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tv   Book TV  CSPAN  August 14, 2011 11:30pm-12:00am EDT

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us. i have a grand kid, i have more power. >> that's true. let me tell you, my daughter lived in san fransisco, and we finally persuaded her to move back to dc so next month our grandson returns. >> oh, that's terrific. >> it is. >> when was she last here? >> she's been in san fransisco for four years. >> wow. >> and has a baby in san fransisco. >> uh-huh, well, good. you deserve a baby. >> you think in >> your baby. >> i don't know, but i'm sure going to love him up. what do i say to make this special for virginia? >> make it all about her, not about me. >> okay. what do i say? >> say this, say that, whose father is proud of her and any father who's been of any cause.
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>> thank you. >> and now i have it in writing. >> really. >> how are you guys? thank you very much for coming. >> congratulations. >> i appreciate you making the scene. >> it's awesome. >> we can talk another time. >> may be fun to talk about. >> i didn't think the nfl would get back together. >> right, yes. >> you never know. this is a night out for you guys? >> yeah, this is as wilted as it gets. >> we want to get dancing. >> normally, they have dancing here, but it's late because this place is not for -- it's not a disco. >> yeah. >> it's a lounge for like corporate people bringing visitors to have a drink, and around ten o'clock #, the music starts to pick up. >> yes. >> by eleven o'clock, people move, and by midnight, the place is flooded. one night we were here, and there were people dressed up as ken and barbie.
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it was unbelievable. it's like what do you call that mask craid ball? they were great. >> yeah, yeah. >> how are you? >> i wanted to say hello. >> thanks for coming by. oh, you're a sweet heart. let me sign this for you. >> okay. >> one, you have to do to her stepfather. >> how do i spell it? >> h-e-r-s-t-e-l. >> last name? >> w-i-s-e-d-r-a-m. >> m as in mary? >> uh-huh. >> what do i say? does he look books, history, journalism? >> he's a journalist. >> oh. >> he's retired now, but he has a radio station in georgia, so for years he's been the agitator in the south, the one who, you know, would tell us when we were kids, stop at every stop sign. i did an editorial.
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things like that. he was -- >> he's the only republican in the family. >> all right. >> he still has a radio show actually -- >> do you know the name of the radio show or the name of the radio station? >> yeah, well, his show is hw at large. >> oh, my gosh. >> it's an interview show he still does. >> hw at large; right? >> yeah, yeah. >> he'll love it. >> yeah. >> he'll probably interview you. >> he'll want to call to interview you. >> big fan. >> we watch you sunday morning if we can't see you more often than that. >> who's this for? >> for us? >> amanda and thomas.
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we were so sorry about everything that happened. >> yeah. >> i sent an e-mail to you immediately that day. >> thanks. [inaudible conversations] >> i'm a republican, it's not that we always agreed with everything you said. >> no, i know, exactly. >> tours coming up? >> not a lot. tours are different now. some are in a tv studio. >> this is my wife. >> hi, nice to meet you. >> thomas, nice to me you. >> nice to meet you. >> fellow republican. >> thanks for taking the time to come over here. >> just wanted to stop and say hi. >> do you know brent? >> yeah. >> hey, man, thank you for doing this. this is great of you to do,
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thank you. >> good turn out. >> yes, very good turnout, absolutely. >> well, depends how you look at it, seven or eight? >> call it eight. >> call it eight? [laughter] wait a second -- this book is really about good journal. i. you know good journalism? my man, thank you, guys. [laughter] >> congrats. >> you're welcome. >> hey, guys. >> how are you? i like the tie. so, how was china? >> it was awesome. >> when did you get back? >> middle of july, i guess. it's wonderful. we never saw any -- they've never seen any western guests, put it that way. we learned about the economy in china, the people. i was a scholar. >> that's why you were there this time? >> yeah. >> it was a teaching thing? >> yeah, yeah.
