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with the alzheimer's and took his own life, i don't know what i'm going to do next. well, i certainly want to thank everybody again for coming. and thank c-span and booktv. [applause] borders bookstore here in the renaissance center right there and as they say, if you buy it,
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i will sign it. thanks again. [inaudible conversations] every sunday at 6:00 p.m. eastern booktv airs a program from our archives that coincides with a significant occasion that happened that week in history. check out american history television. it features 48 hours of people and events that help document the american story. watch american history tv on c-span 3 or visit eagle forum founder phyls is next on bock tv talking about her book no no higher power obama's war on religious freedom. it was part the recent eagle forum summit held here in washington. [applause] >> tlause]
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phyllis received her bah ba where she worked her -- testing 30 caliber an mission. she severed a master degree from the harvard university. after the age of 50 she received her law degree? st. louis. she founded eagle forum in 1972a to encourage the grassroots to be p politically active.nd she lead the ten-year battle to successfully defeat the ratification of the equal rights amendment. she is the author of twenty books such as politics, nationa, defense, courts, feminism, andle even then phonic textbook for children called "first reader."s the newest book released this month is no higher power, obama's water on religious freedom. please welcome phyllis schlafly. [applause]
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[applause]er [applause] >> thank you very much, ann.the and gooda morning students. there are a lot of good books about obama. different aspecteds of his w one o but there wasn't one on a veryti important issue. and that's why i wrote this one, "no higher power: obama's war on religious freedom."rack on october 31st, 2008, barack obama said, we are five dayslly away from fundamentally transforming the united states.s few americans realized how cad really a that was and what kind of transformation he planned. he was goal was not merely to spread w the wealth as he told e the plumber.s t his goal is to transform america from one nation under god, as we proudly proclaim in a pledge of aleans to a totally secular country we're allowed ton t
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recognize no higher power thansp the federal government. especially the executive branch.o the it when barack obama moved in the white house, the ground work fom the campaign of secularism had already been laid by dozens of t lawsuits filed by aclu and various atheist organizations petitions the judges to used a first amendmentll to tear down l crosses and monuments or pictures of the tend t commandments that are visible to the public and cut off the microphones of public school students thanking god in their value deduct i are speeches and forbid school kids to sing christmas carols. at obama's campaign stop his liberal friends chanted that he is the one we've been waiting for.ite hous as soon as he moved in the white house, obama gaunt long series of words and actions to secularize our country. it he's trying to make the u.s. a
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totally secular nation.the the goalg was predictable when d was campaigning in san francisco before he was elected. here are obama's words about religious people in the united t states. he said they get bitter, they cling toio guns or religion or n tip think to people who are not like them who antiimmigrant or frus trade as a way to explain their frustration. obama looks down on religious people. obama has a record of hostility, religion, and we have never before seen in any american president. one of his first executive orders in january 2009, was tota reverse the practice of the bush administration and start giving taxpayer money to organizes thar perform abortions in othery countries. in february, 2009, he announced the elimination of conscious protections that allowed and pro-life doctors andse nurses in
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federally funded hospitals to opt out of performing abortions.iner in april 2009, obama delivered n speech at georgetown universityf only after his staff had pressured the catholic college to cover up the monogram for the name of jesus that was always disprayed above the podium.icedw the next thing we noticed was that when president obamacess receipts the declaration of independents he changes the wording. when he quotes the great deck declaration he senses out the word creator. that we know that t the decoration proclaims we are endow by the creator with unailble rights. again and again when he resecretes the line he omits thh word creator. he has done this so often itti cannot be a slip of the tong or a glitch in the tell prompter.a. it's deliberate.chgi he changed the words of the declaration of independents is e determination to remove everything religious and
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every mention of god from every aspect of our public life. e campaign canceled the traditional white house event p honoring the national day of prayer saying he would pray only in private. in an november 2010 speech, obama pretendedded to quote the u.s. national motto which is in god we trust. i guess he couldn't bring, himself to say god, so he mistaken said our official motto is [inaudible] when obama gave the traditional president thanksgiving day address he failed to mention god. it wasn't clear who he was thanking on this uniquely american holiday.t but it certainly was not god. the u.s. constitution makes it a prime duty of the president to take care that the laws be faithfully executed. and we all saw obama inauguration swear to uphold tho laws of the united states. but apparently obama thinks he
