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tv   Key Capitol Hill Hearings  CSPAN  May 12, 2015 8:30am-10:01am EDT

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in 2011, the militia entered the office of the governor and the governor was there for six months. while this is a constitution, changing the region is coming they improved also. that is the awakening. this is back to 2006 in 2007. what is happened almost is the tribes will fight al qaeda and the government. after that they said let's go across the street for demonstration. and in volusia and brevard e. the former government killed people who don't trade legally.
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when they come to say okay and habitat with the government to find some sort of recruiting of sunni people for the local national guard to participate in the security forces in defeating isis until this small man and the national guard is more finalized in the parliament. with a stud after the control of isis and some other big places tribes want to fight them and thousands of people recruited by the government. keep in time we're talking about legal recruitment. we don't need to see sunni armed groups because they will add in the conflict. we are talking about initiative vision.
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we receive their order in the weapon too. almost 600,000 families talking about more than thrilled million people. this is because if it's a real challenge in every one on how to deal with this. meanwhile fred anbar. you have to bring the concept to be accept did so some of them came back to the situation. we are talking about a sudanese semblance in the institution ends where we took the 16 agencies come of this 16 agencies, the severity of
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security. 16 agencies all of them are shia leaders. they are really part of tens of thousands of people arrested in jail in too many agreements with the government and this government about reagan delegation and even the government. so all of this environment asks the question. are we part of iraq? if the answer is yes, we should include a government for all iraqis and you have to be accepted and security forces. even when you come to fight against isis. so what sort of partnership the government can do if the government failed to make a partnership with those who are fighting a global threat.
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now something around 2012. everyone knows that the western part of iraq some signals is from the governor and buyer to prime minister to have to deal with them. the question who laughed isis. so the central government and the central security forces which control the security to deal with the control of isis. the question we keep saying that iraqi security forces were not built on that model and this is the added. many are being defeated and mostly a few hot arid of isis. isis presented itself putting in
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their mind the dealing of the government. so they will protect you and discover more than anyone else because millions of people are sunni and are killed now by criminals of isis. assuming also an infrastructure including hospitals, houses, it everything in the province says and later ron is a threat to all iraqis in the region that is really local threat. and now talking about clancy of sunni province. why i put this point -- i highlighted this point because talking about sending sectarian forces, whether militia or anyone else would make a complicated situation.
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we are encouraging everyone to keep the momentum of the people who are ready to fight so we don't need to lose that moment because of the behavior of some of the militias, which as i present at the beginning are a very similar set of crimes. is militia involvement is a complicated situation. some of them killed people as i've mentioned so we are very frank with our colleagues in iraq say for the southern parts to fight on behalf of up bozo. they can cite isis. your role is to give them weapons as well as send your guys to be killed. at the same time some sectarian
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behavior, all of us will lose because it will be defeated from fighting a civil war. we are talking about thousands of people in anbar and mosul. they are coming to the counter training. so this will come later ron to accelerate the process. so fight and is not the only secure one. the others i should be political. it means that government programs is. this is my governmental program to be implemented with all of their partners.
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the recruitment and training and forces. all of these things are not a new topic or not a recourse. it is agreed upon with the government. the government put a timetable three-month, six-month, one year. on the other side the other thread is the militia. we talk about the global threat to iraq. now talking about militia working illegally outside the structure. this is the point of institutionalization. all of the sunni shia all of these groups will find the war inside iraq. as you will find putting that in
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an institution with the security forces. some sectarian militias, including two days ago as one of the criminals that the launch of the militias have killed more than 52000 granted the jail. i say all of this. the criminal crimes would not only prolong the life of isis because there is a justification they are protect in some groups. and i say that. utilizing the militia on the short-term is exactly to fight
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isis good let's assume that it later on is divided into groups. each one cites the other. we have to fight isis legally by legal institutions that include all iraqis. so i've been on the short-term it should be focused on defeating isis. it will complicate the situation that will fall into civil war. when i present this short video on the right side and one of the leaders of the militia, on the other side is just a passport and occupied countries. that is why there is not only
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one threat in iraq. now post by 60 feet without having -- about the institutionalization of security forces, you would find shia warlords and everyone carrying weapons, which belong to the government. now some of the militias are outside of the control of the central government. without institutionalization of the security forces and weapons distribution who fight and to bring back a state of law, there would be much more institutionalization. many of this would need to be looked at. you know the iraq academy is not
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good. it is possible in the american side to talk about the international funds. the revolution in the conciliation is needed. i mentioned that when they declare region on a provincial level the sunni asks now what is the solution. it is not accepted. where should they go? the national guard is very important. we agreed but unfortunately they are being changed. rebuilding the iraq army nonpartisan armed forces to see the second model with the iraqi
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army. a few hundred we should not fear. to rebuild, restructured the iraqi army. and here we should not get accomplish it. they withdraw the fragile security and political situation is. outside of the political process using an agreed-upon government program presented by mr. abadi. abadi is the head of financial when i was the minister of finance. try a very bad situation.
