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tv   Capital News Today  CSPAN  October 7, 2011 11:00pm-2:00am EDT

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way. but you have to get started. if you wait for a crisis, people will feel it. if we act soon in a medicare reform and straight out social security so it is sovereign, that would be a huge plus and it would give people confidence in the future of our country. host: do you miss the senate? guest: i miss the people. i did not leave the senate as a cynical individual -. the minority is projected -- is protected from the majority. anything can be debated. washington said it was the saucer into which the hot coffee is poured.
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i miss some of it public policy. i honestly don't miss the job. i was there for 18 years. kathy and i are enjoying doing other things and we like keeping our own schedule. i like harry reid. he is a friend. but did not like the schedule he kept. host: you are an adviser to goldman sachs. guest: i am teaching at dartmouth and i'm on a couple of boards. host: ben from new york city. caller: good morning. i have two questions. the first question is on the super committee.
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how many people on the committee have signed on to grover norquist pledge of no taxes? if that is the case, the super committee is not really functionable. because these people, if they sign with grover, just like in germany with adolf hitler, if you did not sign on as it now sees sympathizer -- as a nazi sympathizer, you could be going to jail. whether or not a decision by the supreme court can be overturned. can a supreme court judge be reprimanded or removed from the court for tax purposes or for errors that are as egregious as clarence thomas's.
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think i don't think -- i clarence thomas has a strong voice on the court and i don't think removing clarence thomas is any reason -- or any right to consider removing any of the justices as far as i know. they are committed people of high integrity with different philosophies who are doing the job of being the judges of the supreme court. you can remove a judge if a person creates a crime or is charged with a crime and is convicted, or i suspect for other reasons, which would be impeachable. but there are no judges that i know of that have fallen into that category at this time. was one under consideration at the district court level. on the super committee, i am not
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sure if any of the members have signed any pledges whether it is on social security, medicare, or taxes. they are serving on this committee and they have the chance to do something big. i think you can reach tax reform without violating any pledges. this is misunderstood if it is viewed as being a pledge that would not allow us to go forward to something like the reagan- rostenkowski tax reform, which is what i was proposing. i don't think the two or even in conflict, should somebody have signed a pledge in that area. host: if the committee comes back with a stalemate and the automatic cuts go into effect, what is the political results of that? guest: it will not be as bad as the economic results.
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i think a stomach by this committee would lead to an immediate downgrading of our debt by the two industries that of not downgraded us, moody's and finch. in my be disruptive to our economy, which is already -- the implications of them -- a stomach would be rather dramatic -- a stalemate would be rather dramatic. the frustration with spike up considerably if they do not meet the minimum goal. i think meeting the minimum goal should be easy and as a marginal action on the part. i think you have to go with a bigger goal. if they reached the minimum goal, i think moody's and fitch would probably downgrade us as a result of that.
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if you look at the numbers and you the numbers $1.2 trillion, you are up to around $2.2 trillion, and that does not get our debt under control because we're talking about a factor of five over the next 10 years. it is now around 80% and 90%. that does not sell in the market and it does not work. those types of debt ratios lead to an inability to pay your debts which leads to some kind of economic event, either major inflation or massive deflation in a recessionary event. host: what is your reaction to
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the occupied wall street movement? guest: i just find it to be a lot of folks who are very upset but are very misguided. economykes america's grade and has given us a unique edge is that we have individuals who are entrepreneurs. we have people that are willing to go out and take a risk. space-bar a restaurant or they start a company like apple or microsoft. people are taking economic activity and that translates into jobs. how do you take risk in an economy? how do you build a business or open a restaurant proved to have to be able to have capital and credit available at a reasonable price. we have had a financial system
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that has allowed people to get capital and credit and the reasonable price if they are entrepreneurs. if you say all-- banks are bad, you don't know how this country works. people are sort of old school, a 1960's retreaded socialists. host: next call comes from florida, john on our republican line. caller: to live. i'm a big fan of yours, senator gregg. i heard you earlier when an earlier caller talked about getting things going. you're pretty patient saying that there will not bring up the bills.
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one question for taxes. who is it that said that you don't have to pay fica over $90,002,000? if everybody had to pay the same amount for the fica we might help curb some of our problems. guest: that is a good question and goes back to help social security was founded. it was considered to be an insurance program and not an income transfer programs. you were supposed to pay enough over your working life to have invested in what amounted to an insurance policy which would pay back when you stopped working and give you a retirement money. the's the theory behind
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fica. this is an insurance policy, not wealth redistribution plan. that is why there has been an upper limit of fica taxes. host: richmond, virginia. caller: good morning. thank you for your service to the country. before i do my question, i find it interesting as an independent so many attacks going against clarence thomas, whether satellite or overtly -- whether subtlely or overtly. you have anita hill releasing a book and the trial being recorded again, people being able to hear reit. his name is
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cropping up again and again. as an independent, i find it hard to trust what any government official as saying. i realize that we do have to get our financial fiscal house in order. the entitlements and tax reform is paramount. i keep on looking at how we're spending the money, where we're spending the money. it cheaper for example -- who put the iou's in the social security trust fund, and for what purpose? what are they doing/ host: thank you for your call. senator gregg. guest: i think the caller is
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expressing the frustration of all lot of americans. they are losing faith in their government. i guess the chickens are coming home to roost. there has been so little to address the core problems as a nation and a lot that's been done that has been harmful. it is hard to take seriously the president what he says he is for fiscal restraint and he offers plan after plan that increases the size of the government and the gross the government. -- and grows the government. you could say the same if you are 8 democrat relative to republicans. there is a sense that the government is not doing very well by us and that is not good
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and that is not healthy. i hope that people -- everybody on the super committee has good intentions and i hope they will step up and start taking some action. you have a good working relationship in the senate right now. i do think the opportunity is there to get our house back in order and then people will have more confidence in our government going forward and the concerns expressed by the court abde.hopefully obe ade. host: this tweet for you, senator. guest: simpson-bowles did a unique thing.
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they took a proposal and put it on steroids. they eliminated almost all the deductions and exemptions and then took the rates way down. they brought the corporate rate down to about 26%. i liked the idea. i think you take out as many deductions and exemptions as you can. there are some political ones that are hard to deal with such as the mortgage deduction and the charitable deduction. i think you'll have to tone them down. charitable becomes a big problem from the charitable community. you have to adjust them some way. you can take the savings and using them to reduce rates.
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the tax law is simplified and everybody can understand it. the investment is not for the purpose of avoiding taxes but for the purpose of creating economic activity, which creates jobs. be the goals.ould i am fairly optimistic. both sides have something to win here. hopefully it will happen sooner rather than later. host: just a few minutes left with our guest. caller: good morning. i have two comments. they are directed at the viewers. you commented on grover norquist and people like him do
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not have credibility in your eyes for various reasons. the vast majority of republicans in congress today have not indicated their agreement but have signed that pledge, which would indicate that they do not have credibility in your eyes. the second point, one of the things you stated a couple of times was an idea which is the idea that if the reduced tax rate, it increases the economy, increasing revenue for the government, which would decrease our deficit. if anyone takes that to its logical conclusion, if we reduce the capital gains, it would s pur a huge economic growth but
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that would not increase money coming into the government. that's the goal. host: senator gregg. guest: i do not believe this tax pledge is in contradiction to major tax reform. i believe you can do a major tax reform and still comply with this tax reform. major tax reform is separate from this tax pledge which just deals with raising rates. the second issue -- what was the second issue? host: reducing the tax rate. guest: sorry. if you were to take capital gains rate to zero, then is not that you would lose tax revenue. you would probably generate tax
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revenue. it would create jobs and taxable income that is not occurring because the economy would be expanding. the capital gains income would fall off to zero. you would be creating jobs. this would be significant. the argument that taking tax rates down doesn't generate more revenue is one which i have trouble agreeing with if the tax rates are set any reasonable level. we are not talking about eliminating taxes. we're talking about having tax rates which energize more economic activity. from my standpoint, that's the way you should go. if you just raise rates, do
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think high income people do not have accounts, or teams of people who specialize in making sure they do not to pay taxes? of course they do. and so they are going to be investing for the purpose of avoiding taxes, which is not an efficient way to use money and causes the economy to grow much slowly. this idea that you can raise more revenues by raising rates is absurd. the people who pay the taxes have the war fought to avoid the taxes by investing in things which are not taxable and using tax avoidance mechanisms which are legal.
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we have proven time and time again -- as you raise your rates, at some point you get to a level where people stop investing in a way that is taxable activity and start investing to avoid taxes, and you reduce economic activity as a result of that. john kennedy was the first guy to figure this out. he was one of the icons of the democratic party. that was followed by ronald reagan. we need to get rates down to people invest for the purpose of creating economic activity and jobs rather than for the purpose of avoiding taxes and credit class war for. host: "the washington post" this morning, romney rising in the top of polls. you have not endorsed him yet
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this year, i do not believe. when is the new hampshire primaries are going to bay? e? guest: seven days before anyone else. we can call an election in about 48 hours. my guess is it'll be the second tuesday in january. we will not know until the secretary of state says. we have in a string election going on in our party with a huge variety of views. i think mitt romney makes a lot of sense and he understands it is people, individuals call entrepreneurs, people willing to take risks and to create jobs. is not the government that creates jobs.
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that's the philosophy we have to run on. we need fiscal responsibility. that will be the rich you -- that will be the issue. jobs, spending, excessive deficits, and excessive debt that has been added by this administration. republicans need a program that enters all four of them. host: judd gregg served as a republican senator from new hampshire.
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>> coming up next, part of today's values voter summit in washington. first we are from house speaker john boehner then house majority leader, eric cantor >> some people say that to succeed in this world we need to be more like india or china or brazil. i say we need to be more like asked.
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>> every good story has a good again he become a solid middle and a strong ending. the mac you should enter this year's c-span student camp competition. you don't need the best video equipment to have a winning project. today's cell phones and flip cams do a great job of catching video. if you don't have access to better video equipment, don't let that stop you. if you need more help, go to student >> process can be confusing at first, but i find it useful to read the rules carefully to make a checklist of what you need to do. don't worry, the process becomes clear once you get started.
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>> another great thing is you can work alone on the project or work in teams. for example, if you're a good writer but not handy with the camera can make a friend to help out. not only will you both, but shall increase chances of winning. >> you don't need to be an expert in video production or innovate to make it work. ease your parents, other students, teachers and c-span as resources along the way. this process is both fun and extremely rewarding. with a little bit of effort, anyone can do this. >> conservative back to this are made meeting in washington for the values voter summit organized by the family research council. here's part of this morning's question with john boehner and house majority leader, eric said
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10. this is three and a half hours. ♪ ♪ >> good morning ladies and gentlemen and welcome to 2011 values voter summit appeared to kick things off, please log onto the the stager master ceremonies, mr. gilmer's. ♪ >> good morning. well, hello everybody and welcome to what promises to be a tremendous weekend here in washington d.c. we are expecting upwards stores 3000 people and i think those of you familiar with scripture know what that number means. 3000 people changed the whole world if you remember the story in the book of acts. we are delighted you are here. thank you for coming in a lot has changed in the last four years, with he say?
