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tv   Book TV  CSPAN  August 13, 2011 9:00pm-9:30pm EDT

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>> politics and journalism. >> and he is also one of the smartest people. anyway this is a great journalist. he is a true investigative journalist. >> he is the real deal. [laughter] >> a lot of the people in this town who pretend that they are really investigative -- he is the real deal. [laughter] >> i wore my libertarian chain, unmuzzled liberty here. >> unmuzzled, liberty. [laughter] >> here, do tijuana designed this page? >> the title -- on the title page and the author. ..
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it. >> how long have you been
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out there? [inaudible conversations] >> congratulations. >> had a figure for helping me through with this struggle. >> hour you? >> i am a good thing to -- thank you. >> keeping up with the old man? >> i have a grand kid. >> that is true. my daughter lives in san francisco we've finally persuaded her to move back
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to washington d.c. so next month our grandson returns. >> that is terrific. >> she has been there for years and had the baby and a san francisco. >> you deserve the baby. >> i don't know but i will love him up. what should i say to make this special? >> may occur about her. whose father is proud of her >> now i have it in writing. [laughter] >> how are you? >> thank you for coming. i appreciate you making the
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trip perk a we can talk about the draft another time. [laughter] >> i didn't think the nfl would get back together. a night out for you? [laughter] this event normally they do have dancing in his late because this is not a disco but a lounge with corporate people to bring visitors than around 10:00 the music starts to pick up and by 11:00 p.m. peoples are moving van by midnight it is flooded. one night we came in here they had ken and barbie night. [laughter] people were dressed up as ken and barbie. it was unbelievable. it was like mardi gras or the masquerade ball. hello.
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you are a sweetheart. i will sign your books. >> address it to her stepfather. his name is herschel. >> does the lake bookstore in history or journalism? >> he is the retired journalist and has a a radio station out of georgia. he has been agitated in the town and the one who would tell us when we were kids to stop at every stop sign. i did an editorial. [laughter] >> the only republican and. >> he still has a radio show >> do you know, the name of the radio show or the radio station? >> it is hw at large.
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>> he will love that. he will want to call to interview. [laughter] >> thomas back. >> a big fan of. [laughter] spec who is this war? >> us. amanda and thomas. we are so sorry about everything that happened. >> i send you an e-mail.
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>> and we are republicans. but we agree with everything that you say. >> exactly. this is my wife. of the. >> this is your fellow republican. [laughter] who take you for doing this. it is a great of you to do. it depends but seven or eight? we will call it eight. [laughter] this book is about good
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journalism? my man. thank you. how are you.3 >> how was china? >> it was awesome. we got back in july but they had never seen. >> what is that? >> was a fulbright scholar in china. >> it was teaching? >> yes. we went everywhere. they had never seen anybody like s. you are doing good.
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>> we will have to have lunch. >> please. we well. how is it going? >> so he told me that and said you are studying poetry. and i was amazed. when i was a loss of the major my mom was like what? >> my mom says she is glad i am doing what i want. >> god bless your mom. >> i was the audio book. >> you are relatively easy to work with. we don't need to hold your hand too much this is the editoe
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hill. [laughter] thanks for coming over. >> congratulations on the book. >> we weren't supposed to meet you at an event. >> you are neighbors? i didn't know any of these connections and i like all of these people. [laughter] we will have that dinner. i met him on a plane. >> i was in eight x zero. [laughter] >> what are you doing?
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i thought he seemed like the biggest goofball. [laughter] but he did not know at the time. who is this war? i didn't know if you want to do for your kids or your mom. >> yes. do it for the kids. >> i have never socialize with you. that would be nice. you are very kind to do this >> you get to my age.
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beautiful women. [laughter] >> your son looks fantastic. >> if a guy who knows first of all, people don't believe that i know him. you should know better. [laughter] but it is true. >> we felt terrible.
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>> should i write to you first? sorg gillibrand? >> this is a nice place. >> guy should not have said what i said. [laughter] >> my goal is to get you to moderate.
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>> you know, him? i am telling you. i have never even been in your firm. thank you. >> all of the connection. >> a lot of meetings together. >> i did not know that. you knew each other from before but you woke me up the other morning. [laughter] >> congratulations. [laughter] >> enough is enough. be a player. required reading. >> good to see you.
