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tv   U.S. Senate  CSPAN  February 23, 2010 5:00pm-8:00pm EST

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a senator: mr. president? the presiding officer: the senator from pennsylvania is recognized. mr. casey: i ask the quorum call be vitiated. the presiding officer: without objection. mr. casey: i ask unanimous consent that i be permitted to speak as if in morning business. the presiding officer: is there objection? without objection, so ordered. mr. casey: mr. president, i rise tonight to express support for the obama administration's efforts on nuclear nonproliferation. we "-- we know, and i believe this is a consensus in our country that nuclear terrorism poses the most serious threat to our security as well as other nations' security around the world of t the -- around the world. we, i believe, have a solemn responsibility to combat the threat of nuclear weapons. the obama administration has set forth a vision which puts american security first in
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pursuit of a world where terrorists cannot acquire weapons of mass destruction. the senate also has an important leadership role to play in our number-one -- and our number-one obligation should be to protect the american people. in prague last april, president obama described the steps that the united states is prepared to take towards a world without nuclear weapons. in expressing this goal, the president acknowledged the necessity of maintaining our weapons complex while simultaneously working to negotiate agreements that decreased the number of nuclear weapons in the world. he said -- and i quote -- "make no mistake. as long as these weapons exist, the united states will maintain a safe, secure, and effective arsenal to deter any adversary and guarantee that our defens defense -- and guarantee that defense, i should say, to our allies but we will begin the work of reducing our arsenal."
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so said president obama in prague. this january, a bipartisan group of american national security leaders came together to help guide our thinking on these important issues. former secretary of state george schultz, former secretary of defense william perry, former national security advisor and secretary of state henry kissinger, and former senator sam nunn also have stellar national security experience and credentials. they wrote together -- and i quote -- "nuclear weapons today present tremendous dangers but also an historic opportunity. u.s. leadership will be required to take the world to the next stage, to a solid consensus for reversing reliance on nuclear weapons globally as a vital contribution to preventing their proliferation into potentially
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dangerous hands and ultimately ending them as a threat to the world." president obama is willing and able to provide this leadership at this critical point in history. the administration is in the final stages of negotiating the start treaty with russia. this treaty would reduce deployed nuclear weapons in the united states and russia and would provide crucial verification measures that would allow a window into the russian nuclear program. while the start treaty has taken a little longer than expected to complete, i applaud the leadership of assistant secretary for verification, compliance, and implementation, rose gottmauler, and her efforts to pursue a strong agreement as opposed to an immediate agreement. a new start agreement is in our national security interests, especially in terms of
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maintaining verification and transparency measures. once completed, this agreement can help to strengthen the u.s.-russia relationship and potentially increases the possibility of russian cooperation on an array of thorny international issues, including north korea and iran. the start follow-on treaty is also a clear demonstration that the united states is upholding our disarmament obligations under the nuclear nonproliferation treaty. one of the treaty's three pillars in addition to nonproliferation and peaceful uses of nuclear energy. start is a necessary step in affirming -- reaffirm, i should say, u.s. leadership on nonproliferation issues. without a clear commitment to our nonproliferation responsibilities through a new start agreement, it will be increasingly difficult for the united states to secure international support in address
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addressing the urgent security threats posed by the spread of nuclear weapons. an essential element of securing our nuclear weapons complex begins here at home. last thursday, vice president biden spoke at the national defense university about the administration's efforts to maintain a safe, secure, and effective nuclear arsenal. i would ask consent that the vice president's speech be entered into the record. the presiding officer: without objection. mr. casey: the vice president said that recent years have seen a slow but steady decline in support for our nuclear stockpile and infrastructure and for our highly trained nuclear work force. the four national security statesmen i previously referred to agree. in january, all four of these experts wrote -- and i quote -- "these investments are urgently
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needed to undo the adverse consequences of deep reductions over the past five years in the laboratories' budgets for the science, technology and engineering program -- programs, i should say, that support and underwrite the nation's nuclear deterrent." we know that jason -- by the acronym jason -- an independent advisory group by a group of sign sift fivities, has also echoed these same concerns. the jason group found that the lifetimes of today's warheads could be extended for decades. that was the good news. when the weapons are in -- while the weapons are in good shairntioshape, jason is concerned that maintenance relies on renewal of expertise and capabilities in science, technology, engineer, and production unique to the
