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tv   International Programming  CSPAN  October 26, 2011 7:00am-7:30am EDT

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david cameron takes questions from members of the house of commons. prior to question time the house is wrapping up other business. this is live coverage on c-span2. >> seven mandates and robustly able to protect citizens and especially the women to whom -- john glenn, speaker, what evidence can the minister point to the global leadership on increasing aid spending is encouraging other nations for similar increases? >> i thank my hon. friend. we have seen an increase in many countries for development which is quite right in accordance with the commitments they have given and britain has been in the lead. all of the spending is spent by britain in our national interest and very large amounts of it as
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well support our security and our future prosperity. >> order! questions for the prime minister! >> question no. one, mr. speaker. >> thank you, mr. speaker. thank you, mr. speaker. this morning -- [shouting] at least the don't have to do it in french. [shouting] speaking with ministerial colleagues i will be travelling to brussels for further talks throughout the euro zone. >> yesterday it was reported that the prime minister compared the families of those who die at hillsborough to a flying demand in a soft room looking for a black cat that is in there. i complained he wasn't getting
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enough credit for the release of government documents relating to the tragedy. will the prime minister take this opportunity to apologize for victims to be grossly effective comments? >> what i say to all the victims and their families in this government did the right thing by opening up and trying to help those people. [shouting] >> is now called formally on the commission to amend the european treaties. will my friend agree with the following statement -- that they accumulated confidence which is task and budgeted in the european union has become too great surge taking it unjustified powers to undermine democratic capability and the time has therefore come to identify those areas in which eu
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action is not the logical or justifiable or workable? does he share my surprise that these words by the prime minister more than ten years ago? >> i read the same pamphlet. very common sense. we know exactly when treaty change will be proposed and how great it will be but i am clear and the coalition is clear that the opportunity to advance national interests is what we should be focused on. [shouting] >> mr. speaker, mr. speaker. mr. speaker, today's european summit does the prime minister agree with me that we need not just to bolster italy's problems that the recapitalization of europe's banks but also an agenda to help europe and indeed britain to grow?
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[shouting] >> what is necessary is to deal with key elements of the euro zone crisis which is acting as a drag anchor on recovery in many countries including our own. the key elements of that produce a section to deal with the greek situation, proper recapitalization of the banks which hasn't happened across europe up to now and the stress test hasn't had credibility bottom of all is preventing contagion taking place elsewhere. he is right that a wider growth strategy across europe is required and that was debated sunday and that is where the commission proposal in terms of completing services directed and completing single market at liberalizing energy policy and cutting regulation and all those proposals could have been written here in london. >> the point i would emphasize is long term measures but we also need immediate action for growth and that means not just european meetings of the g 20 next week.
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we know the real focus hadn't been sorting out the euro zone crisis but the problems on his own side. he said on monday that his priority is to repatriate our from europe. which powers and when? >> one serious question and great to the politics. how absolutely typical. let me just make this point. when it comes to the meeting this evening about the future of europe, i say to him the idea you could go into that meeting arguing britain should add an extra hundred billion pounds to the deficit is a complete and utter joke. in terms of our relationship with europe, let me answer the question directly. the coalition agreement does talk about balancing power between britain and europe. this coalition has achieved bringing back one power that his
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government gave away. >> it said in this house on monday, i remain firmly committed to bringing back more power from brussels but yesterday the deputy prime minister when asked about his plan said, quote, it won't work. it will be condemned to failure. so one day we have the prime minister saying yes to repatriation and 24 hours later the deputy prime minister says no. on this crucial question, who speaks for the government? >> what the deputy prime minister said yesterday was there is a perfectly case to rebalance the responsibility between the european union and member states. what a contrast with what the leader of the labor party said. he was asked this question. let me ask the simple question, yes or no.
