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tv   Key Capitol Hill Hearings  CSPAN  February 3, 2015 10:00pm-12:01am EST

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to get accurate reporting offshore accounts we believe those proposals we have made we're happy to follow-up on issues you have described. >> your in in your out part of the framework is the desire to make the corporate tax reform more competitive. you've laid out a benchmark but when i am back in my district of frustration is not just employers with that complexity is really individuals. after it came out last year it was as individual taxpayers we are excited at the prospect that they could
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do to shake as standard deduction on a single piece of paper and be done. why is the administration not equally energize are motivated to insure that not just the tax code is supplied is the administration willing to work with us for a tax reform? >>. >> a number of proposals to simplify them. there is always tension those to be reflective of the complicity you don't want to have a cliff in the tax code like through provisions.
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but the goal to simplify is one that we share. >> we both share the goal so i would just point to the president's home state the we have raised the minimum wage four times in the last 10 years each time the percentage of the people living in poverty has gone up in the percent of an employee mitt and we need to look at a different strategy at the federal level and i would hearken back to the days of jfk for those living in poverty went down and a living wage went up and we could embrace that jfk strategy with this president >> teeeighteen they give for being here.
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so they could administer programs and also appreciate the fact to know what a balanced budget looks like. with three consecutive years said you had unique authority to guide the conversations to get perspective as. on behalf of the speaker ordeal at a time there interesting policy initiatives encouraging the
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gap after speaker o'neill famously working together. many of which we look forward to. i appreciate the administration continues to call for infrastructure investment i sincerely believe he is investing intellectually to renewing america. some of the policies that have come forward have been difficult to achieve. i read an op-ed from of my a colleague to a comprehensive fashion that these to be sustainable at adequate to cover the job to revisit
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with user paid principles so president reagan in 1982 call that a challenge to americans with his thanksgiving day address calling congress to come back that more than doubled the gas tax because we have not raise that in 23 years and this was a user fee to deal with deteriorating american infrastructure to move us forward. is this a speech almost any of us can give today. zero though it is 22 years instead of 23. i was curious base dug your experience if speaker
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o'neill for able to come forward to deal with the serious problem with infrastructure on a bipartisan basis and raise the user fee, if your proposal is not embraced unanimously by congress to be enacted into law if you have thoughts moving forward to support with a collation raised rating from business and labor to truckers to triple a. so there is something that could be done with the user fee adjustment. >> you and i have discussed infrastructure for many years.
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moving back at the 1980's was 93 security reform and also in 1987 with a balanced budget agreement. i take what we have put forward with the one time savings to fund infrastructure has all of the ingredients to be a basis for a bipartisan agreement we have come up with an approach to provide that opportunity. congress has other ideas to find a way but we need to meet our needs because it is doing a disservice to future generations to leave behind a crumbling infrastructure the way to build the debt is
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to look ahead to build it today. >> thank-you. >> mr. paulson? >> know he is not. >> mr. secretary i would like to discuss a couple of issues with you that i hear about when i go back home with a town hall meeting. in reading of the cbo projection of budget and economic outlook through 2024 it appears we will end 2014 with $492 billion deficit.
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then of the al less than that in 2015 but 22 through 24 we will be back at $1 trillion per year deficits. this is very upsetting to the people that i represent all of us on this panel. does this budget the president has prepared change that trajectory of the debt? with the size of government? does it do anything to return us to a balanced budget or does it end up being back at trillion dollars per year? >> looking at a percentage of gdp read ends up the
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economy is growing and it is a larger number but to make progress said maine taken the progress. >> the goal of the administration and the treasury is not to balance the budget or diminish the debt we already have but to maintain a percentage of gdp? >> our goal is to grow the economy with the right balance between fiscal policies to keep alive a sustainable path to invest in the future to make sure we have a growing economy. i believe we presented a framework for doing that. if you look at when you look at the primary balance the only deficit is to servicing
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past debt in this period and they still need to focus on the future i am not saying is the end of the discussion on fiscal policy but we have done tremendous amounts to reduce a deficit of gdp. >> define primary balance. >> the question is what is driving would averred deficit you have? if you were building up new expenses to buy new say this and we hit that point where it is achievable to service saying prior debt, it is not the save as balance but it is a test of fiscal sustainability but it is under control if we're under
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primary. >> i am from texas and the entire west believe the oil and gas industry is one of the most critical things that took us out of the last recession. now we open up this budget to find out with the oil and gas industry that admittedly had setbacks that will have a $95 billion additional tax bill in this budget. can you give an explanation why the administration would feel like that would be a great reward for its performance in this economy and how it can possibly handle that additional tax
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burden? >> energy revolution has done a tremendous amount to drive our e economy for word as energy prices go up and down to have natural tendencies for them to grow more than others. we don't believe the tax code should drive activity in a way that makes investments in energy treated as it is under current law. we don't think it is necessary for profitable businesses obviously this is the moment where lower energy prices are creating pressures that we are sensitive to the regional impact but over time letting the market forces work it is better than having a tax code to drive investment.
