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and know and understand that so that is what i try to do. i learn more about different issues and for my own opinions and began to learn my views and values more work with conservatism the liberals. >> using you got involved in politics at 9-years-old what kind of involvement you talking about? >> i was listening to the radio and mentor and friend wrote the foreword for my new book and beginning to understand what i believe and why i believe it. >> last question are you involved in any actual campaigns right now? >> no, absolutely not accept i do have my campaign button franklin roosevelt for ex-president. >> thanks very much for your time. >> in his book, "appetite for america," a journalism professor stephen fried recounts the life of fred harvey, one of the
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earliest innovators of the american hospitality industry. mr. harvey was the propriety of 65 restaurants and lunch counters along the santa fe railraod and several hotels from chicago to los angeles. the union station in kansas city missouri is the host of this talk it's about 50 minutes. >> this is the whirlwind two days of the national archives last night and we are here in this building i must say i have spent a lot of time the last six years in my brain in writing about the history of said harvey while he himself lived in leavenworth and the harvey company was spread from its peak from cleveland all the way to california in the second floor of kansas city union station was the absolute hobaugh fred harvey business. everything they saw about america that they took to people was for the kansas city view and before this business in the
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depot so i've spent a lot of time in your town in my brain the last few years. the easiest way for me to get you into the book and the idea of what we want to do at the fred harvey story would be if you have a moment for a to read from the beginning of the book who the hell is fred harvey? on that spring night in 1882a drunken tallboys riding through northern mexico could have been forgiven for squinting in disbelief at the site of the montezuma hotel. it did appear to be a hallucination. the montezuma's 11 of the most astonishing creations of america. though perhaps most astonishing was the location. it was nestled in a gorgeous middleware in the foothills of the crystal mountain 6 miles outside of las vegas mexico the old santa fe railroad that only recently connected to the
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civilization. the largest building in the united states the queen anne style montezuma featured a dining room that seated 500, casino, with taking a wine cellar, 11 bowling alleys, a billiard hall and immense therapeutic beating facility offering six different kinds of david's. so that patrons can experience the powers of the underground hot springs. the service of the montezuma was brilliant. the staff imported from the best hotels of new york, london, chicago and st. louis and the cuisine was amazingly ambitious. the food, and the expertise, the classically chefs from the rest of couples of the world with fresh regional american ingredients, fruit, vegetables and shellfish as well as delicacies like green turtles and see severy harvested by providing tribesmen. to which few of the kitchens in the country have access which most chefs wouldn't come to fully appreciate for almost
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another century. open for only a few weeks the resort was only attracting dukes and princes and presidents who quickly booked passage on the atchison topeka and santa fe the upstart railroad was newly laid tracks were the only way to get there. in front of the montezuma were the large park landscaped with shade trees and a rare flowers planted in three train car loads of imported sadr and topsoil. at the center was a huge fountain flanked by tennis and croquet and archery range and even those suits where the dear and antelope literally played with the rate the park was eliminated as were the building itself by thousands of gaslights. when john and his men approached on horseback that might they could not believe with bloodshot eyes. the cowboys rode first to the park where they hobart and shot their guns in the air while galloping across the bluegrass and caviled walks. the commission could be heard throughout the hotel from its grand entrance ways to its
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cavernous main dining rooms. they reached the target to the eckert will slim man in his 40's with a perfectly groomed vandyke beard. d. the cautious eye is since is that were always caulked he tried to ignore the noise and enjoy his dinner but soon he threw down his napkin and rose abruptly from the back chair. the man was dressed in a dark blue suit with a waistcoat and dingley father is a uniform of victorian gentleman from the homeland of england. but he walked quickly with the nervous energy of american trowing the attention of the dining room staff and some of the guests as he passed. by the time he left the dining room the cowboys had dismantled and were running dry gets through the hotel. you could hear them in the billiard hall where they were taking target practice with the indian relics and the displays of the are shooting at the tops on the private label liquor bottles on the sideboard. put up your guns, the englishman
