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tv   Key Capitol Hill Hearings  CSPAN  January 23, 2015 8:31am-10:00am EST

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president of the republic >> translator: it is a huge honor for me to welcome you to davos today. i would like, mr. president, to tell you just how deeply affect. all parties had been here and the great solidarity they feel towards fred and this exceptionally difficult time following the tragedy in january and harris. like many i was incredibly impressed by the exemplary response of the french people and the dignity.
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[speaking french] >> translator: and further, by the accounts of solidarity and support that came from the entire world to france. france mr. president, it is a unique country that is recognized throughout the world and creating the force as the number of your strategic counsel for attracting investment. i have been stuck to the approach of combining the traditions with innovation and openness to the world. why france is having to face many different economic challenge is how may europe needs a strong confidence in order to be able to find the power to grow.
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growth which needs to be open to opportunities. one of the lessons of the tragedy as we can do we cast and the youngest. those who seek to spread a discourse of hatred. and the world needs a france that will continue to defend a message of freedom and peace throughout the world as it has always done. and it is in this spirit that i am welcome to see france's active role in the international negotiations on climate with a major summit due in paris at the end of this year. we are able to contribute a
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better answer to the extreme mass to build a better world and not to sink into distress. they did and gentlemen it's a great honor for me to give the floor to the president of the french republic mr. francois hollande. [applause] south san [speaking french] >> translator: ladies and gentlemen, allow me to thank professor schwab for inviting me to this forum. i would like to bracketing his words of condolence and a contributing saudi.
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i am grateful to professor schwab for having reminded us all of the serpent and under which it is speaking today on behalf of my country. france has been struck by a terrorist attack. for three days we've had to face with dignity with unity, with the fact that mass the extreme challenges that was facing. it benefits from exceptional international solidarity with their heads in state government coming from around the world. particularly from europe, which fully understood what was that date. because it is effective. it is democracy.
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it is the ability to live together the very foundation of our societies, which i found themselves under attack. and i need to say and frankness today, with all countries wherever they are in the world are vulnerable to terrorism. many of them have argued that rightly effect did. then he feared being heard. every country needs to prepare because our main duty is that of clarity clear minded fans. we need to recognize the sources of terrorism. it has sources such as radical islam, ideology al qaeda but around and all those who act in their name.
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terrorism has battlegrounds that means about rating, which takes strengths from talking about iraq, syria crisis in yemen. terrorism also has powerful means of action. it feels itself from all kinds of illicit trafficking. drugs, human beings. it drawstrings from finance, money laundering, international crime. it uses all the technologies available, including those if used properly, can promote prosperity to the exchange of information and ideas aired on talking about the internet which terrorism is using as a west end of manipulation a weapon of
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confusion. terrorists on has links with their own societies. it recruits in our country is what we've come to call the foreign fighters and the 40,000 terrorists that have been mobilized by isis. 10,001 quarter come from outside the middle east. so we need to find an answer. and when a country is headed as we found at the national level, france has reacted and has taken appropriate measures. but there also needs to be a global, international response. and needs to be international enemies to be shared. shared between the state to have to bear responsibility on the front lines, but also by
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business, particularly the largest corporations who can also add. and then first of all the responsibility in particular france. we have to find the area where political transition has to be found. that is something we waited too long for. i'm thinking of iraq where france is participating in a broad coalition who are in the front line against the side of the terrorists on saturday. and africa on the ground will continue to be so more than ever. they will be present to help those countries who are having to deal with terrorism in particular the situation in
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nigeria, cameron, chad, who are attacked. france cannot do everything. france cannot act alone. but whenever i can it will. to lead by example. but the international community needs to provide answers as well. each time we met a conflict class, terrorism benefits. if you look at what is happening in libya, following an intervention that wasn't followed up this country, the country's unity fell apart and terrorist groups became attacked. france will be present, always present. france has an international position.
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but it's made up of principles, values the idea of freedom which we don't want to keep for ourselves and we want to share with the entire world. france will be on the front line when it has to be. we have been anaphora qaeda. so france has once again called on the international community to rise to the challenges to face the threat that we face. now if we succeed, we need to fight all kinds of traffic in circulation weapons, financial firms. again, we need to do more. europe has to take important professions to strengthen border controls, identify terrorists to identify the presence of danger that they can represent.
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we need to establish a major program that needs to be put into place. with a view to protecting our programs. at the national level we need to ensure the internet is not used for hatred and. we need to improve our intelligence to unbiased and private defense, private security. everything that france will do as an opportunity for itself for its own security. yes it's an investment. gas at the time when my countries like others, is having to reduce its deficits manages expenditure, carry out
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reforms. i believe that this investment has to make for itself because we cannot claim to be a great nation. if we are not capable of giving the world what it expects from us from france, and then we have to make in our own countries against those that promote terrorism fundamentalist, sectarian phenomenon. the issue of urban segregation. here again we can carry out the measures which are important for security, cohesion solidarity. we will put measures into place and that is why it is very important to have growth
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oriented policies to create gods, to promote training and education so that young people have confidence in the future. the economy will answer against a spare in poverty. one answer in the face of insecurity and instability. when we talk about the economy we talk about growth. we speak of our confidence in the economy, but we also need to share and contribute to solidarity, security. so you the lifeblood of the economic world the heads of the major corporations, i would ask you not only to be watchful. i will ask you to get involved.
