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tv   Today in Washington  CSPAN  January 19, 2011 7:30am-8:08am EST

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closing? >> i think there's unity in this house that we should try to encourage credit unions and get people out of the hands of the loan sharks. that is our policy and what we want to do and i'll be happy to arrange that meeting. >> can i very much welcome my right honorable friend's comments about the localism bill but can he also confirm that the provisions of the bill. apply to applications for onshore wind farms and one in my constituency one that has been described that's harmful to the local environment and is deeply unpopular with the local community. >> i can give my right honorable friend that the localism bill does address this issue. and as well as doing that, i think it is important that where local communities are affected by things like onshore wind they need to make sure they will benefit from those developments and the localism bill brings a whole new approach which i think
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is much better settle this very difficult debate than what has been done up to now. >> today there's an order before parliament to describe the tppp, the pakistan taliban. just one week into his predecessor's term in office as predecessor, the prime minister demanded to know why he had not prescribed it. just eight months into his term in office, committee explain to the house why he's not fulfilled his manifesto commitment? >> you could put it another way, why did the last government have 13 years, 13 years and the pakistani taliban were never banned? it's taken us eight months to do what you failed to do in 12 years. >> order. statement, mr. norman baker. >> here on c-span2, we'll leave the british house of commons now as they move on to other legislative business. you've been watching prime minister's question time aired
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live wednesdays at 7:00 am eastern while parliament is in session. you can see this week's question time again sunday night at 9:00 eastern and pacific on c-span. .. mr. blair who was prime minister from 1997 to 2007 testified for the first time about a year ago. was coverage is on c-span2 at 4:30 eastern. >> c-span's local content of
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vehicles a visiting cities and communities as we look at issues impacting the nation. we take you to cope arena at at the north american international auto show where we caught up with congressman john campbell and to talk about the industry with the executive director of the show. before being elected to congress mr. campbell worked in the automotive industry. >> i was forced to enter stores. four said and trucks, laws and nissan, volkswagen and ferrari, and it's a b.c.. 25 years. >> you have a fourth term coming? >> yes. said, people -- said joke with
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people that it was a good background. there are three or four car dealerships elected to congress in this last election. there are now six of us that either were or are currently car dealers. that is more like about that, entrepreneurs and family business, with responsibility to a lot of employees. makes an understanding from the inside. >> running the dealership is such a diverse business, you have a maintenance service business, a body shop and manufacturing business, parts distribution business. also point out that we bought or sold all of the insurance that there is. so you do touch a lot of the economy. >> we have a lot of leadership
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coming in the last few years. with of the relationship we have in washington do you feel benefit coming here to see what is going on with the industry? >> are was involved in the crash and crisis in late 2008 and one of the things about the american economy is there are two huge businesses. cars and houses. we have never gone into a recession without both of those in and without both of them leading us out. it is a great indicator all wear around. >> and a sullivan. >> there too big. too big in terms of the total affect on the economy. i remember people saying what about tourism, we want tourism and all that sort of thing but that is not a big enough market to beat everybody else out. cars and houses can. this is -- of we need jobs in
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america we need economic growth and we won't get it without this industry and the housing industry both coming out. [talking over each other] >> jobs came out directly because of the manufacturing that required to trickle into every deal there is dead is interrelated. >> it is not just building and selling cars but tires and maintenance and body shop and insurance and all kinds of other things that support the individual transportation that we enjoy in this country that recall cars and trucks so at one time one of every 7 people in the united states was employed in one way or another with something to do with cars. said that is a big chunk of the economy and there are so many things that my experience in the car business ought to use an come to the shot you for me and
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one of them is we're just raising taxes by $50 or whatever, come with me sometime ants across the table from a customer of for $20 a month or $100 gets up and leaves because that is a lot of money. they work hard for that money and they won't just leave it on the table and walked away from it. when you have decades of experience with people like that you understand a little better than some of my colleagues do of the average american family works hard and clings to that money and how valuable it is. >> you see a lot of electric cars. people going around the course but they can't hear the car. there's a little a acceptance to of this technology being pushed forward. california where you're from you hear about the all-time either
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defending or trying to make sure it works with the lifestyle. how are things in california and where do you see things going? is that a tough one to get into? >> california and alternative fuel vehicles, we have the second or third highest unemployment in the nation including nevada and michigan. michigan is coming back and california is not. we have huge budget problems. california has got some issues these days. the housing business and everything else is affected. as far as the alternative vehicles coming out, that is great that we are exploring these areas. but in the end, if these are ever going to be something more, we need some breaks fors. there are all electric vehicles and so forth but those are
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unlikely to be practical for mass use until there is a better break through which we are working on for decades. eight find it tomorrow but it is not there yet. things like the chevy volt which is essentially an electric car with the generator on board, gasoline powered on board generator, has more potential. the question with that is right now there is a $7,500 government subsidy. that can't last forever. when that goes away and the full price of the car becomes available, will still people by a tour will manufacturers get the price down? we will see. there's a lot of vibrancy, new ideas. lot of things happening. in the end these technologys need to compete. we should not be picking a winner in government and saying this is the one that we will give all the money in the world to that one or whatever.