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four years ago, america was asking, who is barack obama? today they are asking, that is barack obama think he is? [cheers and applause] we are going to talk all about that this weekend with some amazing guests, including nearly all of our republican presidential candidate will be speaking before you during this weekend. we want to recognize and thank all of our major tears to make the value voters summit possible. as they mention their names, i want you to keep in mind that if someone down the street during the baseball playoffs, if a guy uses a wooden stick to hit it off of horsehide over a wall, and the place goes crazy. but if i mentioned the names of those organizations that are saving liberty and democracy for america, i do want this little golf polite clap. i went to the baseball clap. are you ready? let's thank the heritage
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foundation. [cheers and applause] would you join me in 19 gary bauer and american values. [cheers and applause] and let's hear it for the american family association action. [cheers and applause] that's right. another one of our fine sponsors batting for us, number 44. would you welcome to liberty university in liberty salt. [cheers and applause] and last and certainly not least, to please welcome and thank frc action. [applause] yes, thank you. we are starting with the wave.
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now that would've been really cool. but enough. we also have a number of other cosponsors and exhibitors that were very proud to have part of our meeting. why did you meet them come to support them. the first things first, we want to open the values voter summit in a word of prayer by going to god who gives us our values. coming to lead in this prayer is a young lady we want you to meet, we see breakneck pace. she is a high school student and she was -- she decided she wanted to give a voluntary verse prayer despite strict rules from school leaders against it also a threat or the aclu if she tried it. she decided to obey god rather than man and she did it anyway. [cheers and applause]
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[cheers and applause] thank you, ladies and gentlemen. thank you. lacy, you can pray all you want here. would you please lead us in prayer? >> are most gracious heavenly father, i thank you for such a beautiful day you have blessed us with. .com i thank you for your blessings and i just pray that you watch over the conference, jesus, that you just bless it, father. ..
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>> i saw that video. that reaction you had was the same reaction at the graduation when she did that. there's hope for america. now, ladies and gentlemen, would you please stand together for the presentation of our colors by the university of maryland air force ro2c honor guard. ♪ ♪
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♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪
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♪ >> leading the pledge of allegiance, we're here with david and dorothy. they were military veterans at the battle of the bulge. since they were sweet hearts in the military, to marry, they had to get special permission from general dwight eisenhower, and that was 67 years ago. [cheers and applause] [applause] let us all face the flag as they lead us in their -- the pledge of allegiance.
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>> i pledge allegiance to the flag of the united states of america and to the republic for which it stands one nation under god, indy visible, with liberty and justice for all. >> now please remain standing. we're honored 20 have fox news guests and leaders of the post-9/11 generation with her sister carrey beth, christian recording artists with a special goal and their music to honor veterans, glorify god, and restore or country. the latest album "in god we still trust" will be available. let's join her now as she sings our national anthem. ♪ [applause] ♪
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♪ oh say can you see ♪ by the dawn's early light ♪ what so proudly we hailed ♪ at the twilights last gleaming ♪ ♪ who's brought stripes and bright stars ♪ ♪ through the perilous fight ♪ through the ramparts we watched ♪ ♪ we're so gallantly streaming ♪ ♪ and the rockets' red glare ♪ the bombs bursting in air ♪ gave proof through the night ♪ ♪ that our flag was still there ♪ ♪ oh say does that star spangled
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banner yet wave ♪ ♪ oer land of the free ♪ and the home of the brave [applause] [applause] ♪ >> thank you, ladies and gentlemen. ♪
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♪ thank you, ladies and gentlemen, you may be seated. all right, just before we light in candle, i have housekeeping announcements to run through very, very quickly. we are anticipated the highest attendance every at the values voter's summit, so i ask you all, please move to the center at each event. resist your political ideology and move to the center. [laughter] let's all silence or cell phones now. ready, phones in the air, could cough it up, silence mode, turn it off, no cell phones. no breaks other than lunch. leave as you need. there's water stations available. i need to warn you as always, no unauthorized taping recording is allows. violaters are forced to explain the american's jobs agent. american's jobs agent.
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good luck. [laughter] finally, let me say that we are honored 20 have lit -- to have literally hundreds of media outlets coming to cover the values voters' summit. we're thrilled they are here. they do us a tremendous service in getting our story out. indulge them, give them grace. there's times where they need to record. you may overhear them working. it will last for a short time. again, we ask for your patience as we are honored to have the media with us. i must give you my annual don't be the weird one speech. remember? unfortunately, there are some unscrupulous members of the media who go out of their way to find the weirdest person they can. they will provoke you, try to get you to say or do something they can film and show on air and said, see, this is what all values voters are like, so repeat it with me, don't be the
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weird one. [laughter] that's my job. [laughter] now, ladies and gentlemen, to get us started for this year's values voter's summit, welcome to the president, the president of the frc action and the family research counsel, mr. tony perkins. ♪ ♪ >> thank you. [applause] thank you very much. [applause] thank you very much. welcome to the 6th annual values voters summit here in washington, d.c.. let me tell you what, it is great to see each and every one of you, and i want to thank you for coming to washington, d.c. and giving voice to your values. i'll tell you what. washington needs this. this is what i call a real stimulus package.
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[laughter] this can bring the real change that america needs. you know what? i believe that the winds of change are beginning to be felt by the political establishment. [cheers and applause] i'm sure you heard the governor of north carolina and others in the party think we should counsel elections. [laughter] why is that? well, i think the president sheds a little light on that. last weekend speaking at a fundraiser for an organization that is working to redefine the family and overturn the law that protects marriage, this is what the president said. he said, "the 2012 elections -- are a context of values. that's what is at stake here. the fundamental debate about who we are as a nation." you know what? that's the first time i've
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agreed with this president. [laughter] this is a contest of values. whose values will lead us into the future or lead us into the history books that record the nations that were? now, we've seen the values of this president and his administration. let me give you his economic values. $14.7 trillion in debt, 1.0% growth in gdp, the first downgrade of u.s. credit in history, a 9.1% unemployment, 75 major regulations with annual costs of $38 billion, and thousands of jobs shipped overseas. there is a flood of costly new regulations that are coming under this administration. the far reaching dodd-frank financial regulation law, obamacare that will be phased in over the next six years taking away your freedoms to choose your health care provider, and,
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of course, there's the epa global warming crew said choking out the businesses that create the very jobs that washington proms. let's look at the social values of this president. overturning the mexico city policy prohibiting your tax dollars used to promote abortion in foreign countries, directing more and more tax dollars to up effective and unethical embryonic stem cell research, directing more money to the united nations family planning, a major funder of antichild policies like china's one child policy, directing more funding to abortion through obamacare, mandating coverage of contraception including faith based organizations, and refusing to defend the federal defense of marriage act, and, of course, the state department is also booing foreign governments into legalizing abortion and
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giving special rights to people based on their sexual behavior. let's look what he did for values in terms of national defense. he's overturnings the long standing prohibition of homosexuality in the military and pushedded the lame duck session making our nation vulnerable. what are the values he promoted? you cannot separate the family issues from the fiscal issues. the size of the spending levels are related to the social fabric of our society. we must not shrink back in the presence of liberals or even our libertarian brethren until we strengthen the family, we'll never shrink the size and scope of government. [cheers and applause]
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tax revenues for government and create jobs while fractures families cost society. it's real simple. when you reject god and his policies which are concisely outlined in the 10 commandments, you end up with big extensive and expansive government that chokes out our freedoms with thousands of laws and regulations. for me, i take the ten over the tens of thousands. [cheers and applause] this election is too important to elect a republican. we need to elect a conservative that will undo the -- [inaudible] social destruction that this administration has unleashed on america. [applause] we don't need politicians who promise to slow down the
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decline. we need leaders who will be bold and courageous and undo the destructive policies of the left. [applause] this is a contest of values. mr. president, you are right, this is a contest of values, and i'll tell you what, this marine has never backed away from a contest. [applause] this is a contest, it's a contest between the values that are impoverishing our nation morally and economic or or the values that will inspire and equip our nation to do great things. abe abraham lincoln said, we, the people, are the right of the masters of congress and the courts, not to overthrow the constitution, but to overthrow the men who pervert the constitution. [cheers and applause]
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[applause] it is the value voters that must inspire the values that president teddy roosevelt spoke of in his 6th address to congress in 1906. he said when home ties are loosened, when men and women cease to regard a whole family life with all of its duties fully performed and ul of its -- all of its speedometers lived up -- responsibilities lived up to as the best life worth living, then evil days are at hand. they are the values of president ronald reagan who said freedom prospers when religion is vibrant and the rule of law under god is acknowledged. friends, this is a contest we must win. let's get america back on the right road, and now to help us kick off the 2012 values voters summit, let me introduce our first guest. he is the second oldest of 12 brothers and sisters, house
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speaker john boehner lived in southwest ohio his entire life. after high school, he worked several jobs to pay his way through the university while working as a night janitor, he met debbie as he was taking out the trash, he met his wife. [laughter] he's still taking out the trash. [laughter] he goes home every week to do just that. his wife of 37 years and in 1977, he earned his bachelor's degree in business. he and his wife raised two daughters in the northwest suburb of westchester, ohio. he ran a small business in the plastics and packageing industry. he was elected to the neighborhood's home owner association. he started right there in the neighborhood. it was followed by a seat on the township board of trustees, then
11:48 pm
elected to the ohio board of assembly where he served until voters sent him to congress in 1990. he was a voice for reform and mr. boehner was elected to several leadership posts before he was elected by his colleagues to serve as the house majority leader in 2006. he began tenure as house leader, and in that role united republicans against the job destroying bills like obamacare and the democrats' cap-and-trade national energy tax that would pass over the objections of the american people. on november 17th, 2010 on his 61st birthday, john boehner was elected by the colleagues to serve as speaker designate, and on january the 5th, 2011, he was sworn in as the 53rd speaker of the house of representatives. since then, the new house majority has worked 20 make the legislative process nor open to -- more open to ensure the
11:49 pm
priorities of the american people are reflected in the priorities of lawmakers. today, speaker boehner is focused on removing government barriers to private sector job creation and economic growth, cutting government spending, reforming congress, and rebuilding the bonds of trust between the american people and their representatives here in washington, d.c.. please help me welcome the speaker of the house of representatives, mr. john boehner. ♪ ♪ [cheers and applause] >> i'm still just a regular guy with a big job. [laughter] you know, i never thought in my wildest dreams i'd ever serve in congress, or for that matter, run for elective office, but
11:50 pm
like many of you i saw a need to get involved, and i, you know, today, i've never seen america more engaged with government and our founding principles, never more engaged in our founding document, the constitution of the united states. you know, americans sent a new majority to washington with a clear message. the government exists to serve the people and not to rule it. [cheers and applause] i think the american people deserve a clear commitment from us, to listen to them, to work for a smaller, less costly, and more accountable government here in washington, and that's the idea that was at the heart of our pledge to america, a governing agenda that house republicans outlined and issued to the american people almost a year ago. that pledge to america was
