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tv   After Words  CSPAN  August 21, 2015 8:00pm-8:58pm EDT

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>> >> man now i call them "blue collar conservatives" to those said our working people most you don't have college degrees, those who's still understand the importance of working and responsibility and the importance of family and faith that believe in freedom rand ltd. different and in many cases they are not because the ioc them talking to the concerns that they have to create an opportunity for them in the american dream. and a talk about satellite. ted how they can give them
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things like free health care is subsidized health care or able laundry list that does not benefit with a try to help the most don't want to be never met a program. they want to have jobs that are well paying that can support themselves and their families but unfortunately at is you know, tucker, we talked like the economist is we are wrapped up with our position soon to talk about balancing the budget or cutting taxes and then to cut government if you consider the average american you think where am i? what about those uc wages
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stagnating win in this is to the book is written for and for republicans to understand why they are not succeeding. it is of little perplexing because why wouldn't the republican party be talking to the working class voters? >> guest: there really requires you to think micro not macro and that is difficult for republicans those ideas are the rising tide lifts all votes. i agree unless the ball -- unless it has the of hold because then the boat will sink and you're not and a good decision so all lots have holes in their votes
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those that have low-paying jobs maybe not having yet drug or substance abuse problem will whole laundry list of things some of us have holes in the votes but a lot of americans don't see the rising tide to help them so what i have done in this book is specifically address areas where the blue caller average american can see direct opportunity where i talk about specific sections of the economy where they can find employment in the area of energy or manufacturing and service industries related to those and on the other side is in
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just economics one is culture so we talk about the importance of marriage and the family. >> obama talks about the rise of the equality. is he right and should republicans me at the windows? >> the numbers don't bear the rhetoric things haven't changed but they haven't gotten better relative to europe and canada the opportunity of mobility is not as good as it is in some of those countries so the idea that the exploding gap of income inequality is not borne out by the fact but there are serious problems that need to be addressed and there are people who are
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not getting ahead and debating whether we are better or worse but just focus on millions of americans out there and what can we do to address those? looking at the economy economy, agriculture and education. one of the things i talk about is a career track that 70 percent of americans don't have college degrees so water be doing to provide those necessary skills in high school as well as after to provide the skills necessary for people to work with their hands? >> host: how did this happen? what happened to working-class or ruler a cut?
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something has changed. what is it? >> obviously the economy has changed with globalization and open markets with competition neck comes from overseas. in there is a legitimate argument when they have that competition in june drive their own prices it is a good thing so globalization is a positive but also it could be a negative if you're losing your job as a result of the competition. i make the argument i am not against globalization i and a standard global economy but we have to be understanding of the impact case by case of a free trade agreements to the american worker. i've felt for free trade but
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i don't vote for nafta a because of that that would be devastating more than helpful bin did my opinion that has been borne out in research and they have been to improve the situation for america. but we need to look every trade and the fact that america hasn't been competitive because have a very high style regulatory environment under this administration and the litigation environment common educational gaps that we have proposed so the role that the government has played is pretty poor front and one of the reasons i wrote the book because they can be competitive if the government creates a level playing field for i have all whole laundry list of things
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that i go through that talk about how to do that. >> host: has resulted in cheaper consumer products for everybody which is a good thing but certainly has not helped american manufacturing you almost never hear anybody complain about that. why? >> guest: because most people have not lost their jobs or getting lower-paid jobs a very small percentage of americans participate in manufacturing. if you are a professional working in the service industry for a substantially lower price you are happy to go to wal-mart put wal-mart is very focused how they tried to move things back to
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encourage ready facture in this country's of those that have benefited see the benefits of having the products made here this conversation between henry ford and then head of the union and walking through the plant and said this machine will replace i forget how many of the workers and he responded but how many parts will the machine by? yes we can replace the workers with foreign competition but you have to have the wages to buy the products in america. there is an understanding by wal-mart that the need to look to how we can be competitive.