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nuclear weapons program -- unquote. understand that this expertise was -- quote -- "threatened by lack of program stability, perceived lack of mission importance, and degradation of the work environment." en quote. the obama administration's budget request reflects these concerns. the fiscal year 2011 budget request devotes $7 billion to maintaining our nuclear weapons stockpile and complex and for related efforts. delivering on promises made in prague and elsewhere, this administration has demonstrate add clear commitment to a nuclear nonproliferation strategy and that that is an integral part of our security and that of our allies. as under secretary of state for arms control in international security, ellen tauscher, former member of the house, said recently -- quote -- "nuclear disarmament is not the holy
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grail. as long as we see the rise of nuclear weapons in other countries, we will maintain deterrence that is second to none." unquote. this approach by ellen tauscher is smart, strategic, and measured and it puts american security first. and so, as i stand in support of full funding for the administration's nuclear weapons stockpile and complex request, i think it's very important that we stand together, all of us, democrats, republicans, and independents. key dimensions of our nuclear stockpile are the nuclear labs and resident scientific expertise. we need to be able to continue to recruit the most highly qualified and motivated experts tasked with stockpile maintenance. our three national laboratories -- lawrence livermore in
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california, los alamos in new mexico, and sandia in new mexico and california -- are staffed by gifted public servants who have established methods for verifying the safety, security, and reliability of our stockpile. this budget presented by the administration will help to ensure that the most talented scientists continue to be attracted to our labs and that these labs continue to be state-of-the-art. the administration's 2011 budget request also bolsters the case for eventual ratification of the comprehensive test ban treaty a full investment in our nuclear weapons infrastructure will mean that the united states can continue to maintain its nuclear weapons infrastructure without testing. we haven't tested a nuclear weapon since 1992 because we now have the technical means to ensure the reliability and
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safety of our stockpile without testing. this is an issue of national security and preventing nuclear terrorism. by working to diminish the access to fissile material, by working to ensure that russia and the united states decrease nuclear stockpiles, and by promoting a ban on nuclear testing and by ensuring that our nuclear arsenal is safe and secure, all of these measures, as well as others, will help to create an international environment where terrorist access to fissile material is diminished. we should mention as well the work of senator lugar. senator lugar has been a remarkable leader in regard to promoting the nunn-lugar program all these years. i agree with senator lugar's efforts to secure more funding as the mandate of the program is
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expanded without commensurate resources. senator lugar reports that the program -- quote -- "has eliminated more nuclear weapons than the combined nuclear arsenals of france, china, and the unite the kingdom -- and the united king del for less than $3 billion, a striking return on investment." unquote. i have to agree that it is a striking return indeed. finally, mr. president, i would also like to express support for the administration's requested increase in funding for the international atomic energy agency we all know by the acronym iaea. for too long the iaea's technical assistance and cooperation programs have been underfunded. international nonproliferation efforts face an uncertain future. iran and north korea are our primary concerns, but potential nuclear flash points remain
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between india and pakistan. and the security of fissile material while improving remains a vital concern. in order for the iaea to be best positioned to confront proliferation efforts in north korea and iran, as well as monitor the peaceful nuclear energy programs in countries around the world, its budget needs to reflect this growing portfolio. u.s. leadership in nonproliferation is essential. a fully funded iaea will complement u.s. efforts to combat proliferation at this critical time. these investments in our national security are substantial, but there is no greater threat than that of nuclear terrorism. we must remain vigilant and doing everything we can to ensure is that terrorists do not get their hands on weapons of mass destruction. the nonproliferation measures
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mentioned above all help to address this threat. to keep america safe, democrats, republicans, and independents must work together -- let me shea that again -- must work together to promote nonproliferation and confront nuclear terror by ensuring that our existing nuclear arsenal is safe, secure, and effective. mr. president, i would yield the floor and note the absence of a quorum. the presiding officer: the clerk will call the roll. quorum call:
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we americans are always at our best when we hear and heed the cries of others. when confronted with massive human suffering, americans have always stepped up and answered the call to help. but there's never been anything on the scale of human tragedy in our own hemisphere like what we're now witnessing in haiti. y president clinton and i are joining together to appeal to you with real urgency. give now, and lives will be saved.
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thank you. thank you. . >> coming up ...? winners of three of their last four, the wizards are getting. but can the youngsters keep up their or the rid pace? with the best players in vancouver we've got exclusive interviews with the man who owns the caps and the man who leads them. last week was fun in college park but with clemson paying a visit, gary gets the terps back to business. >> the nats rotation may have found its lucky charm. how jason marquis may be the key to turning the team around.