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>> you probably misspoke. >> does that mean there ought not to be profitable businesses? >>. >> if i misspoke let me correct. i was speaking to the tax provision. we support a strong and thriving energy wishing them to be profitable. >> it did not come up the right way. >> we have to watch with a twisted town how that comes out. >> i appreciate the opportunity to clarify. >> two years ago before this committee we talked about the budget and the balance as mccall they talking about balancing the budget that we're willing to increase spending by 2.$4 trillion
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over the next head years and will add $8.5 trillion in debt and i know you cannot tell us what that might look like bread interested to see what that will turn out to be in increasing federal spending in just the next year. when you talk about your verbal comments he talked about a balanced fiscal approach. in my life with the parents teaching me it is to not have a lot of debt looking at the future of our children not having a lot of dead is important. i am concerned that was a big conversation that it did not ever come to a balanced but if we see the debt that we owe with interest-rate
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says we cannot sustain a matter how much growth we have purposely very concerned about that. one other thing you said to increase job creation i wanted to paul harvey like the rest of the story i want to read of clip from market watch this said it is great that we're adding jobs and it fell but the hourly wages declined to more americans dropped out of the work force. soberly that is not the true number we should look at.
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the and the article by saying though labor work force participation rate in december was at 62 percent matching the post recession again with a rate that we have seen so when we talk about having a good economy i'd think we do have to be very careful how we use numbers so they don't show was we have an increase to have decreased wages but we do have to be careful what is chronicled to say what the truth is. now to my final question that is the frustration with
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there children's future in the education and other retirement we have an opportunity to work across the aisle to work on the tax breaks with the complicated tax code 90 pages of the irs instructions we put out a plan the last year and a half did not move forward in the senate and the little time the the you to respond, will you assure us that the president will work with us in this area because education is more successful with those proposals we put forward with those that allow the middle-class to use the tax code to help
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them to educate their children. 30 seconds. >> i am not sure but i will talk fast period we tried to be brewed in our assumptions about interest rates in the budget this evening between 2020 and 2025 interest rates are roughly 4.5%. right now they are much lower salary have built into the forecast that interest rates will go up the challenge to pay down the debt will take a long time as long as we maintain the current deficit projection the we have the best chance to have that strong future. >> can he acknowledged he would work with us? >> we have a robust set of
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proposals we hope you will work with us i will work with you. >>. >> the budget does talk about a lot of investments like i talk about the child tax credit to introduce legislation along those lines. with the improvements of education of tax incentives see you propose paying for the middle-class investments by closing tax loopholes for those who have been doing pretty well. now with the current recovery but over the past 30 years while wages have
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been stagnant if we had a stimulus package or the hca as an example. my friends on the and the side despite the new-found commitment of income inequality to have class warfare our chairman mr. ryan who we are counting on to bring us to govern said something regarding the administration's budget what i think the president is trying to do is with the redistribution does not work we have been doing it six years. it may make for good
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politics but not good economic growth. son now teeeighteen serving in the clinton administration to nearly '90s remember the big fight over the tax increase? we had fights over the policy all to tell the taxes on the wealthy were increased. read while at the beginning of the bush administration we had trickled down through a huge tax cuts from those at the very top. so that economic growth with those time periods following the implementation of the misstep -- respective tax policy between 1993 and 2002. >> along this period of uninterrupted growth in
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history. >> but which was 9%? >> three has seen through experiments and in the 1990's the tax policies put in place to destroy the country had the opposite effect and early 2000 we saw huge tax cuts that were promised to have the benefit to drive economic growth and ended up of the edge in the economic disaster with the tax policies. >> it did not pay for it. >> also a january 2013 we agreed to go back to the tax rates and our economy is growing now. >> you believe the
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administration's policies of the past six years have exacerbated income inequality? if not for the policies are the stimulus package. >> the problem of income inequality with the actions taken since 2009 if it is still in recession it would be way worse for working people a economy created bestead million jobs we have seen the tax cut of a revised we have seen benefits extended for working families and the child care credits we have taken important steps but we still have a very deep underlying set of challenges
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what the president embraces these issues with the program that will my solve all the problems it is an important time to make decisions. >> thank you mr. secretary for being here and to open up and want to recognize the work we have done together to revitalize the act signed into law a the end of the river on a bipartisan manner working with the of the side and you because we have other hard-working families that my colleague from california articulated something that i have a lot of trouble with. talk about social security trust fund to talk about a
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manufactured crisis it surely is i find that offensive his comments to be representative of the old school mentality so $3 trillion a social security many supposedly is the federal government's to raid a the bailout of the trust fund. i think that is wrong because it takes from retirees the money they put into the trust fund you and i both agree reading the budget as you said the administration will oppose any members that will weaken the system. hata is taking social security money that is already distressed to bail out another trust fund strengthen the retiree trust fund? doesn't that weaken it?
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been if there have been many transfers and in the 1980's. >> but now there is a new generation of leaders that said the cannot do old school. because you have already waited the trust fund in have taken from that and put them in a position there on the path to benghazi and we need to do better than that. >> i will give you the benefit of the dow when i read the budget with the reform to the disability back to work to make sure those that virtually disabled to benefit there is a sincerity to get to. >> there is no policy to take effect fast enough with the disability insurance shortfall and if the way we've made is social security did not go bankrupt
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>> so you put on the table that there are other pots of money other than social security retirees money that our edible for the into a fund transfer to be utilized ? >> those are kind of your options. >> the warehouse is not aware of any other fund? >> if you just reallocate the tax rate. >> rand and understand it is said is the status quo. >> other not new ideas? >> there are in terms of making sure the review process is done properly we have a program integrity but i do believe looking at the short term needs of the disability trust fund to have a solution not expecting things of long turn benefit of what is more
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closer than this to be in a position to be with the work force did we share that commitment? >> we also have to except a large number of people are disabled and cannot work we need a system for those people. >> we would agree for the trust fund that is the intention and i would agree but to be in a position to harmonize that goal by an interested in your budget proposal to use evidence in the evaluation to drive the outcome. with a workforce development component better capable of going back to work what would you propose as evidence a revaluation criteria to utilize what is a mutual goal to work
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together? >> we need to have this system set up to encourage them to go back to work and look forward to following up with you. >> i would be interested in your criteria. >> i applaud the president's budget with the air did become tax credit to the substantial assistance when i cochaired the family tax working group would the
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progressive policy experts to have strong evidence to alleviate poverty the central recommendation for staplers of the non custodial parents that i promoted strongly these help those in chicago and illinois and america. also was a depressed communities to permanently reauthorize the every - - tax credits with public-private partnership and as well as chromosomes their critical infrastructure. line is the restoration experts predict through hundreds of thousands of
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jobs. also with the internal revenue service republicans have insisted by about $1 billion of the last few years these are needed to provide services to taxpayers such as critical tax help to ensure that they fear a they're fair share to strengthen the middle-class but i've also concerned of what people call the working poor. they're perennially stock at the bottom and for generations for it they remain.
