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estimate how many campuses are you want now? >> over 700 student groups in our network, so like i said all over the world. >> this is the second compilation? >> this is the second compilation we've put together in partnership with the atlas society. >> ravee rayn rand sidey? >> the atlas society. >> mcginn as of the copy editors on this book the morality of capitalism students for liberty is the web site. ..
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>> he made the money by adhering to his principles. doing business with a handshake. you can see with this is going. very quickly he is ensnared
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by five men headed by the ringleader joseph period. they interstate and who he is and how to take him. over a series of two weeks they gradually its near him as what we know as the big pond a structure that is too long to describe that it is it entire play with sets and actors and extras and joseph kerry convinced north fleet he was placing money on the stock exchange using insider chips. and the stock market was
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rigged and it was all set up. this happens in the first chapter and he realizes he has been taken for everything he was worth. they play that kind twice because he was so invested he went home and got more money. i'm sorry he was $45,000 for after the two weeks and was stone broke. the end of the con last act calls for the bark to go home silent never to say what had happened because his reputation could not survive but the market thinks he was participating in something shady if he
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tries to prosecute he is open to all so prosecution. so they buy their silence. but frank made the decision to turn the ranch over to his wife and spent the next four years tracking down the five men that swindled him. no qualifications to do this not a detective but he was seto outraged and he was so violated it made sense. i will read from the fourth chapter where his story picks up where he deviates from the script and decides to make this decision. >> chapter four. wed j. frank norfleet asked himself where to begin looking for five bet skilled
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in subterfuge. the image of a red notebook loaded up. now they he thought about it he remembered the address book. he turned it around in his head and then opened it. it worked inside he saw a list of names and one stock out j. frank norfleet had hired his relatives 30 years or leave from corpus christi although the name did not stir anything before but now he realizes the significance now cathay was the landowner and his name was saw the sucker list. j. frank norfleet imagine
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fury could persuade cathay to liquidate his real-estate for more durable coinage. his first trip was to corpus christi but he was told cathay was said california on a prospecting trip. his wife gave him then next to lead as they talked over the case she said one of the swindlers had visited to survey for the immigration and mythical company. he has been a rare except the state of california that was absent could it be? that is triple a's hideout? >> that is the reason he shouted the peanut here i
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should say. any dialogue is not invented some of these are his his authentic words. his mind made the connections. they made us get away from here then they gathered up cathay and they had bid for california. it felt so right within two years use on his way to california. this lead shot him to san bernardino. because he had to get off the train somewhere and he decided to work the state from the bottom up. the decorations around the town reminded him holiday had fled his mind.
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as he walked around the neighborhoods and wondering what his own family was doing he went to get right back on the train before he exposed himself but the sites before his i eighth began to build with thoughts he was imagining fury and spencer fleeing the way they came. he was inescapably obsessed. a christmas morning still resolute j. frank norfleet went to the sheriff's office and this build his story sparing none of the details in describing the enemies as he knew how he let him get all the way to the end of the speech before replying
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we did not make the general practice of giving day christmas present but may have one. he pointed. there in cages sat word and gerber the fraudulent secretaries. norfleet stomach churned and tangle ran up and down his spine but yet to the first impulse was to wish them a very christmas. for most of the time they were his colleagues who treated him with respect. he mattered how little they resemble their former selves. gerber said for god's sake
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don't identify as. norfleet turned and followed sheriff shay out of eyesight. he told him an extraordinary story that attacks in by the name of cathay was in san bernardino for business and had fallen in with a group of zero-- stockbrokers he was just about to close when he read of this window of norfleet. he knew he was said with the same men. he accosted the first police officer he found. the fury crew saw him talking to the officer and fled. the sheriff managed to
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intercept the to a few minutes later and took a chance that they wired and instead reply to hold them under the warrant norfleet had filed and they saw the same credentials use before only one had bothered to change the aliases -- is. that did not dampen the fervor for the other three. while bay readied the paperwork to extradite norfleet continued to scour southern california. he searched all telegraph records but found no trace. he visited police stations. in los angeles he had a minor score while looking through photographs identified a picture of fury
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and learned his real name. he left his suitcase at the sheriff's office and sought out a beautician to take off his mustache. then he walked into the shares office to give his suitcase. the escapades were brought to close by a summons to appear at a fort worth attorney to appear at their requisitioned broke the two men fumed but norfleet went to texas he thought about his case in his mind went over the same facts but then a built-in abn pulled up the newspaper the dover and introduced a self parker hannifin reading about the capture of these fellows.
