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tv   Book TV  CSPAN  January 16, 2010 7:00pm-8:00pm EST

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ucheballe it we, co am! alex, all.
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>> bob: acc college hoops from tallahassee, florida state leads virginia tech 32-25. just ano ended. and then what's happening overall in the conference. from top to bottom, parity is the by-word. you've got virginia getting ready to play miami at home tonight. they're the only team in the league left that's unbeaten in conference play. clemson now 3-1 after their win against nc state today. and then you've got duke and wake forest getting ready to tee it up on sunday night hoops tomorrow. earlier today, georgia tech wept to chapel hill and won. and you've got this one cooking here, after the maryland victory in boston college. we talked to the head coach of the seminoles, leonard hamilton about this year's acc race. >> there's no doubt that the acc
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is off to a good start. we have been one of the more dominant leagues in the country for many years. but this year, it seems like the team has stepped it up a little bit. i think we're surprising a lot of people with the quality of how well the acc teams are playing. >> bob: leonard hamilton, of florida state. his point guard is derwin kitchen. success going to the hole this time. 'noles by seven at the break. [ ] 7 halcalo man the ♪ [ ma lf torie f all
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>> bob: halftime continues in tallahassee with florida state leading virginia tech 32-25. welcome back courtside, everybody, bob rathbun and larry conley. we began the evening discussing the inside power of florida state, the great guarding power of virginia tech. both of those elements had their moments in the first half. >> larry: it did. watching delaney play the way he does, he's an outstanding shooter, he had 11 in the first half. but it was the big guys at got back in the game was the 2-3 zone. >> bob: but early on, florida state was in attack mode to get the ball inside. >> larry: they were. the one thing they did well was kitchen who had two assists in the first half, with ryan reid. reid was nine points and five rebounds. singleton with a nice move here. he a couple of steals and that was a big basket, driving the
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ball mid court. kitchen with four points in the first half, i thought he played a good all-around game for florida state. any time we talk about virginia tech, we've got to talk about malcolm delaney. he had 11 in the first half. he made a couple of three's, but i think it was his leadership that got them back in the game. >> bob: let's take a look at the first-half numbers, virginia tech ends up shooting 33% for the half. we talked about the starting backcourt for virginia tech. delaney and hudson combine for 18. the starting frontcourt for florida state, singleton, reid, alabi, combine for 18. and the rebounding for florida state, 24-16 here at the break. our halftime scores, florida state 32, and virginia tech 25.
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>> bob: we're back in tallahassee, 32-25 is our halftime score. the hokies led by malcolm delaney's 11, the high man for florida state, ryan reid with nine. back with more to with leonard ha in
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♪ausethe thi thn a ♪ oh, you. wel >> bob: just about ready to start the second halforing here with larry conley standing by with the head coach of the seminoles, leonard hamilton. >> larry: leonard, in the first half your club got off to a very conviction start. you really outrebounded virginia tech. but i thought your defense was awfully tough in the first half. how did you feel about it? >> i thought we played solid defense, but we gave up three offensive rebounds in the first
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half. >> larry: hard to contain dlany, you got 11 in the first half, but still you had everyone shut down. allen is their better performance, but he didn't do anything in the first half. >> delaney can go off with 20 in the first half. >> larry: good performance from ryan reid in the first half, did you feel good? >> he was aggressive, he we want to keep it up. >> larry: thanks, leonard. >> bob: just about set now. the hokies out on the floor. here come the seminoles, they're the scoring leaders. malcolm delaney had 11. dorenzo hudson had seven. reid, the high man, solomon alabi is florida state's leading scorer and a balanced attack at 12 a game and he has seven. >> larry: florida state really took good care of the ball from about the 10-minute mark onto the end of the half. they had eight turnovers early and they really did take good care of the ball. >> bob: delaney, allen.
