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tv   Key Capitol Hill Hearings  CSPAN  April 8, 2015 12:00pm-2:01pm EDT

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beyoncé voted. and george clooney votes for obama. lady gaga and everybody be like and admire vote for obama so that's why to vote for obama. it's the power of the pop-culture but if you don't understand how powerful the pop culture is, i'm about to give you a short education. so let's play a little game. let's say i was a political operative and i had the kind of control over your brain space so that if i could start a sentence, start a sense, you could finish that sentence for me. ..
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but this is for the four or five of you that are a little bit younger than the rest of us. i'm over half a century old. ready, here we go this one is for you. it seems today that all you see is violence in movies and sex on tv. i started us on to the superman tv show and i started with the theme to the gilligan's island show and the theme to the family guy tv show and none of you had to go to a website, read a program, look it up because you had seen them hundreds if not thousands of times.
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you have taken them into your brain in a way that you don't take things and when you get a pamphlet. you believe it. because you believe it it goes into a deep part of your brain. so, if you are one of those people that can look up at the sky it's a bird plain because the superman got into your heart and anything associated about into your heart as well because it is america. it was a positive view of america, it is of a god that lives on earth and is limited in power and is only inhibited by his own moral decency. it is the control of limited
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power when into your hands you watch superman that's the political message and if you can say look up at the sky everything. the only thing that you could learn all you have to do is kill gilligan and your problems are over. the capitalist message of the christian method that comes into the show every single week is as deep in their heads as superman is in yours. we are paying people to put those messages into the minds of our kids and they can recite
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this stuff in their sleep. they don't have to go to the website to figure out what the messages are. it's in the blood stream. it's in the pop culture because it isn't just a fish in the ocean. it's not just getting a big fish in the ocean. controlling the pop culture isn't just landing a whale in the ocean the pop culture is the motion. every political issue that we face in the country today swims in the pop culture. it's everything. it's the air that we breathe and we have to get into this battle space. i am talking about the wrapper. i want to be crystal clear on this. there's nothing about the ideals and message that i would change not a dot or a i think that the constitution is a religious all
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about the document dropped because of its divine inspiration we can discuss but the amount of work that went into it the amount of study and history and constant debate. i'm not talking about changing the message some of the im talking seriously about changing the package when we put that in because succeeding in the worst political messages the level of collectivism and tierney and dependency and envy and hopelessness and all that stuff but they are putting it in a diamond box and we have the most brilliant in history. and we are wondering why nobody is buying it. frankly if you are a politician on the right and you can't sell freedom to people, you are probably in the wrong line of work.
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how hard is it to sell freedom virtue and the private property to people in this country if you can't do that we need to find another line of work. so let's get down to the actual message and talk about the packaging. i know i make this joke every time that on behalf of our c-span viewers. [applause] he gave his career to make it safe to drink in the middle of the speech. [laughter] so what is the message, what is it that we believe a-qwex we have brochures, constitutions, websites, all things of the simpler the better. the simple messages that are. albert einstein determined the relationship between matter and energy the relationship could have killed 60 blackboards with key quotations and could have been astonishingly complex.
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but when he set it equal to and see square you know it's on the truth because it was so simple it have to be true. so what is the message of the conservative view of america it is three things into three things only. then we will talk about how to sell it. freedom, private property and virtue. how do we do that to young people today? they've never been told anything about the founders or how this was worked out. they don't know how it started. no. we have to start from scratch. all they see is freedom. everybody is free. we are all free.
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when we get down to it it's pretty simple. do you want to be left alone or do you want to be told what to do which won and if you go to a group of current students anywhere, berkeley or anywhere else in the city than do you want to be left alone or do you want to be told what to do. they will all say they want to be left alone. it's very likely was over when the college can't the most liberal. that's where free demand logic go to die. how many of you think that you are socialist and seven out of ten were used their hands. so i said to them were
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socialist, i'm capitalist. what is your belief? you ask them to define what they mean in the socialist and they couldn't tell you. after a time i kind of city you know it's not really my job to argue your position for you but i will do it anyway. aren't you basically saying from each according to his ability to each according to his needs? so if you look at the suburban students and say to these liberals coming and we don't want to use that word anymore and you just ask them to the site of the labels, raise your hand if if you want to be left alone and they will. now raise your hand if you want to tell people what to do it if you are the kind of person that likes to tell other people what to do. and none of them well raise their hands, not one of them.
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so if you want to be left alone that means you value freedom so which party is the party about being left alone? who is it that is trying to tell you that you have to have a certain kind of health care that only approved? which party is telling you that you have to very safety helmet if you want to get out there and ride your bike, do it which party is talking about wild guns and fast cars and hot women in which party is constantly trying to tell you this is the temperature setting, this is what you have to do, which party is the party saying you can't do that or that and the other party says get out of my face and leave me alone. if you want to be left alone and you don't want to tell other people what to do then don't you want the smallest government possible because they are the only people. if you don't like mcdonald's, don't go to mcdonald's.
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but if you don't like what the government is doing, sooner or later they will show a so if you don't like being told what to do wouldn't you be in favor of reducing them the only thing that can force you into doing what you don't want to do ask you for a third of the way to being a conservative. if you want to be left alone? me too. we are on the same page. now private property is a tougher sell because wealth has been demonized to cause the entire reason for existence and reason they obtain political power is saying to some people vote for me and we will have the guns of the government to take stuff from people and give it to you. so it has to be demonized because if wealth is not demonized and is in fact a read leave word for hard work and more hard work then taking it
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is stealing and stealing is wrong. we don't want to be thieves. so it has to be demonized and we have to take their fair share which is what justifies stealing it from them and giving it to other people so it is a little tougher but you can pull this off and here's how i did it. you have a group full of students that claim they are socialist 70% raise their hands and i would say to them okay fair enough. what kind of phone do you have a-qwex iphone five and i'm going to get this has is my plan upgrades. they will tell you first look at the little suspiciously quiet you want to know? i am not going to steal them from you. not the capitalists can adjust the socialists remove the smartphone. why do you want our phone? you are the ones that said to
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each according to his need. that's what you believe. you are the socialists. so bring them the phones. we are going to have to thousand dollars worth of electronics and we are going to put them in a basket. i'm not going to take them. i'm not the government or a collectivist. we will take these and liquidate them and sell them for $2000. it's 120-dollar bills and we will go through cleveland and distribute that money to the poor because it will be each according to his ability and give to each according to his need. guess what? they don't bring them down. you know why? because they are not socialist. william f. buckley conservatives
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that believe in this idea of wealth redistribution as long as there's someone else. but when it is time for them to take their wealth and redistribute it to other people all of a sudden they think ronald reagan is a swell guy and that's where you can put people in the position they have to put their money where their mouth is. of course they are in favor of the wealth redistribution. you don't have any wealth to redistribute. you will until you start getting jobs at which point your opinion will change and that's normal. this is in fact my phone. i have it because they work like a slave i work seven days a week i work very, very hard and this is one of the benefits of the work i do that i don't have to do. i earned it and it's mine.
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it's my god mine -- if my phone , mine. [applause] and those are yours, while technically they are your parents but we are not going to split hairs. but you can call them on it and you can put it on their moral code. i will say you have an xbox and playstation. i know you are playing all these games, so let's just remember the poorest americans are richer than 93% of the rest of the population of the earth. if you were to take it to the punjab and so that you could probably feed a village for a year and you don't. you say that you would, but you
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don't. you are all hypocrites. it's your property and you feel like you probably have that you could take that xbox and sell it for $300 and feed a family certainly for a year and you don't because you're not socialist, because you understand that these things are products of the life you that you leave and your willingness to be charitable is not determined by whether or not somebody has a gun to your head. you can get people to understand the value of private property when you ask them if they are going to be willing to sell any of theirs in order to live up to their superiority and the answer is that they won't do that because they are not socialist. they are regular people just like us to feel like if they were they work hard they should be entitled to the reward for that work.