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americans in the government to iraqis stand united together to defeat the violent state. so under the rule of law and the democratization by militia and i asked. but i think we need to adopt a new counterinsurgency model. when he created the model of awakening because the president at that time was huge. still they are there. but if modified that not all. the modification means creating a joint comedy. american, central government local people to supervise the story of recruiting sunnis and
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army men -- directly arming them rapidly without. this committee would be overseeing the training for everyone. american supervise everything. central government would not say that and be coordinated with me they would attend the authority of local people keep complaining that government would accept them and disarm them. they will be equipped again to fight isis. now, as i've mentioned i don't mean to confuse you but they do much more aware. we have the partners, the local people and americans fighting
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isis are told what to do. on the political side, the program of the government included reconciliation and these things need to be implemented. by the way, i am talking about debaathification. all of these things you see art raid upon. they all are agreed upon. on the security side, talking about isis, all resources should be correct it towards unifying to defeat ice is paired with full coordination, where the potential ally to the united states of america united states of america. keeping in mind also we have to dismantle militia. otherwise you will see a very weak army, a very weak government and a strong militia.
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and to restructure the iraqi army. don't see such division in front of you criminals like ss. they try to be the precursor and the national guard. some because at the end of the day the local people in a post-isis. the compensation of people displaced a very big problem now. millions of people outside. on the american side, they are supporting to keep support. despite all of the problems, keeps saying they are too political. the division of power, power sharing, all of these things. they would not accept an illegal
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constitution. the government agreement of mr. abadi. the idea is insisting on rebuilding security forces are nonsectarian. talking about 50,000 according to mr. abadi himself. now only at this point the 50,000 to be compensated by 50,000 good guys would restructure the army. we don't need the feedback model in order not to see the iraqi forces. we have 50000 rebuilding the iraqi army.
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and to develop the state of love. i'm talking about the state of law of mr. maliki. providing technical assistance, dismantling the government militia because we don't need america to rebuild its partnership with isis. put the partnership of the framework agreement. the central government regarding this implementation and creating the fund. the story i think i say this is an international one. so everyone should participate. sunnis in iraq or the potential ally. i don't think anyone. they need the assistance of the united states in order to fight isis. they need to trust with the
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leaders on the ground now fighting and are proven as i've mentioned the awakening of army and direct financing of the american side to the al qaeda in 2006 and 2007. this is now to fight against isis later on against the government. why the sunni fight against the government if it is their own government, if they are participating. so all of this is not accepted. the one way is to restore the law in partnership and ordered to come to the solution. it cannot be a central government was sunnis who are fighting against isis. so this is the situation.
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the militia on the left side. it is difficult. but it is very possible's. american central government and local tribes. thank you. [applause] is >> good morning, everybody. thank you for that introduction. you are an expert on iraq, but even more you are a friend of iraq. you have my special tags for
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that friendship. with iraq in our friendship comments into organizing this. i want to take this opportunity to address the people of the united states should. we support them, president obama's administration and the congress, the united states congress for the right of assisting to all of our common fight against daish. i'll just say here except dead. i welcome the chance to express my view on the iraqi situation and the sunni political leader a managed generation and the
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elected governor and which city of mosul. step six is the city in iraq at nearly 2 million people, not occupied as the regime of daish. there had is to defeat isil. iraq cannot be iraq without us. they would elect the united states without chicago. there are a few points i want to give you. these points would mean success for the liberation of mosul in the world's fight against daish. success in the muslim culture
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and just as important crew shower. this points, in addition to the imports and for fighting daish are concrete steps to the world national reconciliation in iraq. after 11 years of just talking about reconciliation but no actual steps taken the sunni and iraq will no longer be invested in our talk. i will believe most of the time and only outlined these points so we can have that discussion.
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i think this can be for all of the areas. first, the people of mosul are the key to deliberate. it is better for them than the regime of daish. history shows to people how the army 16. in a city of nearly 2 million people soldiers, no matter how many or how well equipped to do so much. we need the people of mosul to rise up and to help the soldiers who are daish.
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when the people rise up against daish i believe they will, but we must give them a vision of what their life would be like. in addition for the support and immediately after deliberation. before i tell you what i believe division should be i want to tell you the planning and work that is going on right now for the delivery should of mosul. we have now to in times. in these camps, americans and turkish special forces are training thousands. their combat skills they need to
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have to be in the fight. one of these two camps the other who organized -- you are organized in a structure by officials. those who want to fight isis. the volunteers are ready to be part of the national guard as soon as the law for this card is in effect. the volunteers are ready to fight as soon as they get weapons. by now we have thousands of fighters who have graduated from these camps and are ready to
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fight but they don't have weapons. they don't have the weapons they need for the fight. since last january, now five months ago, we are still working on the promises of weapons that have been met by our government in baghdad. it is the weapons that our volunteers needed, not the promises. the force after deliberation must be tested by the people of mosul. that means the forest is surrounding confidence. if these forces could be trusted
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by the mosul community, people would be on the side of deliberation and daish to come back into mosul. but the liberation comes first of course. but it is there. after that will be decisive. our people would be watching. but we bring them in so that people of mosul can survive here this is obama last month with $200 million. this human target. president obama promised immediately after deliberation all of it will be tied up in baghdad's pure rockers say.
