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tv   Book TV After Words  CSPAN  May 15, 2010 10:00pm-11:00pm EDT

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and as we arrive at the 10:00 hour back home, hope you're having a wonderful saturday evening. out here in denver, we're two hours behind you and a good ball game. 3-3, nats and the rockies. two outs, top 7. willie tavares about to hit. willie was here in colorado and had one really good year and one not so good year before they let him to. tavares hit .320 here in '07. with 33 stolen bases, 13 doubles, two triples. he was 0-8 in the world series that year, then the following year hit just .251. the reds picked him up as a free agent after the rockies let him go. but he stole 68 bases here in two years.
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little back up breaking ball, it's 1-1. 1-2 now. >> rob: well, what i love about this year's team is the guys when they're not playing whether it's willie t or harris or any of the other guys, all the willies. they work hard, they don't complain and they're good guys in the clubhouse. so mike rizzo has done a great job. >> bob: tavares looks at a fastball that comes swinging back in. certain strikeouts in -- seven strikeouts in seven innings by hammel.
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>> bob: nightfalling here in denver, colorado. at beautiful coors field. 7th inning stretch time and a reminder that voting is open for the all-star game. send your favorite nats to this year's mid-season classic in anaheim. vote up to 25 times at vote early, often and today at >> rob: well, i think hammel tonight may be over. they've got spilborghs in the
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on-deck circle. no walks, seven strikeouts, 9263 for hammel. so -- >> bob: hoping to get it, guzman, throws wide to adam dunn. >> rob: tag the runner. looks like he took a turn to the right, maybe not. >> bob: a good throw. we'll see if the hitters get home cooking for a base hit. >> rob: almost impossible right here for cristian guzman, throwing across his body, going to wrong way. dunn trying to stretch up the right field line. he almost makes an amazing play. just out of reach. >> bob: dexter fowler now will be the pinch hitter because they are probably bunting. >> rob: why wouldn't you send hammel up there to bunt though, if that's all you're going to do in. >> bob: you're burning a position player, but this tells me they're going to pull a double switch and put fowler in center field.
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>> rob: wow, nice pitch. >> bob: dexter fowler is just not hitting a lick for the rockies at .235. he's lost his starting job for the moment to gonzalez. he's going to push this bunt. this is trouble. and guzman somehow makes the play. jim tracy is going to argue that guzman was airborne and not on the bag. >> rob: well, jim tracy is going out there because this is a big out. and if you can have first and second with no outs, it'd be a lot better off than man on second. but i think he might have a beef right there. >> bob: guzman, not even close to being on the base. >> rob: watch him up in the air.
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he catches the ball on his way up tough bag. watch. he'll grab the ball but be coming up off the bag when he catches it. >> bob: and i'm not so sure fowler didn't beat him in the first place. that guy can fly. the nats get a huge break on the out call. and phillips is at second base with one out. >> rob: yeah, we'll take that and run with it and not gloat too much. >> bob: keep in mind, that's a catcher out there. they're not pinch running for him. and now, rob's point is well taken about why not leave hammel out there to bunt? you can pinch run for the guy with fowler. but you have to bring in olivo, your final catcher into the game. >> rob: it's a tough play to begin with and as we slow it down, jumping up off the bag when he makes the catch. >> bob: and fowler's foot is already on the base. >> rob: yep. >> bob: i don't know though, from that angle.