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pretty simple. third thing you need to sell his virtue. they think that means not having sex until you're 70 but that isn't what virtue means. it's very simple. it just means don't be a jerk. when i talk to college kids i say don't be a dick. same thing, don't be a jerk. don't be a jerk. do you think raise your hands out there, college students of america, raise your hands if you think you have the right to hit somebody or the right to take what is in their backpack right now do you have the right to take what's in that person's backpack, yes or no. he would be kind of a jerk if you hit than or take their stuff so if you don't believe in hurting people were taking their stuff that means that you are
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virtuous and the thing about that then we can leave you alone if you behave without hitting people and taking their stuff we can let you do whatever you want to do limited only by the point where you start to hurt people or take their stuff. if you don't want to take their stuff or heard or hurt them all of a sudden now we need a policeman and wardens and prison guards and the whole thing that is necessary to stop some of you from being jerks and i don't know why the rest of us all have to pay the penalty because some of you are jerks. we ought to do with those of you that are jerks and leave the rest of us alone. that's what i think. and that's virtue.
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a fosco congratulations you are all the way there. you are in fact a conservative because you have understood that these principles are lost to the principles of hatred or selfishness or anything. they are simple common sense values we all share. everybody wants to be left alone and once the rewards of their stuffy and everybody agrees that it's wrong to hurt somebody and take their stuff. so if you have these three simple things, just a couple things how did you actually sell this stuff? while i had a really remarkable epiphany about this a few months ago down in florida and i fly to fort lauderdale and every single time i go i will fly virgin america, two towns i'm not even going to. that's how much i like virgin america. there is a point to this. the first time i flew on the flight it was a red eye i walked into the plane at 11:00 and
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walked into a room that was dark and the lighting on the airplane was purple and red and the seats were white plastic and black leather and the music they played was the kind of jazz you will hear in a club and i thought this kicks butt. i couldn't believe how cool it was and about a year ago, virgin america did something i would like you all to go home and watch when you get the chance. virgin america that used to have an extremely funny animated safety video spent it must have been millions of dollars to do a new airplane safety videos if you get a chance go home and look up the video. it's been seen by 11 million people and i probably put about 40,000 of those on there myself. i get off the flight having watched the safety video in my chair, got in my car drove home, fed the cats went to
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youtube because i wanted to hear it again. that's how good it is and it is that a good because the music is that good, the dancers are that hot, it's interesting, so cool couldn't get enough of it and it was only after about the time i came back and saw it for the eighth or ninth time i realized i just got off the plane and i'm sitting here watching at 2:00 in the morning. why am i doing this? kozicki is so entertaining and well done that i am willing to spend four and a half minutes to hear the most boring information on the face of the earth. here's how you operate a seat belt. here's how you blow up your emergency vest and do not tamper with the smoke detectors in the bathroom coming here is how you find the exit doors. it's not only the most boring information in the world it is what i've heard 200 times and
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totally blanked out on every flight i've been on but i couldn't get enough of it because it was magnificent. each was unique, they had these robot dancers and it was absolutely fantastic. if it can make me watch the most boring information in the world for the 20th time after hearing at 300 times commercially and 11 million people on youtube then this is important. we need to reimagine our values, not reinvent them or change them at reimagine. there is a great example i can give you for this. when you talk to young americans about george washington who know anything about them that's all
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they know, when you talk to young people about george washington asked them to describe george washington they will say he had a frilly shirt and stockings and a waistcoat. that's pretty much what george washington looked like. but that's what he looks like two is 250 years later. you're going to look a little stupid 250 years from now you may not believe me but believe it. that's going to look pretty absurd round a hundred years from now, 200 years from now and a 250 years from now people are going to laugh at you because of how you are dressed. so not many people know this but george washington's marketing message through enemy lines to
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london england who he's been at war with for six or seven years now and the message was simple. george washington sent a message and i got it almost memorized i would like to purchase for waistcoats and the latest designs using the most fashionable colors that are currently available without them looking ostentatious. what will that cost? why did he send that message to london? because george washington was the best dressed man on the planet earth. he was the best dressed man on planet planet earth and heap of being the president of the public meant that it's especially important that i be the best dressed man on planet earth so if george washington were standing next to me today he wouldn't be wearing a
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powdered waited and stockings if he were standing next to me today when everybody else was three for four, he was six for the 16 would be wearing a $20,000 suit and a $900 shirts, $200,000 shoes for 800000 other haircut and he would be holding a laser target because george washington was a swinging deadly dude. george washington today would look like money because he was money. that is who george washington is. she would be dressed in a $20,000 suit and i thought to myself how do we get this idea across to young people because the people of george washington wanting to be king. they thought of it against the kings and the first thing they wanted to do is make him king
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because he was so glamorous and interesting as sexy and cool. he was every celebrity you know gold into one and he was the founder of the nation. they wanted him to refer as the excellency. when people hear this they start to reimagine the entire thing. george washington and a 20,000-dollar armani suit is accessible in a way that an old guy in a powdered wig isn't and you can do this for all of it. if i were going to talk a story i would do what they did in the safety video i did have a guy standing there in the tri- corner hat with a wave and a waistcoat and then i would have three of the hottest young women on earth and i see them in los angeles every day. they would walk up to this 6-foot five model and grab this
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outfit and pulled off and he would be standing there, this 35-year-old super super god wearing a pair of boxer underwear and these women with cervical him and to start to the 9,000-dollar watch on his hand and do the cufflinks and washington would do the james bond coupling, come out of the action and do one of those. they would say that is who the father of this country was committed and always be. that is who he is and that's why they worshiped him and when he said i'm not going to be your king that's why we loved the guy and that's why we love the guy. that is the problem of reimagining these things and you can do this all the time by using the language. it's very important.
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i was at an event in phoenix and during the q&a period this is when i started to think about the messaging period. a young woman from the local high school said bill i have a question for you. we want to start a tea party group at our high school and we wonder if you have any ideas. i said i do have ideas. whatever you do, do not call it a tea party group under any circumstances don't call it that. forget about the fact that they've been unfairly demonized. if you talk about the team party and they see women sitting around drinking tea they don't know that the actual team party was a bunch of college kids drunk out of their minds basically in the a sense about the fact that somebody had put a charge on their wifi basically a 1 cent tax, they got trashed and threw it overboard. they can't relate to this idea of the tea parties for
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delegates. i said if i were you i would print up a little brochure and it would say that at 4:00 on tuesday in room 228 there will be the first meeting of the rebel alliance. [applause] and i could see from her look she got up because for the first time ever an actual conservative was speaking to her in a language she understood and that isn't a trivial thing. how do we expect the american people to let us run the country if we don't even understand our own mythology? we do not understand if we do not speak the language of the american people. my friend was inexorably provocative and it made me very angry but it's true he said on some level barack obama is even more. barack obama knows the simpsons, family guy coming he's downloaded songs from heating the beyoncé.
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if we can't speak this language we don't deserve to. so i said to start the first start the first meeting and they said what do i tell people and i said if somebody comes up to you and says what is this alliance you need to tell them this isn't for you. [laughter] what do you mean it's not for me? you're not cut out to be a rebel. you don't know that maybe i am. no if you are going to be a member you have to understand we are outnumbered 100 to one don't have the strength to be outnumbered the way we are outnumbered every day. we are outnumbered 100-1. you have to be smart and understand the things that look like may be true are not as a matter of fact it's through a lifetime of study of these
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skills that allow just a handful of us to get into these beat up starfighters and pieces of junk and get up there and fly to the incoming typewriters can avoid incoming laser blast, put it into a vent the size of a pie dish and get out of there before this star blows up and takes all of us with it you better hope that we are successful because if we are not commit you are going to wake up one day and they are going to be roasting rack of her burning tires in the streets. so, if you think you can handle this alliance, be prepared because it isn't easy. and you say that to somebody and watch what happens to that meeting of the so-called tea party because that is what we are talking about how you're talking about freedom we are talking about freedom and rebellion. we are talking about what makes this country great. this is mine, i own it. it doesn't belong to the entire.