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.. they need to trust that force also. i have good working conditions with most of the arab tribes in the mosul area.
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these tribes will be difficult in the liberation of mosul. and i was also that these tribes it also to trust the force. whatever we have done we still need to give the people of mosul a different vision that they had from the previous government in baghdad. this brings me to the second point. the people of mosul want democracy to be reinstalled soon for election. the people of mosul should elect their own representatives. not by the government in baghdad, not iv extremist shia or sunni come and certainly not by iranian supported groups of
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any kind. i personally welcome international observers to monitor this election. this election must be free and without any -- [inaudible] you might ask what does our vision after this? this brings me to my third and final point. we need autonomy as a part of a strong federal iraq. i want to be clear. i want to keep iraq as a unified country. and to always follow the constitution of iraq.
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the articles under our constitution our 119 120 and 121. these articles explain how the provinces in iraq becoming region. we just want to undertake what our constitution expressly intended, the people of the province have the right to do. the autonomy must be in two states. first, geographical for nineveh province, and second regional. remember these words of the iraq constitution when you hear anybody or anything from anybody alleging that it want to split up iraq.
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believe authority in iraq should be split up, but not iraq itself. we need to have a balance in our which will have a double effect. the many dimensions of shia-sunni and also protect minorities such as -- pergamon and other minority groups. i believe this autonomy will strengthen the unity of iraq first geographically in nineveh province, the geographic economy in nineveh province will be at least, will have at least three
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effects. this will give the sunni community its own autonomy with its own special constitution. this autonomy will protect minorities within nineveh province. and autonomy will help baghdad with the rights of the people of nineveh province. we tried in the past to follow up constitution steps but, unfortunately, prime minister maliki block this decision. the second stage i envision in nineveh province, with a krg under the sunni provinces about
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their own relation under the umbrella of iraqi constitution. in conclusion, i want the people of mosul first be involved in liberation of their city second, to have a chance to choose their own representatives, third, to get chance to vote in the future in elections according to the iraqi constitution. these people choose, the future will be bright. thank you for listening. i welcome your questions and look forward to our discussion. thank you. [applause]
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>> while you guys are getting mic'd up, let me thank you. thank you governor atheel. thank you, rafe. those were both great presentations. you answered my first four or five questions. it's a terrific thing. i want to spend the bulk of my time with you talking about particular, governor atheel what you're talking but rafe can what you talk about the india presentation, with his future relationship might look like. but before do not want to go back to a point that dr. rafe racing is a terrific presentation. he made the point, and governor, feel free to disagree but i've essential also agree with this. certainly the impression i think most of washington got which is that the problem is not prime minister abadi per se. he wants to do the right thing at the certainly the impression he left here in washington, at
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the very much knows where iraq needs to go and wants to do it. the problem is not the what. the problem is that how. if it is something you don't agree with i would love to get your thoughts on how you believe that the united states might help him to better actually achieve those goals. rafe, which like to start? >> thank you very much ken comic and a very broad very good question. look ken ladies and gentlemen talking about a person who inherited a very damaged and political situation, and he is a good guy, yes, i agree with you. needs to be supported both americans, both sunnis and shia's, i agree. but until this moment the problem of the government has not implemented.
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so some of the stories like amnesty talks about six months for example. now nothing took place. if you come to all of the points of consideration, so yes, i agree we should help him. americans can help to rebuild the iraqi security forces that i talk about. because of afghan national security forces it needs are backward -- by isis on the other side and this is a question, the story of arming sunnis, whether arming sunnis we divide our right. the question is, is iraq divided now? we want to bring back restored united iraq by arming sunnis. you want to liberate it from isis to bring back. so helping him in dismantling militias on the shia side, bring it back state of law supporting him in very in the process of
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arming iraqi and the fighters, according to our suggestion of this comity. because center government keeps saying look, what if we push there, what will the sunni fighters do? the question is are they defeat the iraqi army? so this is not a justification. you cannot keep saying putting question mark and everything. you have to trust people who are fighting places, so this is a point. dismantling militias, putting all the resources of all iraqis supporting them in fighting places supporting iraqis iraq's national guard. we agreed upon local forces in nineveh come in anbar and local. by the way on the southern province also. the problem is national guard is not yet. these are the main problems americans can help.
