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tv   Book Discussion on Mark Twains America  CSPAN  January 3, 2015 5:04pm-5:53pm EST

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thheis aseriousnes and the comica qli. wi rolioiniv w tondgo finar ab teceroe t no side wldhe ith future. withtsra areentso sulyheelsutthe sa te sliaugesnd conspicies tovthw e r rgi that he i despere tadwi. hcas em the fial nmeand ts or i wl d. o a highefficial? th ihothreme rks. to binhae oth counatnsetrk and ppeor a i t
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art ofheegime teacg thhepoce aniesibhe psical geogphy isouan understand inan - i t tire cpt. t eneme hh miliry offia d wldrgiza coup in germany t ldi tde paneand then ty re fewunedeoe coucth i germynd ses trenus aun o moy b aps t black mark a eris versio oth inulria. with ts tastrophic situationtrd to affec thwod the basf
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thretish btwn alin ahe copitoal higr fial esefcthe sophtitendstanding of forgn fas? orf theapilies? ia czyo fr oke stte. so w seeimtrt d ma othte. anwiherazies sma copicy anth itan bh cases. thank-u ppuse]
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>> aiteicphe adjumes. aute amaiy happy toe re daybeus ts ia culmatn teeea ofonrf wo wh -- my of9. noal iyodoai lit shwealk decy toheli tthe cte t erare any tay did to doomhi diert d e thems wallpapeanwi r a id sw apresumly abt sondsor ch sle erarbou 7 weeferee them occasial butweill
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ta aouth bk geraif yav esons outh invialliseel for it -fere tosks the d of t pseatn. so i willintroduce hay ka. e rmcutofrom liaryofonesin his ok icleoo wh e blhi ofi ppuse] >> hveshe fil od thk you r comi. its wdeulo ba he wh ies d rmer coeaes d iishe eareo here.
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thiswas aanf amtisprecto pl alth merl tgeer could t i alone and di n prove have blhing oiceuprt d as a verpresonal af tut erhi o linendore arng thth booavdone th wh few bookshat the e twoas r e spatn. late 29 waorngn a of bk out tivil warskeh tists. to sayhat wiyodo xt i veo ni ts.
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heives i rdi nequte a h a son who bacay ery day on ceoks quintwn. anththis wh henhaw the rs volumf t toogphca out. sot s editage wrin sways ben in 20 to rd e autobirays gend effect d w i mkwain? and en i banlookinat
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wh tliarnd add and wh mhte possle tt is iadhaianyut s have t tt o wawi pictus d xt ento f and en xt thing w kw at mm01 t okenby role, thaubiraphy w nuerwo on amonehnd rrpoer buif yooon-linor anhe or telisn er is mchwauthere. hasbeme aigni d. we all havou o mark ain. seere bau o the cricms reing aut
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licsnd racm d thehis thaar imrtant ou the wld anth w t sar f mes an o g sitngn poh rading b yet twn ery where. bu now c fly apecteho he was and wh hdid. i ad the lmy life t did no undetaha wa cing on andelift d e book anth w aeafft thir tngs would t book ai than e co is h willle tohe bk tin i llave t rd e st mlife.
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to rse cerinxtt isr y get mre miliar the me you' loinand re. alth ve a stcs crrespoen. wos. word tethsas nddsf thsas millio o words to uerand twn. e ptus bonth. cae it i viscal i th rdcay ang. i hrd--hartero manipula and manan it is tenoore e erse is to maksu t imeisotnlwh i
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reests but it ie ernowreoductis loin backut th'ral periodiees andhe a artifas. thasur perch to ta thwords diur to cuback the lerof sty dntpratn of ourunrsndingha 100 yearsgorois lfe soweould see w he wa anhaheas doing erarma tin auor en hado meo ips wihiel becseou're
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t alg thneeon touidisim b th fmly vett t i anavar". uerstan t wldu heraleverywherend work evewhetoeen kis d quee a al eope. thsa y b thee e soananesndo ny rt th i crtnly needed hlp jsto ve th cur ohilife. so iou le m to d ta abt how we ld ou the bo. atas iornt ispd u te itg ou
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twai. you're not wringnoer biographof twain bt of a untry that embredwa abouour veorhima anwh do bore heasea sohere ia longisry ofeven f herwain annneolumeocod e the ol piurini ar f, d sto tre thhe imas wldee buwe d notn wha wh wtrdo t ornihe bookasava chrology of sife ruing thugthe bout adwa fcinate wh
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ceain sjects sthfi chte othbookre calledheiv odreams ats edvebo kws fromhucklerrfi" d is ed thecd apr was ll to wt a thatas abouhis sou ith sthago h o servininhe civ wn waf t as a prospto d s veryadutound hi vce asriter at aea httedo fi. th t trd capr caedradema. d cis me ling aa wit. t st arier wth in
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way twa s e rst amic wteto dersta tdea tt takeus touh'70s an 's thaneha a int wree iigger anusa wrir. hithe goo rs f ques bcae he becom a veamspuicpeer and cribpeorr so th is thfourth chte th rse rc bk e falyhatoushim atecreatewi his fenthe pele work th t rifl a other collgu ainly the end oisife a
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consicngtys circl of frndand relatis and quntance it the way reganizehe book >>he w wfod er was ingeou. u lped me tonderstd. th w aifcu ocsnhatoooat piur, sring, li, markwaido in one ye tn tinidn a femef uloedt his avel ineryou cafi all the wonderfu maps a graphsut wilge thcosef hife. bo d avedoror ote mor o deen mre thugutisrin i is ouwhat he iseng dbrvg.
