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tv   Key Capitol Hill Hearings  CSPAN  September 3, 2014 7:30am-9:31am EDT

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people in dudley south, indeed people across the country, take a basic view that if you leave this country, you travel to the heart of iraq, he declared that you are in favor of some so called islamic state and that is a country you want to be part of that you should forfeit effectively your right to come back and let it bring the that is what people feel and they feel it deeply and that is what it is right to look at how we can have legal powers not just to strip dual nationals of the british citizenship, not just exclude foreign nationals but those british citizens that make those statements should be stopped from coming back to our country. >> mr. speaker, a constituent is trapped in northern iraq, unable to travel home. in light of the threat from isil with the prime minister a look at this case and see what more can be done to expedite his return home as soon as possible concluding issuing a new travel document? >> i'm very happy to look at the audible ladies case and i'm sure the foreign secretary will have
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been listening to that. let me take this opportunity to commend the work that the foreign office officials do often unfeigned, supporting those who get stuck in different countries and, indeed, supporting families whose loved ones have been taken hostage. we are focused on iraq today but since i've been prime minister they're been hostages taken in countries like nigeria and somalia. we often don't hear about that work because it's better to keep people's names and identities from the public but i think it's very important that people know that when this happens, that meetings of covert are held to a take a personal interest in each and every one of these cases to work out what we can do to help the parent families, helping people and resolve these dreadful complex situations. >> chaos in iraq and syria, appalling events just best in gaza, libya in some disturbance, the appalling illegal annexation of crimea by president putin. yet this house has no proper
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opportunity to discuss these matters. [inaudible] certainly before the house recess, full debate to discuss these matters. >> i think my honorable friend is absolute right. we live in a very troubled and difficult world with huge changes taking place and he mentioned some a specific areas. in consultation with the leader of the house that would be a full day, i think as soon as next wednesday which would give honorary members of the chance to speak about these issues and it should go the other subsequent opportunities perhaps lucas in the individual questions that he raises. >> thank you, mr. speaker. the horrific disgusting abuse suffered by children my constituency should never have been allowed to happen. they still do not have the support they need and criminals are still on the street. child sex exploitation is not only my issue, it's a national issue. when will the prime minister a
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point and aggravated child abuse so no child will be let down by statutory agencies again? against? >> first of all can attend the honorable lady pictures right is because she does. this has affected not just -- is a grateful case in oxford where my constituency, very sober nature with similar failings in the systems but as i've announced the home secretary will be leading this committee of ministers to draw together government's response and the announcement of the person who will lead a broader child abuse inquiry will be made in the coming days. these are all vital. i think we have to ask ourselves a sense of questions about how the these individual services fail. yes, of course there's the issue about whether these problems were ignored because of concerns about racism and political correctness but i also think there is a big concern that sometimes the police and other agencies were ignored these people because they somehow felt they were beyond the pale.
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i think that offends all our senses of human decency that none of these children, none of these young people should be ignored or left behind our society. >> me i take my right of a friend back to the issue of hostages? my friend will be aware that often when these cases arise, those suggestions that ransom should be paid homage to those with fans that case take account of the fact that money is used by ransom is not distribute, for example, among the impoverished citizens of gaza, rather it is used to purchase weapons, to finance the training and manus of those are willing to use them, and otherwise defense the malevolent objectives of terrorism? >> i have to say my right honorable friend is absolutely 100% right here there's no doubt in my mind that the many tens of millions of dollars that isil have raised ransom payment is going into promoting terrorism, including terrorism affecting our own country.
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at the g8 i launched an initiative to try to get other countries to sign up to a very clear doctrine that in a case of terrorists kidnap, no ransom should be paid. britain continues with his policy. america continues with this policy. we need to redouble the effort to make sure that other countries are good to their word. >> order, order. >> here on c-span2 will now leave the british house of commons as members move onto other business. you have been watching prime minister's question time aired live wednesday a seven-game eastern when part of is in session to a reminder you can see this week's session again sunday nights at nine each and pacific on c-span. for more information go to, click on the series to get every program we've ever and bridge house of commons since october 1989. we invite your comments about prime minister as questions via twitter using hashtag pmq.
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>> president obama is in estonia today ahead of this week's nato summit in wales. president is meeting with leaders from estonia, latvia and lithuania this morning and we'll talk about u.s. relations with the baltic states. will have live coverage from estonia here on c-span2. >> join us later for live coverage of the debate between candidates for north carolina's u.s. senate seat. >> is a look at some political ads running in north carolina. >> right there in black and white. house speaker do a bull's eye on public schools, cutting nearly $500 million.
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the sliced and diced education grading chaos in our classrooms and hurting middle-class families while giving tax breaks to yacht and jet owners. he is cutting our schools, giving breaks to the wealthy. >> in the private sector businesses are built on accountability but accountability is a foreign language in washington. obamacare is a disaster but the president will not admit it. the debt is out of control and neither party stopped it. kay hagan enabled president obama's worst idea. she refuses to clean up business. so you and i have to clean up her. i'm thom tillis. i approved this message and that's why i'm running for the u.s. senate. >> just some of the political ads running in north carolina for the u.s. senate race people have live coverage of the candidates debate between democratic incumbent kay hagan and republican thom tillis
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starting at 7 p.m. eastern on c-span. >> c-span2 providing live coverage of the u.s. senate floor proceedings, and key public policpublic policy event. and at weekends booktv, now for 15 years the only television network devoted to nonfiction books and authors to c-span to create a by the cable tv industry and brought to you as a public service by local cable or satellite provider. watch us in hd, like us on facebook and follow us on twitter. >> nonie darwish is an egyptian-american human rights activist and critical of islam. she compared the jobs were on the manatee together but she said jihad is worse. she spoke to the conservative forum in silicon valley for an hour and 20 minutes to we wish you as much of this is again until president obama begins his remarks.
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>> thank you. thank you, cherry-pick to four introduce our speaker tonight, i want to say just a quick story. the other day i was chatting with a friend of mine and we were comparing great inventions of various civilizations. i mentioned the microchip, the personal computer and the internet as pretty decent inventions on our side. he scoffed and said, that's nothing compared with the islamic time machine. i said, islamic time machine? never heard of that one. he said, oh, yeah, it can take any country back 1400 years. [laughter] [applause] our featured speaker tonight was born and raised a muslim in egypt in the gaza strip.