11:51 pm
designed by listening to the american people and put together by house republicans as a document that reflected the will and the concern and the interest of the american people. we've recently marked the one year anniversary of our pledge to america. american people want to see their leaders listening, not celebrating. we're keeping our pledge to america. we build it by listening, and we're going to continue to listen to the american people, but before i talk to you about report on our pledge to america, there's a different report that's out this morning, a report from the department of labor. i'm sorry to say the news is not good. unemployment remains above 8%. the up employment rate -- unemployment rate did not change, and it's been that way for far too long. for over two and a half years, unemployment's been above 8% even though the president of united states promised when they
11:52 pm
passed the stimulus bill, unemployment would not exceed 8%. the unemployment rate for certain groups of people, teenagers, african-americans, hispanics, is much higher. after three years of false hopes and broken promises, americans continued to be left asking the question, where are the jobs? all we hear from the powers in the same, more taxes, more simulation, more debt piled on the backs of our kids and grand kids. has it worked? no. it's high time we trust the american people to liberate our economy from the shackles of this government. [applause] when it comes to jobs, part of the plank in the pledge to america, we pledge that we would stop the job crushing tax
11:53 pm
increases, and we have. we voted every week to stop excessive government regulations from hampering our economy from the ability of employers to grow our economy. we'll soon pass the rains act requiring any new regulation from this government that cost $100 million or more to be voted on, up or down, but both houses of the congress. when it comes to spending, we said we'd do something about stopping the spending binge that threatens bankruptcy for the economy and for our country, and under a republican majority in the house, we've controlled discretionary spending. we've got $1.2 trillion of spending over the next ten years. a wave instituted of strict budget caps for four years to come, and the caps are key for jobs because keeping government from expanding, giving the economy a chance to grow. the next step in this effort to
11:54 pm
control spending is to pass a balanced budget amendment to our constitution. [cheers and applause] when we pass the deficit reduction act this summer, it requires each house of the congress to pass a balanced budget amendment after october 1, but before the end of the year. this gives us the maximum opportunity to have the most significant and real enforcement mechanism that you can imagine, real requirement in the constitution would be balancing the federal government, so that vote's coming, but we need your voices to be heard in that debate for members of both the house and senate in both political parties. when it comes to changing the way congress does its work, focusing on our economy instead of focusing on government, we've decided to open up the process, allow the american people to
11:55 pm
have three days to read every bill before it comes to the floor of the house. [applause] novel idea. [applause] no more passing the bills so that we'll know what's in it. [laughter] each bill that comes to the floor has to site which clause of the constitution allow that is provision to come to the floor of the house. [cheers and applause] we've got some 329 million dollars of what it costs to run the congress, and we're continuing to focus efforts in saving money in terms of what it costs to run the legislative branch, and, yes, after a long fight, some five years in my case, there are no earmarks allowed in the united states congress anymore. [applause] [cheers and applause] to protect jobs and protect
11:56 pm
freedom, we vouch to the american people we would vote to repeal balmcare. it was one of the first bills we moved through the congress, through the house, and it continues to sit over the united states senate. we've rooted out special slush funds, moved to eliminate them, and we'll do everything we can to make sure that obamacare never, ever is fully implemented. [applause] [cheers and applause] in my opinion, obamacare will ruin the best health care delivery system in the world, and it will bankrupt our nation. y'all remember doing that date on obamacare, the president vowed, vowed that there would be no public fund views to support elective abortion. the fight over the height amendment because members of congress from both sides of the political aisle wanted to ensure that the principle that had been
11:57 pm
the law of the land for some 25 # years would be contained in this document, and the white house did everything they could to stop it, issuing an executive order basically promising people it would do the same thing as the amendment. well, i knew right then and there something was amiss, and so making sure that the height amendment becomes the law of the land again to prohibit federal taxpayer dollars from being used to fund elective abortion was passed by the house, and we're going to continue to press to make this the law of the land. [applause] life has never been a political issue for me. i got 11 brothers and sisters. my mother had us one of a time. i'm sure it was not con convenient for her. [laughter] i'm glad they are all here.
11:58 pm
beyond the life issue, we also promise to defend the defensive marriage act, and i think -- [cheers and applause] i have to tell you my disappointment when the justice department decided they were going to ignore the law of the land passed in a bipartisan way by the congress of the united states, signed into law by president clinton, that they were going to decide we're not going to defend this law. well, as speaker of the house, i'm a constitutional responsibility. i raised my hand to uphold and defend the constitution of the united states and the laws of our country, and at the justice department was not going to defend this act passed by congress, well, then, we will. we have -- [applause] we have defended the law that
11:59 pm
the congress passed. we're going to take the money away from the in the department who is supposed to enforce it, and we'll use it to enforce the law. [applause] every day this year in the back of our maunds is our pledge to america. i was bound and determined this was not going to be some political document, that it really was going to be a governing document that would dock what we did every day. in addition to keeping the pledge and part of the ledge which was to listen to you and to listen to the american people every day. you helped us build this pledge. you helped us gain a majority, and it's our obligation to you to continue to listen to you and do what the american people say. i think all of you know that america's facing big challenges whether it's our economy here on jobs, whether it's the underminding of our values by this administration, the problems in europe, wars in
12:00 am
afghanistan and iraq, there's big challenges that face us. i'm a big believer in america because americans are the most resill yept people on the face of the earth, and while the days don't look as bright as we'd like, inside my soul, i know that there really is a shining city on the hill. if people in this town would work together listening to the american people, there's nothing that we can't accomplish. [applause] just remember, all it takes is a little work, and i played football in high school for a guy named jerry foust. we won ohio state football championships -- after i was there. [laughter] back in high school, i was trying to think back about what i learned from coach, and it boiled down to this. there's nothing in this world that you can't accomplish, nothing that you can't succeed it if you're willing to work
12:01 am
hard enough, and if you're willing to make the sacrifices necessary. you know, i look back over my life, look back over my career, that formula worked well. there's not a one of you here who can't look back at your own life, your own career and realize that formula's worked very well for you, too. america is the shining city on the hill. we have big obligations. we have a lot of work to do. help join the fight. god bless you, and god bless our great country. [cheers and applause] [applause] >> thank you, mr. speaker. i don't know about you, but during the november 10th -- the november elections of 2010, it was like a super bowl atmosphere around our home.
12:02 am
we cheered every few minutes, and near the end of that night when speaker boehner realized he was a man who came from such humble beginnings and now promoted to the third most powerful position in the world or for our country, and he was overcome with emotion. i was inspired in that moment as he was, and it was critics, let me just say, i want a speaker of the house who gets emotional occasionally rather than nancy pelosi who made me cry all the time. [cheers and applause] all right. our next speaker, ladies and gentlemen, is a results oriented congressman committed to solving problems for america's families. in the wake of 2010 midterm elections, he was legislated by his colleagues in the house to serve as the majority leader for the 112th congress. the former small businessman
12:03 am
emerged as the leading voice on the economy and job creation. in early 2009, the team coordinated the effort of which no republicans voted for the near $1 trillion stimulus bill. during the lead up to the stimulus vote, then minority leader tapped him to lead up the economic solutions group that produced the republican alternative economic plan which would have created twice the jobs at half the cost of the current stimulus bill signed into law. ladies and gentlemen, would you please welcome the house majority leader, eric cantor. ♪ [applause] ♪ >> thank you, thank you. [applause] good morning. >> good morning. >> thank you, all.
12:04 am
i want to just commend the family research council and the excellent team that they have in place to put on such an outstanding event. their lead in the fight to reclaim america is unparalleled. [applause] we are led in that battle by a man who i consider a personal friend, the president of frc, tony perkins. tony, thank you. [applause] i also want to recognize all the young people here, the students who have come from liberty university, from other colleges -- [cheers and applause] yes, liberty university in virginia, from all the colleges around the country who have brought stay students here to stand up for the time tested
12:05 am
american vailings that we -- values that we cherish. thank you very much. you're an inspiration. [applause] this year, we're celebrating what would have been president roomed -- ronald reagan's 100th birthday. as we remember our 40th president, i'm reminded of a quote of his regarding freedom. he said, "freedom is never more than one generation away from extinction. we don't pass it to our children in the bloodstream. it must be fought for, protected, and handed on for them to do the same." ever since you helped us start the fight to earn back the house, republicans have been committed to changing washington. we said from day one that this congress was going to be about jobs in the economy.
12:06 am
we have been fighting to reign in government that has grown far too large and inserted itself into almost every aspect of our lives. simply put, we are fighting to reduce the size of government while protecting and expanding personal liberty. [applause] many families are facing difficult times. unemployment is at an all time high, and there's a sense of uncertainty really about the kind of country we will pass on to our children. when republicans assumed our new majority, we committed ourselves to step up, to step up and make the tough choices. we're doing that with your help, not because it's easy, but
12:07 am
because it's right. we continue to say no to out of control government regulation, no to pork barrel spending, and no to politics as usual. [cheers and applause] [applause] we conservatives have a different vision for where we want to take our country. our vision is an america where success is rewarded. we believe in an america that is still the light of the world, that people longing for freedom can actually look to for inspiration. some of you might have heard me tell the story of my grandmother. she lived in a time of great persecution. she, like millions of others in her generation, sought a better
12:08 am
life here in america. she found her way to richmond, and as a young widow, opened a grocery store and raised her two children in a tiny apartment above it. all shemented was -- all she wanted was a fair shot at american dream. through hard work and determination, she knew life would be better for her children. if she were alive today, i know she would be blown away knowing that her grandson would be standing in front of you today as a u.s. house majority leader. [cheers and applause] today, our country faces many challenges, and the president's policies simply failed to address the pressing problems of jobs and our growing federal
12:09 am
deaf -- deficit. since the president has taken office, we have lost is 1*.8 -- 1.8 million private sector jobs. in nothing else, president obama's solution to job creation has been consistent. he believes the best policy is to increase taxes on small businessmen and women, to increase taxes on the very people we need to bring back growth to our economy. we just disagree. we believe in empowering people. we believe in empowering the entrepreneurs of america. we believe in ensuring that everyone has access to a fair shot to earn their own success and to obtain the american dream like my grandmother. we believe in allowing people to realize the opportunities that
12:10 am
they seek. [applause] instead of actually fixing the problems, this president and his team continue to kick the can down the road. his solution to fixing the enormous federal deficit has simply been to borrow more and pass on trillions, trillions of dollars in additional debt to our children in the form of obamacare and more stimulus spending. we cannot, cannot continue to allow this to happen. [applause] we can want k07b9 to kick the -- we cannot continue to kick the can down the road on domestic issues any longer. we need leadership. there's too much at stake here
12:11 am
at home as well as for americans abroad. [applause] in august, i had the privilege of traveling to israel. israel lives in a very unfriendly neighborhood. [laughter] it is a neighborhood full of complexity and lots of uncertainty, but there are a few things that are certain. one, israel is a country under siege. two, she and her people are fighting the same war that we are. three, we have an we always should stand by israel. [cheers and applause]
12:12 am
[applause] plain and simp, a strong -- simple, a strong israel provides a more stable middle east and makes for a safer america. yet, we are seeing israel more and more isolated, most recently a few weeks ago at the united nations, but in many other contexts throughout the world, as iran continues to pursue nuclear weapons capability, it not only threatens israel, but it threatens us as well. it's time once again for america to stand up and this time lead from the front.