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th irein phtiti oth writer w hs s umb on e impue the tion t deavofhe crib populit so one othfitmas at remrhili o e msiiphere ty lkbo t ambion they a wanted b steaoapilot or woer sohat imes of a yog bo onhe ee o vizationnd how t rir d lth tng th it rried of these
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atnlen t agatn a that image of him oth si o thr owg vizaon d b 1910 heslingn e italian lluid neyo cy. dou grom tiso e t mt mnifice e coento? t jrneyor t t cata theworld th e ig t phtitiand oi wh did wcaied th
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theme r rd. river dams' cpt we rrth eme ofheiv al te y rough e apter athe mp 51 antreltoheas cotcies enom back hnil then is eaoat pilhe gs st but e stimhewas3 s 1902e ug up th s d fen tat bacay d e mel omhulerrfi". tres a rtuto hannalnd the riv b he velid erner
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goes bactohe sutnd e uth bemeanhe laut to be bneby histy afeal sensilyto advcent th o0tceury d ouwheod ughingt d is hyeral. anthseety eda th had jt en one anthe s thg ther inhaishe tinou
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toa femereativity wherheaunche hsf in wti pfeionall again th cpt t to ta auteris crtity d s ofsionalur o a. t ierti tng abou twains a -y arnd thcountr to fd msf and s voe o wh eay nt t d inomayheev gw t whentwn kickbackro erest t wt y york s e pactoe
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peally ds ariran wh twain udetood w a lot ofrtist andcuure enndublic rsalitiehat wath fausreheanhe ma pot gtois ur tls tbe ene h anmbioto be puic peonite h toe en in theig pces thghhe dd lecturehe s met -amics east lecre ts was preltriced. rk tiwaonof the be. peopleov to hr m in his tle ma hielin a pubc rsalyhe theublic
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would kn h. hifirst g break aa it iwh h scover behe ulta aro ofirimstoheho nd and she rs fma cranmecaen hstory it was pase crue t soducatna. aalthem pgrims >> antwn didt is e easuec hdi nogo on cis becse w ttelio but he was a rliou skeicut any te heecedo onheruisendowre
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about it as it waapning th g to frndwi a lot eopl clin tu bth-in-la wte ual thes nes anthey srtouish thestieanthey we biseatn. i codurn ts to ok. soth al launcd his re a a wteofoo. >> he wrkormeca puishing mpanyhawa asucrti a bks rvice. ey were sold dr--dr wathe differt t dy d-ne pliers thacay u hve
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communy dtrutio twk and itase polaorho y don't ways readbos cae theyavpiur tain th lustraon fomth tt eierhrougilams not ly ag fm t bk t ecme ownthe wereotet to -rd re aloud billhootn w fali g tetr the paor rd achotr
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mef tse psages tt they a sti ia uf rlwi esaming seens th hor ad crilegal tthgsou ulno whayo k t len you' n rding o loud. sot vysuersive i aislay tt peso thatason cong literyountr borth 18's or s was pa of the ecation at wn s oks me oan dicehat code-ad
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so en yan e ery word y c s wt aeng tats ig dierceoton brdtimlfuthose ilsttisto ing at as psie lt you dtooow-up? th was augbest sll buthen h nxtoowa wh i reca wicwa calledheild age d the tlwasomhinghat th tught otoesib th ea at pop we renterested m nehan anythg se.