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look at the proposals they are not the subsidies the regulatory reform which government is heavily involved in this thing this that we can do with conservative politics to give us the opportunity to be competitive. >> the government exists for the interest to make americans free and prosperous so why not at the expense of other countries? >> we have the trade rules to you deal with. when that comes to new trade law that is one area that i don't get into that much because then you have retaliatory efforts on parts of the a other countries so
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i thank you have to be very careful to structure as a mobile playing field consistent with the trade laws in place in the limitations of what countries can do to favor manufacturing of one country over another. >> you don't mention immigration but if you have consistently high an employment you don't have a labor shortage so what about 1 million low-wage workers? how does that help? >> i do talk about the importance to have a trained labor force but certainly with illegal immigration coming anything that we could do to solve the problem by a creatine in the form of amnesty to these workers will flood with more
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low-wage workers. if we had in immigration policy that to a is fairly generous we need to examine that and see how it impacts the american worker where we bring in people from and the skill level and search of a factor that with the labor market of this country i don't think we do that candidly. we have in the past but immigration policy has been dealt with throughout the course of american history it isn't something we should be afraid to do to make sure they have the opportunity but my focus is not an immigration policy when although there is a point to be made i did when the deal with the concept of illegal immigration because barack
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obama two years as president with complete control in the house and senate could pass any law that you wanted in never proposed a bill so that says this issue is not a substantive political issue but it is a purely political issue that the democrats will use to drive a wedge between republicans so my suggestion is we do not play that game. we say that first and foremost, secure the border with with 12 million illegal immigrants to make it a resolvable problem if you don't secure the border preventing on what you do then you create another problem because many of
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12 million more because you created an amnesty for the existing group so for my perspective was has a discussion believed the other immigration issue aside. >> so let's just take the legal side because these people will become citizens and democratic voters but of course, the donors get rich with cheap labor so why is it good for the average american citizen looking at a wal-mart why is that good for him and to compete the works for much lower wages? >> one of the reasons legal immigration is a good thing because our country has not grown we are now below
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replacement rates of population in this country so there is something to be said that they do bring a vitality and in -- and energy to the country so it is still positive but it for immigration we would not be growing we want to be a country that grows and expands for the market. are they competing against jobs? yes but they're also consuming idols see that as a zero sum game if people are coming illegally if you are getting a variety of different workers to be competitive i don't think that is necessarily a bad thing. >> host: if i hire someone paying minimum-wage nobody can live on that sort is taken up by taxpayers they
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pay for that person to live. why should employers in reality get a subsidy for cheap labor? >> the cheap labor is based upon the value that it brings. the subsidy is a decision the policy makers have made. we have made the decision that someone makes a certain amount of money we will provide support for them. income support, food stamps stamps, that is a decision that i think is separate from the business decision and we're not just subsidizing cheap labor but this is the value that it brings to the enterprising and to drive up the cost fought by higher minimum
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wage laws then what we're doing is driving the cost of labor up with unemployment and a loss of jobs. >> host: there was a study that showed the top 25 hedge fund managers about $29 billion when you hear that what is your reaction? >> that capitalist system works very well for people who have resources and the world of economics is one that encourages that to put forward the policy that favors backstops for people and if those risks don't come through than the federal government would back them up. we created a tremendous
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opportunity to do very well and not as strong effort before rule america. -- roll america that is part of the american dream that i do have concerns when you look at the tax on capital verses' labor where reagan attempted to do with the tax cuts to say is back up that if you want less of something tax it if you want more of something subsidize we subsidize the labor the subsidized labor by having low capital gains taxes they will say we need to eliminate those then what he will do then is please keep investing in capital because you will get a huge subsidy
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but if you
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>> >> who has been very blessed. i love to work and work hard and very little in the way of investment. i cannot remember when i paid capital gains on investment but i have a fair amount of income for labor and guess what? i am taxed to the hilt so for me i have to work that much harder. but for lots of people they say what's the point? is say discourage referral lots of people. >> host: don't you risk social instability at some
