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tv   [untitled]    August 1, 2011 9:54pm-10:24pm EDT

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deficit why refuse to end rbsidies for the oil companies? if reducing the deficit was theo purpose why refuse to end special breaks for the corporate jets and folks at the high end of the income scale. that wasn't the plan. this moment to use to threaten the economy to try to slash the social safety netis and critical investments inin en education innovation in the future. and guess what? the field.o tha if they t.failed to that.edicar they failed to end the medicare slash medicaid. they failed to slash education. in this measure, we succeeded i protecting medicare and socialri security beneficiaries. we succedeeded to protect senios in nursing homes and in theor ks disability and poor kids who depend on medicaid for their health care, and we succeeded id providing room for critical in
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investments in education and america's future. don't get me wrong, mr. speaker, there is much in this plan i don't like. we did not succeed in shutting down special-interest taxopholeh loopholes that add hundreds of billions of dollars to our our cit. republican colleagues refuse to cut the subsidies for big companies, they refuse to cut the others and now we are going to have anow we great debate abw to grow the economy and reduce our long-term deficit. will be a debate about the national priorities. i ho i hope we will support the balanced approach.hat ththe president hase called foi limited, one that refuses to put greateru burdens on medicare beneficiaries in order to provide greater tax breaks top rthe wealthiest americans and it the coming months our republican colleagues will be given theg t ollowing test. protect will they choose to protect sp toecial-interest tax breaks ove
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investments necessary to keep the nation strong and secure ani find a willingness to pay for the national defense rather than put it on the creditthan put ca? and let's finally focus on jobs and getting the economy going as we reduce our long-term deficith thank you mr. speaker. with that i reserve the balance of my time.tempore:he >> the gentleman from wisconsin. reserve the balance of his time? >> the gentleman from maryland? >> thank you mr. speaker.oore. one ms. more.eaker pro mpore: >> recognized for one minute. >> thank you so much for yielding many of my colleagueso have said in the name of their grandchildren's i want to go on record talking about what i want for my grandchildren i want wic
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programs and early childhood education for my programs, i want my kids to go to a schooloy where they can participate in the science fairs and immunization for them i want research done for food safety to make sure that chicken nuggets are safe. i want clean air and water for them to reply want jobs where they invent things like new energy sources and i want them o to be contributing citizens and taxes and i want a safety net for them in case they are disabled and when they become elderly and if they get cold and a cold winter of wisconsin thate have energy assistance.n to i want my grandchildren to get the american dream and i yield back.ker pr the gentleman from wisconsin? the gentleman from maryland? >> thank you mr. speaker. i yield a lady from california.
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>> thank you mr. speaker and for yieldingized for and also for yy bold and effective leadership mr. van in stro oppos i rise with a strong oppositiond to this unbalanced debt ceiling bill.d approach this is an on balanced approach. we know that and we have heard that and furthermore, this debt ceiling bill should have never been an option in terms of having to come to the floor to debate this and do this. we should have democratic and republican presidents have done in the past we should have lifted the debt ceiling. ightfully so, many of us are concerned about these discretionary cuts. what are these cuts going to do as it relates to our senior citizens, low-income individuals and the poor? this debt ceiling bill doesthint nothing to address the crisis in the country, the lack of jobsofb
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red economic growth at chaimesta investments are needed to jump-start the economy and putok people back to work. cuts only approach which it is from it is the wrong approach. it is an outrage as we standnd here today that we could not -- by voting for thank you again.u again. frintend to vote on the bill. >> the gentleman reserves the balance of his time, the gentleman from maryland.aryland. >> thank you mr. speaker i yield one minute to the gentleman from ew jersey. >> the gentleman from new jersey gnized. >> -- a fighter in this battle.. mr. andrews.andrews: ask una ev [inaudible] >> without objection.s. >> what brings us together issp the need topr create jobs for t american people and i think the first is to not fall off thr cliff and have a default on our national obligations.igat the bill accomplishes that. the second thing is to make sure we have an interest rate
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environment so that ourbusi businesses and entrepreneurs ca create jobs so they have predictability. by making it 25 to 30% down payment on reducing our deficit and a fair and equitable way this bill does that. finally i think most of us agree that we need investments in ourd education, research and obs lopment, infrastructure, ofj the activities to create jobs ic the private sector for our people. by making sure that at least in the first two years of this reement the reductions in those areas are either nonexistent or moderate i think we give ourselves the freedoms of the appropriate durkan put a valuableable inv investments fon that way. this is a well reasoned bipartisan agreement to create jobs for the american people and i urge a yes vote.ker pro teoret >> gentleman from wisconsin. the gentleman from maryland.genl >> mr. speaker may i inquire how much time is left?