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in high spirits he said they would be if he had anything to do with it. he was riveted. by the end of the tate tale he decided to stop to see how what turned out to but then the number for a short nap. norfleet watch his head to back into the seat and his mind rose. he was sure he never met him but the characteristics were familiar and he had it. that is said jack levy -- exactly what or would look like he is confident he was the father of his mortal enemies sent out to get information from him. he cursed his own egotism never considering the
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swindlers were just as dbs. he drought in a labyrinth luncheon of morsels but as overcompensating norfleet turned down everything. fruit stomachaches, which is come up paranoia was strengthened when he claimed not to disown food claiming the upset stomach. it would be difficult to poison two o one broken shells. of that is all he needed to know. was resolved to be double cautious. then norfleet broke his resolution he found himself in delightful conversation with the woman from georgia. he found out she was a
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reporter -- investigator he gave her a description of the bet and to promise to wire him with leaves. norfleet stepped off the train at fort worth. his friend stepped off with him but was prohibited from joining the hearing. he testified and then as he left he said what did they do? norfleet said he had done his part. the rest was up to the jury. but he was grabbed again saying the hotels were booked for a convention would norfleet like to join him? once again he declined and eventually teetwo gave up and trailed the mid to the
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poor district up to lead disheveled house then norfleet with back to the core quote -- courthouses got the newspaper reporter and cajoled him into returning to confront garst with his identity. on the way back however norfleet was lost by the time they found it he was gone and his trace was erased that was the evidence that the relationship was correct. the testimony secured the extradition and the sheriff personally escort did the charges back to texas by a train and spent the rest of the open tours in jail. norfleet had another conversation he was at the jail when the smugglers were
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visited by a cornwall secret service agent who helped to identify them and this would delay of a furniture dealer. they said they were part of the fury gained operating at of new york. i sent them to the city a long time ago asking them to be on the watch. how much easier with the search have bet in the had photographs touche show? stay here. i will hunt them down i will bring you the deaf pitchers to bring to a family album. when he returned he shook his head. the office claimed never to receive the paragraphs. norfleet by his first
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inkling on the other side of the counter. gave him renewed conviction only he was responsible for britney just as. but no information on the other three he found himself with a wide open country to scour. and he received a lady and may and deported her train that matched the description of fury. the one bid eavesdropped and told the man business in dallas and fort worth was as easy as run they a picture show. he said he was on his way to miami then the kicker i
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think i will stop in jacksonville i'd like to keep up with the game to find out to move them in new suckers were pro garst was sid norfleet cites as soon as he had a small arsenal of guns, disguises, and warrants he hopped on the train. take stock. norfleet pledged his banker at random to find two swindlers they just happen twos window a fellow texan who just happen to read the newspaper account before he was cleaned out. said norfleet recognize a stranger on the trade as the father of his swindler than described the ring leader to another stranger and she
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just happened to recognize that man across the country and gave the permission he needed and just 20 pages. either the overall was smaller in the 1920's first something else guides norfleet accounts. the first question is could he be con us? it piles on the improbabilities without the knowledge chain they are improbabilities seems like linking the levy detective is named mrs. ward as far as i know she was no way related. it is merely a coincidence. later in hot pursuit he
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approaches a police officer who turns out to be named ward. he writes well i'd never get rid of though ford family? perhaps they should be commended sticking with those details of novelist could not get away with but perhaps these details should signal something. the narrative sounds different from the year the life history. instead of rectitude and self righteousness he has humor and tolerance for ambiguity. finding himself will bulls broke he goes down to the racetrack tiajuana and that's the last $90. according to the autobiography my baby one
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paying out six /1 from the same man who banned gambling from his ranch and living up to expectations. he justifies the vigilante quest to restore his values that were violated by the urban tricksters when he embarks on a quest the values began to drift away and he starts to resemble his enemies more than he realizes. of repents city to spin yarns by the fire then he almost seems to impersonate himself. this props of farm or the dying question. the most perplexing characteristic is a perennial will this to make themselves into the bark of a
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showman, artist, director, w riter those going into a story that maybe false only to be immersed in completely then duped by what they thought was trooper brace sensation gratification and a long pedigree. the book goes on to tell about norfleet story and how it is true. but i wanted to give you a flavor why it is interesting to poke at his own story and end with the paragraph see you can see where that brings us to 17 by business story trying over his susceptibility by embracing
