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tv   After Words  CSPAN  February 23, 2015 12:53am-1:01am EST

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how is this country going to be able to understand and as a culture in another country that thinks and hundred year terms we are lucky in this country people can have an eight-year plan when a president gets elected for the first time and assume that he will get reelected. so how does america deal with this? >> what i tried to do is put the issue of china in the narrative of our relations on the presidential election debate agenda for 2016. china wasn't much of an issue in 2012. that romney has a chapter on china in his book, no apology and he brings up we need to be more competitive with china. but there isn't much of a debate. and what i would like to see in 2016 is our media to dominate the issues. if everybody knows gwen ifill
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and judy woodruff and jim lehrer raised the presidential presidential debates they better be ready. so if the media starts to say what is this all about? is china really doing these things and are we so naïve and gullible we will get our presidential candidates to become engaged in the topic. so far only two of them have really talked about it. elizabeth warren has a comment on one of her speeches, elizabeth warren is talking about losing jobs and middle-class and how china invests deeply and infrastructure as he gives the percentage of gdp. so she's kind of admiring the chinese model that only america could be like that. that is the title of a book by tom friedman which is quite good. i think it is roughly what he used to be like that. there is a similar book by richard fox the council of foreign relations called the foreign policy begins at home with a big section on competing
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with china. so the idea is there but it's not yet a presidential issue because there's so much complacency. the media today china is going to collapse, it's a very backward they are kind of stupid. we can look down on them. besides we opened up china. we are the ones responsible for all the growth. that narrative is all wrong in my view. i try to show the new evidence in this book. i try to show if it is a different narrative that china is really outfoxing us. i think that's a presidential candidate kind of question, and that would be the pills. dream is gwen ifill or bill o'reilly asks all the candidates but read about this book the 100 year marathon. have you read this? and the candidate says no, what the book is that lacks and we are off and running. >> you discussed the chinese and american dream. >> you can watch this and others online to
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you can see that same influence that is the influence of
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feminism and the birth control movement. here on the left is a panel of wonder woman doing what she's doing what she's trying to a -- escape the chains. she's an allegory for the american emancipation. the publisher is like hmm. [laughter] here on the right is another photo that makes that allegory quite clear for the scholarly journal published by the society. he says wonder woman should work a scholarship. so here you can see the same work at making it allegory invisible. and in the center is a completely typical suffrage
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cartoon from the 19 teens. you can see obviously the influence of that iconography in which it is forever being chained up and it's called pairing up the bond until women gave up their right to vote, they were slaves to men. it's the way being a disenfranchised woman with the condition of slavery. these were done by a feminist cartoonist who was published as lou rogers because she was told she wouldn't get anything published if she used a man's name. the reason i want to point that out is that kerry was a staff writer for the judge in the 19 teens too. not only that but they both contributed to the judge's regular suffrage page which is called the modern woman and it featured a cartoon in the central panel of every page.
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so, it was essentially a suffrage cartoonist. he brought the job qualification of women fighting for the right to vote. so the biographical story illustrates that and helps us to see just how much wonder woman was the missing link in the feminism in the 21st century. >> you can watch this and other programs online at the next in this event from the richard nixon presidential library in yorba linda california, stephen hess talks about the relationship between presidents nixon and his president nixon and his onetime adviser, daniel patrick moynihan. this is a little under an hour.
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♪♪ >> good afternoon. i'm the director director of communications at the richard nixon foundation. welcome to the richard nixon presidential library on the occasion of the 102nd birthday. before we start i just wanted to say that today is a free admission day so i encourage you to visit president nixon's birthplace right across the way. also visit the memorial site and the galleries to learn about the life of this extraordinary man. who had become president of the united states. another extraordinary man


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