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i particularly torn towards the digital corporations that they can play their boat, identified illegal contact, make it inaccessible and establish clear rules because you are also stakeholders in the process of regulation. i'll call in the financial system to ensure that the terrorist to sources of finance that we fight the money laundering. all of these measures are within or rather are in our common interests. please, do not leave it to say. i recall broadly the whole of goodness to make a social and economic contribution to the
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most fragile states and solidarity, but also security. i call on you while so to counter another threat, which is one that looms over the very future of our world. we need to fight global warming. professor, you reminded us that france will be asked in a climate on -- conference on climate change. it's not just to do this. not just to state are principles than to deliver a report on the state of the world. we are not just coming for a meeting. paris needs to result in a
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finding global agreement that will map out an effective fight against climate change. that is the major challenge of the 21st century. the time is past for humankind happily on inexhaustible resources. we know now the world is not the commodity, the source of revenue. it's a common good. it's our heritage. under consequences of climate change are fully known now. we are not talking about hypothesis. if nothing is done then we are talking about decreasing the temperature four degrees by the end of the century and we need to stay below the threshold of
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two degrees. we've also been made fully aware of the consequences, that in places rise which would mean it would certainly see the disappearance of many island states in the indian ocean and the pacific and huge damage to all continents. but in 2015 and a half more than 10 million inhabitants. 19 are located on the coast line, which is a huge number of individuals with the consequences of global warming. you can imagine the huge consequences of that could have on the world. we are already familiar with refugees from the crisis. i mentioned syria a moment ago.
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but the refugees today are greater numbers than those in the conflict of crisis. more than 20 million. so here again we are faced with a moral responsibility, political responsibility. because they boxed solution to a crisis might result in exacerbating the consequences of climate change. but allow me to present a more confident aspect of our future. the energy transition is filled with opportunities, filled with hope and growth. we are in a rapidly changing world and is on its way out that which is powered by fossil fuels. the 20th century. where are they being for a
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post-carbon world. we see a huge domino effect, which is happening with the construction of energy food technology our whole economy will be transformed if only we show the world to step up the pace of change, step up the pace of our team. climate change is also a matter of solidarity. those countries who are most effect it are those countries who are already most vulnerable. it is ironic that those places that are already burdened by a shortage of revenue and while our having to harvest the fact of climate change and if we do not respond with solidarity
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there will not be -- there can only be a true solution in those countries who have not exhausted the resources of the world so far can be reassured that their economic development and that is why i make a personal commitment along with the heads of state and government who wish to join me. i'm sure i know there will be many of them. to achieving an outcome for the finance team of the paris agreement. i'm talking about the agreement signed, which would cover capital to ensure the economic transition and developing to developed countries. 10 billion euros have guarded then collect it. more than 100 are necessary for us to be able to realistically
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believe an agreement is possible. so we need to find more than 90 billion euros by june. where is it going to come from? of course private individual states as part of their responsibility, financial institutions, they can also contribute and participate, but also major corporations. major financial companies and any country that understands that by contributing to this fund they are creating greater investment opportunities and better markets for the future. again here everybody has to recognize their own responsibility. the state has a responsibility to reach an agreement to count on the negotiations. the countries then have to sign
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a very specific agreement to limit the omission of greenhouse gases. but also society as a whole has a responsibility. i am talking about the agenda of solutions. you need to recognize that alongside the green fund the needs to be created here the responsibility of states enshrined in agreement. there is a social commitment to the necessary changes. and france as president in the process of iran to the conference wants to ensure france can play a major role and there'll be many events organized. we want to see businesses research and prepare what does and with the organizations of civil society to prepare to lay the groundwork for tomorrow's society, tomorrow's economy.