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>> live from the comcast studios, this is sports net. >> breaking news from the wizards this evening. you have heard the phrase when it rains it powers. it is flooding. josh howard is out with the torn acl in his left knee. suffering the injury in the first quarter of last night's game against the bulls. can we catch a break will be the motto next year for the washington wizards. welcome into comcast sportsnet. >> bruce boudreau on the show tonight. we begin with the news in josh howard. revealed after practice this morning by the head coach flip saunders. >> josh has a torn acl so he is done for the queer, a torn left acl so he'll be done. >> we'll still go out and compete, look around and see, we'll bring somebody in because we're really down as far as our numbers right now and try to bring in someone that we feel is going to blend into how
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we're playing. >> you know, otherwise i'm numb to everything at this point, and i think our guys are that way. you know what we're gonna do, put those guys on the floor and compete and play hard. if we do that we're gonna give ourselves chances. is presented by cop cardiovascular. >> it would be cold to say the wizards are cold. they traded away antawn jamison, caron butler and haywood the conventional wisdom said they would go to the lottery. they have won three of the last four-point. the new faces have changed the mindset of an entire team. >> i told these guys when they came in we have struggled this year, but if we turn this things around you're gonna get the credit, the new guys that came here, other guys have been here, we moved off some guys that have been superstars and everything else. the only difference the guys that are coming in, you're gonna get that lot of thatted credit. when you get that credit you're
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gonna get the benefits from our organization and some else. >> this is from guys that didn't get many minutes with their own times and with the guys that are already here there may have been some negative things. we bring in new faces, they bring in the new attitude. >> you always play, come out and play and compete and give ourselves a chance to compete. >> a group of young guys who all have one thing the in mind, that's winning, and we are all out there for each other. our chemistry is great, we're playing hard, competing. >> the wizards, version 3.0 get back on when they play host. of course we'll get you all set for tipoff right here on geico "sportsnite." philadelphia eagles fan, the team releasing running back brian westbrook today. the 30-year-old data ma that grad spent eight seasons and darts and the career leader in
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yards from scrimmage. he missed eight games last season with a pair of concussions and an ankle injury. he was due 7 1/4 million dollars next season. well the olympic men's hockey tournament has certainly been a great fix for caps fans who might lament the loss of their team for two weeks. but for coach bruce boudreau it is a vacation to the bahamas and a commercial shoot. he explained why the olympic break came at just the right time. >> i think the break was a real good time for us. as a coach i think it was -- it's too long for me. >> yeah. >> if they had have had 3 or 4 or 5 games and then get goin' great, because at the end you go out on that pretty long streak and then you're starting to play not so well at the end of it, and i think the guys needed to re-energize and i
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think they will becoming back awful hungry. but it was a good time for it. >> you're back at it wednesday. what did you tell the guys when you went, go relax and have fun but don't be getting fat, easy on the brew, come back somewhat ready to go because you go right back into it. >> yeah, well if they are not ready they will be ready in a hurry, they are not going to like practices we get 6 practices, which is great. a couple of the guys said they were goin' for 7 days to this place and that place, and i rolled my eyes and i think they knew what i was talking about. >> come back ready to roll. you have got some guys a little busy as the whole world pauses for these olympics. the olympics has been great, do part of you want to see them do well, part of you say eh, just as soon have them knocked out so they could come back and play with you guys. >> you know what, i'm so torn, and in so many different directions. like just being at home and people saying "well how we're
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doin'," well do i want canada, canada right now, i better cheer for them, i'm here right now. back here you're goin' "okay the americans beat canada," then you're looking, the russians, ovie don't hit him so hard you might get hurt. you want everything. you want the players to do really well, i want them to win and be safe but i don't want them to be over tired and it's almost like a father, you know, wanting his kids to come back home safe and sound. and hungry. because it's a real, i can only imagine never being there real emotional thing you know playing for your country and all. >> uh-huh. >> so they are doin' a great job. the tournament is as exciting as i thought it would be and as far as i'm concernedanybody can still it. mcomm ps hcoach little while l the show we're gonna give you a sneak peek of the coach in action.