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i risked my life for it. they are speaking their language. [applause] they call themselves liberals. there's nothing liberal about them at all. i am in fact not meaning to split hairs with you but i'm very clear on this i'm a conservative because i'm trying to conserve classical liberalism classical liberalism from the founders is the idea of private property can individual rights coupled with individual responsibilities, fighting an entire empire we can spend their money better than the king and.
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the american founding to the conservatives were fundamentally liberal ideas and the so-called liberals were actually big state socialist collectivists that are simply another brand that belief that only smart people should have the power and everybody else will do what they told them to for their own good of course. this progress of the sum is not new. the idea of the people ruling everybody else and parceling out garbage iphone's and transportation and garbage housing to keep them happy so they keep them in power is ancient and goes back to the romans the empires and all this other stuff. so we want the idea of limited government and large people. i don't call them liberals anymore because they are not. they are not. but some of the language which are you conservative they would say to me and i would say i'm a conservative because my
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commitment to diversity. no, no. how can you be the party of diversity. loch ness monster is for obama have a little website in the place to donate. we are the party of diversity and i would say no you're not coming you're the party of tribes come interest groups you're a party that says if you don't kill the line on abortion of global warming not only are you out of the club but we are not going to be your friend anymore. when i'm in favor of diversity on talking about the real diversity because there's only one kind of diversity when you get down to it ladies and gentlemen because nobody in this room agrees on everything. when you get down to the tax on every single one of us is a political party of one. the diversity that i celebrate as a conservative is the diversity of the individual
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person and that's what real diversity is and that's why i celebrate it. [applause] i am not the person that's telling you that your entire identity as a human being can forget about your political identity from its dependence on you agreeing with all of the things that put me in power. people should be able to disagree in everything. it's not unity. forget unity. the disagreement, that is what makes this country strong. the ultimate diversity is the individual. i am an individualist. we can use words like liberal and conservative,, republican, democrat until the cows come home but let's get down to the brass tacks. if we are talking about abortion let's not say pro-life or pro-choice. okay, these are advertising terms. these are terms we use to wrap the idea in advertising so if i'm pro-life that must mean that
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you are pro- death or if i'm pro-choice that must mean that you are proslavery. now if we are going to talk about abortion let's talk about it in a way that makes. are you pro- abortion or anti-abortion, it's the procedure so let's just speak honestly about what we are talking about and get rid of these advertising terms. i would say are you an individualist or a collectivist, which of these two things are you if you think that we all have an obligation that is a fair statement of collectivism. we should be responsible for our own needs when we can't help ourselves, but we have a responsibility to do for ourselves. that's my position. and when you get down to this sort of thing we have the positions of clarity, real clarity because i will say for example, i'm 100% in favor of free health care being given to everyone.
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100%. what kind of a monster would i have to be to deny people free health care? i would have to be a conservative monster to be mean enough, to deny people health care. i am in favor of free health care to everybody. the problem is healthcare isn't free. when you talk about the most highly educated people in the world is surrounded by the team of specialists and enough equipment to buy an entire village in the world this is expensive, so since it is not free why don't we talk about who is going to pay for it and when we talk about who's going to pay for it we are no longer fighting
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on their grounds we are talking about what is the most efficient and that the best way we see what happens applied electronics for example and it now since we are not talking about free health care anymore now we are going to win the argument because the question isn't whether it is free or not, it's about what's the best way to deliver it as we don't get fair of course i would be in favor of giving it to people. if you can print catalog's and there was no cost for the material labor of course i would be in favor, of course i would be. but they can't. so let's talk about what we actually can do. somebody has to pay for them
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which means somebody is going to be taking money from people and giving it to somebody else and now we have the argument and why are you against free health care? i think it's fantastic. i would be that would be lovely and i'm in favor of anyone who can do it. but if you can't you have to deal with the fact we have to walk sometimes because we are getting down to the language and the tax. the one thing you have to understand today is that they have one currency and one only they don't have history because it is between 100 to 200 million people killed by their own big government's.
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the small government armed people. they call us nazis. but the german acronym. daschle to international solidarity to cope you can't spell nazi without socialist workers party. they are the large state monolithic big state solution that killed 12 million people at least. you've got the soviet union which was the union of soviet socialist republics with at least 10 million people and probably shot another 20 or 30 people, 20 or 30 million to bring the workers in the world. the chinese communists start 50 million people to death with
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their ideology held by socialism in cambodia and south america and all the people castro killed and all the rest they got between 100 to 200 million actual people who had died because of the collectivism and you don't get to say that was a bad guy they didn't do it right. how many do we have to kill before you get it right maybe the problem is if you believe certain people should have absolute power over the collective that is going to automatically bring the worst murderers to the top. how many before we start to realize maybe this isn't the best idea after all. let me tell you who the real racists are. this entire population has been
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enslaved by the idea that you don't have to work except we want you to work for one hour every one or two years. crap housing, crap transportation and all we want is one hour's hours worth every two years to keep us in power so let's do a little history. it's unfortunate for them. let's go back to basics. after the civil war was over which was launched by a republican party that was founded to eliminate slavery in america and the candidate in the 1860 and 64 based at why don't we call it and keep them and say that it never happened? all of those protesters in the selma alabama and the people were democrats. the jim crow law all this stuff was written but let's get down to the brass tacks at the turn
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of the century there was a gigantic debate into 30 or 40 years after the civil war about the future of black americans in this country and the debate was headed by two people on one hand they think it was pronounced w. e. b. dubois is who had the belief we should take from america and demand from them a series of concessions and economic benefits would be distributed by his term by the educated 10% of the population that would distribute we would demand it. that was his position and on the other side was a perky washington. we have to go back to the people we used to work for because we
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have to develop our own economy and resources. we have to be farmers so our sons can be mechanics and so their his other sons can be doctors. we don't have the right to ask for or demand respect and booker t. washington atopy teske d. institute was far higher and had a lover out of birth rate come out of wedlock birthrate and a lover out of wedlock birth rate and their test scores were high here and when they entered world war ii there were trainings and a equipment and best fighter pilots that never lost a bomber because booker t. washington realized the way to eliminate racism and prejudice is not through the demand that through excellence and the excellence of their performance. that was the america that we could have had and that we should have had and that we deserve to have, come of the greatest americans that ever lived. they said said to black america
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if we become victims we are going to stay victims and we must prove we are the better. we will enter the society as equal and america made a choice and we have this in front of us today so i don't want to hear about how public and the racist. it's as any other individual in this country. the rights to determine your own destiny. the right to be a person that determines the course of his own life through his own actions his or her own ability to not just sit there for the rest of your life and wait for the government to send you a check so that you can float down the river that is the choice that was made that we are facing today.
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i know what booker t. washington was saying and i saw it work. i saw his test scores and out of wedlock and fighter pilots in world war ii. i won't hear it. and if you take away the superiority of a have left is the evidence of the policy and that evidence is murder and failure, pure coke on end of discussion. it's over. so, let me close with this. we have to give people something it's not about the values the big left was a gun control by shooting guns at people it has to be a little annoying to them i would imagine. he's a kind of leftist who says things like this. i'm a movie star. i think we should raise taxes.