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her father was a prominent leader of the egyptian military who organize an operation which targeted and killed hundreds of israeli civilians until he was killed in 1956. she grew up in an environment that cultivated that sense of resentment, grievance, anti-semitism common hatred of israel. she earned a degree at the american university of cairo, emigrated to the united states in 1978, and subsequent converted to christianity. she founded the group arabs for israel in 1994. shortly after the 9/1 nine 9/11 attacks in 2001, she began writing critical pictures ago found in 2000 of a group called former muslims united. she's written extensively on islam including several books, most recently the devil we don't
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know, the dark side of the revolution in the middle east. an expert on the middle east, she covers topics such as human rights and women's rights under islamic law. human rights and women's rights under islamic law. that sounds like a contradiction in terms to me. she lectures extensively on college campuses and internationally, although i'm sorry to say unfairly some organizations are fearful of the consequences of her message. just last month in fact she had been scheduled as a keynote speaker for i fast, a weeklong pro-israel event at the university of california at irvine. unfortunately one of the sponsoring organizations feared her appearance would be too divisive and canceled. she had the wit long ago to reject the teachings of the virulent totalitarian ideology known as islam come and the courage to speak out eloquently and fearlessly about the harm that sharia law can and does
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affect on its hosts. she deserves our appreciation and admiration. please help me give a warm and conservative form welcome to nonie darwish. [applause] >> thank you. thank you. and what an honor. what an honor, a pleasure to be here with you. really, your croupier just warms my heart because i didn't know there any conservatives in silicon valley. you are the patriots of today. let me tell you, i learned from you. when i come from egypt immigrated to this country, i came with baggage. but i didn't know what liberty means. i didn't know what human rights met, women's rights. i didn't know it quality. all of this was never taught to
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us. peace, the concept of peace. i didn't know any -- people like you, if americans like you who taught me what i am today, so that's what i want to thank you. i lived for 30 years of my life in oppressive dictatorships and police states. i saw and experienced and met people who were killed, mutilation, oppression of women, polygamy and how polygamy destroys the family dynamics completely. for a man to have a polygamist marriage, his loyalty is to no one at the end. if you look at the modern marriage contract, which is in my second book about sharia, "cruel and usual punishment" in
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the modern marriage contract there's a question for the group, give address of life never want to wife number two wife number three, if any. so the bride signed the marriage contract knowing that she does not vow loyalty to him. it is a different concept from marriage in the judaic christian contract. where they both vow loyalty to each other. equally. that was a revolution that brought us, that was brought to us by the judeo-christian culture. when i see middle east marriages and compared to my jewish friends or my christian friends, i find it very different, having lived there and lived here. i often see america, especially in israel, powerful men and powerful women who respect each other. iin the middle east uk to find two kinds of women. either the doormat or the extremely aggressive, because
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when you put so much pressure on women, oppressive them a lot, especially under the law, you either completely get suffocated or you become extremely aggressive and oppressive. and that is something i wouldn't want any woman to experience. i want to start also by telling you that i'm not here to criticize people for muslims, the people. the problem is not the people. it's the ideology. and please, when i speak about islam, don't misunderstand and think i'm trying to insult muslim people. some of the nicest people i know are muslim. so we are not here speaking about human beings. germany gave us hitler, and the most horrific ideology called
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nazism. but that doesn't mean that every german was evil. communism was evil because it oppressed its people but it doesn't mean everybody lived in the soviet union was evil. so i don't understand why in america we are not getting this. we need -- we are now criticizing islam. we are criticizing an idea. there's good and bad in every culture's i hope i make myself clear because often when i speak especially on college campuses and i make this statement, at the end they come back and they say, but why are you criticizing all muslims? which is not true. and that accusation is happening to silence us, to silence people like me, robert spencer, pamela geller, all of us, brigitte gabrielle, all of us who are really criticizing the ideology. ladies and gentlemen, we are
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living in a very crucial times. we have just succeeded in ending the cold war, and now we are starting a new -- we are confronting a new enemy. but this enemy we are now, we don't want even by name. this is the first time in american history we are in a war and people have declared war against us, all over the middle east. we are the great satan. israel is the little satan. they have declared war on us in every mosque, in every mosque. friday prayers always end with, may god destroyed the jews and the infidels. israel is the enemy of islam. go kill them and jihad, jihad, jihad.
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why, why are we afraid of commenting about it? didn't we have enough with hitler being afraid of commenting on what happened? it's just a different ideology, that's all. but it's preaching the same evil. with hitler, he didn't have a religion to rely on and say it's god's will. this isn't ideology that's been in war with humanity for 1400 years. and we have to speak about it openly and honestly, and i think even muslims, the good and peaceloving muslims, should join us. because they also, they need to see the reality. and if possible, to reform their religion. but by appeasing the situation and not wanting to mention it every keep getting hit and
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terrorized, and our men and women are being killed, and airplanes are flying into buildings, and 13 years later we can't name them? something's wrong here. this is not america, and we have to start speaking out. so this is a war you have to understand that has been imposed on us by the jihadists. and it is our duty to call them by name. and no appeasement. we have to call them by -- i'm not saying go bomb muslims. of course, not. but we have to identify our enemy, and when we remove any reference in 9/11 memorials in new york can any reference from the word islam or jihad, that --
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what does that mean? it means, it means terrorism worked on us. terrorism works, ladies and gentlemen. it doesn't only work on individuals. terrorism affects the psyche of whole nations. it makes them elect the wrong people. it makes -- [applause] whole nations can fall into the stockholm syndrome. it's not just one person, a hostage, a person who was taken hostage like patricia hearst. no. whole nations. this can be a syndrome that happens, and i'm seeing this in america. america is totally divided
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against itself. half of america wants to know the truth, and half of america is in denial or and they're fighting each other instead of looking at the enemy that wants to destroy us. this is not healthy. and so what have we done since 9/11? we have hired muslim brotherhood sympathizers in our government. we did not hide muslim who are rebelling against sharia. we are hiring in the white house, in homeland security, and in several of our top of government, even a senior homeland security official. he's a muslim and each we did
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something after egypt had its counterrevolution and took out the muslim brotherhood. he tweeted statements. remember, this is a man who is a leader in our homeland to get a, represents america to egypt, in the egyptian mind, he represents america. and this is what he tweeted. so he was porting the muslim brotherhood against the people who took the muslim brotherhood out, and he was against the more secular government, and i'm not saying military rule is good, that they are the only ones who can stand up to the tyrants. the only people in a islamic state that can stand up to the homey style regime or the saudi style regime, only one regime that can stand up to them. and it's the military.
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and this man was criticizing the people who took out the muslim brotherhood, and he was critical of the christian minority that was being slaughtered in egypt today. the message to egypt was, america is against our freedom. they are people are supporting the muslim brotherhood. that's the message. it has never happened in history. america was always on the side of people who are for freedom, and in the last few years, we have been citing with the wrong people. and this is a very delicate situation. by the way i'm not trying to just criticize obama. i mean, mistakes happen. but what happened is obama has
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taken it to a totally new level, totally new level. we have been trying to appease the terrorists and even previous organizations. we have fought on the side of kosovo against the serbs, on the side of muslims against the serbs. we have thought iraq against, i mean, fought on behalf of kuwait, liberated them from iraq. we are killing our children who defend muslims. what has that gained us? and republican administration are doing just like democrats. we should not go kill our children to defend muslims. it is about 54 and islamic
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countries in the world. they are totally capable of defending themselves. [applause] you know, we are, we don't know the consequences of when we interfere and help muslims can first of all, it doesn't work. they don't appreciate us. when we went to saudi arabia to defend saudi arabia from saddam because saddam took away any was moving into saudi arabia and the length of all the oil, the oil fields, he set them on fire. it took us, america, a year and a half to put it out. it was causing an environmental problem, okay. do you know that when we were in saudi arabia, our military was
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considered by the saudis has infidels health that is -- infidel filth that is desecrating our land. they invite them to defend them, but they regard them as filth. and they bombed the building with a lot of our servicemen who died. so really you have to understand that we are going to be infidels in their eyes when we do something good or bad. we are in their eyes infidels. as long as islam is radical, they will always look at non-muslims as infidels. just look at how they treat the jews and the christians in the middle east. just look at them and understa understand. do you know that the christians
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in egypt are trying to appease the muslims by any means because they are a minority? by any means. and nothing works. they are kidnapping girls and forced marrying them. they are burning their churches, killing the women. it's unbelievable. nothing works, so i hope america it's a lesson. don't appease. it's not going to work. you can only defeat radical islam. america has suffered after 9/11 and no one is discussing a. no one is looking after the average american citizen who loves this country. and i'm very sad over that. we expect too much from the american citizens. it's us who always have to put up with the rest of the world. it's us who always have to be
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blamed. but third world countries are, you know, they are so poor and oppressed. you have no clue that tierney can come from any nation. you can be the poorest nation on earth and you can be tyrannical. so being a third world country doesn't make you immune, to become a tyrant. there was sheikh resilient nature to state the following come we are commanded by god, to terrorize, and it's in our koran. and he said the were terrorized in arabic. if you check the were terrorized in the crime, you'll find it all over. mohammed himself stated, i've been victorious through terror. so you wonder why they're doing terrorism? it's in the koran.