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touring, and a buddy of mine speaks mandarin and he went everywhere. we walk in, hello, you know, and they never seen us from the west. any way, you're doing good? >> yeah, yeah. really great. we have to have lunch. >> please. >> thank you. you're welcome. take care. >> hey, how you've been? >> i'm all right. is this the poet? >> this is the poet. >> he follows you down here, and then he said that you are studying poetry. >> yeah. >> and i was amazed. i said how did her mom, you know, because when i was a philosophy major, she was like what kind of job do you get? >> my mother said i'm glad you're doing stuff you like. >> god bless your mom. by the way, he's terrific. he held my hand through the audio book, made the audio book
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work. >> great. >> you're relatively easy to work with though. i didn't hold your hand too much. >> a little bit. >> you got rolling, and, you know, -- >> made it work. >> made it work. >> this is the editor of the hill, and my favorite newspaper, and calling of the hill, and he's my favorite. [laughter] >> thanks for coming. >> it's great, it's great. congratulations on the book, and -- >> do you know bill? >> absolutely. >> cut in line here. >> no, no. >> we were supposed to meet you at an event -- >> [inaudible] >> her mother -- ? >> my mother. >> i i don't know these people,
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but the like the connections. >> we were supposed to come -- >> yeah, yeah, yeah -- >> had that dinner? >> i met dan on a plane. >> that's right. >> that's right. >> i was on the -- he said this is a better seat. i'm going what are you doing, how are you doing? i thought this guy thought -- [inaudible] he didn't know it at the time. who is this for? >> dan. >> all right. >> i didn't know if it was for your kids or -- >> yeah, do it for the kids, danny and alexa. >> danny and? >> a-l-e-x-a. >> it's nice to socialize.
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>> i know. >> how are you? how are you? >> i'm happy for you. >> well, thanks. you're kind to do that. >> your son is adorable. >> that's the deal. get my age, beautiful woman say your son looks great. >> you look great too. >> your son looks fan tas take. -- fantastic. >> look, you make a nice product. >> your book is fantastic. >> thank you. >> what a group is assembled here. >> do you like them? >> i love them. what a great group of people. >> here's a guy who knows me from philadelphia. >> people are like, i can't believe i know any of them. you shouldn't know any of them. >> i know, right, right? >> when he was like --
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>> that's true. >> we're so happy. good for you. >> well, thanks. imagine, i felt so beat up. >> you were beat up, it's true, yeah. >> should i write you, bert or joanne. now, is the "a" capitalized? >> yes, it is, thank you very much. >> [inaudible] no, this is really something. >> this is a nice place, isn't it? >> yeah, it is. >> [inaudible] >> [inaudible]
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[inaudible conversations] [inaudible conversations] >> oh, you know him? >> yeah. >> i'm telling my people. you know, i never been in your firm, and i know them all. >> oh, my god. >> oh, wow. >> hey, congratulations. >> oh, my god, and you guys know each other? >> oh, the connections. >> we've been together at a lot of meetings, a lot of meetings. >> i didn't know you guys knew each other way before me, yeah, yeah, yeah. you woke me up the other morning. >> congratulations.
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>> quiet reading, enough is enough. >> still a player, still a player. >> good to see you. >> all right. >> all right. here we go. let me sign the book while you do that. >> yeah, with a sharpy. >> i didn't mean to wake you. i bet it's going to get recorded. >> no. go by clifford or cliff? >> cliff. >> how are you? my sister lives in switzerland, and she says -- [inaudible] >> right. >> you know -- you know that when it chimes, the real journalism, this man is the standard. the real standard.
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>> he just wants more air time. >> it's hard for him. >> [inaudible] >> oh, know, not just me. >> what am i supposed to do? >> well, no, that wouldn't be wise. >> congratulations. we're so excited for you. >> i can't wait to read it. i feel i loved it, and now -- i feel i lived it, and now i want to read it. >> exactly. >> a-i-n-e. [inaudible conversations] >> i know, your hand gets a little numb; right?
