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tv   Book Discussion on Obamas Globe  CSPAN  July 13, 2014 1:15pm-2:01pm EDT

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president. he spent some time on our campus. there have been efforts among him and other democrats to put forth the increase for single workers. but that is not some thing we seen any traction on recently. >> would you call the federal income tax system discriminatory? >> not sure i would call it discriminatory. there's lots of debates about the relief we got hit the last presidential campaign there was some discussion that that romney played a lower rate than someone else's secretary. i think if you look at earned income versus investment income and capital gains rate versus income tax rate, they have very differential impacts on different types of families. when i teach my undergrads about the earned income tax credit, minimum wages and easy way to teach them because their breath needs. many have held our holdings
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number of jobs near the minimum wage. they don't do that is a lifetime wage, that they know what it is like to or not wage. there's also a tip credit exemption for waiters and waitresses. the restaurant only has to pay the minimum wage at their tips don't meet or surpass minimum-wage beard the tax credit is harder to teach fear of i also teach other tax credits. tax credits for higher education because their families who might not be working poor have experience in tax relief firm. >> daniel gitterman, professor here at the university of north carolina. "boosting paychecks: the politics of supporting america's working poor" is the name of the book. you're watching tv on c-span2. >> next, pepperdine to be in california. part of the tedious college series. bruce herschensohn sat down with a tv to talk about his local
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career over career over the past half-century. professor herschensohn provided is herschensohn provided is taken prisoner by this performance on policy issues over the last five years. this is about or decide in it. >> joining us now on otb is bruce herschensohn, professor here at pepperdine university. professor herschensohn how long have you taught your at to teach? >> i teach u.s. foreign policy. i started teaching here in the beginning of 1998 with the school of public policy open of her students. before that i sort of had affiliation with pepperdine since the mid, early 1970s. >> what kind of affiliation? >> i think you know we used to i think you know wheezer worked for president nixon. i always got the lowest. i'm going to go in its place.
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of course the college was never very delighted to see me. but too bad. so most of the colleges in those days, it was rough going. i felt i succeeded if i was still alive. this is vietnam and all of that. so i remember sitting in a rental car with a hands on the steering wheel again i made it. i got to the end of the speech and everything. so it was pretty rough going. when i went to pepperdine was terrific. a lot of people disagreed with me nationally. everyone was very respect all and very, very and i really enjoyed it when i got back i said great place, pepperdine. since that time in the mid-19 -- early 1970s, i had an affiliation. >> what is your history of california politics?
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>> not a great deal. i came out here when i was eight years old. my folks came out here obviously. >> from milwaukee in. i wasn't successful at all in any of the things i endeavor when i was eight. so i came out here. anyway, it was a great place to go to school. in terms of politics, i got very involved in international politics starting in 1960. very involved in defense including ballistic missiles in the late 19th days. from that time forward, once we start traveling around and doing these things in different countries, you get just a gross debt. at that time i was making movies and those are the kinds of movies i wanted to make her the
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documentaries. and then started making movies for the united states information agency and president johnson announced me to calm and work for the united states information agency as its director george stevens junior left. >> network for president johnson, put it next to. >> indeed. president nixon at usaa among the white house. i've just got to tell you, one of the -- not one of the time of the greatest expert of foreign policy i have ever, ever know was very, very fortunate to work for that guy. magnificent man. i shouldn't say what the world thinks, that he received so much negative things are not ham through the years and even lightly that i just cringe every time i hear it. i think what do they know.
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for gods sake,, what do they know? most of them had to get it from another generation imac generation got it from abc, cbs, nbc, "washington post," "new york times." i just hated it. and so, naturally this this generation having heard it for the last one they just believe it because they hear a lot of very good people speak negatively about it. and that bothers me a lot. >> bruce herschensohn, you got involved in electoral politics. did you went? >> now, i lost of course. after the nixon administration came to kay abc television i did commentaries and debates with former senator john toning, great guy infinitely. we still see each other when it comes in from new york. marvelous guy. 14 years of these things.