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their ideology, th their books e telling them that. that's why i'm not criticizing the people. i'm criticizing the book. the sharia law because it's creating martyrs. and this is what we have to deal with. if anybody comes to kelly, oh, you're a racist because your criticizing islam. no, no, no. i'm not a racist but i'm not criticizing people. i'm criticizing the ideology. you have to be very firm and self confident that your criticizing the ideology. you are white muslims, black muslims, everything in between. so it has nothing to do with race. so don't be intimidated by the words, you are a racist. they call me racist but i'm racist against my race. i mean, what they don't want to do with me, they eventually just call me a name. you're a racist.
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what does that have to do is what i'm saying? i want equality for everybody. i came to america when i first, my first job i was, as an immigrant i was reading everything. whenever i went to work i read every note written on the wall, every map i see i checked, you know? as any immigrant. i saw a sign at my work on the wall. nobody ever -- i noticed nobody looked at it. ..
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he wins. because he is a man. that is the law. that is not the culture. that is the legal system. so when you come suddenly to america and you're confronted you're equal, you're like, oh, my god, i'm equal? how do i deal with that? really took me for a while to really feel equal. it is not easy when you're living in a prison. it is not easy to see freedom right away. that's why i am speaking. i love this country. i am very grateful for this
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country. it gave me my freedom. [applause] so ever since, after 9/11 happened, a lot of americans remember, where are the voices of mead earn people to speak against jihad and stand up to this terrorism? i was one of the first people who started speaking. so i started speaking. and gradually i felt i'm being silenced. i'm being set up, and now they call me controversial, and islam ma phobe and racist. hehere i am, i'm being invited on college campuses, i used to speak every semester, six, seven times, and especially during the time when there is an israel
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apart tied week. every year there is, an tack on israel on campus, an anti-semitic week and really, jewish kid are intimidated. if there was no israel apartheid week i don't care to go, they invite me to speak and desperate to hear my message. my message is very reasonable by the way. i'm not attacking people, like i said, i'm attacking the ideology. no, you can't come. so anti-israel groups have all the rights to speak on college campuses. nobody is bothering them. and pro-israel people are being silenced and being called names. so here i am, after 9/11, after the where are the middle eastern people in america who should speak against radical islam and
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now we're being silenced. we're not politically correct. so, this is a very strange situation for a country to reject or stand against people who are speaking about their enemy. i don't know if it ever happened in history. i have, you know, i studied all of history. i don't remember any nation that made it taboo to speak about an enemy actually declaring war against, against that nation. it is very strange. it is like a stockholm syndrome. and, we are now very compliant, very appeasing, and we are, you know, is it any coincidence, is it any coincidence that the first election, and i'm not in
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psychology by the way. i took a few classes of psychology and of course, at my university days but, you don't need a psychiatrist to really understand, is it a coincidence that the first, first person to elect as president after 9/11, his name rhymes osama? is this a fraud yen thing? -- freudian thing. is this something we have to think about, why are we doing this? we are defending culture that flew airplanes into our buildings. this is what america is doing and we are preventing our, you know, discussing it, even in our
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homeland security, calling it anything. related to islam. and now we need to confront and understand, what, what is islam, what will it do to our nation? what is islam, why is it so dangerous? what does it do to a nation. i will give you an example. 1300 years ago, 1400 years ago in the 7th century there were two superpowers in the world and they were not the united states and the soviet union. they were the byzantine empire and the persian empire. egypt was part of the byzantine empire. egypt was a christian nation. egypt used to have queens. not just one or two, many queens
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not just cleopatra. we had the most brilliant one. she ruled, she had slates all over, slates all over. egypt was one of the few countries that had slates. persian empire and byzantine empire were fighting and 10 years wars between them. the people starting made hating their leadership. there comes out of the arabian peninsula a fresh army. they had a sword in one hand and the koran in the other hand and they were looking at these civilizations that had rivers, that had gold, that had beautiful women and they wanted to conquer them. they wanted to conquer jerusalem
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to end the memory of the jewish people. they conquered egypt and persia the same year, the year 639. egypt's language was changed to arabic by a culture that we look down upon, arabian. nobody wanted to conquer arabia. they had nothing, they had a desert. they wanted to conquer us because we had the rivers, the gold, the culture. so they came and conquered persia and egypt and the wealth, changed our religion and imposed a tax on anyone who practices anything other than islam. and all the money went to arabia. egypt never saw its glory days again. and today egypt is like a third world country that can not even
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rule itself. egypt has undergone a 1919 revolution, a 1952 revolution, a 2011 revolution, a 2013 counterrevolution, and there is still talk about another revolution to remove assisi. is that what you want? can happen to superpowers, ladies and gentlemen. islam, when they penetrate a country, because it is not a very, it is a dysfunctional system. it open presses numerous nature. -- human nature. it causes chaos. it has a very oppressive legal system called sharia. i want to name you a few of the laws of sharia.
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so you can judge for yourself the impact of such laws on society. all the laws that beat women and kill women and stone women for sex you'll misconduct, put awe side all of that. i'm sure you know that part. i'm going to give you a law under sharia that you will i'm sure you have hardly heard it. and it is as follows. it is regarding government. it says the following. a muslim head of state can come to power through seizure of power, meaning through force. can you believe it, if you have a law like that in your constitution? an american head of state can come to power through seizure of power, meaning, through force, revolution, assassination, coup d'etat against the government and everybody, hello,
8:11 am
mr. new president, let's assassinate the old president. it is legal under islamic law. legal if the president is not enforcing sharia 100%. what does a law like that do? it make as modern head of state paranoid, at the least. he surround himself with lots of guards. and he starts to rule with an iron fist. is it coincidence why all muslim countries have tyrants? it is not because everybody loves tyrant in the middle east, that's why they have tyrants. it is not because their nature, actually some of the men who have led in the middle east, really deep down inside them they're good people, but if they don't become tyrants, they will be assassinated. and it all goes back to sharia
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law. they want to bring sharia law to america. i'm giving you one law that makes a nation unable to rule itself in peace. i give you another law. that will never make a nation live in peace. it is the obligation of every muslim to do jihad, and this is the definition of jihad. according to their books, by the way everything i'm saying is from their books, from not some weird book somewhere. no this is mainstream islamic sharia books. here it says, every muslim must do jihad and only every muslim individual, but every muslim head of state must do jihad against neighboring non-muslim countries. what is the consequence of a law like that?
8:13 am
israel can never live in peace because it is surrounded by 18 nations being ruled by dictators afraid to be sass neyed if they don't follow sharia. and sharia tells them, you have to do jihad against non-muslim countries. which is the closest non-muslim country in the middle east? israel. and that is why we have arab-israeli conflict. if the west just understands what sharia is, they will understand who is the victim and who is the open press sore in the middle east. they will understand the air rabe israeli conflict but west doesn't want to understand. because we have idea in the west that religion must be protected. we have to protect religion. anybody who says this is even if
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the religion has a law in it if the person leaves that religion they must be killed. why is it that i can not visit any muslim countries? because i would be killed on the street by anybody and the police will say, we never saw who killed her. this is happening every day in the middle east to christians who are being killed and nobody knows who killed them. nobody is in jail for the murder of christians in egypt, or apostates. okay? in sudan, more radical country than egypt, it is not just the people on the street will kill apostates. no, the government actually goes and arrests you and puts you on trial and condemn you to death. even if you're a pregnant woman like what is happening these days. i don't know did you hear about this? okay. and according to mohammed, one time he did condemn a woman to,
8:15 am
in the 7th century to death but she was pregnant and he said, okay, we have to wait until she delivers and delivers the baby and we kill her and they actually killed her after the baby was waned. they are following exactly what is in their books. the problem is not in the people, it is what in their books. we have to stand up and say, what written in your books is barbaric. when you condemn a whole group of people called jews, to called them aprils apes, enemies of allah, that is barbaric. they are doing that and what happened because the jews rejected mohammed. they didn't want to con verdict to islam and they are living in medina with him. so he, actually, participated in killing almost 900 jewish men of one tribe. they beheaded these men.