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coalville striding into the room. heuvel are you, read john asked? my name is fred harvey, he replied. i run this place and i will not have any rowdies. if you don't feel like gentlemen you can't stay here and you can't come up again. now put up your guns and take a drink with fred harvey. he had been in america for 30 years he still retained his british accent which made some westerners twitter. but as the cowboys left, cursed and taunted him and hotel guests started gathering the walked over and grabbed read john by the collar and a single motion for leave the city is englishmen yanked the desperado over the bar and pinned him to the floor. you mustn't swear in this place, she told the cowboy. there was a moment of silence. and then read john told his men to stand down. fred harvey is a gentleman, he declared pushing himself off. i say let's have those drinks. when the drinks were done they
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were served and it might breakfast as well. breakfast which party was becoming famous. the freshest eggs and stake available in the country shipped directly from farms and refrigerated train cars. pan size wheat cakes stacked six high, quarter wedges of apple pie and cup after cup of the best coffee the cowboys had ever had in their lives. red john and his men never made trouble with the montezuma again but they still wanted to know as did more people across the country who the hell was fred harvey? [laughter] within a century later, peering over the lip of the grand canyon in my pajamas at 5:00 in the morning and i am wondering the same thing. as the sun slowly eliminates the canyon walls i am reminded of why there is a substantial literature just explaining why words cannot describe what i am seeing. but as i turn away from the canyon might take another site less inspiring but in many ways
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equally intriguing because it was created by man, buy americans here on the very edge of the decline of this. it is the majestic hotel that has afforded me the luxury of rolling out of the plush bid at sunrise, shoveling in mice with first on the curved arch a staircase stepping outside of the grand canyon pretty much to myself. he is arguably the most in demand hotel in the world. most of the guest rooms are booked up more than a year in advance. he is also one of the last places where fred harvey lives on. the founder of the family business that created this hotel and america's first hospital with the entire is still symbolically oversees every detail of the daily life from the moodie portraits hanging in the main lobby next to where the maitre d arrives each morning at 6:40 to greet the tourists for the renowned breakfast with a
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view. in the painting he looks formidable and frankly a bit anxious. a clenched fist protruding from the waist coast. most visitors to the grand canyon don't have an inkling why the man in the portrait matters or how he changed america. they are not aware there was a time not that long ago when fred harvey was one of the most famous intriguing men in the country. a food missionary as one prominent new york critic called him on a quest to civilize the united states one meal at a time. they don't know that his waitress as the legendary harvey girls were the first female work force of america out and single women for the first time to travel independently, earn a decent living and over time help settle the west. i was unenlightened when i first encountered the fred harvey soldering a visit to the grand canyon in the early 1990's. i discovered him as so many others have in a photograph in the brochure. but then started a tripping across pieces of the story in
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his legacy and travels all over the country although mostly in the areas that as a born and bred easterner i think of america's better half. over the years fred harvey has become something of an obsession. it seems the more i learn about him, his family, his business and his world, the more i understand about my own homeland and how it came to be. seen through the prism of the hardee family saw the late 1800's the period that many of us slept through the high school history class becomes a powerful writing drama of a great nation expanding and uniting one steal real at the time and the formative years of the american century take on a different meaning. now, besides all of those reasons there is another one which i think is best exemplified by this photograph. this is my wife, diane, and this was taken at the hotel in 1993 on our first visit there. as you can see she is spending six guns i had bought for her at