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and so, once you have name recognition, you are better off than someone who doesn't. i got the nomination, but i ran against barbara boxer. that's correct. 1992. >> he ran again in 94? for the nomination? >> no, i did not. the first time i ran and i knew nothing was going to happen. but it was 1986. the second time was 1992 and i would go a lot better that i didn't win. >> bruce herschensohn, you're the author of this book bruce herschensohn abandonment of u.s. allies around the world. what is obama's globe? >> in a preface by saying i believe. i believe to him foreign policy
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is a nuisance. i think he loves this staff that is domestic in nature and when it comes to a foreign policy, were he president really can do what they want. can't always do what you want to make it out of policy. if he does it, he can't do his stuff. a foreign policy you can do what you want is a president. i find that either he didn't know that when they came in which isn't saying anything karmically, i remember every president in my lifetime that wanted to do things other than nixon. he wanted to foreign policy and he did. he did not differently. but most people -- and president reagan must foreign policy as well. >> some other sort of get stuck with it and they realized with the end of their administration. take a guy like bill clinton. he came into office wanting to
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have health care. that was his big pursuit of a college in those days hillary care. it didn't go anywhere. but when he wanted to go to bosnia, he went to bosnia. when he went into kosovo, i don't think there is one member who knew he was going to do it. when he wanted to send the navy to haiti, he did it. the one thing everyone forgets his four days of the ironman of the rock to get rid of their wmd supplies and he did that. all of those things he could do and did and he could do it and he has the final say in the back. they need take george bush 43. he comes into office. he wanted immigration reform. he wanted social security reform you did 9/11 happen. we want to go into afghanistan, even into afghanistan.
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president obama -- i'm not so sure he quite get it. the only thing that gave me the idea is when he was thinking of attacking syria. commit very recent knee before you decided to leave it up to the congress. i think vladimir putin really saved his neck because what he did was suggest this idea about having negotiations regarding chemical weapons anyway. he wanted the congress to have the final say. he could almost sense to type this. she wanted to move the advocacy of only having four policy and not the congress take care of foreign policy. again, i have to say i am.
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i don't know the man, but it certainly appears that way, really appears that way. what we have not done for our allies, what we have done for those who are either enemies or search the those people who don't think well of us is extraordinary and consistent. when i say allies, i'm talking about great britain, the czech republic, poland, israel, honduras. winston inhabitants like a break, people in iran demonstrate against their own government in 2009. it didn't help. syria. when i wrote this book, i'm not going to refer to the book other than to say he was 5400 people that it had killed in syria at that time.
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very attacking the city. but the people were carrying banners saying how does or will all be killed. well, we didn't help them and may have been killed. now the estimate is 5400. it's 130,000 is the last estimate and they're not estimated anymore. he can't get a correct number. the people they will say we think it's about 150,000. they were being killed. in iran where there was this marvelous demonstration of the people against the ayatollah khomeini, of the placards said you're either for us or you're for that. nothing. you may remember the girl, net at yesterday he was killed.
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we had an opportunity to be something for some awfully good people interact. awfully good people at area and we did it. >> would you have sent troops? i would never say we shouldn't send troops. he's sardi made that mistake regarding ukraine. l. say everything is on the table. two sentences later no boots on the ground. most people say yeah, that's right. no, it isn't right to say it. if you're the commander-in-chief, be quiet about anything. you're not thinking of doing or even what you're thinking of doing. he has done something really extraordinary. first, keep in mind when you join the service the first week you are told by a commanding officer, whoever it may be, if you're ever captured, there's
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only three things you can tell the enemy. your name, your rank in your serial number. nothing else. we don't have a private. we have a commander-in-chief who tells her that were going to leave and then tells afghanistan and it's already telling ukraine that we are not even going to be there. it is just extraordinary. i don't know how a guy in the service today can hear a commanding officers say that and not burst out laughing. you get to hear a lot of people who serve in the military. iraq, afghanistan are a good friend and great guy just back from afghanistan. i say to you remember in basic training, did you hear that? and he said yeah. there was some laughter between us because i just don't know how anyone can take that seriously.
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if you're commander-in-chief is still in your real enemy in afghanistan interactive as our enemies. those are just antagonists, the people who you can suspect may become enemies. it comes from someone so official as the president of the united states. >> when you look at the vietnam war and the most recent iraq war, what effect did those two words have on how review foreign policy and how we conduct for policy? >> you do not send the event is the one court. would've had an effect is what people think happened in vietnam and didn't. they have been taught a bunch of stories about vietnam. when i say how people think about president asked the, when they think of vietnam, i hear it telegenic, smart people,
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brilliant people saying the vietnamese did know how to fight or we should've never been there in the first place or you can't when a guerrilla war. all untrue. we want to war with vietnam against north vietnam but also in cambodia. we won those wars on january 23rd 1972. president nixon gave a speech in prime time seiners peace corps is had been initialed. they are going to be fine in four days. and we got everything we wanted. this isn't just me talking. the north vietnamese had said in their memoirs, we lost the lawyer because the peace accord and said that if there's any violations, unfair racing, if there's any violations, we will supply south vietnam with everything they lose. peace for peace.
