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tv   Key Capitol Hill Hearings  CSPAN  August 22, 2015 1:45am-3:01am EDT

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greater vulnerability to transfer without bloodshed a dictatorship of the proportions fell without one drop of blood it was an amazing feat things to the fantastic leadership of ronald reagan then the humility of george h. w. bush to do the right thing rather than what would make him look popular. these are the leadership skills necessary to day forever country prepare to be a strong leader to read here to principles to be accommodating. no better example than that. almost six years ago senator ted kennedy praised the
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president to call ronald reagan he did now to destroy his opponents he took office with the evil empire in his sights one was a soviet union the other was the federal government he brought down the former and then brought to what might be considered unthinkable people can disagree but efface the n.h. other they can find the accommodations considered the most bellicose productive working relationship ever between an american president and soviet premier to sign the first treaty for nuclear weapons he promised one day
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all weapons would be eliminated to swear he was the most optimistic for in the american dream was something he felt in his heart then-president begin antipode deal were opposites they clashed often in the press but what most -- both men deplored more than anything was their political philosophy with ideology in party politics and he think about in the context of today they talked often and had lunch and shared stories
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and together there was a pond and a personal relationship about the size and scope of government to pass the greatest overhaul in the generation. reagan had countless sessions with democrats and republicans but it seems a never a beating occurs there is a press conference that somebody beats of the person before the meeting begins which wide i have decided president obama if he changed course in the last three days i am sincere about this is seems he has invited republicans to dinner for the first time without much comment after words in terms of the
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aspirations this is the change whether motivated for all sorts of reasons that we don't understand and for the country to be a successful to put aside the vitriol that assist to recognize it does it mean they're not motivated than half to get to read broader consensus based on principles the ronald reagan for me is a role model but a role model for the political system of today imagine a country with that heritage that we have the ability to solve the problems this country will take off to be the
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inspiration for the rest of the world we will of the cave or fetching to rebuild that requires the kind of leadership that ronald reagan practices every day and why i am honored to be here. thank you very much. [applause] >> fate q. governor. we have six minutes. [laughter] to take a couple of questions if you have a question raised your hand and tell us who you are.
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>> governor bush thank you so much for your wonderful talk. i am curious with your great resolve of education in florida did you do that difficult teachers' union? >> it isn't the pta it is the fda is teachers' union is one of the most powerful political forces in florida. not as powerful as year but i wish i could tell you we found accommodation but the reality is if you're at of tickets -- advocating reform , people that are organized around the economic interests that is their job to collectively
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bargain and in the case of florida the represent the teachers and other public school employees that do it well for higher accountability for what we did i did not expect that and i did not get that. there was a fight that required to stay the course and execution of the law it was eight long years to get the results that we have been teachers generally have moved to the benefits of the new system but the result could not and to this day they are trying to block reforms not just in florida but around the country. sometimes you find common ground but when you don't you have to sort that out
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politically i got elected to continue to do what i was doing the also to allow us to have enough time now all the states are emulating that around the country. >> [inaudible] [laughter] >> what is the question? [laughter] i am optimistic there is a growing consensus to push the views of the political system that people are getting free and frustrated
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that they see the need for a new message to go back to the place to be reform at the heart of what we believe and if you do that part then you will be carried by the american people not just one elected official. [laughter] we cannot wait until 2016 to change the direction of the country. it has to start now. [applause] >> one more question. >> i am a recent immigrant here.
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[applause] i am wondering what about the children of illegals? what about the finish there is education? then they stay here or leave? >> right now the law is the president doesn't have the executive power but it is unchallenged but unilaterally has suspended the period of time for the students you are describing but it doesn't offer a permanent of solution to this with a path to
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citizenship for those to break the law the children cannot be penalized for that i'm not sure you're talking about anybody that you know, you are under those suggestions that are discussed right now of the person that you described in that relationship over time to get a ged. does that answer your question? good luck. [laughter]
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[applause] >> on behalf of
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the also feel as if this is our own backyard. >> we want viewers to have a sense i know that place just been watching one of our pieces. >> has been to with coverage
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you we do on the r with have to communicate in o%aer to do this job. the one thing we wanted it to do is build relationships with the city and cable ers with american history and booktv. . .
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administration and tax cuts for the trout -- the top earners and disappearance of the middle class. [applause] senate that was such a wonderful introduction wish you could have kept going and going. i want to thank busboys and poets for hosting this event with all the great work that you do. a and i will talk about myself


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