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won one terse what moves you can make if the terps beat clemson. coming off their buzzer beater over georgia tech capping their third win in the last four games all played in the span of eight days. a perfect place to start with the head coach. >> the gary williams report brought to you by subway. eat fresh. >> what do you go through as a coach, the final 3 seconds of a ball game, when it ends like that? >> well you try to stay in the situation. because it's -- there is a lot of things goin' on there, the time out is kind of a phantom time out and then the fact
6:38 pm
that, as the time out is called by the referee, the ball goes in the basket, which could have won the game for us, and we have to keep our cool and at least get into a set where we can get a shot off. so it was tough. >> you played so many games in a short amount of time. have you been able to get the guys legs back, were uconn shoes of that. >> oh, very conscious. i told them they had to get off their legs sunday after the game and came in monday, practiced pretty well. today we needed to go over a couple more things but we can keep it short. so this time of year just in general it is better to have your legs and maybe not quite as prepared with each detailed play that the next team runs. >> you faced them last final, what did you learn about those guys last time, or have they changed? >> they have won three in a row. they were three home games but they have won three in a row. they are the same team. stick did not play against us, he was healthy after our game, he played i think in their next game. and he is a veteran guard that
6:39 pm
knows how to play in this league and he should be -- make them a tougher team, but we didn't play particularly well down there so we're not judging a lot about us based on the clemson game, we're going to see tomorrow. not based on clemson. >> you are a guy of routine but you changed something last game out. you walked out on the court knowing that fist pump comes with that front corner, you waited. what was that about? >> there was a couple of things that went into that. my granddaughter, my grandkids were here, she was out there waiting for me in the hallway so i grabbed her on the way by and then -- so that was a distraction you don't normally have. paul hewitt was out there in our corner, i saw paul, i was going to say something smart about the game. i forgot about the fist pump. that would have been the first time i forgot the fist pump but i recovered. >> and so did this team.
6:40 pm
virginia fans up next on comcast sportsnet watch the cavaliers take on miami live at 7:00. don't forget you can get instant core alerts for your team sent to your phone for free. more more info go to and the key word text. >> i liked the delayed fist pump. i thought that was great. >> what does ted leonsis think about his star player risking injury to play in the olympics. >> the party that is watching is happy for your dad. you never have them going. >> come on now." the other day we were talking, what if russia meets usa for the gold medal. who will you be rooting for? >> the owner as answer is just ahead. bode miller was skiing for his fourth medal in the games today. we'll tell you how he
6:41 pm
story when we get back on geico "sportsnite." we americans are always at our best when we hear and heed the cries of others. when confronted with massive human suffering, americans have always stepped up and answered the call to help. but there's never been anything on the scale of human tragedy in our own hemisphere like what we're now witnessing in haiti. y president clinton and i are joining together to appeal to you with real urgency. give now, and lives will be saved. thank you. thank you. man:e as altimewho'mosttant. er lke g.cave..hereat fenswe h doetart. tart theatio eed y wh er the rinve..hereat fenswe h
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dsomebody who brings it, tartevery game, every time. ♪ eed y wh er the rinve..hereat fenswe h histw dsomebody who brings it, tartevery game, every time. ♪ eed y wh er the rinve..hereat fenswe h ♪ you're watching comcast sportsnet.
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welcome back. time now for your winter olympics spoiler alert. bode miller is going to have to wait until saturday after getting disqualified during his first run of the giant slalom. the american hockey team will face switzerland after they beat bella reuss in a shootout today. the u.s. olympic team as a whom has a good shot at history. they haven't won the overall medal title at a winter games
6:44 pm
since 1932. but well into the second week in vancouver the u.s. holds a 26-23 lead on germany. >> how can you not be up when you hear that music. down in viera the guys wearing the curly w's are ready to go. 59 of the 60 spring training invyies have reported and the position players don't to have report until tomorrow. stephen strasburg through his second bullpen session and the kid's family was in attendance including the newest member. meet bentley. strasburg's new yorkie puppy. this picture courtesy of our nats reporter kelli johnson taken this morning while strasburg was in the middle of his bullpen session. by the way you can follow kelley on twitter for the latest goings-on at k johnson,
6:45 pm