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>> i wrote a book and started giving loping things, and -- [inaudible] >> yeah. >> oh, well look at this, thank you. >> friends, colleagues, and fellow authors. >> there you go, there you go. >> thank you. >> thank you. thank you for taking the time to come over. >> journalism hall of fame. >> that's right. [inaudible conversations] >> nice turn out. i'm happy for you. >> thank you. >> i am. >> did you spell bethany right? >> okay.
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>> journalist? >> yeah. >> i'm really looking forward to reading it. >> ladies and gentlemen, can i have your attention please? gat ere here in the main room. we'll have a quick couple of words on for juan on this big night. if you can come from the alcoves of this wonderful place to the front. >> how are you? >> thank you very much. listen, it's really an honor to host this event tonight. for our good friend and colleague, juan williams. you know, i travel the country sometimes talking to different groups, and i get two questions most often.
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one -- sorry, juan, is he that brilliant? [laughter] two, what is juan williams really like? yeah. [laughter] i say he's a fantastic guy. you know, this guy, a lot of people now say, hey, listen, you got to deal, everything worked out. it was perfect. i was around him that week, and he was not a happy camper. this is a tough thing to go through, and there was a lot of pain involved, but i saw the character juan williams exhibited throughout that entire things, and i tell you, juan, i couldn't be prouder the way you handled it. >> thank you. [applause] >> every night of the panel, sometimes it gets heated, sometimes it gets interesting exchanges, but no matter your ideology, your respected discussion that happens at the table. i assembled a panel here --
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>> look at this. [laughter] so we have this thing on friday called the lightening round and it's supposed ton quick on a certain topics supposed to be quick, but i thought i would start on the light ping round of juan williams with charles. charles? >> >> if i known i had been called upon, i wouldn't have worn genes this morning. [laughter] on cable, there's no hiding here. at first, i have to thank juan because every time i give a speech, juan provideses the best line of the night. i always start by saying i'm happy to be here or detroit or whatever the city, i try to get the city right. [laughter] the group, the michigan medical
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association, i hope i get that right, and then i say truth be told, i'm happy to be anywhere where juan williams can't interrupt me. [laughter] >> is that so? oh, no, and i make faces at you to. [laughter] i rock the house immediately, and i want to thank juan for that. he's been such a great friend over the years, and i'll say something here i've been preparing for years to say on the air about juan, but i've been holding it back, but i'll give it away. one day, i'm going to say, so much error, so little time. [laughter] everybody's when they hear it will know it's not spontaneous, but waiting half a decade to deliver that, just haven't found the right moment. >> i'm waiting. >> throughout all the years even before we ended up to the on
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fox, i deeply admire him above all for his courage. he's written and said and spoke things that are not popular in in of his life, and he's done it with amazing courage and lack of fear, and i want to congratulate him. also now votings reduced to zero for shaming me. [laughter] perhaps i'll be entailed to actually congratulate you on the book, thank you for your friendship, and say what an extraordinary man you are and friend. >> thank you, sir. [applause] >> this is a very liberal lightening round tonight. [laughter] >> whenever time is running
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short, i stick my arm out like this, and that's the signal there's 30 seconds left. when i grab the table hard, that's 15 seconds, and when i'm leaning in, hey, let's go, we got to hit the commercial, my producer is in my ear. all right, lightning round. >> i'll be fairly short like charles. it'll be like the panel. [laughter] >> i just want to congratulate juan for the book, and everybody knows, i think, the basics of the story behind that has happened here that he unfolds in this narrative, and it's truly an exceptional story, and having spent time, i think we had a throe hour dinner -- three hour
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dinner in new york city as it was unfolding. it's easy for others to read this at detachment and think of it as a story or it's interesting to see what happened here, but at the time, this was -- it was a truly difficult thing, i think, for juan to go through, and for him to continue to show up on the panel every night and do the job he does so well, i think, is truly a testament to the kind of guy he is. i will say one thing briefly. the first time i actually met juan was when we were doing a special together, and i don't know if it was state of the union or something, but we had time, so we went and had a lunch together that day, and, again, it was about a three hour lunch, and we family issues to, you know, my philosophy of life issue, and the thing that impressed me the most, and this is why juan is effective at what
