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tv   Open Phones With Hugh Hewitt  CSPAN  May 18, 2015 2:00am-3:01am EDT

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was very interesting. of downtown la.
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we will be here again all day on sunday. joining us on our outdoor set, author and radio talkshow host hugh hewitt. mr. hewitt, we brought you on to talk about your newest book but i i don't have a copy of. >> guest: secrecy. it is about hillary. we are keeping it very under wraps until it releases. first of all i want to to
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congratulate you on bringing books to usc. all all my trojan friends out there command talking about you. i have written a book based closely on nokia valleys the prints which was published 500 years ago. some people say was that was 502, published 502, some people say 498. and so i wrote a book of advice for hillary on how to when and how to govern. that will be released on june 19. some of my republican friends are going to like it because it is how she could win and govern. >> host: what is it called? >> guest: it is called the queen. >> host: how did you come up with that name? >> guest: because it is not the prince is the queen. i we will do everything i can to stop her from
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winning. to adapt billion dollars, the dollars, the electoral college, the confusion of the republican ranks, we cannot make a single mistake. i'm a conservative a conservative republican. i would rather any republican beat hillary. right now if you look at her and you are london bookie i bet they have for at least three to two odds of winning >> host: recently on to me to press he said the democrats are afraid they'll have a a candidate that they need to prop up. >> guest: i referenced weekend at bernie's. he invites genuine conservatives on. he asked me if the republicans were going to go overboard hillary. i said we can't. democrats are worried that she is a terrific candidate.
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i think this is part of how she wins. she can't do what she did this past week, and she can't do what she did in 2008, she has to do something completely different. if she repeats what she did in iowa we will beat her. she her. she's a very smart lady, very experienced not much a compass the compass maza senator, but terribly smart. they have a great team but they don't know how to run run for pres. bella sat around for pres. one of the mistakes that they made -- and i will give you a little peek inside the book -- is how to use bill clinton. the over force of american politics. he may show appear. the only good thing is tonight on saturday night live they will have a hillary segment. for the 1st time in years
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democrats worry about what will be on saturday night live in the way the republicans worried during the last two presidential campaigns, they will every single week. >> host: you do did not think much of her drive across the country. >> guest: no. chuck todd was on the radio show yesterday talking about the launch. chuck said she had a great 1st day. chipotle in disaster for parking in the handicap space, disaster not taking any questions, disaster. remoteness. yesterday maggie of the new york times wrote apiece in this week they have planned fakes smiled our events because they don't really care about the small donors that they have to pretend like they do. it is all absolutely fake but a collar to my show let's give credit to the college's. she has got people excited
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because of who she is but because of what she will be. that is true. she will be the 1st woman president and that is a big deal. as a result she has energy and some good staff but if she runs -- if she does not do what i tell her to do she will lose. right lose. right now i think she is smart enough to do what i tell her to do. >> host: if you go to huge hewitt .com you will see that you lament the fact that hillary clinton has never done an interview with you. >> guest: i wouldn't do it, neither has has president obama. i did a three-hour interview with him, terrific book. he truly transparently authentically laid out his life, which is full of sorrow and victory defeat and triumph and he made pres. obama. after that i was hoping maybe pres. obama would accept my invitation to appear command he has not i have i have known a lot of
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people around the former secretary of state command i would be respectful. the trouble is she can't really answer a lot of questions that our friends in the mainstream media politely nebraska. and as and as a result she can't actually going to harms way. for example how much do you attribute the collapse of our relationship with russia to your engineering of the reset to make sure connection reset us back to 1988. so she really so she really can't defend her tenure at state. she will stick with thomas friedman and some wonderful people. she will going to harms way. >> host: we will put the numbers up on the screen. screen. how are guest is radio host and talkshow hugh hewitt. >> guest: june 19. >> host: june 19 called teefor -- called "the queen" he has written a slew of books. we want want to hear from you as well.