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finally, on the composition, americans can work to support a body. very difficult for him to cover all the huge numbers of placed -- displaced people. >> i believe in the unity of stronger groups. i think it would not be iraq will not be united if we have one group and we can -- the others. what we need is to transcend the sunni group so they can fight basis. also they will return the forces. u.s. can do that. the legal shia group within the constitution. >> let's follow that up because the process of reconciliation was something that you both talked about that prime
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minister abadi talks about. it's clear that every iraqi who knows anything about the real situation understands this is critical. does the u.s. have a role to play in fostering that process of reconciliation? we see people like you people like the premise to talk about the process of reconciliation. we don't see it happening. is it happening behind the scenes? is there more that can be done? should the u.s. be doing more governor? >> the reconciliation in iraq especially when some of the shia groups get the authority, they then don't want to lose it. they want the reconciliation to keep their authority, their power in their hands. it cannot be a reconciliation like that. if we are talking with a real reconciliation, as i said we need to transcend the other groups to give them the freedom
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to choose their representatives so they will be in balance with the others. that's what i'm talking about elections. we need elections which are getting all the groups of the sunni, all the sunni groups must be involved in that election. so we will have all the sunni community inside the political process. >> governor, if i could just follow up on that. don't you worry that if the elections in iraq at this point in time that they shia militias would capture a huge number? isn't that a problem? windy we do these elections? >> we can also use or change the law, the election law that gets in each part, one part with a big list we can get the
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representative from each portion in iraq. >> rafe? >> let me comment on the last point. it means the militia will draw all the political situation in all of iraq. all provinces. that's why don't the dismantling. partnership looks like all iraqis are talking about everyone is -- from 2010 and now, not from 2005 before we met in herbal.
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-- [inaudible] former minister of finance reconciliation also think outside the process. so the story is not talking shouting. the story is to implement that agreement. visit drops the program for the government at this time excellent one presented by mr. al-badi to the parliament. the problem i highlighted here is the tiny. it talks about the people talks about reconciliation, security forces should be iraqi national, no armed militia should be outside the control of the government. the question is implemented and then there is law. >> as always in iraq that is the issue. there's no shortage of the right
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ideas. >> the answer is one who is looking for solution. >> thank you. all right, let's move on all of it because he can publicly time for questions from the audience as well. i don't like to come to this great issue that's looming ahead of us. is not the immediate issue, the issue right in front of us is the expulsion of daesh and will be anbar or mosul's first but this issue behind the both be addressed which is critical which is the nature of the future iraqi state, and a future iraqi state in which all of its communities can feel comfortable. we invited you here because we were hoping that you could, as well as anyone give us a sense of how the sunni community is thinking about exactly that set
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of problems. i recognize that i can't ask you to speak to six or 7 million sunnis but i can't ask someone to do that because i can't fit on six or 7 million sunnis in this room, nor would they come know what they did these us if we invited them. i will ask you governor, because you covered it in such wonderful detailed in your remarks. help us to get a sense of what you think the future iraqi state will look like. you spoke today. you've spoken in the past about it more and of decentralization of authority but nevertheless within a strong federal system. that sounds exactly right but of course, the devil is in the details. help us to understand the details. what kinds of powers are you thinking about that should be devolved from the federal government, the central government to the governors, the region, how would that work? rafe i will ask you do the
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same, but together, please start us off. >> i think they political life there is no problems even between the enemies. now a become all of us and they can solve their problems inside their autonomy. but maybe there's another problem with baghdad with some of them. i think dividing the authorities inside a province like nineveh i will not say sunni region but maybe it will happen as the anbar after that after negotiation with them. but anyway i think we can solve our problems come we can get our security. we can get our suitable political life inside the
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province. in baghdad it would be the final. it need to be that there's not any event or any problems happen from this province to baghdad. but they can create their reconciliation between the people easy. maybe there are some problems with some parties or some groups over the shia with those who are in mosul. so it's not easy to solve that problem and the provinces and we can get, as i say -- [inaudible] i believe that iraq will stay in their problems and deal it becomes a real federal country which will give its autonomy,
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the rights to arrange their problems inside their province. >> there are several follow-ups but i will turn to rafe first. >> the participation -- demonstration counts, calling for average and occupation is an example. it needs real solid confidence building. it needs not only promises. we have to go into an action plan in details how to restore sunni to bring back. but no one can trust, everyone is not trusting the other one. but i meet all these things taken by sunni on the constitutional region competence
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with illegal movement from the government side. so this is why. second, on the authorities let's talk about authorities and what iraq would look like. in fact, i do is talk about constitution come implementing the constitution, respecting constitution. there is regional authorities there's a shared or mix of authority between the two. respected and ability the constitution is a guarantee. >> let me ask the first follow-up. governor, i will ask you for your views as well. as you are painfully and personally aware, one of the problems with the current federal system is that we had a corruption of the justice process, and key sunni leaders and again present company included, has been targeted by the central government using the judicial system. how would you think about the
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future iraqi system that would prevent that from happening? how do we go about creating an iraq in which you and others can't be personally targeted by this system? >> it depends upon iraqis, all iraqis. of its elect to live with together to respect authorities. now for sure there's interference in the issues. everything needs to be restored. everything is damaged. so you have to restructure damaged iraq. so restoring iraq back again means you have to build it again. on the corruption side, which is really in the security and nonsecurity institutions, to totally control by militia.