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can pick and choose which laws to enforce and which he can overturn.20 in february11 2011, obama the instructed hiss justice department not to defend the was federal defense of marriage act which was overwhelmingly passed by a bipartisan congress but ist now under attack in the federal courts by the homosexualo g activists trying to get supremacist judges to declare it, in september twch, obama who is determined defie the federale pa defense marriage act ordered the pentagon to authorize the performance of same-sex marriage ceremonies on military basis. 1a thus violatingl not only the federal law, but also theee traditional first amendment rights that have always been accorded to military chaplains. barack obama must think that his title of commander in chief enables him to banish religion
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from the u.s. military. in july 2011, obama's department of veterans affairs banned any mention of jesus christ during the burials at houston national cemetery. hundreds of demonstrators turned on out independents day to a protest and support a lawsuitag against that ban.ban after that, the ban was lifted.e in september, 2011, the u.s. army issued guidelines fort walter reid hospital that read,s no religious items such as are bibles and reading terribles ard allowed to be given away or used during a visit. tha the hospital rescinded thatgrsm policy only after congressman steve king reported it to the house of representatives. steve king said, ead from and whu allsit your son and a veterans' hospital. it means a priest coming to allsit a veteran on his deathbd
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could not offer the last right. this is outrageous. well, the walter reed hoswill tl officials were embarrassed, and they did cancel their policy. in a ft complaints from atheist the -- the air force removed 11 were for gun from the l ameo of the rapid tempo of his office. also removed the mob wri toen in latin which means doing gthe w's work with other people's money. the new logo says d ng miracles with other people's monnot o. in february 2012 the u.s. army warned catholic chapl ins not to reing th from an letter opposine obama administration's mandate that all ecinloyers, inc movding religious hoswill ta3 a schof 23 a and colleges must pay for abortion ndugs, contracation sterilnot byations' for their employees
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most people found it shocking that an oe fer could be issued telling chaplains that they cannot say to members of their tesn f ith damering a religious service. obama has been trying to lamentd the federal courts with anti religious judges. his first appointment to the in 1deral judicverary was david hamilton. alas, he is typical. he worked for acorn and for indian. they s ad ou. he wash nostat for blocking progress life and pro decency law. even the lawt-leaning americage3 bar association called him not qualified. inr,clom5 when hamilton was a in 1deral district court judge e banned at the prayer used in the indiana l ameoisla%rre that mentioned muesus ciliist. he ordered the indiana legislature to rawrain from using ciliist's name or title or any denomination appeal. however, at the same time
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hami nduon s ilea it is permissbamale for the legislature to use the word allah. fortunately that decision was d ther%roused. however, president obama then promoted dhen id hamilton to a liin 1time muudgeship on the ua. court of appeals for the seventh circtlt. in 1deral muudge michael r. dane is another aclu type judicial appointments made by president obama. he must take the cpeae for havig the most extraordinary exalted notion of his ostat pteser. suggested in court, the ten commandments, center down to six amendmenel in oe fer to mpeae e posting of the commandments legal under the first amendment. obam. they s most outrageous a toack on religious liberty is his executive order in obamacare that the reqtlrements by -- that
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think to icinose that the requirements wiley their religion. twenves%iiliee new ll wsuits hhe been filed in 14 states challenging the obamacare mandate on their religious liberty a. weument. these lawsuits involve 50 plaintiffs inc movding protestat schools serving inner-city children and chewas aies pro alg care for the asuitsed and neglected. if these lawsuits are not suquiessfervin all those institutions will have to close their doors. through. >> guest: and ed the barack obama is trying to force religious yerrship to be private only behind closed doors. he is willing for you to worshiwill ng inside your churc. that is why he does not talk about religious liberty he talks only about freedom of worct ge , which means inside the church or
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maybe a synagogue but not have any ciliistian symdr3 a sdooh as the cross or a prayer in any public place. obama's regulation in oclomacare ct tess htes far he wanel to te this new policy that there is no higher pteser than the federal noveousment. churches have traditionally enjoyed a religious exemption from and won a lot, but ocloma once this exemption to apply only to what goes on inside chamerches but not to aas of te many institutions built and managed by people of faith, such as hoswill ta3 a, schof 23 a, colleges, and various charitable institutions. obama wanel those o. weannot byations to be bound by his secular rules . a prime example of his hostilivs to religion is the supreme court case called hose out that taylor
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evangelical lutheran cholc bovad ervin hool verses ee fec. the church had fired one of its ministers in its cha. wee schof 2yn ct e sued to get a muob back. with the help of obama's lawyers this case get up to the u.s. supreme court. obam. they s lawyer made the astonishing document that the in 1deral gd thernment could foe the lutheran church to rehire its -- this woman in their ervin hool. obam. they s a. weument was so ludicrous that in january towards 12 the supreme court unastices voted 9-0 a foinst the opposition. it was so over-the-top that even in aas case unforioing in s id. nearly every american president, starting with george washington, ind ouding a lot of that presidenel i don't even like.