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go ahead and dial-in. we will begin talking in just a minute. marco rubio. >> he was on my program a week ago monday and was terrific, as always. republicans are blessed this time with a deep bench of able communicators. in the in the last eight days of talks to rand paul chris christie marco rubio, rick santorum, carly fear arena. i for the arena. i am forgetting someone. jeb bush was in studio week ago. ted cruz was on yesterday. marco rubio is the best communicator. ted cruz is right behind him senator rubio is almost incandescent in the way the
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pres. obama was. i was there in 2004 when john kerry was nominated. keynote. i walked out of the same while. what a torch. i think i think people who watch marco rubio on monday said well. so i am very favorably impressed. i am not endorsing anyone. they are all my friends. i invite them all on and let them come on as often as they want. they always make news, but i also have some very difficult questions. and so they are ambivalent but coming. marco rubio is probably never not prepared for anything i asked. i asked former florida governor jeb bush if he was committed to building 11 carrier groups in rebuilding the ohio class submarine. he said quite straightforward i have not studied up on that yet. it was a good answer them a but he had not yet studied
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up on the number of carrier groups we need our boomer our boomer for the benefit of steelers fans out there. the draft is getting close. don't mess up. the response was detailed, precise in the senate that is what they do. unlike anyone else he has none of the ohio class submarines. >> host: bush versus clinton 2016. >> guest: i asked former florida governor bush a month ago what message it would send to emerging democracies like nigeria and india where they are going through there 1st peaceful transition of power in nigeria. they're getting used to an india. what would it say about politics if we keep recycling the same candidates again and again? and jeb bush's answer was good. if in fact it is about dynasties that is bad bad,
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but you will see, my campaign is not about a dynasty. nevertheless, bush versus clinton or clinton versus bush does have an awfully familiar ring to it. this is hillary's 6th run for office. a.that out in "the queen". 2004 she is a sen. supporting john kerry, john kerry, 2008 she runs from a 2012 she is secretary of state were not in politics but around it. this is at least number six, arguably number seven. jeb bush has been around 1980, 84 88. ninety-two 2000, 2,004. this is his 8th time. between the two of them they have have run 15 to 16 presidential campaigns or been close to the decision center. it is like that some of
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your audience will be old enough to run moroccan soccer robots. it's like playing it endlessly for 20 years. it will be magnificent. >> host: scott walker. >> guest: again, in the studio two weeks ago. in phoenix. i was in phoenix for chamber of commerce lunch were interviewed him off the record. then he came to my studios for a half-hour unscripted. i spent it all on foreign-policy because the rap on scott walker is that he is not ready. tremendous foreign-policy advisor and a guy named mike gallagher. former missouri former missouri senator has joined his team. one of my law partners is deeply involved. so i pushed a very hard on nato allies and things like that. he was ready and prepared. and if you are governor two
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years ago is that you are sitting. all about obama care and the economy. all of economy. all of a sudden the world has gone to hell. crimea and china building airwaves on small islands. all of a sudden the senators got engaged. it is going to be a great year. the best of times for talk radio are the worst of times for the world in the country. the best of times for talk radio is when there is a highly competitive republican primary for president and the world is going to hell. that is the best time to do talk radio these everybody listens and we bring in breaking news. >> host: if someone were to pick up one of your books which would you recommend? >> guest: i will i will answer twofold. if they were younger should read and but not of. i wrote in but not of 15 15
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years ago for young people. if they are middle-aged or older the happiest life, my most recent book which i wrote looking back saying here is what i figured out. you are in that book. all the people in a student in the things that actually matter. that would be for the general audience. if you are 22 or younger younger and but not of. >> host: on your website you list all the books but you also have a bookshelf recommending books. what is being recommended? >> guest: i brought along books. then i hope you interview bill and shoots. bill and shoots. i just finished this book. out with the west begins. a marvelously successful american entrepreneur. he owns aeg, interest and most of major league soccer, is a staple center been to
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a lot of different businesses, denver businessman who loves history and loves the west. profiles of 45 entrepreneurs who built the west. for example fred harvey. he built the harvey houses, invented the harvey girls. in 2000 word profiles he profiles all of these people i finished them on the drive here today. a genuine contribution to american history because it is successful and make accessible a lot of people you have never heard of. i did not no meyer guggenheim made his money in mining. so all of these different people profile in their. the los angeles times festival of books. from the great state of ohio. he is profiled in there. it is an amazing, riveting
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read. fascinating but 1st woman press secretary for the republicans in the middle of a war. but these are both going on my necessary bookshelf. books that i think people need to have read in order to understand the world in which we live. number one on their i always asked people. >> guest: by the way our guest on our in-depth program. >> guest: i have not read his david book. i think the looming tower is probably the most influential book in the way that i understand the world. >> host: by the way hugh hewitt has been a guest on our in-depth program. you can watch all three hours.