csn. now last season john lennon led the nationals in liberals with 9 so there is no question the nats needed a proven winner to relieve the staff. and general manager mike rizzo has found herman. kelli johnson turns on her camera to follow the story. >> reporter: in back to babbling 100-loss seasons one glaring need for the nationalities was a veteran leader to lead the rotation. enter jason marquis, and all- star last season in colorado whose 94 career wins are more than all the other starting pitchers on the team's 40-man roster combined. >> any guy who goes out there and gives you 200 plus innings every year and wins 15 games, you know, pitching on all-star teams, i think he is more than capable of leading this staff. >> having marquis in the rotation, you know, they are gonna see what he do, the preparation and what, you know, the things that he do to every single start. >> when he was a rookie he was playing with guys, maddox, motels, madden, feeding off of
6:46 pm
those guys, so i think having somebody like that around all these young guys, it can do -- can't do any bad things. >> i have been in their shoes before. nice to have a guy around, a few guys around that have been there, been around some quality pitchers throughout my career, and learned some valuable things from them and you know i'm just here to not only take the ball on the fifth day you
6:47 pm
the playoff magic, didn't, it didn't hurt his case at all. >> reporter: and the person who could benefit the most from his arrival is fellow new yorker johnny lannan who has had to serve as the de facto ace while still learning the ropes. >> he has done a great job the two years he has led the staff. i've watched him over the last few years. we talked a bit but he felt lost and felt like for such a young guy to take on such responsibility and you know, like i said, i'm here, if he needs that help. >> you can tell by his actions he is a bulldog, he goes out there and not trying to be fancy or overpower people, works to his strengths like i try do, and it's just, i'm just gonna watch him and he is right next to me in the locker room so we'll definite lie talk. >> okay, thank you. our spring training coverage is all this week from it. coming up on this edition of the show the hits just keep
6:48 pm
on coming from tiger woods. >> right now the latest problem for the world's top-ranked golfer. >> you have to be honest in that he wins a championship as presently constructed and clearly the wizards of last year and this year struggled. >> ted leonsis owns 44% of the wizards so what does he think about ernie runs felt's recent fire sale of marquis players. in response next at g in response next at g tsneer knowold mus. you!of te! exc... what grndwithan next?
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you're watching the official station of the capitals, comcast sportsnet.
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gold medal. who will you be rooting for? i said oh my gosh, i think i'll be rooting for russia. how can that be? i'm american and i live in
6:52 pm
washington, d.c. >> yeah, yeah. >> let me ask you this. your goals, i don't know what your goals are, your goal is to be a champion. this franchise would love to reach that top. it came close once. is this team on the verge? the record says they are the
6:53 pm
theear r, wthnth four
6:54 pm
6:55 pm
loved the wizards, and who knows. bruce boudreau wasn't busy. we'll show you what he has been up to next on geico "sportsnite." on "washington post live" get out your cell phones and text in your comments. see europe comment on tv.
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eh coach. how ooh doin' today. >> good. how are you. >> good. >> my lease is almost up and i was hoping to upgrade the new e class.
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en aecia risk theflu soyourinat fn moflu. tor, we can all fight the flu.
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you're watching comcast sportsnet. . >> next it's virginia miami on the main channel over on comcast sportsnet, plus caa action, old dominion at georgia state, good game for the monarchs. catch capitals red line. michael jenkins another edition of geico "sportsnite." we've got hopkins hosting delaware today, blue jays getting off to a strong start in this one thanks in part to michael kimble, three goals and an assist in the first half. hopkins up 7-0, at the break. they have blown it open. 15-6, blue jays in the fourth. >> and the caps for those who aren't in the olympics, return to practice tomorrow.
6:59 pm
but coach bruce boudreau spent today shooting a commercial at harvest bank. we have contacted the motion picture academy to see if, in fact, it does qualify for his screen actors guild card. we're awaiting word on that because obviously he has got it. >> can't wait to see what he wears on the red carpet at the stag awards late they are year. >> yeah, stag awards can mean so many different things when it comes to bruce. well -- >> yeah. >> i'm sure he wasn't listening. >> almost mean. >> i could say this because i have got my own sag card. that's it for us here on geico "sportsnite." get me out of here, russ thaler, chic hernandez. >> for the very latest check out college basketball and comcast sportsnet, acc virginia at miami. and plus old dominion at georgia state. and it's good. thank you. ññññññññññññññññññññ
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let talk about the star for old dominion. he's their leading scorer. he was a guard a few years ago and now he's a center.