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he is is because he's a listener and a reporter. he was listening and deeply interested the entire time and more interested in what i was saying than what he was offering me, and i think that's the mark of a great reporter, and there's no question that juan's that. >> thank you. [applause] >> here, here. >> passing the microphone over to juan, but he has an emmy. did you know that? charles mentioned, eyes on the prize, thurgood marshall. inspired by faith, my sir looks back in wander, black farmers in america, dead end movements and the undermining of black america and what we can do about it. that's a lot. you've covered washington spectacularly for decades. we are privileged to have you on our team, and i'll tell you
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object panel you will never be muzzled. >> well, thank you. [laughter] >> juan williams, ladies and gentlemen. [cheers and applause] >> well, thank you, all, brett, thank you to you and amy for putting this on. we really appreciate, and delisa and i are in your debt for being such a good friend. to charles, to steve, you know, i worked at the "washington post," at cnn, i worked at npr. i worked at the hill. these guys are the best, and i am truly grateful to have you as my colleagues, so thank you, very much, and i wanted to -- [applause] also i wanted to say thank you to ed rogers, to shannon green and sheldon green who are here tonight and the hill who is here tonight. you know, steve's touched on
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this briefly, but there was a moment back then when i thought my career was over, and i thought that, you know, a career that took years to build in washington was going down the tubes fast, and today, many people thought, hey, we're going to a book signing, but, you know, you're here for a celebration. i don't know if they have celebrations at the end of the survivor tv shows, -- [laughter] but this is what it feels like to me. it's like i have my head back above the waves, and i'm standing. you can't get to that point without people who care about you, people who love you, and people who take you aside and tell you when you are wrong and how to deal with the situation and council you. so many of you in the room tonight are that to me, my friends, especially you professional journalists, you know how the profession is and how things go up and down, ratings, editors, relationships, you never know, so, tonight i just want to tell you, this is a
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celebration for me, a celebration of love. i want to express thanks to my friends, family, to my wife, my friends, tony is here. [applause] but, you know, you guys are the best who stood by me through the storm, a light by my side. thank god. >> all right. [applause] >> how are you? >> i'm good. how are you? >> i'm good. >> i love the shoes. >> thank you, thank you. >> we got to get more baseball. >> yeah, yeah. >> going this year? >> yeah, we love to go. >> yeah. i've been working on something for next year and been talking with producers of cbs and
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partners of them the last few years. want to do something where we dramatize the faith that happened between him and ed howard. >> until. >> talk about honest debate. i'd love to do that. have a moderated. >> we'll be in touch. >> yeah. >> hoping have we known each other? >> oh, 30 years. >> >> 1982, almost. >> [inaudible] >> my back hurts when i do the
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dishes. >> good to see you. >> hi, how are you? >> i'm also a real estate agent. >> that's what i heard. >> they said, you're not going to believe this. >> they were touring it, i think the final tour, and i stopped by to say hello, and you were -- >> you were in another zone. >> yeah. >> i know, i know, i'm sorry. >> and congratulations. >> yeah. >> this is great. >> great book. >> thanks for dropping by. >> yeah, yeah, god bless. >> hey, man, how are you? >> how are you doing? >> i'm all right, how are you? >> you got a book, and reigan is
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coming back. >> i know, that's pretty good. >> now, is this for mindy? >> sure. >> this is matthew. >> hi, matthew. [inaudible conversations] [inaudible conversations] >> here you are. >> thanks. >> hey, nice to meet you. host it going? -- how's it going? how old are you? >> i'm 17. >> wow, you're in a great spot. if i can ever help, let me know.
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>> i will. >> here's the real deal, man. >> this is my here row. >> this is my neighbor. >> i came all the way here to get a book. >> [inaudible] >> yeah, right. it's hard to spot it on the terrain. >> hey, jim, thanks for coming over. >> you're sure welcome. >> nice to meet you. >> a recovering journalist? how come? >> congratulations. >> thank you. >> when does this actually terminate the big incident, were you thinking -- >> the incident really is just


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