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point? >> the point you are making people that make huge amounts of money they will get back at 15%. if you work for that head turned operator as the administrator you're paying 2535% one year income and how was that there? i make the argument it really isn't we should not be rewarding one over the other and i use the approach i don't get it into detail with tax policy but to lower marginal rates to increase the demand for labor said to make it simpler below were
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those marginal rate. >> you were famous as the social conservative yet this does not really tackle abortion why is that? >> volume one of the few conservatives who will talk about these issues most die under the table so with his funny you are known as a social conservative because you are one of the few that he answers the questions and is willing to articulate a vision. we do talk about the culture and the importance of the family and marriage as the economic good for society it comes from a greek word orchid home is the first economy it is the first
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everything in a child's life and the central foundational building block of society. so i do talk about marriage than the family as an important part of the economic well-being of our country and we as americans are losing this foundation for the 40 percent of children are born outside of marriage. 85 percent of men in prison were raised in homes without a dad. we know those social consequences of all -- of segments growing up it is not positive economically for those families so the real question is what do we do about that? is there anything the
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government or the public policy can do? yes. and they are important for us room to get the left with their sincere compassion especially single moms to structure these programs that depend on you not being married. i am sure that is not how they are designed but the net effect if you are a single mother with two children $15,000 a year working part time you get $38,000 in welfare benefits if you get married you lose them all. is a to get married your husband's death to make 41 dash borden 50 grand it is possible but not highly likely so we have created a marriage trap a barrier for the people who it is important to have a stable
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and solid relationship with the man but instead we encourage that mother economically to not get involved have a dangerous relationship with the man living in the home and that is most dangerous for both the mother and the children. we're doing things that our destructive in the name of helping people went we have to change the incentives program least a the barriers from marriage. >> the constituencies is single women so it makes sense he is never called for people to get married as a solution but why not republicans? i cannot remember the last time reheard up republican candidate talk specifically of how to encourage marriage
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>> i do. i did in the last election. i found out about it so i used that on the stump repeated the. i read about it takes a family in direct response to hillary clinton it takes a village because i do believe the family is the photo in blocking and it is the essential public good not just the work done by arthur brooks to look at steadies over time and i address this in the book but it isn't even close very people are by far unhappier than single people with better prospects less drugs analysts crime
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but republicans have been hot style to embrace that because they don't want to be seen as telling people how to live their lives. but what we say is you shouldn't smoke. the government has all sorts of messages that hiring veterans is a good thing but we recognize a certain public good as a government and society we get behind them. so i suggest hollywood and the news media and entertainment industry the education industry industry, businesses and labor is something we should
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all agreed to develop a positive marriage. >> day think it is a failure to use season unfashionable? if you think they don't want to see mccoy will? >> when i talk about this is the push fact you say that they are bad but i say we are in a situation where marriage is failing. one of the reasons receive the attempt to redefine because we lost what it is. it is important to reclaim marriage for what is not just a romantic relationship between two people and not just a contract were people received benefits but it is
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unique to provide a benefit to society mission for those of all other options that have children that are their children the natural mother and father raise those children in a home that is supportive it is good for the public to be raised in that environment also for men and women for a whole host of other reasons where that relationship benefits men and women so there is no reason to shy away and in fact,, what i hear is many are recognizing that this came on the last six months within come in equality in every single study came to the same conclusion what
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overcomes income inequality is marriage if people get married before children or if they stayed married the results and a better economic condition. >> you see we are attempting in into we define marriage but maybe that debate is over? to you think that gay marriage will not be the lot of the land everywhere? >> it is a very similar debate from 40 years ago with the public good that should be pervasive if you look at this generation of young people the in august cohort that now you
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recognize just because it was affirmed by the supreme court does not mean society will except it because it isn't true. you take a human life and more people recognize the horror of that and are pushing back. the same thing will happen with the issue of marriage we lost the definition because we have lost what marriage is so it will take that losing something with the consequence with the flow of religious liberties for people to recognize maybe we made a mistake and a need to pull back. >> host: it seems to have a problem with libertarian's
