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>> how do you think investigators and prosecutors were able to overcome when they became successful? >> they were very high profile very disturbed me and really a lot of investigations that were done around the same time that really unpacked what had happened so prosecutors had a lot of help. in west virginia the guy kept slipping people he kept charging people that were one level below massey, and then they would roll on massey the indictment that i was reading again this weekend this is what i do for fun i really need to get of life. it had all these notes quoted that someone had saved, and
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handwritten notes from blankenship it wasn't even e-mailing, he probably had a quail and some parchment. >> i would just say that's traditionally how prosecutors go after people there is something else there for generations people were dying in the mines in west virginia and this is the first time they went after them. you mentioned individual prosecutors within the office and said were going to go after this and get the. >> rights and actually i don't know him but steve ruby who is an individual prosecutor i think his father was involved in the mining example. >> i really thank you, i thank you for your patience and thank you for coming, and thank rob
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and thank public citizen and. >> and this is the book "why not jail?" rena sizer make sure you get it thank you all very much. >> [applause]. here's a look at some authors recently featured on book tvs weekly interview program and afterwards. >> we heard heard from michael tanner about the national debt and entitlement report. ralph nader and the unanswered letters he wrote to george w. bush and bracco obama and andrea mays the creation of shakespeare's first folio and a copy of the book 280 years later. in the coming weeks senator claire mccaskill will discuss her upbringing and her path to the senate.
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pres. of the american enterprise institute calls for a new kind of conservativism also recalling a it's now possible to limit federal power through the use of technology rather than the constitution. >> one of the deep sources of satisfaction in life is a vocation of something you love and love to do well it's a big deal. to the extent that you have lots of people, some locations including physicians and small-business people of all kinds where they say i can't do what i want to do in terms of providing a good or service it's getting in the way it's impeding freedom in a really important way. >> afterwards on book tv every saturday on 10:00 p.m. and
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sunday at 9:00 p.m. eastern. you can watch on book book tv recently visited capitol hill to ask members of congress what they are reading the summer. >> just last weekend i finished a book about churchill and roosevelt during role world war ii the title is fords and war. by warren kimball i found it very fascinating because most of the books i've read our history and even though i was a teenager to you kind of livid again and you get into real detail when you read something about roosevelt and churchill. you think you know both of them because they are outstanding people but you really don't know much about their details until you get to reading it. >> yes. >> and that i want to say that i started now on a book called
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heart and american odyssey, by dick cheney and doctor reiner. reiner is the dr. who has been cheney's heart doctor for i suppose about 25 or 30 years and was involved with his heart transplants so in this book you learn about dr. reiner as an outstanding heart specialist and you also learn about doctor reiner taking care of cheney who had several heart attacks over. up until now and he's still living but during cheney you hear about how he reacts to his health and you also relive the times i served with him in the congress as a congressman, as a
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secretary of defense, defense, and a ceo of a major corporation and then lastly being vice president of the united states. >> book tv wants to know what you're reading the summer tweet is your answer at book tv or you can posted on her facebook page tv. >> here's a look at some of the current best-selling nonfiction books according to the boston globe. first up the right brothers david mccullough's examination of the birth of flight, you can can talk with the pulitzer prize-winning author on september 5. next the atlantic magazine looks at the history and current state of black america and between the world and me, eric in for. >> deadweight, and life and of
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life care and be immortal. our look look at the boston globe's best sellers list continues with a book by helen mcdonnell, and and retracing of the 19th century migration and the oregon trail, of next on the road to character new york times columnist david brooks looks at the lives of ten historical figures as examples as how to achieve success. in in the quartet the pulitzer prize-winning joseph willis looks at the constitutional convention. here's some of the current nonfiction bestsellers. many of these authors have or will be appearing on book tv, you can watch them on our website book >> mr. warren.
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>> what is to cap come from an musical turn that comes again that means begin again. it's kind of our motto in a lot of ways, we do new step in the we think about our company has been the whole gamut,. >> is it advantageous or just advantageous to be based in boston. >> i think at seven tatian just it's a lot more conducive to books, solitude, to editing and we have our way into boston elites. >> tells about some of these books have come in out this fall. >> we have a book coming out who is a favorite of ours about henry clay and he is a kentucky lawyer who changed the american politics for ever and harlow
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makes it clear that it really is what he was, i can't think of a time in our history when we most needed that so perhaps there's something he learned from little henry clay. >> what's next. >> we have a winston churchill reporting by simon reed, it is a fascinating book and the years churchill spent as a correspondent he was in sudan, cuba, he was putting himself in harm's way so when he think later on when he went on to send troops into battle, he kinda had more of a feeling of what that is all about then most people gave him credit for because he was a war journalist. >> talk about the aspects or the staff on winston churchill. >> it is on churchill interestingly enough it is tough to come up with looking at new ways of looking at presidents but we have another offer edward lingle who wrote first
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entrepreneur and it's about how george washington took what he learned, managing his mount vernon estates and being willing to take risks calculated risks and how he applied those skills in managing mount vernon to be in the president of the united states. he ran our country like a business and he was our first president but he was also one of the only presidents to run this country like a business. >> alyssa worn as a pr person when you put winston churchill or abraham lincoln to set at least get people to stop? >> absolutely it's also attention grabbing for magazines like american history magazines and for readers who have shelves that are full of presidential biographies and books and politicians that have changed our country forever. were were very proud of our list. we do current events too, we
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really enjoy doing the history and who does on force.


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