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and that's a three. jeff allen, minutes limited drastically in the first half because of foul difficulty. hits a three, just his fifth of the season. and the hokies are within four. >> larry: seth greenberg, in the first half started the 2-3 zone. which served him so well. cut the deficit to four. >> bob: singleton and the hokies can knife into the lead even further. >> larry: delaney's got it, you've got to stop the ball. held in by the offensive. >> bob: dulkys takes the charge and delaney has his third foul of the game. >> larry: i thought dulkys did a real good job on delaney in the first half defensively. nice job right there get in position to get the player control foul. he usually doesn't make many mistakes like that. >> bob: the third foul, lary, coming a minute into the second
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half. kitchen for three. and the rebound to bell. >> larry: possession for florida state and nothing for either one of them. >> bob: allen feeling it early. kitchen, dulkys, for three. airball. and alabi is the last to touch. >> larry: three straight possessions and florida state hasn't even gotten close yet. leopard leonard hamilton with the scowl, he has wonderful scowl. >> bob: largest lead by florida state, 14. delaney turns a corner, back up top to hudson. allen, hudson, deep three, short. alabi clears out to dulkys.
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nice. he got a lay-in after a terrific head-fake. >> larry: how about a little shake-and-bake? he was heading straight on and all of a sudden, he took a straight detour right. nice move. >> bob: 34-28 florida state. >> larry: delaney doesn't use the pass that time and keeps the ball. >> bob: hudson driving, with singleton on him. out back it comes to delaney. look at the depth on this one. and the rebound, secured by singleton. >> larry: that one was going to pensacola. >> bob: dulkys, catch-and-shoot. and let's take a look at our wendy's fast break.
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deividas dulkys. >> larry: well ducts makes a terrific move right here. look at the little shake-around right there. one thing he's got to work on is his long-range shooting. he has put up two field goals in the second half and hasn't drawn iron, that was a good move. >> bob: florida state with all of its inside strength, shooting threes here in the second half and they missed five in a row. get the ball inside to your big people, they had success in the first half. delaney smothered. and the foul goes against, i believabli. and solomon with his second foul. >> larry: delaney, they list him as 6'3", when he goes in there, you can't see him with all the big guys. >> bob: hudson needs a receiver. jeff allen goes quickly. alabi backs the rebound.
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loose ball to hudson. knocked away by kitchen. >> larry: i'm not sure why alabi slapped the ball out. all he had to do was reach down and grab it and they're going the other way with it. >> bob: dorenzo hudson. kitchen doing a number on him. with the high pick-and-roll again. >> bob: allen and that pass goes right to chris singleton. chris kicks, dulkys tries it again. >> larry: try, try again. >> bob: his second three. >> larry: he's attempted three shots from the same position in
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the second half that one finally went down. >> bob: ten points for dulkys. >> larry: you know what, i missed two, but i'm coming right back at you. >> bob: he's got to have short-term memory loss. inside to davila, short. ten? no, and we've got a foul on the hokies, it's on allen, jeff allen with his fourth foul and a time-out. 15:49 to play. 'noles 37, virginia tech 28. we speak car. (a)
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ucheballe it we, co am! alex, all. in the history of the conference to be a unanimous player of the year. the other, david thompson. >> larry: i do know that one. >> bob: 37-28. >> larry: virginia tech picking up at mid court right now, trying to slow florida state down little bit. maybe trying to keep the ball away from the inside. alabi was at the high post, now goes to the block. >> bob: alabi ducks in and misses. three players go down, the hokies have the basketball. delaney throws it away. kitchen -- and a foul on bell.
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that will be the third on terrell. >> larry: i've seen malcolm delaney do some things tonight i haven't seen him do in a couple of years. that was not a typical play by him. he doesn't put himself in position. either he's got the shot or the pass. he had nowhere to go with that basketball. and it resulted in a turnover for the hokies. >> bob: the cardinal sin of jumping in the air and decide stog pass the basketball. it cost his team at least one point as kitchen hits the first foul. >> larry: there's the sinking feeling as you're coming down and you see no friendly turns. >> bob: and they're running away from him. and derwin splits the pair, 38-28. >> larry: hudson is calling out a play right now.
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>> bob: jt thompson, to avila. kitchen knocks it away for the foul. third foul on kitchen. kitchen out, there's loucks coming in. delaney two athletics guys covering him. first it was snaer and then singleton came over to help out. to davila, singleton knocks it away. >> larry: look back to say, he's got my right arm and it's
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somewhere under the scorer's table. >> larry: good backpack. >> bob: and great recognition by victor davila. >> larry: make the good laser pass in there, they don't get the basket. that was an outstanding move by the 6'8" player moving out to the top. a reversal of fortunes right here. usually it's the guard passing down inside. delaney's recipient. he'll get a couple of free throws. >> bob: hokies have hit another one of those offensive skids that malcolm can help erase with these free throws. hokies hit their first shot of the half. but have missed seven consecutive since. malcolm with 13 points. >> larry: bob, he keeps hanging around. they're just down eight points right now.
