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tv   International Programming  CSPAN  January 5, 2011 7:00am-7:30am EST

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but openly genocidal program. let me give you yasser arafat's words in january, 1996. ladies and gentlemen in the heart of the oslo process speaking in stockholm to a group of ambassadors we plan to eliminate the state of israel and establish a purely palestinian state. we now need all the help we can get from you and you are battle for united palestine under total arab muslim nomination. and his fatah cofounder the plo
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ideologist mahmoud abbas. it's not for palestiniian fatah to recognize israel. no wonder abbas' authority in which it has increased aid to the point of having funded it $1.3 billion in the last 12 months. no wonder that this palestinian authority inculcates jew-hatred through its mosques, through its schools, through its media. earlier this year the pa television broadcast a short termon from the mosque in which the cleric declared the jew juice the enemies and the memory of human at a in general. prophet says you should fight the jews. this june sheik mohammed hussein
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another palestinian salaried cleric said in his short termon that the mosque is threatened by the plans of the enemies of allah, the jews. and in a particularly horrific sentiment a few years ago, another palestinian authority credentialed salaried cleric said that the jews are a virus resembling aids. and yet abbas' palestinian authority goes further than demonizing jews. it glorifies them and names streets after them and your government ignores and whitewashes this fact. in march the obama administration publicly condemned israel for announcing a program of building of jewish homes in east jerusalem during vice president joseph biden's visit. however, it failed to condemn something else that happened during the same visit by president biden that was the
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palestinian authority naming a public square in ramallah from the leader of the terrorists who perpetrated the coastal road massacres when people were slaughtered when at last secretary clinton many days later provided the administration's first criticism of this -- of this glorification, it was only to white white house and protect abbas and the pa by incorrectly stating that it was a hamas-controlled municipality that initiated the event. clinton actually praised abbas and praised prime minister 5 he'd for their strengthening of law and order. and thus israel has had not to bear any cruelty or hatred by diabolical passions and frenzy. this is a group where they said the jews are from monkeys and pigs and hands out drinks and
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sweets when israelis are turned out to bits and congratulate the parents who begin the deed. and when they heard the two israeliists have been taken into custody and proceeded with sadistic glee to bludgeon to death and show their corpses to the frenzy below where they were mutilated bodies without recognition. we look on the revival of anti-semitisim across the world and so we should. all polling data, all statistical records, all indices point to the rise of anti-semitisim in recent years. our vulnerability is a measure of the weakness inside the west, one in which moral relativism, the great philosophical and now the great political disaster of the western world of our times has sapped people's ability to think. our challenge, therefore, is
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fighting an enemy ma world beholden to moral relativism and political correctness and false equivalence. these things they have created a society and a media today in the west in which many can't see the difference between the society that builds bunkers to shield its civilians from missiles and a society that uses its civilians to shield its missiles in bunkers. between a society that saves the lives of enemies in the best hospitals in the middle east and a society that sends a pregnant woman with an israeli humanitarian hospital pass to visit the doctors and nurses who gave her a lifesaving skin graph strapped with an explosive belt. between a society that sends relief teams to iraq after an earthquake killed and they refused the request and cheer with glee when 40 guards are insin rating and the fires are still raging on the slopes and the most efficient army field
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how the to pull haitians out of the earthquake rubble and by the way do you see any saudi and syrian relief teams there, i didn't. and to work in an israeli restaurant where they are hedging a plot to poison diners in a society in which the parliament passes a unanimous condemnation of a jewish terrorist and a palestinian parliament in which the speaker calls for the worldwide murder of jews some america, allah do not leave a single one alive. of course, you are unlikely to find out such things in your daily newspaper but you will read a false allegations for successive of them use bombs on gazans and in the life and death situations and for israel to call for greater self-reflection that the sheer imaginative hubris that will leave long after he leaves office and a good many people that if they throw more steaks to the lion,
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the lion will become a vegetarian but that is the west. think of what israel's neighbors have done to affect their societies about the truth of israel. when they send relief embassies when they were attacked in al-qaeda saying israel is engaging in a public relation to look humane in front of the west or cast your minds just last week to the burning insixteen rated 40 israeli prison guards who had gone to save those from a prison and the plo puts out a statement saying that, of course, they moved slowly because all the prisoners were only arabs. and what would have happened by the way if israel had been allowed to send those relief teams six years ago to iran? iranians would have seen disproof first hands the monstrous lives fed to them about israelis. and by the way that's the reason last year the iranian vice president was quietly forced to rosigned when he offend people by saying iranians are friends of all people in the world
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including even israelis. now, his sin was not that he diverted from the official policies. these things happen all the time. no his culpable offense was that he committed the inference of jews but on other people who in different circumstances they could be living on good terms. a small inference that humanized the jewish people for the moment that was a dangerous setback to their dehumanization of this regime which is marching on a bond and on that subject i will end by this. of all the arguments we need to make surely this is the easiest we've got to make before the american government and the public. it's widely appreciated that the nuclear-armed iran is a great danger to israel and it's an norms danger to the united states. whatever the political security and economic risk for america, if diplomacy fails and carries out a last resort military strike it will be as nothing against the shadow of nuclear blackmail. under which america will be obliged to live once israel gets such weapons.