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at one reason why he captivated some listeners he gave his identity that you could admit they shared. he never had that skepticism that the experts tried to instill. that fragile bubble of hope it led him into the trap but also to believe he could succeed on his quest to stories that would not have have been to. that is as essential to mythology as the self-made man but they go further to suggest the mark inside is no link thomas of laware, or a wide awake deception coming to represent the
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personality that best fits american and maternity. they q. [applause] i've with love to hear questions or stories of your own conning. [laughter] >> i am curious how we interested in the subject? did it strike you it was endemic in the american psychology? or came to you? >> first discovered norfleet and i was researching my
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dissertation which was much more boring. rite aid a section on autobiographies of con artist. their right not any at the beginning of the 20th century. this was fascinating had to convince your readers to tell the truth when the profession is that of a liar? that struck me as very america and but also a fascination that is when the big con keira about so look at the history of con games and what matched up with the economic opportunity at the time. there was no such book so
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there was a hole to fill. i found the story of norfleet lenovo's are true this is an amazing adventure story it is a false memoir of somebody being in the deceptive arts. then i found out it was true. that same like a good place to start to talk about the ways they were crucial up economic development in our country as con games. it is a story from the
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underground to get that history as well. >> i know people in this room have ben take 10 fayed con. [laughter] statistically. >> what does a modern day con maclay? those 20th centuries kind what does that mean you're? >> we now know about the ponzi scheme. thinks to bernie madoff. that is very old from the 20th century but but it has come to new nearly unchanged even over the past
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years well after madoff made headlines the sec has continued to prosecute over 200 ponzi schemes which i find incredible. so once you know, how the con is work to your not susceptible. you cannot be inoculated. some con do not die out and about particular to a moment in history. upon the scheme is the best instance. a few weeks ago there was an homage man that ran a ponzi scheme. [laughter] it is true. he did not intend to defraud but that is one answer. they all have been on the internet and also the most famous is the nigerian 1419
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scheme that is the name of the con. where a deposed nigerian prince some now come out of the middle east have a treasure that is locked up in through bureaucratic take you can help them to unlock the treasure in did to help you would get a share. it does have a similar structure to the big con nobody can ever be swindled by something that is obviously not true. this magical money or something for nothing.
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oftentimes in french up or altruism to spend a little bit of money then you get to a lot back. it plays on greed but other things like french ship. -- apprenticeships but they must work or they would not keep sending them. >> i thought the story was familiar i cannot think of an example are there others you have found? >> it is true in these autobiographies any time a swindal there brags he will say the soccer never squeals
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because the con this of zero tv and the mark is a shame to all were fears being prosecuted but norfleet i found a lot of instances that the sucker will squeal. they go to the nearest station and tell their story but then the story ends because they are bought off. but there are a few instances of marks who did what norfleet did to take into their own hands. it is incredible to think just going off on a quest. they're not famous people but newspaper accounts. then they shared the mideast trip with graduate students at cornell and one woman's grandfather quote day
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norfleet from canada swindled in florida. he went $0.4 and lost savings and then went back he got the convent dead when he died they talked about that at his role. that was the extraordinary story of his life. not comment but not as uncommon as the con men have you believe. >> is there anything that you left out to the use say i cannot include everything? >> about norfleet? >> or in general. >> host: no what did get cut. [laughter] i was interested. i went deep into texas panhandle history then later
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the second half norfleet goes to denver which is the complete the fixed up town where the swindlers control everything there are many overlapping players swindling marks at the same time and i went deep there as well. how did that become a safe place for swindling? there is a very specific answer but with his own story his autobiography is packed with story lines and i had to pare down because my book would be as long as his plus three more at least. he does eventually get the swindlers but there are twists and turns along the way he near rates every
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single one of them. he did not have an editor. [laughter] when he goes after the ringleader fury he finally gets him but what happens after he goes to jail is fantastic. so i did get to add things fury does not want to be locked up city is clever enough for a partial solution. i edited out one instance in his biography there is a woman who is a small woman who turns up everywhere and she is deadly and devious but nothing happens with that. i told her out. and the like the story his norfleet is there to read.
