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ideals unexplained wasn't until the early 50's when the truth of stalin's genocidal atrocities were confirmed that david broke ranks with the communism of his parents and became a founding member of the new left, a kinder and gentler form of the social at wa ..the idea of it any way. david along with his writing and business partner peter collier published reports, the secretive the new left and he became a prominent leader of the entire war anti-establishment left. as the radicals on his autobiography details the series of events culminating in a murder of his friend betty van patter by the black panthers. this was a seminal moment that led to david's in the middle of the left and the embrace of conservatism for which she earned the everlasting enmity of his former comrades in arms. david is a writer, a prolific
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writer, and he is a thinker, deep thinker. david tells the truth, the whole truth coming and he is honest, brutally honest. a good writer, and david is a good writer, writes the truth, not little truths, but big truth. with a capital to write the truth one has to dig deep into his or her personal experience. that is not easy to read dav >>li in his new book "a point in time" he shares is inht sight in demand, a guide and society in a way they can it is an honor and a privileged too present a man of high moral clarity, a deep
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insight and a clear voice and a world threatened to buy political correctness and cultural relativism the rolled needs more men like david horowitz. i respect him and admire him and i am proud to be his friend. ladies and gentlemen,, david horowitz.e [applause] if. > thank you for putting together this event and the freedoms center and in philadelphia my home away from home.ho karl marx wrote to fourual volumes which are virtually unreadable and when he was asked when he wrote such show long but he said i did not have time to write a short one this is quite short but it took me three years toquit write and to gain
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the understanding to communicate in these pages. the book itself began when i picked up but copy of the meditations of marcus aurelius from my father'sa bookshelf which he just kept from college they he would have wanted to read as ann adult would have learnedl from. marcus aurelius was the emperor with his own gladiator and buy allw accounts a good man. a and also a philosopher.a not formally he took notes to himself and his notes were found in the middle ages by thenot monks and out of
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their own faith they gave him said title that we know the meditations of marcus aurelius. and with a hyper realistic viewew of life and somewhat grim depending on your perspective. it could be summed up in the words ofn t his comedy not troubled for all things for upheld all are important to nature and soon you will be no one or know where. this was a view of life and redeemed either by a romantic vision for a religious one. my father was a progressive communist but all progressives share this vision.
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he thought he could change the world but marcus aurelius did not believe in progress or history for that matter. seent thhose who have president feigns have seen all. everything from all eternity to everything that will be to the end of time, thingss th don't change because basically we are likewe animals. we're known that we will be no one or know where. but if you think about the future and think about the past it can cause a lot of problems.
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progressives are motivated by thend desire to escape this world. when they look at the world, it is to runto just and of course, it is. bad people are rewarded andp innocent people arepe tormented some people like my father escaped the center trying to deal with this reality for one reason or o another they are unable and want to escape that is what progressivism is about. i was brought up in thist tradition that we should never lose the memories there was a passage in
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marcus aurelius that is prior two of his advice basically don't sweat the small stuffer don't sweat gee big stuff either. so in this passage he says when you rise in the morninge say to yourself i shall meet today ungrateful, arrogant, day stifel, nds and uncharitable. but don't bother yourself about it. is it possible there are not shameless people in the's world? therefore, do not require what is impossible. that is the completew antithesis from when i was but brought up if you meet
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ungrateful people you change them. i was always proselytizing and looking at the news today you have an ink at -- and encampment t anybodyw with the sober view of the gre world it is part of human nature as long as there hase been humanir beings, a good luck.s. but with the historic view has a problem with it in the marcus aurelius meditations, you have to ask yourself everything is the race to and nothing gives meaning than what is the point*? why not the only decision is
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to get out of the world as quickly as possible and marcus aurelius thought he was a coward so he tries again and again to answer the question to come up with a very unsatisfying answer and suggest changes the question to sayi if i look at the world, is beautiful then it must be a design. therefore there are a guide to take care of us. no guides to take care of us could read mead -- live a meaningless existence of i am in agnostic. i just don't know but i could live with that uncertainty.
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just my state of being. by what that teaches us people need a favor.ces but then everything that we do adds up.and that brings me to the second of their. some of the arch reactionary put in the wake of the beautiful future and of course, that is what attracted me and then hefo
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began as a radical to join a group of radicals in st. petersburg and was arrested but if they were we don't know but there lourdes convicted and kept in jail for, months than marched out without any warning to the upper raid were there were three executione states and they started to put on the blindfolds on in then executed than the groups of three and just before the order of fire began somebody rode up to give them the it was a plan of the lazard just to punish them.