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ifhisodsfali jt onan furouyo own tugs bhe gde e s grt tire ou wainon lbytin licsndawyersnd ears and hers and en a cracter me waington. f $10,000 you ve aenor fornoer 10,0 y tgeanhe bbst tres smuchto goacanloedt liticse nad e ar fore iapne a tt was e srtfhegied age aninoany wa alstutde ois tme beusheasouid
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h ssiveersonity w sklwhen he wa rn ahere'sothg in h sritual d otionayth nnte wi leor pplin tha is sothgh i exaordinary ouhi. h tinak ath left tn h cre to acar hisskby e te of ldi edor o tdayto wit book authisusinhe miisppibout wt it wasli tincrea cil r hwre seesf ticles
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d e ird mein sifhianreiz there wnrold isues this upinng. noth hwa restf bueasti pcessin wi iwa le has vy diert borhe w beusofhe samat trend aso wit tat moheul ian acssle way iwhh was beur otosawyer thome ofhoid bey ewrong u and me u wth bllnt id tencapsulate th prewar sutmiissippi vers ciy at w ge sllh h hd write suel tn inevitle fanal b
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emioll to te e marial a to turn i. t l the upsi down t sh wait bama lomontesngnd atheedim. >> so in tms ofocl mmtahis 84 85itrensuconr buding a time when thedenetionth t cotrtas lo bk. d atwn oi i riinththghor of his aleance b lot
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hisotisfaaw thughoutheountry and th booked ivy mh rto ripaw tse luons tosewhwain wa leorsey d his sah andewreumou plscpt erisne mieftwn. aughte we littl snpe andto he kw oua ric ople whhiowste ris a cseerna
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test th theiase twsit is a duitof of go i il atacay yohato peopl in o dyhis was an idea that ctud iminionohama betweediert? y wneed ath tin bo? beuse ithoou i plinimerwh h loedik dha t
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cotrasoi ili he becamehahe ws grtr tonsr at andth t ha is sptala scefu tur t ste. d vingomer [lghr] ate il too vehe work auter] th was minirio d w eradiry beus hwa cnsou antohi abo t
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twte year t internet. al rod the rlorne asr atr r lion lics. r cer ilooor nonce orvi l thehingse puts in h bks bcae th'rll things he out oualthe ti. and io cosroth book ipeleilha a idea athiis na aiansael clens but eern oerle bin at i not john t recordofolks todayho ve wrirsprucg all ofhis buonma wki h dk wth in weavtogoba tse how ttwasi t
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gearanprolif wrer. >>he itestguin pot atfftehis diwaehi91ou lid a beaiful hse afo bie m it i rit erwi mticell he desned itusom th exnsofeeng he hoeith tfrnd drpi i t ovnit stedheth arstl er then y he rkwa evy ghfo nn spni t stors of w woda tlee anywa so expen e ut
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usanthetbackof rsal fincefoedim to me ro i acal cap tli in eupe thann e hrtford t ailo ysical uci era. sllame bk t was a ffent nd of tie sor inreed othpren dacoerd aou t trtn t te 1890'snd eay90'sith pealmer much ai dd rselt adntes ao a coided h o ohe rspridtse' er d. dwk and h wld ildo staed nvel buitano t se engy for t aenono
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ta a ty reotas polabuhang sidhat heasstlimns flntln pur rs whold fni u a goouestio b yu e es crto d ais st olicnd hpit measn 87s and 0sheth wivg hartfd withis faly and everythi seemed woer dohtral wi h gls hands ofsial a financiallytn ainif caht up wh hnd his
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decionakg. atha time to eny ese sgestions fil startso dteorate anit bemeve pnfto wah t s wh hpps but re tatis jti and ate l tough. an t w h de hs n feacsslehe alrne rlitv leitbeusheops hisamy d pfeiol life open to peoplal the ti h ialysn the wspe ahe nws so th'dat muncent
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ahd sndimi a th is thwaheasit t prsevercend sien and recatn tiecle oldhigs cae w veio a veel rd pits d hoan a rult wereeftitth boy fr tir wgo o tois cre ith 1870's, goesto bto and rotslir ndoles anal t eaboon
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its is a cpleiao. t end of s lifeea cmonohe is rt t esblhmt t omanib is long y wi a t azirirs csireth a gup om thoh terary teionan t h ner st aid bthriver w waop to everhin and mpte tnsparent an tt aonrf sty h lfef ome ca illnd how conscislhe rk beme atan ppus
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>> tarthenof h feerote tysris raer anlirariticsa baleon thaecse ty see ats t reti hw dark his vioof e rlha co d wa wondin he ey evedo tro eyeayxpss uer ssiso e d of s
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fe >>es. that w an li nelnd en publish fm s liti a aarsty oua groupfoyling ama vlame cotea rangerhais the devilncnateith the aly man'sate. h lfeeay ok rn i the 90 going roh barucyan hango rkacfr th. sing hdaught se d anasll and lidd w alwaysulrae. inhe '90s waa difficult me.
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y gba earlie ditabo g vse thdole but iisar mor prevalent. emedaernd rk. withnti-imperiis andt s his ristiagod. w a lioupeon atasktil w d ougocrte sch flawed thg me ad? and th iwh hel. an ye push fwa an kpt mving tt wre allad anum awe
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arll em to the en uu f setngew becaoureuriousnd engad. heawimlf as flaed deemed b sd wl do it anyway. and thotherutis?
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t'et the cropho. iava queson aut "hkler fn" therha b teswh itas nn oraleas ntversial ri h fetime ws erev a esonf e morit >> tt sfamo contveialveif they an is nw. becaus t bks areea toe-ad alon y bring a t tin language the vulri anraretis anddi ia whaheook wa baned imaacses pticulanwas beyond
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thepatoha tmey t filmaetndas trel ntveia atow sgehe nor is that yotake thingout bksnd jstchange emomety. ere is n qstn m mi butis peen cong teyere part of t mi apa o h rld. took ahileto co more wld a meaw t nivamics. he had tseoude b
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imdielywh hcame i ntac wh e mber the ogressaly e aboliostnd ancipation, wtso aa othat mind adfrederk dolass an becomes mu m aware. yo c wahim gow igngp for s oughts tserby thendf s fee s me long w in terms of appreciatnor a ffenvaety. and is the most democratic


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