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tv   Book Discussion on Guardian of the Republic  CSPAN  January 11, 2015 7:45am-8:46am EST

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>> booktv continues with allen west. he talks of the importance of preserving the core values that he was raised on family, faith, tradition, service, honor, fiscal responsibility, courage and freedom lieutenant colonel west says that these values are under attack by the far left and the obama administration. this is about one hour. >> thanks so much, between. it will is an honor and pleasure to be here with you all at liberty university. there's only one thing that i'm kind of upset about. someone did not pay the heating bill up here. okay, this morning when i woke up at five, i went for a run and had a t-shirt and shorts on. when i got off the airplane here, i was looking for some longjohns. but it is beautiful here in the blue ridge mountains. there's something about liberty university you can see it on video or you can look at pictures being here is an
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incredible extremes but i want to thank each and everyone of you for taking time out of your busy schedules to allow me to share some thoughts, perspective and insights about what i think is an incredible institution. that will start in 1971. the singular mission of this institution is so important but then when you think about what is happening here today and this week, is freedom week. freedom week reminds me of the scripture that comes from john chapter eight verse 36. and it says, so if the son makes you feel free, you will be free indeed. and liberty university, that model and understand a university that is called liberty, that's incredible. but your motto that says training champions for christ. that is something that is very noble and is an important mission statement for where we are in this country. but when i think about that
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mission statement it's just the same as a mission statement if you were to go to basic training or when i went through the officers a sick court or field artillery but it is there to train you prepare you, to get you ready to go out. subsequent missions. just the same as you think about that plastered that is there at the university of virginia to come out of the locker room before they take the field that says play like champions today. so i want to talk to you not about you being trained to be a champion for christ, i want to talk to you about being a champion for christ. not just being a champion for christ also being champion for your country. because there really and truthfully believe that the two are connected. and if we don't continue to understand that connectivity between dean a christian and being an american and i think
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we're going to lose this great blessing of liberty that you sure as the name of your school. so just as a warrior finish their training, they must go out on the battlefield to each and everyone of you here at this great university, you leave and go up and do an incredible battlefield that we call the united states of america. and consider this a title that should have at this institution a title liberty his second of the three unalienable rights that are guaranteed to you not by man but by a creator. those three unalienable rights are in the declaration of independence that was written by an incredible son of a virginia a man by the name of thomas jefferson. you should be proud that you attend a university that is named after one of the three unalienable rights they come from our creative. i want to start by going to the bible because there's no way that outcome there to liberty
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university and not bring the sword of the spirit, which is the word of god. because that is going to really be the thing that prepares you to go out and be a champion for christ and for this country. so i want to start with one of my favorite scriptures joshua chapter one, versus five through ninth it says no man will be able to stand before you all the days of your life. just as i've been with moses, i will be with you. i will not fail you nor forsake you. be strong and courageous where you should give people possession of the land which i swore to their fathers. only be strong and very courageous. be careful to do according to all the law which moses, my servant committed you. you do not turn to the right or the left so you may have success wherever you go. this book of the law shall not depart from your mouth but you shall meditate it on its day and night so that you may be careful
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to do according to all that is written in it for then you will make your way prosperous. and then you will have success have i not commanded you be strong and courageous? do not tremble or be dismayed for the lord your god is with you wherever you go. the first two important points about being a champion for christ and for country is number one competence. because here in this book you have all of the great precepts all of, this is the greatest leadership manual that has ever been written in the world. anything that you come up against in life you can find an answer to it here. and here for those of you in rotc one of the most important things that will happen to your life is when you accept the mantle of leadership, the command of the unit. that's exactly what was happening here for joshua. moses, god's servant, has passed away and all of a sudden god had
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turned over to joshua and said tag, you're it, you're in charge and you must take these people across the jordan river and give them the land that i said they will possess. you can just imagine joshua not exactly the most eloquent of men being incredible responsibility he had. what god told him was very simple. this book of the law that i've given to moses, do not turn from it, from the left or to the right. but i would also tell you being a champion not just for christ but also for your country there's another book that you must not turn from to your left or to your right. that's the declaration of independence. that's the united states constitution. because what i find happening in these united states of america is when people don't understand what the rule of law means. they are easily swayed. when you find out that people don't understand that your first amendment right says freedom of