12:13 am
that and israel's security go hand-in-hand. israel is not the only religious minority under attack in the middle east. christians are under the same pressure. as we sit here today, usif is fighting for his life in iran simply for refusing to denounce his christianity. for us in america, it is unthinkable that someone should be put to death because of their faith. it is time for all of us to stand up against the spread of militant islam and to stand up and lead for the pastor usef's of the world. [applause]
12:14 am
now 1 the time for -- now 1 the time for us to stand up and unite, unite as americans against the assault that we're witnessing on the very values we cherish here at home. earlier this year, the president chose not to defend traditional marriage, and it was house republicans that stood up and led. we will continue to stand up for the defense of marriage act as we fight for victory in the supreme court this term. [applause] during the debate of obamacare, president obama promised no american taxpayer dollars would be used to fund abortion in the
12:15 am
bill. unfortunately, this is not how things played out, and that is why next week we'll substantiate up again and bring forward a bill to ensure that no taxpayer dollars will cover abortion and no health care worker has to participate in abortions against their will. [cheers and applause] [applause] the house moved to try and cut off all taxpayer funding to planned parenthood and its abortion clinics, but that is not the way things played out, but i can tell you after november 2012, we look forward to a senate and a white house that will partner with us to
12:16 am
once and for all eliminate government funding for any and all organizations that perform abortions. [cheers and applause] [applause] you know, there's no more caring country than america. in fact, the exceptionalism of our people stems from the fact that we are prone to giving rather than taking, but this, too, is now under assault in washington. as democrats fight to maintain taxpayer funding for their favorite left wing organizations, they've now insisted on making 2 harder to
12:17 am
give to charities and faith based organizations. just last week, the president proposed for the second time this term a tax hike that will negatively impact groups like the united way and the american red cross at the very time during this very difficult economy that the people in need are in need most. the question for all of us as we go forward is how are we going to reclaim america's greatness. this administration's failed policies have resulted in an assault on many of our nation's bedrock principles. if you read the newspapers today, i, for one, am increasing concerned about the growing mobs
12:18 am
occupying wall street and the other cities across the country, and believe it outer not, -- believe it or not, some in this town have actually condoned the pitting of americans against americans, but you sent us here to fight for you and for all americans. you sent us here to bring about real change in washington, real change to your federal government. we're committing to do that. we're committing 20 returning the federal government to one that works for you and not the other way around. [applause] getting america back to work means fueling a culture of entrepreneurialism, a culture of competitiveness, a culture of inspiration and on optimism.
12:19 am
returning america 20 that shining city on a hill means winning the battle of freedom over tyranny. in that way, we will leave behind a better country for our children and theirs. i look forward to continuing this noble fight together alongside you. thank you, all, very much. god bless, and god bless america. ♪ [cheers and applause] ♪ >> wow, powerful speech. and now, ladies and gentlemen, we'd like to begin a series of small panel discussions beginning with a panel discussion to talk about issues related to our military and
12:20 am
national defense. joining us is u.s. senator jeff sessions of alabama. he is well-known and highly republicked as a very strong -- respected as a very strong advocate for the rule of law and unwaiverring supporter of america's men and women in uniform. among other duties, he's the senior member of the armed services committee that oversees the nation's military, the jew judiciary committee, and the public works committee. joining the senator is lieutenant general binge min who served the military with distinction for 36 years. his awards include the army distinguished medal, legion of merit, bronze star, defense service medal, southwest asia service medal with two bronze stars, afghanistan campaign medal, iraq campaign medal, and the global war on terrorism service medal. moderating the discussion,
12:21 am
welcome back to the stage the family research counsel president and marine veteran tony perkins. ♪ [applause] >> thank you. well, folks, you know what is critical to america is that not only we have strong economy and strong family, but we have a strong national defense, and that, too, has been put at risk under this administration, and here to talk about that this morning, you may have saw just last week where the department of defense has told chaplains they are to begin performing marriages for same-section couples. despite the fact that the federal defensive marriage agent says marriage in america is the
12:22 am
purpose of one man and one women. it's frightening when you think about the rule of law ignored when it comes to our nation's military. we also have on the table right now the negotiations in a very divided congress is funding for our nation's military, and i don't think i need to tell you that we live in very dangerous times, and this is not the time that we want to cut back in terms of giving our military the tools they need to keep us and our interests safe around the world. joining us this morning in a panel discussion, each of the panelists will have introdugs remark -- introduction remarks, and then we'll ask questions about the military. first is jeff sessions, a great friend of in the only national security, but a friend of the family, friend of the family research counsel followed by general nixon. senator, come to the podium,
12:23 am
please. [applause] >> thank you. nice to see you. good morning. [applause] it's good to be with you, tony, and thank you for your friendship over the years, and things you do, and all of you in this room do every year to strengthen the values and integrity and face of the american republic, and i'm honored to be with you. i'm the ranking republican on the budget committee. that is a grim place to be. [laughter] my wife thinks it's perfect, you know? she thinks i don't ever want to spend a dime, so i'm in the right place. i think our cars are old and so forth, but we truly are borrowing 40 cents of every dollar we spend. can you imagine that? when people say, oh, the tea party, and people are mad, mad at their government. you really have a right to be
12:24 am
angry. we've gotten to the point where we borrow 40 crepts of every dollar we spend, and we don't see trends that are going to occur likely that will improve that significantly. we're going to have to change the way we manage our money, and the defense department is going to have to tighten its belt. we know that, but the world is a dangerous place. we do have a responsibility to protect and defend the values that we all share in a very dangerous world, so let me just given you some thoughts briefly. i just have a few minutes, and then we'll participate in some questions. the number of myths out there, myth one, that defense spending is at an all-time high. it's averaged during the war on terror about 4% of the total
12:25 am
economy, 4% of gdp post world war ii, we averaged almost twice that, so our base defense budget is not extraordinary in any sense. myth number 2 is they believe that the budget can be balanced on the defense department. the truth is that the defense makes up less than 20% of our total budget in 2030 while our defenses would still be under 5% of gdp according to estimates. the entitlement spendings would be 15% of our entire economy. to give you some perspective there. myth number three, defense spending has seen the fastest growth in our budget while the pentagon base budget has, for example, increased 10% since 2008 by 3% a year. nondefense discretionary, that's not social security, not
12:26 am
medicare, the discretionary part of the budget in two years under president obama has increased 24%. that does not count the stimulus money that's on top of that which was a huge amount into that area. over the past three years, for example, medicaid has increased 37%, total education spending in the same three years that defense has gone up 10%, total education spending has increased 70%, and more has doubled. food stamping increased over the last 10 years has been 300%. myth number four, deals with the cost of the war on terror which has been expensive with life and limb and treasure, there's no doubt about it, but listen, we need perspective. the wars in iraq and afghanistan have been the truth is this
12:27 am
year's deficit alone which is $1.3 trillion to use a veterans knack -- venacular equals the entire cost of the iraq and afghan war in ten years. the ten years of war iraq and afghanistan stand together equal the amount of the deficit this year. war spending represents only 4% of the total outlays over the last ten years of the federal government. we might have that on a chart here i believe. that gives you some perspective as we wrestle with what we'll do in the future. we need an honest budget about introducing legislation. to do that with olympia snowe, eliminate a bunch of the gimmicks that are done such as taking the social security check that's supposed to come september 29th and would count
12:28 am
in this year budget, well, just make it october 1 and move about $3 billion out of this year so you can spend $3 billion more this year. there are o host of budget gimmicks like that that allowed us to expend more than we need to. it's great to be with general nixon. i truly believe we are the finest military we've ever had. they are exceedingly -- [cheers and applause] they have a greater number that are married. they have men and women of the highest character and integrity and courage. they go without complaint time and time again in the harm's way. it makes me proud that this nation can produce such men and women, and you see those that have been wounded and their
12:29 am
positive spirit is just a moving thing when i know many of you have had that opportunity, so i'm proud of our military. we believe in that, and as we go through belt tightening, we do not need to do what admiral mullen said to break our military or hallow out our defense force and undermind the morale and courage of these individuals after all they've done to fight two wars for us. it would be a big national mistake. thank you, all, and god bless. [applause] >> well, what a gathering of american patriots. i have to tell you for somebody who just left uniform about six months ago, i'm a little uncomfortable to talk to such a patriotic group. i'm used to folks being dressed
12:30 am
right in uniform saying yes, sir and no, sir, but i'll try to get through it this way if that's okay with you. >> yes, sir. [laughter] >> first of all, i want to ask all those veterans or currently serving in the audience, can you please stand up so we can give you a round of applause? [cheers and applause] [applause] ..
12:31 am
about our great military and concerned about our nation. this all volunteer force has been at war longer than any other time in our history. we just cross that mark recently in afghanistan, a place i have served in a place they know all about the challenges. the stress on them and their families has been tremendous. our military leadership and our congressional leaders have worked hard to address those areas of stress with a variety of programs for our soldiers, families and our veterans. having said that, this all volunteer force is not a thing to wear challenges that i believe add to the already difficult circumstances surrounding their dedicated service. the first is forcing of the liberal social agenda on the military. [applause] an agenda that either the
12:32 am
majority of americans nor they agree with. but the focus should have been on fighting and winning wars, we were engaged in this distraction. he was brought into play and even today we see more of this being expanded and pushed upon the military. tony alluded to that earlier in the recent directive coming to amount to the department of defense telling us they would like to come and they could in ceremonies that civil unions or gays marriage. what kind of position is this what are chaplains and to make that decision and that their unit. it's unfair to service members to put them in that kind of position to be a violation of religious beliefs were more constants. you our service members were not there when he toured to provide us guidance and oversight to each and every one of our servicemembers. [applause] this is not about the honor of
12:33 am
someone's service. i honor every pitcher out of chimeric and, no matter what their background, no matter what their beliefs, if they desire to serve our nation, and they should be able to serve our nation. that includes everybody. so the rules must be clear, the guiding us the clear. but most importantly, they must follow the moral fabric is always guided this nation. if we do that, we will maintain a strong military. [applause] along with this challenge, as the thunder said the forces facing budget cuts. the already planned cuts approximately 40 billion over 10 years appear to be manageable according to military leadership. but i'm not quite sure how they are being linked to a national strategy. i'm sure our leaders will sort that out. we are sure though the automatic cut that will go into effect in
12:34 am
the event the super committee cannot reach a deal will severely damage the military according to our military leadership and our civilian leadership. ladies and gentlemen, i don't believe we should be resting our national defense done deals and political connects. [applause] we must have a strategy in the strategy must declare. the strategy must be willing to what is important to our men and women in uniform to be adequately cared, to be trained and to have a lifestyle that is in keeping with their sacrifice to the nation and that includes our veterans who have been wounded during the service of their nation. in all of these areas, i trust and hope that our elected officials will exercise their constitutional oversight to ensure our men and women in uniform are properly seated and we have an ex-couples. a strategy that will make sure that this country maintains its position in the world as the
12:35 am
shining light on the hill that we've all heard so much about and that we all believe. thank you premature attention this morning. i look forward to your questions. [applause] >> thank you, general and thank you, senator. i would like to begin with a few questions this betrayal done at some of your comments. senator, let me begin with you. the general alluded as he did in your remarks, presently there is a super committee formed in congress to come up with a debt reduction or deficit reduction plan. and on the table if they do not reach an agreement or automatic cut and part of those automatic cut very to the department of defense into a nation military. republicans have promised that they will not be cut to the defense spending, meaning that the only other scenario ways the coming out of this is that we
12:36 am
raise taxes according to what the democratic party wants to do. what alternatives do you see they are end is our military at this? >> i think our military is at risk. and we know the defense department will have to take some belt tightening. and if we work at it, we can probably make since leaving it to cut the flesh and bone of the military. but let me tell you the truth finds. under the agreement, $900 billion -- this is to raise the debt. there is an agreement to reduce spending 900 plus billion over 10 years in the defense department takes about 350, much larger than the percentage of the budget. if the gang of 12, the committee of 12 does not reach an agreement, you've heard the across-the-board sequester. but it's not across the board.
