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tv   Book Discussion on The Pity Party  CSPAN  December 14, 2014 2:04pm-2:55pm EST

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taken in the 1930's. it is about the continuation of the people. and as these particular individuals. >> host: professor, why did you choose this for the cover? >> it is the picture of a quilt that i made. my first book has a picture of the quilts that i made that i have just made it. then somebody said that should be on the cover. so i set out to make a quilt for the cover for this book. and for me it is the address of a child but there is no
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little girl in the picture so i want to speak about loss and at cents -- absence. but to trace over a the handwriting of a woman who wrote a letter to her former mistress or former slave owner asking about her daughter that she was taken from the. they said david taker to greensboro north carolina. i just want to know what happened to her. because her family had sold violent -- violent lester and they have documented how many times she was sold and now she was in georgia and the current owners said he would be willing to purchase the child if they were willing to sell.
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so i traced over the al letter to talk about her missing child to pair with address rather is no child. >> host: helping to find my people. it is the name of the book. university of north carolina history professor williams. booktv on c-span2.
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>> the key for coming and i and the editor. i will like to welcome new to the manhattan institute. on the political spectrum to be familiar to with the stereotype of the caring and and compassionate selfish and mean-spirited jerks. [laughter] the and that is true in some cases. [laughter] after yesterday's stunning election i suppose that stereotype will get a vigorous workout. [applause] after varying degrees over the years george w. bush
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calls them compassionate conservatives. to show our compassions to people even the great conservative hero ronald reagan is compelled that the right does not care. but the decades-long bush for that activist government is predicated on the notion to show concern for the plight of struggling services. unfortunately they seek not to care whether head start actually works the evidence suggests that program but only by their existence demonstrates what government cares.
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conservatives would play along with a completion reordering but for improving the efficiency but what about we're missing the point? or the ultimate purpose of government. that is the argument teeeighteen makes in his book that has the greatest subtitle in the history of publishing. a mean-spirited diatribe against liberal compassion". [applause] william voegeli the senior editor of the claremont review of books and us dollar at the salvatores center and was a program
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officer and has written for numerous publications where he is authored into california's future of absolutism that was the biggest piece of all time. he is also not mean-spirited at all as you will now discover. william voegeli. [applause] >> good day. back in the day we were down the street from the foundation i used to control
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lot of these events. so it is an honor to be here with you today. i would not be here today if not for the carroll and literary agency and also to of my editors are here. in the publisher of "the pity party" you'll get a growing sense does you see that i have prepared today's remarks all by myself. [laughter] american liberalism what is up with that?
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saw a prominent liberal writer is that they care about other people not just themselves. could liberals really believe that politics was confronted to get the better of statesmen and philosophers? how was that so simple? to secure justice and peace so that opposition to or the skepticism from the pathological meanspirited is. the shortest possible answer is yes and yes.
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[laughter] though long as possible for the answer is "the pity party" is now available in hardback. [laughter] i know that news stories but the problem of the compassion to a big part derives, excuse me. it literally means to suffer together. it is not like it is necessarily. [laughter] figure.