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and even if iran fires at the u.s. who believes iran won't give such weapons to terrorists. think about it japan in 1945 was opposed to surrendering it took two atomic bombs to change its mind. do you think americans will fight harder than the japanese did then? and what if they do fight when there's a third bomb? and even if iran never fires at the u.s., who really believes iran wouldn't give such weapons to terrorists? and who believes that once having such weapons, terrorists won't use them in the u.s.? and let me step back and say if either neither uses them, what unending series of concessions, climbdowns and retreats will america will have to make to newer it continues. once iran gets the bomb our freedom here in this country will be compromised beyond anything we imagined. israel faces an unappeasable enemy how successful we bring that message across to the american government of this country and in the west as a big
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part of answering a seldom asked question if and when we have victory for our enemies. and it will certainly have a role to play in how quickly if at all americans clamour for action to deal with iran before mr. mahmoud ahmadinejad has his finger on the nuclear trigger. thank you. [applause] [applause] >> we are pleased to introduce helen freedman, the national executive director of americans for a safe israel. helloen will discuss the arab efforts to rewrite jewish history in the middle east. [applause]
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>> thank you. it's such a pleasure to be here. i want to thank joe kauffman for inviting me to participate in this very important conference. and i want to say that of all the speakers who have been so impressive so far, the one -- i guess i shouldn't say this, the one i loved the most is because he said israel is strong, israel is powerful. israel will live and give us courage and hope. unfortunately, when we listen to he the talks about the hatred and the anti-semitisim and the anti-zionism and all the rest of that and all of it is true, and the threats and the horrors that we're facing are all true, still, it's wonderful to have that positive attitude of strength and growth. and israel is an american
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country. it is and by the way, i happen to know one of the most 55,000 ribbon family members, a friend of mine, yes. anyway, here we are at this pro-israel conference. and the name pro-israel is well chosen because we're all supporting israel. but people have different definitions of these words. i'm a member of americans for a safe israel. and for us, when we talk about pro-israel, we talk about supporting a whole israel. a whole israel. the biblical promise. of course, the biblical promise a little difficult because it didn't include jordan today and parts of syria and other things but still we're talking about the whole israel that was left after 78% of the promised land,
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the mandated area was cut off and given to jordan. but not everybody defines everything the same way. so i'm thinking about, what does it mean when we talk about accepting the language with which the arab world has indoctrinated the left wing media? we hear about the settlements, the settlements are such a problem. we hear about the occupation. israel the occupier. the green line, the west bank, the palestinians, the very name palestinians, this is a fabrication. and everyone speaks about the palestinians. you even hear the israelis using that language. and, of course, the two-state solution. so the united nations, of course, doesn't help the situation. they came out with the declaration that zionism is
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racism. and then, of course, is anti-semitisim any different from anti-zionism. people tend to try to separate those two. we already heard one of the speakers talk about anti-semitis anti-semitisim. there's a brilliant harvard academic, ruth weiss who has recently written in commentary magazine about zionism of determination, national self-determination and the belief was that the reason the people hated the jews were they were always strangers in somebody else's land. they were never the owners. so if israel had its own countries its own land people would stop hating it. well, that wasn't the case, not at all.