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looks like his foot is still on the bag when he catches it. >> bob: yeah, but i think fowler's foot was on the bag before the ball was in the glove. >> rob: so much going on on that play. >> bob: like a fire drill over there. marty foster made the out call. rockies have two shots with gonzalez and smith to take the lead in sean burnett's second inning. >> rob: well, i mean, they're listening for the ball to hit the mitt. they're not watching the blague the glove, they're watching the bag. he's listening for the guy hit the bag, but that was a late cough by dunn. a quick bang bang, judgment call by the umpire. >> bob: to adam dunn's credit, he really charged the ball well and got the thousand away if -- throw away in a hurry. >> rob: let's see this from another angle, bob. and here you see as we slow it down, trying to look between
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the up peer easterlies. -- umpire's legs, there it is, it's off the bag. i agree. i think fowler might have beat the play anyway. >> bob: fowler beat the whole thing. 3-1 pitch now. nasty breaking ball. that had carlos gonzalez beat all over the batter's box. >> rob: wow, i think he was thinking that was going to be another heater and he got the whole dose of charlie. didn't look too good on him. look at that. on a 3-2 count? >> bob: if you throw it 3-1, you throw it 3-2? >> rob: you better throw it 3- 2. >> bob: throws the fastball and it's hammered right at nyjer morgan. with him backing up -- phillips will go to third base with two outs. that will leave it up to seth
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smith who's homered tonight and walked twice. considering where the nats are in their batting order and jim riggleman is checking the card right now, he nows how big an outs this. the nats have the top of the order due up in the 8th. 3:00 tomorrow, olsen, francis. lefties will rule at least try to here at coors field. for the series finale. great breaking ball. from one batter's box to the other. >> rob: that's why i'd like to see sean burnett out there more often. he needs work to stay sharp. >> bob: does your breaking ball go that big if you're not tired at least? >> rob: no because you're not overthousanding it. -- overthrowing it. but just imagine you're a long distance runner and you don't run for a while and somebody goes out there and says run the
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100-yard dash. you're fresh. as a pitcher, your adrenaline kicks in and you're trying to make a tough pitch which is technique and mechanics and you're too strong. and the worst thing to do on a breaking ball is be too strong and overthrow it. it stays up in the zone and those usually leave the ballpark. >> bob: 2-1 to seth smith. >> rob: and i know atilano's last start, he was working on a couple of extra days rest and they didn't like that because he's a sinkerball guy. you you want him of the a tired arm because the ball has more sink. he's not sinking the ball as much. but seven ground ball outs today? that's much better. >> bob: uh-huh. hi had 10 in his first start. april 23rd at home against the
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dodgers. a hitter you'd rather not face until the 8th. brad hawpe on-deck. sean burnett looking at one lefty after another here. and right back through the box. desmond is there. throws -- out! no -- dunn dropped the ball. it was a long hop that appears to be okay for adam dunn and he couldn't squeeze it. rockies take the lead. a lot of hop that one, rob. that ball has got to be caught. >> rob: ground ball, it's deflected by burnett or else it would have been a base hit. little backhand scoop right there by adam dunn and he knows
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he should have made the play. he thought it was going to be more a bang bang play, but he had plenty of time to make that catch. >> bob: the official scorer hasn't posted anything yet. i would imagine he's trying to decide between error on the throw or error on the drop. doesn't matter, the rockies lead 4-3 now and here's hawpe. desmond got to that ball in plenty of time and just didn't get a whole lot on the throw. he was in full stride with that range of his. this ball, high in the air and heading out of play.
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>> rob: this one's got to be the toughest thing for sean burnett too. you're a left-handed guy out of the bullpen. coming into tonight, left- handers were hitting almost .400 off of him. .381 whereas right-handers, .077. left-handers continue to play against him. >> bob: that ball right through wil nieves. they've given an error on that play a moment ago.
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>> rob: six on the throw because it hit the ground? >> bob: yeah, i think you have to. >> rob: yeah. and now he's in damage of walking this lefty -- danger of walking this lefty to get to tulowitzki. >> bob: really the first error ian's made on a throw this year. >> rob: tyler walker, loosening right now. give sean a lot of credit. he knocked the ball down. to blow it up so ian could even make the play.
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>> bob: ball just foul tipped. >> rob: that got him like right in the thigh. foul tipped. right here, getting wil -- >> bob: long 7th inning here. and a pitch up. strikes out hawpe. rockies get an unearned run on the throwing error by desmond. 4-3, colorado.