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the stories are great and long winded. >> >> is this from newspaper articles? or if you go? >> how do research the story? >> you have to research because you have to fact check or to do diligence. he was ordinary, and educated, not well known, he quickly enters the public record. his story was interesting. newspapers very quickly began to follow his
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exploits. so his name became a shorthand but with newspapers, he can gave them himself. he is not conning if anybody but exaggerating. how do you penetrate that level of a false lead? court documents detail what happened to each of the then that he caught bertrand transcripts. the main court case i'd like to have used, he makes it to denver to bring down that gain is another story but it's a team that has of
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stranglehold and he will be the one to bring them to justice. the trial was expensive and complete a missing from the records and the court case right before and after are there but somebody photographed a note to. there is a story there. who would have been hurt by that being public? lots of local sources. i tried hard to track down the descendants because they would have letters or books and i did find the unpublished autobiography of one district attorney who accompanied norfleet sometimes and said he
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exaggerated but mostly verified the events. in the end it is amazing how much i could verify but how much is made but slanted it. [laughter] >> in your research did you come across the iconic dedicated, did you a case in l.a. come across those people? >> sheriff four police officer? >> yes. >> there were a few there were a few that helped to 17 along the way.
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he encountered so many people who were bought off with a double dealings and he pointed to expose that and of bringing it to light to. he had a hobby to bring down crooked police officers. he was very much styling himself after the american mythic hero part cowboy a a, part detective who is familiar with the underworld but not tainted by it. he was taking that on. that may have been why other people were so interested in his story.
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one who does not manage to be ensnared in the corruption and around them. there were honest police officers but then took on the qwest light norfleet. they could not break apart those structures that were so embedded. it took somebody complete outside or oblivious to blow it apart and green publicity -- bring publicity >> [inaudible] >> he started to make a silent film financed largely be by himself before the great depression and never finished.
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one of the actresses sued him of for something. that is curious. there are a few stills and that is it. i don't know what happened. there are a few in the book. it is so can the but that is the era. he hasley eyeliner. a done. it would have been good. he saw the potential of his own story. but american history intervened. >> if they make it into a movie who plays norfleet? >> tracie paul newman. he is very short those are
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all very read towering as con men. that is so i think of from the sting the. play that game. who else? he is not the brad pitt type of hero. james franco. [laughter] i don't know. >> jon stewart. [laughter] i will tell him that we talked. he would be good. [laughter] >> is there talk about a movie? >> no. as you published a book it tries to compete. of the feedback is that
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hollywood once a bloody shootout to in the end. he doesn't. that is the whole point*. he could have and it would have entitled him but he made the choice to catch them by dial. said you cannot have say bloody shootout. >> there is the great show but they try to make a world distinction between those who are greedy and another call versus someone who could be bought into a swindal. >> con bet to a lot swindled
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after the pension but that into is greedy. >> that is very much a truism that they only swindal those who have it coming it works by greed brought i don't buy back. i need they could swindle anybody that they could. they appealed to nice emotions including intelligence and kind events. i think that this self testifying but they consider themselves the aristocrats because they do not use violence and there to see about who they swindal. >> what will the next book be about?