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>> the gentleman from wisconsin has four minutes remaining.. sp >> mr. speaker i yield myself one minute.r pro tempore:he >> a recognized for one minute. >> mr. speaker, as i said at the outset, we should never have reached this point in the country.have r po should never reacheached thet where the troops wonder whether they were going to get paid or whether individuals on social security wondered whether they were going to see their current s that should neverhould neve hav. this is the first time in sstory that we have seen we've members of this congress do threatened to close down the american economy unless they got their particular budget plan through, ones that end of the mckiernan tecum slash medicaid and what deeply cut our investments in education and
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innovation. protected tse we protected those investments in this bill. the plan did not work. it didn't work. so now we will have the greatde debate over the priorities. we are looking forward to it. let's go on talking about jobs and the economy and with that, n oddly yield one minute to the very distinguished democratic leader who has been a fighter with america's priorities is policy. >> the leader is recognized for one thanyou, m >> thank you mr. speaker. every chance i get i want toyiee salute him for his tremendous leadership as a top democrat on the budget committee for the work he did with mr. cochrane in the bipartisan talks as with the american people want a balanced a bipartisan fair agreement to
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in lifted the debt ceiling and take america forward. unfortunately that did happen. what did happen and brings to mind the existential question w why are we here and i wouldd die define as we say in legislation i would decide that question whe are we here and why are we here today. we are here because all of us in this body care this body care about the countru and decided public service is a noble pursuit and we have come k here to make thee future bette, future generations and the founding fathers visualize for america that everyth generationh would take responsibility to meet the future better for the next. that's why, mr. speaker, our founders in addition to writing our founding document and the declaration from the great
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depression which embodies fairness and equality and consty independence and fought thehe ga greatest power in the world thee one and the with the constitution, though bill of rights making us the freest and the greatest nation in the world found on the principal of respect that all people are created equal and thus i've never been done in the history of the world. and when they did that as i tol you before because i love it so much, they also created the seal great seal of the united states and the great seal of the unite states has on its novas orders r quorum. a new order of the centurye age, forever unfair. and their idea about the generational responsibility on to the next day they were confident that the country what
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they were putting forth thatuld xcess of the for the ages, for the ages. that is the challenge they gave us. that is the responsibility that. we have, and for a couple of hundred years or more, that has always been the case. every generation has always believed it would make the bette future betterxt for the next, fr their children and for their grandchildren. we are here today because we believe that, and we believe the public policy that we put forth, the h,legislation we put forth result in public policy that makes the future better for a hour children and grandchildren, that we are committed to theirsy education, the economic security of the families as dignified retirement of our seniors
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including my being a senior andt also safety and security of the neighborhoodsei and the country and with that we would do it in a fiscally sound way that does not give our kids any bills, public or personal. and so if we believe all that, and that's why we are here inel congress, it's hard to believe that we are putting our besth foot forward with the le legislation that comes before ut today. i'm not happy with it, but i am proud of some of thements contnn accomplishments contained in it and tnhat's why i'm voting for it. that takes me to the second question. why are we herewe today? we hert why are we sure today? within 24 hours of the nation going into default, after monthb of conversation about how we would address the debt ceilingnu not to have future spending but
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to pay our past obligations and i won't go into it again how we got here but i will say the most important economy and during that periodan what time when our country could oube more productive, more optimistic and confident in the tradition of thefo founders instead delta placed on it because of the delay and lifting the debt ceiling. as my mr. van hollen said the staffr happened before. we never placed any doubt in the public market of whether this would happen. the clever people are of the board room wondering if we if onsequences of our inaction. but i'm more concerned also