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>> bob: top of the 8th inning coming up here, just east of the cockries, morgan -- rockies, morgan, harris and zimmermann against joe beimel. after the ball game, "nats xtra." phil wood in the studio this weekend. it's been a wild day in denver. the nats were very much in the afternoon game until bruney walked two guys and gave up runs in the 8th.
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clubhouse reaction and a series finale preview when scott olsen takes on jeff francis tomorrow. >> rob: well, it's been a long day, but you have to kick it in right here. only down a run. joe beimel is in there. you know he's not going to blow it by you. be patient and try to take his breaking stuff the other way. >> bob: you would have to think that inside to the colorado rotation, that jason hammel has lived to fight for another start. three runs, six hits in seven innings without a walk and seven strikeouts tonight. nyjer morgan is going to be 0- 4. two strike outs and two grounders to the second baseman.
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next up, willie harris who's 1- 3 and then ryan zimmerman who's the same. >> rob: joe likes to slow down the pace of the game when he comes in. a lot like last year with ron
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beloam. pretty meticulous in the way he works. i think he doesn't have that 98- mile an hour fastball. he's about 88 with good breaking stuff. >> bob: 3-0. with the two guys the nats have coming up, any way to get willie harris at first base is god. good, down by a run. top of the 8th. >> rob: we've won a game on this trip with somebody getting hit by a pitch. get it any way you can get it. if you're willie and you get a fastball on the inner half of the plate next to you -- >> bob: he got jammed. that ball is flared down the line and it's run down on a slide by brad hawpe.
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>> rob: that's a great play. >> bob: and that was a fair ball when he caught it. pardon me, that's gonzalez. they have moved their fielders. they put in fowler in center and moved gonzalez to right. >> rob: the home depot doing more on defense right here. carlos gonzalez just moved into right field and sliding is the quickest way to stop on a baseball field. that could have been painful. i think that's it for mr. beimel. >> bob: he got his two guys. they want a right-hander for zimmerman. joe beimel sets down two of his former mates and matt belisle is on the way.
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>> bob: matt belisle takes over for the rockies here. in the top of the 8th inning. he's given up one opener 22 innings -- homer in 22 innings. right hander matchup with ryan zimmerman who's 1-3 here in the night cap.
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first pitch fastball. looked pretty good. he didn't get the call. >> rob: we, of ryan's eight home runs, seven are off right- handers hitting .306. seven home runs, 15 driven in. 22 hitting versus right-handed pitching this year. >> bob: lashes a base hit to left. >> rob: i don't know why you brought the righty in. he kept it in the ballpark. he did. >> bob: adam dunn is coming up now and the nats have a good matchup here. >> rob: zim loves right-handed pitching, gets one on the inner
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half and slams it into left field and that brings big fat dunn up in a big situation here. he's already got two home runs today, one in each game. >> bob: facing a former cincinnati teammate. ford drive of the game. well, he's hit better drives, but this one just had too much on a high fly ball. got out of here. >> rob: they all can't be upper deck. against right-handers, dunn hitting close to .300. five home runs, actually six now. six home runs off righties this year. this is only the second time he's seen matt belisle, his former teammate. 0-1 against him with a strikeout.
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>> bob: top of the 8th inning. nats have outhit the rockies 7- 5. but trail 4-3. >> rob: i was just told that adam dunn has never homered on each game in a double header. so bookended a couple of home runs today. how about three home runs in a double header? wow. that was a pitch right there. >> bob: cristian guzman next here in the 8th.
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>> rob: strangely, there's like more fans since the game started like filling up. >> bob: i think a 6:00 start will do that. >> rob: once the game started? >> bob: pitch to dunn and he strikes out on the change-up low and away. nationals are gone in the 8th. not generating much offense on this saturday night in a hitter's haven. host: could switching to geico really save you 15% or more on car insurance? host: does elmer fudd have trouble with the letter r?