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religion and the free exercise thereof, then you have organizations such as the freedom from religion foundation that can start to go out and attack the very basis of who we are judeo-christian. notice i didn't say religion. as a heritage. we have people who are not able to come back and stand with. a great example incredible traditions the university of tennessee football is before every home game i was a local minister who delivers a prayer. this organization wisconsin wrote a letter to my university and told them cease-and-desist of offering prayer before football games. some of us who have a little snow on our heads we remember when we used to have prayer in schools but i remember playing high school in atlanta georgia and the local minister would come out and give a prayer before each football game. i never remembered any kid
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getting carted off the field with a tragic injury because that passed would stand up and pray for folks. if we have people the all of a sudden tell us about this thing called separation of church and state, we are not rooted in the word, we are not rooted in the words here and all of a sudden we start to allow people to separate us from our judeo-christian faith heritage. because when you talk of separation of church and state, you need to ask them, would you find it? do fine in the declaration of independence? defined written in the federalist papers? do you find in constitution? no. it was have a concept that was written in a letter by thomas jefferson to the dan berry baptist convention and said here in the united states of america we would not have any type of established religion. we would not have a head of state was also the head of church, which is what they had in england. he never meant for it to be that
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we would not be able to express ourselves in prayer. that's what i said it's freedom of religion and the free exercise thereof. but if you're not competent, if you turn away and the meditate on these things day and night as god told joshua and to some tried to kill year, that you get the opportunity to give you a liberty university, you will not be prepared to go out and be truly the champions of christ and country. the other important thing about being a champion is courage. if you listen in those short scriptures, and how the times did god tell joshua to be strong and of good courage? you are not called christians to be scared. now if you want to be scared and you're not following the example of the person who went to the cross. because if you were scared, he would not have done it.
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that's truly what you are training to be here. training to be champions of christ and champions of this country means you have to develop an intense level of competence and you must be courageous. but it's not just that. it means also developing an incredible sense of boldness. and one of my favorite scriptures when you talk about boldness it is found in isaiah 54 versus 17 where it reads very simply no weapon formed against you will prosper and every time that accuse you in judgment you will condemn. this is the heritage of the service of the lord and there are -- and their vindication is from me declares the lord. you know about my history. you can go on google search my name and you'll see all kinds of nice little things written, said about me. but no weapon formed against me
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shall prosper. every time that rises condemned it's a good habit to that's the type of bold do have. if you're competent, if you courage, then you should of boldness. it was alexander the great, the man who conquered the known world before he was 33 said very simply, fortune favors the bold. think about where you are right now. freedom week, being trained as a champion at a university called liberty. and that happened because someone in 1971 had a bold vision. and you think about what liberty started as in 1971 and where liberty university is today. you have an incredible honor and privilege to be sitting and studying on this campus. something that there are children all over this country would love to be able to have and to share. you must be bold to proclaim,
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just as the same as the person was bold and establishing, or else come and i can tell you, i've been a speaker at depaul university, northwestern university, cornell coming market university. you know the reason why this is special to me tonight? because i don't have to worry about someone sitting out there just being there to heckle. because you here on this campus because there's something special about you. there's something within you that is different. you are here because of an incredible is that you have. and in a country were all of a sudden people are saying, young people don't have values, young people don't believe in this church stuff and this christ stuff. show them. through york confidence, for your courage and for your boldness that they are wrong. but being a champion for christ
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and country, it does not just in without courage that confidence and that boldness. there's also something else that you need to have. that something else is called perseverance. when i think about perseverance, i go to the book of john and in the book of john i read these words, 16 and 33. these things i've spoken to you. so that in me you may have peace. in the world you'll have tribulation, but take courage. i have overcome the world. think about how you are sitting here right now all dressed up looking nice beautiful campus, probably going to go out and have some pizza or tacos, chili, whatever. even though it's cold outside you're going to go to a place, a room that is warm. you have peace.