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our founding fathers who wrote the first amendment wourio be ct id and d at how barack obama is trying to redefine the first amenaent. in 1814 francis sco toh not o wrote the star spangled banner and included the line, this the armada in gthe w is oamer tusts. congress made in god we trust our natiowe tl mthe wel, and itn all of your monnot o. it's time for the american people to realize htes scndamental the transformation the obama is trying to bring about in america. [applause] rde over there. rde hyperion and from the
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university of virginia. i noticed in a lot of my christveran friends and real apathy when it comes to political issues do you think that this courio be something that motivates the church to get back involved in politics? ing w so, htes do we articulatet in order to get some excitement? rde tha18s wus a lot of other good books. showing the scandals and how he is tpeaing this into european-svesle s idveralism and many other things is doing wrong , s dh as violating a lot of oamer loss. nobody had risen about this one. have a co author he matameres n, ng book. a lot of the research for it. i hempe it is something that ng ma and their religious people realize we have our future at stpeaer to get with ire youh now, i have seen polls that 50 percent of the evangelicals are among the nonvoters. we need in this year. could your friends to get out
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there and be samere they get r ameoister and vote. >> how are you keep going? at 87 yronrs oriod boou are proy more relevant and icinortant to take them when you for started incho972. how dod boou do it? rde well, i think this great, wonderful country the lord has blessed us with, pe feple from e 'tassroots, are self-governing country to be with it. i hhen e enjors.ed politics as y hobby of my life. i have been fortunate in a lot of ways. my husclond is very saneportivef everything added. my six children were healthy. it is -- welation its.- i guessi
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enunaty the contest of it. of course, we had our big allctory. it is fun to win, andd boou donc always win. you don't always win. you hhen e some losses. this is one that we hhen e to w. i can tell you, it is very exhilarating to win. it. rde ge fe. wevera state university. i was wondering if there is any way that we courio get all the infoamerication that you just ge to us so that we can make them more relevant. rde the format or maybe just a - >> well, it's not a long book. [laughter] it's muust thats.- iel up this week.