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>> bob: night falling in cool denver, colorado. supposed to be a little warmer tomorrow for the series finale. 3:00 p.m., scott olsen goes to the mound, a 2-0 record, 2-1 overall and jeff francis will make his 2010 debut for the rockies, a 51 game career winner coming off shoulder surgery. 2:30 "nats xtra" with johnny and phil presented by your washington area ford dealers. tyler walker's been hot out of the bullpen. he'll try to take care of tulowitzki, helton and stewart here in the colorado 8th. breaking ball, tulowitzki on a hop to zimmerman. flips it across and a tag for the out. that will bring up helton and
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stewart here in the bottom of the 8th. so those of you just joining us after cleveland beat baltimore 8-2, welcome to coors field in denver, colorado. bonus coverage for you on masn hd. the nationals and the rockies in the bottom of the 8th. colorado leads it 4-3. second game of a split double header. the rockies won the day game 6- 2 behind ubaldo jimenez. todd helton is the hitter. 0-2 with a walk in this game. and he gets under that one to right field for willie tavares. two quick outs in the 8th for tyler walker. coors field where the rockies
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this year ar9-7. the nats are 9- 8 on the road. bob carpenter, rob dibble and debbi taylor with our masn hd crew here. third game of the series, the nationals won in the rain, 14-6 friday night. last night, rained out. rockies won today now they're trying to make it two in a row. ian stewart is 0-3 be three balls bush with three ball -- with three balls in the air. rob, i think tyler walker is a perfect example of a guy that you look at what he did this spring. had nothing to do with the success he's had since coming north. >> rob: no andit has everybody to do with the evaluation process saying we know what he can do during the regular season and how valuable he can be to the ball club. we're going to have to wait it out until his arm gets right or ready or however you want to look at it and once it's become
10:32 pm
apparent that his arm is right, this guy has been a great cog in this wheel. so you know, right now, tyler walker is valuable to the relief core on the team as anybody. >> bob: used to have to wonder until brian bruney works out his issues, if walker suddenly becomes a 7th and 8th inning man. >> rob: he didn't want to use tyler clippard today and that's why reused bruney. >> bob: that bouncer will get through for ian stewart. his fifth base hit of this series and clint barmes will be next. barmes, 0-3 tonight, 3-11 with a couple of rbis in this series.
10:33 pm
he's made his contributions significant with the glove at second base. >> rob: he was really in game one. making plays all over the field. so was rockies defense. >> bob: way the way, their -- by the way, their bullpen is quiet. they liked the way belisle threw when he came in. they're a team without anybody in the bullpen right now who has a save. >> rob: ooh. >> bob: that ball deep -- foul and it does. >> rob: ooh man,. >> bob: with franklin morales on the d. l. and huston street out rehabbing, the rockies have a total of 0 saves from the bullpen guys. >> rob: right there, you see barmes chop down on the breaking ball. nearly hit a home run. doesn't take much. just got the hit it on the line -- to hit it on the line.
10:34 pm
>> bob: bullpen quiet right now. clint barmes has hit 54 career home runs in six and a half years. >> rob: and matt belisle has one career save in 170 games in 43 starts. >> bob: that was with the cincinnati reds five years ago. >> rob: uh-huh. >> bob: the nationals have guzman, the pitcher's spot and then desmond in the ninth. that ball well foul. >> rob: and clint fighting off the big 12-6 curveball by walker. really, really pulls down hard to generate that downward swing. ups store pitch track right here. you see it start at the top of
10:35 pm
the zone and break to the bottom. good job there on 0-2, barmes just making contact. >> bob: we do a lot more than shipping like offering moving boxes and supplies at the store. runner moving, throw low, runner is safe. >> rob: well, it was a pitch down at the zone. i think it's a breaking ball. and he comes up. really good jump too. so ian stewart gets a good jump. he kept his foot on there. but really, you steal a lot of bases off the pitchers. if the pitcher doesn't deliver the catcher in less than 1.2 seconds or it's a slow pitch, very tough to throw base runners out. >> bob: runs games in the series have been a -- running games in the series have been a
10:36 pm
mismatch. down to zimmerman, backhand, he plants, long throw. the gold glover makes an outstanding play. to the 9th, nats down by a run. trying to salvage a game from the double header and this play goes a long way toward keeping it close.