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i remember a couple years ago talking about ron paul calling and destructive. what objection to you have? >> it was just his attacks on meet saying things that were ridiculous and i called it disgusting i don't think ron paul is personally but what he was doing but i do have concerns of the impact because i don't take it is consistent with conservative thought with the arabia of libertarians and not libertarian conservatives that those who are little stronger on some of these issues with constitutional
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protections than the limitations. i respect that there is the very healthy debate with how much government does with the issues of privacy are important so libertarian conservatives and those to portend are not necessarily so but there i have a lot more problems from their isolationist view of post national security we have seen the last five years of the obama administration plans were american attitude take a backseat with the best example of why it won't work and what they maintain i am concerned of the
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fundamental idea what libertarian is based upon i think it is a flawed you that ultimately the people are free to do whatever they want to do with the government is removed then the people have a freedom to exercise their own will the world will be a better place. oh i don't buy that or understand him in a good and decent and virtuous society but they believe with a fundamental understanding that humans are essentials be good if left to their own devices things would be fine. i think the family civic institution in the government to have laws and conventions in place. >> interesting everybody
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agrees with the occupation of iraq but the original decision is that a good idea ? >> i go back to you two ways. i thought it was the right decision in the only one that i knew at the time i would've made the same decision but knowing now what happens to have involvement in that area of the world with the complexities to do with their radical islamist and the muslim culture, going for word i would be a lot more cautious in the future that we need to learn a lesson that the long-term
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prospects of what we attempted to do going to iraq i am not optimistic with that type of approach. >> i noticed the architects are leading foreign policy no one has been ostracized. >> it is different america has never done that before and they should be ostracized and to look at the damages something like that to look at what has happened that like better not those to indulge in the
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initial invasion to manage that war are not necessarily the people that will finish it out in their arabia other administrations who have less of a stomach to finish the job and do a rewrite of to take into consideration. >> you have raised seven children don't you think attrition and a policy play a role? should you apologize and be a role for public to know asian? is in that part of the future? >> i don't think they should apologize but they should be candid about the failures that took place. i know how you look today to say that is a success but that doesn't mean to start
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flogging your back in the public square the decisions made at the time was a very different set of facts and circumstances in the limited understanding have interaction in that area would work i think honesty and analysis going forward is a more appropriate attack >> at that time democracy was for everyone they don't attack when another do you still believe that? >> i do but how applicable is it? we have to recognize there are certain cultures where this type of idea is more difficult to sustain than in other areas of the world and we have to be realistic were we imply -- applied that
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idea but of course, it is possible that to what extent are we willing to sacrifice to sustain their presence to finish the job? and it will be possible in that area of the world. >> then shouldn't we be pushing in this area? saudia arabia or jordan could become democratic played at be better for us? >> the question isn't if this is better or not. the idea is how do you get there and how long do you take and what measures. you mention in egypt you look at a lot of these countries look at the united
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states and were we ready with united states was formed to have everybody vote? the founders did not think so they limited who could vote you may say that is terrible but it was a decision made to make sure there was some continuity within the government consisted upon the of values that were founded. we cannot say the objective is a free election. that should never have been democracy comes when we have to work with the individual situation although it may take 100 years to get there but the idea to prussia into freedoms with the election is not the right approach. >> host: what about afghanistan now? >> guest: to maintain some sort of presence we have learned our lesson from iraq.
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that losing is the worst of all possible scenarios because now we have chaos with a potential danger is alliance, not potential between iran and iraq with civil unrest in terrorist groups so it is not a positive situation so to the extent we can continue to support the afghan military to have the involvement that give some type of stability in that goes to the situation that caused you to get there in the first place >> this lays out a world view as the book describes your philosophy that you're
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entering public life. are you? >> entering public life doesn't necessarily mean i am running. >> i meant running for office. >> i have been very clear it is something i am actively considering to engaged of love all of support and to figure out being a father to seven kids and daughter just finished two years ago and it takes a toll so you have to measure those politically and personally but i do have a concern of the future of this country so we will actively consider if this is something we should do and will make a decision sometime next year. >> host: the you still have little kids at home.