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>> thank you for asking. i don't know i am researching the idea is. by a end interested in american history and capitalism. it would be nice to spend some time with good people. they keep for coming. i will sign books. i can talk with the more individually. what it pleasure. [applause] >> my job is to give people the readable story of the constitution. i went to clause by clause sustenance california or
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maimed or hawaii or washington d.c. would know what it meant to read the constitution and what the founding generation said what it meant for pro was also motivated because of the constitution itself. they left it to their posterity but that is to us. we have a sacred trust to know what that means, understand, read kumbaya digest. so i hope the american people would do that if students of the constitution. you hear different ideas ended his elastic and
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stretchable has words a new can read the words but we have to go beyond that. that is what the supreme court judge or this constitutional scholar says it means. than those say it is a limiting document. it is what did this and we should interpret literally. people get confused. what is it? loosely, elastic or limiting document? >> i thought to cut through all of that. i did it care what this caller said the what the supreme court said. i cared about the founding fathers. my journey began their. originally when i pitch to the book, you can pitch the
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idea then told yes or no and did you are told the s you go from there. was going to focus on the opponents on what they thought and the publisher said that is not a good. it may turn to look like anti-constitution. so we decided we was right to book based on what the founding generation said for and against it to. i have read a lot of material about this. i realized i own a scratched the surface or in some ways what i thought to little the
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be more involved. it is deeper than i thought. what i thought about the constitution is there but it is more complex than what i said about it in my first book. talking about them and demanded but it is the founding generation. of book for the american generation. i went to and look what everybody said. and public documents. this had to be sold. i thought what source would be better than to go to those who actually present
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this to 13 hostile ratifying conventions and this is what it means. then they go to the press to say this is what it means. look at the paucity -- constitution as ratified. it meant nothing until the state decided to ratify. that is the overall subject of the boat caught i will read to a quote from the founding father but oftentimes they get the statement they were a combative group of people. what the founders?
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the big names you hear of hamilton, by james madison john j., the authors of "the federalist papers." those that the grander stand they say it is it. it goes much date -- deeper than that. to say not as important as you think. misstated new york only ratified the constitution by three votes. this the these essays that are the definitive source did not have much impact at the time.
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of course, james madison is called the father of the constitution but it is the misnomer. he did present the virginia plan but the constitution that we have is not his. it was gone over and over and modified by important people. john dickinson of delaware. he was one of the most important men of the generation. the key yet what james madison had written it, that will not work in these united states.
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cloris someone like roger sherman is said never said a stupid thing in his life. as a conservative moderating influence he said we're not have a bad. the people will never agree. or john rutledge who would later serve on the supreme court basically wins the war of independence he said no. i will work in south carolina at. the need to modify. that is what happens in philadelphia a. it was called a miracle.
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nobody was sure it would get out that it appeared it would die before the middle of summer 1787. is the large states against the small states. madison is from a large state. not the real issue. the real issue is what type of government? national or federal? today we have a federal government they did not call it that. sherman and rutledge said we wanted federal government that madison wanted a national government. there is a difference. federal was general only
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with general purposes in mind everything else left to the states that is what that generation argued for. of the national government to put all power with the central authority. made you start talking you still hear the term the term turnaround but general government for general purposes? i will talk about that. with the constitution came out to comment no one was sure if it would be ratified. they have risen in, talked about it, but poured their hearts out but no one was
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sure that it would make it out of the state's to be ratified. then it had to be sold. i do bring up the philadelphia convention because sometimes you cannot understand the language but oftentimes it cannot understand the state ratifying convention of the route the united states. madison agreed this is what he said. the constitution ave brought to life and found its meeting because of the state conventions giving get all validity and authority it processes. philadelphia means nothing. what the state ratifying
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convention means everything. the most famous supreme court justice ever comment our show of never mentioned the conventions and in the decision but those state ratifying conventions where everything was hammered out out, they were sold a bill of goods on what the constitution meant that the time. that is why will write a book on the opponents i also have opponents and proponents of the document. the federalist and the anti-federalist. that is wrong.
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eldridge was colorful. nationalist billings it -- please send a strong national authority. the states had much of the authority. how much will they have? that is what the debt to add of the entire process. but to go through these different opinions, what i found shocked me. there was a lot of opinions you have to bring this out yourself over andover


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