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the first holocaust on the jews is not. it was mohammed. he expelled the tribes and took the women as sexual hostages. does that remind you of what is happening in nigeria? they're doing the same thing. it is under sharia law. if you are under islamic law you have the right to take women as sexual slaves. there are people are advocating you have to do this in the open. by the say some muslim women in in london, head completely covered, only eyes, carrying signs what happens in nigeria is
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okay. hallelujah. they have converted 300 christian girls. hallelujah, they're saying. it doesn't matter how they convert them, kidnap them, kidnapping minors and force marrying them. hallelujah. "allahu akbar!"! that is the value system that is value system totally contradictory from our value system. what just scares me and i don't understand, why liberals are, who are supposed to be the, holders of the feminist movement and the freedom and, let's burn our bras, okay? where are they? come defend me! i want that. [applause]
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difference between the judeo-christian culture and the islamic culture is huge. it is the opposite exactly. christianity and. >> dayism concentrates on one -- judaism, concentrates on change within. i was anti-semite. i didn't know better. that is how i was brought up. i came here, went to a synagogue with a girlfriend. i will hear them, muslims, we curse them in the mosque. that's what i thought. i thought everybody curses in churches and, synagogues, they cursing muslims like we curse them. so i sat there and my jaw dropped. they were praying for everybody. for all of humanity. and i'm like, oh, ply god! that is so different.
8:19 am
and they were constantly in the synagogues and churches how to fix yourself. we're all sinners. that what they say in churches, we're all sinners. what a concept. because in my religion of origin, they are all sinners. we are muslims. and we have a duty to change you. in order to grow to heaven! that's the difference between christianity and judaism and islam. christianity and judaism, change one self, make yourself a better person, put the responsibility on you. islam is consumed with changing the other and self-criticism is a crime. is this enough to make you understand? i mean how much do i give you information to make you, for
8:20 am
instance, the name abdullah is the most popular muslim name, abdullah is slave of god. the way we look at god in islam, we're slaves, he is up there and we're slaves. in christianity, we're children of god. what a concept. big difference. forgiveness is so important in the bible, both the jewish bible and the christian bible. forgiveness is so important and the seven deadly since, we discuss fixing yourself and if all society fixes itself, we're okay. this is basic psychology even. basic decency. let alone religion. but in islam, muslims are
8:21 am
forbidden from forgiving their enemies of allah. they are forbidden from for giving jews. i was invited on al-arabiya tv to discuss my book. they told me, your father was killed by israel, you're a traitor. you're not worthy of being his daughter. you, i was insulted bad and harassed because, you forgave the people that killed him. i said, forgiveness is the best thing we can do and we should forgive them and they should forgive us. and honest to god, the guy almost, wanted to kill me, because he couldn't understand the concept of forgiveness. you can forgive your muslim friend but you can't forgive non-muslims. it is against islamic culture. is wham mick ideology.
8:22 am
-- islamic ideology. it is very hard for a muslim to be truly, truly a good muslim and goodfellow and really want to live truly in peace with the jews. it is an oxymoron. and it goes back to why mohammed killed them. muslims make peace with the jews and not consider them pigs and enemies of allah like mohammed stated in the koran, if they, eventually, finally admit they're human beings, by the way. oh, my god, they're human beings, they're not apes and pigs and enemies of allah, then if we admit that, then our prophet was a murderer when he killed them. it an problem for islam. so the hate education of jews has to continue and islam doesn't have the confidence in itself to stop the hate.
8:23 am
actually, islam, they were discussing in egypt recently the punishment, you know, killing apostates and some young people in egypt were saying, we shouldn't force people to convert to islam. we should leave it optionally. there comes one of the top leaders of islam, and he addressed this, his name is cardeli, he is number one in sunni islam, he said, and the clip is on youtube. if we and the capital punish mane for those who leave islam, islam will end. can you believe this? this is, it is like the pope for christianity, like the pope making a statement, if we don't
8:24 am
kill catholics who live cathole system, then catholicism will end. they have no confidence in their own religion. why should we have confidence in it ourselves? we shouldn't have confidence in it. we shouldn't give it the respect, those are people who don't accept forgiveness, redemption. the only way under islam to go to heaven is to kill non-muslims, to go to heaven in the jihad. when my father was killed in the jihad against israel, in, i was only eight and i remember it until today. i was broken heart, really. people came and said, oh, congratulations, your father is now in heaven! it is only guaranty to go to heaven, is die in the process of killing non-muslims. and he was, killing jews.
8:25 am
oh, what an honor. and with my eight-year-old mind, i told myself, i don't want my dad in heaven. i want him down here with us. and i was looked at with such disrespect, like, aren't you a muslim, aren't you a good muslim? so i learned to keep it to myself. i should never criticize jihad. that was the message. that is why i remember it until today. so islam things to control people by not allowing them to leave islam through a death penalty. the difference is huge between the judeo chris christian culture that has harm any and trust between people because people are responsible for themselves.
8:26 am
islam, everybody is responsible for everybody else except themselves. and, it produce as society that lives in constant chaos because everybody thinks they're the boss of everybody else. a girl has a boyfriend. her father goes to kill her. you know why her brother goes to kill her or brother, because he can't show face to society anymore. they will shame him to death. society is very cruel on men too. not just women in islamic society. so they force the father to kill, have you ever seen the movie, the stoning of saria? did you remember who threw the first stone? the father. they give the father the first stone to stone his daughter. and her son, her son, and then the rest of the village.
8:27 am
so they force the men to deny their humanity, to kill their women in order to save face and live with some little pride, little pride. islamic culture is cruel on men as much as it is cruel on women but in a different way. so islam wherever it goes seeks government control. islam in america seeks government control. they're already in our government. so, christianity and judaism, actually judaism doesn't even want to spread itself outside of the jewish people. christianity trieses to spread itself reaching hearts and minds of people and knocking on the door and showing them the bible. islam doesn't want to waste that time. islam forces itself through government on the people.
8:28 am
that is why they seek government right away, wherever they go. i want to give you an example of the history of islam. am i too long? a few more minutes. i want to tell you a story. if you look at the history of islam in the last 1400 years, you will see islam conquering countries, through controlling the government and forcing itself on the people by make it illegal to leave. being a muslim is not, being a muslim is not something, a personal relationship with god. being a muslim is a contract with the state. when i was born, my birth certificate was stamped, muslim. my student i.d., muslim. my passport, muslim.