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>> bob: colorado crowd hoping to spill on to the streets of lodo, lower downtown here shortly. top of the 9th inning. map well corpus -- manuel corpus was ready. 19 saves in '07 and the rockies won the pennant. but only five since then and none this year. guzman -- todd helton with a diving play.
10:39 pm
>> rob: well, in-between hawpe right there, right off there in front of the plate. if it had gone one more hop, would have been a little bit tougher, but a great dive by the kind of sickly todd helton. out there sucking it up for the team because he knows the defense -- may not be swinging weapon. the defense comes through in the 9th inning. >> bob: josh willingham, one of the last options for jim riggleman. he could have gone with adam kennedy. i know willingham will be in the lineup against the left hander jeff francis tomorrow. >> rob: helton, gold glove winner in 2004 and 2001 at the national league.
10:40 pm
their defense has been spectacular in the first three games of this series. >> bob: willingham pinch hit this afternoon and was hit by the pitch. in the 8th inning, of a then one run game. willie tavares then pinch ran for him. nats came up short and here he is in the 9th inning of the nightcap with one out. >> rob: 444 in this count. >> bob: 2-1 to willingham.
10:41 pm
it's over but low. >> rob: looks like a two seam side arm sinking fastball that he gets over for a strike. would like to see him throw that with a little more sink down and in to the hammer and see what he can do with it. >> bob: 3-2. target in.
10:42 pm
straight up it goes. todd helton gives way to tulowitzki. for the second out. >> rob: well, this was it, 3-2, sinker coming in. a little bit high though. he likes it down lower. so corpus got away with that one. >> bob: pudge rodriguez, if the inning continues and that is up to ian desmond. >> rob: awful quiet this series. >> bob: desmond, 0-3 tonight. 2-9 with two rbis in colorado. slider for a strike.
10:43 pm
you can look at the outfield and tell how they're going to pitch desmond. way around to the right. probably 120 feet between smith and the left field line. now ian has to battle. it's 0-2. >> rob: tough pitch to take. a couple of 81-mile an hour shieders followed by -- sliders followed by 92 on the black.
10:44 pm
>> bob: and desmond squirts it dune to helton and the -- down to helton and the rockies have taken the series lead. they sweep the doubleheader today, 6-2 and 4-3. and that gets them back to the .500 mark. nats outhim them but lose it by a run. back with more from coors field ahead.
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hi everybody, johnny holliday with phil wood. the nationals get swept by the rockies. the chance for the nationals to split this thing comes up tomorrow phil. >> a tough way to lose the ball game on the unearned run. luis atilano nothearted tonight, but he kept the nationals -- not sharp tonight, but he kept the nationals in the ball game. >> we'll talk about that when we come back. let's go to bob and rob. >> thank you johnny. thank you phil.
10:46 pm
and the rockies do have the lead in the series as the nats will try and equalize and get a split of this thing tomorrow afternoon. for rob dibble and debbi taylor, i'm bob carpenter, the rockies win it 4-3. tomorrow, nats and rockies, we'll get you going at 2:30 with "nats xtra." this has been a presentation of masn. with johnny and phil right now, so long for just a while from the booth in colorado. well, thus far, if rockies have taken two out of three from the nationals. johnny holliday with phil wood. our "nats xtra" postgame brought to you by verizon.