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it is absolutely essential that the lifeblood of the world economy is fully involved in developing a response to climate change. it is what i call a climate and i've come here to urge you to participate in this alliance. we need huge investments of capital in the great economy. today, you look at the traditional investment of less than 1% is invested in the green economy. so we need to create a new market, a market of financial products. a market of green bonds that would operate at the global level. on one hand, you need to create demand v. to be invested on the other hand, new opportunities
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which will be part of this new economy. we also recognize the right message to the market. the particular crisis if businesses are going to be about to plan their investments ahead. and this period, one of our greatest challenges is volatility, uncertainty. we see it everywhere and exchange rates and the private commodities and the world geopolitical situation. and there is some stability uncertainty, volatility. there isn't any investment. so i have come here to advocate
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a clear vision of how the world will be in a few years to foster a determination to fight against the risk an understanding of how we would get there. carbon pricing is one element of this clear vision and you might say the drop in the oil price might be an impediment to the understanding of a gradual phasing out of fossil fuels from the energy mix. but if you ask me, i think the opposite is the case. the drop in the oil price we don't know how far it will drop. we understand that we will have to have some kind of limit. but the drop in the oil price creates an opportunity for
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investment returns but we can do now with this margin that has been created makes the investments that are actually essential in the energy transition. we have the capacity. do you have the capacity to embed in this change come here on behalf of france to say that we are ready. the we are looking at the conditions in the international context and in the context of technology and industry. we recognize today that growth has been too weak. it's not the same level throughout world, but it is too
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weak particularly in the euro zone. we know that what undermines the potential of growth today is doubt relating to geopolitical tensions and raise the issue of the middle east and also the ukraine. because this creates not only the humanitarian level where we see people dying every day on europe's very frontier but also a major risk of instability sanctions embargoes, which in turn creates difficulties in the trading system beyond ukraine itself. and also very financial instability. the world needs to respond. the g20 has taken g20 azteca in
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good stead for navigating stronger growth and a better nation of economic policies, better regulations of financial flows and no more effect to combat against tax evasion, tax havens. and i welcome the staffers. in situ results because it shows the world is capable of improving its regulation. now there's still problems. there is still capital movements which are not regulated enough. there is the shadow economy. there are still countries which seek to attract people who are looking for a way out of taxation. but there is progress as well. ..
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it is established of banking
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union which means that in the case of ranking failure it is no longer a taxpayer who will have to suffer but our priority today has to be growth. with structure for cindy be carried out in the name of competitiveness, productivity, innovation. and here again, france is taking important decisions to move along this path. europe has to come along as well. i welcome the decision of the european commission to launch a major investment program, more than 350 billion euros which my country will be able to contribute to. i would like to underscore while recognizing its fundamental principle of independence, the actions of the european central bank.
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because it is a very important step that's been taken to inject liquidity into the market. the ecb has been able to take this step because it has achieved its objective in terms of limiting inflation with inflation close to zero, it certainly can make more liquidity available to the economy without worrying about deregulation. and at the same time promoting growth. and the effect of this decision, and i'm not talking about the markets reaction, i'm talking about the effect on the real economy is that of making investment in the economy more attractive like throwing savings way from government bonds and towards financing or
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business. this is an important decision that has been made by europe, a determination to look for the future. restructured our banking system, even if there's still work to do. we can't have reforms even if they're still work to do. we are looking towards the future, and this decision of the european central bank should be welcomed, but it should not stop us from continuing along the path of reform, a special and friends. quite the opposite. i think the decision taken by the ecb really compels us to be more bearing to remove -- and job creation. france will take a three prong approach. first, competitiveness. the agreement which i presented
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one year ago for business represents a drop in 40 billion euros on the financial burden on business, and makes very important implications to the regulations at work in the economy. it's a very important signal being sent to the stakeholders and investors. further, we've seen of the reforms in france to ensure that more funds could be directed towards the unemployed. we are seeing an overhaul of the labor market in france, which should serve to bring our economy into line with reality while at the same time protecting workers. we are promoting apprenticeships and we have undertaken a new form which is great under
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discussion apartment which will provide credit reflects both at work reducing the time periods for disputes within the labor market, and giving incentives to competition. france knows what its advantages are. now, i'm not going to go through them all with you because i'm sure that you are aware of them but we are also aware of our limitations, and we need to act to improve our position if we are going to stay in a privileged position. france has undertaken efforts to attract talent from all over the world in a process of promoting innovation. we've established and innovation tax credit in france to encourage greater levels of r&d. we have made choices to favor
