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tv   Book TV  CSPAN  August 14, 2011 1:00pm-1:30pm EDT

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nanette institutions that have their claws around the economic lifeblood of this country. the figures in washington just not strong enough to stand up to them, and you can see the results. >> tell us what you are reading this summer. sinden said tweet at a book tv. ..
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>> you should write -- sure. you get your own phone. >> is that true? >> yes. >> do i write congressman? >> you can write congressman. >> he is a big fan. >> i like him a lot. so tell me, why should i say to make a special for the congressman? like something he cares about. this is about free speech and debate and not being politically correct. >> as one who refuses to be silent on issues you care about, something like that, i hope you enjoy it.
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>> really? that was terrific. a man who refuses to be silent. >> about things he cares about. >> this is michael ray hill. from politics and prose which is washington's hometown bookstore. pretty much every major author that comes through washington stops at politics and prose. if they are lucky, have the opportunity to give a presentation and talk about their book. and i've done two books at politics and prose. i did eyes on the prize am and i did "thurgood marshall." we are a blessed city in the sense that so many cities are losing independent bookstores. in fact, they are even losing big box bookstores.
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but politics and bookstores is thriving and we are blessed. >> thank you very much. we look forward to seeing you on there. >> thanks for coming, michael. >> thank you. >> how are you? >> good, how are you? >> here is a man with a new book coming out. secrets about the fbi. windows the book come out? >> a week after yours. >> it comes out in two weeks. this is a short bestseller and has all the secrets you ever want to learn about what to happens inside the fbi with the top sources but i can't even take a source because you would be mad at me and i don't want him mad at me. >> your book is a knockout. >> now i am in serious trouble. >> i asked him for a comment -- >> i want to hear what they sa
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said. >> he was quiet. he said, they said we're not sure which part they are referring to, exact which part he is referring to. is sponsored by npr which could be a broad range of things. >> they said they're not having you on. >> that would break it up for them, breakthrough. how are you, do you know ron kessler? he's great. [inaudible]
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>> he's also one of the smartest people. but anyway, he's a great journalist. is a totally investigative journalist, the real deal. i mean there are lots of people in this town who pretend that they're really investigative. he is the real deal. >> i wore my libertarian -- >> we have to get this on camera. >> unmuzzled right here. >> unmuzzled, liberty. do you want me to sign this page? [inaudible]
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>> do you realize this mean you have to talk to my class next semester? >> i did realize. >> as a libertarian i feel muzzled all the time. >> thanks for taking the time. look at you. >> how are you? >> sometimes she says to me i'm too busy. i can't even get owner schedule. you tell me about the bible study, the exercise. and you tell him he doesn't deserve to have a wife like this. in fact, one time we're on the set and he said he met some movie star and they were talking and then she left and they said
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do you know what it's like to live with a beautiful woman, how demanding, high maintenance -- who wasn't? >> bo derek. >> and he said john, i know how to live with the beautiful woman. and you were not there. >> but she was there as it turned out. >> you were listening. >> but he didn't know it. >> bo derek was on the set in philadelphia. and everybody was talking about how beautiful she still looks, and i said well, it's like i ought to know, i'm married to a beautiful woman. >> it's a good thing you weren't pulling her leg or making fun. thank you for doing that. your very kind to come. >> i'm excited to read your book. >> so how long have you been out
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there? >> did you hear this? >> thank you for helping me with this, helping me through this a struggle. >> your the man. >> virginia, how are you? >> i'm good thank you. >> are you keeping up with the old man's? >> i have the grandkids. >> my daughter lives in san francisco and we finally persuaded her to move back to d.c. next month our grandson and her. >> that's terrific. when was she last hear? >> she's been in san francisco for four years, and had the baby
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in san francisco. >> good. >> i sure am going to love him up. what should i say to make the special for virginia? >> make it all about her, not about me. >> tell me something i can say. >> you can say this. you can say, whose father is proud of her. >> that's sweet. >> and now i have it in writing. >> really. how are you guys? >> how are you? >> congratulations. >> i appreciate you making this so we can talk about the draft. >> i didn't think the nfl would get back together.