8:29 am
because if i'm caught in the country, in a church, i could be killed. so your being a muslim is not relationship with god that is independent. in saudi arabia, if you're caught not, if you're a shop owner and it is time to pray, and you don't go to pray, the police can arrest you. so, you're being a muslim is really a contract with the state, that you can not violate. so this is a very different concept of god, very different, from, and that is how islam expanded. when it went to india, eventually muslims were a minority in india. finally they said we want to have our own country. we want to practice sharia law. the rest of behind did yous,
8:30 am
hindus said we don't want you to practice sharia. we don't want to live under sharia. they said okay. we took a separatist movement. they took the area of pakistan. did they end there? no. pakistan hates india and they're terrorizing india all the time. it is never ending. some muslims from the, during the turkish empire went to eastern europe and some areas of eastern europe are majority muslim. kosovo was created. why was there a war between the serbs and kosovo? over sharia law. it is same thing, whether it is india in egypt, in kosovo and eastern europe, what is chechnya? chechnya is, during the ottoman empire also some muslims lived in certain areas of russia and became strong enough and they wanted a separatist movement from russia today. what are they doing? they're constantly bombing,
8:31 am
schools, killed 200 babies, starting kinder garten and go to theaters and blow up theaters. they blow up something every, now and then in russia. the chechans. ladies and gentlemen, i'm predicting we'll have a chechnya in france. we're going to have a chechnya in the united kingdom. if we don't do something today, we can have a chechnya in america. are we going to allow our grandchildren to fight the war we should fight today? are we going to let them fight from door-to-door, from school to school, from restaurant to restaurant? our grandchildren and maybe our children even? after we're all gone. and this is my question. we are not doing, even muslims a
8:32 am
favor with appeasement. muslims are human beings. they love, they want to live happy. most of them. but we are telling them your religion is okay. they terrorize us, okay, we're racist, we're sorry. what is this? we have to say it like it is. you terrorize me, i terrorize you. but we're not doing that. and let me tell you, arabs respect power. and we're not showing them power. we're showing them weakness. we're not even doing islam or muslims a favor. and we're allowing the muslim brotherhood to penetrate us. there is a law that president obama recently made it easier for asylum-seekers from the middle east to come here, even if they have a little bit of a
8:33 am
link to terror groups. did you hear about that law? he did it unilaterally. around i think this is designed, on purpose for all the muslim brotherhood who is escaping egypt today because they are illegal now. so what are we doing? we're absorbing the terrorists and we're absorbing the muslim brotherhood in america. welcome to america and maybe, this way we're going to rid the middle east of its terrorists. i hope not. i hope not. this is just a joke but, i'm telling you, sometimes, what we're doing is really, for somebody like me who lived in this islamic terror, it scares the hell out of me especially what i saw yesterday, president obama in the rose garden, with the father of that man with
8:34 am
suspicion he was, he went awol and he brings the wife and father and mother and father, the first words he utters, in front much our president, do you know what that word means? it means i'm a muslim. this is the first word in the islamic prayer. in the name of allah the merciful and the compassionate. this is the first words in every five days, five times a day muslims say this at the beginning of their prayer before they curse. [laughter]. so, for, i can not imagine bush having this scene. i can't. i mean only obama can be a fool like that. but he is not a fool. he is not a fool. i think he is doing it on
8:35 am
purpose. i think he is rubbing the noses of -- [applause] he is rubbing the noses of american people in that islamic rug. thank you very much. [applause] >> we're going to start your questions. joel, you have some already? >> i do. do a quick sound check. are you able to hear me okay. >> they will ask you questions. >> yeah, any questions. >> the questions will come from over here. our ushers will hand out cards to people. and then people will write the questions down and we'll bring them over here. i do have a couple questions to start us off though. first one, if islam gave up
8:36 am
hating all non-muslims, what would the essence of islam be? >> i'll tell you this. where are you? >> over here. >> oh, hi. >> what is the question again? >> if islam gave up hating all non-muslims, what would be essence of islam be? >> it would be empty shell. because 64% of the koran is cursing non-muslims. 64% of the koran is consumed with non-members of the religion. like i said, islam is obsessed with the outside world. and if you remove that from the religion, then you're left with prayer five times a day and, and ramadan and just a few rid always. with -- rid always. which will islam, you might as well become christian, or jew. >> how do we win against islam?
8:37 am
>> by standing up to our morals and values and by knowing we are strong and, by, taking pried in our culture again. taking pride in our, the truth. [applause] standing up for the truth. ending appeasement and political correctness. i'm not saying to be blunt and rude, but standing up for our principles. >> the islamic commune expresses outrage and is quick to mobilize and demonstrate when they feel their religion or culture has been disrespected. where is the islamic community outrage when acts of violence and terrorism are performed by islamic extremists? >> exactly. that is a very good question. where are the moderate muslims to object to the kidnapping of the 300 girls? i don't see them in the streets. i don't, i don't, all we saw was some muslim women and, in london
8:38 am
saying this is good. and where, where are the moderate muslims? oh, care comes out with a statement on the internet. oh, we condemn the kidnapping of 300 girls. that's all. that's all they do. but you don't see them stand and demonstrate and burn and kill like when, when there was a -- remember the cartoon about mohammed happened, it was in europe? they were demonstrating all over the middle east about the cartoon, burning and killing and, i mean, if they are really moderates, which i hope they are, how come they are not, i don't want them to burn and kill, but just stand in every arab capital, saying, release those 300 girls. i have can only see jews and christians who care.
8:39 am
i don't see muslims. moderate muslims are not speaking. [applause] >> we're getting a lot of questions from the audience. this is great. is there any viable movement in any middle eastern country with a realistic chance of creating a non-theocratic democracy? >> there are movements but they are such a minority that they get swallowed by the islamists eventually. like, for instance, when the revolution happened in egypt in 2011, it was started by students but these students were in the thousands. egypt is 80 million. the minute the revolution happened and succeeded, they got the vote and muslim brotherhood won. same thing in gaza. they go vote. they vote in hamas. because the majority of people they, that is all they know. that is although know is islam. because you're living in a
8:40 am
system that that forbids anybody from even looking at the bible. if you go to saudi arabia, they catch a bible in your hand and your luggage they will confiscate it. so we're living as muslims in the muslim world unable to know there is any god other than allah. and we don't want to be atheists. so they stay muslim. so when they come, when they go to vote, oh, i want to vote for the religion of allah. it is ignorance. and islam thrives in ignorance. >> how do peaceful muslims relate to the koran which tells them to lie and kill the infidels? >> they don't read it. unfortunately, a lot of muslims, like me, when i was a muslim, i never really cared to read the koran but i considered myself muslim. i remember, i used to
8:41 am
palestiniansians, thinking, i defended them like they were victims. now i look back, my god, it is not the truth. arabs don't want peace. they don't want peace and that's the truth. so, the reason they, the reason because they don't read it. they don't read the hate speech in the koran. >> i'm going to combine a couple of questions that are a little complimentary to me. one may even partially answer the other. the first one, how do you balance religious freedom against islam's desire to take over the world? the second one is, given your description of what islam is and does, how can it be considered a religion? >> that is a very good question. number one, i think we should define in america what a religion should be and i tell you what my definition will be. a religion will be given the
8:42 am
respect in america to be practiced only if it respects, basic human rights. and any religion -- [applause] any religion, we have to defined religion. so if we defined religion as a set of values and morals to live by, if a religion condemns those who believe in it to death, the rights to practice in america will be null and void. [applause] that is only way we can either reform islam, we have to get rid of that, and we can judge it, judge islam by the way muslims practice in america by the way. we have to judge islam how it is being practiced in iran and saudi arabia. wherever islam is majority there is tyranny. when they're in the minority
8:43 am
they admit it, even the koran. when you're in the minority, lie and slander and accept, and act like, like you like peace. so you're dealing with a religion that teaches lying is a virtue. >> islam is notoriously hostile to people who renounce their ideology. you must be a real thorn in their side. have you personally experienced violence or threats? >> oh, yeah. i have a fatwa on me to die if i go to egypt. and that is why i can't visit. the only country i can visit in the middle east is israel. [laughing] this is the only country i can visit and stay alive. so, that is the religion of peace. >> what if anything do you think we should do in syria? does taking any side make sense?
8:44 am
>> no. we should keep out of syria. if arabs, the arab world is very rich by the way. they have huge armies. if they want to save the syrian people, let them do it. stop interfering between people who are both bad. [applause] i mean you say shiites or sunnis. they're both terrorists. we can't go against sunni or shiites with sunnis. they both want to kill us. >> can you comment on the recent events where a jewish based university, brandeis, reversed an invitation to ali to give address at commencement. >> i love people, are not criticizing the jewish who are
8:45 am
not inviting people like me. i have tell you something, it is time for us non-jews to stand in the front line against radical islam. we should not leave the jews to do that job. it is our job. it is, it is the job of christians, and i notice in the christians in america are not speaking out, as the jews. of course i would like brandeis to, you know, to keep its invitation and not rescind it, with ali, it is a shame, but i can understand why the jews have done enough fighting for their life against radical islam. it is time for the rest of the world to wake up. >> can you name any prominent leaders in either party in the united states who understand and give voice to the threat?