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three major areas of industry the energy transition, the digital economy and we have also promoted efforts to increase our investment in these areas. france has since seen these efforts bear fruit. we are the highest ranked country for startups. with the strongest growth startups in the world. but we are also aware that we need to increase our attractiveness. alongside promoting exports, we need to be more attractive and we need to increase our exports, mainly what that means is we need to be more productive. 20,000 foreign enterprises have
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located in france. 2 million french people working for those companies, and the reason we wanted to make efforts to improve the tax system relating to what we call impact, those who come to work in france, we want to guarantee acidity of investment in france. and i welcome all of those who have decided to show trust and investing in france. but france is very clear about the decisions it needs to make and how committed it needs to be to those choices. we don't want to allow any retroactive taxation. we have introduced rules which guarantee that no, or rather that all investors will have predictable taxation. we have created an institution business fund to attract even
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more investment to our country. this is an agency which is there for all entrepreneurs who wish to locate their activity in france. so we are investing in green investments in france, but we also want to continue investing abroad. we want to return to being a major exporting nation and we need, therefore, to direct our enterprise our business to the global market. you expect a great deal from france, and you are right. it needs to make the right choices in the area of security. it needs to participate in risk prevention countering threats. you have been paying close attention to france over the last few weeks. you have seen the french people come together and i'm sure that
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you're deeply struck by the dignity of all those who protested, who came to say that they were not afraid, that they believe in the country, that they were proud of who they are. and all that diversity you have been able to see that in france every region has its place. we cannot accept at the somatic act in france because it is france. we cannot accept that jews or kill because they are jews. the same way we cannot accept anti-muslim acts and we have made all possible efforts to ensure the full protection of all of our compatriots. you have seen in france the mobilization around the schools because that represents to us the sacred place for knowledge
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and rules to be passed along from generation to generation. you have expressed your solidarity with france and i'm greatly touched by the. there is no greater pride for the president of the french republic than to see the world turned towards france with messages of support. i was greatly touched to see so many heads of state heads of state from government in france who came to the demonstration. shortly it is only in france where we receives only people come out onto the streets and cheer, 4 million kelo who came to see and not protest against that demonstrate in favor of france remaining as it is and
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being useful to the world, being capable of promoting its ideals given its values, anticipating fully in pursuit of peace and security in the world. at the same time france needs to be a major economic power. there can be no political power without economic power. there's no ability to deliver a strong message if there is no economic strength that enables that independence, the recognition of these values. i would strongly advocate recognizing the economy being a key factor in security. so please, think hard about this. there cannot be prosperity without security. i've told, we share our interest, we have shared interests with everybody need to
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recognize that and through that take their responsibly. the economy is not just for the creation of wealth but for the district of will as well. it needs to organize regulate it needs to being growth and hope. that is what you have to do and we notably my country, have to facilitate trade, open market be capable of developing the right infrastructure. and at the same time ensure that we can look ahead, take a long-term view with investments that might not be profitable today but that will provide the foundation for profitability more. and i'm thinking particularly about the energy transition your that's the message that i would deliver to davos. there are times when global challenges will require brave responses but there are times in history where we are faced with
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a choice between best and worst between good and bad, where all of a sudden you're faced with a moment where things can fall one way or the other. and in the fight begins terrorism, the fight against global warming and the reduction of inequality at the global level, a huge amount will depend on individual states but also upon you, the major players in the economy. what's needed from you and what you require of yourself and from their governments is a daring approach and ambitious approach, a long-term approach with a clarity of vision. the time has come ladies and gentlemen, we share in solidarity we share in our responsibilities. we need to recognize our responsibility. we need to choose to innovate invest, at the same time be capable of resolving a major
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global issues. with the goal of security development and solidarity. we have a single mission to protect and to handle -- to head off the planet to the next generation. thank you very much. [applause] -- to hand off the planet. >> [inaudible conversations] >> we will have more from the world economic forum at 1040 time back eastern with secretary of state john kerry. it will be live on c-span again at 10:40 a.m. eastern today. we have more now from work economic forum with wednesday's address by ukrainian president petro poroshenko. reaffirming that ukraine is a more unified and stronger country despite recent russian a
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tactic he added last election showed a country that is ready for european immigration and urge the international committed to invest and support ukraine. >> ladies and gentlemen, i'm delighted now to welcome petro poroshenko the president of ukraine. of the new ukraine, if i may say so. it's not your first visit
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mr. president, but it marks her first visit as president of ukraine. when you joined us last year it was at a very critical moment and check came as a member of the ukrainian parliament and as a leader of the opposition. you arrived here at a very crucial moment for your country and we all recall your heartfelt plea with people to stand with the people of ukraine. mr. president, 2014 was the most difficult year suddenly in the history, in the recent history of your country particularly we recognize all the challenges on many fronts you had to face.