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money created militia and most of that money and it is vicious. that's what i said the challenge is to restart again. so it depends upon how serious iraqis to rebuild iraq. why does it would keep observing -- or only keep forgetting promises without limitation. we will not move. >> governor, anything on the judicial system? >> i think the corruption and the anbar province may be so easier if we are near the people, not far away from the people. now controlling everything from baghdad, they have no concern what happened in mosul or in and park. with the people of anbar water. they want to be to belong to them, not to follow the problems over the corruption in their
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city. what's happened in mosul exactly before the collapse of mosul the corruption in the army was too much but they didn't care with that corruption. they care that they people must belong to them. so i think dividing the authorities as i said, if we can see krg as a model dividing the authorities even if there's a problem between some of the kurdish people in baghdad. there's not real problems between that they can't sal. that's the problem inside. >> governor, i want to shift to another specific aspect of future of iraq that you in particular raised.
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you said several times that krg ought to be a model. that's very helpful because i think it's one we can really get our hands around, something we can understand. it's also very big statement i want to ask about a couple specific aspects of it. starting with the military and security site. do you believe as you kind of implied in what iraqi sunni arabs are looking for in a future iraq is a situation where the military and security forces of the sunni provinces and the sunni regions are separate from the iraqi central army? and under that vision do you think that sunnis would be willing to have iraqi central army units in the sunni provinces? are going to have to be split? just as they krg has its peshmerga were responsible for spirit and military matters and they krg come and the army of the central government is more
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or less out of the krg? >> difference between the two securities. the local security for the provinces confident that must be managed inside the province. there's no need to have into fear from baghdad with local security in the province but there's also another security which is the iraqi security. and that of course, we need that. the iraqi army to enforce it. so we don't like that. we have iraqi army even in our provinces. we like of iraqi army but this iraqi army must not be involved in local security and it must not involve with the people inside the province. >> so perhaps more vision between osha injury forces versus defense forces.
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>> the constitutionally clarifies the relationship between security forces local. in the year 2008, in only talking about the confidence to call for federal force if there is a real threat of security situation in the province. so that the security situation is good at that means -- is more than enough. want to send an army our federal army is not accepted. but i think also constitution localized can't exactly say how to do it. and the law which is implemented now which is the governor is deal of price went up and then call for the army if he needs them. it's a way of connecting local federal officials. very helpful. >> let's dig into another level of detail and let me ask about as you say here where the rubber meets the road money. do you believe that sunni arabs
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would envision it is future iraqi system one where the sunni provinces or sunni region for individual sunni region would have their own budget separate from the federal budget or would they remain a part of a larger federal budget? again going back to the krg model which is a separate budget cuts and has a revenue-sharing arrangement with baghdad. >> i think the constitution explains that very well. we need to get our budget according to the population of the province and all the economy so we can follow the constitution for dividing this budget. >> governor, having been governor of nineveh arthur specific items that right now are handled by the federal government that you think would be better handled by the
9:29 am
provinces, by the region's? begin thinking about the future iraq in which sunnis felt more countable? >> i will give you an example of that, lash out as governor of nineveh. nineveh according to the constitution, it must get 11% of the iraqi budget, but sure that we don't get more than 1%. and that i think one of the bigger problems that we did in the provinces. >> the budget also related to constitution being former minister of finance, part of the budget is being paid directly to the provinces. what is called for in the constitution, it's called regional development budget now. it is called regional development budget, which is an investment budget.
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[inaudible] but i depart investment will be paid directly to the province. they put it in the minister of planning. the budget is according to the law. part of the central government unified budget. the constitution also talks about budget of a region which is totally different from -- >> your expectation is that would move to either a single sunni region or to multiple regions because talking about now regions on provincial background geographic. >> so the four different regions? >> this is what happened. they trusted the representative.
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[inaudible] >> let me ask you both one more question and then i will open it up to the audience. and i want to ask you what i think is a hard question but maybe he would disagree. maybe it's an easy question to answer. what are the obvious differences between the krg and the sunni provinces are what could be the sunni regions is oil. krg has oil and it's difficult, very difficult but it's conceivable. we have seen it happen for baghdad to have a negotiation with a krg over which way the revenue flows, which with the oil flows. as all of you know there is not a lot, at least at this moment, of oil in the sunni dominated provinces of iraq. how do you go to the shia dominated provinces of iraq and say to them we want you to continue to give us our share of
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the total budget but we are going to be more independent, we are going to be less reliant? i understand your arguments but i'm not asking a practical political question. you know what the reaction is going to be on the other side. how are you going to convince them that this is worth doing for them? dr. rafe which are like to start? >> yes. i will keep at constitutionally oriented. the constitution gives the right to the own region. so calling for a region on a provisional level -- provincial level. i mean the constitution would it is past includes the rights to change in the province or the region. such a change into a constitution, constitution also talking about how detested above between iraqis. so the wealth in kurdistan or
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south or north or west this belongs to all iraqis. it is not a provincial wealth in order to say look, you are looking for independence and you are speaking of our own oil. i mean patricia vision of wealth is constitutional. constitution says it should be distributed according to population numbers. not region or province. so according to population to your population is the same whether being a province on the region so you have to receive your rights from the point, is constitutional. and what was -- the idea is to respect the constitution that keep things -- [inaudible] for more than one partner. >> i think the same problem is in the shia provinces, not only with the sunni.