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we don't know of this triggered his epilepsy provide not a happy experience but but from there to have the change of heart and mind i don't think anybody has written and is eloquently oneta totalitarianism and what its meanson what to believe human beings cannot live without a higher idea that that was immortality but the main perception was because people do not believe in god does not mean they do not believe in nothing. and perhaps the perception was that they did noti believe in god they would believe himself as a god. this is what everybody out
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there with the occupy wall street demonstrations of course, they are very young. you have to give -- forgive research and stupidity of the unpeople and arrogant.r i forgive them that i was soa is preaching the way they are. but if you think of what their radical mission is a lot of- a my book that is a simple idea.
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to perceive radicals and progressives and peoplem trying to create a new religion, this is not an original idea because that is all the originals like marks saw themselves. befa no father a french socialism said as a religion it is a religion of humanity.wh and prometheus who stole fire from the gods and mythology saw themselves acting as god devil wholear critique of religion is thati human beings project on to powersir own therefore they alienate powers by distancing themselves so by rejectingr god they take the powers ando
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act like god and that is the idea. of course, human beings do not project on to guide but on to the ones that they don't have. but to have this perception t not just atheistic radicalsa radicals, it is not an accident the modern radical movement all grew up around thee of dar when and just befores darwin win a religion was challenged for religious beliefs, it is a secularre religion been that like we redeem one suffering but the whole world. and actually had alreadyth
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developed with roman catholicism. because they made a deal and to create a famous parable of the grand inquisitor 10o pages of the brothers and of course, it takes place in the 17th century absent 59 goodyear's he has not comeco it has left people with the uncertainty.e in this is a great source ofma humann suffering we don't know why we're here where we're going. it is a tolerable state. and
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and christ comes back to earth but the inquisitions arrests than immediately add the grand inquisitor with his indictment for godtfr but you're absent with less people with the decisionas whether to believe or not to believe it and that it ist you are the cause of human suffering. we have stepped in not only eightsm catholicism the socialism, we will bring people happiness to give them authority if you submit to us they human happiness.
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of kors christ was tempted by satan who told them to throw themselves down off the cliff cast themselves f and that could make people believe they he across but if godni has been absent or hidden from human beings but christ did not do and the jews could ask the same question of. why the holocaust?
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we don't have an answer clyde this not give us an answer. so why has got hit in himself?thi this is the perception that is very interesting. what makes us human? the ability to choose as our freedom and to make a choice whether to believe in god or not a or to be good or not to be good or to do the right thing or not the right thing. in so far as we're human we have this freedom other biaswh what we've become is the
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metaphor of the andbe tell. as the dictator marcus aurelius is people will tell us what to do is our freedom that makes us human but also our freedom that makes the world out there, a society such a bad place.l if people had a choice and had to be good because god was telling you to be good and to be all the things with radical missionaries
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and it all comes from choice but the subtitle of my book is redemption in this life for the next the redemption in the next five that nobody at know if you believe in the divinity you also have toa face it obese or to out and made clear twout us why innocents suffer to have an amazing chapter why do children suffer? how can adjust and it compassionate god sanction suffering of little children? he has horrible stories but in the book to show we have the same stories in the worldwo today to think thatrl mankind is morally improving
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just look at the abuse of children which it is global millions of children in slavery as we speak. how obama put into the warehouse to describe the moral arc of the adverse is i theren a century with moreur innocents murderer turned -- tortured them the? 20th century? who the possibly think the moral arc of the universe is bent towards justice? with the radicals and
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socialist and communist and social justice and crusaders believe the problem is society that divides people andd elevates and keeps others down and persuades us to go to unnecessary warsety society is the problem. society makes criminals. but there is no society. it is a reflection of who we are. but to have the capacity for selfishness and aggressionon
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and sometimesg we make choices that are in a moral. from the crimes that we can matter probably mr. meters. there are some scenes the work among us but to they are rare. y we are the problem. then we can fix the problem because putting people andw power so it takes the same type ofe ty person who will give a lot of power over the rest of us and to save by the way some of these young people willese up after they enter into theira messiah and obamaob put them in the white house and things turn out so badly they would understand the
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problems are not fixable in thet way they think that they are fixable. if you believe the problem lies outside us come and then you believe we can sell the problem. hat is what i mean by redemption that you are the creators of the new role.ful how meaningful is that?ich would you can only do that ifth you see the problem is outside and you are not implicated.a if you believe that corruption is in our nature and we are the problem, then the only possibility of redemption is divinities to the next live. you have to see the corruption to have a
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view and this is a view that this relatively benign to think that however seeing that corruption is within us, we're back to the what makes us human is ouris o freedom to do wrong and of course, rates in the chapters of genesis, adamf and the fifth it was better than socialism. and there was no pain.i "this is it" everybody knowno but the one thing or four parents should not do is each of the tree the knowledge of good and evil but to no evil you have to participate. it is that freedom that he