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you held an unprecedented first round victory in the presidential race and the recent parliamentary elections also have given you and your allies a strong popular mandate which brings the pressure of high expectations along with the legitimacy to pursue truly transformative reforms. the situation in ukraine, and it is a vital region, is clearly of great concern and have significant consequences. not only for us here for your country, for europe, but for the whole global community. as the world is looking to your strong leadership and persistent
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determination to de-escalate tensions and revitalize the ukraine in economy and -- ukrainian economy and stated. we presently seem to be in a stalemate situation where all sides may have increasing and unacceptable price to pay foremost in human lives and also and economic resources, if a solution cannot be found soon. mr. president, we are very fortunate to hear from you directly about the situation in ukraine, and about your ideas how this conflict could be pertinent, and how we, the international community could assist you and support you in
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your efforts. mr. president, the floor is yours. [applause] first of all i want to thank professor schwab and all the team from davos for having this opportunity. it's a great honor and a great pleasure for me to have this for. exactly one year ago i was your guest, and have the same opportunity to address with the distinguished audience about the future perspective of ukraine. exactly one year ago it seems to me like it was any different life. such big changes we have not only in ukraine, not only in europe, but in the whole world. from first part we have a
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positive change. we have most free and fair and democratic elections presidential elections. and all the ukraine first time, to give the votes for me and it was every single region of ukraine who support me as the president. that gives us a unique opportunity to provide the reforms. on the 27th of june, i signed the association agreement with the european union in brussels. events were long awaited by the ukrainian people, and was one of the main reasons for their revolution of dignity. when the previous president rejected to sign it stop our
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european integration process, and tried to move to turn the vector of our development in a different direction. on the 16th of september, the association agreement was rectified simultaneously by the ukrainian parliament and european parliament for more than constitutional majority of votes. and we have a parliamentary election to first of all it's not an easy decision to declare the early parliamentary election which is in a state of war, but the further development of events demonstrated this is obsolete clear and right decision. because ukrainian people demonstrate very responsible choice, and give more than constitutional majority for the
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political party promoting and standing stronger for the european integration of ukraine. so now we have completely different country. we are as united as never before. all that time, all 23 years before ukraine was divided. half of ukraine want to go to european union. half of ukraine wanted to go elsewhere. today ukraine is completely pro-european, more than 78% of ukrainians strongly vote for the european integration. one year ago it was on the 16th it was like 16% of ukrainians who supported integration. today, it is 50%. all the time before, the
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question of religion, the question of language divide my country. today ukraine is united and we are ready to provide a referendum for any question, including question of language question of the structure of my country, and the unity and the unitarian dad's of ukraine would be widely supported on contrary with the federalism state which is supported not more than 10%. so ukraine become stronger. ukraine become more democratic. ukraine become much more ready for reform. but at the same time ukraine has now the most difficult time in their history. ukraine are now under a christian. aggression not only connected to the annexation of the crimea. aggression is connected when the
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7% of our territory in donesk is occupied and the development of their last days very nervous. and a situation which we had in december give us some strong hopes for optimism. from the ninth of december, when it was declared by the representative of the ukrainian general staff and russian representatives and minister of defense of the russian federation, when we declared the so-called artillery silence. immediately from the ninth of december, the number of artillery shelling was reduced from 70 90 to less than 10. and i was very happy with this 50 because that gives us
9:25 am
absolutely strong feeling that this terrorist who is opened the fight against ukraine and civilian and ukrainian troops, at least under control. under control of russians. and at least we implement the minsk agreement. minsk agreement means memorandum which was signed on the fifth of september 19 of september. it's very simple. this is completely based on my peace plan. point number one immediate cease-fire. point number two from the touchline on the fifth of september we should immediately withdraw the heavy artillery and weapons. point number three, immediately release all the hostages are just illegally kept on the occupied territory and on russian prison. they kept my officer including
9:26 am
the pilot, which is doing nothing wrong but defend their own country, and they were captured, deliver to russia and illegally detained in a russian prison. these national heroes of ukraine has had a hunger strike for the 38th day to day. and the on thing we demanded from the minsk memorandum was immediately release all the hostages. point number four very important point, i promise you we will have absolutely clear and stable situation in ukraine if russia fulfills point number four. close the border and withdraw all the foreign troops from my territory. because now on the date of our intelligence confirms by independent sources can we have more than 9000 troops of russian federation on my territory.
9:27 am
including more than 500 tanks and heavy artillery and armed personnel carrier. if this is not an aggression, what is aggression? but, unfortunately and the final point of the minsk and read it is immediately when would have a cease-fire, if the remove from the streets armed persons, we declared just a very simple thing elections. local elections under ukrainian legislation but in a democratic country that does not exist in any other mechanism for democracy, just a person who would be responsible for the these regions of donetsk should be elected by the people. this election should be under ukrainian legislation, should be with the presence of the international monetary mission and should be recognized by the whole world.
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very simple. ukraine fulfill all the obligation from their side and we count russia and the rebels supporting by russians can do the same. instead of that we have first attack which was started from the 10th of january this year. after 24 hours i was in tears. i was among the 50 liters of the state on the street of the paris in the march against the terror. and i remember the slogan on the paris street. we are not afraid. we are not afraid of care. because we are united. and i was proud to be at that time on the paris street.
9:29 am
today's after march in paris on the 15th of january, we have the tragedy when russian missile operated by russian support rebels hit the subway and bus it and i'll ukraine stands in the movement. we are together with the victims of the terrorist attack on one of the bus where 13 civilians including one, 14 year-old girl were needlessly killed by russian missiles. and 15 additional civilians were innocent victims who were wounded. i have here -- i have here parts
9:30 am
of the bus where they hit up the fragments of the russian missiles which hit in my people, and for me this is a symbol, symbol of the terroristic attack against my country. the same way simple like surely have do -- charlie have do and a terrorist attack by russian missile operator by russian officer against a made malaysian airplane which would kill 298 innocent victims from 17 countries which demonstrates that the terror is not a problem of ukraine, given not the problem of europe.
