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tv   Book Discussion on Assault and Flattery  CSPAN  January 3, 2015 12:26am-1:17am EST

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question. >> what can i do to help you as a feminist? >> every day offers opportunities to be a feminist hero by fear and to look around your actual life what is going on and where you noticing that concern you? talking to you don't -- to yonder people that just codes are applied. every day we have to get dressed, what does it mean and what does it mean to have our appearance to let us express ourselves?
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>>. >> i would like to know people who disagree about your idea is and why would you respond that way? >> i will take the three questions. actually back then they would be unfair to women. so why do men feel that they should? >> i would ask all the
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authors. >> and will start the last question about why men did that it is complicated. [laughter] but how do i think i have contributed? i think they contribute most has a teacher actually of teaching in working with students and what is great is my students always ask new questions, and new ideas and i stay engaged with them i am not a professional activists. so i am not out there fighting for a particular cause is all the way do political work but reading things and talking about them is how i'd do it.
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that is one of the many ways you can have feminism. going back to what i said with a lot of different context against climate change right now is seems to me one of the biggest issues is our planet possibly being destroyed and i do think that there was a notion that we as humans should take and grab would never agree could for the sake of profit but also to build things or make things that are bigger and better. that we need to use to back and think of our emphasis to his work production and a
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you could be a feminist while thinking about it. [applause] >> i would say those you disagree have changed enormously over the course of my life. [laughter] when i was in the women's liberation movement i was not a diplomatic person and it felt i had a lot of rage against the war in vietnam or male supremacy and rage about injustices on race. and they rushed into my mind and politics through 1969 and was a freshman in
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college. it people who disagreed were just wrong. [laughter] in this endeavor not worth talking to but then you realize some of the things you thought were wrong or maybe not the best reggie and you do the people coming at issues from different perspectives. it begins as a prospective it into my own it is is a long learning curve and with the way to think about that
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but you're here to teach them. that being a professor has helped me lot with that part of my life. >> i think when i was young i did not listen to other people well. into understand where people are coming from and their reasons that were extremely important to. >> if i could say something quickly. but several of us what a historian realizes so that people see things as normal.
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so how do people decide to take history into their own hands? sojourn have more power than women. so part of the mystery of the past is how did they think these were okay? and then to show that it was not okay. >> it is so great to hear. delighted people think it is weird to be gay?
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this weekend we partnered with time warner cable for a visit to austin texas. >> we are in a private suite of lyndon b. johnson. this is not part of the tour offered to the public. this has never been open to the public, and public, and you are seeing it because of special access for c-span. it is not open to visitors on a daily basis. the remarkable thing is it is a living, breathing
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artifact. it has not changed at all and there is a document in the corner of this room signed by the archivist of the united states and lady bird johnson saying that nothing can change. >> we are here at the 100 block of congress avenue in austin. this is and him -- and important historic site in the city. this is where waterloo austin's predecessor was. and i am standing at about the same spot where the cabin was. he and the rest of the men wind of this big buffalo herd. they got wind of this.
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the men galloped on their horses said their belts for love pistols and the road into the midst of this herd of buffalo's and shot this enormous buffalo. from there he went to the top of the hill and told everyone that this should be the seat of the future empire. >> watch all of our events saturday and sunday afternoon at two. >> book tv continues with a book by katie pavlich "assault and flattery: the truth about the left and their war on women"".