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think about your christian brothers and sisters who used to live in mosul iraq. one day someone came and knocked on the door and gave them three choices. you convert you submit, or you die. the oldest christian communities and civilizations being driven out. and about how just a couple of weeks ago a young pakistani couple christians some of the that the advert pages out of a koran. a mob attacks and to the wife who was pregnant they're both thrown into a kiln and set on fire. look up the young lady i could take christian girl who when was confronted and told to convert she second i will never give up my lord and savior jesus
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christ, to with some gentlemen went away and came back. they threw acid on her and they poured acid down her throat. when she went to the hospital to be treated, there was rumors put out that she'd spoken against the prophet muhammed should spoken against islam. she was shot in the hospital and the doctors refused to treat her. ..
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but yet somehow this date continues on. yet somehow another generation steps that says i will stand up for them in the dad on the cross on calvary. the ultimate service in sacrifice and commitment. it is that first appearance that you'll need just untried not just as european trained as a champion for christ, but to go out and truly be a champion for christ in per country. even with the perseverance, there is something you need and i recognize you need it. and paul recognize you need. he wrote about it then that is
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called assurance. because even with perseverance you cannot still have to believe that there is insurance that they are. so when you turn over to romans chapter eight, i'll read these two verses. verse 31, what then shall we say if god is for us who is against us in the first 37 it says all of the things we overwhelmingly conquer through head who loved us. so even if you have the perseverance even if you have the boldness, even the courage even the confidence, you have the assurance that if you step out there, there is method that will be able to stand up against here. and that is really found and that is the essence of who we
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are in the united states of america. this country was started at the time of 13 ragtag little columns took on the greatest power that the world knew at that time. he kissed bikeway they in one simple thing. the title of your university. they believed in freedom. they believed it was worth fighting for. they believed in creating something the world has never known. and so, when you look at those 56 men who signed the declaration of independence those 56 men who signed their own death warrant, they asked for divine powers if they were willing to sacrifice their lives, their fortunes and their sacred honor much the same as the person we worship as christian sacrifice his life here he give away the fortune of the son of god.
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and he left his sacred honor on the cross so that all basket a few. be hidden a champion for christ is also been a champion for this country. that doesn't mean that we defend our disregard anyone else. we just understand there's a different relationship between the christian life and the wife as i said of service sacrifice commitment. we understand what it means to persevere. i understand the assurance that the founding fathers had. it's a young lady that i met early tonight from yorktown, virginia. can you imagine the euphoria of the ride that bunch called the revolutionary army with the british at yorktown surrender. the assurance that a had inmate got to see that incredible day.
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confidence, curries, boldness, perseverance but what is the most important thing if you leave here, which you will do one day, being a champion for christ country, confidence. confidence comes than one to go verse which is my favorite or side of the bible. olympians four: 13. i can do all things through christ jesus who strain me. when paul wrote that, understand he was chained to a roman prison soon to be executed. but person chained in a recent code great that he could do all things for christ jesus strang? that is what you have is your promise. that is what you have had the confidence to go out.
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because paul didn't say i could do a few things. paul didn't say i could do a couple of days. paula said that i could do all things. and as you go out to be a champion then we can do all things. we can restore our economy and get americans back to work. someone here will find an answer we we can reduce our dad reduce their deficit spending. look at america and all the resources she has. we can produce symptoms to an export because we can do all things. that is the blessing for what liberty university teaches you. america in 238 years has been all things. some people say america is not exceptional. some people say america has not done great things. i've been to 13 different countries. i've been in three different combat owns.