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how brussels got too much power. i don't think it got too much power in! so what we have is very plain. there's a group of people on this side of the house who want some rebound and a group of people who want a lot of rebound and they are not rebalancing at all. mr. speaker, why doesn't he come clean about the deputy prime minister? this is what the deputy prime minister was asked. is david cameron wrong to prophesy the idea of another treaty that might bring power back? he said this government of which i am deputy prime minister is not going to launch a raid from brussels. it won't work. it will be condemned to failure. which is it? who speaks for the government? no wonder he says clarity about
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government position and secretary of the 1922 committee says the government position is politically unsustainable. it is his position to get out of the social chapter, yes or no? this coalition has worked together to get out of that. to get us out of the greek bailout. a freeze in the european budget. that is what this coalition has achieved. what we have is between the right hon. gentleman and reality. we had the greatest proof of that. i talked to the house about this monday but it is so good i got to do it again. when he was asked if he wanted to join the euro he said it depends how long i am prime minister for. that is the split of the labor party and reality. >> he will be going to the
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council in december to negotiates on behalf of britain out >> reporter: that may be on the agenda. i ask again. the education secretary said on the radio yesterday morning i think we should take this power over employment law by the deputy prime minister disagreeing won the prime minister's position. it is on the agenda as he was meeting in brussels tonight. we would not be discussing italy. we would not be discussing grease. it would be britain asking for a bailout. we know the hon. gentleman wants to join the euro. the other thing they want to do is believe the imf. they had the opportunity in this parliament to vote for an increase in imf funds which was agreed at the london council by their own government. they rejected that. we have the extraordinary situation where they want to
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join the euro and leave the imf. it is oh. >> no wonder he had a problem monday because the truth is he lead the back bench on making a promise he knows he can't keep and is ruled out by the coalition agreement. we saw the prime minister who can speak for his government and on the day -- the day of the euro zone crisis we have our prime minister who spent last week cleaning with his back bench leading britain and europe. >> i might have had a problem monday. he has a problem wednesday. the truth is, mr. speaker, if he went to that meeting tonight his message would be ignored the markets and carry on spending. his message to the rest of rt ie ier.ght sy3 an wonnmeernmcf1 ost oove
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rest of the meeting. >> angela smith. >> can you tell whether any more projects are awarded by the -- or is it surge standard that two businesses helped by the holiday? >> she is completely wrong. there are 40 projects that have received -- for funding.
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this is completely on schedule. this was successful in round one for allocation of 450 pounds to deliver 27,000 new or safeguard jobs up to $100,000 in supply chains. she should be welcoming that. >> my constituency was pleased to welcome mary order as part of britain--the prime minister agree that the positive approach to new housing which will create new -- is an effective way of supporting? >> i am delighted that mary has made it directly and i agree with what my hon. friend said. we need to build more houses and our country and report the planning system but we want to do it in a way that gives more control to a thriving high streets in the future. >> sandra r. osborn. >> the constituency is in a state of shock following last
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weekend's with stuart walker, very -- sending condolences to the family. and helpful speculation about the motivation, join me in calling local people for submission to go forward and listened quietly. >> i certainly join the hon. lady sending condolences to her constituents family and what she says is absolutely right. the police and the public, the police cannot solve crimes without the help of a public if everyone cooperates the best way they can. >> my 14-year-old constituent was killed outside her home by a driver of a truck. he spent eight months in jail and released after four months. will the prime minister hear their case, apec could of
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measures to take drunk driving as seriously as we do? >> mark hon. friend speaks for the whole house because we have got to make sure we start treating drunk driving as seriously as drink driving. this has been raised not enough has been done. one of the things we are doing is making sure the police are able to test for drunk driving and making that drug testing equipment available. as we test that and make sure it works we can look at straightening things further and happy to do as he says. >> john macdonald. >> the bank of england reprimanded one commercial bank and there may be others to manipulate the market to exploit -- could the prime minister ask for a report on this matter? if it is true we explain that we will use the full force of war against them if they rip off the back. >> very important to send a