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nbout the kitchen table and ando tremendous impact on america's fam families as the center of therod table and talk about how theye theiring to make and pay their bills. social security is the impact, will their checks arrive this week or next week whenever they, do.medicare is medicare and medicaidcaid so something that they can count on? well, after months and monthso and months to reach an agreement that could have been reached a long time ago it'sou not so brit it took to achieve it would have been accomplished months ago,nta and at least have the merit of ondenceg confidence earlier, sooner rather than at the latest possible moment. so we must make sure that we say why are we here today that somey
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other day to go through these go motions and that's another reason why i'm supporting this bill. the spreupspident was successfun pressing upon the congress that we need the full 18 months so that we can have this kitchene,l table people sitting around thed table yet the board room table they all know that you can relye on the united states of america to meet its obligation.and anote another reason to support this bill even though there's plenty of reasons not to is that it stops and cut social securitycan medicare and medicaid. this is the most important assignment given to the democratic leadership to make inre there's no cuts in benefits for that was achieved.ved. another issue of importance to o us is that as we protect and, ae
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defend the country we also measured our strengths to thegth health and education and well-being of the american people.l- and so,b eiweng of have a 50/50s betweenplit expenditures for dee and expenditures for strength defined in other ways for the country.try. eo there are some reasons why those who may have the luxury of not wanting to vote for the bill becausel a responsibility to doo we cannot, because of certain objections in the bill, and one of the os not 1 cent coming fromfr america's wealthiest families and most successful people, and god bless them for their success coming and i know that they arem willing to f do more but not 1 cent coming to help reduce thete willit while we are willing to cut title i education for the poor children in america andpoos
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it's toot bad for those childrer it's terrible for our country. so again, to make a list of things in the bill the we do not like and things that are not in the bill by revenue but i urge my colleagues to think about our seniors and to think about the 18 months and what that means in terms of confidence and what ito means also to have a 50/50 in terms of defining the strength -- america. we cannot, despite reluctance to vote for the bill and depending on reseating their checks in the government or other security over tim overe, time we cannot allow our seniors and veterans to be caught in the collateral damagei f the assault on the middle class that is being waged iness. this congress. this is one manifestation of
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making it harder for the future for a great middle class which is and those who aspire to it which is the backbone of the ofu democracy. so if we're going to honor the vows of our founders did carry c on the great legacy and a tradition of their optimism, their determination we hope for ageshfuture that we would last dr ages but we but last ages as a democracy and the disparity of income and equity in the country that undermine that democracy. so please, call -- colleagues, i brtainly am and have been even though i work very hard to t support the president in abouto preserving what i said about no cuts in medicare and medicaid, social security, medicaid and medicare social security about 0-50 sn 18 months and about
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50/50 split. of what please, think what could happen if we defaulted. please, please, please come down and favor us again preventing the collateral damage from our reaching our seniors andveterans veterans. i urge you to consider voting yes, but i completely respect the hesitation that members hava about this, and again, i want t commend the distinguished, colleague mr. van hollen and the president of the united states. and really those who try to work in a bipartisan way toisan way m accomplish something. i he now i hear that our republicanei colleagues said they got 98% ofy what they want in the bill. vot realat their votes will reflect that. with that i yield back the balance. [applause] estimate the gentleman from the
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maryland is expired, the gentleman from wisconsin. mr. hensarling?o tempor the >> the gentleman is recognized for ten minutes. >> thank you mr. speaker.he the american people want more jobs and they want less debt. the american people are telling washington you've got to quit spending money you don't have. borrve got to cut borrowing 42 cents on the dollar much of it from the chinese and soon the chandto the children and our grandchildren. our crisis today is not the debt ceiling it is our debt it is driven here that is why we are here today, mr. speaker. i would like to say that this bille solves our problems.