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like you have been united states of america is unique and unlike any other place. i was born in the inner city of atlanta georgia and look at where i stand tonight. look at what i've been able to do and achieve. because in america you can do while things. and america you have an equality of opportunity to pass no matter where you come from, no matter where you were born, that does not determine your end station and and achievement in life. that is what it says is not viable. but i can do all things through christ jesus strang is me. so if you're going to be a champion for christ, for country , you have the confidence that you can go out and be a great nation. and so when you think about being a great nation it is all
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about the individual. christianity is about personal salvation. it's not about collective salvation. the strang and america is in the abdominal bowl individual spirit, going back to the inalienable right to have a life, liberty and pursuit of happiness. if you're not careful, if you don't want to be a champion for christ country, and you will not think about a pursuit of happiness. you believe rubbermaid can see your happiness. what happens when government says you can see the happiness? you remove god who gives you the pursuit of happiness and replace them with government who will try to trick you and believe they can guarantee you happiness. that is what happens when you are not a champion of christ country. so your challenge is very simple. confidence courage, oldness
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perseverance, assurance and lastly confidence. the university where you have been trained to be a champion of christ. it doesn't mean a hill of beans if you go out there and you're not going to live up to their training to be that champion. the mascot of this university is what quiet the flames. have you ever thought about that? .the tigers, not the volunteers, not the lions not the fighting irish. it's the flames. and why is that so important? because it says that here in matthew chapter six -- chapter 514 through 16. you are the light of the world
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a city set on a hill on liberty mountain cannot be hidden. nor does any one light a lamp and put it under a basket and gives life to all who are in the house, for a country. let your light shine before men is such a good way that they may see your good works and glorify the father who is in have been. there is a reason why the school you attend is called liberty. there is a reason why your mascot is called the flame. there was a flame that came down on the day of pentecost. it is a flame that ronald reagan taught about the shiny cities upon a hill. that is why we need you to go out and be champion for christ country. the flame that you are being
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trained to carry here will mean nothing if when you leave this institution you take it and put it out. that is not the purpose of you attending here. the purpose for you attending here is that you will be the next generation the beacon of liberty, the beacon of freedom the beacon of democracy. on september 17 1787 come to bear united states constitution was signed in philadelphia, benjamin franklin walked out of constitutional hall. he was met by a woman named mrs. how come the well-known philadelphia socialite. a very bold woman came up and said well, dr. franklin, what is it that we have? a republic or a monarchy. franklin replied. a republic if you can keep it.
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you have a challenge, students of liberty university. there's two lies. there's a flame that you must ensure it continues on. the flame of pentecost, the beacon that is the united states of america. you must guard it around so someone talked about earlier, it can be lost in subsequent generations. i ask you tonight i'm 53 years of age one day i'm going to be old, were permuted shorts with linux them dry shoes. i will probably be eating tapioca and living in some high-rise place that you guys will walk by and say look at those old people. but the thing is this. i am passing on to you that
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mantle that flame, that beacon. i am challenging you to go forth and be a champ in for christ and for this country. god bless you all. thank you. [applause] >> i'm worried to start a q&a session now. anyone who asked questions, feel free to come that to the microphones at the front of the auditorium please. state your name and what year you are. >> chadd higginbotham, i am a software. lieutenant colonel west can leave it on a lot of points that make america unique including the rule of law as they converge
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on these things and really this nation was founded on that we could abide eyes. i am actually curious as to the situation in the middle east. you were in that region around this time back in 2003 when we were able to disable saddam hussein's regime. however since then there's been much unrest and it certainly has not turned into a blossoming democracy is freedom at this stage. so i'm curious, what if we can can do to alter our strategy or what is the piece of infrastructure or at the that we can change in our strategy are added to those countries in which we are putting intervention into so they can realize the same sort of democratic freedom we have what they can maintain the government. >> there's a great book out there written by a gentleman named ali ferris called the spring and it talks about how the arab spring came on and went
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credibly blew it because we did not engage with the young people who secular movements in the middle east that were ready to step up and see the liberties and freedoms they are. when you talk about what are the two most important things they understand in the middle east comes down to two words. strength at night. they understand the strongest tribe. when you don't show strength they see weakness with compromise, peacenik, negotiation, things of that nature. you have to first of all show yourself in a dominant power because that is what the culture understands. from that point you can start to look at how you can maybe answer to some type of cultural institution changes. it's not going to happen overnight because you talk about central old civilizations and i think what will happen is we have politicized our national security strategy. you cannot politicize national
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security strategy. we are going to go in this direction. you forget one simple thing about military operations. to this point i have not seen any radical islamist group b. on the uss missouri and signed the surrender. it was interesting because there was the same over there in the middle east the nastiness and. [inaudible] there was an interesting saying in afghanistan. you may have the watches. we have the time. at first when you hear that had he been smoking too much opium or what? when you come to think about it come you up a device that tells
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you the time. we have patience and that's what we to come to understand. are we there yet mentality? that is killing us in the middle east. if there's one inconsistent throughout any type of it ministration is the number one responsibility of the federal government to provide for the common defense. yes, sir. >> i want to first say my wife is a fan of yours and she wanted to shake your hand. >> let me come over. let me untether you on this device. >> did someone check him? that paranoid errors trooper. last night
