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tv   Key Capitol Hill Hearings  CSPAN  July 3, 2015 12:50pm-1:01pm EDT

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impactful. there saturday night live skits and i was surprised. it never happened before. >> host: the looming tower steve huitewitt, brings it up. >> guest: i have a lot of conservative fans i think in part because i criticize the clinton administration but i do with the bush's as well. facing terrorism is something that appeals not just to conservatives but maybe especially conservatives. >> if david from the new yorker calls saying i need you to write about election 2016. where do you start?
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>> guest: my wife and i are throwing my support toward donald trump. >> host: roger in ohio go ahead. >> caller: i saw the documentary on scientology and for some reason it reminded me of 1984. hubbard, his big brother, is the police enforcer. where do the lies like the party
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members come in? >> guest: >> guest: 5,000 people and then 6,000 people. and scientology took off. and the numbers are not out there totally. but scientology has large members. and their lives are pretty much constrained constrained. you can take courses, and you can leave and you may be
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followed by phone calls and you can leave that. and then there is celebrity scientologist and that is a different category. typically your image has been exploited as a scientologist, you are expected to go to workshops and endorse the religion religion. for a person in the public eye like let's say john travolta it would be difficult for him if he changed his mind to walk away from the church. in the therapy sessions which are in some respects is like a
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real therapy sessions there are confessions made and sometimes they are video taped without the knowledge of the person being audited. i talked to one former scientology and there was thought travolta was going to leave and his job was to assem assemble all of the damaging things he said that would be used against him if he decided to leave the church. that is a strong reason not to go. it is level of celebrity and you might include major donors who are welcomed into the celebrity center in los angeles. and at the bottom you could talk about the members, some of whom have to physically escape. and then often times they were tracked down and brought back.
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in one case travolta's plane was used to go retrieve a member who had fled. i think for those people it is a lot harder to leave. >> host: lawrence wright if people want to see your work contact you, you have a website? >> guest: i do. will get you whatever you want in the lawrence wright category. >> host: and we would mention roberta, his mother is sitting next to him. lawrence wright has been our guest. his books city children; country summer the story of ghetto children among the amish, in a new world the story of growing up in america, saints and sinners, remembering saten
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twins coming out in 1999 god's favorite; a novel 2011. the looming tower pulitzer prize winner came out and going clear about scientology came out in 2013 and 13 days in september. lawrence wright has been our guest on "in depth." thank you. [applause] >> c-span, created by america's cable companies 35 years ago and brought to you as a public service by your local cable or satellite provider. presidential candidates often release books to introduce themselves to voters and to promote their views on issues.
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here's look at some books written by declared candidates for president. in his book, immigration wars former florida governor jeb bush argues for new immigration policies. neurosurgeon ben carson calls for greater individual responsibility to preserve america's future in "one nation." in "against the tide," former rhode island governor lincoln chafee recounts his time serving as republican in the senate. former secretary of state hillary clinton looks back at her time serving in the obama administration, in hard choices. in a time for truth, texas senator ted cruz recounts his journey from a cuban immigrant son to the u.s. senate. carly fiorina former ceo of hewlett-packard, is another declared candidate for president in "rising to the challenge," she shares lessons she learned from her difficulties and triumphs. south carolina senator lindsey graham released an e-book on his web site.
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in "my story" he details his childhood and career in the air force. former arkansas governor mike huckabee gives his take on politics and culture in, god, guns grits and gravy. in leadership in crisis, louisiana governor bobby jindal explains why he believes conservative solutions are needed in washington. george pataki is running for president. in 1998 the former new york governor released, "pataki" he looks back on his path to the governorship. kentucky senator rand paul calls for smaller government and more bipartisanship in his latest book taking a stand. another entrant into the 2016 presidential race is former texas governor rick perry. in "fed up," he explains that government has become too intrusive and must get out of the way. in "american dreams," florida senator marco rubio outlines his plan to advance economic opportunity. independent vermont senator
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bernie sanders is a candidate for democratic nomination of the president. his book, the speech, is a printing of his eight-hour long filibuster against tax cuts. in blew collar conservatives, presidential candidate rick santorum argues that the republican party must focus on the working class to retake the white house. businessman donald trump has written several books. in "time to get tuff" he criticizes the obama administration and outlines his vision for american prosperity. james webb looks back at his time serving in the military and the senate in, "i heard my country calling." others who may announce candidacies for president vice president joe biden. in "promises to keep" he looks back on his career in politics an explains his guiding prince ills. ohio governor john kasich calls for return what he sees as traditional american values in, stand for something. more potential presidential
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candidates with books include wisconsin governor scott walker. in "unintimidated" he argues republicans must offer bold solutions and have the courage to implement them. finally new jersey governor chris christie and former maryland governor martin o'malley announced their candidacies but haven't released books. . .


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