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to be in a political context your honker and your distress and now because of that so to care about your problem. so far so good. but that's turns out to be a factor because what we see too often is the project is much more concerned caring about carrying and caring about helping. with the strange comparison is in different if it does what it actually they wanted to do. to of the size feeling better it turns out to be fair and better and that ought to be the goal of a
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rational set of public policies. so let me talk about compassion is integral to the liberal argument. first of all, to be in favor of the most basic to get people to live together peaceably to be solved by a social context. where we agree to disagree liberals are not alone so as the american population that does not think about politics. or at all. but with liberalism has the a advantages there lot
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maximal autonomy different strokes for different folks. it also won togetherness to care and share today's society and relax meaning of our individual lives have a sense that is part of a greater effort to have connected to one another. from a liberal perspective to have the best of both in mind. but on this basis to be reconciled with individualism that brings me
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to my second observation. with the disposition is rested on the precept we can understand this which views intimidator and in "the federalist papers" to navigate the dangerous path between tyranny and anarchy was to arrange for ambition to attractive addition in there by supply the defect through opposite engines. pfiffner the solution to the most fundamental problems is not in compliance with the defect but on the better
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angels of the nature to perpetuate itself interested contact on the political machine at least the cubans are not inherently selfish but to borrow heavily and not coincidentally is a great advocate of compassionate to rely on something more basic and accessible than what is necessary for ambition is to counteract ambition. of feathered point about modern liberalism and compassion, to emphasize compassion more and more than decided to emphasize less and less. that which laid the foundation for the new deal
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scientists have learned a lot of nature to have new capacities. but now a social scientist would arrive with a lot of history to see the powers of mankind. by the middle of the 20th century however it was no longer sustainable. responding to writing a totalitarianism the spirit of liberty from 1944. of bond the problems is it
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is untenable the idea they're just some people subjective preferences rather than derived from fax the hour empiric the verifiable. has proven to be extremely valuable in this regard with the liberals rhetoric and some understanding. yes our project for alleviating suffering this from those that suffer. would be better to formulate policies? making compassions plans itself to the opponents there is something ridiculous to boycott as
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endangered species. [laughter] but if the alternative is to do nothing and of the do-gooder the progressivism now means to be on the right side of history. since all day really need is it will fulfill its destiny as long as they never yield to the mean people. so it does not work very well. first to be simultaneously a
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compassionate and non judgmental this is the ways of what they do determine how they are. liberalisms moral paradigm is the effort after a natural disaster. for the same reason to figure out children's needs and folder of the day's. per on the basis to be nice if capitalizes those that are not children and urges people to do to well of the way they cannot be expected to help themselves rather than of determination to prevail against those challenges history derives the promising path for those
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groups to acquire significant and economic vintages to feel sorry for themselves or guilty about them but the embrace of victimhood is a debilitating advantage to be dependent on the kindness of strangers. liberals hopeful and trusting view is counterintuitive to those whose disagree with them. that the default options to display the ugly and difficult with the stupidity edifice to solve problems in to solve that dissatisfaction not an aspect of that human
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condition but that there naturally disclose to live with one another to help explain but not justify those who cause the problems that they seek to solve. from 20 years ago when confronted with resistance liberals betrayed a hatred from the smiling face with the opposition from what they claim to a poll. self righteous and tolerance to find it impossible to conceal contempt for those
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that have refused to see the light. liberals' view of human nature to jeopardize his many valuable things they are for example, inclined to interpret or misinterpret a way of life as people who aspire to it. with the islamist terrorist to suggest ways it is reached admirable of the recent crisis be heading videos of the warriors conducting human sacrifices is free teller solves fred a
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quiet social services. [laughter] so in other words, the reaction is to believe to have the decency and ultimately do well. so it is not always clear about what we're trying to conserve it needs conservation provided mitt to conserve experiment because we are vulnerable conservatives oppose liberalism because we know it is attractive to make it especially dangerous. to speeeight care against another think tank that
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those nations are strongly to supposed with one another i wish the wealth was still generating so their prophecy could be disengaged with the process. wish the compassion harbors so much power and wisdom that a provided clear answers to all the questions about the republic in the world of 7.2 billion people. i am pretty sure however but they're sure these will always be wishes to make some hard task to govern even harder in makes it even more dangerous. liberals have idealism as they do of compassion they're very afraid of both.