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[laughter] there we go. all right. so my question is, and this is going to be speaking of freedom in the bible. david rockefeller in 2002 wrote a book called memoirs. and that he said something that was very shaky and i'm going to read the excerpt if you don't mind. some even believe we are part of a secret cabal secret society, working at the best interest of the united states characterized in the intermediate, internationalist for an integrated political and economic structure of one world if you will. i am guilty and proud of it. a little investigation that done named leonard old rich revealed that this is an organization --a
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movement which is much larger than rockefeller. it's called the new world order. it is pretty much word a word a fulfillment of the end time of the vampire that will be filled in the book of revelations and genial and so forth. so i was wondering, what do you know about it? been not well i can't say i know specifically about mr. rockefeller and his writings, but i will tell you this. i'm concerned about the united states of america becoming subservient to the united nations are a global government. when you look at the things coming out of the united nations, human rights commission and some other places are just recently the parents of michael brown from ferguson, missouri travel overseas to europe to go make a complaint before the united nations commission on terrorism. now i've got a big problem with
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the united nations tried to come in and supplant our rule of law and the standards by which we've established this great united states of america. you think about u.n. resolution 16/18 and how that is classified certain speech against certain religions to be seditious and you could be open to criminal punishment. those are the types of things we have to be concerned about. the united states of america is a sovereign state. when you have people who don't even believe we have a border that should be protected that should cause you a lot of concern. that does not say we as americans are not benevolent. we are the most benevolent people in the world. the founding fathers wrote in three different parts of the constitution where they call up repelling invasions. article i section eight article iv, section four stated clearly we had orders that had to be protect it. it is not just a physical border but economic orders were up within the united nations
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talk about how we deal with our children. so that is a big concern. you have to start looking for this and the agenda 21 -- [inaudible] >> i don't know about secret harvard staff. i went to a simple little school. >> they had a leak about their stuff recently. >> the bottom line is this. if you are where of these things, make sure you protect what? be champions for christ in country. you don't surrender your country. >> mr. weiss, do you plan to run for president in 2016? [applause] >> who put you up their quiet >> what was the price this year. in proverbs chapter three, verses five through six, it's very simple.
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trust the lord with all of your heart in lay not up on your old understanding. in the u.s. acknowledge him and he will direct your path. i would've never thought that 10 years ago when i retired from the united states military that i would be standing here today. if you are obedient to god's will, he will make sure you will be where he wants you to be. a couple fridays ago i accepted a position as a ceo for the national center of policy analysis, a conservative think tank in dallas. i think that is where god would want me to be right now. just think about the year with each and every one of you. if each and every one of you goes out in talks to five or 10 people about what i said tonight, what an incredible reach that size. c-span is your take in to what happens if packets out on c-span and more and more people see it. the thing is to always play it
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yourself where god will want you to be planted not where you think you want to be planted. we need to make sure that we have leadership that are servants first and i think that is a problem we have in our country. >> thank you. >> you're welcome. >> colonel west i'm a junior here at liberty. just want to thank you so much. >> when they tell you a story because he transferred to wait in college? >> that is correct, sir. >> how many know what is going on at wheaton college of the rotc program? see, everyone of you all should know about this. we college is a christian all-male -- not all mail christian college and has an incredible rotc program. 1959 or so. the faculty at wheaton college is a christian founding because they want to made sure the values are tied to their
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students. well, they sent out a request to the army that the incoming senior military professor be a christian. mikey weinstein of the military freedom foundation, which is an oxymoronic title is an army who selects a christian to be in a strap around a christian university for the rotc program. now that is what happened when you don't pay attention to what is going on in your country. i can tell you i was in a strap to your. instructor of the year in the united states military. because i was a black combat arms and structure, they wanted to send me to a historical black colleges and universities. because they wanted someone that could identify the students on the university. even going to kansas state university, had to be chirping a
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member of the faculty is consistent with the values and standards in the manner that is happening. see again, this is how the whole separation of church and state gets mucked up because you have a guy that believes you should not have any faith and he should not have an impact. about was my little announcement for wheaton college. >> arrigo, thank you. my question for you asking this question earlier, but your answer would be good for all of us to hear. as a nation that i hope has a strong national defense, what should we do with isis or isil as they're calling it now. >> aggression at first about you do not say isil. that means you are not respect the nerve-racking as in the modern-day state of israel because the labonte is a region. don't fall into that trap. i don't know why the
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administration continues to call a ofra, but that is a very dangerous thing to do. what do you do at these guys? you kill them. [applause] isis is running a psychological operation the information operation war. when you call upon your social media you can see beheadings of americans and other people. that is how you get into someone's psychology. that is how you show yourself to be the strong tribe as we talked about. all of this affected you male and females all across the globe all of a sudden want to be on that. it's an incredible recruiting tool to send the kid us. we are not afraid of the united states of america. we are beheading their people. what are they doing? they are talking. you don't want to meet us face to face. you take someone like isis and you crush them. you make them wish they were never born.