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gave adam and eve -- adam and eve right and wrong and they chose wrong so they were expelled from paradise. to be, the most insightful terrible of where we are with the experiences we have all had with our life time. whe that is human beings are not fit to live in a paradise because they want the choice in doing that they will make bad choices. some bigger or lesser but we all knew it so we are implicated. of course, god puts an angel with the flaming sword at the gates of eden to keep us from returning and you can only return by a divine agency. when you come down to you realize what progressives
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and socialistic communist want to do just to amplify this, the muslim jihadist although they believe in bed avidity they think they can make this world wholly but by is to to being god's law, because they believe what they got in the seventh century is god's law, they are just as dangerous as radicals and of course, a those r&d alliance running interference what w they did for the communist when the empire was going strong because they see us and the state of israel as a great a and my dc-10it
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preventing their paradise from being achieved. i guess what has struck me in a lifetime of unfortunate leave paying attention to politics of the timeth we don't use our parents or ourn life. it has been an interesting life. there other things i would h rather be doing rather than engaging in politics. [laughter] it is funnyit because it once interviewed with a journalistic work atervi prosecutor with a defenseas a why did you switch? >> because i did not want to hang out with criminals. [laughter] but the thing that i have learned is how we don't
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learn from our experience collectively. for some individuals to pay attention but mankind does not learn and the collective does not and and this was brought home to me because by writing a series entering the diary of a writer and in the magazine, he had articles our autobiographical covering aurt lot of court cases in if you read them you are impressed with how similar they are to the same type of discussions
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going on today that the jury finds all kinds of excuses for the criminals for bad parenting or whatever or bad circumstances to justify the worst crime. you will recognize these things but here is the passage he was discovered by a of literary critic when he wa ve young man.. polanski was a radical who brought into the circle. sometimes if he was very excited he would screech to say do you know, man's since cannot be countedn's against him? when society is set up in such a fashion mane cannot help and economic factors allow him to do wrong and it is absurd and cruel something the very laws of nature make itm impossiblecaus
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for him to carry out even if he wanted to. society causes people to be criminals rather than the people themselves. the grand inquisitor says the same thing. centuries will pass and to claim with the bulk of their twist of and science there's no crime and no sin but there four hungry men. that is what they will write of the banner that they raiseabi against you and youran temple will be destroyed. if you have never seen that the wretched individual but as an individual but also afo
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communist. firsthey comes feeding then comes morality. people are not responsible for what they do. society is responsible and society makes people could with the totalitarian fantasy. the choice makes us ever. the first thing people do our seek an object of worship the first thing you want to know when you look
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at the world today, staal when 90% of progress since support the soviet union. even those who do understand to commit ah crime to become the anti-anti-communist which is the way buffs supporting the enterprise that produced staal in. he killed virtually one member of every single family in the soviet union. that is how many people he killed. when he died, in millions ofns people went to his funeral procession. so many people that 1,000 people were trampled to death. of course, they created a mausoleum for him were
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people with light up for 10 hours0' just to view the corp.'s. when they took a poll in the late fifties and he died in 1953, in the polls, the three greatest russiansl voted by the russian people who have livedan through this this, where i been mesquite, peter the great and joseph stalin.r and it shows the persistence and the demonstrators out there called for in in to create of capitalism but all have the foggiest idea what they replace it with without ever having fought their heidi youo yo get people to work or to manage people to give them incentive? never even giving a second thought. this shows how the desire
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for a redemption in this life or for the solution and it shows us the problem. the problem that we face because there is one other dimension. if you believe you can create hand -- kingdom on earth, is about to world for there is no suffering no and equality are racism are sexism with islamophobia and no conflict basically. if you think you can have no poverty or create such ae w world what cryer would you not commit to achieve itto or what lie would you not tell? or if you don't have theon't stomach what crime would you not support? how is the american left in
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the majority supportinge, b hamas in one way or another which is dedicated to killing the jews and says it in its own charter. how could the progressive people say mayor for social justiceb but for those who a stand inn the way and in the t 1930's so marcus aureliusa was right about the addition ofrigh progress and a very classical view. when the roman general but
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becauseay he saw the future, anyway, in this book is about my animals because you can learn what life is about. atheism is if four rafael the very destructive in the hands of radicals there is fade with the lot and -- the alt a and the mystery. i just read a book called the language of god and the genome project starting as an atheist now a person ofth. faith but to summarize the scientific knowledge today and the fact is we know the universe began with a n
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consensus of the big baying but what set off the baying? they don't know. they don't have the foggiest idea how the universe was created. when you come to the next great question there was day big bang whatever it is out there, how do you create life from that? they don't have the foggiest idea.e reseat it to through a glass and maybe we see face to face but we don't know.ind and if you except that you have a historical view of the world and certainly understand that it is veryter difficult to make things better than they are.
