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tv   Key Capitol Hill Hearings  CSPAN  August 22, 2015 7:00am-8:01am EDT

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this sense, anybody can work for any office they want to work for. if at your going to ask me if i'm going to be involved, no i'm not. here's what i think i speak with some knowledge about this because i am an independent, i have run on third parties, and i'm the longest-serving independent and congressional history. i history. i think you have to be judicious about it. in the real world, i don't give a damn about anything i'm going to run for office and i don't care if we have a right wing republican, i'm i'm running on principle and that's fine i can understand that but i disagree that. all over this country there are opportunities for progressive candidates to want run, if if you want to run outside the democratic party, if the context is right, do it. i did it. i was told not to run because i be a spoiler and it turns out i got more votes than the democrat.
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so i think you have to be judicious about it and i think also whether you choose to run within the democratic party or outside the democratic party, this i do believe that i think the republican agenda, tax breaks for alien heirs and savage cuts engage the middle class and working families, these guys really do want to take us back to the 1920s where if you are old and poor you are on your own, no healthcare for you didn't matter workers had no rights, do not underestimate, these are serious people, they are not fooling around. they want to take effect to the 1920s to to a darker part of society for a handful of very wealthy people. i think their views, their ideology is way out of touch with what the american people will be.
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>> : . we did not have the option of not fighting. we can beat them. nobody believes in the ideology. nobody thanks that children in america should not have health care, that workers should not have rights. [applause] they are a fringe movement, it is the democrats have the guts to go out to organize them if we work together on this thing, we can beat them, and beaten badly.
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[applause] but we can't do it, i know it's hard. look, i know, people in my state all of this country disappointed. i'm disappointed. but you can't do that. we've got to raise that c progressive agenda, make it loud and clear, organize peoplehe around that come educate your neighbors are because what we're fighting for is so important. it is the future of this country. so i just want to thank busboyse hosting this. they do soou much. i st wan thank you all very much for coming out.oets f [applause] >> hurricane katrina slammed into the gulf coast 10 years ago. to mark the anniversary will cover a daylong symposium in new
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orleans we value with the city's recovery with conversations on disaster preparedness, housing, education, the environment, race and neighborhood development.
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>> a. >> with the senate in its august break we will feature of tv programming weeknights in prime time on c-span2 starting at 8 p.m. eastern.
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>> you are watching booktv on c-span2. jeb bush argues immigration policy should be overhauled to reflect u.s. economic needs. in the republican presidential candidate spoke about immigration policy at the ronald reagan library in simi valley, california, in march of 2013. this book is "immigration wars: forging an american solution." >> now, our beloved president ronald reagan passed away almost 10 years ago, but as many in the audience know, it seems nearlys impossible to follow political ma newsny without hearing somese reference to our 40thimpossle president. is memory, his name, andtical v fortunately his legacy seem to
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be ubiquitous as our country grapples with the challenges of our time. u for many years probably startint with a day after president reagan left office in 1989 there's been a famous questionfe often asked winners ande was particularly vexing problem facing our country. when there is a problem facing our country. what would reagan to? it is a good question to ask because while times and technology have changed since president reagan was in office speaking to we are as americans have not but governor jeb bush understands this. and it is one of the reasons just six years ago to remain
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an extremely important voice in the republican party. as we prepare to welcome the governor let's first take stock that we know against the words and deeds of jeb bush with the same critical topics today. let's begin with taxes you know, ronald reagan spent much of his life for the average american and is convinced not a man or woman on the street knew how to spend the dollar more wisely when bush was in office he cut taxes by $20 billion. and when ronald reagan was in the white house he reduce the rate of growth in federal spending in the size
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of the federal government. when it bush was in office he vetoed more then 2.3 billion dollars of earmarks and reduced the size of the government table by 13,000 people. when ronald reagan cut taxes on the national level he did it with a purpose in mind to create opportunity and provide incentive for businesses to grow. and 20 million new jobs were created. the similar philosophy and economic programs created and ran a economy where new net jobs were added. their other fundamental important issues with the rise of health care with school choice and accountability to address
