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>> get the time the cia had taken a beating being through grueling hearings about who should be blamed for 9/11 whether the ncaa failed to watchlist certain individuals and failed to share information that might have foretold or allowed to the fbi to investigate the plot of an 11. the cia and i think it is fair to say was buffeted by these particular hearings then the 9/11 commission came along with another set of hearings that were very tough indeed dead german doted they had a lot of
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cachet and influence and constructed their own strategy to be able to build a legislative proposal that would have a chance of succeeding acting on very swiftly. the third factor is coming into stark relief summer 2004. senate intelligence committee came out faulting
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group's thinking and the cia was set a very low level of prestige at the time and you have to note of course, the presence of the battle of the families became quite to a powerful special interest group advocating for reform joined forces with the 11 commission a and was able to have tremendous influence over the process. and lastly having a national counterterrorism center that the 11 commission recommended because of the key presidential election but breaking that is a little wrong for the reasons i stated that the looming presidential election and that the performance of george bush if he made the country safer were undoubtably and incredibly powerfully fact her -- powerful factors for them to
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take on intelligence reform but not the only factor. exhaustion with the cia but not one but two intelligence failures in the same two or three year period. what did the 1911 commission recommend? the spymaster who would have the ability with the increasingly complex world in the 1911 commission's words, we needed a quarterback who could move dollars, people headed analyst to organize quickly what they determined was of more greater security challenge san does it soviet union had been.
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although foreboding from the intelligence cents their redundancies from which to recruit spies and garments to look after satellites and other big agencies to intercept communications. but this was not the case with terrorist cells. we needed to organized differently. on the point of there being a particular impact, and john kerry endorsed the beloved commission recommendations 70 minutes after the recommendations were announced. george bush endorsed the concept ted days later so is speaks to the tremendous force that were at play at this particular time. however while a lot of the
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empress of congress and the team lead in individuals of each political party endorsed the recommendations do lee immediately it inspired turbid this bureaucratic opposition the and this is at the heart heart, and a tale of bureaucratic power unit jockey for influence over the $80 billion intelligence center tries to control that act of the united states.
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>> scientology was created as a religion that would use celebrities as established in the los angeles 1954 ian there was a reason for that. l. ron hubbard to the founder realized that americans really do worshiped one thing for
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sure, celebrities. the space celebrities is hollywood's a scientology is one of the major landlords. early on they set out to recruit celebrities. there was a church publication put out shortly after the founding with a roster of perspective celebrities with people like bob hope, walt disney disney, reduced some of the most famous in the world but that is to they sought to use as a pitchman for their new religion. celebrities did come to the church. they built a celebrity center said they would feel at home. some of the year of the people that came into the church were rock hudson hudson, apparently he got very upset in the middle of an auditing session and
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needed to go put more money in the meter in they would not let him out of their room. he never came back. korea swanson, the gloria swanson the star of silent movies. people later like colin and even elvis presley made a stop. he did not stay but his widow and daughter are prominent members. but celebrities are useful. they become megaphones for advertising the church and its benefits. if you look at the people that have been there spokespeople like john travolta and tom cruise, each disease that one time was the number-one movie star in the world. that is very powerful lower to young people who have
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gone to hollywood and are solicited by the church to come to the celebrity center how to get ahead in the business soared gets an agent. .".hewitt sunday on "q&a >> "washington journal" continues. host: joining us is a longtime politico and another of a new book "the new democrats and the return to power." when >> guest: i came to this town a long time ao


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