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let me signed a book. [laughter] >> i am sorry to hold you up. how're you? you are very european. when it comes, to journalism, that man is the gold standard. >> it is very hard for her.
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>> what am i supposed to do? congratulation. we cannot wait to read it. and. [inaudible conversations] a. >> i will tell you i started to write daybook.
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>> look at this. >> bair you go. >> you forgot something at home. a nice turn out too. [inaudible conversations] >> i think actually these
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are serious times. ladies and gentlemen, to just have the quick couple of words so everybody could come from the ball close to the fund. >> how are you? >> is an honor to host this event tonight for a good colleague one williams. -- juan williams. i talk to two groups in get the question most is charles and bruce. [laughter] and what is juan williams really like a? he is a fantastic guy is what i tell them.
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a lot of people now say you have a good deal. everything worked out. it was perfect. i was around him that we can he was not a happy camper. it was tough and a lot of pain but i saw the character throw that the entire thing and i will tell you i could not be prouder. [applause] every night sometimes it gets heated with interesting exchanges but you're respected discussion happens at our table. the. >> look at this. [laughter] >> we have a lightning round with a certain topic
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it is not that quick were lightening. [laughter] so i thought i would start on the lightning round with charles. >> if i knew i would have been called upon i would not have worn jeans. [laughter] first-come i want to thank juan williams because every time i give a speech he has the best line i say i am happy to be here. then i say the truth be told where juan williams can not interrupt me. [laughter] >> so he has been said
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should good friend to say something here i have been preparing for years but now i will give it away. after you pay your presentation so much air, so little time. [laughter] when you hear it you will know it is not spontaneous. now even before we ended up together i have deeply admired but has stood for things that are not popular in many of the circles of which she lives and works
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and lack of beer. i have produced a '04 shaming me. [laughter] but i want to congratulate you on the book and thank you for your friendship to say what an extraordinary man and you are. and friend. [applause] >> this is a very liberal lightning round. [laughter] a little secret on the panel i stick my arm out in that is a signal with 30 seconds. wrap up quickly. when i grab the table hearted is 15 seconds and then i start to lean in.
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it is let's go. by producer is always in my year. >> i will be fairly short. i also want to take a second to congratulate him. it is a tremendous accomplishment your buddy knows the story of what has behind and what unfolds is an exceptional story and to underscore the threats that having spent time with a three hour dinner as it was unfolding, it was with some detachment but at the time
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it was day truly difficult thing and for him to show up on the bandwagon i think that is the type of guy that he is. very briefly the first time i met him was when we would do special together. i don't know if it was stated the union but we had lunch together that day. we spend the entire time talking and quickly went from service issues to deep issues, family issues, a philosophy of life and the thing that has impressed me the most is he is a listener and a reporter. in more interested in what he i was saying then what he was offering me.
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that is a mark of a great reporter. >> thank you. [applause] >> before i pass the microphone over, the seven books charles mentioned, the third -- thurgood marshall and dies on the prize, am i sole looks back and wonder wonder, the leaders and dead at end movements and what we can do about it. you have covered washington is spectacularly for decades. we're privileged to have you on our team and you will never be "muzzled". [laughter]
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>> thank you fuller putting this on. we appreciate it. we're always in your debt for being such a good friend to charles and steve i have worked at "the washington post" in npr and on the helper growth and i am truly grateful to have you as my colleague. thank you very much. [applause] i also want to say thank you to ed rogers, shannon and show then and hugo gordon on the hill. touching on this briefly, there was a moment when i thought my career was over. year with a good career that
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took many years to build was going down the tubes fast. now people thought you were going to a book signing but you are here for a celebration. i don't know if they have that on the survivor tv show with this is what it feels like. [laughter] i have my head above the waves and i am standing. you cannot get to that point* without people who care about your love you for people who tell you who -- how you are wrong. so many tonight are zealous people especially those who are a professional journalist how things go up and down. you never know. tonight, and this is a celebration for me in for love.
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[applause] you were the best new stood by me. thank god. [applause] >> how are you? >> more baseball. >> we will how the 100th birthday party. and partner of the last two years. and then to some of the debates


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