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[applause] the afternoon. 84ery >> all right. good afternoon. thank you for being here. i talked to you this morning. i thank you for being here. thanks for being here for the roundtable we appreciate as a a longtime supporter of the of america foundation and also to mr. rodriguez mr. rodriguez, although lot of people wear those t-shirts where was in
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college my mother sent me my a anti-che t-shirt that i regulate more to my a latin studies course. [laughter] [applause] you can imagine how well that went over specifically what they would start boosting him when i knew that was in the lesson plan. that was great to. also thanks to the young american foundation on days that was inspired to do what i was doing as a result of attending a conference here in 2008 it is true. it really does change was the students especially when they are constantly in a hostile environment on college campuses is what young american foundation and provides and for tools and mr. shipp is extremely important and they work they do has an impact all of the washington d.c. now of the
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american foundations programs in media or policy that is how important your support is and this organization has spent four years but especially now in the modern age. so i am here to talk about my latest book "assault and flattery" and i will start by addressing now utterly absurd it is that the left is portrayed as the champion of women. every book comes from an idea leading to is our write-up of this book the first came february 2012 and nancy pelosi invited a law student to testify on capitol hill why congress should foot the bill for her contraception. at the time, she was
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portrayed as a young woman in her early 20s but that was not true. she was well into her adult years before making her statements on capitol hill. my office is in virginia across the river from georgetown where she went to law school. after listening to her testimony i looked across the river in disbelief and thought how is it at 23 a young professional working hard to pay my own bills that this their year-old woman wants me to pay for anything other than my own medical bills or anything else that i should have been my life? i was in disbelief. i cannot believe $9 a month was that big a deal for a strong woman to come up with. the answer was the left
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likes to a poll people who pass responsibility for actions on to others which is why i was not surprised when she was upheld as a hero and put on the 2012 campaign trail. with the 2012 dnc convention my job as a reporter and journalist is to sit through speeches and for hours and days listening to speech after speech of conservatives hate to women. not only did bill clinton speak on the same night said dnc had the only confirmed kill with the war on women. i was there so i caught that in-between speakers they played seven minutes long
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glorious tribute video to none other than ted kennedy. [laughter] so as if that was not bad enough they plaster the words women's rights to be an all space is because the video stream in the arena. it was amazing and for some reason they skipped over one of the most important and iconic moments the time he drove a truck off the bridge in wandered away and left a woman campaign staffer to die in his car. nobody dared to utter the words chappaquiddick that night. not in the region as certainly not in the media. but i did later that night. [laughter] [applause]
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at this point piers morgan still has show. i was booked that night and i was on with booktv and my friend richard who was one of mitt romney national security visors in the woman who famously said an romney never worked a day in her life and van jones a self appointed communist. before i got on the set i was hoping that piers morgan would bring up ted kennedy and thankfully that moment came. in this video they played they showed mitt romney debating ted kennedy when he challenged for a seat in the '90s and he said he was pro-choice and since then he has changed his position but that didn't stop him from asking me did it make you uncomfortable hearing mitt
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romney espousing the choice to be pro-choice? and i just responded you know, what made me uncomfortable that at a convention that claims to be fighting the war on women that they would play a blank. >> host: minute video, a tribute to a man who left a woman to drown in his car. [laughter] [applause] after that the panel exploded we cannot bring up chappaquiddick we cannot talk about how all mitt romney bullied a kid when he was 13 but not with ted kennedy. so hilary rosen immediately yelled, and peers market and said my comment was below the belt. [laughter] so during the commercial
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break hillary turns to me and said i think what you said it is disgusting and i said i think what he did was disgusting. [laughter] [applause] so on a serious note, ted kennedy is portrayed as a perfect example of how the left is supposed to be paid and he is a false hero but not the only one that the left has portrayed and the media for liberals to look up to. hillary clinton is also one. most people don't know about her real record because on college campuses she is portrayed as the ultimate female figure to provide a glowing example to women everywhere but she doesn't enter under reported legacy is to support sexual predators' in races and not just her husband bill
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clinton. [laughter] so to give you some evidence last month audio of hillary clinton gleefully defending a child rapist was published and to give you some back story in 1975 as an attorney she took on the case of thomas taylor a matter brutally raped a total crew at the age of 41. clinton said she thought taylor was guilty but her issue in the defense even the worst of the worst get their day in court and a title -- and title to an attorney instead after getting him out of a lengthy sentence when she thought he was guilty he served less than one year in prison callback describing the actions of decca better she