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the fred harvey gift shop. [laughter] and if you look closely, you can see she is wearing a share if's starts. when my wife was a kid should like to dress up as a cowboy. they call her black bart and i knew that and i thought buying her the guns would be great and the specter exactly hung over my desk for the later part of my career. i think what it shows and one of the things that got interested fighting about fred harvey is the cui that comes from america's western past. something i saw a lot is why are we so fascinated by cowboys and indians and by the west? why do people like my wife who grew up in pennsylvania not one of the major cowboy capital's -- [laughter] have such a fascination with this and people still today and one of the reasons i realize and i read a lot about this when i was working on this book is that part of the point of writing about the late 1860's 1870's and to the 20th century is we are looking at a country those divided so terribly by the civil
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war and with the west to these people was the new america they could all romanticize together. the americas they have all those years was in some ways broken to them a place they could romanticizes the country. part of the reason we are so fascinated with the west is it represents more than cowboys and indians. it represents the uniting of the united to the eckert united states because the west is the only thing americans could agree upon and i think that is part of the reason you see this book on my wife's face besides she likes the guns. [laughter] so some of you know the fred harvey story and some of you don't. but what i would like to do is take you through a little slide show of what i can tell you about fred harvey. one of the best benefits i have is i had access to all of the families fred harvey's own documents nobody knew even excess did so one of the opportunities we have is to show you some of fred's stuff and his family's stuff. for those of you will only know
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the harveys system from the later years actually if you are alive and here you probably only know that fred harvey system from the leader years. of course it began in the 1870's. its heyday was from the 70's to the 1940's and it didn't continue through the 19 fifties to return of the center of this is how big party system was. they had rest of it hotels all the way from chicago to los angeles, from los angeles to san francisco, san francisco the restaurants were on votes that went across the san francisco bay because the transcanada oakland and then leader of the turn-of-the-century the santa fe and expanded from st. louis down through oklahoma and texas. so this is a huge part of america and in fact almost everything that happened in the cities from the time fred harvey was there fred harvey was at the center at the restaurants where they were basically the center of town. they were the places that people went for their meals, the place people celebrated things so the fred harvey rest of salles and incredible amount of america. now, as i said, i got access to
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fred's fact will things which no other writer has. this is fred harvey's all right. it's the only one that existed with his embossed name and while i figure we have always done like this at the line store this is probably real gold. this is the first page of threat hardee's datebook for 1867. i would like to tell you that in his datebook was full of deep, meaningful personal passages and i could write from them and bring him to life. fred harvey was a businessman. for those of you in business or have parents in business, businessmen diaries are lists of money they owe people and lists of money that they owe them. this is basically for its shopping list and output for the week. how much she gave mrs. harvey, how much he paid the washwoman and spent to his deadbeat sister in st. louis who could never pay her rent. it took years to figure not who the people were, where the money was coming, where they mattered. that is what doing this kind of biography is about. and this is the first of many letters that were recovered by the family that fred harvey
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wrote home. fred harvey spend an enormous amount of life on the road. he was a real road warrior. he was an agent for the real world for almost 20 years before he started the restaurant empire that you all know him for. so his whole life was letters home and often letters home-schooled and his wife and kids that the head and send him any letters because, you know, in this e-mail society we know how important it is to get mailed back. fred was assessed with getting kneal back. this is the earliest letter we have of his and 1869. ..
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children that everyone thought she had had come in at the white house. wife died in childbirth and sally was the way for new for most different story. this is david benjamin, said most of you never heard of come in the great unsung hero of kansas city business. david benjamin was a jewish immigrant from london whose family settled in leavenworth or if you would know making can see better his brother offered benjamin for their many statutes. the benjamin's was the beginning of philanthropic jewish communities in kansas city, which was very much the model for a lot of us throughout the country. david benjamin was fraternities bank teller. he became fraternities first employee in the restaurant business in the 1880's who was dispatched to kansas city to set up the office here and he and fred herbie fund within the business, in fact, for many years more than fred herbie did.