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kennedy spoke at the memorial for his brother in 1968. i did not think they were to say why not put those speech writers said they were paraphrasing george bernard shaw said uc things and say why but i see things ever were and say why not? so the speaker addressing the garden of eden is the serpent. [laughter] everything is possible. everything. thank-you. [applause]
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wait for the microphone to arrive. >> how do we know the authentic game of these housing projects? it is also argues is a really a redact cognitive development? had to decide what is a true reading of progress? >> beats me. [laughter]
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but i attempt to understand that some of your old enough to remember is too knows what evil lurks in the hearts of many? so i think the starting point is to say that those to set up programs like head start they seemed sincere the interested but posing as that either/or questioned the is the problem that often happens is once the program is set up the desire to solve the problem turns into an effort of lives and reputations dependent on the
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perpetuation of the disappearance of the problem. >> my question is if you are not a liberal when you are 28 you have no heart that 42 have no head. so my question is and having a problem with my determination of liberal. and my question to you is we all understand what we call liberals that are progressives, their heart is
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in the right place but their head is not. so would it make sense if we change on how to help the have-nots? with the rest of us in this is the opportunity so would it make sense is there an
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opportunity for a grand bargain to make the ideal of all the subsidies? >> first of all, with the terminology with the new deal is another great achievements liver consented to be a conservative the way
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that fdr would amalgamate so with that "national review" said it consented with conservatism. on what to do with the welfare state? that is the big question. but in general simplicity is always better but that political ally jack of the welfare state is used when a bill buckley's to make it as
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complicated as possible and it comes in a variety of ways nobody is ever quite unsure if there the net importer or exporter. i think the conservative interests is clarity and simplicity. that liberals ask as if they have to create a charade. i don't think that is true for reasons beyond their control but week the to have that state as robust so we could achieve the goals to be serious not just on the
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economy but the attenuation is bad for the republic. >> so with that distinction that with that new deal has shifted with that understanding of the world. but to the point of isis with some kind of welfare program it reminds me of an
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analysis that i heard some time ago that was anti-communist from my class standpoint to create welfare programs so that comes to mind when you talk about isis. so what about your opinion with that analysis? >> i think there are two problems one is the average
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if you give the 50 day he ever the whole world is a nail. they tend to interpret everything that is out there. so with the worst days of the vietnam war. they thought this was so impressed kochi been -- ho chi minh that the belief is there are no fundamental disagreements there are misunderstandings so committed our day but life
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with democracy is so agreeable. there are people out there that hates it and rejected. locks stock and barrel. it is an advanced case with the inability what is congealed to believe it really can work things out. so we make a dangerous situation more dangerous.
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>> but 50 years ago is basically focused on the social programs but the department said energy right now but then to micromanage. >> but i think if you look at that gravitas century was departure in more determination is the government's job been the second third and fourth order becomes relevant.
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to have medicare and medicaid you can take the position to do crazy things. then we will pay the medical bills that it becomes our business. so the things that used to be progress there is more of a rationale. >>.
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>> how often do you prove the effectiveness of an individual? those that could affect the outcome? >> roosevelt to have that experimentation and. but to presuppose you will get rid of them for reasons people with the vested
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interest with the democracy that are part of the experiment. it with their little slice. zero lots of people are doing great work even like health care. the for the office the british mitt and budget calls resources which is 2.3 trillion dollars. such as security and medicare all other health programs in education and
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job-training the bay is possible of the welfare state but another 700 billion but to borrow on the one hand or spend on the other with a minimum wage laws or rent-controlled. but it is a lot of money more than $9,000 per american. it should be of problem in 2014. but instead to say it is an outrage it is so small but
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to say let's dig into that. so it is the liberals of vantage to the conservatives advantage with that program is cost-effective it is the whole thing. but if not should we consider wholesale as the approach? >> and to with regulation.
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>> a at with the notion that jimmy carter ran to a knowledge of problem with the sunset laws to justify all over again. in today's said we have to make a case. had nothing resembles the of results but the political
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forces that work but with the political opposition those who were there day and night but not one subsidy which is why you need to go mackerel. >> i thank you are right how dangerously attractive enough for compassion if not
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then with the conservative and some with george bush's signature framework cannot in 1999 and 2000 was fleshed out extremely well in theory. so to this day we know what it was supposed to be. and there are good ideas there. the best idea for conservatism is to recognize the fashion from what you do
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but to be with the audience of compassion. but if george bush's running for president but especially a the conservatives to entrust the government to bring about greater discipline self-respect is
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dangerous but it is the need for eggcrate social revolution but it never should have been the political transformation. >> to what degree. >> why do ask a question if you know, the answer better than i do? [laughter] >> is the chicken and the head. zero lot of people get the
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idea but i think so with that that is derived from piety. with a religious institution has all disappeared down. but the idea that we still care for one another. it doesn't mean we should guide forbid judge one another but perhaps the higher education and atmosphere is conducive to
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that sort of confusion. >> but do they think it is time for the federal government or the state government? >> whereas the question you already know the answer to? [laughter] but the solution is we would have solved it already. just as a set this up with
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sunset laws for public agencies. people find a way. with an underlying political program the lack of availability to come up for the wild makes a difference. >> another question? >> when shooting brief leave and 11. so with that lifestyle but
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if not young partisan use what does it have to be liberal or conservative? >> it doesn't have to be conservative and in a more complicated world that led away that it seems to me to win that conservative argument cuts into that. hand to push back against the liberals to generalize. matt


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