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what will lift them up into the coveted middle class? >> into entirely share the goals the idea of the middle-class remains available to all and it is not one policy but a combination starting with minimum-wage and to make sure families add access with the child credit with the earned income tax credit with access to education to have the opportunity to get the middle-class jobs of the future. there isn't one simple solution. with a variety of other proposals to make a big difference with the way this
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is consistent with a fiscal policy and the time is up for debate on the issues. >> mr. chairman i yield back >> what i want to redress is a budget in general. i've understand the private sector is a way to make sure they balance to have revenue of the intended expenses. there is a lie left fingerprints have you ever discuss the growing deficit? and it is his policy.
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over the years to show a determination of a fiscal path in to make more progress in the 10 year window. >> the deficit. so with that $4 trillion spent? >> so when the zeros go off the chart like somebody who makes $30,000 a year spending $40,000 to state no problem because i will make 30 grant. but you told me last year to spend more because it would be all right. the annual deficit at a rate that is totally unsustainable. you cannot look at this to think of it as a real budget. it is a christmas wish list that nobody could fill.
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>> actually i don't agree. >> i will not be -- debates if you agree or not. no way anybody can say deficit spending year after year after year makes sense. anyone eject the economy course keep spending money you don't have and it will be all right? so just the interest alone is $187 billion no way anybody would look at this to say this makes sense with the healthiest person in this accord did nobody can look at the way we spend money collectively globally to say we're on the right path. increase in the united states the only difference is the number of zeros of deficit spending and adding to the long-term debt that
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makes an unsustainable there is no argument for that my question is when you talk to the president know they would present this budget with a straight face to say this is a path forward. >> looking at the improvement. >> you and i both know. >> order. >>. >> we continued have the ring around the rosie if we spend more money with no way to actually raise the revenue to pay it. there is no logic.
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>> i am happy easter try and offer. >> one minutes 16 seconds. >>. >> i will not take second seat to anyone. where the budget was over the economy was it was in terrible shape now it is a healthy shape. now we have to look what do we have to do to build a foundation? >> want to point something out. >> we need to stop using the term a middle-class it reflects we have a higher class and lower class. to make $2,300 less with
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ahead of the young they are far worse. hispanic households it is up but for single moms it has dropped those with three or more children we keep using the talking point helping the middle-class let's talk people who have to have more money. i don't think there is a rosy picture at the time they get for your service honest to god we have to get it fixed. >>. >> talking about tip o'neill with a time frame. [inaudible] as someone in the middle class so starting at a very
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young age was very important to achieve the american dream and look back at the day's with the president to work together to get things accomplished i want to look at that 24 year-old to say you can do the same thing that actually gets in the way to lofted. there are some things in the budget that i hope we can work together. and then to the approach to tax policy changes. with hard-working middle-class americans that of the back to say that was me at one point in time.
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the middle class americans are still struggling to many continue to find the paychecks are shrinking while cost rise. weld reducing toxic is for the middle-class i was surprised on the proposal published by the tax policy center. i ask the steady published by the tax policy center be included. with that analysis the middle quintile with household income of 60,000 is an increase of $7. 60% was see almost no effect as a result of the middle-class economics.
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can you explain the enclave of the policies to the middle class? >> looking at the tax policy center frequently and over time they have done in good working of the analysis is not based on the best data available. >> looking at the few provisions interims of tracing how it will flow through to the middle-class families, technically it is not correct with the data that shows it is not correct. >> you disagree? >> i disagree with the analysis. and their effects what it
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will hurt the middle class families the way is to just. >> s of results to barrault take on more acquisitions and more interest deductions. but then to close down the north carolina headquarters eliminating hundreds of u.s. jobs but this budget doubles down with the fed more inversion proposals to make it less competitive targets to competitors is this week intended to happen?
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>> i think the real answer is tax reform to do sayings that may be the goal but it is wrong to change your address. we made clear at the time we did not have administrative capacity to address the version in issue and also the provision and we look forward to redress this. >> i do agree it would correct this tsa those anti-conversion rules are not working? >> they are partially they don't completely solve the problem. >> thank you for being here and i want to express my appreciation with medical education is not just what
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they do for regional economies bled to trade the next generation so it is mind boggling to think of graduating three-year $400,000 of debts and when i talk to people consistently talked about increasing the ability to pay for education we keep finding ways to redistribute. >> i will ask a question there is a significant investment of nonprofit institutions and tax incentives. >> with such a critical role what is it you are doing to hold down the increasing cost of education?
