightning. stay with us. boss: y'know, geico opened its doors back in 1936
10:20 pm
and now we're insuring over 18 million drivers. gecko: quite impressive, yeah. boss: come a long way, that's for sure. and so have you since you started working here way back when. gecko: ah, i still have nightmares. anncr: geico. 15 minutes could save you 15% or more on car insurance.
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if it's not... there are 39 international awards we'd better give back. the 2010 jaguar xf. the critically acclaimed result of a very different way of thinking. allen iverson back where it all started and 76ers fans let him hear it. >> number 1, allen iverson.
10:22 pm
>> they still love him. after giving the logo a smooch, it's all business. samuel dalembert keeps it alive. on the stat sheet, wachovia center absolutely loves it. second half iverson loses it, gets it back, going base line,s toes a lob for the two-handed slam. ai with 11 points 6 assists in his first return. but he droops 31 to hand denver their loss. allen iverson was not happy with the loss or the way he played. >> being out there with guys that are, you know, superfast and you know me not being in the rhythm and not being in the shape that i wanted to be in and just still trying to compete at a high level when i know i was out gunned, not taking anything away from them. not taking anything away from them because you know they did
10:23 pm
a great job, but at times it was frustrating on me, it was hard, i kept looking to my manager to say keep trying, give everything you got, that's enough. that's what i did. venturing into a meeting with the auburn tigers. jerome the monster block, landsberg in transition is unstoppable. 17 points at the break. cavs up 9. sullivan all the way to the buzzer, virginia by two at the break. second half action tigers swing it to take walter, strokes is free in the corner, auburn leads it by 8. 10 seconds to go. cavs within two. jeff key britain ski for two, no good, fouled on the play, he'll go to the line. the first two are good, then makes the third, cavs back up one. last chance for auburn, twain
10:24 pm
read misses inside, brendan knocks inside for the put-back. ah purpose up by one. one desperation shot coming up here for virginia. landsburg shot too strong, they paul 68-67. as we told you earlier, mike london introduces the new head football coach at uva. london was the wahoo's choice all along. he had great support from current and former players including many high school coaches in the state of virginia. earlier tonight coach london spent some one on one time with ivan carter on "washington post live." >> you got to go after the best players in your state because everyone else is coming in trying to take the players and you know, there is a rival school doing a great job about it. in reality is it that we have to do better? and i am from the, as the players would say, the 757 area, and i know there is a lot of good players down in that
10:25 pm
area, i spent my high school years down there, my brother paul went to school down in that area, so there's some great, great high school talent in that area, we have to make sure we not only recruit that area but the entire state of virginia, be accessible, get into the schools and let the high school coaches know that, you know, we want to be back in their element, on their radar. coming up on geico "sportsnite," jim zorn just about out of things to say after another heart breaking loss. hear his take on the game on jim zorn live. we're celebrating the life of abe poelen with a special broadcast of the public memorial at the verizon center, watch remembering abe, that's tomorrow night here on comcast sportsnet. also on tsn all: hi, emily. announcer: kids who drink before age 15 are 5 times more likely to have alcohol problems when they're adults.
10:26 pm
so start talking before they start drinking.
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brandon jacobs is sparking them to a win over the dallas cowboys. jacobs with a td reception, his only catch of the game as the giants close within a game of division-leading dallas and philadelphia. well he coached a game that saw more ups and downs than a rollercoaster at one of his boss' amusement parks and after the loss to the saints yesterday jim zorn admitted this was the toughest to take yet. today the day after conversation exclusively with chic hernandez.
10:29 pm
>> last drive for you guys, you know, all game long it has worked going to your, as we have seen the receivers there. that last drive you're inside the first and goal for the four, republican three straight times, i know you have clock issues, why not give ones to there? and i know if it's as to and gets picked. >> no, not worth the risk. in fact the run plays that we had were, you know, one of them was blocked very well, you know, one -- they are trying to stop us as well. but we didn't need, necessarily, we needed points, that's what we needed. we had points, and i didn't want to give the ball up by trying to throw the ball again when -- >> right. >> and we had to get time off the clock. every time we ran the ball we took 40 seconds or nearly 40 seconds off the clock. >> you missed the field goal there, obviously, a 23-yarder from shaun suisham. >> that's the thing that hurts, i mean, yeah. >> i know you were mad at the long snapper, you say the
10:30 pm
snapper was high but you say what. >> we all felt his pain. >> i say the snap, the hold were good, and he needed to kick it in. he knows that, he knows nothing. he kicked it straight, just went straight out and so you know we can make a big deal about it, yet we still had the lead, and even at the end, as much as we like to mown and grown about that one play, it was one play, just like all the others were one play. we win and lose as a team and we had a chance in a two-minute drive at the end there to put it away as well and we didn't, we couldn't. >> you got the raiders this week, i mean there are no morale victories, you guys have been playing well, not able to close it out. the raiders who just came off a huge upset themselves, you know they will be ready. at home what do you tell your team. >> at home get ready for a great football team and coming on like our team is. a great football game, hard fought, we have got a long ways to go to travel, that hasn't hurt us before and you know,
10:31 pm
we'll be ready when we hit the field. >> coach, all right, i wish you victory next sunday. i want to be able to come back here and -- >> >> if we get it we'll have earned it. we'll hear from the top 10 coach after washington's convincing win in tampa. coming up. >> jim zorn live, presented by ab come each. it viewingses for today's economy. why is travel these days about what you give up, and not what you get? like electricity, for gadget power at your seat. room to stretch your legs... and your wingspan. food when you're hungry... and taking off your shoes only if you feel like it. these aren't luxuries, they're basics. get them back on acela. amtrak guest rewards members earn double points this fall for any trip on amtrak.
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frequently. [running water] for the latest information in flu prevention tips, please visit in flu prevention tips, please visit you're watching comcast >> you can get caps scores sent directly to your cell phone for free. go to and enter the key word mobile. standard text rates do apply. >> let's take you back to
10:34 pm
florida. the key play against florida. ovie back in the lineup. he has 13 career goals against the lightning, the most he has scored against any team. even with ovie back in the lineup head coach bruce boudreau was just as impressed with his team's defense. >> i've tried to tell, you know, a lot of people that our defense is much better than people think it is. we believe we have got an awful lot of nhl defensemen capable in the system and that's one of the reasons we september carl down. and they played a great game tonight. i mean we didn't give them too much, we had a couple of turnovers, we had five turnovers at the blue line in the third period and one the rest of the way and i thought that was the difference in the game. >> a shout out to our colleague michael jenkins, he was born on this day way back in -- oh i won't say. >> 1802. >> what is he like 30. >> # 2. >> he is probably feeling pretty good right about now.
10:35 pm
>> and only just beginning. thanks for watching geico "sportsnite." for lisa hillary, i'm jill certain on, "redskins nation" is next. >> see you at 11:00. learn more at
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