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if they lose the bullet, would have been a bullet. that's a helicopter, we give them a. a whole list of things. we use the bill of rights ,-com,-com ma particularly the first amendment as the instrument and expand everything you can think of. freedom of association. freedom of meetings. freedom of anything. and it was signed. sign at the viacom, the north vietnamese can associate means i'm assigned by the united states. then, stop me if i am going to live. it came about because president nixon decided to bomb hanoi and haiphong until they came back to the peace table. the media still cause it to christmas bombing. we didn't, and christmas. we bonded sender and the president asked some of his
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staff, do you think we should bomb on christmas? i was one of those guys who said yes, they are not christians and north vietnam. they are atheists. besides, they always like to bomb on holidays. the biggest holiday weekend happened that part of the world and a attacked. i said by all means, otherwise they'll take advantage of it and the ho chi minh trail will not stop because we do. the president didn't agree with me. the president felt he should bomb. so we have a 36 bombing call. on christmas eve or passing through the 25th. the media header the media had heard he called it the christmas bombing and they just couldn't stop. they just love to do that. pick up any book right now in vietnam. go see the christmas bombing that never occurred.
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however, the bombing we did do a december was massive of military target and industrial targets. they came to the table. they signed the agreement we wanted to sign. that was it. the work is done. a lot of people were very happy. we went out to every anti-vietnam demonstration speeches about how their anti-vietnam. anyway, it took two and a quarter years, but this is what happened. watergate happened per share. it happened that year. it how to become a scandal. it became a scandal really during 1973 was the big year for watergate. they knew then. i'm quoting them, not me, that they would be able to win even though they had already lost.
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what they did was tested a new president. magnificent marvelous guy. but i believe what faced with doing something regarding vietnam ,-com,-com ma they attacked one village. they attacked another when he did do anything. another village finally took him up province, a big promise and when they were able to do it, and they knew they had this big one. they would attack saigon. president ford the speech of april 10 at what am i talking about, 75 and he was just pleading for the congress to please give him the aid that we promised. a lot of them walked out company speeches for the idea. april the 17th cambodia fell.
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april the 30th, south vietnam fell. oliphant within april of 75. he pleaded with south vietnam, i had been precise. i am no more concerns than i would be at arkansas lost a foot of game to texas. when arkansas loses a football game into texas, there are 2 million who died of genocide in cambodia and another village in who stormed out of south vietnam. there's still a half million in the china sea, those people that are still there from trying to escape. i was still this way, the people who said peace now, they got it. they got it all right. but they didn't say anything about it. there's a marvelous people who did. joan baez who was at every anti-vietnam demonstration of
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any merit, particularly washington d.c. took an ad out in all the major newspapers saying they've made a concentration camp at south viet i'm not that the north vietnamese have taken it over. she couldn't get a lot of hollywood celebrities he wanted to sign up. someone has really given the rest of his life to this because you feel so terrible about what he did during the war in effect supporting the north vietnamese was jon voight. the guy is terrific. i'll do anything to make up for it. there are those people. unfortunately, a lot who don't do that. they're for this generation is stuck with the memory of vietnam that it doesn't really have any just vacation to really feel that way except the people of told them. as i say when i watch a good person give a false statement about losing the war in
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violation of been there. guess, we did when, but then we should have kept our word. if i may, i want to say this. when a president signed the document, that is considered the people of the united states. not a precedent, but the people of the united states gives a word. it has been our tradition and a tradition of democracies that when a president or prime minister signs an agreement, that the people of that nation. i'll give you one quick example of ronald reagan. the president be. he was supposed to the panama canal treaties that president carter and made a big case about it. by the time he got to be president, they signed, sealed and delivered. it was done by one vote. he never did anything about the panama canal treaties when he was president. i think he was right of times.
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he was right on being opposed to it. the one suicide, one that was done, as an american, he did nothing to harm it. that was knowing that that document was signed by the people of the united states. president carter was signing for the people. >> bruce herschensohn, what about the iraq war? is very lingering effects? in my case, it will be. the liquor in effect taken here now. we should have never gone in. there were no wmds there. i heard it all in countless times. we were on the verge with the search of petraeus. we had our vietnam we need to end the war. he dove on the war. you don't end a war.
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you don't than they were by evacuation. we've evacuated. of course they're going to lose. black flags in volusia every body outside government outings. the black flags of al qaeda. so i am convinced, but i must send the changes, maybe it will. there will be a new leader of afghanistan. that's just hope that everything will be okay. i think that karzai has sort of romance itself with the taliban casinos there is a tradition in afghanistan. the leaders get assassinated. they get killed. he's certainly a likely suspect for assassination. i do doubt thinking of the new teacher. we are going to leave, but the taliban will say.