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i'm going to get the worst of anybody. you are an incredibly advanced magnificent man. however unfortunately, i work in show business as well. first if you go home with a $7 million paycheck for six weeks worth that's the kind of sacrifice. when they make a movie starring matt damon they don't write a check this was paid to the order of matt damon lined million dollars they write a check that says page of the order of the production's $9 million about every single part of your life is owned. they write a check that is enough to buy a pack of gum at the airport in the amount of money robber is as tax-free and at the end of the day the liberals up in hollywood would
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do the same thing with these knuckle dragging conservatives that in dubuque iowa would iowa what do we iowa what do we just told her tax attorneys what is the least i can pay and not break the law? you don't get to stand here and tell me that you are a better person than me by being the kind of hypocrite that does everything that we do and still wants to wear this adage of magnificence. i am the person that will suffer the most. raise taxes on everybody. it's been underfunded. raise taxes on everybody. if you like the project head start by don't you write them a check for $9 million? they will take the money. why don't you write them a check. why are you making the gun put to the head of everybody else in this audience and everybody else in the country making them pay for it why don't you write a check? they will not have a college education or they will not take that vacation or go to that extension of their house they don't get to go home with 7 million. i don't buy it. i am one of you. i know what kind of people you
12:49 pm
are. i am a vampire that walks in the daylight and my job is to slay other vampires because i know how the system works very at eu do you do not get this moral superiority. you do not get the superiority of saying free tibet by having a bumper sticker on your previous because if you have a bumper sticker that says free tibet that doesn't free tibet or the due the slightest thing. if you really want to free tibet, and i do, then maybe you ought to take off the bumper sticker and put on one one that says united states marine corps because if you really want to free tibet, that's how it's going to get done. so, you pull away this moral superiority that got up and left and here is the bad news and the good news. i know we have been through a rough five years and it's going to get worse before it gets better i want to use the
12:50 pm
pop-culture, people like you have to hold the line and win elections, you have to win the elections and get out and vote and all that stuff. that is holding the line. i'm tired of losing territory, i am done. i want to get the ground back. i want a special force of the cultural warriors 40 miles in the rear where they are absolutely sure they have everything and when when they turnaround the turnaround and look at it and say what is that, then they would save the bridge disappears and goes to the river on the other side of the map. i want to be back there messing up their up the headquarters and to sabotage everything they believe and i want to make the conservative cool because it is cool. we we be leaving loud guns and fast cars and we be lead everyone should have five cows is if you work hard enough. we have six flags on the moon. if you want to do something you should be able to as long as it doesn't hurt anybody else. what is their vision for america's future? people sitting around in a carbon neutral construction
12:51 pm
walking around each other poling parasites off of each other around a burning cow pie eating their algae cakes raising money for the guatemalan water snake. are you trying to tell me these are equal visions that we can sell to the american people? please, stop it. i've had enough. i'm done. [applause] so the cultural board is tilted so heavily and the thing we don't understand as it is in our favor. they have to own all of the movies and academia and colleges and comedy to get a 50/50 election. if the truth comes and it's not
12:52 pm
dark anymore. you can only keep the lights out. light out. that is our great advantage. but there is bad news and this is what you need to go home with. you need to understand the bad news and i can explain the position carries a singly the bad news about the fight between individualism and collectivism they can beat us but we can never beat them ever. the reason we can never beat then it's because rust never sleeps. if you want a yard with roses and a beautiful lawn you don't get to go out and mow the lawn. the second you you put that lawnmower a way it is growing again and the second you come in with your pruning shears they
12:53 pm
are starting to spread because they are on the site of easiness. they are on the side of dependency as opposed to a sponsor before the end of telling people don't worry we've got this covered. it takes a lot of work to be the own master of your destiny. it's on their side. we can never beat them. we have to roll it up the hill and doubled her is at the bottom of the hill again. if you don't understand that it is begin to beat this. many of you don't know the point of it.
12:54 pm
you want a rock on the top of the hill and not on the bottom. you should live in the rose garden and a bunch of weeds. that requires constant work. you don't have to tell that to the men and women that are not in the room tonight because they are sleeping and cold the deadly places we can have this discussion without being feared by being shot by snipers. the understand that sacrifice has to be made every single day. the beautiful thing is if you understand that he never sleeps and that you're never, ever done mowing the lawn it will become clear to you that your job is to make sure that that rock stays on the top of the hill forever or to save the country for a
12:55 pm
hundred years coming your job is to save the country for ten years or five years coming your job is just to save it today. that's all you have to do. just today. tomorrow when you wake up it is good to be more depressing. when you go to fox news or any of these other sites we frequent to get the truth it's going to be worse. we have to make the same decision that strange man made in 1940. they sat in the back trenches for ten years saying he's not joking. he's going to conquer the world.
12:56 pm
they called him a warmonger and a racist and idiot and all these other things. finally when he was called by george bush she became pregnant as great britain within 48 hours surrendering. he knew he would have to fight off hitler but he thought he was going to do it with the french. he thought when he said we have to fight these parties that he would do it with the french and the germans would be on the border of belgium 200 miles away. when he took office there was nothing but wreckage and the germans weren't 200 miles away they were 20 miles away. they were a nine minute flight
12:57 pm
they were nine minutes away and winston churchill was advised by every single member. she doesn't want to subjugate us all he wants is to keep the empire for a while anyway and winston churchill heard this and a man without an army just barely an air force with nothing but his beliefs had no i don't know if i can ever get through this without choking up. winston churchill said if our long island story comes to an end, let it end with all of us on the floor of this building drowning in our own blood and that's why we are speaking english today. that's why we are speaking english today because a strange little man with some very
12:58 pm
strange ideas made a decision that he was going to fight these people and we look back to the telescope of history so it was inevitable i read a lot about winston churchill and he never even intimated this in public. he just wanted to lose and make that story means something. they didn't lose they one. it's a decision, it's a choice like everything else. they want you to believe it isn't really news, they want you to believe that your ideas are old and young people hate everything about it. they don't have to work.
12:59 pm
we have to work. if they give up we still have to know the grass. don't give up. thanks for having me. [applause] very kind. thank you. please set aside some time. we are definitely going to do q-and-a and i have to be out of the building about ten minutes till mine. if we have any questions i would love to take them. are people going to come over there? what's going to happen is our ushers are going to hand out.
1:00 pm
i will get through these as fast as i can. >> i want to thank you for your appearance on behalf of the alliance of silicon valley. [applause] >> m.i. audible? we have our best person on the job and then we can adjust it a little bit. >> one advantage to taking questions from conservatives. [laughter] ..
1:01 pm
you will fall into serious error and we don't want to do that. so this is a bad and there is in fact a state of war that has been going on with united states of america since 1979. in 1979 d. public overrun was
1:02 pm
overshadowed with ayatollah khomeini and in saudi arabia if you had those parts of the islamic world, the shiites and the sunnis united in a cause of war against everything the west stands for. so you have to understand, if you don't understand this at all, the united states has been at war with these elements of islam since 1979. we are not at war with them, but they are at war with us. they are very clear about this. just as a small percentage of the german population were actual honest to god nazis with a much less ss personnel. we have to understand the philosophy run amok. the reason germany was able to become so awful and allow this to happen was not because peoples darted out it was because the atmosphere of evil
1:03 pm
and gave room for the most basic in string to arise. so in the same way the many millions and millions of germans have no knowledge would have been absolutely clueless as as the same time they knew something was wrong and they didn't say anything and that led to serious problems. if you want to compare islamists with nazis. that is my position on it. i wasn't kidding about islamic americans. the left will never identify a terrorist attack because if we said it was a muslim attack, with all rise and that his projection. we know who launched the attack. we know the last words ever spoken on everyone of those planes that hit those buildings. when they hit the pentagon for an absolute moral certainty what the last two were we don't have
1:04 pm
to say we know at the last two were shouted at the top of their lungs were. we didn't murder all the muslims in america. so let's deal with the issue. if you remain silent as a muslim american or civilized must run in the face of this barbarism you're not only completely, but bringing upon your head the same exact doom that be spelled with nazis and there is in fact an interesting counterpoint that makes this case because after the beginning of world war ii for america on december 8th of may 241, america was attacked by the empire of japan and many americans were killed towards japanese-americans but the point i'm trying to make is this. japanese-americans in the days and weeks and months after world war ii enlisted in record numbers for the military.
