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tv   Book TV  CSPAN  January 11, 2015 8:51pm-9:01pm EST

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in new york side speaking at the riverside church giving a speech called beyond vietnam. and kane calls america of the greatest purveyor of violence in the world today. he was on record to be opposed to this is the first time he gives a major address to condemn the war. and he lays out in detail our relationship with vietnam one of the rare times king reads the entire text he was an orator and to go off the script and would freestyle so he was good of script i'd like some people who has to use the teleprompter for everything
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they say. but dr. king gave a speech beyond the economic and called them the greatest perthite -- purveyor of violence and also called the triple threat racism, poverty and militarism ironically 50 years later same triple threat. racism but military -- poverty and deal with terrorism the next day everybody turned on him. the media turned i don't mean fox news. they were not around steadier times, "washington post", "time" magazine and then the white house. they work together to pass the voting rights act with johnson but they passed that piece of legislation but
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then the white house turned against him to be so aggressive against the president then though last poll taken new than three-quarters of the american people thought he was irrelevant. with six o% not just black polka but of the naacp. the urban league. and the nobel laureate. in what he felt about that era. so the white full-court the black folk live with racism and poverty and nobody wants to hear that.
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he dies broke and cannot get a book deal, he cannot get at page speech he is not invited to black churches or the white house is the last mile he has to walk all by himself. said he takes that bullet the same day when he is killed on that balcony, peter he believes in dyes imagine this he dies believing that everything and everybody has turned on him. and then everybody else was wrong. >> joining us now is a book critic on a program called fresh air.
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so now you become an author as well? >> is called so we read on it is the greatest american novel at once i have fretted over 50 times and it was born not of my a passion for gatsby and fitzgerald. >> in to tell them that it is a dreamland it is a con. when it opens gatsby is dead already. i am not ruining anything. that is on page number one what kind of american novel that nothing can be changed? he is remembering everything. so that is a little i'd
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writing about the american dream with language is so beautiful it makes it irresistible. >> host: so what do you do with so we read on? >> i do not deconstructs. i hate that word. i appreciate and i celebrate how fitzgerald came to write to it. in then to talk about it as the crime novel. and then there were copies his last will to check was $13.13. it was world war ii that brought gas be back in the big way. with an armed services addition that distributed novels of soldiers and sailors overseas.
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and then into the armed forces overseas and gatsby is on its way. how many copies these days? >> in a normal year fitzgerald publisher sells five and 2000 copies. because of the movie they sold at least three times that. >> that sounded like a deconstruction to me but i will not quibble with you. how did you get to be the book critic at fresh air? >> i will send it to wit while i was in grad school at university of pennsylvania writing my dissertation. and fresh air was the three airlines show i heard it was
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going national in with my book reviews but then a few months later i did in expose day of what was like to be with the ap english exam and fresh air said we want you to do what on the air. john leonard who was then the book critic who i still think of as the greatest book critic was generous enough to save bring her on board as the second book critic there is more than enough to go around. >> reading at least three week lead delivered to my small rowhouse and then also to my office. >> there is no shortage of
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books in america. >> host: the book e reviewed what did you say? >> i highly recommend deep down dark about the chilean garner -- raiders that were trapped underground for like 40 days? ended to get exclusive access they said they wanted him to write their story. is like about climbing everest except it is down trapped in the bowels of the earth waiting for rescue and having faith that rescue will come is a fabulous nonfiction book. >> host: if you would like to have the author talks about his book potoo booktv -- speetwentythree and we
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have covered that as well. with so we really want is how "the great gatsby" came to be and why it indoors. . . . .


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