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>> guest: one more book. this is book. this is what they give freshman when they come to usc. it is how rocket learns to read. signing books read. signing books out there. i got that and picked it up for the ufc freshman. abcaten. >> host: where did you go to school? >> host: i did my undergrad in michigan. a great law school. so when are you interviewing? >> guest: i we will play it over the course of three weeks. because there is so much there. i'm going to cut it up a a little segments on each of the entrepreneurs. >> host: do you read
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thoroughly the books? and calling you out here. here it is underlined. we can show we can show a little bit of the underlining. my annotation system was taught to me by pres. nixon. he used a check mark and a a star in it!. underlining is good. check march 1 through four important. a star you must discuss this. something new that you never knew before. when i go back through i we will prepare the interview over the next 2436 hours. i we will go back to my annotation and tell me how to outline the interview branches. it will be like you guys. as a seven i sat down interviewers i'm number 39 never used steroids.
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>> host: rand paul. >> guest: on the show we can go friday. very different from the other republicans. with smart. i asked him about drug legalization, one of the big divide in the republican party. i asked them about drug legalization. very much against it. i think bill bennett's tells us why. chris christie and marco rubio i dedicated i dedicated the cracking down on washington in colorado drug sales. rand. grandpa very much open to the state option. a libertarian republican the better on foreign-policy than people think. he is open to more defense spending and he is very attractive on-air. some people are natural some people are not. we are blessed with a lot of
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natural communicators. it was interesting doctor ben carson. he's a surgeon. he speaks deliberately. he is not deep in foreign affairs. mitt romney was thinking about reentering the race. ben carson is polling at 14 or 15 percent in iowa. a tremendous paul because of his dramatic and appealing personality and life story but he was on with chuck todd and he is very deliberate. i don't mean slope, but he is very deliberate. and i don't know that american media will treat them well. when he was on my show he appeared not to know that the baltic republics are part of nato, which is one of those things that a first-time candidate may not know but if your running
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for president you have to know who is in nato and what article five is. while he is gifted, probably the weakest force the republican field is ben carson. the 2nd wasted -- 2nd weakest used to be carly farina. all of a sudden she is galloping across the national media state with abandon. i can't even line them up. they are stacked between five and 20 percent. >> host: speaking of stacked, our phones are stacked so let's take some calls. joe in pittsburgh. >> caller: yes i want to ask you about the legacy from bill clinton's a ministration. does anyone ever bring up the fact that he pardoned some very heinous criminals like marc rich who had some oil drilling wraps?
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>> guest: i will bring up the marc rich pardon. who doubt pardon. who doubt the phone for you? you are steelers fan probably. marc rich is probably going to dog bill clinton a lot less than republicans and conservatives like it. this is simply american memory. american memory is four years old. if it happened more than four years ago in american politics it doesn't matter. you can survive scandal, defeat anything except ridicule in american politics. that's the one thing that you can come back from. >> host: matt. >> i'm just curious. does he believe the republican party since -- can survive another neocon being elected? if so -- if not will someone like rand paul ever really have a chance?