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let them compete. >> we are finding when they came in, talking this summer about what the next technology is the personal nobody really knows what is that energy is or there are so many choices and to be efficient and make sure the consumers get what they want and so many variables go in that you can't force that issue. you have got to let it develop. >> good will looking into the research and technology but -- >> the government has a part but not too much. it is to be a good balance. >> even ethanol. if we actually got too much use of ethanol -- to take care of it and right now 7 or eight billion cars on the road could be fuelled with what ever. there are the lot -- in southern
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california where i live, twenty million people. that is it. you can find any place to put ethanol. a lot of these investments you can earn, manufacturers don't want to build a car people can fuel. and the fuel distribution together for something nobody is going to use so there are a lot of things like that. >> local content of vehicles are traveling the country visiting cities and communities. as the look it issues impacting the nation. for more information on our local content vehicles go to our web site at >> representative chris smith and frank bolt held a news conference on human rights in china. political prisoners and human rights activists were on hand to discuss various issues including religious freedom, the rights of
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women and chinese labor camps. >> they give for coming out as evident in. i am chris smith, chairman of the effort the global human-rights global health subcommittee and foreign affairs committee. i held the position of human-rights chairman in several previous congresses and a little bit of background, have been in congress 31 years and been to china many years on human rights groups and personally shared 27 hearings on human rights abusees by the people's republic of china over these many years. we are here with some of the bravest and best and brightest human-rights defenders and former political prisoners of the chinese government. talk about the intel's china and talk about human rights issues publicly and vigorously during his visit to washington. last month pleaded the president hu gave the world unmistakable
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proof of his government's -- when he left the nobel peace prize committee no choice but to place the peace prize on an empty chair and because president hu would not let a proponent of gradual democratic reform out of his prison cell to receive the prius. most of you know that hu and his wife and friends placed under house arrest for fear that they would come to oslo to except the prius. in a country like china is inconceivable them the security and media campaign unleashed against lew and his supporters was approved at the very top by hu jintao himself. president obama is a 2009 nobel peace prize laureate and has an obligation to call for hu's released publicly and vigorously especially during his visit. having led a group of members in nominating him for the prize are was present in oslo city hall for the empty chair ceremony
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along with former speaker nancy pelosi and congressman david wu and everyone who is here ready to speak. there is a strong bond between peace laureates and over the years i had the privilege of meeting many of them. they share an understanding of the world's most prestigious award and an obligation on them. for the peace laureates the idea that they could meet personally with and for all white house state dinner for one laureate responsible for killing another, truly unthinkable. are hoping the next few days president obama lives of to the reward he received in 2009. beyond this we urge president obama to join us in speaking out for all those in china whose basic human rights are violated with impunity. for political prisoners like one who we recently learned has been savagely tortured especially in
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the last year as well as one who fell under house arrest after serving years in prison for drawing the attention of the international media to the massive forced abortion campaign. and the fallen gone practitioners, many who have been killed. and weaker muslims deeper and christians and underground house churches who were routinely route to. when we ritter and many trips right before the olympics we tried to meet with house church pastors. virtually all of them were around a, arrested, interrogated the kitchen one made it through afterwards he was interrogated and beaten as well. i want to mention chinese women at this press conference. the chinese government's one child per couple policy with its attended scores of forced abortion campaigns and sex selection abortion is the worst human rights abuse, the worst gender crime in the world today.