7:02 pm
>> yeah. lee is the guy that has phenomenal amount of talent and a big guy. that 14 points is deceptive because it's a well-balanced offensive team. a guy that does it inside and out, very talented player. >> this team has a 12-point winning differential. however, as georgia state goes, so go their guards or vice versa. particularly with dukes. he's one of six seen your on this team tonight. take a look at the seniors. you see his numbers, 13 points
7:03 pm
her game and 5 assists. >> it's really important for him to have a good night tonight. everything starts and finishes with those guards. >> old dominion won the game at old dominion earlier this year. as brine told you, last year, georgia state beat old dominion right here at the sports arena. we'll be back with the tipoff from downtown atlanta, right afte ss:had it yowas way sent
7:04 pm
7:05 pm
tc weferive gsomephraat'lmase s ore ble. gell r. gooer dts.that stubow 'bis? gh ths kn f: or geir, out "fifinutld u fiperc mor on curan ore ins. ha, goodwithat cg on geifteep f: or geir, out "fifinutld u
7:06 pm
all right. just moments away if tipoff here in downtown atlanta. take a look at the starting lineup.
7:07 pm
we have talked about lee. that's their center. and you see because mother guarding dukes. james will be the 3-point shooter for georgia state. and for the georgia state team, all seniors starting getting a start tonight. lott usually doesn't start. there's the head coach taylor in his 9th year. this guy is under the radar. you can see the record. i mean, unbelievable. we have a really good track
7:08 pm
record. >> even played at old mississippi. they do not have the record they were anticipating at 12 and 17. but they have won their last two. this game is under way in the dark uniforms. we have a 3-second call and turn the ball over to georgia state to get this game underway. there's taylor. there's a double digit margin of winsment they have 12 points of the margin of victory many caa games. dukes is rolling the ball inside. offensive rebounding and strong and down it goes and there's hampton with the first basket of
7:09 pm
the night. >> great foot back by hampton. almost averaging 15 points and we'll see that one of the keys for georgia state is to be able to score against the tough old dominion. there is a triple from dukes. it's 5-2, georgia state. we highlighted joe dukes in the beginning. he really had to have a good game and knocking down the 3. it's a definite positive sign. >> you see number 12, lee, the center for this old dominion team. 3 is james. shot clock down to 8 seconds.
7:10 pm
because mother is inside to lee --azemore is inside to lee -- bazemore is inside to lee. >> they have to have opportunities to get to the basket and georgia state has to make sure they claw that metal. this team is not a great 3-point shooting team but they make their living off the defense. >> this is a big man. we have a 5-3 panthers lead with just 2 minutes gone in this ball game from downtown atlanta. >> there's goldston from the
7:11 pm
free-throw line. rebounded. old dominion likes to get up and down. this is bazemore. he's a red-shirt sophomore. james misses. we're going to see a lot of good rebounding. but that was a nice play by hampton to knock it away and into the hands of the goldston. there's the dukes. hampton follows his own shot. i'll tell you, you talked about the last four games and he's averaging 15 points and they have two rebounds and 4 points. >> you have to be excited about how hampton started off this
7:12 pm
game. >> and the foul line jumper from bazemore. bazemore leads the league in steals and it's georgia state panthers. dukes defended by bazemore. and the switch you see the center stepping out. that's going to belong to old dominion. >> we talked about number 12 for old dominion. as we have been talking about afternoon on the and we'll come back to lee. he has been rebounding and scoring. georgia state has the 2-point lead.
7:13 pm
they have to be positive to win. >> ali is in for georgia state. that's finney. here's dukes answering quickly. tied at 7. finally the ball is stripped away. you see finney being able to come up with the steal. that's one of the thing that is old dominion does. there's a scrap by bunch and always paying attention to weak side. you see finney trying to knock down the three. he's going to go all the way with it. he misses the lay-in. carter checks into the game. tied at 7. trying to get it inside the
7:14 pm
defensive play. georgia state is one of five of the last field goal attempts.
7:15 pm
james on the drive with the floater. and that's an offensive ball way off the basket. it's a time out called of with 14:16 remaining in the fist half. georgia state and old dominion are tied at 11. >> i think one of the biggest things, bob is as we see it has a tied game and georgia state has come out with remarkable energy. this is a very good defensive team but sometimes they struggle and being able to score. they have been able to score very well as we go to break with them being 11-11here orgite
7:16 pm
p a eye t we we s suntouldto a lid ial no youour yout on ore l ofmone you so e to hundred and fiftars. find out more at com str
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7:18 pm
>> john: for georgia state is ali. he came in after just 5 minutes. james is on the floor with vincent, the big man. >> brian: great penetration by fielding being able to finish. great move for them early on to be able to finish. >> bob: both teams are shooting wellment there's neely. number 23. he hands the ball off to carter. it's tied at 13. >> brian: that's one of the things you talk about also. old dominion has a lot of
7:19 pm
athletic talent and they are big to step away and knock down shots. they have opportunities to score outside and inside. old dominion rebounds at 39 and their opponents at 30.7. >> brian: they are big and can go outside and create. that's definitely a big thing for them to go out and penetrate. >> that's the 3rd turnover for old dominion. they are 13 and 3 with the caa
7:20 pm
right now. the ball will belong to the panthers with 18 on the shot clock. 12:33 to go in the first half. >> bob: james has done a good job of shadowing him and not getting him to come off the 3's. dukes is back on the floor now. ali sits down for the panthers. 10 to shoot on this short clock after the inbound play. fields is going to drive again with 3. rebound, frank. old dominion was intending that ball for iliadis.