12:37 am
it's targeted heavily against the defense department. for example, medicaid gets no cut. i told you it'd jumped by more than the defense. medicaid, food stamps is protected against any cut. earned income tax credit, for example gets no cuts. the defense department we have an additional $550 billion. we estimate 850 to $900 million of the defense department over 10 years. admiral mullen testified in secretary commended both at my questioning two weeks ago. they saw 1.1 trillion over 10 years for the defense department, leaving them by far the heaviest hit of any department in the government. they both used the words hollowing out and breaking.
12:38 am
those are the military was the general knows very, very serious words. when you hollowed the military, you break this magnificent military. we have done something we will regret and will be wrong for america. >> let me follow up with that because i would think that he would agree there are probably areas for the military could be more efficient and effective in its expenditures, but this doesn't go in with a scalpel. this goes and more with a hatchet or a chainsaw to to the nation's military. >> absolutely. secretary commended that this is president obama's policy. this is unacceptable. but we've been told directly that the general knows our defense strategy, what we are capable of doing and what we intend to be capable of doing. they cannot do the same thing if these cuts on the fact. we will have to reduce the capabilities of various defense
12:39 am
responsibilities if this were to go into effect. you look in a nation that is surprising that we haven't really dealt with recently. china, values are not consistent with our values. it's been very aggressive, so i think we have to realize that don't go away. >> general, let me turn to you. given what is being proposed from a financial standpoint to our military are looking what has been done from a social standpoint in the military, it's a strange way for this country to express its appreciation to men and women who have served so talent tree in our wars that we have been fighting. let me ask you this question. you mention that the chaplains were given the option to perform the same sex ceremonies.
12:40 am
they are called ceremonies to get around the law which prohibits same-sex marriage, mature experience when you're a three-star general overseeing the pacific command, members of the military are not free to disagree with leadership. and is not tremendous pressure flowing down for military leaders to fall in step with this administration values? >> well, the pressure is tremendous and of course when i made a decision last year to the publicly about my concerns concerning the repeal of "don't ask, don't tell" and the stars and stripes military, a military newspaper encouraged to write to me with intent. i survived that fortunately and went on to continue my command to retire with 35 years and 11 months of honorable service. and i underline honorable service. that's what we owe our soldiers
12:41 am
and servicemembers. [applause] are chaplains, our commanders another should not be in a position that to sort out or make decisions on their own. it might be in violation of religious beliefs or moral conscience. is that the rules, regulations and laws have to be clearly applied. in this particular case here, i have to wonder and i'm sure many people on active duty are one airing, how does this stack up against the defense of marriage act, the law of the land? and i might to circumvent move around or turn a blind eye to the law of land? that's not fair to her servicemembers and their families. we must be clearly soldiers and family members so they can continue to serve and serve in a manner that is appropriate for this nation. >> general, let me ask a question because a lot of folks don't realize the military is kind of a sub culture and on the
12:42 am
basis they had their own housing, their own schools. issue of same-sex marriage is not just a matter or the open homosexuality is not an issue of who's serious, but it's a radical change to military life than in tax families of those who serve. >> you're exactly right. and i would also like to suggest it's a radical change from the way most americans live. [applause] now, please allow me to be clear. i dignity and respect for every single person that is an american and it is not fair to label me or anyone else says they pick it or hate her because of our religious beliefs. this is what this country was founded on. we need to respect everybody. but in the military, it is a smaller culture and people in
12:43 am
one post another government quarters don't have a choice about who they let the site. they're expected to live there and get along with each other. so this puts an additional stress on those that may not believe this is the lifestyle they agree with. so these are those kind of thorny issues that have been asked about, but the guidance we were given that came down during the training that would commit to was a scenario that went like this, that this is gay couple had a child and one of the gay couples was listed as the caretaker of the couple, that child rather, they would be allowed to have one post. and so, once again putting the service member in a position to make a choice. now i can assure you admit me be clear on this commended nobody will be missed treated this nurse in the united states military. these are men and women of honor and a dignity. that's not what this is about.
12:44 am
this is about being clear about the modern military should look like and what values we want our military to underwrite. [applause] >> senator, you're not a ranking member of the budget committee, but she was the ranking member on the judiciary committee and i went to thank you for helping shepherdson good judges to the processing years past and also opposing the bad nominees that we seem to be the routine under the current administration. but i want to ask you this question. you are well versed in the law. the fact that this administration very clearly in its memo from the department of defense has taken a position at lowering the federal law, the federal defense of marriage act, which defined marriage. is it not incumbent upon this congress as a check and balance to challenge this administration on this issue? >> i'm telling you i've not looked at the defense of
12:45 am
marriage act that would apply here, but it had been a rousing and bubbling in something we're going to have to look at. one of the things that i feel very, very deep way about general nixon and i know you share this, is the freedom of conscience of men and women in the military. i heard multiple hearings and in private with the generals and secretary of defense william who come through buyout is for confirmation, that we ask that you do agree man and women in the military press on religious views will be respect it, but their that their promotions, derek and, variability to be effective members of units cannot be compromised because they have a different view than this politically correct at the
12:46 am
time. and they have a right to disabuse them as part of the heritage of thousands of years of western idolization and we can all disagree, but you don't have to acknowledge only the government or the president's view on a lot of the key issues that deal with faith and values in america. so i think we do have a trend too far in that direction as the general said, we've got to fight back against any hint that people are intimidated from living and expressing the values we believe in. >> general, let me ask you that question. how confident are you that those views that are at the politically correct view today will indeed be protect it and promotions will not be withheld, bad fitness reports will not be issued because officers and
12:47 am
enlisted individuals refuse to conform to those stated politically corrected values. >> i have the utmost confidence in our leadership within the military will keep those things in check. i really do. having said that, i also believe they need to be underwritten with certain rules, regulations and laws so they've got that base on. we are a force that is discipline. this force has been a world for 10 years. it's an all volunteer force. it's the longest word nation's history and longest word that has been filed with them all volunteer force. less than 1% of the population has volunteered to serve, but they keep serving because they are dedicated in their discipline. so i believe they will be disciplined. i don't believe they will mistreat anybody, but we owe them clear rules and regulations that are in compliance with existing law and not for the servicemembers expect to make that's what they should get.
12:48 am
>> senator connie talked about him at the other threads. a lot of the attention right now is focused on the middle east in the worst that we are fighting their. but there are other potential military threats to our nation's security. what do you see the president? >> well, we just had a debate on the china currency deal and i supported bipartisan effort to ensure that we end the imbalance but i believe is costing american jobs and focused on china's mess is a state dominated country that is very nationalistic, very proud, made a lot of progress years, for which i'm happy. and the future of the world depend on a good relation between the united states and china and there's no contradiction between their prosperity and hours, but they
12:49 am
are consistently keeping and working with them taking positions that are in harmony with some of the most rogue nations in the world. they are frustrating good international relations and these that i think all of the world a better and safer place. internally, they had anti-religion secular dominated philosophy that these two massive portion and values that we don't share. but hopefully we won't have a conflict with any nation. you've got north korea, iran have nuclear weapons and other gedney achieve them. so it's a dangerous world. we just need to be ready like we always have world war ii, we've understood that we need to be prepared to defend our
12:50 am
legitimate interests wherever they may be threatened. and as president reagan and others have said, peace comes through spring. i know the lord doesn't want his children to fight. somehow i guess a failure in our part that that might happen. my own view is we live in a crack my own view is we live in a crack an occasionally there's no alternative but to a crack an occasionally there's no alternative but to defend your values. though, i think that needs to be prepared and that's the best way to avoid a conflict and misunderstanding. >> i'd like to underwrite the senator just said based on my last duty assignment as the commander of army forces in the thick working for admiral willard who is the commander of forces in the pacific. testing of the asian pacific area considered to be a maritime area operation. the backup and let's take an
12:51 am
historic example about where we could be in five short years for some of budget cuts kick in. >> literally less than five years after the end of world war ii, as the korean conflict was about to begin, president truman turned to his navy and that i want a naval blockade placed around the korean peninsula so that we can begin to doubt this aggression. the navy could not put a blockade in place. that's an historic fact. five short years after the end of world war ii, because of budgetary issues and budgetary constraints placed upon the military. that's how quickly they budgetary labs could cause our military to digress. we must be capable having a strong navy, army, air force and so forth. but it's a tremendous deals to reset equipment for the army monist about $25 billion over the next six years that i'm not mistaken. so we have to have the right investment. but at the same time, defense
12:52 am
has to take its cuts in the signatures managers of the taxpayer dollar. we have to be vigilant and watch this close we and we designers often three to five years, not the power we are now, not the asia-pacific region which is going to influence this economically as well as militarily in the future. >> general, as we wrap up, not going to ask you to comment on why they were in a go before the army, that -- [laughter] i would like to use since her retirement one of the areas you have been working on as a project working with wounded warriors. i would like you to call mom and for just a moment and communicate to our folks here that i know love america and greatly appreciate those whose areas, ashley does the been wounded, how can we be of support to them and their families? be met with tony alluded to with a link might help with two
12:53 am
nonprofit that are assisting wounded warriors. and as i got involved effort, it was amazing to me the numbers have not profit organization that are filling that gap, if you will, of our veterans than haitian. now the veterans administration to general jim seki has made great improvements. they are taking care of wounded warriors as good as they think they've ever been taking care of in the past. but there are gaps here. these nonprofit organizations out there, some i'm sure you are familiar with are filling that cat. what i would tell you the latest two things. stay informed and engaged about how our veterans admin ration is funded and budgeted. it's obviously clearly what we must do. we have a covenant with wounded warriors to make sure they are cared for, but also you can play an immediate vote the nonprofit organization when it's within
12:54 am
your community that's reaching out and helping veterans support them, whether it's monetarily or as a volunteer, whatever it might be. those nonprofits can play an important role in assisting our veterans and their families. >> thank you, general. please help me figure panelist jeff sessions. [applause] news not be smacked ♪ thank you your tremendous panel. there are no official breaks if you need to step out to a restaurant, makers of comfortable. there are water stations all around. our greatest domestic threat of course is our national. and the freshman class that was swept into power last year has taken on the task of america instead much to the criticism that the liberals in congress and the media.