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>> ukraine. >> ukraine, where the kidnapping. putin is the strongest leader in the world right now. something i despise they. but he is and i have to face it. what he wants to do, he will do. we don't seem to realize is a juridical person who read the government doesn't care that much about his own people. look at any tyranny. i use contemporary lifetime. he didn't care about is the people. they killed their people. that is the way they tear anything. so we will have sanctioned as to who is going to think my poor people. he doesn't think that. he wants the power. he wants to rebuild the soviet union. i've got to say the words again
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i believe. i don't know that with certainty. it seems to be that way and the way that he talks. do you realize and it didn't mean anything to the majority of people, but we saw a videotape of the night was signed and he didn't know what. and he was saying to president at a, talking about missile defense and the czech republic and throughout europe missile defense. he said told vladimir that this is my last election and after the election i can be more flex to pull. he said i am then i'm sure he told vladimir, my god, and the
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dinky would want to give that message to allies that he could be more flexible. not deceitful opposed u.s. number one, give that message to the voter. he would've lost of course. the majority of people heard it and voted for him anyway. telling her not to say he that he can be more flexible after the election. wow. >> bruce herschensohn, people will be listening to this day he's just a 1980s warmonger defense guy. the world has changed. we don't want to go to war any more. >> i know we don't want to go to war and so we won't and the world will change in the world will change for the worse.
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i know because i've seen this in foreign countries. they look at the united states that have the united states in the same way that the old u.s. western movies used to be the calvary was coming. after people don't -- from foreign countries that about the united states. when we had it by totalitarian. i am one of them. i never would have lose. the people didn't either. what happened whether it's the 94th congress, they were the ones who destroyed everything that we did. our military never lost one battle and the tom.
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i am just talking right now wherever my mind have is to go. people are going to look at iraq. but president bush did in iraq i think that any american would have done if they repress and did the united states and had the information he had. people say the cia told them all wrong. perhaps, but so did the am i six of great britain, which gave him the information. so did the chairman security very, very long images came pronounced with. so does the fridge. so did amazingly not noted. he was in office. then prime minister. the u.n. had 17 resolutions that they disobeyed. who would do that coming right
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for 9/11 were everyone in the united states today, you know, there are time when you'd better take -- you better do those things that are necessary to do before a tragedy rather than after a tragedy. i had that feeling -- i've had people said maybe what we need is another 9/11. they will just be another month of people understanding and then we will go back to the things we did before. >> bruce herschensohn, what is the solution? what is the solution in your view quick >> in him a strong enough. the solution is a strong leader. a strong leader who wonders to the tradition of presidents post-world war ii. by tradition i mean all of them at republican, democrats. two exceptions are taranto,
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because president obama did abandon good friends of ours. the president of el salvador, the president of nicaragua. we got the sandinistas and return a war that killed 70,000 in central america. he abandoned the shah of iran and the ayatollah khomeini and then he had been in taiwan, the people's republic of china. he was the first to did this. but not to the extreme numbers inconsistency president obama. >> somebody who's lived in southern california for most of his life but what is the effect of hollywood on public policy? >> i'm not so sure his son public policy. certainly in effect on policy with a lot of people in the
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country. there is an effect. the main thing they are able to do is get a lot of money for it. because their names are stars and so people want to see them. in terms of really changing policy, perhaps with individual people within it, but very few. by and large it is that the president wants done and that is as it should be what the president wants done. but as it should be, the people should really understand. if they want to change domestic policy, work for a congressman or someone who wants to be a senator. if you want to change for them policy, remember what you're doing when you vote for the president. that is what you're doing. he doesn't need to make speeches. as we've heard presidenpresiden t obama make a number of times pleading with the congress to please give him the health care, give him whatever it may be. but he doesn't need to do that with foreign policy.