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the issues falling immigration. just like reagan years ago to resonate important topics in our lives which governor bush has demonstrated much needed leadership today with these and many others the only republican governor to be reelected to office. going out of the way for all of us so please extend that to governor jeb bush. [applause] >> very kind. great to see you embassador
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is then incredible honor to be in this beautiful place. what you have done here it is truly their privileges would start my eighth remarks with the update first things for your thoughts emperors for my dad. it wasn't time to go he always has a good sense of humor and he was right about that he is out of the hospital be gaining strength little by little purple yesterday he was at his library with prime minister mulroney off and that is the good side he is regaining his strength. the bad news. [applause]
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the bad news is he will not be pampered like he was in the hospital the new caregiver barbara bush is pretty tough. [laughter] we haven't seen much about him in the last several months but since you asked marvin is doing really well. thanks for asking. [laughter] my brother george has maintained a tradition that is noble with you leave the stage, you leave the stage a vivid if those that proceed to, my brother in a ben hill looks better during your tie my brother has maintained this tradition to leave the
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stage the greatest joy in my brother's life and i am proud of him to show the self restraint that i could never have. [laughter] [applause] my son george is proving that it is either genetics or social of bringing generation after generation running for statewide office is in texas said the now i know what it is like i get emotional when my dad asked what it was like for his son's to read now he compared the complete a sentence for by a man that same stage. i am proud of him and the last thing i have to tell you about but i was a a
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grandfather for way too long and i'm sure you have that experience. with sinking about pulling on my phone to show you george defilade us walker bush. think about her name. [applause] .org some places not everybody gets it but here word would she is the of love of never life. with the name of georgia that we brought up our children it is a little bit of the training program to take care of grandchildren but they make you go through another trading process to babysit. [laughter] we have to do it twice and
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when i am alone her nickname is 41. [laughter] and what relates to the subject matter is she would be a quadra- eight texas american end of iraqi canadian americans and she has a lot of diversity that is the for ruth the nature of the country and when she pulls out the form to fill out she will say not applicable and that is the way it should be when we take away identity politics.
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perspective of where we come from. it may be a leading indicator of things to come in our country. [applause] it is an incredible honor to be with you today ronald reagan was in bismarck north dakota at the state party convention in 1980. you may have been there. and to be second place in the process where there are 4,000 people in bismarck north dakota and this was half the town. half of for dakota at that time and he spoke in such inspirational words that
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this is exactly the kind of message that got a 27 year-old excited that i realize i am speaking next. that is a little nerve wracking because there was no way i could compare to governor reagan. so he completed his speech and asked for free and i went back to say hello. he -- it was a fairly heated primary not like now where it is a bloodbath but by definition was up pretty heated primary and he said i just wanted to beat year-end have much respect your dad. -- meet you and how much i respect your dad. from that moment on what in incredibly generous man.
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of is still pretty nervous but he doesn't it quite a bit. then only 400 stuck around to hear me speak. [laughter] it got back down to the proper level in all was well [laughter] the election is over the president has been reelected the do conkers sworn in and we have but we had before to have the president be reelected the house remain in the republicans hands and effectively we have good luck with variations like him last week in washington. we had things like the fiscal clef recovery will jump off and it died now it is the inability to find
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common ground going from crisis to crisis change that because of the direction we should take that is undecided as well and the power of compounding is not our friend. the recovery is the weakest in modern times the entire never programs everybody recognizes to grow in magna to read and regulations are outdated, complex and costly and creating great too much uncertainty. the education system does not help enough young people to pursue their dreams the debt levels are way too high and the tax policy is way too complicated with savings and success and the mobility for something we have been proud of their respective of
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where you start and we are among the developed countries of the world we are the least economically mobile. that is not capable to solve this problem what should redo? we need to create a bipartisan path to sustain economic growth and air respective of our party we should demand respectfully we should demand leadership and public leadership. [applause] the economic growth creates more revenue for more people and for government said in a creative idea.