1:05 pm
they had to be sent to europe because they deploy the japanese-americans. they were worried our own soldiers who were righteously and correctly engaged at the tactics of the empire of japan to take it out on their own citizens. the japanese units were deployed to europe and the likes of which we've never seen in this country because they had something to prove. what they had to prove what they were americans. they were americans who came from japan. i don't see anything like this among american muslims today. that makes me angry and it not only makes me angry, and makes me worry. it tells me you are not earning your place here. when america was attacked by japan, japanese-americans and listed under the flag of america and fight the enemies with remarkable heroism and distinction. i don't see anything like that at all today. the thing that concerns me is this. by then remaining silent, not only are they bringing judgment
1:06 pm
on their own, they do not deserve to their action and violence. they were lousy verelan are burying savage animals to think they will get away with it. the end result will be the end result of what happens when people mess around with three people. they are, lazy cowards and we will continue to be passive and take it until we won't take it anymore. ladies and gentlemen, the world has not seen america angry since 1945. this country has not been truly angry since 1945 and these americans remain silent because there is terrorized by their own movement then gestapo. i understand this. i don't blame them for it. i understand the power of fear over people's minds. i studied communism. same thing with them. if they remain silent because of the fear they have towards these
1:07 pm
jihadi animals, they will bring upon themselves the same thing that befell the germans that were silent in the face of the nazis atrocities. it's time to stand up and show us what you believe. when these cartoons were first published in 2342,004 and "the new york times" decided not to run them we don't want to cause any agitation. now, we don't want to engage in their say in our core belief our fundamental belief, the first amendment, the right to free speech is more important than hurting peoples feelings. i send a signal to people that we are in fact cowards. guess what, we are not all cowards. just the other large newspapers. [applause] they've had a chance to discover that in the sands of iraq and afghanistan. they were going to get a lot of hot tub lovers sipping chardonnay and they got to mean sons of guns who kicked their.
1:08 pm
for the sake of everybody, let's speak some truth here. we understand this is a small percentage of the religion but we also understand they operate with impunity among the large muslims. if you don't say something, you are going to entail the same outcome and you will deserve the same outcome as the citizens who didn't say anything when they had a chance to speak up against the murder and terrorism and tyranny. and so they stand we will be in trouble. the reason they are not as because they are afraid. they're afraid because they don't think there's anybody in the united states who has their back. they don't the americans as believing in their own culture. if i had seen that guy decapitate the men i would put 10 megatons of the bright red light of freedom ride over that. right now right now. [applause] this kind of fear the kind of
1:09 pm
fear engendered by islamist radicals or nazis for commonness, that is the vacuum caused by the lack of courage in decent people to defend the weak. so defend it. make them believe it. don't just say we will send you a sternly worded letter from the united nations. and these murderers, track them down and kill them and kill bear armor and their armies in the field. if you say to them we are not willing to stand up for the innocent people you have murdered, then why would we be going to stand up for ourselves? it is not just paris the latest outrage in africa. they murdered 2000 people. muslims murdered 2000 other muslims than we did nothing. as long as we keep doing nothing we look at what happens when free people do nothing. i saw this happen not very long
1:10 pm
ago. she saw winston churchill. she's a british subject. she saw it with a real nice i would rather stop them now been stopped them later. until these guys realize we are serious, they will do more and more and more and get the outcome none of us want. there will mick america really angry. i heard a comedian stand up and say i thought this guy was dead on. you don't want to make america genuinely angry. if you make them angry you'll know because instead of dropping 10,000 bombs they will talk to. then you'll know they are really angry. it is funny but it's not. it is funny but it's not. thank you. [applause] >> was change the subject a little bit. if the anniversary of the society of the welfare state.
1:11 pm
how would you translate this disaster during the 2016 election campaign? how do you make it cool to win half the population from support? >> i have an enormous, enormous suspect for mitt romney as an individual, one of the best characters, but if mitt romney can say to the american people that we will lose 47% of the country because they are in benefits come with all due respect you will not be president, but you don't deserve to be president. if you don't have a plan to win every single vote in this country come you don't deserve to be president. you certainly shouldn't be in this game. if you want to run for president come you better have a sellable plan to win every single vote in this country. it doesn't mean you'll get every vote but you better have a plan. if you are ready to say half america's top table, you don't deserve to be president. you are president about the united states. if it were me dealing with your issue and i was running in 2012
1:12 pm
i would not campaign in the western fields of pennsylvania where we had a chance to put pennsylvania. i would've gone to south philadelphia and i would've gone to the bluest blue district. i would've gone to an all-black african-american church in south philadelphia. and i would've had c-span mayor and i would've simply gotten up stage in the first thing i would've done if i would've been fewer to hatred and the jurors and the outrage and anger. i would've stood up and taken it. if you are not ready to take it, the job is not for you. that's the first thing. and then i would've done this. let me tell you i am here today. first of all, i am here as a matter of personal self-respect. a large number of lies have been told about in the defense me personally. i may not win your vote but if i don't get your vote, i would like to not get it for the things i actually believe in rather than things i've been told i believe. that is the first reason i'm
1:13 pm
here. the second reason i am here if i am not running for president. i'm running for president of all the country. if i believe my policies are better for every single american, then i change my policies. i believe my policies are better for every single american in that i would've looked in the audience would've found the angry space i could've found and said it's not a trick or joke would you mind telling me her name. my name is mitt romney and i come from utah. hopefully we tell me his name. i would say well, i am a republican because they think it is in the self-interest and i imagine you vote democrat because you think it is in your self-interest to vote democrat. would you agree? probably would agree. we have that in common. we have in common the fact you vote a certain way because it is in your interest. let me ask you this not as a
1:14 pm
politician not as a voter, not if anything, just man to man. do you think you are living the best life you could be living right now? is this the best life you can imagine for yourself right now? i can imagine you would say yes to that, but if you do i can tell you it is not the best life i can imagine for you. you perceive it to be in your best interest to vote for democrats because you get housing, you get ebt cards and you get obama phones and you get transportation. but we all know the food is and the housing is and the phone. we know all of this staff. they give you just enough to get into work for for them one hour every two years. never more than you need. just barely enough. you may perceive it is in your
1:15 pm
best interest to vote democrat because you get a free phone. i am here to tell you if you give us a chance you will have so many economic opportunities to provide or yourself and your family with the iphone seven comes out you will be the first person in line to get the best phone on the planet because you will have earned the money in order to do that if that is in fact your priority, if it is important to you. if it's not coming to have the ability to do something else. it's harder. it is not easier. it is harder, but it's a better life for you and we both know this is true. we both know so much anger is coming not from a sense but unfocused rage and the rage is generated by the fact you know and i know if you are not master of your own testimony, i am. it's not because i'm white. it's not because of my birth. i had a small inheritance.