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>> host: could you define 1st what you mean by neocon. >> caller: neoconservatives like bush senior and bush junior both neocons. hannity is a neocon. they have taken over the republican party in the past ten or 15 years. basically a democrat that is pro-life and pro- big government. homeland security act that is not something a republican would have done. it is not something a republican should do. they one of the republican ticket. >> host: thank you sir. >> guest: thank you. we used to call neocons hamiltonian's commendably golden we can ask. rich lowry wrote a great book and abraham lincoln
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conclusively proving he was the first. 1st. i am not ever been a democrat. if you were to ronald reagan it is hard to be elite -- a neocon. the libertarian element is the knew element, and i welcome it. i'm glad to have it. but they have been around since alexander hamilton. free traders, infrastructure bankers, homestead act signed by abraham lincoln, the greatest giveaway in american industry. so i get a lot of calls on the radio show from people who think rand paul is not getting a fair shot. he will get get a very fair shot. he will get 10 percent or more in every presidential primary but he may have the lowest ceiling unless he successfully persuade people that he will be open to the use of american force whenever necessary command i
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would.out, in washington dc this week a gyroscope landed on the capitol. i was there on monday. i was actually in the company of a fighter pilot a monday night asking about airspace over dc, the most heavily controlled airspace. every aircraft is handed off and closely monitor. this gyroscopic lands on the capitol. it's only a matter of time until the country is again hit. lindsey graham was on the program this week. i asked him if he was amazed it wasn't shot down and he was. i asked him do you think america is more susceptible to a mass casualty attack today that it than it was six and a half years ago? and he said absolutely yes. and so i think one of the burdens that he will bear is persuading people that a
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non-neocon will be adequate to the task of defending the country against mass casualty attacks. our friend matt may believe he is. he may not. abcaten what do. >> host: what do you think of the term islamic terrorism? >> guest: it has to be used. you have to name what you are up against. i use islamist terrorism since i believe the strain of islamist terrorism is primarily to headed. the al qaeda variant the homeless or front, the islamic state, and then and then there is the sheer variety which is augmentin is odd imam variety, end times variety, and and those are -- if islam is like anything else a bell curve, there is a 3rd kind the sunnis other we will
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have us if they are troubled. on this end of the bell curve of the shia and they are troubled because they are fanatics. i think fanatics are in control of iran. we know fanatics are in control of islamic states. we also know that we have many strong and powerful allies among arab nations in the muslim nations like saudi arabia jordan kuwait, and we have to be careful. egypt. i am a big fan of the new foreign affairs course. i think you say that country from a brotherhood takeover that was neither democratic or liberal. at the same time, he is a strong man using strongman tactics because of the nature of the country that he governs. we we should work with them to improve its human rights record. neocons are very aware of the world as it is. >> host: joe in malibu california. >> caller: hello. nice program.
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hello. i am wondering whether or not in your book you might have gone back far enough to hillary's 1st job which was secretary. it turned out to be at the time the largest bankruptcy government bailout at that time. >> guest: no. >> guest: what -- >> host: have you heard of what he is talking about? >> guest: on the watergate prosecution team, but that's not in my book either. the american political memory is five years. the meat is five years. some people will remember ten but you are not going to make a lot of traction recycling hillary scandals
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or bill property. it's just not going to happen. it will be about what is going on in the world in 2016. her tenure at the state department will make a big difference, but not her 1st job at a savings and loan. i have read hrc. i don't know if they were on the program. terrific book, very well reported. another one coming out. so i've read pre-much everything that matters. i just don't think the former secretary of state has to worry about her summer jobs. when the washington freebie can, they have a terrific team, adamant matt and lock: a but i don't really care if she wrote letters and she was 20. i don't think it matters. >> host: will you be doing a book to her?