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high growth exponentially increases revenue we saw that in the '80s were the early 2000's and it is absolutely curve -- true. low growth that we have had of the great recession increases the demands of government with medicaid or food stamps said is about 32 million of 47 in four years and unemployment compensation and many other demands of governments not only are we getting back revenue but also dramatically expanding the cost of government. the power of compounding can be your friend or enemy. right now it is our enemy. making ardor for the next generation to be successful. of the other hand economic
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growth that should aspire chair to put into perspective a 2% increase of real economic growth compounded over 10 years. but in the tenth year it creates $4 trillion of economic activity to create enough revenue to fund with a current effective tax rates is as $1 trillion of additional be occurring revenue for state local and governments it seems we could go back to the days where 4% growth is what we aspire tarot to make happen that is $4 trillion of activity to lift our
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spirits. our country is always positive and the reagan more than any other elected official really is believe the next generation will have more opportunity people interacting to create a better day and we could be uplifted again but strangely if you see the debate today very little is about economic growth handed is about the austerity order that nothing's that have to get done but it is much easier in the context of high a sustained growth rate are a purpose for values i have three suggestions and
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not necessarily ideological that we could get to the point to have higher sustained growth with an energy policy of american ingenuity and second to to use said towards something of a high growth economic strategy to respect the rule of law to the 21st century that allows i itchy being people with a great opportunities for all of us and to have baster and transformation so more and more children can gain the power of knowledge to be successful. [applause] >> we're the most energy
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abundant country in the world. 12 years ago we were about readied not to have a natural gas. so to import liquefied natural -- liquefied natural gas now we have so much we do not know what to do with it because of technology the greek immigrants combining to existing technologies created the greatest explosion competing with the commercialization of the internet. there should be parades to celebrate that we're on the process to be energy secure but because much of that takes place in west texas and north dakota is not cool. the secret committee to design aids what is cool so it is a celebration but
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there should be because this opens the door for a tremendous benefit for our country. $300 billion last year. went out to of the coffers of united states about any economic benefit lower those could quickly learn to hate us after this is not an effective national security policy where we take the testimony of every country to support regimes that don't have the democratic institutions to bring stability but within a short period of time it is something we should put aside to apply with
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enthusiasm to create a strategy and imagine the benefits with the lowest cost energy source in the world with greenhouse gas emissions and it is saving billions of dollars on utility bills to create hundreds of thousands of dollars of investment with the infrastructure rather than ship atreus for pavement out like we did last year. but first it is a no-brainer for the keystone pipeline. [applause] but the simple fact is oriole is headed west to go to asia or south to build the infrastructure that allows us to create opportunity for our own
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national security. to make sure we are doing responsibly but should not be paralyzed but we have a hard time to apply 21st century rules and regulations to apply the 1975 rules to make the industry a permanent part to use 21st century solutions to make this a viable. we should open up to allow the drilling to take place that has been a serious decline of oil and gas produced on federal land everyone to become energy secure we should use those resources and create incentives for natural gas for transportation adjust cries out for unit of energy
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is less for diesel and you could save 1.5 million barrels and expand our own energy to have incentives for our homes and businesses to consume less but the conservation is the policy that we can get that is the best means to create a comprehensive strategy. we should not resort to government venture capital. it is an oxymoron. it does not work. [applause] it has been tried and failed and let's move on with the
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interaction of people in pursuit of their own dreams with destructive technologies for renewal rather than having people thinking that they know best. that is a path to a brighter future and to get 1% over the next 10 years. soul of incremental activity to embrace this energy policy but is there for the government to embrace it is happening we just have to eliminate the barriers to wreck celebrate natural gas. 10 years from now you will be 10 years older and everybody wants to be here. the simple fact we're getting older together and fertility rates have dropped dramatically to have a pair
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of red to entitlements and social security countries have for decades with fertility rates japan and russia to feel the impact of the one child policy for the fertility rate has dropped below break-even so to deal with the demographic time bomb but to allow for the immigration laws to rebuild that demographic purebred to jump-start our economy to
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create the uplifting of the pope's and dreams with that immediate impact no country can do it like america the national identity is based on values and it is focused on civic education to remind us native born or not it is essential. race is not an identifier or exclusionary policy but it sets us apart from the rest of the world and the immigrant heritage that creates more dynamism and innovation than in the other country and at a time when we desperately need to read engaged -- reading stage we cannot put aside this huge powerful catalytic converter for progress after we have done from the last decade.
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people that want to come to this country energize the native-born americans like myself of learning english to be a contributor to the economic vitality. from 1996 through 2011 the number of business start-ups has grown by 50 percent in the 1999 to be granted 90,000 patents versus those that were born in other countries' policy 2009, or were granted to foreign-born nurses native-born. both parties take the blame though one democrat sees the political issue thinking they win a general election but my party views this as a
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primary election for a was the strongest and the politics striving the conversation and i am happy a to tell you because we desperately need reform and continued to increase border security for those to come illegally then they just overstayed their time. we need to have new technology to track these people when the visa expires. we can make it easier to come legally and illegally. for those to come here for a great reason they come because it wanted better life but they cannot come easily end then illegally
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and have a chance to come illegally. [applause] move to the economic growth system that should be narrowed back to where a was 50 years ago now to allow for their brothers and sisters and chain migration to make it harder for economic immigrants to come to the country. and rio may need to look north to find a better way
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at the same time to share 18% from 13% between 1991 from 18% to 67%. indeed even though canada has one-tenth of the population they have more immigrants because they have a strategy part of their economic growth the united states could do the exact same thing. it should be expanded in the path of residency should be made. in 2007 there was 1 million h1-b visas but we're training people with high skills to be the next generation of renovators to allow us to be competitive. we trade them to give them hope they can stay then they
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leave and go to the country that is competing this is madness we need to change the system so it is part of the economic interest. and to make a difference your. to help sustain industries like agriculture. i think we need to expand dramatically leges im of unbiased but to have the visitors come to spend all their money in disneyland or disney world to create economic activity for the country. [applause] and if you were here illegally there needs to be a path to learn english to not violate the law.