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had a cool attitude i had him take up polygraph which he passed which forever destroyed my faith in polygraph said she started to laugh you can hear her laughing during the audio to say the crime lab lost all live the evidence the destruction of the evidence is why he got off because he is no longer tied to the crime due to loss of evidence. but apparently that accidental destruction was not enough for hillary clinton to go one. so instead attacked the 12 year-old girl as emotionally unstable and someone who may be exaggerating or romanticizing a sexual experience. a 12 year-old. further she wrote in an affidavit i have been informed that the complaint is emotionally unstable with a tendency to seek out older
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men and engaged in fantasizing. so she went out of her way to attack the victim who was a 12 year-old child to happen to be a young girl. "the daily beast" followed up with an interview with the of rape victim that has been a couple of decades and she heard this video of her laughing and she said though it clinton took me through hell. she took the case of mine is 75 and lied about me now i realize she is part of what she did to me. you call that being for women which you have done to me? ice your you on that tape laughing? it seems shocking but this newly uncovered audio is one piece of her legacy of career of defending sexual predators'. she has pressed them under the rug from political gain just as the left has done to women for decades is nothing
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new. and is still persist today and the fast gore appears after you will find she helped to destroy the women who her husband was accused of sexually assaulting or raping. it is funny how the left screams rape culture but they will not address the rape culture in their own party. instead of holding her husband accountable she disdains the accusers as looking for money and mentally unstable issue would allow them to be manipulated so her philandering husband could hold onto power that led to her own position as a senator from new york, a presidential candidate and president obama secretary of state. speaking of record at the state department what exactly did she do their? the pattern of behavior continues. ignored abuse of minor girls
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from state department employees and under her watch the ambassador was accused of teaching detail to solicit sexual favors from prostitutes and minor children and a nearby park including -- according to an internal memo. the state department security officials stationed in beirut was accused engaged in multiple sexual assaults and an embassy official was removed for trading sexual favors for visas. at least seven of hillary clinton security agents routinely hire prostitutes on official trips overseas. this was is described as endemic and although the agents were reassigned and brasseries lee punished and really shut down by the
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chief of staff. and those that brought to their attention to expose what was going on there were retaliated against for doing so. to be run at a the foreign service and stripped of her job when he engaged in sexual activity for women inside the government office so this is just the snapshot of the legacy that yet somehow has been portrayed as it women's rights champion. hillary clinton will go down in history as the most famous of the boiler. but the debate of the other false heroes like ted kennedy and the historical record that comes with it is being and on college campuses is handed is why
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job of the young american foundation to break through that censorship. often asking why young people in general though for the last that you cannot blame them when they have never been told otherwise the education system is about indoctrination and university system is no different deal leading day here is how great hillary clinton is in the left is the way we should lean towards. they need someone to say there is another side to this story and to effectively fight it is important to understand what students are up against. alleged plays a long-term game since the '60s it has been lying about female empowerment ever since.
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so how do we understand well left? we have to infiltrate to go to where they are. so last year to cover the annual national women's conference in chicago. now is of the largest organization with 500,000 contributing members of 550 chapters in 50 states and the goal has been to take action for equality for all women and unless of course, you are a woman who happens to be a conservative or a capitalist with a letter that claims the goals for the future was to expand and diversify membership with ongoing efforts with a
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different perspective. with that different perspective it did not happen that way. said despite being a female member of the press the credentials were being denied. thank you for your interest as a member of the press of a woman wrote to me in e-mail and she is on twitter however press credentials will not be issued to you and we regret any inconvenience this has caused. no other explanation was given. i said was a credentials female member of the press of a like to know why it was
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denied especially since my accommodations have already been booked in she never responded so guess he was going anyway? but the only way to attend the national organization for women conference that made me do something i thought i would never do i had to become a member of the national organization of women. i've a member in good standing after the speech i am not sure i'll have that membership. so when my plane touched down i knew chicago was ground zero for radical movement with bill ayers and jeremiah wright.