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>> is very cadre of hidden conservatives in hollywood still? >> yes. they are not as hidden as they were once. a lot of them have come out. it is generally what is the way it works. if you're a star who brings in a lot of money for picture, they don't care what you are. if however you are a guy or gal who is gal who is working their way up in the system, they care very much. they don't need you. people always say to charlton heston, your so conservative, yet you get all these terrific growth. of course he does. he brings things to say billion. now we change it to a t., ilya. but he was a great actor, a great man and a successful man
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in people wanted to be a successful at 10 and they wanted to have the kind of grosses of the films they could bring in. but they are smart to just sort of not make a big deal out of it. we did so they can get a position where they can really make changes. >> the last time california voted for a republican president with 1988. george h.w. bush. >> i think you are right. is that a blue state quick >> that is correct. that is correct. generally california most of the national officers, members of the house, members of the senate, president, vice president. even in the state legislature it is -- it is a very liberal state
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politically. >> is that trend continuing? >> i think so. it certainly has been in so you can see instapundit would be dangerous to think noticing continuing. it certainly has been. >> in your view, what is the conservative argument? >> what would be the conservative argument to put an end to california's democratic nomination? >> it just takes the right. one thing that is dangerous that is happening with the republican party right now, really dangerous is this what i would call string of isolationism that is coming back. they will call up libertarianism. i like the libertarians for my talk about economics. but by god, there is a lot of isolationism is in the same
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excuses that were used by republicans before world war ii in their isolation. we are for free trade and if anyone bombards us, but we have no business being in whatever country may be mentioned at the time. i hear that guy these days. we are the only nation in my lifetime, maybe in anybody's lifetime that has consistently raised our lives for the liberty of strangers and i like that about does. i like it a lot. no people would do a. i think i got on a different track or the wrong track. there is a waiting right now to take our place as leader the world, a waiting line.
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it is russia in the people's republic of china ng hotness in the u.n. even the e.u. there is a line of people who are waiting. one of them is going to take it. right now i say putin has an inside track right now at this moment. it may be that she hotness. i don't know. but we are at war and we better realize that with the workings that she hotness that may declare war and kill our people. until we win, we have the risk of losing it. >> finally, bruce herschensohn, we haven't really talked about the mideast, that the president recently diverted into saudi arabia on his trip to europe. i want to talk about the middle east situation as far as israel and saudi arabia and of those other countries tie it in. >> i would like to do that.
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saudi arabia could have been our covert and overt friend and coalition with the united states and israel in any number of sunni gulf states because they despise what's going on in iran. they're not really pleased with the ran, though she has anyways. but they despise it and they don't want iran to get the bomb. if they do they look at the dominican count on that and i can understand not. so what is going on is the speech that president obama gave on israel in which he started by saying the border should be based on the 1967 law. do recall that? he says that is at the border should be based on between israel and palestine. talk about palestine is what the nation. he knows what he's saying. he is saying before he won the war it would be like saying to david cameron -- david cameron
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saying to us we want to go back to the 1775. i hope you understand yet of course that is what we should do. or we would be right now sitting in southern california. we would be sitting in northern mexico if we went back to the lines preceding the u.s.-mexican war. too bad, but that is how borders, about by winners and losers. generally that is how they come about unless there's some geographical enemy, mountains, rivers, whatever. and they won the war. it sure didn't want to have. to be at the time for me to just tell you? it's called an occupation. obama uses that. president obama uses that all the time. their occupiers. how can any people be occupied
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when they never had the land to begin the? said they didn't. it sounds to most people over west bank and gaza was over either one of them. at that time, jordan had rdc used in taken the west bank and called it the west bank because that is how it got its name from jordan's invasion of the shared in 1849. each of gerrity had gaza. before that, the british have been. before the british, turkey has been. before turkey it was the crusade and before the crusade to a zero back in biblical times. i don't know what happened before that. but they never had it. so how could someone the occupying their land? what do you mean dairyland? there is no such thing as their land. palestine was always considered an area, like we say
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scandinavia. no country called scandinavia, the number we consider to be in it. palestine was considered as jewish as it was aired. it was when i was a kid. but it is a mess. one thing happen worth knowing about. israel was concerned that he was going to be -- didn't think they could one day war as well. so the prime minister at the time, he said we can't because we don't have diplomatic ability. but we used your office is
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jordan bombs has come in the ambassador. she we won't take anything, including their west bank, but anyway, even not, you could do that. well, this guy did. president johnson did one better. he was going to send the undersecretary of state, eugene rossdale to a mom, jordan. he talked to him. he said israel guarantees it won't touch one bit of territory. just sit on your hands when egypt and syria are a lawyer with israel. israel guarantees it. he said president johnson wanted
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me to tell you that the united states guarantees that israel won't do it. at that time as history, he was not as strong as he was in later life. he became a very strong guy. he was weak and he went to his other arab leaders, including yasser, the president of egypt. i'm sure they were more articulate than i am. they said no. the war started. israel attacked egypt and syria, just like that. >> 18 touched jordan, but jordan sent in its tanks across the west bank into israel proper and the attacks jourdan and that is how israel got what is called the west bank. ..
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