12:55 am
forgive me for being redundant. last night that makes about as much sense as blaming paul revere that the british were coming. either way, we're glad to revere. thank you for your service. [laughter] well, we'd like to introduce you to some of these years in congress who are fighting on your behalf on a number of issues we know you care about. so let me introduce you to these heroes, beginning from the state of new york, represented annemarie burkle. and from the state of misery, representative vicki hart lawyer. [cheers and applause] and the state of kansas, representative mike pompeo. and please welcome to moderate this and all, the president of the undersea action path, connie mackey. ♪ be not, greetings, all.
12:56 am
good to see all of you here. it's a pretty important here as you know. 2010 was false when import here. and they research council, you're all familiar with the same short over these 30 some years, has stood to fight for life. we've developed for religious liberty and we really challenged i'm not in the past few years. and the creeping government. the government has affected us right down to trying to take atomizer is for tivo can preview got to get a special thing for that now. so there's all kinds of committees that are in place to monitor our every move and it's been a real challenge. in 2010, the american public spoke up in our pack was there and ready. we interviewed and said it very closely 186 candidate. we supported them. 153 of those one. we targeted in our pack 20
12:57 am
particular season we won all but one of those seats, bringing to washington d.c. she arose like the three you see. [applause] is barack obama ran and won the presidency, the meaning of the old saying personnel is policy was never truer. you get when you elect and we have seen that. the candidates for federal state office that we interview have to not mouth the words. they have to have shown in their own lives, they were there for us. they were there for life. they were therefore marriage and they were there to protect our religious liberties. and so we actually in 2010 by helping to bring the people to washington effectively took over in the deep allusive gavel, her private plane -- [applause]
12:58 am
and her abrasive heavy hand. so we are proud of these new conservatives that we are proud of them for holding the line and skill just that. i'm so tired and media saying they are just hoping to that. they are holding things that because what is coming down from the obama administration has got to stop. [applause] so today, these three great people have agreed to join us and talk about their issues. so i'll just introduced nntp verifiers just before they come to the microphone. first would be congresswoman, the honorable annemarie burkle. annemarie efron the new york district to 25. she was the lack into the house of representatives in 2010 and took oath of office on january 05. she graduated from st. joseph's house bill school of nursing is a registered nurse in 1972 when
12:59 am
she went to work in the 80s columbia presbyterian hospital. in 1977 she graduated from lemoine college with a bacher science degree. 15 years later she graduated from syracuse university school of law with a jurist doctorate degree. she was attorney general, representing the state of new york on behalf of the upstate medical university. for 13 years she served in that capacity until 21 when she took a leave to run for congress into this a heckuva fight, let me tell you. they're out there to stop her and we are delighted she made it through. she has donated her time and experience as a pro bono attorney for the central new york women's bar association and has six grandchildren and 11 grandchildren. please welcome, congressman annemarie burkle. [cheers and applause]
1:00 am
>> good morning. it is so good to be here. it's like coming home whenever i'm in a group of folks like yours does. it's so energizing. you are america. your send the values of america and i want to encourage you and i want to thank you for all you do. you're on the front lines every day fighting the fight, trying to get our country back on course. thank you for what you do. it's an honor to stand before you today. i ran for congress because as the mother of six and a grandmother seemed to 12 children, i felt their country was way off track and that we needed to get her back on course, back to the values that made this nation the greatest nation in the history of mankind. that is what 2010 was about and not what 2012 is about. our country is off course and there's two very different visions for this country,
1:01 am
whether we'll have a government making the decisions we hold so dear or whether we get back to the understanding and the appreciation of the declaration of independence that we are in doubt why our creator with certain unalienable rights that among those are life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness. [applause] when i decided to run for congress, even the republicans looked at me like i was just saying. and i was running against someone who had had time to million dollars in his bank account. and he eventually went to outspend at five to one. we worked so hard, but my campaign really was encouragement to me and should be an encouragement to you that the american dream is not dead. the american dream is alive and
1:02 am
well. [applause] we begin a grassroots campaign that included 43 towns in our district and we got to know the will who felt the way i did. and you know there are more of them and they were on the other side. we worked hard. we have a pro-life message, a profamily mass edge and a message that said the government doesn't know what's best for us. you hear in my district know what is best for you and your family. you should be making those decisions. we need less government, lower taxes and that was the message. when i came away from not in our six that ms connie mentioned it was three weeks later after election day it was decided absentees won the race for us. i walked away from their were three very distinct messages and buses learned. number one, it is the message. it's not the money.
1:03 am
[applause] we had the right message and we had people in the district to our good american who understood what 2010 is about. and i am telling them now how am were natives to get the white house back in to get the senate acting keep control in the house if we want to preserve the united states of america. the second lesson i learned -- [applause] and probably it should be the first lesson i learned. when i decided to run and everyone is looking at me like i needed medication, i prayed to god if you want me to do this, obviously the odds are against it. but if you want to do this, open the doors and show me how. i've never run for -- iran for the city council back in 94. and he was so faithful to you. he was everything they needed came to me in the right time.
1:04 am
we defied "the new york times," gives up 5% chance of winning. [laughter] shows you how credible they are. [laughter] [cheers and applause] and so, i walked away from the campaign and the successful election knowing it is not the power, if the prominence. [applause] and so what i would ask of all of you today is, pray for all of us in elected office. we are up against a titanic struggle right here and now. last week in our foreign affairs committee, we voted to define the u.n. population control, the $50 million. [cheers and applause] and if you could hear the arguments on the other side, you would have a sense in you will
1:05 am
notice from which you here come a of opera begins. beyond not in the cr debate, what astounded me about continuing resolution debate early in march was that the white house and the democrats drew the line in the sand about the funding plan parenthood. they would've defended our military before they would it defunded land parenthood. that is the titanic struggle that we are up against, but two different visions for this nation and the two very just completely up to approaches on how we should -- what kind of a nation should be. so it's an honor to be here. i look forward to answering questions. i'm to thank all of you for your service to this nation for being such great americans and foreigners and in what has made the united states of america the greatest nation in the history of mankind. thank you also much. [cheers and applause]
1:06 am
>> see, i am so proud we supported her. taking full credit for these people. but it's just wonderful to see all the candidates and we saw a lot of that has to be vetted them in our pack step forward, people who had never thought they were going to run just heard about this and i'm going and we're so glad some of them made it. the next speaker is the honorable vikki hartzler. the key is from the jury's fourth congressional district. she lives with her husband, lowell and her daughter tiffany on a working farm in her home county. she's a graduate of both the university of missouri columbia in 1983 in central university state in 1992 graduated summa cum laude with a bs from an io and an ms in education from central missouri.
1:07 am
she was first elected to political office in november 94 as a representative from the 124th district. she served three terms leaving in january 2100 to her time in politics, she talked to him and consumer sciences for 11 years. in 2004 she served as spokesperson for the coalition to protect marriage a state constitutional amendment which passed resoundingly and i'd to missouri rep as a traditional marriage as the union of one and one woman. chair not this is hard or feels very passionate about people stepping forward and running for political office and putting your values in place to influence the rest of the nation. she recently authored a book on the run in god's way. she and her has been on a
1:08 am
company on farm equipment. that would make sense in missouri. and we welcome and are happy to have her in washington d.c. congresswoman vikki hartzler. [cheers and applause] >> thank you. thank you, connie. it is great to be here. i've looked forward this for several nights after connie and i typed. in 2007 the house and i were there in the audience watching you, connie. interview a couple of other congresswomen at the time. and who knows what god has planned, but he is faithful and he enables him he calls. so it's just a blessing to be here and be a part of what god's doing. as connie mentioned back in 1994, i was grading papers on nights and an elderly man called me and said her current state representative is retiring. did you consider running for state representative?
1:09 am
and i said i can't do that. i found on a thing about campaigning and decide that dirty business that i'm making a difference. i feel like working with teenagers right now. yesterday important question. he said would you think about it? would you pray about it? i said okay we will. my husband and i typed those we trusted in the essay that came back wasn't really what i wanted to hear. but it was run. and bottom line, not so we did. you know why? is because it's important for ordinary people who have been living with the law, with morals and not used to get involved in government. [applause] if they don't comment on election day when the voters go into the ballot box, they'll have no one on the ballot who shares their values. so we've got to run to begin with. the first challenge was interesting because there'd only been one republican in my lifetime that served as state
1:10 am
representative. primary election may only pick one ballot because the father is to choose from in my county. but we went door-to-door, worked hard, people joined us and we ended up winning with 60% and reelected with 69 to 7% of the vote. what i discovered you may feel so blessed to be a part of this is that public services in minutes tree. according to romans 13, says to pray for those in authority says it's god's minister to do you good. he says it three times. [applause] so it's important that people of faith view it as a ministry announced god is this a ministry you would call me to help serve god and serve others through public service? but it was an honor. and in 2000 i decided we were blessed with the baby had been home and focus on the family so i did not run for reelection. a full-time mom although i've been involved in helping other campaigns and healthy lead lead missouri's marriage campaign in
1:11 am
2004, where we were outspent 22 to one and ended up winning 71% of the vote. god is able. [cheers and applause] last year i was sent home again and people started coming up to me a copy years ago after 2008 in asking me to run for congress. and i never had any plans to run for congress. but once again come at you think about it? would you pray about it? once again the word came we need to run. we need to stop this train wreck coming down the pike that was destroyed all the values that we hold dear the foundation made our country great. this time it would be going up against a 30 for your comment, the only congressman in my voting lifetime that is the chairman of the very powerful committee that had a lot of money in the bank and nancy pelosi helping him. i know what? our district isn't nancy pelosi we were tired of him squandering
1:12 am
our. and so, we ran the people joined us and worked hard and on election day one by five percentage points and i'm so honored to be here. [applause] many people asked me during my campaign, what you want to do? with your agenda when you get to watch the news he? i thought about just that i'm not going with a to-do list. i'm going with an undo list. [applause] we need to undo a lot of the owners policies and regulations coming out of this administration. we need to reverse course and get back to the constitution about the things that the government should be doing and that the other is to the state and private industry. [applause] and so, part of what we have to undo is the owner's policy that the attacks against the family. i've been on her to cosponsor several pro-life pieces of legislation to stand for life.