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in to expect to see a young women fighting for rights but instead it was empty. but why do you care what now things but they are important to pay attention into because people like barack obama pay attention to what they have to say and take their revised with implementing policy changes and messaging on certain issues. but the exhibit hall and what was sold. there we're selling books about marxism and the feminist movement. and things like education for socialist and communist
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continue the fight for women's liberation and. these are only two books i bought five of them. you want me to give you money for these? are they free? so i was quickly realizing but socialism and big government and abolishing capitalism. in a conservative organization this leads to a number of headlines and stories. by contrast those that preach marxist ideologists
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there is no comment anywhere a good thing you went to the conference. but a tiny fraction of the agenda it is the centerpiece of the progressive women's rights movement that is said about the transformation of the american and society of brute government force women's rights are the way of the true intentions the socialist revolution depended on the breakdown of the family and women voting for progressives both of which they have been very successful. and did that manifesto the politics of devolution bill bears and other underground devoted an entire chapter to the women's rights movement
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should be used to advance revolutionary goals calling for them to join there ranks of political legend of. sex is a will not be destroyed and tell a imperialism is overthrown and it is in the collective interest of women to do this to build a socialist revolution. and begins to dismantle the institution of sexes them. with the coke -- closest activist group belforts through the decades with the communist minded people and written into women's groups for a long-term takeover of the feminist movement. this analysis is the
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beginning of a process. to end the manifesto bill errors -- build errors gave people a task on the uprising that they could bring the goal of the development of feminism determines the collective interest of women that points in the direction of revolution we need to build a revolutionary feminists number commander at the intersection of the crisis in the will to survive. and they act as a male supremacist to change society the breakdown of the traditional structure was necessary. the individual capitalist family structure is not healthy for children to grow up in.
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and a hypocritical double standard this family breed's competitiveness among us. it allows no future for women to grow with children in the ability of single mothers you care for children is a monumental strength of determination and. of modern male family to clear away the bail is a basic unit of a capitalist society. to richard together historically feeding off of each other's development. you can see they understood what capitalism is about to implement their own policies the fact is despite the
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weather underground were the wasteful structure of the free market economy to embrace the structure is one of the best things that has kept them out of poverty. it should be no surprise that women living in the socialist systems especially in eastern europe experienced higher rates of poverty. so the manifesto was not on the fringe of the far left policy positions but prevalent with literature and take for example feminism and the marxist movement that was settled to transform all social relations by mary alice waters from 1972. the editor of the marxist
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journal of politics and idolized mass murders -- mass murder che guevara in her writings. how the socialist workers to promote the idea to change us structure of the united states we do ourselves into the movement to learn from it to help lead in to have the most conscious feminist to understanding that all the socialist revolution and to provide the necessary material foundations for the complete the addition of women and they say you have to tear down decapolis structure to be liberated at the same time we begin the conflict to ourselves erratically and steadied more deeply than before we
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grounded our practice with the fundamentals of marxism. into becoming a hero the feminist movement 2.0 she was right with a so-called oppression of women inside that capitalist family structure. in the suffrage movement the it is this something that needed to be changed with the liberation movement after the '60s. but the women's suffrage movement was a conservative movement it was conservatives you want women to have the right to vote through push through legislation that allow women to have the right to vote it was the left that voted
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against having the women the right to vote and not until later and then to be pro women ever since. in to hijack that feminist movement with the underlying agenda of socialism and redistribution of wealth in america and the national organization for women was one of them. we have heard a lot but off we need to take a look at let he said they go straight to the source. why did he say? is in a manifesto that he sold at your local socialist bookstore. [laughter] dash but he boldly states to
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promote a single women for an all-powerful state government and wrote to the men claimed to exploit their women. with it is completely developed the family exist only among / capitalist edifying is its complement with the public institutions such to keep women and to children protected was exploitation and the family and said they should be raised the educated by the government. associates you stop that by the parents? you will see this with the education system. why is a progressive is what your kids to be as cool
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7:00 p.m. through 6:00 p.m. and feed them and three meals and to come through the system? through the crime we plead guilty but we have the most hallowed of relations by the social state. social studies ring a bell? corporation but what marx failed to mention an inclosing there is just a few questions are of the of feminist movement in the modern era of barack obama. to destroy this idea. if liberals really believe that strong independent women can protect themselves than why do they oppose the right to keep thank carry a firearm for self-defense?