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>> we have a little girl who will be six in day and she is our young guest and a 23 year-old this our oldest. they're relatively young and who still need their dad and that is my challenge, and that is what we pray about. to see if that is the right thing to do for the family and the country. >> how hard is it to run? >> you were just not there for long periods of time we did bring them out on the campaign trail are too old listed quite a bit now the two next in line would be in position to do more but we still have your and your kids and our sexual does have the disability requiring constant care so
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those are the things and i know people look at politicians into talk about the family as an excuse but i don't know maybe not the case in mind. >> host: how grueling is it? >> guest: i love it. i was out one of the forums at university are you a night owl or early riser? my answer was both. i read and pretty hard i love to do seven or nine town meetings per day in iowa and things that become important this is not as much of the toll on me but the family that comes with it the physical grain to is and the problem to exclude
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yourself to the american public for now because social media has that ability to be more loudly than they should. >> host: and to critique other candidates but to really impressed by aides who may run for president? >> in 2012 had a bunch of good people. >> host: you did? >> yes. running for president is hard. you look and say they did not do very well is hard. don't try this at home. you look at the candidates like rick perry who would drop bin and find out we're not in texas anymore. this is a tough environment
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in and day in and day out we have to be physically and emotionally prepared. i guarantee two years from now looking at the republican field you will say that wasn't as good as we thought because it is a hard thing to do everybody has weaknesses and their show very clearly in the presidential election. >> host: but my perception is you had some measure from mitt romney but you don't seem impressed much i do happen to know a couple of his aides the talk about another run by president. what do you think? >> guest: i know the guy was un kind i just thought he was the wrong candidate who had chosen the wrong path i supported him in 2008
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but in 2012 he was not the right candidate. talk about 99% vs. 1% with that multimillionaire 1% who unfortunately could never get comfortable with his wealth and how to explain his success with whole issue of obamacare with a candidate who took the most important issue when it was up for the person who instituted obamacare we never talked about it. so in my opinion i feel passionate about running to be engaged in the campaign we need someone better, those two fronts may be the son of an immigrant
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if it wasn't for the wall street bailout is with free market private-sector ideas. >> host: what about jeb bush? >> i don't know of him that well as governor of florida is seems like a solid record good and decent man i don't know much more. >> host: of the big estates mitt romney only one texas of data when texas settled think they can get to the required number. >> that would be very hard to. >> and a lot of people were watching carefully so to become a democratic state at that point where they cease to be a national party? >> that is why we expand the base of the republican party
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look at what ronald reagan did winning all the states to save is impossible but given the position but it is very possible to identify with a great middle of america who is looking for someone who has a plan for the people across america to reset the values. speaking to the republican establishment to focus on extraneous issues that we have to abandon the family the people i talk about a share our values if we can show them that we care and i write that in the book in the exit polls 23% of the
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population said the number one issue for them to care about people like me and barack obama got 81 percent of those votes and they are in the middle income barrier in fact, they were destroying their opportunities but they didn't think that we care. so not just rhetoric but policies and i think we can reestablish the plan states of pennsylvania and ohio even illinois back into play again electorally. >> host: so those working-class voters are receiving aid one form or another is that a tough sell for republicans?
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london's horror of abortion that he let me and i will cut your disability payment or the opportunity for better paying jobs to take better care of your family. maybe not have your spouse have to work a job to stay in the home and have your wife work, but to give options to your family you don't need those government benefits. the recent 47% 41% is the all-time high. the economy drives up the benefits. so if we can grow the economy with the pro-growth perot worker agenda.
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>> host: but as some point the math was suggest we have to cut benefits somewhere at some time. >> even good people why would they want to give up benefits? >> there are certain things we can and must do with the programs in place better unsustainable to secure security medicare/medicaid is not sustainable so we have to begin to sustain those issues so we can create a healthier economy for people that would be affected it is a good trade-off. beta want to give them up but i have faith in the american public if you lay out a vision for the gates
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of america i give them the opportunity to do so to make america a viable enterprise. >> to do what i did so for 23 years they were sending money to politicians in the hope that helped make america more conservative but american has become anything but with the welfare rate the birth rate what happened to all that many? >> republicans have focused on the wrong things one of the things i have done is i became ceo of a movie
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production company wasn't reason you see that change is you look at the attitudes that has been driven completely by media or news pounding away this is the way you're supposed to think and if you don't you are intolerant bigot and that has a huge impact to give money to with think tank that is great if you give money to the republican national committee that is great if you win the election but that is downstream from the popular culture these days so i make the argument they need to engage in the culture to say we have to go out there to battle for the heart and soul of america it is the
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church we have to enter gyves -- -- energizing a look at paul francis it may encourage what i see from him with the imagination of young people he is out there preaching the good news so we have to be warriors did we cannot back away the there is a way to present that the. >> so you want a clearer assessment to undermine the family. why is that? what is the motivation behind that? >> it is always the elite go to any leaked culture from the roman empire by one to do whatever they want to do
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because they say every problem in the world comes down with the first commandment the false god is you and you are the guide you don't care about any of their consequences but whenever makes me happy for the moment so unfortunately that is rampant in every culture in the history of man. it happens everywhere so you see that point did you expressed in the culture that they create one of my hero's back in england that was his fight that the seoblem that they were


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