9:31 am
this is a global problem. in the fight against terror is our joint we can demand our joint efforts. and we can win the terror and we will win the terror, when we will be united because we are not afraid. we are united. and the whole world now is demonstrating the strong solidarity with ukraine and i want to thank all of you for that. applause but -- [applause] the other thing i want to ask from you, not only be united, the same way you like to demonstrate on the united nations general assembly. the same i like to demonstrate on the u.n. security council. the same way like to demonstrate g20 meeting at brisbane, in the same way like to demonstrate in the european union council.
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in solidarity, we have for all over the world, starting from the united states and canada and finishing with japan and australia. we need to be, we need to have demonstrate a solitary with ukraine, and a very important thing. we need to believe in ukraine. because we are fighting for peace. i am a president of the peace. i am strongly believe that there is not existing the military solution of this problem. and we need to have a very strongly coordinated action to bring the peace, not only on my country but to bring the peace in the world. because again of this is the line of the front when we are fighting. not only for our territory integrity, sovereignty and independence, we are fighting for european security. we are fighting for european values. somebody said that this is very
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expensive to fight for peace. i think this is two completely different concepts of the world. they measured expenses by price and said that this is very expensive. we and all civilized world fighting for values. money and values completely different things. and i think that if you're fighting for values, you win this battle. absolutely sure. thank you. [applause] >> thank you mr. president, for your again moving speech. you have been in your former capacity as a member of parliament here in davos lester committee made a moving speech for the people in them square.
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and again thank you very much for the speech. and you mentioned peace. and given the escalating situation today in ukraine and look any ideas there's only one major question. at the same time with the escalating situation we see again some kind of you called normandy talks, so to bring people together from france, germany, russia, ukraine. i think at the same time it was such phone call take place. what is your assessment? can you give us hope that this will be a new beginning of peaceful negotiations for the people particularly in the donetsk region? >> thank you very much indeed for this question. in several minutes we will start another session of the normandy negotiation on the level of the minister of foreign affairs of
9:35 am
ukraine, france, germany and russia. out approach is very simple. we have nothing to negotiate. everything is already fixed and sign. we have a means for matt's. and we need immediately just a cease-fire and withdrawal the artillery, heavy artillery and weapons and tanks. what is the difference come slight difference between the proposition of europe and ukraine, and of russia? from the first glance both of us demanding for withdrawing the heavy artillery, but we demand to withdraw it from the fixed minsk numbering and russia demands it withdraw sit from nowhere. because at the present time, officially in a lot of them of the russian delegation
9:36 am
recognized the touchline. now they said that they have a limited influence of these terrorists to withdraw from the touchline which is fixed on the minsk memorandum. and the solution is very simple. stop supply weapons. stop supplying ammunition. withdraw the troops, and close the border. very simple peace plan. [applause] if you want to discuss something different, i suggest you are not for peace. you are for war. we at the same time guarantee special elections and special municipality in this region. we vote for the amnesty of those who have not made it criminal in
9:37 am
killing the people. we present every form of state county for the peace process. what else can be done? and if unfortunately, it has not happened, ladies and gentlemen, we should defend our territory. we should defend our country. but at the same time, we do not make any offense of operation economic it any from the fifth of september from the 19th of the timber. if you look, the map although ukrainian troops who were attacked by offensive operation of russian troops and russians supported rebels, at the same time we are just defending our territory. and again what we need to stop the aggressor, unity and solidarity. when we rise of the first, the question of sanctions is the sanctions we demand from is not
9:38 am
to make harmful for anybody in the world completing russia. we just want to have it on the table of negotiation and make russia to fulfill all the obligations they take during the minsk negotiation. very simple. what is the real purpose of some so-called strategic analysis to make ukraine weaker? to wait until the europe and the whole world have so-called ukrainian critique -- fatigue. this was miscalculation because the level of support we now have from the whole world, and we fully fielded here in davos, the level of support is on the rising. we do not give them any tiny chance to use it as a provocation, as they have in the previous wars. we demonstrate that we are nation for peace him and me as
9:39 am
president of these. another very important things they think that we would be completely exhausted by the war because i said war is very expensive, which ukraine which is not very strong economy, pay this fully price. but at the same time me as a president, our new elected parliament and our new elected government, are strongly committed to the reform. we want to change the country. we want to build up absolutely new country with no corruption, and we already undertake very six step the anticorruption bureau, building up the independent system of the court and guaranteed the rule of law. we want to build up together with our foreign partners and advisors absolutely new form of
9:40 am
the investment climate, which would be protected investment. and having opportunity committee with the potential investor, have a guarantee, and i want to thank these invested particularly the one sitting in the first row. he promised me industry to invest $600 million in ukraine economy, $400 million in print economy, this is the best way really i like to hear. and we -- am i right? this is the representative. please, applause to the investor for ukraine. i think i would be very important. [applause] and at the same time i think we need a sophisticated program with the imf. and on the 29th of january i think we will have a finish of the new mission of the imf and will have a very ambitious program of reform.