9:34 am
they think that they must get more benefit from their oil more than other provinces. >> is it their own oil? >> on the other side, our provinces even mosul or anbar we have another benefit which makes us united. not just -- [inaudible] so i think i believe that if we invest in our benefits, now they didn't, they know there's a lot of benefit to be inside iraq. and to have good relations with iraq, even if they have oil or revenue it's not enough for them to protect themselves, to have the security, to have a
9:35 am
good relation with the surrounding countries. much of it benefits that we need each other. >> okay. that like to take some questions from the audience. our time issue is what i'm going to do is i'm going to take a bunch of questions maybe about six questions and we'll put all and to our which they could then give them the opportunity to respond collectively to all of them are which are the ones they would like to speak to you. i'm going to go about this room and pick up a whole bunch of different question. i will start with a lady over there. please keep your questions brief am pleased to keep them questions. and if you could introduce yourself, just identify yourself to the speakers. >> thank you both. i'm kelly jones, with homeland security. there's a lot of discussion of dismantling militias and both of
9:36 am
you spoke about problems with the militias and if there were a vote you would be voting militias in the ways in which is the militias are currently connected to the government could you address how to address these problems when trying to dismantle militias in the future? tried to keep it brief. >> we will go back there. >> good morning. jason campbell with the rand corporation in washington. going back to the first question about prime minister abadi's programs he's advocated for and to support for them, rather than focus on with your skin to i wonder, given that the political forces currently in baghdad seem to be successfully holding down there and the mentation, will be the catalyst to see that there's more support for these programs being factually limited in the future? >> take one all the way in the
9:37 am
back. >> i want to know the situation for the yazidis and christians in iraq. image on the bit about. rafe don't even talk about. public and effectively safe be safe and secure in the future or if we are gone from the region? thank you. >> a hand right in front of you, marshall. right there. >> i'm a nonresident fellow at the atlantic council. as we talk about militias, a big part of it is not pro-iranian and also has a very national program to is that we to cooperate with these groups and use them maybe to bypass the pro-iranian militia?
9:38 am
>> recently, the minister of body appointed the major general as operations commander what are your thoughts on that in the next that's the can take to include the sunnis in his security forces? >> one more right here in front. waiting very patiently. >> thank you very much. i am with the pakistan american league. first of all i would say such a high level of turmoil, i felt as if i'm i'm listening to the story of two survivors, believe me. one of your main concerns has been i think the credibility gap between the action and words of baghdad. and basically you're asking for peace and reconciliation and devolution of powers. this is the main thing. but i wanted to ask you is the face of iraq has become more
9:39 am
secular in nature after democracy and more secular in nature before democracy? and part two is about what do you think a timeframe, when do you anticipate iraqi people of iraq will start democracy? thank you. >> a group of excellent questions. dr. rafe i will start with you. please feel free to address any or all. >> wiki talk about dismantling militia, the constitution at the beginning talk about this been talking up his militia before the fall the of the regime. so extend that model of a new great militia would really create a huge problem. that's why talk about dismantling. how to solve all these people are carry weapons and find out is to offer recruitment and both
9:40 am
national guard and iraqi army on a personal background, not a group. so if the status of hundreds or thousands to come as a group headed by a leader. they keep obeying their orders. offering recruit before tens of thousands of shiite. the same thing is true for the sunni would not accept groups to fight outside the institution of constitution or rule of law. so this is a dismantling versus accepting recruitment on the local or personal level. >> for the program of ms. robotic, yes, i stress again that he's working and he is trying to make a change and we are committed to open -- mr. abadi. keep promising. i don't need to comment against
9:41 am
al-badi. i hope the final picture is present of a good model of iraq. building and national nonsectarian nonpartisan security force is a big goal. it can be done nationwide by iraqis supported by america's. program, training, equipment, and is important because you cannot miss more time both on the malicious site end of the united states. yazidi problem and i'm really so come i didn't mention it because there simply much more on nineveh. humanitarian. because i'm sure it was discussed yesterday in terms of -- soaping sure that he will cover it means i will not focus on the. on the militias side the armed pro-iranian militias side. i cannot say there's national militias. i cannot say this national
9:42 am
iraqis mobilization. i agree with you. not all the popular mobilization but deadly under the popular mobilization some of the very criminal militia and so we talked about dismantling those groups, the bad guys, the criminal ones committing crimes. they can be accepted as part of the national guard again my suggestion is on a personal level not as groups with thousands of people who belong to one of the clerics of one of the religious to be integrated because at the end of april fight in army or national guard field with groups whose loyalty would not be to the state or to the law. so yes we can get benefit of some of the shia who are fighting definitely. this brings me back to the start of sunni participation. if it is our chair and the government -- nothing in iraq. this is only one. we are talking about 1200
9:43 am
something generals in iraq. if we are one of the 1000 here you can see the problem. yes you can see in my presentation democracy but democracy is fragile. is about a solution? yes, there is real solution. isn't an option? yes, there is a solution. it needs to be helped deep-rooted by americans. thank you very much. >> first i want to talk about the difference between militia and the public mobilization is not the same. the public mobilization is just people who follow to fight and they are just the people, and we know that most of them are good
9:44 am
guys and i want to protect iraq. better organize come equipped trained from outside of iraq. and, of course we see that view. there are people who are not organized and one of the groups which is organized and well equipped and they will get most weapons that make it to fight daesh. i'm sure as soon as the struggle between these militia and the sunni provinces is stopped even by his militia overcome all the sunni areas, all is stopped the problems will appear between inside the militia and inside the shia provinces.