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what happened was that the hatred became even stronger. and on top of that, we had the jews who began to suffer the psyche of the abused. you know, you've all, of course, heard psychologists speak about abused children, abused adults who are so attacked and so wounded by their abusers that they start to believe the lives that they've heard. they start to believe that they're responsible for this hatred. that they're responsible for the things that they're accused of, even though it's not true. so he blames himself. instead, the jews should say,
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there's nothing that we can do to end anti-semitisim. it's the job of the haters, the haters are the ones who have to change. israeli concessions, israeli construction freezes, give away of holy places, division of jerusalem, the give-away of judea and samarra. and the more israel gives, and the more it tries to be conciliatory and negotiate and be understanding and all the rest, the more it's considered a weakling and, therefore, should be abused. there's been a hugely successful con job done on the liberal western world. liberals are defined by their
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generous view of human nature. and they insist on attributing kindness, hope, optimism, rationality to all people. however, refusing to accept that there is evil in the world perpetrated by evil people leads to an incorrect diagnosis. the disease has to be diagnosed properly in order to be cured. carolyn glick, an israeli journalist most of have read her material and you know she created this website, it's a weekly program of satirical comedy to help people see the absurdity of the arab claims against israel. and i'm sure all of you have seen this brilliant video. the lyrics to one -- i wish i could sing it to you but i can't. i'd scare all of you away, it's
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we con the world. this is the arabs speaking. we conned the world. we conned the people. we'll make the world abandon reason. for facts there's no demand. we'll gain the upper hand. the truth will never find its way to your tv. and when you see this video played on your youtube, whatever you can pull it up on your computer at any time, all the singers are dressed with arab hats and so on. that is con and this is abandoning of reason and the truth never reaches your tv and these are the problems. and we know that the "new york times" with ethan branna, who is the jerusalem reporter, is somebody who i met in israel.
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he actually came, you know, they sponsor trips to israel twice a year. he actually joined us on one of our trips for an afternoon. and he went to one of the outposts in samarra that we were visiting. and i was giving him my spiel and he was listening and all the rest to it. he came back and did a huge report on israel. he used a picture of our group that was at the head of the page, a gigantic page-wide picture of us. but he never spoke about the things that we had seen and the things that we were learning. he used it simply to talk about the fact that it could be illegal for americans to make contributions to communities over the green line in judea and samarra, none of which is true, of course. you also have something like
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"time" magazine. some of you recently may have seen the front page cover story by carl vick with a big jewish star on the cover. and inside the jewish star it says why israel doesn't care about peace. well, lots of people never get past the cover of a magazine. lots of people never get past the headlines. why phrase it that way unless you want to demonize and delegitimatize israel. why not ask why do arabs reject peace? isn't the arabs who are always walking away? isn't it they who are making unreasonable demands and storming off and it's always the israelis who are ready to compromise? well, it's time to just look back a little bit at israel's history. and our biblical roadmap.