1:13 am
i've been proud to stand for the traditional family. last april our president chirac did the attorney general, eric holder, to not defend the defense of marriage act in court because he thought it was unconstitutional, even though it had been about three times the federal court about the same time his health care plan had been ruled unconstitutional in multiple courts, yet he continues to defend it. that is wrong. not to the president to determine if something is constitutional or not. it's the courts to determine it. [cheers and applause] so i offered house resolution 25 come which decries the president for not upholding his coat to show a duty to uphold and defend the laws of the land and calling on him to do it. he didn't, but thanks to john boehner in the house of representatives, the last defend
1:14 am
it and we're happy to pay for it, but we are not going to let that lago undefended. [applause] i'm also a member of the services community in very honored. i know you just had a session, but there's certainly an attack on marriage occurring in there trying to use the military to advance their social agenda. it's wrong and it must be stopped. [applause] i offered an amendment to the defense group relations built to specifically put into law that the policy at the department of defense is to uphold marriage between a man in a bun in. there's another amendment offered by my friend todd akin, congressman from missouri is slow and he specifically says that the chaplain said the military do not have to perform anything but traditional marriage ceremonies. and yet --
1:15 am
[applause] we know what the president has done, department of defense issued menus, giving them the right to do that. we are going to cite that with everything we have. the law of the land is marriage between a man and a woman and it needs to be upheld. [cheers and applause] though i'm honored and humbled to serve the good people of missouri and to serve the lord to this position and i'm going to continue to do everything i can to uphold it, family and freedom for all of us. thank you. >> yeah, and reclaim her to. last night really makes you
1:16 am
proud. the next hero on this panel is the honorable mike pompeo from kent is. yes, that's pronounced pompeo because i was backstage and he reminded me about the volcano in italy. he was elected to the 112 congress on november 2, 2010, never having been an elected office before. he is a deep commitment to limited government, freedom and individual response ability and rewarding hard work and innovation. mr. pompeo serves on energy and commerce committee, which covers the federal law and the relating to health care telecommunications, energy and trade issues. he attended the 98th military academy at west point, graduating first in his class. [cheers and applause] during his time as an officer in the united states army, palm pao
1:17 am
served with distinction as the calgary office in the u.s. army, leading troops as they patrolled the iron curtain before the fall of the berlin wall. he earned a law degree from harvard law school. will forgive you for that. [laughter] and he was then added her house though of the harvard law review. he then came back to his family roots in south-central this and found it aired state along with three partners. i must in a decade, the company grew to having over 400 kansas employees. he and his wife susan of an active leaders in the community he and his wife susan of an active leaders in the community through teaching in a school at their church come to serve an uncharitable direct or century nun wichita state in both athletics and academics or seats. another hero. congressman pompeo. [cheers and applause] the night thank you.
1:18 am
thanks for the kind introduction. it's amazing to be here. she did mention that my wife and i taught fifth grade sunday school. of all the things i've done in my life that prepared me for this job more than anything else. i mean that in so many ways. there's a lot of rambunctious folks and they are desperately in need of leadership in communicating values. and translating those values in being honest about the things he believed then and are passionate about. i want to thank erin here today. to think what americans did november 2010 was truly amazing. you see these amazing women along i'd better 85 plus, very much like a. it was amazing because that is selected and my dad is a diehard democrat that's pretty amazing. but i mean, it was a deep recognition of our constitution. founding fathers created the house of representatives were exactly the moment we found ourselves in a november come a time when we had a president and
1:19 am
congress today, the in the wrong direction and americans felt a tyranny upon them and they wanted out. americans did something unique. they sent 90 folks and you can see this in the presentation, 90 folks to congress who are without fear. without fear -- [cheers and applause] without fear of speaking the simple truth that we all talk about so often, want to talk to you from that perspective a little bit of kansas the place and i'm from. remember this is stated that entered the union when the struggle for slavery was upon us and canadians made sure every human life with the free a matter. this is a state in the early 1990s that some of you will remember the summary first week, when wichita was the center of the pro-life movement, making sure that every single innocent human and get to breathe that
1:20 am
first breath. this is an amazing place. this is a state that created some amazing, amazing countries. yeah, pizza hut. cessna and white castle. forget anybody? beechcraft in a company called coke industries. i graduated from west point 25 years ago when i served in the army for six years on active duty was in the reserves for a little while it well. we cannot use our military to promote social ideas that do not reflect the values of our nation. [applause] i sit on a committee that joseph energy and power and you say how is that connected to family? if we don't have folks working during the most fundamental pat that allows them to take care and put food on the table for their families and work hard to go home and talk to their kids about the task they undertook,
1:21 am
this noble name, if we've got a president who talks about profit if it's evil, then we've got a nation with far from our founding fathers want to take it we know we have an enormous task and reminisce over the next 13 months. i had the good fortune to sit on a panel two weeks ago now where there were hearings about a company called the lender. but the president continues to defend it is a wonderful democracy. and so, half a billion dollars of your tax payers money went into a black hole. but the problem is so much deeper. the problem is the government might that at the federal level that says we know what to do with your money and we know your values better than you do. if you'll send her money to us in washington will fix all the things that face our nation today. we know as folks who are conservatives have a set of values radically different that
1:22 am
are much more reflective of where our founders and tended our nation should be that we have to get out of that. we'll do it. on behalf of the other members of our freshman class, let me ask you one more thing. we have 13 months before a major election. whitford working hard in the house of representatives the past amazingly wonderful to get pledges nation, but you unawares it's today. write write to some of the guns and send us more troops. thank you god bless you. [applause] >> i claim him, too. we had just a few minutes left, so i just thought it through a few questions to you. you are on me to congress. it's your first year. you are here. how do you feel about the
1:23 am
process? e-mail, sent there up there on the hill and seeing how it works or how it doesn't hurt. and that is the first part of my question. the second part of my question is how do you feel when you're president obama call you a do-nothing congress? and who would like to take that first? >> i will be brief. i think the first part of what we do with this such an honor to be represented here in congress, but as mike so -- but it's so well, the senate stands in our way of accomplishing. so if you could leave you with one message today announced that mike just said, send us more troops. let's get the majority back in the senate. >> absolutely. [applause] with regard to the president and his comments, he's in campaign mode. he's not concerned about what's best for the country. he's concerned about getting
1:24 am
reelect bid. and besides the senate, we need to get back to the white house. thank you. [applause] >> i would just add that if they do not senate. the house has passed many, many bills with the senate. >> pages that i think a good day in washington d.c. is when one bill has not been passed. and we've got a lot of work is if he spoke without a lot of work to undo allowed. for the time being, i know things that come out of this congress will be things that reflect their values because it rejects everything we stand for. so when we say we do nothing, i type. the nike now, we do a one minute left, so i will just say that we
1:25 am
do -- we are going to do everything we can at the family research with other sponsors of the event to change -- make a change in the change. obama wanted to change. we really need to change or not change. gobie herrion later on and it's part is i. we've got a bus coming to your state. it's called the value voters, put america back on the right road to. were going to register voters across this country and bring you health. we've got six senate seats that were particularly lucky not to fund and to support your independent expenditures. we're going to do everything we can to get you can't help but i hope you all remember these good people and so many like them are stepping forward now. they just features support. the percent you had of winning don't have a belief. if they're good people they can make it, they just features support. thank you so much for listening to our panel.
1:26 am
these mac ♪ >> great job, panel. did i hear someone mention white castle? okay, i was talking and i heard white castle. that's a man from heaven for me. ask america to st. louis, where i will visit my 84-year-old mother were the voice i will hear is the other woman under the squawk box, your order please. we'll be stopping a white castle fares. one of the major sponsors of the annual values voter summit of courses are great partner in the heritage foundation. coming out later next panel discussion on saving the american dream, would you please
1:27 am
welcome the vice president of leadership for america operations at the heritage foundation, genevieve wood. ♪ >> good morning. it is fantastic to be back at the value voters summit. i'm the first person to speak from heritage in on behalf of all my colleagues at the heritage foundation, we are delighted to be here if you have a stand with you when we look forward to getting energized over the next couple of days for 2012 and beyond. thank you very much for being here. we are in washington, so i'm going to begin with but that is. the bad news is as many of you know, we are a nation in debt. and i said this morning, as of today come every man, woman and child in america we had to pay up would have to send a check to the government for $47,000.
1:28 am
that's just today, 47 dozen dollars. now let me make that number a little higher for you. let me tell you the news looks worse. but there were going to pay for all the promises we made to current america. these are current promises, whether it's social security promises, medicare promises, other government programs to welfare and the like, every person in this country come to your children your grandchildren , you now have a charter thousand dollars bill that she would have to pay. now everyone in this room knows that's not sustainable. the white house makes sense down there for some reason. for a lot of folks on capitol hill makes sense still. they don't have to do too much about this. but we know different than everybody around this country i believe knows different, even state capitals are waking up as they know it's not sustainable.
1:29 am
and we talk about the american dream which is going to be the topic of our panel, where not just talking about the white picket fence. as great as the night he would give us a watch on my own home, we see the american dream is threat, were talking about individual liberty being threatened, limited government going away. were talking about inability to provide strong defense to a country in the free enterprise system being under attack and were talking about traditional american values being under attack as the government is taking over every aspect of our lives. that is what's at stake when we talk about the american dream. so now let's talk about the good news. the good news is we can do something about it. we've got a big project ahead of us, but everyone in this term i know believes we can do some in about it or you wouldn't have been here this morning.
1:30 am
.. >> that is still the unsustainable path. we have to radically change how the government is taking from the country and that is what the harry tisch planned
1:31 am
says that is what we will talk about this morning. [applause] for two of the smartest men in washington not just mark but principal. put the principles with the policy the foundation and that is what we do. before they come mount, with a very quick summary to pay a quick clip from fox news it gives you a nice summary then we dig into the details. here is a summary of saving the american dream. >> across the political spectrum the agreement on a crushing reality the u.s. is in big trouble. >> our debt has grown so large we could do real damage to the economy if we now begin a process now to
1:32 am
get our fiscal house in order. >> and without change correct policy requires massive tax increases on every american. >> just let the current program operate tax rates would have to double for all taxpayers. >> including businesses. to avoid that they would limit revenues to be 18 point* 5%. >> that is the upper balance of what american said they're willing to pay. we bellow they strong taliban federal revenues the. >> and to eliminate hundreds of existing tax deductions levying only 3-d home mortgage deduction and charitable gifts and the deduction for higher education see now as an investment in the future. the flat tax only on in the come spend not saved.