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granary was no mention of fred herbie consent decree. part of the reason that he was about because that was his plan for the people he ran his business day today and with the bedrock of the business community and can see for literally decades with david benjamin and of course for a time, ford heartbeat. for darby came into the business. he was forced to leave college at the age of 19 to come in the business in the 1880's. he married a nifty kansas city late 1880's. they were by the original couple of them at quality hill. he was a quiet power in kansas city for 15 or 20 years because the company pushed with the idea that fraternity was still running everything, even at some point fred was the after 1901 he was dead. even though fred was dead, he left a will that said the company had to run as if he was alive or another 10 years. in fact none of his things could be touched and nothing is because they decided that was
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the best way to run the business with fred absent. this is the beginning of branding in america. it was invented by the fred harvey company because fred can always be around. my little companies use now to turn their brands to something bigger than just their employees. and of course, for every executive of the company, there were thousands and thousands of what you know our harvey girls and we had bonne dressed up as early herbie krill this morning for the harvey girls for the first female workforce in america. it is believed he hired over the many years 100,000 women. the women were hired here in kansas city or in chicago. they were trained here or in topeka or in eastern kansas houses and their idea was they would not hire local women to be in the restaurant. they trained their own harvey girls and they send them to all the various locations in western kansas and colorado, all through the southwest, all through california so they could control their workforce in the harvey girls had decided certificate saying they would not marry for
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six months after they went to their posting and if they sit in the cockney for six the connecticut free train travel anywhere in the nsa. this was really the beginning of working women in america. these women were adventurous laments come in the first wheel to travel by themselves good they were second third generations here today. i met a couple here today. kansas city is crawling with them. most of the fred -- [laughter] in fact, most of the fred herbie cities of which you know there are many are crawling with the descendents of santa fe railroad in santa fe hervey employs the way my site is the outpouring of enthusiasm for this book has been great because the stories being told the way they know the story, not the sort of made that judy garland movie story. it's got my size, but they mean really. and these are smart harvey crow pictures some of which have never been seen before. and now in the later years, as i said he died in 1901. the business is still based here, but the business expanded.
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some of you know there was a depression where someone were living through now, worse in the 1930's and 1890's through the santa fe railroad went bankrupt. the fred harvey company was almost the story. it was only saved because the santa fe railroad were bankrupt and they couldn't afford to fire fred herbie. as they can afford to take over the food service themselves. they had a second coming after the mid-1890's, which was also as america was coming back to reinvent itself after this terrible economic downturn. he was on the company got above the big union stations. with them they started out in big hotels london railroad and that was the second life of the fred harvey company which included the place most of you know best the hotels of the grand canyon. that was part of the second part of the harvey company which went from the turn-of-the-century after the second world war. this is mary coulter. mark coulter worked right upstairs here. she was the first important in a architect the world. a harvey company founder teach in industrial arts in minneapolis, brought her into
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the one job in the early 1900's, to create the visuals of the indian building in albuquerque, new mexico. her birthday became the beginning of what we think of the santa fe style, which is taking native american art dominated american goods that are generally seen in various their homes and putting thousands of them in the same room to create a lush environment with the same stuff. everybody in santa fe decorate their house away. many people across the country do. she was later brought back to the interiors for everyone of their buildings. she was incredibly persnickety women, the cab drivers in kansas city particularly found her hilarious because she was given the the car and scream at him to go as fast as possible through she was in several well-known accidents in kansas city because she was so all over the taxicab drivers. but this is a woman who was a very model of a professional woman who had things she wanted to get done in her life and inspiration to generation after generation the female designers
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and architects than somebody who work especially the grand canyon will live on forever. her partner in crime in the second coming of the fred harvey company was a gentleman named herman choi eyre, a german who got started as the gallup new mexico herby house in the late 1800's and his free time he would write out on his horse into the novel reservation and start getting to know the native american jewelry makers of drugmakers. now how many of you into santa fe or the southwest and how many of you came back with little pieces of turquoise and silver jewelry? come on, everybody. or you give as gifts. he may be under the impression that this jewelry was designed and created by native americans. now was in fact created by native americans, but it was designed by hermann schweitzer. hermann schweitzer realized early on but most touristed really want want to take hold real native american jewelry, which is big and heavy, has big hunks of turquoise and huge pieces of silver, so he made a
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deal with the craftsman. he took a lighter silver, smaller pieces of turquoise and showed them how to make their designs more tourist friendly, which say controversial thing people still talk about in the southwest today. however what he also did an very much what they said foreign terms of its curator ship was the also saved that crafted the artful jewelry making and the artful rug making. the fred harvey has built dual role in the southwest has been accompanied adult merchandise to native americans which peaks contract makes him uncomfortable and he had no other way to make a living after what the federal government had done before the civil war. in the originally own almost all the native american art in this country. now you have any melson museum has not been almost every native american peace magazine was originally owned by the fred harvey company. that's not surprising because he was here. basically every museum in the world that has native american goods originally got those cuts from the fred harvey company
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because the fred her permit companies to own all the native art in the country. in the relationship of the native americans could be its own book. we try to make it just one more entertaining part of this book are the fred harvey company associates is eventually will stop talking is so ambitious. it so many ambitious people working for them those wanting to try studio interesting thing for people know them as a restaurant business. people know them as a hotel business. if you remember, this is union station was once all fred harvey station. it didn't just have restaurants. fred harvey ran all the stores in this building, all the services in this building. it became a major retailer in this building. it was a 24 hour bookstore that would deliver to your house for there is a 24 hour drugstore and union station that would deliver to your house. men and women's clothing stores, native american art stores, kids toy stores, that's it they did here. kansas city takes credit for it in the first shopping center, but it then taking credit for the rock shopping center.