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>> most of that is not in my purview as treasury secretary but i can tell you what we're doing to make it clear with the cost of education and the track record to have that kind of education that leads to the options we all want our children to have. it is important not just deal with the student loan peace but also the structure how education is marketed to be made available to students. they should understand what the benefit of different options and also the cost to many don't even keep them into finished agree then they have that with no degree.
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and almost day market-based economy it could be $35,000 for of family and that is pre-tax in tom. here is one of the problems. . .
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750,000 administrators of various types. we have seen a dramatic explosion in this educational complex in which this bureaucracy has become of food frenzy and the american families are paying for it. the very same people you are looking at right now who are making those investments often are dipping into they're retirements. what what are we doing with the leverage we have to begin to compel these institutions which already benefit and nonprofit institutions to say if you want to have the benefit of government-subsidized
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tuition and other things you must demonstrate capacity. you are doing it in healthcare. why not in education? >> by starting with transparency and inspiring individuals to make decisions that puts pressure on the university system to take it seriously. i seriously. i agree cost has been rising to rapidly. there is an irreducible minimum of people it takes to teach groups of 20 or 30. with the move toward technology, ultimately contact with professors is still needed. it is not my area, obviously of current expertise. the department of education is working hard on these issues. >> thank you.
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mr. smith. >> thank you. as i i have said here and listen to your presentation and questions i am reminded of a congressman from missouri and a speech he gave in 1899. what what he said, i come from the state that grows corn and cotton and democrats. your frothy eloquence neither convinces or satisfies me. i am from the show me state, and state, and you have got to show me. i am asking in this budget how the policies in this budget help rural america. less than 97.9 percent of all the counties in the united states have not rebounded from the recession and 60 percent of rural counties have decreased in population in the last year.
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what policies and your budget help rural america rebound? >> obviously agricultural policy is not primarily my responsibility. the department of agriculture has been working to put in place policies that we believe are beneficial. the efforts being made to bring investment has been successful. i collaborated with the department on some of they're business efforts. if you look at the economic performance they have done considerably better than your description. again, it is not my core area but i am happy to follow up with you. it is i think for a lot of rural communities a better time then you describe. >> let's talk about a policy that has been discussed
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when you have proposed, increasing the estate tax and death tax something extremely detrimental to farmers and small business owners. the boot hill of the state of missouri those seven counties have some of the best farmland in the country and produce more than one 3rd of agriculture production for our state. the average per acre of a farm is roughly $8,000. the average family farm is 441 acres. underneath the policies you are proposing every one of those average family farms would be devastated by your proposal of the estate tax that would almost account of 57% of attacks on there
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inheritance. maybe you don't no this this but almost 85 percent of all the values of farms is with equipment and farmland. they do not have a lot of liquid assets. if they if they have a 57 percent tax increase they we will have to sell there farm which is eliminating a small business, destroying destroying heritage. explain that to me. >> as we have looked at the estate tax we have agreed to have high thresholds so that family farms, many would be exempt. >> the average family farm is 441 acres. 437 acres times $8,000 would go over your three and a half million dollar exemption. an average family family farm does not even qualify underneath your proposal. >> i think the goal of both
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our state tax and proposals are to make sure we do not have a large appreciation of assets that essentially go untaxed for all time. >> they need to pay taxes double and triple? >> not double and triple. >> this is why the statistic i said earlier decreasing in population because they experience a tax code that promotes them to sell the family farm and moved to the city. i believe this is so unfortunate and his policies must be stopped. >> i'm happy to follow up with you and look at some of the numbers you describe. >> i would love that. >> i don't think the impact is as broad as you describe. >> let's get together. >> thank you. >> thank you, mr. chairman.
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america is a great country because of our people. aspirational entrepreneurial, intuitive, and i am sure we can agree on that. >> i think we can. >> with the american people see a budget which poses more than $2 trillion in spending more than 2 trillion an additional tax, more than 8 trillion in additional debt, a budget that never balances and at the end of the day you end up with bigger government and bigger debt i don't think that the intuition of the american people says that that is a success. i don't think they see it as the way forward to ensuring america is the greatest nation for the next generation. i believe i am the last person. first following up the
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question about theft of intellectual property in china. i know i know you have been involved. obviously strong intellectual property rights are incredibly important to our economy perhaps one of our most important assets as americans. if you could take a a brief moment to talk about what the administration is doing to address theft of intellectual property by the chinese. i was unimpressed with they're efforts to prevent theft of intellectual property. >> congressman i have raised this issue at the highest levels of the chinese government. they understand the need to take more action. they understand it is an issue. the reality is they for a long time denied they had a problem and now have a
10:57 pm
system that is at least starting to deal with it. we must be relentless pushing forward and make clear that if china wants to be the world leader it aspires to be it has to play by the basic rules that the rest of the world plays by. this is not limited to an lakeshore property. market access competitiveness. i think it is in our interest for their to be a healthy china and in china's interest for their to be a healthy united states. but it has to be on a fair basis. if they cannot meet the world standard they cannot -- >> you agree the united states, our states our intellectual property laws are the gold standard around the world, and that is why innovation is such an
10:58 pm
important part of our economy. >> absolutely. i said to them, if you want to do well in the future you need to encourage innovation >> right. you would also agree in the current negotiations as we consider tpa we should be mindful of addressing intellectual property protections when we negotiate with other countries and don't dumb down our own standards in the united states to meet standards of countries were innovation advancement in things like biologic are nowhere in comparison to the standards we have in this country. >> we have to pursue a high standard discussion in a number of areas. intellectual property is one. i heard a number of questions about currency. currency. we take the issues very
10:59 pm
seriously in the g7 the g 20 bilateral discussions and look forward to work with congress. >> a few other quick hits. inheritance tax was a double taxation. i assume you agree with me that it is actually a triple taxation. is that correct? >> no, sir. >> for the record, i will send you a follow-up question or two. >> i'd be happy to look at that. >> the renunciation rates going through the roof at the highest levels we have ever seen. i believe it is abhorrent the american government is pursuing regulations and policies. i will submit follow-up questions. thank you.