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florida state trying to apply the hammer. and virginia tech won't go away. he stays in the 2-3 zone. trying to exploit this by getting into the gap. >> bob: alabi, the shot was bothered. >> larry: i don't know if it was touched. >> bob: delaney. >> larry: i would like to put a block on him to know how many minutes he handles the ball. >> bob: great block, inside by the 'noles, both singleton and alabi up there. loucks with a dawes ahead to dulkys. singleton in the post. he drops it as he put it to the floor. and the hokies are running. hudson now delaney.
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>> bob: acc college hoops is brought to you by motel 6, we'll leave the light on for you. by hardees, make from scratch, blueberry biscuits are back at hardee's.
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and by for ways to stay healthy this flu season. >> bob: with larry conley, bob rathbun in tallahassee, 40-36. the virginia tech hokies, larry, refuse to say die. >> larry: well they're taking on a florida state team that desperately needs a win. they can ill-afford to lose three games in a row in conference play, and right now virginia tech is making it really tough on him, the two guys leading them, hudson and delaney, their two guards. >> bob: and the hokies making the comeback, despite the fact they're shooting 27% the second half. thompson and this will be on xavier gibson. it is his second. and jt thompson, heads to the free-throw line for the first time tonight. junior out of monroe, north
7:42 pm
carolina. an injury-plagued sophomore year, a hernia, an ankle injury. had seven here in tallahassee last season. started against these seminoles, in blacksburg as a freshman, delivered an 11.5 rebound night. >> larry: bob will at virginia tech right now making the free throws, they're only 6-14 this evening, make that 6 of 15. >> bob: with those, the majority of those misses, they have at least a tie, maybe the lead. 40-36. gibson, i wonder if hamilton is going to be awfully pleased with the play of that young man tonight. doing them really good minutes off the bench. >> bob: xavier gibson. delan
7:43 pm
delaney, hudson turning, shooting. thompson -- yes! >> larry: what a battle! >> bob: nice job, jt thompson. >> larry: but, did he ever get in there and get after that rebound. jt. good muscle work. >> bob: kitchen -- stripped, taken away, here's delaney to hudson and a foul. and it's going to go on chris singleton, his third.
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was that some pass? i mean he comes up with a steal. really nowhere to go with the basketball. because he's going to be challenged on the shot. you see kitchen really stepped the step about him. not even looking back, knowing his teammate is there. terrific behind-the-back pass. kitchen is measure him for a block and all of a sudden, the ball is gone.
7:47 pm
>> bob: the other part of that that made it really good is so to follow-up dorenzo hudson right there with limb, to make sure if he wasn't going to shoot, he was going to be there for the reception of the pass. there you see the pain that delaney is in, expressed on his face. 44-42. the 'noles continue to be plagued by turnovers. 18 so far. we've still got 8:43 to play and the hokies have turned those into 16 points so far. >> larry: florida state leads the atlantic coast conference in turnovers per game. they average about 17 per game. as i said in the first half, it's the one thing that leonard hamilton has been diligently trying to do is to take better care of the basketball.
7:48 pm
ten in this game, last count we had was eight. and they ranked second in the country in blocks. >> larry: having a conversation with chris singleton, while he's waiting for the ball. chris was laughing at him. >> bob: another steal. >> larry: turnovers are really killing florida state right now. >> bob: hudson. >> larry: bad decision, really bad decision. >> bob: a possession that would have given the hokies the lead, had it been successful on the three. 44-42, approaching the
7:49 pm
eight-minute mark. kitchen flies it up and the rebound comes to terrell bell. open down the floor. hudson kicks it and takes it away. >> larry: now the turnovers are plaguing virginia tech. ala alabi. >> bob: victor davila, number two. a time-out. 7:aini hostharliels an f ♪e mu cht's do i so voo. 1tes ve oror nce.