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>> guest: i will. i leave that up to the publishers. fifteen bucks, as you know. they all do things differently. what is amazing to me the one i've sold the most, 2,004 book. i don't know why i made the bestsellers list i don't know why the romney but did. i don't know. it is always -- unless you are daniel silva, red to work, alex berenson more cj box my don't know why. as of are the four novelists i have on whatever they put out a book. >> host: no. >> guest: terrific books. the only non- thriller that i read. he underestimates the threat from yellowstone volcano. i learned from them every time. i always love to put them on
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i think i think that americans would be well served by reading more thrillers. that is how you teach people about the world perfection, not nonfiction. unless you're one of those poor guys he never quite know what is going to be. >> host: his 2012 book, a mormon in the white house. romney is a presidential candidate. >> guest: i would have -- he would have run. one of my law partners. we wrote a piece saying 3rd time is a charm because i think i think the way that the rules of been set up a terrific chairman of the republican party and i say that not because i get to asking questions. he is involving conservative journalists, and i love that no more surprise got you questions by george stephanopoulos. the worst question ever. i've been on this program. that one was from way left
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field. remove the convention up put it in cleveland. don't mess the draft. he put in cleveland. he also limited the base to 12 total command he made a compressed schedule for primary selection. i think that last thing is going to result in probably the 1st open convention we have ever had. if i can summarize if you hold your primary or caucus you have to allocate your delegates proportionate to the votes the common. if you hold it on march 15 or thereafter it will be winner take all. everyone is going to get a little bit of something. iowa new hampshire south carolina, nevada. march 1. in florida godzilla jeb bush versus marco rubio the distraction of the sunshine
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state they will win it all, but it is also the 1st big taxes georgia super tuesday thing. it will all be a great convention. >> host: c-span will be in cleveland gavel to gavel and , and we will also be in philadelphia. pat in palo alto california. you have been patient. >> caller: fortier chairman of committees in the house and senate. forty-eight way people. one white woman. i'm wondering, what kind of representation is the republican party trying to tell the american people? >> guest: and african-american from south carolina, probably not senior enough yet.
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committee chairmanship typically comes from the number of years you have been in a particular seat. i no that there are number of women who are in position of subcommittee chairmanship rising. most of these things are a function of seniority. while there is diversity in the republican party in the chairmanships which are functional longevity he will probably be another ten years. i would also ask the question back, what kind of diversity is it when you only have one candidate for president? it is something of a shock to democrats that they only have hillary. no one would know who he is. james webb i no him because he is a great offer. but lack of diversity is a problem when you only have a party of one family.
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that is the real lack of diversity. they might have a lot of committee chairmanships, but basically the obama team has been running everything and have destroyed every other part of the democratic party >> host: will california ever be in place of the republicans again? >> guest: no. i would love to say yes. i have lived here since 1989. p 1989. p wilson was governor for eight years governor for six you wonder if we could come up with the governor somehow if we have the right combination. but i think think we have to go for michigan before that happens , actually go for the chart. and that may happen sooner than i think. the unfunded pension liabilities are staggering. the sales taxes a half percent in many places, nine in some.
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a terrific new gov.'s picking off off every knew business that rick. for taxes. states at the edge of fiscal collapse but it has the most powerful public employee unions in the united states and therefore it will be difficult to save the state before it goes bankrupt. >> host: the water crisis. >> guest: pretty bad. the marine corps brought with it she believes i am wasting water. but just this week i water districts and is a bill that they are pressing water differently. pretty bad. we have never experienced anything like this. >> host: i have i have been out here two days and fully expected to see a sign nobody has warned me to save water.
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>> guest: the hospitality business is one of the exemptions. farmers especially of being hit because of the delta. i'm endangered species lawyer. they have less water in the reservoir. i spent some time in lake tahoe. it genuinely is a unique situation. we have been they're before, just not since i moved back. every hundred years in the worst year. this might be our worst year it will be interesting to see why jerry brown is building a train to nowhere when we have desalinization plants along the coast. there is an experimental desalinization plan down in huntington beach. california ought to be pouring money into d sell like crazy. is the future.
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people don't know that. they provide water for more than 60 million people every day. we're going to need water. it is sort of like the book. the industrialization of desalinization. we have a big ocean. >> host: have you thought about leaving the state? >> guest: i we will go to colorado. i teach there this fall. the 1st time i haven't been in california full-time since 1989 and then we we will assess thereafter. ohio is home, but the north coast is underappreciated by my wife. >> guest: john kaysix.