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we rushed to get it out before the electioity this, i thie st, will be on c-span. maybe you can get copies of that what i do is tell pe feple more facel and your words than anything in print. i hhen e givend boou the exe[ate summary this morning. >> thank you. >> stanford universitriod a f,d boronrs a no there was tal c3 about government funding first phase based organizations that prd thide s idveral ser allces. some suggested that such a government funding should be clonned while others sriod that we should find all faith based charities such as those myom the mu,ish and islamic f ciths as well as other standard secular organizations. what isd boour view on gd ther t ? >> well, not a fan of gd ther et scnding for f ith based organizations. i have followed the actions of the catholic charities, for
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the of taxpayer money. i thie st they are mostly supportive of ocloma and a lot f the things that i don't like. i thie st most of the cassocks t contributed to it think this is going to help poor people and trront pof 2r pe fepler to that's not ire it's going to organizations like a corn and other activisel left-wing o. wean youations. and then there is the danger that if you -- ifd boou give noveousment monnot o to a f ith based organizations they will have to comply with certain ustles. that is certainy wit tuste withs new government mandate, and that usteourio be a tremendous ales o any of the religious based organizations. many denominations m int in ervin hools. the catholic hospital network is just tremendous in this country. the idea that they hhen e to
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i andon their religious beliefs in order to function as a hosvital or ervin hool is to sey lec muust simply unacceptable. yet obama is trying to put up the notion that there is no i power than the federal government. he offered what he called an heaco it. giving him a year. to for punishing yous.- and to i buusteing them mronns finl deficit organizations. i will tell you that we, many catholics are very shocked several years ago. not to then invited obama. i rrond a bria i pitch filed ions inst this ocloma mandate on schools and colleges, and it is yers theh rronding. i think it is about -- i don't
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know -- 50, 75 pages. it sets it unewone a ber another and religious freedom in this country has got to me that christveran ervin hools and cols and hospitals do not have to violate their religious belief in oe fer to pro allde insamera, health insurance to their employees. >> thae std boou for everythingy do. i hhen e a lot of christian friends. they just dons c want to be involved in politics. they see it as a dirty thing. so much fighting or whenever and thnot o muust don't want to get involved. i was wondering ifd boou hhen e ad allce, htes we can engionse e of the more apathetic christians, some of the pe feple that muust dons c see the importance of taking action, and being involved. ate t welation that is a gof 2d
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question. the high percentage of evangelicals who dons c votrds d i hempe aas drdy here who as evangelicals, get all your friends to vote. in either form we hhen e done a pretves gof 2d job of getting at of religious people of all denomiwe ttions to cof 2perate h the ce. there are many others. i thie st the republican parves. the r hoyeelican national convention every four years. have tpeaen. some people are even given his credit for the law of the sron trronves rig i ntes bece. employee and american sovereignty. saitaeryah is only. haset this bof 2k, it will loser religious liberty.
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he really meant it when he s id he wanted to funs,mentaly wit transform our country. that's pretty fundamental. redefi bung the first amendment. many losses that have been filed by the aclu in the atf's to tpee down the crosses. those two big crosses in califoousvera that the lo msuits hhen e none on for years and nw they're trying to get rid of the ten commandments. we participated in financing a project to hang the ten co it.enel on walr t. the cous the tnot t, that out. one of those copies in my office, but there wourio not let them in schof 2l.
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you are needed to get your religious france said realize the futamere of oamer country depends on people like you participating in political heation. he cr some can visit get electe. make sure you vote against the wrong one. sured boout of e not enthusiastt the other guy, some people object to voting what they say is the lesser of tyer e allr t. i, ust remind them, somebody is going to be elected from those offices. us sus is not on the ballot. [applause] >> thank you. ha allng me herer to i'm one of the traveling economists. >> chocolate is closer to your mi and . ate t thae std boou for bnt tnge for having me here. i am one of your troyeeles dollars. that thae std boou for coming.
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and my question -- or i have a statement first. you know, as cnot tistians,d bou know, we are called to when we see and the opporols buves to o nothe w that we are skedposed o it. especially in the interest of dezatnding our f ith. i wourio askd boou the question, you know, especially with what gs at sta and at this electio, yerervind it be considered, you know, immoral not to go out to dezatnd oamer f ith and da iend our religious liberty. >> i am encouraging everybody to vote and change the e, mmi bustration that we hhen t the present time. but i've -- i'm not going to unadge the moralitriod you hhen e your own relationship with god. i'm not interzatring with thae o i do thie st it is very id foor. i want to get everyone out to vote. we need everyoner to
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i thie st that, ohn give us a vy important presentation today. .. it's been known to happen. but i hope you can encourage and
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make them. there's so many big issues. i think the tendency on government. at one of obama's hopes is to make more and more people dependent on government. he's got 47% of the american people are getting out there that in expenses from the taxpayers. and that's terrible. i grew up during the great depression. we didn't have any handouts to recruit to be to be the greatest generation. it's making people dependent on government. how many of you have seen that slideshow, the life of julia? due out to see it. it was put on by the obama people. it shows the whole life of julia. she starts at dependent on the government which is going to


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