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it was up in many years before country club plaza in effect for harvey was invited to be one of the partners and country club plaza or did not want to be competing against himself in the operation that they are to have going here at union station. the kansas city didn't been the shopping center, don't worry. it's just time for people to recognize this was kansas city's first covered shopping center in the real turning point in american shopping. kansas city also is the home of fort herbie's two children who were very much socialites in this town, had a wonderful life here. this is kitty harvey, catherine kitty harvey and her younger brother freddy harper. freddie herbie bikini world war i pilot. her parents remember during world war i when the first lanes were being used for war, freddie herbie was the one who came with his quadrant and buzzed on the kansas city country club so everyone could see how cool it was that planes could fly and they landed his plane ride on the polo field just to prove that it could be done. freddie herbie was a daredevil
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pilot and was a parent to the fred harvey company. he married eddie drake, the daughter of lucy christie drake who was considered two of the best taste of anyone in kansas city and they were a star-studded couple in the city for many years. this is kitty harvey and her later years. kitty harvey was quite a character. she was one of the most openly women in the city, probably one of the most openly in the society. it's part of the reason she alternately was not allowed to take over the fred harvey company because she was a fascinating woman involved in many aspects of the cultural life of kansas city and also one of the great collectors of native american arts and the time she was nine years old she started buying art in santa fe. and byron harvey, who for kansas city is the one you should do because byron harvey was the youngest one of the five children a fred harvey and he's the one who took the company away from kansas city. what is revealed in this book are the first time, most people assume the fred harvey company went down over time because of
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the depression, because of the railroads going down. in reality, family businesses as we all know are mostly done in by the families. in this case, after fort herbie died in 1928 of a flu epidemic that i had honestly never heard of in my life did anyone know there was one after the flu epidemic. many people die. fort herbie died first aid after he got a cold and basically his brother and his children thought over what would happen in the fred harvey company for the next two years it became the kansas city and then it was spirit of the chicago of the rest of the fred harvey story the story of the second world war wife still happen here in kansas city the company was then based in chicago. when the harvey girls movie was made, the company was based in chicago in about that movie would be the second coming of the harvey company. they became its eulogy. some of the broad outline of the harvey company. what i just like to do is walk you through some these very cool pictures that we have to know if everything before the various characters not think that fred
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harvey company were involved in and then i'd be happy to take some of your questions. this is the first picture we have the fred harvey. as to when he came to city in the 1850's. he became what he described as the pot while for or a bus boy at a restaurant in new york. the move to st. louis for this picture was taken of him in st. louis. started a restaurant in the spurt with a southern sympathizer at the height of all this preening before the civil war started. his partner ran off with their money, fred harvey was flat broke. he had a kid and another one on the way. his wife died in childbirth giving birth to the child and in his mid-twenties the entire american dream life you built for himself was already gone. he went in and got involved in the transportation business, which in this part of the country as you know, since the train and be cared for until the civil war involved in the vault was trained, packet votes and the wagon trains which then took things beyond misery and she
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insists. he worked in that business, learned that business, lives in st. joseph's missouri and then move to leavenworth. this is downtown leavenworth kansas in 1865 for those of you don't know leavenworth, he's a city that hates kansas city for its very existence. it has of course he thought it would be kansas city. when fred urbina to leavenworth and 1860's the belief of the trance cut on the railroad is going to go to leavenworth and leavenworth was going to be the next thing it was and everything was going to be great. unfortunately it didn't work out that way. kansas city became kansas city and people of leavenworth have been angry ever since. fred rb made the decision of the time that he would continue to raise his family and leavenworth, that it was a wonderful place to raise his family but like any of the businessmen of leavenworth and relocating his business elsewhere which were fred met in on the road. and what we know from fred's spread was on the road basically for 20 years. he sold for you for the railroads, tickets for the railroads and because he was traveling everywhere by train coming also sold out for all the