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>> guest: great governor. what went wrong? he carried trumbull county. deep blue steel worker. one of the most natural politicians. is a steelers fan sadly. but his only but his only problem is he is never made a mark in media. he never gets a break. >> host: next call is tom in rosewood. >> caller: hello. i believe cicero and the greeks had a saying which was adopted as the motto of the university of north carolina amanda goes like
2:40 am
this, to be rather than to appear. i think it is a profound saying. i am wondering i am wondering how you contrast that with hillary clinton. >> guest: he was a greek -- a roman. i guess said earlier, the excitement around hillary is because of what she was to be not who she is. i no she has some deep admirers and loyal people but you would be hard-pressed to find people running around thinking that she is going to change much. she is not a quantity that ignites enthusiasm. it is going to be an effort to coldly calculate where the votes are collect them, and get them to the polls. she will be the 1st lady
2:41 am
president and hopefully she will persuade people she is more fatter than a historical footnote. >> host: from the colony texas. >> caller: hello. i am much like -- not the person you just talked with, but the one before, bible belt raised farm girl in western kansas. having the same water problems. my main question that i wanted to get across your is if you are a staunch republican and don't want big government and all that all the stuff in the middle east, the chaos in crisis and killings christian killings and everything you can think of, you know, it is going on. why would you write a book
2:42 am
that is going to help hillary when when you are a republican? it's a simple question but i just want a simple answer. >> host: thank you, ma'am. >> guest: because when the union discovers general these plans on the march two antietam, it was a significant advantage. if. if i am right and have anticipated what she has to do to win it can advantage the republicans. forewarned is forearmed is an old saying. i saying. i tried to put on my best spark in mind meld to think through how bill clinton would see the selection and what he will be advising his spouse to do because he is a magnificent politician. i think i have done that. >> host: june 19 is the release date. our next call is john in
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portland, oregon. >> caller: hello from portland. it looks awfully nice down they're. we have the same weather up here, but don't tell anybody forget about it for now. the thing i want to comment on having to do with the definition of words i would argue that what you mentioned this historical neocons are simply classic republicans. the neon crowd neocon folks by definition new would be distinguished by one unique characteristic. that is an aggressively protective stance on israel. it seems to be the most consistent feature of the folks that we would call neocons. i wanted to get your comment.
2:44 am
>> guest: i will agree with you that i have never met and neocon who was not a staunch defender of israel. i have also never met one who would not come to the aid of japan if it was attacked by china one who would not come to the aid of taiwan if the people's republic of china threatened it. they all believe in article five of the nato treaty the north american treaty alliance. i think the reason that israel is more forward in people's conversation is that they are our ally who is most routinely threatened forces antithetical to a democracy. therefore israel is the one that is most often threatened. but neocons support, like jack kennedy was a neocon. followed by lyndon johnson with a poor strategy. 550,000 troops to the republic of vietnam.
2:45 am
we won that war. there were democratic neocons. and in the biggest difference between a non- neocon at a democrat is the democrats today don't believe in the use of force unless absolutely positively they have to. and at a minimum risk of loss of american life. i think that is why israel comes up more often than not i did not hear an antiseptic we will to hearing some people mean jews. i get that all the time. time. i'm just an irish catholic boy from ohio. they believe in american exceptionalism. >> host: hugh hewitt indiana. would you be standing behind
2:46 am
governor of be one of the business folks? >> guest: i would i would be with them. a big believer of religious liberty. i believe that any individual or business that has a deeply felt conviction about to his principles if your serving people i make this gradation. photography, forests kate baker. forests, unless there being asked to be there during the ceremony to which they object they had to sell flowers and leave. the real issue is not the
2:47 am
floors to the caterer. the real issue is whether or not a store that is staunchly run by roman catholics and believes in the sanctity of life to be obliged to provide for abortion services. hobby lobby of hell that. most importantly of all churches have to be left alone to believe what they believe and decide what they decided any social issue. our 1st freedom. i like 1.0. i'm a big believer in religious liberty. of of the most of my academic work in religious liberty. >> host: from a political.of view the majority of americans support gay marriage. most people in indiana work against that bill.
2:48 am
have is a republican party benefit from supporting? >> guest: this is one where they have to support religious liberty. depending on how the question is framed, framed, but i asked marco rubio and jeb bush about this. not about same-sex marriage. the court will decide that. whether or not you object to having intimate sexual relations outside of marriage between a man and woman. i just wrote a book a book and white evangelical seven reading scripture on.