8:46 am
>> who understand what? >> and give voice to the threat we're facing. >> to what? >> to the threat? >> to the threat of islam. i think there are a lot of republicans who are called racists and bigots and is llama phobes. we have a lot of great women. we have sarah palin. we don't have a shortage of good politicians. a lot of people are lot of people are angry at our politicians. you know who i am angry at? us to don't go and vote. last election, the reason mitt romney didn't win because a lot of christians saying we don't want to vote for a mormon. this is ridiculous.
8:47 am
you judge a person by his character and the man has very good character, very good family. and what did we get? that's with we got. so we're getting what we deserve. >> when shiites and sunnis fight an kill one another, should we do anything beside sit back, make popcorn and enjoy the speckel? >> absolutely. just don't interfere. and, by the way, i'm totally against going into iraq and going into afghanistan and doing nation-building after that. excuse me. we don't want, we are becoming a poor country. we have a lot of poor in america. we don't nation build oil-rich countries. let their muslim brethren build their nations. they have plenty of money instead of sending it here to build mosques. let them send it there and fix
8:48 am
their own country. >> why does the west give money to islamic terror groups like the muslim brotherhood, al qaeda, hamas, fatah and others? >> i think it started when, when egypt had, you know the peace treaty with israel. that is how it started. it is like an insurance policy. egypt is a poor country. and here is our money, go fight israel. and i think that more or list we give money to egypt. that is the truth. we don't admit it but that is the truth. israel, we should support israel, absolutely financially. [applause] because, israel has been, you know, has been abandoned by the world. look what the united nations is doing to israel. so i think, egypt, we're, we're helping egypt so they don't
8:49 am
attack israel. but either, gaza and west bank, don't send them a dime. let saudi arabia, who is encouraging them, to do the terrorism, to either support them or leave them to fend for themselves and get a job. they need a job. the palestinian people need jobs. they don't need terror. >> [inaudible] -- played a role in the 9/11 attacks? >> yeah, being, saudi arabia, 15 of the 19 terrorists were saudis. i mean, saudi arabia is the most dangerous country in this world, in my opinion, more dangerous than iran. but, it, you know why? because at least iran fights its own men fight for it. saudi arabia pays other nations to fight its dirty work through
8:50 am
terror. and that scares me more than countries that are up front. they tell you, i'm your enemy and i'm going to kill you. okay. now i can deal with you. but saudi arabia, says i am your ally and here's money to fund 9/11. go fly airplanes into buildings. it is the most dangerous nation in the middle east. the home of islam. this is where mohammed came from. >> why do you suppose the one billion muslim slaves don't revolt? >> one million muslim what? >> the one billion muslim slaves don't revolt? >> because when you put somebody in a, for a very long time in a prison, if you open the gate they don't all run right away many some people stay in the prison. like, me, when i came to america, i didn't flee right a way. it took me a long time.
8:51 am
so, also the power of power of poe oppression in society, if you live in as a muslim and live here, it is easy to just dump islam and adopt american values. but when you're living there, with the social pressure on you to go pray and special pressure is very, very high. it is changing however. and i am seeing some hope that islam will go dormant again. it will not go dormant, culture changes. it takes decades for cultures to change. a human being can change quicker than culture. in a few decade, if we start drilling oil in america, which we have plenty much, then saudi arabia can drink its oil.
8:52 am
[applause] and that's why anybody in america who is against drilling, against, coal, and against doing, they're trying to say, the environment is going to suffer if we drill for oil? are you kidding meme? look at saudi arabia and qatar, they have the most beautiful beaches on the red sea and they're drilling right and left. the lifespan after saudi before they discovered oil, it was like 40 years old. now it is 75. i don't see the camels are dieing in saudi arabia from the drilling. they're flourishing. red sea and arabian sea are full of fish. so what are we afraid of? that is all lies. the liberals are lying to you.
8:53 am
because their agenda is to stop the industrialization of america. they want us to go back and to let the world catch up with us. that is the real motivation. but they have to, they can't, they can't be honest. they're like, they're like islamic ideology. they use lying to reach their goals. exactly like islam. i would have more respect for liberals if they tell you their agenda, honestly, and let's have an honest debate. they don't want an honest debate. liberals want to call you name just like islam calls you you're apostate, you should kill yourself. you're a racist, big got, islam phobe big. that is why i'm sick of them. [applause] >> question about your religious
8:54 am
conversion. do you want to say anything about that? >> yes. it was very hard. i couldn't change right away because really, to live under islam for a long time can demoralize you and, it really, it is, it is a lot of burden. i have a chapter in my last book, called a muslims burden. christianity lifts your burden. islam, culture of shaming. culture of control. culture of putting burden on the individual. in christianity, god came down to save us. in islam, we must save god, allah's reputation. that is why they riot if you say anything about allah or mohammed. it is a duty of muslim to carry the burden of mohammed and defend him. so it is exactly the opposite.
8:55 am
so it wasn't, as soon as my mind cleared which took a few years, living under freedom, i went to a, you know, i went to several churches and synagogues and frankly i don't find any, i find judaism and christianity like one in my eyes. i don't know why. christians don't see that but i see it. because christianity would never have happened without judaism. so i look at the judeo christian culture as one and reason i became christian, i was watching one morning in 1997 on sunday morning and flipping channels, and there were preachers, one after the other. and they were praying for the whole world. they were playing for peace on earth. they were playing for everybody, all nations and that just struck me. and i said, oh, my god, my
8:56 am
religion curses. i grew up with cursing, every friday prayers, the muslim preacher would sit and curse and bang and get the sword out and, go do jihad. may god destroy the jews and infidels, enemies of allah. "allahu akbar!" and people go out of the mosque and kill christians as a result of being in a mosque. i saw the men, made me feel so at peace. so, you know, i became a better person. and that's why it wasn't difficult for me to become christian. and to support israel. [applause] it lifted my guilt. >> all right. i've got one more question for you. we want to make sure you have time to sign books for your fans. >> sure. >> so this one's a challenging one. you say you're not against muslims but against their
8:57 am
ideology. how can you separate the two? you're not holding people accountable for their actions. ideology doesn't kill people, people kill people. >> i agree in a way but, we hewlett-packard beings are fairly weak. let me tell you, we're all born half good and half bad. depending on our religion we either strengthen the good or strengthen the bad. so muslims are really the victims of islam. they have been brought up in ideology. we don't even know that lying and slander against jews is evil. we think it is, it is a virtue. believe me. if i go and say, in the muslim world today, if i make a speech about forgiveness. between jews and arabs, i would be shot dead on the spot as a traitor. while the same, the same sermon
8:58 am
in america about forgiveness, between jews an arabs could give me a nobel peace prize. so it is the same thing, but one culture looks at it as evil and one culture looks at it as a virtue. so that is the problem. muslims are the victim of an evil ideology. thank you. [applause] >> president obama is in estonia today, ahead of this week's nato summit in wales. the president is meeting with leaders from estonia, latvia, and lithuania this morning and will talk about u.s. relations with the baltic states. we'll have live coverage from es estonia on c-span2. here are eye lights for this coming weekend. friday, live at 10:00 a.m. eastern on c-span, the nebraska supreme court will hear oral
8:59 am
argument on the keystone xl pipeline. saturday at 6:30 p.m. on "the communicators," former fcc commissioners, michael copps and robert mcdowell. with campaign 2014 heating up watch latest debates on c-span. debates between kay hag began and republican opponent thom tillis. and democratic governor jerry brown and kneel kashkari. jon hu shares his opinion on international law and what little effect it has on powerful nations. booktv, mike gonzalez how he thinks governments can make gains from the hispanic vote at 10:00 p.m. eastern. sunday at noon on in depth, our conversation and your phone calls with the former chair on the commission of civil rates, mary francis berry. american history on c-span3, authors and historians talk about the burning of washington during the war of 1112.