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whatever corner of the world they go into, someone, kerry and the stars & stripes on their shoulder will be there to put a bullet between their eyes. that's the only thing they understand you that feel the way we keep this country safe and protect it. because if it is isis how many years was al qaeda? nowadays isis. what is the next? at next? noted another metamorphosis of an islamic terrorist group coming uniform belligerence that believed that believes that their vision for the world is the right vision. again, inc. about what it was like to be a christian without being in mosul one of the oldest christian civilizations in the world and for the first time in bulimia, there is not a christian and mosul. this is unconscionable. we are sitting back and we are watching this happen.
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you've got to kill them. i know, how do you follow a diet? you've got to kill them tiered >> laois alter, senior here at liberty university. what do you think would be the most effect way to combat ideological islam and likes up the long run after isis and al qaeda in the southern groups? >> the first thing is, if you have read sun tzu's art of war? board you should read that. when you read it come assist in it come exist and are your enemy come yourself common environment and countless amounts of battles to always be successful. we don't admit that there is an enemy. okay. we don't have wars anymore. we have overseas combat operations. we don't have terrorist attacks. we as men cause disasters. and we do have terrorist attacks in united states of america the
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color workplace violence. when someone stands up in front of the united states of america and says let me be clear isis is not islamic here are the southern baptist? are they mennonites? [laughter] they've got to be something. but if you continue to not understand and identify the ideology of your enemy, the enemy is successful due. we did not fight in world war ii causey. we did not fight against the blitzkrieg. those are tactics. so when a nation stands up and says we are fighting a war against terror that is the most horrible misnomer ever because terror is a type it. if you don't understand the ideology of what fuels them, if you don't understand this is a day going on for almost 1400 years, when thomas jefferson met that day about year is over in france at that time when the barbary pirates were going out and taking our people and attacking our ships and taking
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them hostage in enslaving them it be asked dlg is coming in no, let me put it in southern vernacular. your man why you're doing this does? they simply replied you can read it, you are infidels and we are commanded to do so by our prophet in our book. you know what thomas jefferson did? the astute man he is? he went and got one of those books. so today we wonder why they thomas jefferson have a program? acus thomas jefferson wanted to understand what the day of algiers commanded that we are to do this and how to thomas jefferson respond to the barbary pirates? he sent the united states marines and he killed them. okay? but if you don't admit and understand the ideology, if you are trying to redefine the enemy in a way that makes you comfortable, then this nation is going to be in the point that it is right now. the canadian soldier who was
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standing there on guard who gets shot in the back of his head. the two n.y.p.d. officers standing there in queens and some guy runs up and put fanatics in their head. a 54 road woman who goes to work in a chicken processing factory in oklahoma and she gets beheaded. islamic fascism jihads as them,, what happened in jerusalem in the last 24 hours hours -- two palestinian guys going to synagogue shooting rabbis lost their lives. how is it phrased? from the white house? extremism. that is the exact same thing they called tea party people. they don't want to admit the ideology. speed that mr. west in your opinion of late that what is the most pressing issue facing our country today?