1:16 pm
i gave it away. i believe i'm the master of my own destiny and you don't. you don't believe you're the master of your own destiny because it's in other people's interest for 50 years to tell you that you are powerless and hopeless and a victim of forces much larger than your control. i'm here to tell you it is not true. if you give us an opportunity to create the economic opportunities we believe we could create, you will be the master of your own life and if that means the goal in your life is to sit around and do nothing, you can do that. if you want more, we'll show you how we can do it. our job is to get out of your way because we believe every single one of you has a dream somehow buried by the absolute certainty and we both know it's not going to happen. we are going to get out of your way and provide an opportunity to work as hard as you want to for as long as you want to. if you pick up that little
1:17 pm
golden nugget it will put you back in charge of your own testimony and you'll be a fully human man just like the rest of us. every single one of us feels the same way. if i was in your situation i would vote the way you do too. there is a better way and i know it's true and you know it is true. anyway, my name is matt ronnie is like to have your vote and if i don't get it i understand. i do. but i want to tell you i understand respect you all and endure all the hatred because i want to be president of the people of the united states of america and i can't imagine that i don't hear what you are angry about. how can i do my job if i don't know if you're so enraged about. how do i solve the problems that i don't know what they are? if mitt romney had given a speech one time a one-time, the giant who cares about you most
1:18 pm
would've been another category and we would've won the election with 80% of the vote. yes sir. [applause] >> speaking of mitt romney, how does the media convince us that a moderate republican by which we mean liberal republican is the only one who can win? >> i guess the same way that a hen house guarded by wolves convinces the farmer that wolves are the perfect card for a hen house. look, we have evidence, you know. this is an important part of our philosophy. our philosophy is very simple. we try to discover what is objectively true and we try to move to where the truth is. we don't drag the truth kicking and screaming to a pre-dog trench. the truth will not work on transit for me. it doesn't care about what i
1:19 pm
think. the acceleration rate of gravity is the same throughout the entire planet. i'm either on the truth of the truth is somewhere other than where i yam. in answer to your question we have some evidence about this. for example, in 1980 we had a guy who ran for office on a platform of conservatism and miserably humid 145 states. he only won 45 states in the 1980. after four years of track record after four years of evidence that these policies, he ran again and that time yielding 149 state and became 5000 votes short of winning every state because he believed in these values. he knew how to explain these values. he loved these values and he wasn't a nasty man. he was a happy warrior. he disagreed with people. you couldn't hate ronald reagan because he seemed like such a
1:20 pm
nice guy and had a fundamental humanity that made these policies culpable. hyphenated conservative pundits, we had a run in 1980. he ran after a four-year track record in 84. he won 49 states. that's 49 out of 57 states mr. obama. that is an impressive record. if you want to say those days are over, they did a survey not long ago. they asked the american people ronald reagan or barack obama. ronald reagan beat him by two to one. obama is at the height of his powers. we can't possibly beat him. we came out of the tea party against obamacare with enormous republican victory in 2010. 2012, you can attack his policies. i told you about the villainous "star wars." obi-wan says duluth, tell me about darth vader.
1:21 pm
he says well dark is not a bad and, it is just that his policies are not good for the empire. he wants a 12% tax and we think it should be 7% otherwise darth vader is a fine fellow. now you'll risk your life to destroy a bad guy who's not a bad guy after all? no no. barack obama is distracting to this country. it is antithetical to what makes this country work. attack him for it. then you've got two villains. then it is which a villain makes more sense to me. people will not vote for darth vader under any circumstances. they won't. so let's have to darth vader is and see which one would like us. the evidence is barren and 2014 we ran an ideological conservative election and one gigantic way. so you're telling me this doesn't make sense because we lose soccer moms. let's say you are right.
1:22 pm
if you're saying we are conservatives, the definition of a moderate is someone who hasn't made up their mind. maybe we have to think about why they haven't made up their mind. why don't we say he's going to bring him to us. why don't we eliminate moderates completely by turning them to conservatives, making an obvious case for everybody's benefit. if we did thatcome over and be having discussions anymore. i've got time for one more and then i have to go like barack obama at tea time. i have to be out the door like a rocket. i will be back next year. let's do one more. >> how often do you speak to college audiences and do you have any evidence you have been successful in converting the attendees to your way of thinking? >> i haven't spoke as much as i would like. i do have evidence that i'm converting attendees. i can see people thinking and
1:23 pm
you can see the smoke coming out of their ears. it's not -- look all i do is i am just barely young enough and i am 55 and just barely young enough to have shared the pop-culture. i'm in show business. i watch a lot of tv. and since i've been on for 25 years. the last 10 or 15 years certainly the last 15 years have been like watching a cancer patient die. it's not funny but it used to be. i know a family guy is and i know a game of thrones is and i know what these things are. i speak the language of these people. i understand that. when a young pearce then here's somebody who can talk about "star wars," talk about these things in a language they understand, they are able to hear the ideas behind them for the first time ever. i would love to tell you these people will find out. at times i've had one on one conversations with actual feed back, it is absolutely astonishing how easy it is.
1:24 pm
tammy bruce pointed this out to me once. she's a current and former head of the conservative radio talk show host because we were at an event once -- not together, but at the same event. she asked me once she said have you ever realize how easy it is 20 minutes of talking to these people and they are solidly converted. i said yeah because they don't know what they believe. they believe what they believe are the same reason the empire has no clues. everybody agrees if you don't see the magnificent blue fast, that is only the magnificence of the embroidery on the waistcoat. obviously it's magnificent. he's not wearing any clothes then the whole thing falls down. it is simple. now i have to start thinking about things. it is just that easy to convince
1:25 pm
these people. it's really just that easy. it is time for me to go to the airport but also you the laughing about the question. when i went to the university of toronto back to back a couple years ago i thought my missionary was to present conservative values in an understandable way, an enthusiastic passionate understanding way that people could connect to. after i got there i realized i was wrong about that because i got interviewed by a reporter from the toronto sun before i did the show. we met at a café downtown. she said after the interview was over, i've never met a conservative before. i said yeah i'm not surprised. [laughter] but what she meant by that was you seem so nice. [laughter] and she's right. i had a good friend of mine tell me when i hear you speak i hope you don't take this the wrong way, but you kind of sound like
1:26 pm
a liberal. i sound like a liberal because they genuinely do care about these things. i just want to do it right. i don't want to do what feels good. i want to do it does good. i've given this a great deal of thought. the things that feel good do the most harm. it is for tough love is. what i realized when i went to college campuses, my job was not to convey conservative principles. my primary mission was to convince these kids that i was an actual human being with real feelings and i care just as much as they did about everything else and furthermore the solutions i had in mind that actual real good in their statement. who is the real compassionate person? i do something that does good they may not be attractive politically, who is doing the real good, who's got the real virtue? once you talk to people, they think maybe there's something to this after all.
1:27 pm
so that is where i could flip the whole country. i could flip 97% of the country. there are 3% that are the true believers that understand these ideas destroy freedom destroy prosperity. that's what they want. they want to rule over the ruins. those people we cannot flip. the rest of them occurred. we have to do this by being honest and emotional. we have obamacare is a national law today not because of the benefits. we later found out the entire purpose of the document literally go from top to the bottom of the stage to make is so obtuse one could understand it. that was the mission of the legislation. make it unintelligible. not because of the brilliant argument. we have obamacare today because barack obama would stand on the floor of the house of representatives clouded in the glory of america. he is surrounded by the podium,
1:28 pm
the flags, the dome, everything. power and prestige on one individual standing there and he didn't say if we have socialized health care, disconnected 14% reduction 9% he said ladies and gentlemen, i would like you to meet ms. bernice johnson. would you stand up a minute. if that old lady stands up in waves. he said bernice has a preexisting condition. she burned through her entire life savings in the life savings of her better and he's not us anymore. the preexisting condition bankrupt her and her entire society. but the single payer health care legislation is now able to visit grandchildren and is expected to live a full and loving life and i just want to tell you we are happy to have you here this evening. every single person who watched that me included,
1:29 pm
conservatives, gladiator warrior myself that i don't want the women to die. i don't. i don't want her to die. okay, whatever, let's do it. what we didn't see is the millions of people who will die because of health care eventually gets rationed. we can see the nightmares of the national health care system in great britain and all the people that will be taken off health care by these ridiculous mandates. my personal insurance coverage includes mammograms than birth control pills. it costs money but i have it. thanks to mr. obama. all of the consequences are not discernible because they are not real. but that woman is in the person who understood this most holy was the most evil man who ever lived. he understood this without the slightest confrontation. joseph stalin said a single death is a tragedy. a million deaths is a statistic.