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message to wall people in financial service that there isn't something called white collar crime that is less serious than other crime. crime is crime and should be investigated and prosecuted with the full force of the law. >> proposals before this house next week could be cut to be delayed funding for advice services. in the case -- amounts 250,000 pounds a year. i welcome twenty million pound stopgap the government has found to replace this funding next year but will the prime minister in sure the government put in place lasting funding arrangements to sustain service with the many rely on? >> my friend makes an important point and people shouting down, every party in this house has accepted the need to reform legal aid. you say you haven't. you have accepted it because it is very clear. we spend 39 pounds per head in this country with legal aid compared to 18 heads with a
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similar legal system. spain and france spending 5 pounds per head. we are putting in twenty billion-pound additional funding for not-for-profit organizations. we also praised the local councils that have gone on funding and certainly looked at what he says because this is an organization that the final work for our constituents. >> i am sure the prime minister will join with me in congratulating sheffield university's advance manufacturing research center which celebrated its tenth anniversary yesterday and today with a series of events through organizing partnership with boeing and rolls-royce. would he also join with me and the business select committee in endorsing the aim of growing our manufacturing gdp to current 12.5% to near 20% in joined by it -- will he commit the government to work -- >> prime minister --
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>> very much what the hon. gentleman said. the deputy prime minister at number 10 downing street celebrates that success. we are seeing positive signs of rebalancing in our economy. recently i was a big investment vp in the north sea. opening the new airbus factory. if you look across the auto industry whether it is toyota or land rover. all these companies are expanding and bringing more of their production and supply chain on shore. a huge amount more to do but we have to start on a low base manufacturing production declines over the last decade. >> will the prime minister join me in welcoming four million pounds saving money to the people and the secretary's education with funding as soon as possible. >> discussions about national funding formula are ongoing.
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it is a difficult issue to resolve because the historic pattern of differences of funding around the country. i do think it was a major step forward and of to 2.6 billion by the end of this parliament. in that report it says we have made spending on education much more progressive by the actions we have taken. we have taken difficult decisions but at the heart of it was a decision to protect the school budget and funding and on top of that to add to people. to make sure that we are less well-off and our country. >> last month the downing street report said, quote, we know from a range of polls that women are significantly more negative about the government and men. why does the prime minister think this is? >> making difficult spending decisions. when you have a difficult economic situation and household budgets are under huge pressure from things like food prices and
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inflation clearly that impact women and the government wants to do everything it can to help women. that is why we risked 1 million people the majority of whom are women and putting much more money and time into the free nurse education for 3-year-olds and 4-year-olds and for the first time we agreed that women working less than 16 hours a week will get child-care and care about this issue at home because of what we're doing in international aid we are saving 50 pounds of women in childbirth around the world. >> the itc made one decision which is to ground the plumbing commission for the amount of waste and 650,000 pounds incinerator. thousands of people responded to the consultation process and do not want it. in a small deck of the decision it says this is subject to
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special parliamentary procedure. will the prime minister--this government is not like the previous government. we will insure that this atmosphere will lose things and the incinerator will not be imposed. >> my friend makes an important point. there are difficult planning decisions that have to be made but what the government has done is age or the planning system is more democratic and does report to parliament and ministers make decisions and be accountable. i can't speak for how they make those decisions. they have to make them in their own way but we ended the idea that there was no accountability as she rightly said. >> the prime minister has warned african countries that unless they approved a rights, in many african countries where we 4 in millions of pounds of
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persecution and destruction of churches, lives and property. if you display a bible verse on the wall of a cafe you face prosecution. in the twenty-first century, pagans have more rights than christians. >> not always right but often right. the gentleman makes an important point. the way we judge the decision is to look at human rights across the peace and that means how people are treating christians and the appalling behavior some african countries treat people who are gay. >> we recruited 181 apprentices in 100 days. ninety-one% of their hospitality go to full time jobs but the prime minister agrees they work particularly well. >> i am happy to agree with my friend about this.