8:32 am
deficit, immigration the threat is isis, what should the new congress be focusing on? >> well, you asked me two different questions. i will look at it in two different ways because you asked me the most important issue facing our country and then you asked the most important facing the congress the 114th congress. the 114 covers most was sure the law in the united states of america. they must restore the legislative branch, branches of government, separation of power, checks and balances. too much power is being usurped the legislative ridge. she executive branch and even the judicial branch. too much legislating going on from the bench in our court system in the united states of america. that is the most important to them. when you talk about the tactics is a tax reform, economic reforms getting americans back to work to once again have growth opportunity, is prosperity absolutely.
8:33 am
the most important think ours has to do is reestablish this branches of government and preeminent at the legislative branch value have to do is look at the constitution and the enumerated powers given to the legislative branch. when the president says that then i'm going to do an executive order for amnesty, very clear. article i section eight says that only the congress can accruals of laws in matters regarding naturalization. the president says he wants to release people out of guantánamo bay, article i, section eight, clause 11. home of the congress is allowed to make captures on land and sea. they've got to reestablish themselves. when you talk about the greatest problem confronting us as a country we don't know who we are. we don't teach civics. you've seen this man on the street interviews right? we've laughed but it is appalling. you go up to a person and ask them a question.
8:34 am
go ask a person, what is america? if a person says america is a democracy, they don't get it. they don't understand. america is a constitutional republic and you must go back and understand what it is. the greatest problem that confronts us as a people is the low to know what her nation voter being manipulated by political consultants who come up with these very trite, political gimmick mottos and phrases that may or just soundbite and we've got to have a better, more informed he left her. we really have to. that is where you see the two biggest issues for a country. yes, sir. >> craig ouster are similar to the center center for global engagement here. >> don't ask me hard questions please. >> one thing since we were talking about isis before, i understand for a muslim to die at the hands of the women means
8:35 am
he doesn't get the seven virgins and everything like that. why don't we send women combat soldiers and to fight isis? >> you already have women in combat. the united states of america since molly pitcher, took the place to run has been on the artillery line. when you start talking about women being in combat units and beat rangers and special force fields in things that god even infantry, and i are talking huge cultural change. what you are bringing up is the issue until bonnie. the kurdish being a unit fighting a cab isis. one was very celebrated and the celebration thereof, she was captured, she was beheaded. you are right. those are the types of things that these jihads a four-year sphere. you all know about the exploits of former general blackjack pershing and the philippines.
8:36 am
he understood that they had this fear of having any contact with pigs or what have you. when he captured a bunch of the more rows of the morose insurgent fighters, he flew a bunch of pigs to repair. he shot the morose captures. he threw them in the pit and he kept one of lives. he said you go back and tell them, that is what is going to happen to them. for them the afterlife going on to their happy land is very important. but i don't think we need to look at that as a means by which we try to get inside the enemies say key. america is not really ready, i don't think. remember just how lynch when she got captured at the beginning of the iraq war? america freaked out. i don't think were ready to have an american female combat troop being captured by the enemy. you have been up there flying combat aircraft, helicopters,
8:37 am
yes. something different about being on the ground in a combat unit. not a support unit that got attacked and is in a combat role. culturally, we've got to get to the next. >> second question. >> i know he was going to have another. >> looking for good news in the congress if it can be found. whether consensus builders? to get work done you guys get both sides talking to each other and agreed on some things. are you seeing hopeful signs as far as people that are bringing -- >> i will tell you that you have someone in your neighbor next-door west virginia, joe minchin is that type of person. but if you look at what is really happening over the series of the last midterm election cycle especially most of what is the blue dot conservative democrat is gone. and so what you now have in
8:38 am
washington d.c. are very hard less progressive socialist that you know they believe what they believe. they don't believe in individual. they believe in the collective. the fact that mary landrieu is fighting hard. i don't know what the results of the vote was for the keystone xl pipeline vote in the senate and they are saying we are going to veto any how. and so here is an opportunity for the united states of america to produce can you ask for, to undermine someone like vladimir putin in venezuela and its other opec countries, but yet you have a bunch of radical environmentalists have refused to see the objective truth. and it is creating jobs. look at cushing oklahoma. what is the unemployment rate in north dakota? zero. the unemployment rate in north dakota is zero because of the oil fields. how come you can't take that truth to people and they say you know what you are right.