1:30 pm
right? it is a statistic. we argue statistics. they put a face on what they are trying to do and most of us all of us in here but say i don't want anything bad to happen to that woman and we lose our ability to think rationally because of our emotional response. if we don't understand we need to start showing people whose lives have been ruined by socialized health care any persons whose life was in my private health care and here is why, we will lose to these and i'm tired of losing. i am over losing to these losers. i've got to get in an airplane and fly back. thanks for having me. [applause] [inaudible conversations] >> remember, we have some books for sale. shadow boxes and also james
1:31 pm
o'keefe's book breakthrough. back of the room. [inaudible conversations] [inaudible conversations] [inaudible conversations] >> well we've just learned a verdict has been reached in the boston marathon's trial. this is from erin kucharski of abc news. the court decided to reconvene at 1:45 eastern
1:32 pm
>> internal revenue service
1:33 pm
>> award-winning photojournalist brother nickelsberg documented 25 years for "time" magazine and "the new york times." the one who had first-hand exposure including al qaeda. mr. nickelsberg spoke reviewing the modern history of afghanistan tourist photographs. this lasts about an hour.
1:34 pm
>> i will give you a brief introduction on how i got to south asia and then began a rather rapid 60 image presentation starting from 1988 going up to 2013. in 1987, i moved from bangkok thailand for "time" magazine had a bureau covering southeast asia when an opportunity opened up a new -- new delhi and having started with my career with "time" magazine in central america, i never thought i would end up 10 years later and the massive landmass of south asia. if you look at the map particularly a "national geographic" map, it is quite huge and when i landed, it was the end of the cold war and one thing that is very important for this evening and for you to understand a rather complicated
1:35 pm
subject of afghanistan is the context of that period of time. it was the end of the cold war. the united states and russia were still tanked to tank in europe. we had 10 counts back then. central asia started to break apart from the soviet union and the russians were willing to withdraw which is something very difficult for a nation to encounter and deal with. some of the mayor india was asleep at the time is a story for journalists and i quickly with dumped into pakistan to follow the trail of two afghanistan. prior to my comment most of my colleagues had dirty work with the mujahedeen by going overland through pakistan but that tax and assorted disappearing for a month. this is great in many respects, but for me, working weekly i had to deliver a film and had to go
1:36 pm
from kabul to pakistan to europe to new york within 24 hours, go to the lab and a four letter word, film something quite foreign today. there is very manually driven and the challenge was more logistic as well as editorial. so the beginning -- i am going to bookend this conversation tonight with the withdraw of the soviet army now better for us tonight to call them the russians at the 2013 with trout of the american spirit that way we can kind of compress everything in a similar topic. so here you have an afghan soldier handing a flag of friendship to the departing russians, which another element here that i had to quickly deal with was the ambiguity in the
1:37 pm
gray area. this is essential for anybody working in the region and whether it's africa comes southeast asia, china, europe, you have to embrace ambiguity. keep in mind the russians at this point had killed a million afghans who. they had also a major quite violent ways similar to what you see in ukraine today with artillery, carpet bombing execution style. again, context is very important here. what is this friendship all about? in 1989 the cia and pakistan's intelligence agency, isi inter-services intelligence decided that it was time after the soviets had withdrawn to establish a foothold inside afghanistan and any agency that needs to establish a foothold and this is the battle of jalalabad. they decided on the provincial
1:38 pm
capital and this is the battle outside of the airstrip in jalalabad. this is the ragtag army primarily -- tune the major ethnic group in afghanistan. you can see the ragtag quality of this in particularly the captured russian fur hat. he had obviously gotten that from the obviously gotten my friend gary said that obviously gotten my friend gary said that already over run. this is a three-hour drive from the pakistan border and the khyber pass. keep in mind in this image and i kind of knew it had many areas, bin laden in particular was two miles away over the ridge here. there were also at the airport which was the front line. the battle of jalalabad failed, 8000 killed in no-space-off in the face to pakistan as well as the cia. that wasn't going to stop them though. this is what carpet bombing looks like. these are refugees fleeing the same battle along the same road.
1:39 pm
a series of bomb explosions all along the line obviously using the highway as a marker. luckily i had my feet in the great mountain stream boots off and i was caught totally unaware. that is why it -- that is about as close to carpet bombing as you want today. so visas became available for journalists in 1988 for the withdraw and i was a new chapter in coverage. that meant we had official access to the city that had been cut off prior to this. you have to go in over the mountains but now the page was turned and we can go into the city and document in particular. this is the military academy if you can see here the discipline, the confidence in training involved in the military academy of afghanistan. these are all members whose families are probably without doubt having members of the
1:40 pm
afghan communist party. so is the mujahedeen got closer and closer to the capital most of the people had to flee for their lives and ended up in pakistan, iran, india or europe. compare that to this. institutionally, though a foundation of afghanistan began to implode and that is what we got in 2001. this is the old british cantonment area in downtown kabul. very interesting area. so eventually in 1991 this is april in southeastern afghanistan in host province. they were able to establish a foothold inside the country jalalabad haqqani who has been named later. you can see the importance of geography be a recurring team throughout this evening. this is when they were finally successful in taking over a
1:41 pm
province and that spelled doom for the government in kabul. scud missiles were being used. they would regularly fall. accurately but that was the weapon of choice from the government the soviets had left behind. you can see mostly agricultural guys living from the countryside who had been pushed off from the border in pakistan and this is the main conduit for the cia and the isi throughout the 10 years for a fearmonger charlie wilson's war and the movie this is one of the main areas they would come to visit. so this is jalalabad haqqani. these are hers men, tribes, very important. pashtun very well educated. basically the godfather of global jihads. in the 1980s he went to mecca on a regular basis to raise money for his training camps
1:42 pm
inside afghanistan. he was encouraged by the cia and the packers and isn't given a lot of money, hundreds of millions of dollars were given to this area and also the one who befriended osama bin laden. i went in 1990 to ask him with a reporter if he was training kashmiris. in fact he was then that was the lead and also the beginning of the conflict in india in 1989. he had been there. he saw them but he was also very hospitable. he didn't care that i was an american. he didn't care what passport i had. he also didn't care what he told me. it was a matter of fact yes anybody who wants to take it up can come train with me. he's also the one who befriended osama bin laden. these camps still remain. he is rumored to be in a nursing home somewhere in pakistan, but
1:43 pm
his sons continue to maintain the haqqani network and this is the back side of the camp built by bin laden construction equipment. that is a captured russian tank. this is the backside. you can see how well it is folded from a very difficult to see from above and difficult for a scud missile to land in. these are two al qaeda representatives training for afghans in the same area the dry riverbed ride across the border from what is called pakistan, but also the northwest frontier province, the tribal territory with good connections you could get in there and now the only way westerners can gain is with a drone. the camps are still active. one of the more interesting groups that i came across were the uighurs. we did want to have access to their training camps about 10 kilometers away, but there was a big compound.
1:44 pm
fortunately enough, the reporter is working with was both fluent any group in singapore we know what was going on. they're obviously learning how to strip and an ak-47 and put it together again. tony said watch this and he would bark at them in mandarin. they freaked out and you can see they are looking down. they didn't want to engage us. they said as to why they were there. their parents at a chinese restaurant in lahore pakistan and they were only there for the weekend. [laughter] the legacy of this is that the uighurs are still buried in this training camp. they are still creating trouble for the chinese in northwestern china and they are under a lot of pressure back home. back to kabul where you didn't need a visa the strip movies that was required. just good contacts here.