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so this is a night out for you guys. >> this is as wild as it gets. >> normally they do have dancing here. but it's late because this place is not a disco. it's like a lounge, corporate ventures to come and have a drink. been around 10:00 the music starts to pick up. than by 11:00 people start moving. then by midnight the whole place is flooded. one that we came in here and had ken and barbie knight. people were dressed up as ken and barbie. and believable. it was like, what do you call that, mardi gras or masquerade ball. it was great. >> that's great. >> thanks for coming. you're a sweetheart. let me sign these for you. >> okay. >> one you have to do to her stepfather. >> his name is herschel.
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>> and his lasting? >> wise brand. >> what should i say? >> he loves books. he's a journalist. he's retired now but he has a radio station in cartersville, georgia. so for years he's been the agitator in the town, the one who would tell us when we're kids stop at every stop sign. i did an editorial. >> he's the only republican in the valley. >> he still has a radio show. >> do you know the name of the reissue or the name of the radio station? >> yeah, his show is h.w. at large. it's an interview show he still does.
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>> h.w. at large? >> yes. >> he will love it. >> you'll want to call to interview you. >> thomas back. >> a big fan. >> who is this for? >> it is a for amanda and thomas. we were so sorry about everything that happened. >> i sent e-mails in new york immediately that day. >> and we republicans. you know, it was a we always agreed with what he said.
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>> exactly. >> do you have a lot of trouble coming up? >> not a lot. this is my wife. >> nice to meet you. >> he's your fellow republican. >> thanks for taking the time to come over here. >> hey, man, thank you for doing this. absolutely. >> wait a second. this book is really about good journalism. he is my man. thank you, guys.
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>> congrats, man. >> you're welcome. how are you? i like the tide. how was china's? >> it was awesome. >> when did you get back. >> in july. they have never seen any western gas. we saw a lot about the economy in china. i was a boat right scholar in china. >> it was a teaching think? >> yeah. a buddy of mine speaks mandarin. he took us places you wouldn't believe. they had never seen anybody from the west. anyway, you are doing good. >> we have to have lunch now that you're back. >> we will. >> hey, look at this. >> how is it going?
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>> is this the public? >> this is the poet. >> he said you are studying poetry. and i was amazed. i said what did she say to her mom? because when i was a philosopher major my mom was like what kind of job is a philosophy major get? >> my mother said i'm glad you are doing what you want. >> god bless your mom. by the way, he's terrific. he held my hand through the audio book and may the audio book work. >> great. >> those are relatively easy to work with. you got rolling and made it wo work. >> this is the editor of the hill. my favorite newspaper. >> this is a columnist for the hill. my favorite columnist. >> thanks are coming over.
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>> congratulations on the book. >> here's another truth telling journalist. >> we were supposed to meet you at an event. >> i did know any of these connections. >> we match alive at an event. >> i met dan on a plane. >> i was on the exit row. i thought this guy thinks i'm the biggest goofball, you know?
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he didn't know it at the time. >> i did know if you want this for your kids or your mom. >> do it for the kids. [inaudible] >> how are you? >> i'm happy for you. >> thanks. you are so kind for doing this. >> your son is adorable. >> when you get to be my age, you to the women say your son looks great. >> your son looks fantastic. >> exactly.
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>> congratulations. >> i've seen so many people. >> here's a guy who knows -- first of all, they can't believe i know him. they say you should know him. >> anyway, we are so happy. this is great for you. good for you, because we felt terrible. >> thanks. i felt beat up. should i write you first? is that a capitalized? >> yes, it is, thank you very
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much. >> this is a nice place, isn't it? [inaudible] >> my goal is to get you to moderate. >> you know him?
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i've never even been in your firm and i know them all. >> well. >> thanks. >> all the connections. you guys knew each other way before me. you woke me up the other morning. >> still a player. is still a player. >> i didn't mean to wake you.