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newspapers all the cities that he worked in. this is a list of some of the estimates his own notebooks that he sold. and this is example of how aggressive a businessman from harvey was. it explains on the same 186018 he could do with the leavenworth conservative to sellouts for them and for $3000 a year, which believed it was a lot of money in 1867 port said job. it was even his full-time job. he explained us and if they agreed on the deal it would be okay if he sold out for other newspapers as well. and he said they would be newspapers that competed against bo would be a good thing for them. this in a nutshell was fred harvey's vetoes. he was a very moral man, a very upstanding man, but a very aggressive man and he always believed that american business worked best when you are that aggressive about it. he had never seen anyone i could shoot against him. he was asking whether there could be additional synergy for what he was doing and people all over the midwest and later in the east and all the way in the admired him for this cozy on some thing. he was an englishman who understood the basic idea of the
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business in many ways more than the american poet only been living here. i'm not just a mac as i wrote a book about a proposal interesting is if you go look at the old newspapers are people writing this about him before he was a famous restaurant were because he will run about fred when he became it. they make cars go in the cities. and this is something that after fred did this for 20 years, he decided i believe he is sort of a second midlife crisis. when you're 40 and most times that can be midlife. so he decided he wanted to try something else. this is an actual list of maximum for businessmen, which he cut out of the newspaper and pasted into his actual diary. one of my favorite is law is a trade in which lawyers keep the oysters and live the the shells. [laughter] one of those that never has anything to do with an unlucky man be cautious in bold, make a
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bargain at once. these are rules that fred harvey very much lived his life by and he believed very much in giving a list of maxims that were the way to do business right. in fact out of the way the fred harvey company was built on this list of ways to do things right because sometimes the only reason you do the right thing and businesses because you're supposed to. it's not because you think of it or is the easiest way for you to make money, but this is a fred harvey police. in the middle 1870's he decided to start one of his 95 businesses. this time here at had a huge cattle ranch in western kansas, which he invested his money into. the rancher was fascinated to find out he on the clutter farm, which in cold blood was spilled. and he had a huge cattle ranch. investments in a lot of ordinances. have lots of businesses, but he decided he wanted to get in the restaurant business. he opened three restaurants which did not get along with their business degenerated relatively quickly. this is the list of things for
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the houston wallace kansas, which is one of his original houses. again, just for similar spirit when the restaurant business more important of a lot of cigars and to have a lot of food. so every day you had to telegraph home how many cigars you smoke because if they didn't keep cigars and place apparently could not stand the food service business. and this is a historic list. i found this among his staff. he may or may not build to see that the system generates six, 1876. as a list of things for an initial test for in topeka kansas on the second the second floor of the topeka depot, which was the turning point ultimately for his company. and this is the topeka depot acid appeared then. now the story was told that once he opened his restaurant, it was so successful that the trains would go beyond topeka until fred rb opened another restaurant on the line. this had been printed in the newspapers. this was completely made up, all part of santa fe legend. in fact, he still had his cattle
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ranch, so was the nature, have the side businesses cow was interested in them, but with a slowly developing business. in fact it was several years later that he decided in women again more cigars. he ran them for several years and then florence campus, there are more people in this room number for kansas. and at that time the train came in the population pretty much tripled. fred harvey decided this hotel in florence campus, which was a feeding station for the santa fe should become one of the great destination restaurants in the world, that basically the great show should be in chicago, in new york, in london and paris and then florence, kansas. so we heard the shots you most admire to a shot at the palmer house in chicago. he told him what your thoughts shots when he wanted to do big important jobs to work in the little place like lawrence, kansas. i'll pay you all the money in the world. you can do whatever you want here, just make this a place everybody talks about. and william phillips with a shot
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of the palmer house came there. he was paid $5000 a year, more than the head of the bank's. and much of what we know about this restaurant amazingly enough is from coverage of it and the list of newspaper. that's how well-known this restaurant quickly became because this was the place for two english guys had created the races of american food and international food and ultimate place or people hunted and fished and brought what they caught and they were paired in the grand international style. this restaurant changed fred rb/. he made a creature with william phillips which he actually had a copy of the may became the partnership. this is the oldest piece of fred harvey's santa fe china that exist. if you have as you put it on ebay you could retire. in fact much of what i've learned on ebay. if you have it on ebay but the fred harvey there's a whole world of collecting up there. but at the same time, this is getting bigger and bigger. his families on a month-to-month. this is a letter from his collection were given.