1:45 pm
you got to wait a while and eventually would get in. the daily life was something i was interested in as a photojournalist and here you have the traditional dance known as the time in mobile gardens in downtown kabul. these are all almond trees. a lovely situation that takes place every friday with the harmonia player and a tuba player off on the right. as things got closer and closer to 1992 also went on but daily rocket and was also going on. here you have the one and only daily newspaper being caused by this young kid. again the whole content in the photograph is one man reading the newspaper to everyone who can't. this was in march of 1992 and knowing that the government was
1:46 pm
tottering, quickly got a visa and they manage to stay for about a month. "time" magazine insisting that we tuesday, volunteered to stay and was one of the best things about working in the region since they couldn't find you. new york had no way of contacting you. it's a fabulous situation. april 18th, 1992 1 week before the government collapsed, this was something i'd never actually thought about but dreamed of seeing how an attack on a government is carried out. this is essentially what afghanistan looks like ethnically and if you learn to read faces, you can see all the major groups here except the pashtuns who are the majority ethnic group in pakistan, which is essentially a nation of tribes clans and ethnic groups. it's not really a country in my
1:47 pm
opinion. you have the minister of defense in his back who had just affect it from the government and pretty much that signals you that the government is going to collapse. who's back from northwestern afghanistan. these are shia sect. one, two, three phases, more central asian looking and on the suit, the charismatic leader of which we have a gentleman here wearing one of their hats. persians tajik ethnic group and not in the good graces of the cia or the pakistanis who favored the pashtuns appeared here they announced the eventual takeover of kabul before it happens, which intersections they will go for but again the whole competition here versus
1:48 pm
the pashtuns of global team akhtar. one week later you've got these fearless ooze back fighters blocking an intersection. who are they blocking but the pashtuns coming in and also favored by the saudi's. if you look closely, no shoes. they are fearless fellows. we also taught that their blood might be green. they were just mad in their loved to fight. the fight for loot and their products. the victory celebration lasted about 24 hours and immediately we will dip into the civil war. 1993 the onus of any civil war falls on the civilians. here you have a man who went out early morning to get milk and eggs or vegetables caught crossfire injured in the backside being carried across by
1:49 pm
a civilian and a police man. typical scene in downtown kabul in 1993. this is the river that runs through the city. this is the ministry of defense with all the rocketing spending in 122-millimeter rockets devastating. some of you might know the phrase katyusha rocket. awful armament. but that was daily life for everybody and this is a typical stand aside the puddle is the tank goes through. again back to the civilians and how they suffered in downtown kabul, different ethnic groups were fighting over western kabul. shia sunni government, government, nongovernment deals being made all the time but mortar tubes for and essentially straight up your artillery battles and gun battles and this is one family leaving quickly. if you have five seconds, 30 seconds or two minutes, what do
1:50 pm
you take? it became evident to me this is a serious move to get out of town or just move the site quickly. a bicycle, a teacup, a chicken and a bag of food. the daughter-in-law and another combined household and no men of fighting age. eventually they got to go back two or three days later that they were caught in a crossfire on the hillside in downtown kabul. orbiting cap chair was not a generous fellow. he not only rocketed the city but he cut gasoline, food and u.n. supplies into the capital across the khyber pass piercer when gas became unavailable, you have to buy it on the black market including us in taxis. this is what it looks like if you have to take a taxi in the morning to go to work. 1993 about 25 people on this car. it is a russian volga very
1:51 pm
hardy vehicle. you can see how low to the ground it is. it actually be called a clown car, but it's not really. this is the way you got to work with buses and taxis were running. again, the family suffer in here. a family of six about a breadwinner and a woman whose husband had been killed in 1992 had a ration book for food worth about $15 a month. squatting in an apartment in kabul. downtown kabul in 1994. this has been named business district, the frontline is right here, no man's land. basically the center of the picture is al qaeda fighters pakistanis and members of his crew. these are government water boys during a role in the activity. during one of the wolves in the
1:52 pm
activity, it went on with a british reporter to talk to these people in a similar situation at a roundabout. all of a sudden another group of five came up to challenge them and accused the group of selling their television. essentially you will find little money, but a lot of blue. why anyone would want to fight over electricity when there was no food, they filled the sky stomach full lips. so they came flying over here wanting to take our taxi. this is the fellow jelling for the driver. it is rare they have bayonets. that meant he was serious. we had to listen to them. this is how you learn to work with the best afghans come either translators fixers, drivers and in particular this driver was renowned for fearlessness, but also very clever. he had a cutoff switch so when
1:53 pm
he said no i'm sorry the car is not working, he would turn it over and it would make a lot of noise. they said okay, we're out of here and they put the mortally wounded one in a wheelbarrow and wheeled him off. these are the drivers and the relationships that as journalists you need to make a save you. i would've never thought he had a cutoff switch underneath. walking around kabul in 1993 1994, you would be amazed when you came across. to this day i can't find the other journalists that i worked with, but i came across be executed militiamen. they are shia. it was behind a clinic in downtown western kabul with a family that was fleeing. it is now totally built. it was a cemetery and a clinic in the foreground here. these men had been shot and dumped from another area.
1:54 pm
this whole thing a sunni shia started to become more of an issue than it is today. it was a tit-for-tat game. remove from 1993 when complete chaos and civil war and roughly 85% of the country is involved in civil war to september of 1996 when the taliban and had come up from kandahar city and eventually encircle the kabul all of the militia groups fighting to keep them away eventually drew troops with them and these are two taliban and firing 170-millimeter rocket at the fleeing government of the minister of defense, sued and rabbani north of the city. an interesting theme. you can see the rudimentary ignition system and their high-end news flip-flops.
1:55 pm
in october 1996 censured the government of the taliban and came into kabul and this is really not the riot act to the population. there is no radio station, no television station, no newspapers at this point. everything had collapsed. in relief of the civil war ending, what you now have to deal with was grow your beards for men. no women will be educated. no women allowed out of the house unless accompanied by relatives. schools will be limited to only men. shops will close during prayer time. then must pray during these hours. grow a beard, no loud music, no singing canaries was one of the jokes going on because afghans lovebirds peered they do have a sense of humor. it could go over a lot of
1:56 pm
people's heads. but this is the way they establish control over afghanistan on the top of a vehicle with a megaphone. yes, the civil war had ended but these were the new rules of engagement. this is what they did to a university science lab outside of kandahar. 1997 essentially 80% control over afghanistan. we are back to the uzbek pashtun library here. look at this closely. minister of the interior, pashtun, and date, early beard. the uzbek unable to grow a beard. he had just cut a deal to give the sorry sharif to give it over to the taliban control in return that they would allow him to continue to be the leader. within 36 hours this treaty
1:57 pm
collapsed in as journalists, we knew this would not be a marriage made in heaven. uzbek do not get along with pashtuns. we managed in pakistan to get one of the last flight in two musharaff sharif. you can see the descendents of genghis khan and pashtuns on the right full of beers, darker complexion and able and encouraged in fact to grow beards. very few turbines with the uzbek. a lot of turbines with the pashtuns and they tied them in a specific way. in 36 hours this is what happened and we ended up with 800 dead taliban. i've gotten very bored with two other journalists at a press conference and we can hear the plinking going on in my away on the airport road. going across we realized this was a trap set up to in taliban
1:58 pm
and a lot of all of the rooftops are being sniped and eventually someone walked up across our path and opened fire on the fellow. he came across and this is the moment of impact. you can see the brass casing. he has just been handed, thrown back in these or other taliban that were caught, including a the three journalists. he's going down down. i had moved from this position. this fella here was about to throw an rpg rocket propelled grenade into the doorway. this man had the look of death. he carries his friend away after firing the rocket and all broke loose. 36 hours later this is what remained. every single taliban bennett was killed. they had no language in common.
1:59 pm
one of the most strange things that taliban could have done is to ask the man to turn in their weapons and that they were never going to agree to that. this treaty collapsed in 1997. these are red cross workers. icrc. it is in may about 100 degrees. the bodies start to smell. in 1998, the taliban went back in and killed 2200 locals. revenge is very important. it continues to this day. that is how arguments are often decided or the reasons for these arguments in the way they conclude. ..
2:00 pm
so we're seven months away from 9/11. context is very important here. in may 2001, the same journalist anthony davis and i managed to get through taliban lines to visit in the northeast part of the country. he had remaining 10% of the country under his control. 90% of the country was controlled by al qaeda and taliban.


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