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few people outside china understand what a massive and quote system of social control the one child policy entailed. we're talking about massive propaganda, mandatory monitoring of women's reproductive cycles lead to mandatory contraception, you cannot have a child unless the government says when and if you can have a child. coercive fine for failure to comply and sterilization and abortion. price is staggering. a woman in china today knows that one of -- ten times her and her husband at salary could be taken by the government. sometimes a little less. if they have a child who has not been approved by the government. brothers and sisters are illegal in china. a terrible famine. and yet hu jintao as president of china and overseas this terrible and draconian barbaric one child per couple policy.
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i won't read it today but a woman who testified last year at the human rights commission told her harrowing story how she was brought into this clinic with other women, she said was like a lamb going to slaughter. her baby was ripped to shreds. she said it was a journey to hell. her story is everyone's story in the prc. no wonder 500 women day commit suicide in china as a result of this terrific one couple per child policy. the rest of my statement is rather lengthy and detailed. i would like to bring to you now some of these wonderful people. is frank wolf here yet? let me start off with the wife of a great human rights leader who the government has tortured and caused to disappear. her own escape from china, 2,000
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trek because her own children were being threatened by the chinese authority is an amazing story and she will speak on behalf of her husband. >> more about microsoft. [inaudible] [speaking chinese] >> translator: i want to thank congressman smith gary much. [speaking to chinese]
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>> translator: i remember doing a father's day speech. mr. obama said something like his courageous mother and grandmother raised him and gave him love and discipline and made him who he is today. if you can remember the regret and avoid he had when he was a child without his father, this kind of foolish is no government or individual can feel. [speaking chinese]
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>> translator: i want to tell mr. obama that my daughter and my son truly understand what you meant. my 17-year-old daughter and my seventh-year-old son have been missing their father very much. it has been so painful for them. maybe when you are missing your father you know where he is a. my children don't know where their father is right now. maybe he is no longer live or being tortured by many people right now in rural china. [speaking chinese] >> translator: how many times
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because we don't know where he is would be crying at night? how many times because we have thought about the torture he may be experiencing and has experienced we felt deep down pain and our heart broke and how many times we hold together and cried and cried. [speaking chinese] >> translator: my family's background, the most important part of the family, ever since
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my daughter with a 13-year-old she has been living an insult of the chinese communist party. she is a proud and strong girl. the torture she can tolerate and indoor but those chinese policemen insult her in front of her classmates in public. that makes her almost collapsed. at that time her father can comfort her after he has been tortured himself. he took time to comfort her. that made her feel a lot better. after her father left her, it is very hard to control her own emotions. she became hospitalized during christmas time in 2009 and my 7-year-old son missed his father
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very much and cries all the time. [speaking chinese] >> translator: mr. obama, if you remember the pain when you miss your father, i hope you can use all you can to urge to ask mr. hu jintao to release gao zhisheng and release him and let him come to united states and unite with our family. today in china the chinese
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people are being persecuted by brutally violated their human rights by the chinese communist party. for example the writer lee hong was just persecuted to death 15 days ago and he wrote an article to support gao zhisheng. there are many people like gao zhisheng, many l now he from chg one of top leaders of the kenyan and square democracy movement. one of the most wanted by the dictatorship. now the president of all girls allowed. this protect chinese girls from rampant abortions. disparity is huge in china. there may be as many as 1 hundred million missing girls directly attributable to vote one child per couple policy. >> thank you for your passion and courage on behalf of the
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people in china on behalf of women and children. thank you all for being here to share our message. as we gather here today in the u.s. capitol, 35,000 forced and coerced abortions are taking place in china today. every 2-1/2 seconds a precious baby's life is taken. every six baby girls,


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