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his daughter many rights model cried all day sunday because he was not home. it was very hard be fred harvey's children. five children home home it really saw his dad. he was on the road riding the rails everywhere. i read about the montezuma at the beginning. as a monumental undertaking was incredibly successful and really hurt his health. in a change its whole family dynamic. after that was a restaurant -- a hotel mogul. everybody in the country knew him in the railroad kept expanding further and further west and he put his other businesses in this kid knew him as the name in their day books. my daughter may be a go on sunday you'll be a good woman. he always find your affectionate father, fred harvey. in the 1880's, they began the harvey girls. the harvey girls were invented primarily for a different reason than anybody had ever named. they were invented because of racism in the southwest. and in fact, the african-american waiters who have been working for harvey weren't very much danger in new
8:52 pm
mexico because in blazing cobbles was all true. and so basically the reports in the newspapers of the waiters were carrying guns while they were serving people in las vegas and further west in new mexico so the company decides to make those employees work in the back of the house and to hire women from the midwest to come out and populate all these restaurants. users of the earliest harvey girls. many of these pictures have never been seen before, but this is a kind of ethos of these harvey girls. have you ever seen a movie a league of their own how they really take care each other. that is the way the harvey girls work enough for just one or two baseball season. arbitral phenomenon lasted from 1880's to the 1940's. you're talking about generation of generation of american women who decided it had this amazing harbor girl experienced with his or her girls or her girls in search of kansas. the one on the right her day books are actually known and i got them because i heard that her granddaughter lived in the kansas city area and i got the name of the church that she had buried her mother and an left a
8:53 pm
message at the church hoping she would find me and she called me. she had her grandmother stay put in the picture is that i was able to use in there. the history in this area is so important. more harvey girls and of course there were millions of harvey shot or the harvey's train many of the chefs and managers that ran for hotels all around the country. again, literally for decades. it was a huge business. it expanded out to california eventually. this is the atlantic and pacific railroad going across to california. ford married and settle down as i explained to mrs. one of the many historic event that i got to write about because you access them from the harvey family. this is 1889, the day of the oklahoma land rush. but at the oklahoma land rush the firm? from the fred harvey restaurant in the santa fe depot in our kansas city kansas. i was directed because i said that run in the radio yesterday. and they probably had about 8000 people call in because they pronounced it wrong. i apologize for everyone into
8:54 pm
c-span for making money correctly. but incorrect in saying the fred harvey waitresses were sitting watching these people mistreat, waiting for the call to go in and take over the land in oklahoma and it was just one of many events of the fred rb people were front and center for. all the world affairs. its enormous amount of american history to face in and around the centers of time the fred harvey restaurants were involved in. fred harvey got into the dining business. originally they were trackside restaurants because there were no dining cars in the west. but later they didn't do dining cars and this is the first dining car menu between chicago and kansas city, which is a very controversial route which led to santa fe getting into a battle with all the road railways. this has become a big part of the business of one of the things that was fascinating to get access to was the czar for a telegram to. and these are the ones that are written now, they're kind of obvious. these are the ones that are more fascinating. fred went overseas for about half the year after year. hit a very nervous stomach,
8:55 pm