2:49 am
all the st. paul. it's a good book. if you believe otherwise, our framers fully intended that you would be unmolested in your religious belief and practice by the state. that is the core issue here. the hobby lobby case reproductive mechanisms hobby lobby one and i.out to people corporations. he goes on the "washington post" to write about the necessity of nondiscrimination against gays. i am all for template speaking out as the ceo of apple, offer citizens united , as my speech as possible. a big political speech person. let's not pick and choose winners. the marketplace of ideas. i've known him forever. wrong about everything.
2:50 am
please just wrote. debating for years. i i think that i feel forward. we ought not to criminalize speech, there is a new book coming out. this attempt to shut down conversation. they will sell 1 million bucks. a million bucks. americans are tired of being told you can have that conversation. it's unacceptable. >> host: you been very patient. >> caller: thanks. twenty-five years ago. i i left the country there was obviously in decline. i came to the united states left a good career behind. a solid country going down the tubes. i am seeing the same thing
2:51 am
cultural, economic, political, everything. everything is going to be fine. the the best days are still had of us. interested to know if the 1st person that stands up and said that is going to be vilified in media. >> guest: it is the truth. elected in 1980. the world was actually in a much worse situation.
2:52 am
they were cubans all over africa for inflation in double digits, digits, unemployment in double digits, prime interest rate of 12 or 13 percent. we bought a house and 85. her interest rate was 12 percent. and so america and so america was up against the ropes. reagan turned around. i wished we got started earlier. think would be further along. the beginning of that is dealing with the american military power, the sequestration is almost suicidal. into project american power wisely and user technology. we can shut down using any technology. we combined the pure we
2:53 am
combined the people's republic of china. the china. the subject of attack from the people's liberation army. you'll have to worry about americans we spend the money on defense. talking about our new printing ability. all the technologies our disposal. the way we did ten years ago or 20 years ago with 30 years ago. information i mentioned earlier information changes everything. on the cusp of an amazing century if we don't screw it up. >> host: a few minutes left.
2:54 am
>> caller: about two or three months ago islamic scholars published an open letter to baghdad he and isis in which they said they gave 24 points at which isis was not following the principles of islam. i would observe i would observe that the ku klux klan claims that they are christian although they hate jews and blacks. i wonder if you could give me more than a one-word answer if i were i were to ask if there was a newspaper headline that says christians whence negro. would that be a fair headline? thank you much by. >> caller: not sure where your going to mobile you are attempting to say is we ought not to be quick to judge islam by the extremist actions of illness or front for a big daddy.
2:55 am
i agree with that. president lcc was the leading university in cairo the seat of islamic burning in the world give a lecture on january 1. you will be able to find where he instructed the scholars of islam that the problem wasn't islam. needed to be confronted reformed. they. that for me to say that. leading islamic scholars. it is a problem. a lot of people in isis. returned isis fighter.
2:56 am
we have had that happen in london commend the united states, in france. we france. we have to be serious about the fact that there are a lot, thousands, tens of thousands of radical islamists who are not representative real and present danger to the world. it doesn't do us any good to say 50 years ago there were lynchings in the united states have nothing to do with christianity. that doesn't advance the argument. but we do right now about terrorists who are right now killing in nigeria hundreds of people. last week 200 plus christians were murdered because of there faith and ecology kenya. that is a right now problem that most americans don't know happened. massacred two years ago. the problem is getting worse, not better commander does not help the world. i i judge you to be a left-wing or by virtue of
2:57 am
your calls. for left-wingers to confuse the problem. it has nothing to do with american politics. will be arguing about bathrooms for transsexuals. we have to get serious of a serious problems. >> host: one minute left. >> caller: stop the bombings, funding the cia and fbi, secret activities. tens of millions of dollars in unfunded, unknown money. hundreds of millions of dollars going to the cia. do you support either overt or covert assassinations? that's it. >> host: all right. you had half. you get the other half. >> guest: i disagree. i support drone strikes. i
2:58 am
believe pres. obama has has constitutionally used his authority in that regard. >> host: kayfor, the newest book by kayfive. he comes out on june 19. then on book tv to give us a preview of that. thank you, as always. ..
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