9:45 am
even prime minister abadi will face the problems inside the provinces and it's a problem between that militia would be more than -- with a solution after that. so we are not going with this if we were outside the constitution, outside the law. we are not going to step on iraq. we are going for more problems. of course now there's shia-sunni problems but suitably shia-shia problems. i think i'm talking about the constitution of nineveh if we give it a tonic that means we need constitution for nineveh. even small minorities when we're talking about iraq but they are
9:46 am
big minorities in nineveh. for example, we're talking about -- more than 10% of nineveh academy. so they need to get right inside that constitution and we need to have negotiation with them for now how to write that constitution and to put the rights. one person i don't think he is superman. he didn't have office, even if you didn't have his car. so how he will fight to liberate
9:47 am
mosul from daesh? talking about one person is nothing. we need to know what they will give him. if there's divisions to be in his command to fight or not. so i didn't follow the names. i want to see what is there on the ground. and now i can see all the world liberate mosul is real and actual steps was done within the border where the krg is there. between the central government force him also, there's more than 200 kilometers and there's no divisions or no army to reach
9:48 am
mosul from that site. so the krg is just about 20 kilometers away from also and we believe that it will be from krg more than baghdad. about democracy in iraq, i think the problem in the law of elections. yes, there is a democracy but what happened that they give the authority in that law to the big list not to the people, and that happened from the beginning after 2003. so those people or those guys who are controlling the authority from after 2003 have, they can offer their people until now we see there is no
9:49 am
real representative to the people in the parliament. we know that there's a representative to the men list in the parliament. and, of course, we can prevent some parties and accept the other's. >> one last word rafe? >> dismantling the militia but deadly and in a national iraqi army that is there was a partnership with america to defeat. insisting upon -- will only result in iranian revolutionary guard model, which is i don't think that is model for iraq. thank you. >> well obviously this is not going to be the last word on this subject but i think our speakers today have given you a tremendous start in understanding both the problems iraq today at the potential solutions for iraq in the future. please join me in thanking the
9:50 am
governor and dr. rafe. [applause] [inaudible conversations] >> this week and a seat and city tours partner with comcast on about the history of literary life of fort lauderdale, florida. spit this is really cultural tourism and so when they set up their villages along the way along the trail, sometimes on the link use the buses would stop because here were the tourist attraction. the seminoles camping by the roads. so they came into the tourist attractions they were getting food the weekly allotment of food and also giving sometimes like so machines can put people live them when it live in the tourist attraction. they also sometimes wicked fabric because they proved to
9:51 am
the tourist attraction people does supply them with fabric so they were sitting there making things. >> this is a little boy's shirt from the 1920s. this was an experimental time for patchwork and you can see that on the bottom, this is not a design let's say that made it down to depict this is a little extra metal design. the designs were bigger in the '20s and sometimes they were not used any longer than during that particular decade. >> to think about the devil strangle is there's all kinds of things that have happened. a regular navigation mission training mission. they would take off from the basement in flight 19 there to east out towards the bahamas. just north they would drop bombs and to continue on another 70 miles or so and then there was supposed to make it turn north and the 100 something
9:52 am
mouse and make a turn back was towards fort lauderdale. they never came back. later at night after they were sure they're out of fuel they sent out this big rescue planes looking for the. one of them disappeared at the 13 men on board. the next day they start if i did search with hundreds and hundreds of planes and ships and never found anything. >> watch all of our events start at 5:30 p.m. eastern on c-span2's booktv and sunday afternoon at two on american history tv on c-span3. >> the new congressional directory is a handy guide to the 114th congress which color photos of every senator and house member plus bio and contact information and twitter handles. also get sick maps, a foldout map of capitol hill and public and congressional committees, the president's cabinet, federal agencies and state governors. order your copy today through
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the c-span online store at >> in just a few minutes the senate gavels in for general speeches. letter to date the chamber hold a procedural vote on a bill granting president obama the authority to negotiate international trade deals. the bills current form would allow congress it up or down vote on trade agreements. removing the opportunity for amendments. before the senate recessed yesterday are senator sherrod brown spoke about his concern over the bill. >> mr. president speak with the senator from ohio. >> try to summon this body soon be on the verge of approving the largest trade deal in our nation's history with little debate one rushed hearing and barely any understanding of what we're signing onto. the last time congress considered abstract was 13 years
9:54 am