9:00 am
saturday on real america, the building of the hoover dam. sunday night at 8:00, the pardon of gerald ford of president nixon. . . >> i understand the weather is always like this. [laughter] my only regret is that i missed
9:01 am
this summer's -- [speaking in native tongue] and i'll try to come back next time and catch it. i bring with me the friendship of the american people, and i'm honored to be the first president of the united states to deliver an address like this to the people of estonia. i just had the opportunity to meet once again with the presidents of all the baltic states, and i thank the president of latvia and lithuania for being here. we are joined by friends from throughout the region, and i want to say a special welcome to everyone watching this out in freedom square. and i'm especially pleased to see so many young people here today. because, like oscar, you are fulfilling the dream that your parents and grandparents struggled for but could only imagine, and that is living your lives in free and independent
9:02 am
and democratic baltic nations. that dream of freedom endured through centuries of occupation and oppression. it placesomed into -- blossomed into independence only to have it stolen by foreign pacs and secret protocols. it survived the mass deportations that ripped parents from their children. it was defended by force brothers in their resistance and sustained by poets and authors who kept alive your languages and cultures. and here in estonia it was a dream that found its most eloquent expression in your voices on a grassy field not far from here when estonians found the courage to stand up against an empire and sing "land of my
9:03 am
fathers, land that i love." and -- [inaudible] who's here today, spoke for the entire singing revolution when he said, "one day, no matter what, we will win." [applause] and then exactly 25 years ago people across the baltics came together in one of the greatest displays of freedom and nonviolent resistance that the world has ever seen. on that august evening, perhaps two million people stepped out of their homes and joined hands; a human chain of freedom the baltic way. and they stretched down highways and across farmlands from talin to riga they lit candles and
9:04 am
sang anthems. old men and women brought out their flags of independence, and young parents brought their children to teach them that when ordinary people stand together, great change is possible. here in estonia when people joined the line, the password was "freedom." as one man said that day, the berlin wall is made of brick and concrete, our wall is stronger. and it was. within months that wall in berlin was pushed open. the next year the baltic peoples finally voted in elections. and when the forces of the past made their last grab for power, you stood up. lithuanians faced down tanks. latvians manned barricades. here in talin, citizens rushed
9:05 am
to the tv tower to defend the airwaves of democracy. you won. you reclaimed your countries. and in your new constitution, you declared the independence and sovereignty of estonia are timeless and inalienable. but the people of the baltic nations also knew that freedom needs a foundation of security. so you reached out to join the nato alliance. and we were proud to welcome you as new allies to -- so that those words of your constitution, your timeless independence will always be guaranteed by the strongest military alliance the world has ever known. today people working to build their own democracies from kiev to tunis look to you for inspiration.
9:06 am
your experience cautions that progress is neither easy, nor quick. here in the baltics after decades of authoritarian rule, the habits of democracy had to be learned. the institutions of good governance had to be rebuilt. economies had to be reformed. foreign forces had to be removed from your territory. and transitions of this magnitude are daunting for any nation. but the baltics show the world what's possible when free peoples come together for the change that they seek. and in that great contest of ideas between freedom and authoritarianism, between liberty and oppression your success proves -- like that human chain 25 years ago -- that our way will always be stronger. we're stronger because we're democracies.
9:07 am
we're not afraid of free and fair elections. because true legitimacy can only come from one source, and that is the people. we're not afraid of an independent judiciary, because no one is above the law. we're not afraid of a free press or vibrant debate or a strong civil society, because leaders must be held accountable. we're not afraid to let our young people go online to learn and discover and organize, because we know that countries are more successful when citizens are free to think for themselves. we're stronger because we embrace open economies. look at the evidence. here in estonia we see the success of free markets, integration with europe, taking
9:08 am
on tough reforms. you've become one of the most wired countries on earth, a global leader in e-government and high-tech start-ups. and entrepreneurial spirit of the estonian people has been unleashed, and your innovations -- like skype -- are transforming the world. and we're stronger because we stand together. this year we celebrate the tenth anniversary of the baltics and nato. a decade ago countries wondered whether you were up to the task, and today they need look only at our training exercises where our troops grow stronger together shoulder to shoulder, in afghanistan where our forces have sacrificed to keep us safe and where in just three months the largest operation in nato history will come to an end, as
9:09 am
planned. there's no doubt the baltics have made our alliance stronger. and your progress reflects a larger truth: because of the work of generations, because we stood together in a great alliance, because people across this continent have forged a european union dedicated to cooperation and peace, we've made historic progress towards the vision we share, a europe that is whole, free and at peace. and yet, as we gather here today, we know that this vision is threatened. by russia's aggression against ukraine. it is a brazen assault on the territorial integrity of ukraine, a sovereign and independent european nation.
9:10 am
it challenges that most basic of principles of our international system, that borders cannot be redrawn at the barrel of a gun. that nations have the right to determine their own future. it undermines an international order where the rights of peoples and nations are upheld and can't simply be taken away by brute force. this is what's at stake in ukraine. this is why we stand with the people of ukraine today. [applause] now let's put to rest once and for all the distortions or outdated thinking that has caused this crisis. our nato alliance is not aimed
9:11 am
against any other nation. we're an alliance of democracies dedicated to our own collect i have defense -- collective defense. countries like estonia and latvia and lithuania are not post-soviet territory. you are sovereign and independent nations with the right to make your own decisions. no other nation gets to veto your security decisions. the protests in ukraine on the maydan were not led by neonazis or fascists. they were led by ukrainians; men and women, young and old, who are fed up with a corrupt regime and who wanted to share in the progress and prosperity that they see in the rest of europe. and they did not engage in an armed seizure of power.
9:12 am
after an agreement was brokered for constitutional reform, the former president then abandoned his office, and parliament endorsed new elections. so that today ukrainians have a new, democratically-elected president. and i look forward to welcoming president poroshenko to the oval office this month. he was chosen by the people of ukraine. it was not the government of kiev that destabilized eastern ukraine, it's been the pro-russian separatists who are encouraged by russia, financed by russia, trained by russia, supplied by russia and armed by russia. and the russian forces that have now moved into ukraine are not on a humanitarian or peacekeeping mission, they are russian combat forces with
9:13 am
russian weapons in russian tankings. tanks. now, these are the facts. they are provable. they're not subject to dispute. as a result of state-run propaganda, many russians have become convinced that the actions taken by their government is strengthening russia, but reaching back to the days of the tsarists trying to reclaim lands lost in the 19th century is surely not the way to secure russia's greatness in the 21st century. [applause] it only shows that unrestrained nationalism is the last refuge of those who cannot or will not deliver real progress and opportunity for their own people at home.