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nobody on our side of the allans wants to increase the debt ceiling it's all in our dna. though we do believe that we ultimately the state current onn the bill and you've got to quity spending money you don't have all those sums ares very small the president signs it into law it will be the first time in my lifetime the first time in my lifetime that for two years in a row we've actually cut discretionary spending in washington, d.c. and made a very slight direction of change in the slight right direction and e directional change issue for the more importantly mr. speaker the seeds are planted in this billpe and that is the balanced budget amendment in the constitution co
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the american people aren. not looking for a balanced approach looking for a balancedet budget it needs to be enshrined in the constitution to vote on n balanced budget those are the seeds of the solution to say this country for the next generation i urge adoption of this bill. >> the gentleman from wisconsin has two minutes remaining. >> i will yield myself the mysef remainder of my time. it's very clear that we'veence ming urence of opinions, but we are coming up to a deadline we all must recognize, default and s what this has done it hasat i fleught our parties together and respect for a moment the fact that we have a bipartisan compromise here so i think it is
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worth noting that is a good thing. first off, as my colleagues fros texas have said, this is a down payment on the problem is a good step in the right direction and it is a huge cultural change to this institution both parties got us in this mess.oing toth parties are going to t hav to work together to get us out of this mess. eeal problem i would add is th way moreer is the fact that we spend way more money than we take in. we have to address that to givet to my friends on the left, ithiu think they would like to take comfort in the fact the way the spending cuts are designed andgd the sequester this designed.o my c my friends on the right, we are cutting spending. lawng to get discretionary capn in the wall for years.ave been
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i've been here 13 years trying for every year and this is the d first time. when we were in congress the last time in the majority we tim couldn't gee wet it with the republican congress now we are getting discretionary pact thate is a good achievement. number two, and the budget in resolutions now it's out here ii plain sight and what are weand e doing, we are actually cutting n spending while we do this.'s that's cultural, that significant, that is a big sigtp in the right direction.cuts we are getting two-thirds of the cut in the budget and as far as i am concerned, 66% in the right direction a whole lot bettert than going in the long election and with that mr. speaker i yield back the balance of my time.
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the shooting spree at a youth summer camp that killed the total of 76 people a 32-year-old norwegian man confessed the attacks and was later arrested by the norwegian authorities. among those who spoke of the service include of the parliament president and the norwegian prime minister.
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courtesy of an arcade, the norwegian broadcasting corporation this is 45 minutes. , to the assembly we will forever remember the 22nd of july, 2011 as a dark day in the norwegian history of the country was set by tender, 77 people were killed many were seriously critical to the two injured. the testimonies of the survivors are heartbreaking. what we experience together is still difficult to comprehend. it was an attack against our government, against our values and against our communities, an entire nation is suffering loss.
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the international community is full of compassion for those who are mourning mac. some members of parliament, of this or there's a next of kin. on the parliament i want to express my deepest sympathy with all of those who have been affected by the tragedies. without the heroic actions of those present in oslo hauer loss may have been even greater. on behalf of the norwegian parliament, i express my gratitude of pleased medical personnel and the voluntary organizations and local authorities and individuals.
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i want to the local community and those on the campsite people without the consideration for their own safety the votes to rescue a young people. the young people from the lead themselves demonstrated great courage and addressing their companions thank you come each and every one of you. i would like to convey thanks to the king and queen and the clown prince and princess. you have shared our sorrow. you have conveyed our thoughts and


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