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>> mr. chairman, you run a tight ship. >> we try. >> yes. watch. thank you, secretary lew for appearing with us today. members today. members be advised, you may submit written questions in writing which we will be reflected and included in the record of this hearing. we kept a tight ship, got hear got hear on time and the hearing is adjourned. [inaudible conversations] [inaudible conversations] [inaudible conversations] [inaudible conversations]
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[inaudible conversations] [inaudible conversations] >> the political landscape has changed with the 114th congress. forty-three new republicans and 53 new democrats in the house and 12 the republicans and one new democrat in the senate the 1st african-american republican and in the house and the 1st woman veteran in the senate. keep track using congressional comical on lots of useful information including voting results and information
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about each session of congress. >> coming up, congress towards the gold medal to the 1st special service force who fought during world war ii and the conversation from this morning's washington journal.
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>> the sidney awards are given for the best magazine essays of the year. they can they can be in journals or obscure literary magazines. they always come out during christmas week a good time to step back and have time to read something deeper and longer to celebrate those longer pieces. i believe magazines change history. the most influential political magazine really did change history creating progressivism and a voice. >> sunday night at 8:00 o'clock eastern and pacific on q&a.
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>> ladies and gentlemen, the speaker of the united states , the honorable john boehner. [applause] >> good afternoon and welcome to the united states capitol. it is good to see you hear today. since the days of the revolution congress has awarded gold medals to express the people's appreciation for distinguished achievements. the 1st recipient was general george washington himself in march of 1776.
11:05 pm
today we will present a a gold medal in honor of the 1st special service force the force was activated in 1942 as an elite unit of 1800 american and canadian commanders. just how elite? well, well, for every man they lost they killed 25. for every man they captured they took 235. the force was so fearless the enemy dubbed them the "devil's brigade" and so effective today our special forces refer to them as pioneers. these men represent the finest of the finest. today we bestow them -- the stowe on them our highest honor. let me thank all of you for being here.
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of course we are humbled to have with us some 42 veterans of the force please join me now in welcoming these great men to our hall. [applause] [applause] >> ladies and gentlemen please stand for the presentation of the colors
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the singing of the canadian and united states national anthem, and the retiring of the colors. ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪♪ ♪
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♪ ♪♪ ♪ ♪♪ ♪ ♪♪ ♪
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♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪♪ ♪ [applause]
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♪ ♪ ♪♪ ♪ ♪ >> ladies and gentlemen please remain standing as the chaplain of the united states senate gives the
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implication. >> let us pray. eternal god the heavens tell stories of your glory and the skies display your marvelous craftsmanship. the wisdom of your loving providence you blessed the world with the 1st special service force a joint world war ii american canadian commando unit that made the freedoms we enjoy today possible. lord we praise you for the volunteers who comprise this 1800 person force that contributed immeasurably to victory over tyranny. using they're intensive
11:13 pm
training these patriots in uniform were willing to give they're all to ensure that liberties bell would continue to ring. bless this opportunity you have given us to celebrate and honor they're competence, courage, and commitment and commitment with the congressional gold medal. we pray in your great name. amen. >> please be seated. ladies and gentlemen, united gentlemen, united states representative from the 1st district of florida, the honorable jed miller. [applause]
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>> with each passing day the legacy of the greatest generation is in more danger of becoming a distant memory but we must not forget. that is why it is imperative for those of us who have the ability to help preserve the memory of your service and sacrifice to do exactly that the metal we are presenting is a fiscal token of our gratitude for your heroism. the most important aspect of today's event is it provides us an opportunity to strengthen the great legacy of the 1st special service force. at a time when we desperately needed heroes to wage war against tyranny our two nations banded together and successfully defeated evil. the 1st special service force is a shining example
11:15 pm
of what can be accomplished when america and canada stand together as one. your action embodies the enduring partnership between our two nations that president john f. kennedy referenced when he said "geography has made us neighbors. history has made us friends. economics has made us partners. necessity has made us allies those who through nature have joined together, let no man put asunder. ". president kennedy added that before the canadian parliament. it it took four years to make this day a reality and when i look at this crowd and see the faces of all the 1st special forces members in attendance i know it was
11:16 pm
worth it. god bless our nations and may god bless you our veterans. [applause] >> ladies and gentlemen united states senator from montana. [applause] >> thank you. today is a very good day. we honor a group of men who dedicated themselves to ensuring this great nation would remain free and we honor the enduring between the united states and canada these men made up of patriots from two nations were assigned the mission the world had never seen they played an important role in defeating the enemy during world war ii.