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we did find funding for 50,000 apprenticeships last year and achieve double that because of the enthusiasm among young people to take on these apprenticeships. running 360,000 year and hope to achieve a quarter million more than were planned under the last government. it is an important development. you want to make sure the apprenticeship schemes are aimed at young people who need work and also aimed at the high level of people getting qualifications so it is the right career path and companies like rolls-royce where many people start with an apprenticeship. >> on reflection, the right time for the prime minister to strapped labor's in determined sentence public protection of the justice secretary. introduce dangerous violent criminals from damaging british public. it is not about -- it should be
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about protection of the public. >> my friend will make an announcement about this shortly but what he will find is as we are replacing things -- a failed system that doesn't work and the public doesn't understand with tough determinant sentencing people have always wanted to know that when you get sent to prison for a serious offense you don't get wet half way through. we will put an end to that with widespread support. >> if women were to start businesses the same way as men we would have 150,000 more businesses per year in this country. and my constituency -- my right hon. friend what can the prime minister do to encourage more female entrepreneurs to create jobs in this country? >> there are a lot of things government can do. in the last budget there were a series of steps like the enterprise finance teams we established and changes to the
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capital gains tax but the biggest change is the change in culture encouraging people to take the first step and supporting them along the way as they go. >> alison mcgovern. >> last week this house did great credit supporting unanimously government and all documents related to the disaster. join me in calling on the police to follow the example of the hon. member to sheffield southeast and commit to exact same -- assure the independent panel has access to wallpapers. >> i will look and the issues she raises. i am not fully aware of the situation with regard to the police papers the don't want to give a flip answer. the government has done what it should in terms of the cabinet papers but i am happy to look at the point she raised and come back to her. >> will my right hon. friend
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julian me in praising foster care and elsewhere for the fantastic work they do to encourage others to foster and adoptive and recognize we can do much more to provide a sustained and enjoyable support they need and deserve. >> i completely agree with my hon. friend and he speaks from his own experience. to the parents helped foster 90 children over the last few decades and is an example. as i said before we really need to attack every aspect of this issue. it is a national scandal and there are 3,660 children in the care system under the age of 1 the last year there were only 60 adoptions of those children. we have got to do better. part is about bureaucracy and part is about culture but lot is encouraging good foster parents and adoptive parents to come forward and give them security
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in the knowledge that the process won't be as bad as it is now. a thorough report is required. my hon. friend is leading this work and i am confident we can make some real breakthroughs in this area. >> mr. speaker, on august 11th the prime minister told this house there would be reports to parliament on activity relating to gains. when will we see that report? >> we are working intensely across whitehall on the gang issue because in the past this was something that was dealt with in the home office but not the same input from other departments so we are doing exactly that and parliament will make it. >> when i worked in the private sector i was on maternity leave. the prime minister remind the house that this is making work more flexible and more family
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friendly. >> someone talked about the private sector of job creation. the lack of respect -- absolutely typical. my hon. friend speaks from great experience. we want to be a family friendly government which is why we're putting extra hours and help into this education, into the tax credit and increasing by 290 pounds and also be introducing proper help in terms of flexible parity. >> westminster police command being required to lose 240 officers, classified two thirds the number doing security and counterterrorism work and require every officer in the borough to apply for their own jobs. what message does the prime minister think this sends to the public who wants to see visible control rates of police.
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>> we are asking the police authority to find a cash production over the next four years of 6.2%. we face an enormous deficit in this country because of what we inherited from the party opposite. we have to make difficult decisions and i don't think it is impossible to find a 6.2% cash reduction while keeping front line police at the same time and i am confident boris johnson will do that. >> if the prime minister -- the prospects of real growth in empowering local communities but does he agree with me the best way to tackle disengagement is through local accountability? >> my friend makes a good point. we know we're not building enough in this country in terms of houses for young people or the amount of people on housing waiting list. the best way to get that to
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happen is to make sure local people have a say and control over development in narrow area. the top down targets of the last government didn't work. the local approach will work. >> jamie read. >> the opposition the prime minister pledged to fight bareknuckle? will he give accounting to the prime minister for perches on his watch? >> the pledge i can make is the one i gave when i visited constituency that was expanding and the funding of his hospital. >> can i congratulate the prime minister and thank him for his work in the department of education regarding free stores and can he give encouragement to groups that are looking to build two free stores? >> i could give the hon. lady that encouragement. the policy is a great success


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