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but it is not slowed difficult to make things but to have them over and over. airfare is a redemption that we can accomplish and in order to help another person, you have to have that person of t willingngs cooperation and human beings cannot be manipulated like ants and said division of socialism and the grizzly redemption is save but the desire to make tauruses. they face people probablyom p
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who will resist them and we need to force them to be good or just. that is the danger that we face of islam and from the left and from people who are called liberals in this country to make us good. i am continually passing nualy l do so. that is what my little book is about. [applause] >> we are going to pass the microphone around for those who would like to have anyqu questions or if anybody needs to leave early it is almost 1:20 p.m. but there will be a book signingthi immediately following the short q&a period. >> hello. wer
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you were kind enough to be on the show this morning. >> please plug your show. >> i appreciate it. he was good enough to join me i will start to that i am fascinated witho jil environmentalism that seemsr to be a close cousin to whaty you are talking about like an arkin status socialist.hat >> guy once wrote an article called from red to green and a radical environmentalism because one of the problems will left had is how do we get to the revolution? the working
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of course, by the '60s, the hard hats or construction workers left as demonstrators but all over the world the working class never acted as the marx said they would as a revolutionary agent and having conservative workersd h comment called reagan democrats, how wonderful to have the people they've lowered the food chain, could they cannot say but the other aspect of thisve well attracted to radicals is that it is apocalyptic. radicalism is always aboutw the apocalypticay vision because it is redemption. i
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you are saved or you ares damned. i use this in my a political speeches but liberals are like cal fire preaches -- preachers if you don't agree with them you are a racistt or a sexist. [laughter] but theamo apostle -- apocalypse said it is socialism or barbarism or communism are fascism always the apocalypse because if you are facing the apocalypse you give people lot of power.
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you one bed government to do this, to save the planet. it is the perfect, this and a lot of that doesn't mean every issue is revolutionarye but there is plenty ofre ways to regard the it in rare meant to treated better than we have. we have cleaner air snows short of surrender in all of our freedom, theill cap-and-trade bill to regulate energy use in thell house so the government will tell you how many times you can flip on the lights. you get a narrower space of choice. >> i will never forget them back and forth with that you
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hater at the university and my kids are out of college but i feel there is something i personally want to do to help better to bush perception of a campus prevent anything that you can recommend? >> for those of you who are not familiar there is a youtube and video of the talk i gave that university of california san diegohv wheni i finished a young woman wearing a hood headscarf identified herself later aser o a member of the muslim students association which is an arm ofs the muslimherh brotherhood although thatd e has not reached enough people but it is an arm of the muslim brotherhood and us sponsor of did you haiti events with the collusion of the campus left and theis
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administration's. i asked her if she would condemn hamas as a terrorist organization and she said you want to crucify me which took me aback. i have 50 this encounter many times. what do your mean? >> if i don'tid condemn them the nine arrested by homeland security cell in her mind to live in a fashion stay and those whose support it instead of being invited to the white house asr they are, would be put to but he said he wants us to all gather in israel.ned and she leaned into the
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microphone and that should bemus a revelation to people while i am here in philadelphia i met to with some of jewish students who do not begin to understand about the muslim students association or the threat to that the jews face. no more embattleded group and the jewish students who are more harassed particularly if they are is really is.os but to put out the positiveit image of israel. is the only power and of course, you never get to that question because they throw a huge block itd f in-your-face that they stole land from arabs and anybody
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who does it -- to does not know this before israel was created 80% of the palestine mandate was never ay, nationality a geographical's region that is what it means this is the allied. there is no way the indians'im claim that they are stronger than the claim to israel. beisr mindful of that because the left and never stops of