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and a ball game that was tied up, phil in the 3-3 ball game in the 7th inning. that's the defining moment and the nats gave up an unearned run in the 7th inning. >> johnny, a journeyman catcher by the name of paul phillips gets the run. then seth smith hits the ball over the middle off the glove of sean burnett. fielded by ian desmond who throws the ball into the dirt and the winning run scores. unfortunately, that's the way the ball bounces and the rockies get sweep today. >> and burnett because he gives up the unearned run gets tagged with the loss. his first of the year. corpas gets the save. adam dunn, a homer in the first and second game. nine of the season for the second baseman. bernadina goes 2-3 with a double and two driven in. smith for the rockies,
10:48 pm
gonzalez, 1-4. he had two rbis in the game. now, look at the standings. the nationals now at 20-17. they fall three games behind philadelphia. the marlins are four games out. the mets five out and the atlanta braves five and a half out. >> this is not anything to be concerned about. this is one of the things where you -- 37 games -- you hope that they are able to split the series tomorrow. the pitching matchup, i think favors the nationals a little bit. but just the same, we haven't seen reached the one-third mark of the season. it's 54, 54 and 54. at this point and time, you're grateful they're over .500 and you hope that they keep winning a couple for every game they lose. >> it's not like the ball club is getting blow out. most of the time they kept it close. >> they lose it on the unearned run. >> that's right. how about luis atilano tonight? he gets -- doesn't get tagged
10:49 pm
with any win or loss. no decision. he has struggled and then he got the trouble later on. >> well, he was successful when he kept the ball down in the strike zone, but he gave up the home run there to gonzalez and then smith with another home run on the fastball. again, this guy had only given up one home run in his previous four starts, but later on, he got the strikeout pitch working and got if ground ball out over and over again. here's another one off the bat of clint barmes and gets phillips on the strikeout. in the 5th inning, against the pitcher, jason hammel, he gets a ground ball out to third base. another classic zimmerman play there. gonzalez strikes out swinging after smith walk and a hawpe single. troy tulowitzki flied out to center field. so he wasn't -- he wasn't awful. it's not a quality start. he only went five innings. but the point is, he kept the
10:50 pm
team in the ball game. they have to be concerned with the fact he's walking more than he's striking out. >> only one home run in his first four games that he gave up, tonight, he gives up two in a matter of five pitches. five innings pitched, three earned runs, only gave up four hits, walked four and struck out three. 93 pitches he threw, 59 of those were for strikes. so atilano, no decision tonight as the nationals lose it by one. 4-3 and outhit the rockies, 7- 6. >> again, their pitching kept the team in the ball game. sean burnett did another decent job. >> atilano -- stays in the rotation. >> he hasn't done anything to lose the spot. >> hopefully it will do that. the nats tonight fall. they will go for game number four in the series tomorrow and back out to coors field, bob carpenter and rob dibble and a
10:51 pm
tough loss for the ball club on an unearned run. >> a nationals were in the afternoon game until the 8th inning when bruney struggled. right down to jim riggleman, always kind to join us win or lose. jim, you lost a couple of ball games today. talk about atilano and maybe some of the struggles he had walking people tonight when he really didn't give up that many base hits. >> yeah, luis did a good job. he was behind a lot of guys whether he walked them or not. he was just getting behind and you know, he kept us in the ball game. he must be tough to see because the gun is not lighting up. he gets pretty good hitters to take some bad at-bats and finally a couple of the left- handers got him in the one inning though. >> when you look at this field, one of the toughest pitcher's park in baseball. you know, after the 14-6 first game, you have to be pleased
10:52 pm
with the starting pitching. it's a question of you have the colorado's starters just a little bit better than ours. >> yeah, their guys did a good job. you know, hammel is coming off the disabled list. the real guy. the pitcher who had that 12 e.r.a. or whatever. that really wasn't him. we saw more of the real thing tonight and he's going to be a challenge for the national league west. but he played good baseball both games. just couldn't get over the hump in either one of them. >> jim, adam dunn hits a couple of home runs today. a couple of run lost there, but what is it about adam? this time of year, about four or five weeks into the season, he finds his stroke. >> i'm in the sure, if you multiply the season times four, he's on his pace for what he gets every year. those are big numbers that he's on pace for. so we're for the of the him doing it as you -- fortunate to have imdoing it as you said. ryan zimmerman's been hitting