7:21 pm
>> you try not to turn the ball over, especially on the road. the more you allow jornl george state to hang in there, the more confidence they have. it's a big thing for them. georgia state to hang in there, the more confidence they have. it's a big thing for them. johnson just came onto the floor for the panthers. those are the opportunities that you want. and you have to defend well
7:22 pm
because you don't get the easy baskets. >> there's the first shot attempt by goldston and it was blocked by frank. 11:10 to go in the first half. it's a good ball game. tied at 15. krubally is one of lives. donate $10 by texting "haiti" to 9-0-9-9-9. visit or call 1-800-red-cross. thanks for your help.
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>> bob: one of the ways to get goldston involved is you have to have penetration. the defenders are very aware. here's hampton and he's shootinging and scoring. amp top is in double digits. >> we talked earlier and they know georgia state guards and they are the ones that have to have a big offense. >> there was a beautiful
7:35 pm
backdoor play on the wall for bazemore. panthers never saw it coming. >> i think that was a miscommunication on the back. georgia state has been having a real problem getting inside this zone. here's ali. traveling call and that's a georgia state panthers turnover. that's number 4. we talked about the missed shots. those are the small plays that can chop into a lead. 23-19. the momentum can shift based on one play. >> they have some token pressure from georgia state on the play. 6:14 to go in the first half.
7:36 pm
bazemore is out on the perimeter. there's johnson air born over to neely and there's a triple. great play by bazemore. >> brian: he was able to penetrate inside the zone and able to get the ball over to neely. he was able to knock that 3 down. >> panthers are struggling offensively. only one field goal in the last 4 minutes for georgia state. dukes breaks that with a triple. that was shot right over the head of neely. that was basically set up to swing the ball from one side to the another. >> interesting to see how
7:37 pm
georgia plays the two-streak zone. >> one of the best ways to attack the zone and to penetrate and get inside those gapsment the last time where finney was able to get in, and kick the ball over and knocking it down and it was a great play. rebound by lee. johnson is working off the dribble. here's dukes. bazemore is defending dukes. that's a 2-point field goal. it's down to a 4-point lead for old dominion with under 5 minutes to go first half. >> brian: he's knocking down the last couple of shots. this is a guy that has a lot of
7:38 pm
play in his hands. neely is able to knock down the mid range jump. old dominion are up by 6. trying to get inside to hampton. old dominion is on the run. they have numbers. they pull up and score. it's an 8-point lead. bazemore has 8. >> one of the things about old dominion is their defense leads to opportunity on offense. great penetration being able to keep that ball to ali. ali with the triple. that was his first scoring of the game. and it's 5-point lead with 4 minutes to go in the half for old dominion. there's neely getting right at the free-throw line. by the way, on one of the watch outs as we have a time out called by georgia state, he's
7:39 pm
off the exercise bike, krubally, he rides that cycle. old dominion 32-geor 7;;;='!'!'!b
7:40 pm
7:41 pm
7:42 pm
>> john: good work by hansbro. he's been injured and he gets back in. he's number 23 for the panthers. that turnover comes to the dukes. that will be called a blocking foul. they call aid foul before the shot was blocked. >> brian: dukes is able to go in and draw the foul. one of the things that's really important for them is to be able to finish off plays and get to the free-throw line. first free-throw for georgia state with 3 minutes to go in the first half and dukes gets his first. he's a 76% shooter. usually gets to the line about 3
7:43 pm
times per game. georgia state only scores about 11% from the free-throw line.
7:44 pm
lee has had a problem scoring. he can't get any luck at all. he had the ball down low and has to step out high almost every time and that's a foul against the panthers. johnson. >> brian: one of the things lee is having a problem with is georgia state defenders have been aggressive with him. this is a guy that is not very physical. you talk about his skill set and coming from europe, a lot of times you have those guys over the european lead and they prefer to drift out in the perimeter a little bit.