9:14 am
let's also be clear where we stand. just as we refuse to accept smaller european nations being dominated by bigger neighbors in the last century, we reject any talk of spheres of influence today. [applause] and just as we never accepted the occupation and illegal annexation of the baltic nations, we will not accept russia's occupation and illegal annexation of crimea or any part of ukraine. [applause] as free peoples, as an alliance we will stand firm and united. and here's how. first, we will defend our nato allies, and that means every
9:15 am
ally. in this alliance there are no old members or new members, no junior partners or senior partners. they're just allies, pure and simple. and we will defend the territorial integrity of every single ally. today more nato aircraft patrol the skies of the baltics, more american forces are on the ground training and rotating through each of the baltic states. more nato ships patrol the black sea. tonight i depart for the nato summit in wales, and i believe our alliance should extend these defensive measures for as long as necessary, because the defense of talin and riga and vilnyus is just as important as the defense of berlin and paris and london. [applause]
9:16 am
during the long soviet occupation, the great estonian poet wrote a poem in which she cried to the world, "who'll come to help right here at present?" now? and i say to the people of estonia and the people of the baltics, today we are bound by our treaty alliance. we have a solemn duty to each other. article v is crystal clear: an attack on one is an attack on all. so if in such a moment you ever ask again who will come to help, you'll know the answer: the nato alliance, including the armed forces of the united states of america right here, present, now. [applause]
9:17 am
we'll be here for estonia, we will be here for latvia, we will be here for lithuania. you lost your independence once before with nato, you will never lose it again. [applause] second, and in addition to the measures we've already taken, the united states is working to bolster the security of our nato allies and further increase america's military presence in europe. the new initiative i proposed in warsaw this spring includes several elements, and we're working with congress to get it done. here in the baltics it would mean positioning more american equipment so it's ready if needed, it would mean more training and exercises between our militaries, and it would mean more u.s. forces -- including american boots on the
9:18 am
ground, continuously rotating through estonia, latvia and lithuania. third, nato forces need the ability to deploy even faster in times of crisis. now, this week our alliance must unite around a new plan to enhance our readiness. and that means we need to step up our defense planning so we're fully prepared for any threat to any ally. it also means we need to have the infrastructure and facilities that can receive rapid reinforcements including here in the baltics. we need to enhance nato's rapid response force so it can deploy even more quickly and not just react to threats, but also deter them. and even as we meet conventional threats, we need to face other challenges. and that includes propaganda campaigns that try to whip up fears and divide people from one
9:19 am
another. we reject the idea that people cannot live and thrive together just because they have different backgrounds or speak a different language. and the best antidotes to such disported thinking are the -- distorted thinking are the values that define us. not just in the baltics, but throughout europe, we must acknowledge the inherent dignity and human rights of every person, because our democracies cannot truly succeed until we root out bias and prejudice both from our institutions and from our hearts. we have to uphold a free press and freedom of speech because, in the end, lies and misinformation are no match for the truth. we have to embrace open and inclusive societies because our countries are more successful
9:20 am
and more prosperous when we welcome the talents of all our people, including minorities. that's part of the work that we must do. [applause] that's the example we must set. fourth, even as we keep our cups strong at -- our countries strong at home, we need to keep our alliance strong for the future. that means investing in the capabilities like intelligence and surveillance and reconnaissance and missile defense. and here in europe, nations need to do more to spur the growth and prosperity that sustains our alliance. to its great credit, estonia stands out as an ally that contributes its full share, its full 2 of gdp -- 3% -- 2% of gdp to our alliance, and latvia and lithuania have agreed to do the same. so this week -- that's worth
9:21 am
applause. [applause] so this week's summit is the moment for every nato nation to step up and commit to meeting its responsibilities to our alliance. estonia does it. every ally must do it. fifth, we must continue to stand united against russia's aggression in ukraine. [applause] keep in mind that repeatedly president putin has ignored the opportunity to resolve the crisis this ukraine diplomatically. the united states, the european union, our partners around the world have all said we prefer a
9:22 am
diplomatic solution. but in light of russia's unwillingness to seize that opportunity, we have come together to impose major sanctions on russia for its actions. and make no mistake, russia is paying a price. its capital is fleeing, foreign investment is plummeting because investors know that today's russia is a bad bet given its behavior. the russian economy has slipped into recession, its energy production -- which is the engine of the russian economy -- is expected to drop. its credit rating is near junk status, the ruble just fell to an all-time low. in short, russia's actions in ukraine are weakening russia. russia's actions are hurting the russian people. and it doesn't have to be this way.
9:23 am
we have no interest in weakening russia. it's a nation with a rich history and a remarkable people. we do not seek out confrontation with russia. over the past two with decades, the united states has gone to great lengths to welcome russia into the community of nations and to encourage its economic success. we welcome a russia that is strong and growing and contributes to international security and peace. and that resolves disputes peacefully with diplomacy. and in contrast to russia's isolation and economic woes today, that path which would include a stable and prosperous ukraine whose sovereignty is respected, would also ultimately result in greater success and opportunity and respect for russia.
9:24 am
that path remains available to russia. that path will deliver truer progress for the russian people. but it's a path that starts by russia changing course and leaving ukraine so is that ukrainians can make their own decisions. and i have no doubt that one of their decisions would be to have strong relations with not just europe, but also with russia. but it has to be to freely chosen. this brings me to the final area where our nations have to come together, in our steadfast support for those who reach for their freedom. and, yes, that includes the people of ukraine. and few understand this better than the baltic peoples. you know from bitter experience that we can never take our
9:25 am
security and liberties for granted. we want ukrainians to be independent and strong and able to make their own choices free from fear and intimidation. because the more countries are free and strong and free from intimidation, the more secure our own liberties are. so the united states will continue to help ukraine reform, to escape a legacy of corruption and build democratic institutions to grow. and like other european nations, diversify its energy sources because no country should ever be held hostage to another nation that yields energy like a weapon. [applause] we'll continue to offer training and assistance to help the ukrainian military grow stronger
9:26 am
as they defend their country. and since ultimately there's no military solution to this crisis, we will continue to support president poroshenko's efforts to achieve peace. because like all a independent nations, ukraine must be free to decide its own destiny. and this week nato must send an unmistakeable message in support of ukraine as well. our alliance has had a partnership with ukraine for more than 20 years. ukrainian forces have served with distinction in nato operations in the balkans, in afghanistan. so in wales we'll meet as an alliance with president poroshenko to show that our 28 nations are united in support of ukraine's sovereignty and right to defend its territory. now, i ukraine needs more than words -- ukraine needs more than words. nato needs to make concrete commitments to help modernize
9:27 am
and strengthen its security portions. and, by the way, we have to do more to help other nato partners including georgia and moldova strengthen their defenses as well. [applause] and we must reaffirm the principle that has always guided our alliance. for countries that meet our standards and that can make meaningful contributions to allied security, the door to nato membership is open. so this is a moment of testing. the actions of the separatists in ukraine and russia evoke dark tackics of europe's past that ought to be consign today a distant history. masked men storming buildings, soldiers without flags slipping across the border.
9:28 am
violence sending families fleeing and killing thousands, including nearly 300 innocent men, women and children from all across europe and around the world when that airliner was shot out of the sky. in the face of violation that seems intractable and suffering that is so senseless, it is easy to grow cynical, and i think tempting to give in to the notion that peace and security may be beyond our grasp. but i say to all of you here today, especially the young people, do not give in to that cynicism. do not lose the idealism and optimism that is the root of all great change. [applause] don't ever lose the faith be
9:29 am
that says -- the faith that says if we want it, if we are willing to work for it, if we stand together, the future can be different. tomorrow can be better. after all, the only reason we're here today in a free and democratic estonia is because the estonian people never gave up. you never gave up when the red army came in from the east or when the nazis came in from the west. you never gave up when the soviets came back or when they sent your and brightest to the gulag, never to return. you never gave up through a long occupation that tried to break your spirit and crush your culture. their tanks were no equal to the moral power of your voices, united in song. their walls were no match for the strength of your people, united in that unbreakable chain.
9:30 am
and like the poles and hungarians, the czechs and the slovacs and the east germans on top of that wall, you are stronger, and you always believed one day, no matter what, we will win. today your example, your victory gives hope to people all over the world. yes, there will be setbacks, and there will be frustrations, and there will be moments of doubt and moments of despair. the currents of history ebb and flow. but over time they flow toward freedom. more people in every corner of the earth standing up and reaching to claim those rights that are universal. and that's why in the end our ideals are stronger, and that's why in the end our ideals will win.


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