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>> bob: the sights and sounds of acc action in tallahassee. and this one in dallas as we come down the stretch, 7:44 to play. in a 44-42 lead for the seminoles, a day where the turnovers have far exceeded the field goals made. and these teams both struggling to hold on to the basketball and shoot it well when they do. >> larry: the hokies have had 15 turnovers so far. they only average about 13 a game. right now the seminoles with 19 give-aways. >> bob: and now ten points for solomon alabi. alabi with ten. eight rebounds.
7:53 pm
46-42. thompson, tried to reverse it. cashed out to hudson. >> larry: nice play that time down inside by terrell bell. >> bob: delaney loses the dribble. down they go, loose ball to florida state. >> larry: still the 2-3 being employed by virginia tech. state continues to work the ball from the perimeter. they want to find somebody to work it inside. >> bob: it's taken the bigs out of the game for fsu. >> larry: i was just thinking 0-out of them, that virginia tech is outrebounding florida
7:54 pm
state 12-7 in the second half. and they say it's harder to rebound out of a zone defense, than it is the man to man. >> bob: the first foul on hudson. team foul story, florida state seven, virginia tech five. lobbed in to snaer. >> larry: now they go back man to man. alabi wants the ball. and takes it right to the hole. that was a good pass, good play that time. michael snaer got it to him in the right position. the key to the pass, is get it to them at the right time, at the right place. >> bob: 48-42. the hokies got within two. hudson missed the rushed three-point attempt for the lead. and now the 'noles have hit a couple of baskets and enjoy a six-point cushion.
7:55 pm
thompson stumbles, recovers. on the handoff, delaney. back to jt, the jumper. kitchen, and a foul. thompson. his third. >> larry: if you can't stand the heat, get out of the kitchen. kitchen trying to find his way to the basket that time and he almost got there. >> bob: coming off a 15-point night, with four assists and three steals for the wolfpack. kitchen now with six points in this one. >> larry: with tony douglas out ever this lineup and gone from florida state, this is the guy they're really going to depend
7:56 pm
on to pick up some of the slack. he doesn't have to be a tony douglas, but he can sure pick up some of the other things, and he's one of the players that will get better as the year even progresses, particularly in conference play. >> bob: solomon alabi spotted for a hold. and that's his third. one-and-one coming for virginia tech. hokies down seven. so crucial one-and-one here for jt thompson. hokies have given away a lot of points at the foul line tonight. particularly in the second half. he'll get the bonus. >> larry: thompson, not a very good free throw shooter, only 50% coming in and he got that percentage that time at the free-throw line. >> bob: and we've got a bumping foul on atkins.
7:57 pm
his second. seventh on the hokies, one-and-one coming for dulkys. >> larry: bob, this is the time in the game, you're under six minutes to play right now. you've got to look to the guys that made plays for you all season long. if you look at virginia tech, it's got to be the guards. you've got to look to delaney and hudson. but the guy who has not performed tonight, because he's been on the bench with fouls has been allen. they've got to find some way to get jeff allen involved in the offense. and for florida state, i think they've got to go back to their big people again. they started their second half with a lot of three-point field goal attempts. get away from that and go back down inside. >> bob: dulkys, key contributor in this sophomore campaign, after averaging under four points a game in acc games last year. the bounce. rebounded here by kitchen. impressive. >> larry: is he on a trampoline?
7:58 pm
>> bob: he got rid df quickly, if he was. i'm not quite sure why there's a whistle. but there was and now florida state will have the basketball. allen will come back in for thompson. >> larry: the last possession that florida state had, virginia tech went to their man-to-man defense and florida state scored immediately seth greenberg went back to the 2-3 zone. >> bob: the shot clock at 15. the perimeter passing by florida state. trying to find an opening inside. how about that three by michael
7:59 pm
snaer! that takes the sunol lead to ten. >> larry: he'll be one of those bright spots, jump in here and have a really good second half of the season. >> bob: and a take-away, loose ball to dlany. the bounce inside, and the hokies steal in and a lay-in by delaney and a technical foul, or a time-out. well maybe delaney had slapped the ball a little too hard. hamilton arms outstretched, time-out, virginia tech, that's 18 for malcolm delaney. >> larry: that was some kind of action underneath the basket. seth greenberg could do nothing but witness it. right in front of his bench. what's the battle underneath. delaney with a nice bounce-pass. how about the block right there? and after florida state comes up with it, they lose it again. singleton loses it and delaney


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