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you know, we talk about all the roadmap and the roadmap to peace and all this nonsense but we have a biblical roadmap. and those of you who go to synagogue, you know that these last few weeks, we've been reading. we've been reading the whole history of abraham and isaac and jacob and joseph and how we've gone -- how they traveled from one place to another. and god's promise over and over and over again to abraham, to isaac, jacob, this is your land and this is your inheritance and your seed will inherit the land and we have to believe in this biblical promise and we have to believe this is what makes us unique. you know, it's interesting. americans for a safe israel works with christians very closely. we're very, very good partners with evangelical christians who support us tremendously. and they are always quoting the
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bible and always giving us these bits of information from the bible but jews don't do it. jews are embarrassed. it's a little embarrassing that we claim that, you know, we have a biblical right. that we are a special people. that we're chosen. it sounds so arrogant. it sounds so pompous and we don't want to be like that. but we promised to carry the tar to the world. it's a huge burden. you see what a burden it's been? look what happened to us all through the centuries. persecution, execution and suffering, untold suffering. and here we are in israel today in this magnificent country, this miraculous country. i hope we'll even get to go -- that you do go, that you see it. we go as i said twice a year. we go to judea, to samarra, to
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the golan. and we spent lots of time in many areas, and lots of times in that communities. 21 flourishing communities were destroyed up until the last minutes i couldn't believe it would happen. how could israel do such a thing to its own people? to its own communities, to its own -- to its own life blood seven these are the best people, the best kids, the best everything? but it did happen. it did happen. and in any case, this is our problem. but if we read the bible, it tell us going to hebron, and other places, the tabernacle rested in silo before taken to jerusalem. king david was in hebron. he had his kingdom to hebron. go to hebron. go see the ruins that were
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uncovered of king david's kingdom. it's life. it's truth. these are the facts. this is the -- this is we're here and this is why the arabs are interested in curing all our archeological findings and digging out another mosque underground and when they were digging out that mosque underground, i have no idea when i the israeli government allowed that to happen, but they did. and they threw out all the artifacts that found there that proved israel's presence there. and today when you go up to the temple mound, and i hope when you go to jerusalem that you do go -- and if you need help in knowing who to contact and who to -- how to go so that you don't violate any of the religious precepts, i'll be very happy to give you that
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information. and we go all the time, every time that i'm in israel with every group that i bring, i make a point to go to the temple mound and the jews are humiliated there. the jews are the ones who have to stand on the side with our passports. we have to submit our passports to get onto the temple mound. not the crowds of christians and others who go streaming through. but we -- we have to have our passports approved and then when we do get them approved and the rabbi who's with us says thank you, thank you, thank you, this great big favor is being done to us. and when we do get on the temple mound, we are followed by an arab representative who walks right behind us to make sure we don't move our lips so that we're not praying. jews are not allowed to pray on the temple mound and we also have an israeli policeman who also watches to make sure that this arab rule is enforced.
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these are things that defy understanding in a sovereign jewish state, why such a situation exists, but it exists and these some of the things that have to be remedied. so in any case we have -- we have -- the grave of rachel. and she's the only one of the matriarchs who isn't buried in hebron because she died on the way to -- she died in bethlehem giving birth to benjamin so the grave is there. you know what it looks like today? have you been there? have you seen this grave that used to be like a little mound on the side of the road? it's a fortress. it's a fortress today in bethlehem because you cannot go into bethlehem anymore. it's not safe. arabs are in bethlehem. they've thrown out the christian arabs. there are only muslim arabs there. and it's a very unsafe
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environment for jews. so in any case, this is -- and all those holy places, the temple mound, all these places are being claimed by arabs that this is their -- these are their holy sites and the evil is compounded by the fact that unesco, the united nations economic social cultural organization supports these claims. of course, i don't have to tell you about the united nations. okay. so it takes a house of representatives resolution no. 1734 with over 30 cosponsors to attempt to stop the revisionist history by opposing unilateral declaration by the arabs of a pa state because the arabs are saying we can't negotiate with you. we're not going to -- we don't recognize you. we're not going to declare a
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state so we'll do it unilaterally and brazil, argentina and uruguay have already declared recognition. 1917, the belford declaration establishing palestine is a natural home for the jewish people. 1920, the british mandate over palestine. 22, 78% of palestine gets chopped off and israel is left with 22%. 1929, in hebron -- if you want to see what the effect of those pagrams are, go to the museum, see the pictures there. see the history. 1936 to '38, more than 500,000 jews are murdered. '47, the u.n. partition plan
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which cut up that 22% into 10%. and still israel accepted it because israel was so grateful to have anything but the arabs went to war. the arabs went to war, and when they went to war, before they went to war, they told their people run away. there were probably 500 to 700,000 arabs in israel at the time. they were told run away while we resolve this war. and then you'll come back as soon as we get rid of this muttly arm of holocaust-survivor jews that are left here and so they did run away at the same time that number left, 1 million jews from arab countries were forced to leave their homes


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