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lessour a runs into a stone wall. that is a reality but the freedom center carries on the education campaign with a one-party press you could notyo believe the censorshipann you cannot associate the negative fact with of palestinian or at least i can to get ad space into the paper and succeeding in six to seven papers but the number of tha rejections that i get to in than say we don't run the ad.are
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fell left is very good to shut down discussion of communism by yelling mccarthyism and shut down discussion of palestinian genocidalle intentions the palestinian and the arabsi are responsible for the suffering.ant a it is a historical reality. [applause] i said this ad to ucla. forget who is responsible. people have suffered a 4,000
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of years but never have bombs on to their children telling them to blow up other children and if they are of mail they will go to heaven to get 72 virgins it is a sick sick culture. sphere assessment -- fort that i was called the islamophobia not and night -- any anti-islamophobia resolution that says david horowitz said that islam is a sick sick culture in a speech on this camp -- campus i have published a video and a transcript of the speech. but this campaign wass started by the muslim brotherhood now sponsored by the center for american
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progress which is the brain trust of the democratic party. this is how far it has gone. putting in all the report on islamophobia which is a naked attempt to suppress free speech by declaring americans as a wonderful daywond tolerant society to call somebody aeran racist that unless they happen to be all sharpton that takes the mound of the you respectable discussion or to call them the islamophobia. this is a movement who has gone far in the wind that has the heart of thehe l establishment to shut down s the free speech for the critics of islam.
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organized islam treats women as second-class citizens and the doctrine the beating of the women and wives and sa terrorism is stationed in islam.s and hitler thought they were too civilized to accept his plans to eliminate the jews butjad ahmadinejad shouts itout from the rooftops and the wipeout is we'll hear from the united states. we need one muslim leader or one muslim government to condemn the statement that
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is a problem that we face because it is a horrible problem. >> what do you think it will take to defeat the problem? we're not confronting it right now and we have had 30 years of the islamica revolution. >> americans wake up slowly there are always to side impacts but also to have negative consequences. probably the happiest country on the face of the earth with so much to do, so much freedom and opportunityf
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1941 just to give a whole graph of the picture of the problem, 1941 hitler had overrun all of western europe and the japanese had conquered all of them and did a poll amongup americans and hitler and japan certainly declared in an emmy.urid 80 percent of americans said we should not get to involve then came pearl harbor and everything change. to put some much effort intoo wa this campaign to warn of the
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danger we cannot even speak the danger without those of us who have, without being stigmatized and the it have made to shut us down with college papers are campusesi i see it as a great attraction -- atrocity andyo youu trade one soldier 41,000 murders what a premium to put that on the next kidnapping and if you go to the hamas website this is a liberated 1,003 dividers.ber that is the enemy. they're the nazis. you don't want to encourage. them by appeasing them that is the posture of every
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western government right now including the israelis. let's try to make a deal with them. talking to college students at you been i cannot have a dialogue if i bring up the unpleasant reality is. so of us will bring up those unpleasant realities over and over until they are shut up. or americans wakego thank you. >> we will have last question and then we will proceed with a bookou. signing. >> september 11, 2001, we wake-upemendous a call.of everyone of us experienced different emotions that day different sites, but for the most disturbing was to see americans in paterson new jersey celebrating the
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destruction of the towers and the crashing to the pentagon and pennsylvania the suppose of americans celebrated and it was on very briefly and since then there has been a ban. >> that is because they were muslims. >> what do we do about this? ha not everybody can do this. some of the saw our constitutionally more suitedot i did not find it pleasant i cannot go to a college campus without bodyguards. i am not the only conservative. keep speaking up and tell people wake up. . . major hasan who was screaming, i am a terrorist, i'm a terrorist and was promoted while screaming that from major to captain.


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