8:39 am
so that is the problem. with an incredible incredible ideological separation in the united states of america. are we going to continue to be a constitutional republic or are we going to become a welfare manage state? that is the separation we are on right now. if we end up having her people as the tocqueville wrote, democracy cannot exist in a form of government. only until a time of the electorate realizes they can vote the wrong largess from the public treasure. at that moment on, voters will vote for the person that promises them the most benefits. as a result be in a democracy over policy followed a dictatorship. 1830 democracy in america. so that is where we are. but you know what, this is a great nation and we always find a way. last question. >> all right. you got ahead of me.
8:40 am
i was getting ready to ask you about the keystone pipeline. it got denied by one vote. 59-41. so what would the -- what is your stamp on the tax code if it needs to be simplified and in what way. >> tax cut has to be simplified. you have progressive tax code system. when people talk about raising taxes, most folks don't understand small business owners operate from a subchapter s. llc. when you raise higher taxes you her small business owners. you see closed storefronts. 75% to 80% of the economy of the united states of america small-business owners. you can easily move to a flat tax system. wherever you see flat tax in the world to see economic growth. i believe you can have a two-tiered flat tax. [applause] you can have a two-tiered flat tax. 20% to 15%. of him like this 200000, to a
8:41 am
50,000 ethics outlined. that's fine. remember, the lower the rate, the less deductions you have to have. i say you keep to deductions. more disinterested charitable everything else goes away. corporate business tax rate 39.6%, that is by trillions of dollars of capital are not in the united states. you defeat the whole sense of a free-market, free enterprise economy which is a fundamental basis of who we are in america. someone said in a town not too far away from here in roanoke that if you have a successful business, you did build that. that is the antithesis of the united states of america. that is why we have waffle house, which i see you've got a couple here and might try to hit. the corporate business tax rate take it from 20% to 23%. tucker linder 25%. everett about those deductions.
8:42 am
just a flat tax rate for the corporation. they will combat. that is what we need to do it hopefully this new congress will institute them. last question. granger. >> for a chancellor in my second year of my masters program. simultaneously rotc program. >> he's a smart ranger. my question for you is since you saw started your career in the rotc program, do you have some leadership developmental advice you can share tonight that they could possibly help along the path of the military? >> absolutely. i first wear the uniform in 1976 in high school junior rotc. my father served in world war ii my brother both of them wounded in combat. they said one simple thing. that is a corporal older brother lance corporal. they wanted the first officer in the family announce what got me understand.
8:43 am
this is what i was face to all the cadets here that are going to be commissioned one day as officers. go would listen to your non-commissioned officer. listen to the person who is your platoon sergeant. listen to your squad leaders. they are going to respect you because you got a little cold are in your shoulder. but you want them to regard you as a leader. and i think that you will agree with that. he can bat is the most important thing. the lieutenant that i saw a sail as the announcers the ones who came in and out i'm going to be a general tomorrow. and they were not successful. as a matter of fact when they kept losing over their troops, the troops always find a way to screw you over. it'll set you out. am i right? so what you want to do is come in and say i am here to serve this unit. and as i unit my battalion in
8:44 am
iraq, the most expendable person in our entire battalion was me because my belief is you can go out and get another battalion commander. but i can't go out and get another soldier. when that is your mentality and when they see that is your rent holiday, when you understand that is the model that jesus christ gave a he came to serve, not to be served. that is why i say the bible is the greatest leadership annual the world has ever known. you stick close to that word. as i said, and five through nine come and meditate on the day and night, not the left or right. you will be the greatest leaders the world has ever known and i think as you go out and you all are those champions for christ and for country when i'm sitting in my burger to shorts with my funky shoes and eating
8:45 am
tapioca, i will know the country is in good hands. god bless you all. thank you. [applause] >> jonathan yardley how did you get in the book review business? >> guest: i sort of stumbled into it. i thought when i was down a long time ago that i would like to be the editor of a medium-sized newspaper. i spent much of my youth in north carolina and had been a reader of the paper in greensboro and thought that would be a nice place to go. but i got to the greensboro daily news as it was then called in 1964 as an editorial write


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