1:33 am
>> if you have $50,000 and you save 25,000, you only pay taxes on the other 25,000. >> the biggest problems are so security and medicare as baby boomers retire there are tens of trillions promised benefits the government cannot pay for proposal the heritage plan will increase benefits for the poor but those better off at c act has been a to get a smaller check or pay more of your premiums. >> benefits phase out with those 110,000 in in comes. >> they still have the medicare program but they pay full price for the medicare. >> it is better to curtail benefits then continued giving them they and turnaround to raise taxes to pay for them but it takes great care to preserve benefits for those of modest
1:34 am
incomes. >> that is very short clip the would be happy to give you a copy it gives details but to get started as to where it is from the center of policy innovation is what we call the ipod division overseen the domestic policy the intellectual brains behind the policy 80 is including the welfare reform and much of what is the school choice movement to talk with people over the past 20 or 30 years. we're delighted to have you here on the panel. [applause]
1:35 am
also matches the vice president of american studies at the heritage foundation in charge of connecting our founding principles with the public policy issues. and then with the issues of what you do with the day he is the author of truth and also the guys to the constitution. thank you for being here. before we get into the details, when we talk about the american dream, what are we really saying? >> it is important not to mince words but the connection between that argument and american an exceptional is them. these are intimately linked. the idea is that of the
1:36 am
founders. that we have one animal-rights five liberty pursuit of happiness. pursuit of happiness gives rise that the unlimited opportunity and it is at and the ability to enjoy the blessings of liberty is the american dream to have a good job and own a home and send kids to school but to enjoy those things is the key to the dream. there is another dream. there is another dream 100 years ago an argument was we could use government to engineer to make it greater society and we could take those functions to create a welfare state and this gives
1:37 am
rise to another dream that grows over liberalism now we see it argue very strenuously about redistributing wealth and changing things making them more equal and fair and diametrically opposed to the founders' vision. you see that with van jones reclaiming the dream the thing to understand is that debate is engaged the intellectual debate but it has a very practical things attached record not just the idea but the facts of the bad dream that is a nightmare that we have been suffering from four longtime now causing massive problems the welfare state, the debts and the spending and that is what needs to be addressed
1:38 am
because we will lose the dream and if you lose that then you lose america. we have to understand it is about saving the thing we call america. >> pick up on a moral issue. looking as a security we made great promise is but also how are we honest with this generation? >> exactly. this is an issue of a basic values question mark but what happens when we make a promise that is unsustainable? imagine if the husband's promised that you will have been nice condo in florida and pay for it out of the 401(k). maybe it has gone down in value. it may be a hypothetical but
1:39 am
it do you say we still have that and basically our kids will pay for it too. [laughter] put them to work. maybe you are in favor of doing that. [laughter] but as richard nixon's said you could do that but that would be wrong. [laughter] would you feel you could pass on the obligation? where do you sit down to renegotiate to say what do we really need? what can we afford without impoverishing our kids and grandkids. that is what we have to do when a massive scale. today in the introduction we have a situation in order to fill the legal promise remade about $200,000 passed on to every child and grandchild. we say, let's think how we can redesign the promise
1:40 am
with medicare and social security and have a sensible and sustainable obligation in the future. we think this way not dig the a deeper hole repealing obamacare. [applause] and then to say if you look at medicare and social security, what is the principal? we feel it should be true insurance the first priority should be to make sure those who really need health to be economically in terms of their house, okay would they retire but obama's does not need a social security checks are subsidized prescriptions when he has
1:41 am
the flu. rather than taxing him wide always say we will reduce the amount of subsidy it we give to the upper income people. that is the basic strategy there is no other alternative. it's nice to say let's promise everything to everybody then figure out how somebody pays for it. or be responsible that is why it is a moral issue. we have been around the country talking about this last two or three years town hall meeting after town hall meeting we say here are the alternatives. double taxes, impoverished kids and grandkids or say look at how to change these promises in a responsible way. that is what the plan does when people see the alternatives are impossible they gravitate to see the wisdom of the plan.
1:42 am
>> i should have warned you he has a funny accent. >> we did have the language first. [laughter] >> he gets me every time. >> it we did make him a citizen and. >> i put up a chart that shows the trajectory that we are on. is this not the first time we have been in debt but how do we deal with that and where are we going? >> it is a moral question because we have another promise one by the constitution that it is a promise to future generations. that is how the founders understood it but not only has it made these promises that they cannot sustain bed
1:43 am
and how they made their promises in the meantime expanding the welfare state that civil society and other institutions have destroyed it. it is vastly out proportion to the constitution. it shows growth over time and it is because of the project of liberalism to destroy those principles to place the constitution with a living constitution but it is living too much is the problem. [laughter] we are working under the understanding of government that is unlimited and by definition of limited. that is why we have to pass laws before we can see what is in them.
1:44 am
return to the bureaucrats they make the laws. that promise is broke and as well. we've made to get back to the new should we will solve the practical problems we face as a nation and keep the of promises to make sure that we don't break out but figure out we go back down the road to constitutional government to get back to its original the mets. [applause] the way to do that is start with the things that are obvious. a lot of things are unconstitutional then you get the ball rolling. obamacare has of fast overreached claptrap
1:45 am
breakdown the big thing this. then go down the path and the things that we layout, cutting back with government spending with the department of education and. [applause] you are moving in that path to get this back under control again behalf to go down the path to bring in the american people and doesn't alienate them to do that we will stand up for the obligations them promises in the way they have come to expect to show them we can govern ourselves that the founders' vision was supposed to do. >> i want to put up another that says you could be the budget cutters in washington for a day what would you cut?
1:46 am
every by the has said big list. department of education tops that for many but npr, a number of programs out there the week of look at, the united nations. [applause] but here is a problem but good problem is we can cut a lot of things but that is not the big elephant in the room. it is entitlements. it is what we have to face this is the one thing people say cut this or that are waste fraud and abuse. even if we do that we don't get to the magic number. >> it is absolutely correct but if we do that there is no escaping the large entitlements they really are
1:47 am
the things if we don't get under control we will see a continuous massive debt of all the dangers associated so some of you have seen in the ad that aarp has on television talking about the agreement saying touching medicare and social security we should just get rid of waste and loopholes but they don't amount to a huge part of the problem we have to do with the longer term issues. that is why aarp are in denial. or misleading. no way to deal with it to tackle the issues.
1:48 am
we tried to look at this to bring the programs down to a level that secures the true promise that if you work hard, play by the rules, and things go badly, we will still help you as a society to make sure you are okay. you just won't get the of limited ability for whatever you want or a monthly check, read while other people are hurt like future generations. second, make sure the government does not grow. that is why the plan says we will hold the line on taxes and not allow taxes to go beyond the level that americans said they are comfortable with between the last 20 or 30 years come 18 point* 5% of the economy.
1:49 am
hold the line on that then hit a balanced budget within 10 years and keep it there. that is the promise that we make which is sustainable and can be done and our plan shows exactly how to do that. [applause] >> i want to highlight. when you hear the politicians say we cannot deal with is now or takes government but it does balance the budget in 10 years and keep it there and there are people on capitol hill who look at the plan to say we want to introduce this legislation. we can make this happen if we have enough on capitol hill and someone in the warehouse willing to attend to it we could make a big difference when year from now and we were even have a a different conversation about what is plausible. on the tax plan, there's a lot of tax reform ideas. what is the most unique?
1:50 am
>> we move to the flat tax. it has particular relevance. if you save for the future then while that is saved and invested, it is not taxed. we double tax savings in america. that adds to our problem. think of it as a giant are today's i.r.a., unlimited savings for a down payment for a job, a college, that would be exempt from taxation until it is spent and if it is spent on higher education, you would not see any tax on that many. we feel investing in our children and education is what the tax code should encourage.
1:51 am
a flat tax with said giant on air raid which will boost the economy and the right thing to do to save for the future and that is the essence of the system. >> what all these things are driving toward it the paradigm does not work is broken and unsustainable. that is what taxes do. but we want to turn that into various aspects of policy change to bring about real reform. large big reform but it is destroying the country. turn that to stop going down the path to governor sells
1:52 am
and you have no liberty to do that our economic ability. that to is why you have to have better investment. that allows you to buy your home, make your decisions decisions, and invest in your own future to enjoy the lessons of liberty. you have some very large transformative ones to get there. >> the very first thing we have to do do is repeal obamacare. phone-number one. nothing else works if we don't. [applause] you have been doing all lot. what is the next that? >> in addition to stopping adding to the problem than we have to stop quickly beginning to change the basic structure of the program.
1:53 am
>> a lot of people think i have paid into social security. >> takes a long time. take a long time to fix it. and inouye they can adjust to change but the key is to start. that is why we have to look at the premium of malakar at -- medicare part b and part deeper and the drug benefits and much more intensely and how much should they pay? that is a real step. you just have to start moving toward the medicare program that said we provide you with enough to obtain adequate health care when you retire but not the on limited, congressmen right-hand took the first major step in that direction. he is a very courageous man
1:54 am
but we know the profits are taken in their age but then later we see why they are right. hopefully members of congress will listen. if you start to make adjustments slowly, you can get there. if you're in denial the will get those changes but it will look more like greece. we don't want that. we don't have to do that but we have to get real. that is rarely find members of congress and the reality is beginning to break out. >> the argument to the left for it to become more obvious is radicalizing but
1:55 am
they have argued the modern state, the problems that we have is inevitable. the wave of the future. "this is it." trying to convince you there is no way out of the problem and the only way out is so draconian they now scare the rest of the people. that is not the case. there is a parallel the miracle of compound. the same concept. we need to make changes over time plays out to the benefit. this is not over by any means. we have to act now. >> 15 knoll charge if we stay and are current trajectory. >> 70% and rising.
1:56 am
we're looking at 185%. how you do that? that is worse than an increase? but then the blue line is if we enact many reforms from the heritage plan we go on the right direction. look at other countries around the world in europe light three sadr facing the crisis what is different about what we can do? >> we have time on our side to take steps now to begin to differ from that trajectory. in europe has only woken up to the fact wants they could not pay their bills. we already have the warning shots. so hopefully we will see that.
1:57 am
if we are methodical, but you take action, or action forced upon you. the great thing about self-government is we have a history. >> it has always been a question every so often to make the decision is truly a moral question and the objective of modern liberals to change and transform the american people don't want that. with the deep undercurrent of this great nation american exception those of the ideas we believed and we
1:58 am
need to save the american dream. it is the purpose that we have there is a lot of policies we have to deal and keep in mind of the option. [applause] >> thank you very much. as i mentioned earlier, you saw the website on the screen savings' a there will not be legislation passed during the election year but we are in preparation and between now and the next 13 to 14 months is to prepare for what happens january 2013. getting policy keyed up and ready to go into play when there are some that will save the american dream and i encourage you to encourage them to do that very thing.
1:59 am
thank you very much. ♪ >> data know what the country would be like without that parentage foundation. what a great job they do for our nation. [applause] one of the new co-sponsors at this value voters some it is the timothy plan they have an exhibit in the exhibit hall we have some a wonderful organizations here we want you to visit them and support them may have such a spill over there is the area called the bird cage. i don't know why they call it that led to when you think you have seen it all there is much more about another dozen exhibitors in the area th


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