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if problem is the most pro woman president to as many groups have classified him said wide is the teach women to make women more dependent? remember in the 2012 campaign they produced the life of dubious light show. i always late to hold of left accountable as if they had any but they constantly screaming about sexism and the life of to leave us leizhou portrays a woman who was born and then dies period tire life she is dependent on the government for food in education and housing in raising her child without a father. but where was the life of john? plays of the last thought they were the weaker in a way they could survive any time in their life without a
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government handout? on this issue it is included in the life the of julia with abortion give sexual freedom in then we hear the accusation that conservatives are against women's health why do they want women to all other options and all the information before they go in for that procedure? the left tries to keep their decisions out in those medical areas. if conservatives are so insensitive then why is it that bill clinton has been ignored as a cover-up for years? but they have successfully read written in history but
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in reality to treat them differently selling victim's as the power of it for decades. i am sick and tired to be defined by the pills that i take gore the of 80 parts whereas a victim of my gender. and the men retired to be accused of hating them because they paid their own bills which was empowering thing to do. but not through dependence of the government or socialist policies and real succeed this way the place to push back with the classification of women and
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i will take your questions. [applause] . . the real issues are how we can do that. doing a lot of these programs. it's good to see you again. it's a broad issue that would ever is to be addressed.
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the reason they got away with the war on women rhetoric in 2012 as conservatives we did the american people more credit. it used to be inappropriate to tell a woman that her dress looks nice. but the issue is if you don't to define your position before your opposition to find it for you then they are easily able to distract from the iss ki kitchen did not do a good job of defining the issues chris christie did. he did. he said, this is my position, take it or leave it. and so if you don't define
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your issue right away it allows the electorate to define it for you. so telling people, -- conservatives also want to be a little more polite when it comes to pushing back on those things. when the lying -- when the left is lying, it is important to say that they are lying. the hobby lobby decision is a perfect example of that. so saying that they are lying but defining positions and standing by them and addressing them i think that is the best way to focus on issues that are the most important, which are jobs and the economy. by the way, women's issues i think that is an offensive term.
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that yet the left automatically thinks that's what i want to talk about. why do you think women only care about this. isn't that kind of absurd you think it is the only thing that they care about too stupid to talk about the economy? so throwing it back at them that way is a good way to start. >> hi, katie. remember, i told you i have three sons and no daughter. daughter. i would like to adopt you. that still does. >> done. i live in santa barbara, so i will be at the beach. >> i have been in business for over 40 years and worked with women, seen so many women in good positions that
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have done great jobs. my question, would it help if the women in these jobs that are conservative women would speak out more letters to editors editorials, and take a stronger voice in what is happening. what we see so often is they get all of this credit, but i have seen so many great women, and i know they can do great jobs. >> i think women -- the things that drive the left crazy is there is no other thought process on the female side of the spectrum. after the hobby lobby decision going on national television and saying, this is an attack on women. excuse me. i am a woman. i. i am pretty happy about the hobby lobby decision. one of the things that has
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been completely ignored is the entire legal team that thought on behalf of hobby lobby were women. have you heard about that in the media this amazing female legal team one one of the most historic legal cases that our country has ever seen that we we will talk about for years? no, but they did. avery is going into media. we complain a lot about media, but the fact is, is we have more media now than we have ever had. it has never been easier to have a a voice and i think it is time to stand up and for women to say we do not all think the same it is ridiculous you think we do. it is important for conservative women to speak out. you cannot blame people for no


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