ago. the senate spent three weeks considering that bill but some would like to convince consideration of the biggest trade deal we've ever debated, ever debated and have it done in advance of memorial day. the reason they know that the more we talk about u.s. trade policies the more the american public doesn't like it. trade promotion authority will give us congress authority to amend trade agreements. not only will this affect trans-pacific partnership agreement in so-called ttip the useu agreement, it will affect any trade deal until 2021. with tpp and ttip 60% of the world gdp is at stake. millions of american jobs are on the line. this is too important to rush through with little debate and little congressional input. but with the memorial day recess approaching there simply isn't enough time to consider fast-track in a manner that allows full debate and
9:55 am
consideration of amendments. we don't even of the senate will vote as a package of all four bills that we can said the finance committee are just vote on fast-track or some combination of the four. if you vote on fast-track alone we would be giving new rights to corporations while turning our back on critical trade enforcement measures in the workers were left behind by four triggered imagine if just tpa fast track gets to the president's desk we will do nothing on enforcement and we will have left out helpful workers of lost their job because of what this institution did. fast tracking fast-track will prevent us of having series of debates on issues from public health to the auto industry to international monetary policy. during the finance committee's consideration of this bill i filed 88 amendment to the package of four bills 81 of those to fast-track alone. offered a number three market and offer more on the border kind of senator menendez had a very important amendment and
9:56 am
they will be speaking in a moment in the finance committee that was adopted under other colleagues have an image that will be considered. we should debate these amendments to legislation as important as this. now the majority leader who just spoke wants us to rush this bill through to fast-track fast-track come in the last few days just to get it done conscious of the public will not be able to find out what's in it. we owe it to the american people do not rush do something as important as international trade policy but we owe it to the american people to spend a limited time to build on the floor passing a job creation bill like the highway bill sent to our may 31 rather than approvable provably job killing trade agreement as nafta was come as pntr was come as catalyst, south korea was. we know the real answer that is deal amounts to more than they promised it to if it were really good for the american worker why
9:57 am
can't the american worker see it? more corporate hands out more corporate sellouts. as many of my colleagues know, i think this trade could simply doesn't workforce. here's what's wrong with the trans-pacific partnership the first of all with china there's no guarantee he won't join later. there's no prohibition and dislike which as far as we can see with a limited access to the text that china can't a backdoor into this agreement without a vote of congress without any examination from the american public. second, what happens to competition, american workers are paid a living wage. in vietnam the average is $3 a day. how do we compete without? with the currency we know that china has gained the currency system year after year. they don't play by the same rules as we do. in corporations shift from democratically elected government to governments to to corporations. we've seen in tobacco. we've seen it on public health. we have seen it with the minimum wage. where corporations can serve
9:58 am
foreign corporations in one country can see the a government even if that governments passed a law democratically through democratic process. our trade deals, mr. president, about to corporate handouts and workers a lot. people in my state have known what is happening since nafta. they were promise of nafta would bring millions of jobs. instead we lost 5 million manufacturing jobs in this country since 1994. it's only since the otter rescue in 2010 and we begin to gain those jobs back. we know our trade deals for small business to compete with countries abroad pay their workers pennies on the dollar these foreign companies don't have to abide by the same american laws that we do. with so much to do i don't and so much at stake in this deal we shouldn't be rushing the process of considering fast-track. we should working on a living wage working on paid sick and family. we should be working on equal
9:59 am
pay for equal work. we should working on investment to infrastructure and innovation innovation. instead the majority leader wants to fast-track fast-track him what's up with is triggered on the floor as quickly as possible. this body should deliberate methodically and carefully before we agreed to become a rubber stamp for the white house's trade policy. it's not workforce in the past. it won't workforce in the future. this body should not be rushing to give up our authority on trade. mr. president i yield the floor. >> and the senate about to gavel in for the day, expected to debate on the measure that would give president fast-track trade authority for the hill reporting of the white house and senate republicans continue to scramble to win enough support for kelo today to move forward with trade promotion authority, tpa. shaping up to be one of the most dramatic roll calls of this
10:00 am
congress and if it fails to move forward could be a stinging rebuke of the president by members of his own party. what happens today with trade promotion authority could also deal with pacific region country. you didn't -- you can read more at as we take you live to the floor of the u.s. senate. the president pro tempore: the senate will come to order. the chaplain dr. barry black will lead the senate in prayer. the chaplain: let us pray. free us from hindrances eternal lord, preserve us in our pilgrimage through this life. using us as your light to a dark world. free us from hindrances that keep us from accomplishing


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