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>> do you go by clifford or cliff? >> cliff. specs hard to hold you guys up. how are you? you are very european. my sister lives in switzerland. and she does this. [inaudible] you know when it comes, to real journalism, this man is the gold standard. [inaudible] he nudges me and says are you european? what am i supposed to do? >> congratulations. we're so excited excited for
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you. >> can't wait to read it. i feel like i have lived it, now i want to read it. >> your hand kind of gets a little-known. -- a little numb. >> i will tell you, i wrote a book, -- a good answer. >> thank you. >> i said friends, colleagues, fellow authors.
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>> thanks for taking the time to come over. >> how convenient of you to remember. >> i couldn't have forgotten. >> nice turnout. we are happy for you. >> thanks. [inaudible] >> ladies and gentlemen, can i have your attention. if you can gather here in the main room.
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we will have a quick couple of words from juan on this good night year so if everyone can kind of come here. thank you very much. it's really an honor to host this event tonight. for our good friend in cali, juan williams. you know, i traveled the country sometimes talking to different groups and i get to questions most only. one, sorry, juan, is -- [inaudible] and two, what is juan williams really like? and i tell them he's a fantastic guy. you know, this guy, a lot of people now say listen, you've got a good deal, everything worked out, it was further. when i was around him that week
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and he was not a happy camper. this is a tough thing to go through and do it is a lot of pain involved. but i saw the character juan williams did throughout that entire thing. and i will tell you, juan, i couldn't be prouder than the way you handled it. it really was a. [applause] >> sometimes it gets heated. sometimes it gets interesting exchange. but no matter ideology, your second discussion that happens at our table. so i assembled a panel here -- >> look at this. [laughter] >> so we have this thing called a lightning round. it's supposed to be very quick. you go down the panel on a certain topic and it's supposed to be quick, sometimes it's not that quick, not that lightning. so i thought i would start at a lightning about juan williams with charles.
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>> if i had known i would be called upon i will wouldn't have worn jeans. [laughter] first i want to thank juan, because every time i give a speech, juan arrives the background of the night. i always start by saying i'm happy to be here, in detroit or wherever i am speaking. this is the group, the mission kids, and then i say but truth be told i'm happy to be anywhere. where juan williams can't get to me. [laughter] spent oh, no. >> and i make faces at you, too. >> i want to thank juan for the. the other thing is he's been such a good friend over the years. i will say something i've been
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preparing for years to say on the air about juan but i've been holding back. one day after you have major presentation i'm going to say, so much ever, so little time. [laughter] >> when you hear it you will know. it took a half a decade to deliver. >> i'm waiting. >> the one thing i do want to say about juan, to all the years, even before we ended up together on fox, i have equally admired him above all for his courage. he's written and said and stood for things that are not popular in many of the circles in which he lives and works. and he's done it with amazing courage and lack of fear. and i want to congratulate juan, also having, now his seventh
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book, and i produce zero, for shaming me. [laughter] i want to congratulate you on the book, thank you for your friendship, and say what an extraordinary man you are. >> thank you. [applause] >> i just want to point out this is a very liberal lightning round tonight. [laughter] >> whenever the time is running short, i stick my arm out like this. that's the signal that you 30 seconds left. rapid up quickly. when i grabbed a table really hard, that's 15 seconds. and when i am leaning in, hey, let's go, we've got to that the commercial. my commercial is always in my view. all right, steve, lightning round, juan williams. >> unlike charles i will be fairly short.
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in that sense of the a lot like the panel. i also want to take just a second to congratulate juan for this book. it's an tremendous a competent. everyone knows the story behind what is happening here that unfolds in this narrative, and truly an exceptional story. and again, just underscore, having spent time, i think what about a three-hour dinner up in new york city as it was unfolding. it's i think easy for us and think of it as a story. but at the time it was a truly difficult thing for juan to go through. and do the job he does so well, i think


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