11:17 pm
the men of the "devil's brigade" paved the way of the special forces units we honor today. they organized and trained at fort harrison in my home state. today state. today it is the headquarters of the montana national guard where montana citizen soldiers still train and prepare to deploy on the same grounds the "devil's brigade" did 73 years ago. the men we are honoring today trained in rugged conditions skiing and rock climbing in frigid temperatures. little did they no it would not only help change the course of world war ii but change what it means to be an elite member of the military. today their legacy lives on in special for students who
11:18 pm
represent the best of the best to serve our nation. i am proud of these men called montana home and proud of those men and women who are willing to sacrifice and fight for the liberties we hold so dear. this is a small token but a powerful symbol of your bravery, commitment sacrifice, and dedication. thank and dedication. thank you for your service. god bless you all. [applause] >> ladies and gentlemen, the gentlemen, the united states army band and chorus. ♪ ♪
11:19 pm
♪♪ ♪♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪
11:20 pm
♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪
11:21 pm
♪♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪♪ [applause] >> ladies and gentlemen the
11:22 pm
army guard. [applause] ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪
11:23 pm
♪ [applause] >> ladies and gentlemen, the gentlemen, the democratic leader of the united states house of representatives, the honorable nancy pelosi. >> good afternoon. speaker, leader senator minister general, mr. ambassador, secretary thank you. all of you are special guests. what a wonderful afternoon it is.
11:24 pm
made possible by legislation introduced remembering our special forces the 1st special service force. thank you. you can apply them. that would be good. [applause] again thank you mr. speaker, for bringing us all together. the heroes we honor today helped when the fight to free the world of tyranny. for generations our northern neighbor has been a vital and trusted ally and friend. the 1st special service force made up of men from both the united states and canada continue that tradition. canadians and us citizens men who made their living flavoring as lumberjacks trappers, mountaineers, and
11:25 pm
miners answered the call to serve and changed the course of the world. two great democracies came together to defeat the axis. together they sacrificed personal safety to save the world. i take special pride in recognizing the leader of this elite unit, a man of courage, conviction, and character was a proud son of san francisco who returned to california after the war the late major general robert t frederick. [applause] undaunted by the seemingly impossible mission before him he raised trained and let the unit and was awarded a record eight purple hearts today it is our privilege to honor him and the people he led, those who are hear and those who are not with us. we we are honored that some of these legends are hear today and remember so many
11:26 pm
husbands and fathers sons and brothers never returned. they conducted night missions. under the cover of night they trudged through mountainous terrain, surprised enemy men and eventually breached the gates of rome to help liberate the eternal city. today a a plaque hangs in honor of there sacrifice. although the 1st special service force was disbanded the legacy lives on. today's special forces known as the green berets and the 1st special forces operational detachment delta known as the delta force, some force, some of whom are with us today.
11:27 pm
thank you for your service. these heroes remind us that although victory is never certain where their is courage and unity where people are willing to sacrifice comfort for others victory is possible. it is our privilege to present the congressional medal of honor to the veterans of the 1st special service force and recognize the enduring partnership of canada and the united states. may god continue to bless both of our countries. thank you. [applause] >> ladies and gentlemen the democratic leader of the united states senate. [applause] >> welcome to all of you heroes from both canada and
11:28 pm
the united states who come hear today for this great honor. you may have heard we had a little snowstorm in chicago over the weekend. more than 19 inches of snow, more and in 24 hours than we usually see and 24 months. the wind blew at 45 miles per hour. someone asked, do do you think they we will make it to washington? i said, not even an historic blizzard. the "devil's brigade" from being here and i honor them today. [applause] louis knox in the front row had a tough time getting into the service. the day after pearl harbor he volunteered to serve in the marines. they took a look and said sorry, with that overbite you will never be able to serve.
11:29 pm
six months later he was in the army and became part of this elite fighting force. thank you for being here today. [applause] casey is here. he thought among the 1st allied soldiers to enter rome and liberated from the nazis here with one of his 11 children. when casey came home from world war ii, like a lot of the genuine heroes of war he did not have much to say. forty years later his family coaxed the stories out of him, and 50 years after his return from world war ii he traveled back to europe, back to the places he thought to visit the towns of the force had liberated. near the beach at an italian man realized who they were and dropped to his knees crying.
11:30 pm
then he pointed to a plaque written in italian and english trying to explain what this was about to his own son. this this is one of the soldiers who saved our village. it was 50 years after the war had ended. casey turned to his son and said, all these years i wondered what i was doing here. now now i know why we fight. ..
11:31 pm
>> more than 130% in their original combat. but it never lost a mission, not once. the first special service force -- [applause] >> the force existed only two years but the spirit lives on. the army rangers and even the marine force recon unit the regiments and all of today's forces. these canadian and american bureaus help to save the world was classified as top-secret but now we know that on behalf of the congress of the and freedom loving people around the world we say thank you.
11:32 pm
[applause] >> ladies and gentlemen the majority leader minority leader of the united states senate, the honorable mitch mcconnell. [applause] >> sometimes truth can be more impressive than fiction. when it comes to the heroes that we honor today, that is certainly the case. numbers of the elite doubles brigade excelled in rockclimbing and they advance on skis and through the air they survive by stealth and training and demolitions. some of their more daring mission plans would have made james bond blush.
11:33 pm
and through it all they help to save a continent in chaos. they help to defeat some of the greatest menaces the world has known. but this isn't some hollywood script. it is a true story about a fearless group of young canadians and americans, including many kentuckians who are willing to put their lives on the line in the truest sense of the term. and some did it to protect neighbors and family and ideals and many likely thoughts for all of these reasons. and they volunteered for this danger. here is how the forces recruiting slogan read. vigorous training, hazardous duty, for those of them that measure up get into the war quickly. typical this was not, but it was honest.