depression, and other physical ailments. but in the diagnosis was given was the diagnosis of eq consider laughable. he was diagnosed with something called american nervousness. [laughter] also called american -itis. and the impact of the disease of the rich, which if you're a doctor you want to be treating a lot of diseases of the rich. in the cure for american -itis was considered to leave america. and they even taught in the medical textbooks about who could come with you when you leave america, you know, if your particular family members were going, they probably should not come with you when you leave america. so this is the cure. fred went away a lot and part of the reason the fred harvey system became so brilliant that predicting the needs of consumers and the need of their employees is because they had to do so much to predict the needs of their owner. whenever fred went away they had to create ciphers for every possible thing i could go wrong and friends business or personal life. so there was a word for everything bad than good that could happen. so they can send him telegraph
8:56 pm
in england. the cipher books are psychological portrait of a man and his company in enough himself. this is a list for mrs. harvey. this is all the different things that could happen wrong in mrs. harvey's health. so if they said the word of -- it means she's very sick, come home at once. if it could be she's had come home at soonest possible punditry with business. if they would admit it says this is for you to not be the least bit uneasy. the word about is that, unable to set up. and it just goes on and on and on with all the different things that could be wrong with her. she has a fever, how bad it is, better today and everything that could happen in business. this manager is doing that, this manager last $5, this manager last $10. should replace his miniature. by doing this we learn something very essential. you can throw the good things about things that could happen before come you actually are a better business community for it and not of the fred harvey company was able to be. i'll just want to quickly through the marvel we have here.
8:57 pm
this is fred later in life. this is turning his come up in kansas city. st. louis union nation was the first that the fred harvey company ran before they came to kansas city. this is the last picture ever taken of fred, sorry. later they moved into the larger mission style hotels. teddy roosevelt and the rough riders had their original roughriders reunion at the castaneda hotel in las vegas new mexico. the company was also sort of announced the world could they also been in albuquerque. this is for harvey sitting under the edge of the grand canyon are doing about where he should go. there's a huge debate about where the hotel should be located here they want the hotel to be out over the edge peer charles lamb and it turned out at a roosevelt did not. this is the indian building in the alvarado in the beginning of the santa fe style. and movie stars always wanted to be photographed here because it was on road to hollywood. all hollywood new came from a day learned about going to the fred harvey restaurant. those are what they do for the
8:58 pm
semantic offense at these places. teddy rosa came to the grand canyon in 1903 and gave his famous environmental speech there. it was really occasioned by the fact he wanted to make sure santa fe didn't build their fred harvey h-hotel out over the list. that was what they were trying to stop them from doing. that i was environmental package began by him trying to get the santa fe to move back. you can still go to visit today. that's also a harvey girl. the harvey company was the only company licensed to bottle coca-cola in the company that is owned by likely opinion, kansas. his second generations second generations of harvey girls. this is of course kansas city union station which of the with children in 19 importunate changed everything for the fred harvey company. using this. it's all been beautifully restored. there's even a fred harvey push-up era. in in chicago union station again became another and they moved into cleveland and los angeles as well. i won't say what happened in the
8:59 pm
fred harvey company there's not enough time and you have to read the book. i will only play for the family drama between friday, kitty, betty was one i had all of kansas city and off for many, many years here tomorrow is happening the fred harvey company moved into the fonda hotel in santa fe and was the original partner in twa, freddy harvey was accompanied to the plain business. this is one of the first airborne meals were served. it is on a transcontinental flight government commandos freddy harvey, charles lindbergh, henry ford, glenn curtiss, all the original people involved in aviation. this is one more picture have to show you. this is robert einstein at the grand canyon. [laughter] one of millions of pictures of celebrities taken of the grand canyon. he did not understand these indians work for fred harvey. he got there in the upcoming and be nice to them and making an honorary chief. he could see herman schweitzer in the corner. the indians whispered to him who is this guy? what does he do? we have to give her name and


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