9:41 am
>> good morning. welcome to the heritage foundation after lewis lemon auditorium. of course, we welcome those who join us on a website on all of these occasions. i would ask everyone here in house to be so kind to check that cell phones have been turned off. that's a great courtesy to our speakers. we, of course, will post the program on the heritage homepage following today's presentations for your future reference. our internet viewers are always welcome to send their questions or comments about the presentation, simply e-mailing us at speaker at hosting our discussion this point is ana quintana, research associate for latin america in our douglas and sarah allison center for foreign and national security policy. she earned her bachelor of arts degree in political science at florida international university as well as certificates in national security and latin american and caribbean studies.
9:42 am
upon graduation she was privilege to study in brazil on a scholarship sponsored by the defense intelligence agency as a foreign language and cultural studies so but she later completed a masters degree in global governance at florida international school of national and public affairs. and for today's program she herself has her own personal family stories related to the situation over the many years in cuba, which i hope she will be sharing with you. please join me in welcoming ana quintana. [applause] spent thank you, john. and thank you, everyone for joining us today. i know it's a little early but we really appreciate everyone being here. thank you all so much for caring about a cause that is so near into to many of our hearts particularly many of us on the panel, picked each one of us in a different way is connected to the island and connected to the cost of democracy on the island. john mentioned my parents are political refugees.
9:43 am
my mom and her family came in 1981. they were one of the initial families to seek asylum at the peruvian embassy. enough about me. honestly actually about these three guys were on the state for each and everyone has participate in the cause of democracy on the island, and is very vocal about their opinions on this new cuba policy really what are the implications for human rights and democracy. so i'd like to introduce rosa maria paya, a member of the cuban christian liberation movement of the daughter of slain cuban activist oswaldo paya sardinas. it's hard suspected the cuban government was behind his death and to the cuban liberation movement, the cuban christian liberation movement was found almost three decades ago and oswaldo paya sardinas was the leader of the. bighearted over 25,000 signatures and in a country like cuba and a totality in state
9:44 am
like cuba 25,000 25,000 is like millions and attorney. something like that was completely unprecedented. so for the past two years, rosa maria has testified before the u.n. and other international organizations asking for an independent inquiry into her father's death. most recent as many of you probably know she was sent to reduce deaths and the guest at the state any. ambassador ambassador roger noriega has more than two decades of abu policy experience focusing on u.s. interests and the western hemisphere. he has twice been appointed by president george w. bush president george w. bush and confirmed by the ascent which which although is to much an impossible feat sometimes, and with the king uecker on capitol hill if it is an outright not the american american enterprise institute and managing director of the consulting firm vision america's but the also played a pivotal role in drafting the cuban liberty and democratic solidarity act of 1996 to support the courageous opposition and independent voices advocating for general change in cuba. and last but most definite not least is frank calzon born in
9:45 am
cuba and has testified before congress on cuba and the united nations commission on human rights on various occasions. he has come he served for over 10 years as the washington representative for freedom house, a very respected human rights organization and he has written many articles in the united states and elsewhere and appeared, anybody who watches hispanic american tv knows he will see his space -- face. and his work at the center for free to really entails the maintenance and details of contact with congress and the democratic government officials run the world and was about the human rights movement on the island. so what do i pass it over to the rosa maria. >> okay, thank you ana thank you very much for coming here to hear about the situation in cuba with the change --
9:46 am
[inaudible] which i keep my eye on. what we are facing a new area it's an area where we have to assume, like it is a fact. we are into this new approach between two governments that come in my opinion has -- [inaudible] has heard the voices of the cubans situations -- citizen. but that doesn't mean we cannot start to influence these conversation but that doesn't mean that we cannot raise our voices, and especially in this country but also inside the island trying to put our point to locate our topics. they are important in today's
9:47 am
conversations. more than 10 years ago more than 25,000 of cuba's citizens were delivered into the hands -- [inaudible] and illegal initiative to change the law and guarantee some basic human rights as the right to free association liberation of political prisoners. they tried to really enterprises which is not the same thing -- [inaudible] how we call a business that the cubans are not allowed to have but not everybody in cuba can have. because the situation is that these reforms are changing that
9:48 am
the cuban government has been trying to sell to the international community. i actually implemented in the island -- of the human rights not as recognition to have free enterprise, but recognition that the cuban government could give you or deny you or maybe if you're a person who could travel or if you're in contact with foreign people or you're in contact with people from the position -- from civil society. and in the same way they have implemented all the rest of the reforms. to travel in cuba to leave the island enter into the island is
9:49 am