11:34 pm
the fighting could be fierce and conditions could be awful the missions seemingly impossible. yet dark masses of the polish and pure courage, advancing against the wire mountain old strong against the forces of fascism. the doubles brigade heeded the call for specially trained troops of the hunter class that might unleash a reign of terror against the nazis. they moved within darkness in order to defeat. and today here they are, champions of freedom, heroes into nations saviors to many others and to you we offer our most profound gratitude for your
11:35 pm
distinguished service. to the families gathered today know that your loved one made a difference and know that the veterans that you have loved made a contribution to history that we as a people will not soon forget. i'm particularly determined that we don't and that is why we will dedicate the highest civilian honor that congress can dispel. it may only be a piece of metal but it holds the gratitude of a nation. may you always remember it. thank you. [applause] [applause] >> ladies and gentlemen, the speaker of the united states house of representatives, the honorable john boehner.
11:36 pm
>> let me begin by thanking all of you for being here today. for listening to these stories. it all happened so fast. it was essentially built overnight. all at the mercy of the mountain. and so they all told the forces in combat even general eisenhower couldn't explain how they did what they did. but you will see that there's even more marbles. consider how all they knew was depression and war. as they came home, they made sure to pass on the glory to
11:37 pm
others but not the stories for the struggle. and these were remarkable acts of humility. but to them it's just what you did to protect the ones you love. and so thanks to all of those we know who was who and what was what. we are here because from all of that darkness came in outpouring of grace. from a small unit in the grateful generation from a brief window in history and lasting commitment to do one thing that this force could not. so now we are free to share in the triumph and share the
11:38 pm
stories for years to come. the united states has the direction of the congress and the united states has struck a gold medal in honor of these first special service force is. we presented here on this day in our capital on behalf of a proud and very grateful nation. thank you. [applause] [applause] >> we will now do the presentation of the metal right here in front. if i could have the states participants. [inaudible conversations]
11:39 pm
[inaudible conversations] [applause] [applause] [applause] >> ladies and gentlemen canadian veteran of the special
11:40 pm
service force mr. charles mann. [applause] >> ladies and gentlemen of canada, the united states, i will start off i saying i was at one time a politician and it will probably show today. at any rate we have honorable members of the american and canadian government and especially members of the senate and house of representatives it is my privilege to accept this prestigious award on the half of the canadian special service force world war ii veterans and their family members and those
11:41 pm
force members that are no longer with us. i knowledge this of them military personnel. these are our historical modern special forces members today. and please give them all of the support that you can. [applause] it is an honor to address this audience and we have done this on this occasion of a congressional old metal and in memory of those that have gone on.
11:42 pm
in closing i must say that i am most honored and humbled and i thank you all for allowing me to speak on behalf of those who are no longer with us. may they rest in peace. thank you. [applause] [applause] [applause] >> ladies and gentlemen american veteran of the special service force, mr. eugene gutierrez jr. [applause] >> it is great to be here and it's great to be an american.
11:43 pm
honorable speaker -- [applause] >> honorable speaker of the house, mr. john boehner. as they wish members of congress >> i would like to thank everyone who undertook this time to honor and recognize the most the first special service force and those in america and canada, the first special service force with the individual that became a brigadier general at 36 and the youngest general at 37. under his command and profound leadership, the first special
11:44 pm
service force composed of 900 men from the usa 900 men from canada and the service battalion of 800 members who have a variety of support for combat troops. they captured between 30 to 30,000 prisoners, enemy prisoners of war as any remarkable ratio of 25 inmates tuan force man. since the first shot was fired on april 19, 1775 the beginning of our quest for independence and freedom 1.3 early in men and women have given their lives to america's freedom and to keep this country how high and proud.
11:45 pm
this includes accomplishments with general frederick's profound leadership. he stressed the importance as he did in many battles. he rules with an iron fist in a velvet glove. he was wounded eight times in combat. the following is from the independent record. never in all its fervor doesn't yield an inch of ground more a battle with indecisive conclusion. they want everything they fought for. i will now conclude my presentation may 23 1924
11:46 pm
prior to the beginning of the battle to liberate italy. well, i have never spoken to you but now i want to say howdy do. you see they told me you did not exist and like a fool i believe all this. last night i saw your sky and figured that they had told me a lie. had i taken time you make i would have known that we could call a spade a spade. i wonder if you would shake my hand, somehow i feel that you will understand. funny i had to come to see your her face, and i guess there isn't too much time to say but i'm sure glad god, that i met you today. i am not afraid since i know you
11:47 pm
are near. where is the signal? i have to go. and i want you to know look now, this will be a horrible fight. who knows, i may come to your house tonight. though i wasn't friendly to you before, i wonder if you wait at the door. i'm crying and shedding tears and i wish i had known you through this many years. well, i have to go now goodbye. it's strange since i met you that i'm not afraid to die. this was found on the body of an american soldier at a area with a beachhead that exploded. when i enlisted in the army on august 5, 1941 my mother gave
11:48 pm
me a rosary which i wore out during combat. plus three more additional ones. and guess what? they delivered. [applause] >> may god bless america and made the immortal souls of all men rest in peace. amen. [applause] [applause]
11:49 pm
>> ladies and tubman, the commander of the united states special operations command general joseph l. votel. [applause] >> it is my pleasure to be here on such a momentous occasion where i am surrounded by so many heroes from the greatest generation. the members of the service force known as the brigade. i represent continuity and i represent those that came before and behind me. mr. speaker congressional leaders, established and civilian military guess from the united states and canada, thank you for the opportunity to be here today. when i think of the devil's brigade two words come to mind pioneer and patriot. it's important to note that these men before you lay the groundwork for both our countries modern-day special forces. were they earned the nickname of the black devils because of the brigade members who had black