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the ball really good and he's been doing a great job and you know, every now and then they're going to get you and they got him on that one. >> we appreciate your time win oz lose and see you tomorrow. >> thanks. >> jim riggleman as the nats drop the doubleheader. the first half was statistically one of the greatest e.r.a. match us in the history of major league baseball. invoking names like bob gibson and don drysdale in terms of livan hernandez meeting ubaldo jimenez today. >> it was outstanding. when you look at one of the best young pitchers in the game in jimenez, and one of the elder guys in livan hernandez, two totally different styles. one guy throws 99, livan threw it 62. but our starters did a great job today. atilano kept us in the game and only allowed the home runs, that was three total and a couple of home runs by livan and three runs in that one. throw out the 8th inning, six
10:54 pm
runs allowed by the starting pitching at coors field is outstanding. you saw what he did to their pitching in game one. 14 runs off of them in that rain soaked ball game. but atilano made pitches when he had to. sometimes we weren't able to turn the double plays, but looking at coors field and i played here in the minor leagues and a lot of guys come up here and you can add a run to your e.r.a. if you pitch here for the entire season. and sometimes, you got to give credit where credit is due. colorado outplayed us, outhit us and outpitched us, but just a little bit. so to be .5 hunt on the road trip receiver -- .500 on the road trip receiver, very pleased. >> i think the difference has been colorado's defense in the series. miguel olivo has thrown out every base stealer. barmes in game one today.
10:55 pm
>> hey rob in the first game, noticed that livan only threw the real slow breaking ball four or five times. he didn't use it again after giving up the home run to giambi. >> because phil you don't throw a breaking ball in colorado. it's usually hit for a home run here and over the course of the life of this and plaid back in the '8s -- and i played back in the '80s. you have to go sinker and you go stuff down because if the ball getting up and you see dunn's second home run of the day, that ball is not out of probably 28 ballparks in the major leagues, but here at coors field, it carried, carried and it got out. so livan throws 65-mile an hour curveballs up there. he didn't want to live up there today. and the guys with the slow bats killed him. olivo and giambi. i said before the game, we were here for the entire game. those were the trouble spots. >> okay mr. rob and bob, see you guys tomorrow.
10:56 pm
get that game tomorrow and split the series. >> johnny, it would be good to go the st. louis with a winning record on the rip. we'll see -- trip, we'll see you tomorrow at 3:00. >> bob carpenter and rob dibble at coors field and when we come back, a couple of big swings after the bat tonight from adam dunn, a laser shot in the upper deck in game one and also homered in game number two, but the rockies take two.
10:57 pm
10:58 pm
"nats xtra" postgame brought to you by verizon. had to reach. hits a swinging bunt. that will stay fair for a base hit. ryan zimmerman is now 7-11 in this series. >> and after that big thursday, we had two home runs and six rbis, ryan continues the hit the ball well. he moves playing at colorado,
10:59 pm
phil. >> he's had a great weekend of course with one game left. 8-13 so far. but he's kind of locked in right now, johnny. he's swinging the bat well and he's got a couple of home running during this series. he's on track to have a very similar year to last year and as you look at the national league overall, i mean, i don't think there's much doubt that ryan zimmerman is the national league premier third baseman. david wright is still having problems hitting at citi field and you look at zim in the national league and evan longoria, two young guys going to be around a long time. >> 25, 26 years old. well the nationals had more offense. the 4th and the 6th inning. in the 4th inning, there's the swinging bunt by ryan zimmerman, he's safe at first base. >> then cristian guzman hits one up the middle. zimmerman goes to second base and then roger bernadina continues with a double to the gap in left center field. that scores both zimmerman and guzman.


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