not a right that cubans have. it's a privilege that the cuban government gives you. and that's why for instance,. [inaudible] recently trying to make a performance in the blast of the revolution in havana is now she cannot travel right now. she cannot leave the island but the cuban government actually said her that she wants to leave the island she has to do it in a definitive way. so she denied to leave the island, and she is now on the island without a passport because they didn't allow her to travel if she is not leaving the island, like forever. this is the reality of the reforms, of the reality of the change that the cuban government
9:50 am
has been trying to sell for six or eight years right now. with this government, with this government, ever, by their own people. the government of the united states is now time to normalize their relations, and we think that even when they're trying to have relations with government that is a normal because it has never elected own people. no one who is younger than 80 years old in the country have ever participated in free and fair election. this government -- [inaudible] but denies his government is normalized relations and is
9:51 am
talking with the government in the process. so what we are proposing here is that in these negotiations should be to demand of citizenship. why demand? welcome the demand that the key events have already been prepared. the demands that cuba already trying to obtain, specifically one that is in the very face of democracy. we think that we can not break the regime without citizens participation. you can start that process is the opinion of the cuban people is not consulted. that's why our proposal to the government of the united states but also to the democracy today, the democratic institutions of
9:52 am
the world is just board the demand for changing the left for a long that have free elections in the country. with the recognition of the political parties and with the right to free expression at exit immediate that we need to make inside cuba. [inaudible] they had a lot of international support to do it. we cubans don't deserve less. another important topic that i think we need in these conversation but also in the conversations and the relation with the cuban government with the rest of the keynote america is the fact that not so
9:53 am
democratic of the cuban government has been spread in the region. we have high level of impunity not just in cuba but also in the region and i'm thinking that just about the recent larger in argentina that i. this, and also thinking about the students disappear in mexico and also thinking about the teenagers in caracas a year ago. i'm not saying they cuban government is difficult what i'm saying is that we are facing a not so democratic movement in our region that needs to be controversy. and i think that the influence of the cuban government, has a
9:54 am
large instability for these not so democratic in our region for these not so democratic and not so realistic system that we have seen replicated or trying to be replicated in the rest of latin america region. so our goal of international unity is to support transparency in the dialogue with the cuban government, for instance, the independent investigation about the death of my father, oswaldo paya sardinas, who was the winner of the prize given by the parliament and another person
9:55 am
who was the leader, the more important later in our movement, and they were killed two years ago in an attack. we think that stop the impunity is very important in the process process. it's necessary the recognition to be able to talk in a real purpose and to be able to walk together because we have to work together because cuba belongs to all cubans, but we need the recognition. we need to stop we need to stop the impunity. and i do think that before this demand that are not inventions
9:56 am
of international community are not endurance is out the that state government, of the soviet union, demand cuban people have prepared and are demanding for a long time right now isn't just going -- not just going to be good for cuba. it's not just going to guarantee the real democracy of visibility that we know is very important in terms of international affairs. but it's also going to support the democracy and the rest of the region. i'm going to finish this. we here a year ago less than a year ago during the meeting in havana we heard the president of latin america to proclaim
9:57 am
america a country of -- and we have to say even this year teenagers disappear. lawyers disappeared or dead. young people are not so young people dying because of insecurity and because of his affairs, political demands, and a lot of separation in jail in cuba and in the rest of the region. so sometimes stability can be just with real democracy. real peace meets the recognition and needs to be coherent with our democratic valley. thank you so much. [applause]
9:58 am
>> thank you rosa maria. ambassador? >> thank you very much, ana. it's an extraordinary privilege to be on this panel, particularly today with frank calzon, a stalwart of the cause of a free cuba, and rosa maria who is the daughter of a martyred hero. and i'm not a cuban-american. i'm mexican-american from kansas who was raised right. so i care about these things and young people in the audience here and listening, this is your struggle too. this is your opportunity to step up and make the world a better place. entity that you have to understand the reality what's going on in cuba today who are the good guys and with the bad guys. quite frankly it's not that complicated. those of us are critics of president obama's new initiatives on cuba do not oppose it because we hope you strong but because we know he is
9:59 am
wrong. we know that the single biggest obstacle to economic and political freedom in cuba for 55 years has been and still is the castro regime. we know that a courageous, quiet christian who sought -- under casual own constitution was killed when police ran his car off the road in southeastern cuba july 22. we know an american aid worker, alan gross, who tried simply to offer cuba small judiciary committee internet access on the island was held hostage for five years for his efforts. we know that while the obama administration was holding secret talks with havana, the castro government arrested more than 9000 dissidents committed to journals, human rights activist and other political people. so yes, we know better than to expect anything from


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