11:50 pm
polish on their faces as they conducted their night operation. where they fought for 99 straight days without belief displaying indomitable spirit of what it means to serve great that spirit has carried on to the very defendants of the devil's brigade. and that includes the special operations regiment. both operations continue to carry the honors with this highly successful multinational company in the second world war. like the brave men of the special service force our special forces have many distinct similarities and their members come from all walks of life and many were rangers, lumberjacks, north woodsmen, hunters prospectors and explorers, intelligent and athletic and disciplined and well-trained. they received instruction on the use of self tactics hand-to-hand combat, parachuting, explosives and
11:51 pm
amphibious warfare and mountain warfare. their standards were extremely high as well as this they were especially selected to tackle the wars and they were the elite forces of their time and thus the pioneers of our two nations special operations forces. like our current warriors who have been fighting for these last 14 years, the members of the devil's brigade were also patriots. they saw a higher calling during a time when their country in the world needed them most and many of them made the ultimate sacrifice. for this, each and every one of us here today should distill upon them are sincere gratitude for their amazing contributions and accomplishments on the battlefield in a delete and also france from seven years ago today. and for showing the way for today's special operations forces. gentlemen, you should be very
11:52 pm
proud of not only what you have accomplished on the battlefield but also for the foundation and groundwork that you waited to shape our modern-day special operations forces into the close and professional relationship that ties the two countries today. rest assured that your legacy will live on in the canadian special operators and without your service and sacrifice it is very possible that we americans and canadians may not have had the same luxury that freedom of prosperity that we fortunately enjoy today. thank you for this opportunity to be here. and thank you to the pioneers and patriots for the first special service force, both of our countries and citizens owe you a boundless debt of gratitude. we thank you. [applause]
11:53 pm
>> ladies in supplement, the canadian minister of veterans affairs the honorable aaron no tool. [applause] [applause] >> mr. speaker veterans of the first special service force and families, it is my honor to be here on behalf of of stephen harper and the canadian government today. two of my colleagues are here in washington with me and i'm actually honored to be here as the veterans affair minister of canada and someone who wore the uniform because of inspiration to your generation and this includes extraordinary recognition and extraordinary efforts. 1800 americans and canadians came together on the first special service force and they
11:54 pm
were united in training to become a commando force in the battlefields of europe and they were also united in the knowledge that their service and unique style for unique risks was tremendous and legendary by now. in italy as well as france where they fought for 99 days without relief. and fortunately this allows some of them to we brought together. we get to hear from charlie in eugene. but we also remember those who are not with us like tommy prins canada's most decorated aboriginal veteran of the second world war. thank you. >> he served as a reconnaissance scout in our nation awarded him the military medal and yours the
11:55 pm
silver star. he was one of 59 silver stars awarded by the u.s. government to canadians serving under command in the devil's brigade. but today we must remember the 463 of your comrades who did not return from the war. in many ways the devil's brigade also symbolizes the unique ability of the two great nations to work together to secure freedom far from our shores. as the folklore shows they brought together bagpipes and bugles and they brought together young men from toronto and from topeka. and they serve and trained together and they sacrificed together. the book of john says greater love has no man than this that a man lay down his life for his
11:56 pm
friend. in the first special service force they were neighbors who became allies who became friends and were willing to sacrifice for their friends and the principles that the units stood for. this began before the devil's brigade and i was on the hollowed grounds of arlington today to see the canadian possible on our record in 1930 by our government, the most majestic feel to honor the 3000 americans who died in world war i serving with the canadian unit. and the heroics continue through norad and korea were tommie prince served in the battle of the korean war. not includes those that serve alongside the americans in
11:57 pm
kandahar are held as close to our chest as the 150 men and women that we lost. and today the royal canadian air force when our soldiers from the successor unit to the devil's brigade are serving in cause of freedom and alongside our allies and friends like those in the united states. it is my honor to represent canada here today and i thank you for recognizing these special veterans and allowing us to remember the service and sacrifice that the units represent. thank you very much. [applause] >> ladies and gentlemen please stand for the chaplain of the united states representatives speaks. giving the benediction.
11:58 pm
[applause] >> let us pray. lord be the hands and hearts of this nation be raised in prayer and praise for these road members of the special service force. an elite unit made up of american and canadian soldiers. this legendary special force was tasked with creating havoc behind enemy lines during world war ii and laid the foundation for today's special forces unit in the modern-day special forces in canada. after extensive training in 1942 near helena montana, this vessel for his employed nearly all aspects of the war and emerged as a recognized unit in italy in 1944.
11:59 pm
where earned the next nickname devil's brigade for opposing german forces. me the breath of god hold their noble and heroic story. we thank you oh god that our two nations remain good neighbors and stand ready to assist one another in any time of danger. bless the women and men in military service both in canada and here in our nation, and bless their families. god bless canada, the true north strong and free. and god bless america and grant us peace both in the present and with you forever amen.
12:00 am
[applause] >> ladies and gentlemen, please remain standing for the departure of the official party. ♪ ♪ of ♪♪ ♪ ♪♪ >> repealing the health care law 239 to one today. and ted cruz introduced legislation for a full repeal of th


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