7:45 pm
georgia state has been able to out-man him tonight. >> bazemore with the inbound. base mother's leading score in the first half with 1:34 in the first half. from the corner, the air ball from neely and here come it is panthers. here's joe dukes. dukes will take that opportunity to penetrate that zone before it was set up by the old dominion and dukes now has 12 points. 22 of the 34 georgia state points have come from dukes and hampton. >> brian: one of the things we talked about is georgia state guards not being able to finish. you see great penetration by dukes and able to get in and finish that basket. they have had great penetration
7:46 pm
and 1:12 left to two in the first half. >> joe dukes has 12 points here at half time and he only averages 13 points per game. he see it is assists against the zone don't come nearly as easy so he's taking on the scoring load himselves. >> his team has been playinging well enough to get there to the end of the game but not being able to score it. tonight, they have been able to score the ball and couple that with good half court defense. >> lee gets the ball and he's level right there on the side of the free-throw line. the guy that knocked him down is
7:47 pm
lott. that was his first personal foul. under 1 minute to go in the first half. here's bazemore. georgia state is in the zone now. trying to find that open space in the zone. not there so far. matchup here as hampton steps out. nice defense force it is turnovers. lee gets it to dukes 27 seconds to go in the half and a chance for the panthers to go into the locker room with the lead, should they score here. >> bob: it looks like they will wait for the final shot.
7:48 pm
35-34. old dominion was ready. this is an experienced and intelligent team. that basket would not have counted. it did not beat the buzzard. old dominion gets the lead, 35-34 at the break. stay with us. we're going to be talking to the georgia state athletic director. at the break, we have a chance to talk to taylor, the head coach for the old dominion team and thank you for stopping to chat with us. coach, what is your perception of how georgia state has played here in the first half? >> they indicated a pregame show and played well lately and played well at home. they are very aggressive. they have come off the dribble and been aggressive on defense and you know, it's a good team
7:49 pm
with good talent. it's hard to have a great record. >> not many shot opportunities for lee. what do you have planned for him in the second half? >> they worked really hard to stop movement and worked really hard to stop him. they have been physical with him. we have been scoring the ball otherwise. they have done a nice job of taking the ball to the whole. >> that was one of the things that we were going to ask you. seems like the georgia state guards have been able to penetrate and get to the rack easier. anything to change that around? >> give them geography lesson on how to stand between somebody and the rim. it's something we have to work at. >> we'll let you get going. thank you for stopping and chatting with us. >> taylor's 9th year and his team leads by 1 at the break.
7:50 pm
we'll be talking to georgia state's athletic director when wecomkrom thts in dn aa ata. 231]
7:51 pm
7:52 pm
i have a feeling you have the minutes and seconds on the count down clock. >> we do and so does bill! bill curry, we have been friends with him so many years. we have been so happy he was able to join your program here. he comes at a good time. >> it's a perfect combination and match. he's a great coach and better person. he's loving every minute of what he's doing here. he has a great group of assistant coaches. we signed 28 really good recruits. we think wf a good offense and defense match. we're trying to put the pieces
7:53 pm
together now in terms of the support base. >> where are you right now in getting ready? >> okay. well we're playing in the georgia dome so that's great. everybody is excited about that. but the practice facility is what we have been working on. we use tentative temporary facilities. the kids were adaptive. we're working hard to finish a beautiful, beautiful facility that has a full field and 60-yard grass tarp. we're in the process of doing that right now. all of that turf has been layed. >> man shs it's coming.
7:54 pm
>> we're working on the interior of the building. we phased it so we can build as we fund raise. >> i can't let it go by that this is senior night. six seniors. >> absolutely. >> i know barnes and you are proud of the fact that these kids are all going to graduate. >> i couldn't be prouder of him. i completely support it. all those kids are graduating. 6 of them, i hate seeing them go. they are wonderful human beings but they have their priorities set. they want that degree and try to play ball and others will try to be wonderfully productive in their life. >> getting their degrees is big. what about krubally riding the bike during the game? i've never seen a young boy with so much energy.
7:55 pm
>> he's a walk on and has such energy and vitality. >> congratulations on what's going on here. >> i can't wait to get started. thank you for having me and make sure you come out and see us. >> odd is leadinging here at the half -- leading here at half. we'll be right back with more half time from the sports arena at the campus of georgia state right af
7:56 pm
7:57 pm
7:58 pm
is gerald lee. we'll be right back with the first half stats and highlight
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