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it is not the american way. ronald reagan would not approve. because living a life of dignity with the success of the nation. first elevated not just for immigrants although that is important. [applause] but for all of us. so the foundation of our nation to have shared values the only way is for people to embrace them and understand them that shouldn't just be for immigrants but for all of us. it is maddening to see the polls that show people don't
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know the three branches of government or the constitution is confused with the declaration of independence because summer schools restorer civic education and that should be part of a strategy. [applause] in economic leave driven energy strategy to get pretty close to that growth with the rebirth of my country but to be sure that every child gets that kind of education to be successful and sadly today we have more then in a country in the world by the time they complete their
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journey. but if they go to a community college they will have to redo english and math. and for what they'd didn't learn the first time and that is not acceptable for a country that wants to aspire to economic opportunity for every but april my we have social mobility to have a permanent group of people that are stuck in poverty. they don't want to be there they don't want their children to be there. we have to figure out a way to transform the education system so for work every to live if it comes to low
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income it doesn't matter because you get the same quality expectation for every person and every child to be sure we get those learning games to break the cycle that exist today that is the highest fiery for our country. [applause] i am tired i fought the fight and i continue within the realm but i am tired of hearing people say it is not fair to have high expectations because it isn't fair because of broken homes or children come from poverty or it isn't fair when what's not fair is to have two-thirds of the children of this country not be ready when they get through 12th grade.
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, that isn't fair. [applause] in florida we graded schools 100% based on student loans the transparency was incredible people knew what the f was and the of f. california should consider doing this deal with the chief mitt gap that will exist you intervene early to make sure that we focus on early childhood the literacy they don't do a great job on that to embark on the school choice program now emulated by their states. now with low income parents
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and the results were florida was at the bottom of the pact ended has moved up dramatically but to the extent that low income hispanic kids in florida to better than california. i am proud of the gains in florida has made but a lot needs to be done and. it is shameful that we allow system to castaway in entire generation removed the needle where we continue to approve of my hope is people realize why this is is that a federal issue but with the tight end energy should be to challenge the system if we do those three things to
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incentivize frozen government with a tax policy but that would have a greater chance of a sustained economic growth and with that great divide that might begin to narrow. but all this will require us. id is and osmosis you don't change your path without public leadership changing directions. to follow the polls then to roorback that is not leadership to change the direction it is on. but the mayor cut pretty much gets it when they see it. what does the nation need to
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do? the politics personal pride, a financial success sometimes leaders to their best work in christ's but we'll see the results. we have seen that time and time again and it is a lot to remember with the challenges we face in the near future effected leadership comes in many forms president kennedy led us to land a man on the moon johnson quit and forceful leadership with a 25 percent across the board income-tax cut in just six weeks after the assassination president kennedy he hugged and beguin
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threatened and praised what a hands-on leader does with this jury said johnson grabbing people by the shoulder to make them realize how important it was to get things done was a sign of leadership that we need today but how about my dad managing the fall of the iron curtain? there were significant dangers of epic proportions united states could have done a victory dance over the soviets particularly when the berlin wall fell i will never forget watching my dad on tv as abundance said he shed over there to celebrate with the german people but rather than be a leader he would have faced greater vulnerability to transfer without bloodshed a
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dictatorship of the proportions fell without one drop of blood it was an amazing feat things to the fantastic leadership of ronald reagan then the humility of george h. w. bush to do the right thing rather than what would make him look popular. these are the leadership skills necessary to day forever country prepare to be a strong leader to read here to principles to be accommodating. no better example than that. almost six years ago senator ted kennedy praised the president to call ronald reagan he did now to destroy his opponents he took office
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with the evil empire in his sights one was a soviet union the other was the federal government he brought down the former and then brought to what might be considered unthinkable people can disagree but efface the n.h. other they can find the accommodations considered the most bellicose productive working relationship ever between an american president and soviet premier to sign the first treaty for nuclear weapons he promised one day all weapons would be eliminated to swear he was
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the most optimistic for in the american dream was something he felt in his heart then-president begin antipode deal were opposites they clashed often in the press but what most -- both men deplored more than anything was their political philosophy with ideology in party politics and he think about in the context of today they talked often and had lunch and shared stories and together there was a pond and a personal relationship about the size and scope of government to
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pass the greatest overhaul in the generation. reagan had countless sessions with democrats and republicans but it seems a never a beating occurs there is a press conference that somebody beats of the person before the meeting begins which wide i have decided president obama if he changed course in the last three days i am sincere about this is seems he has invited republicans to dinner for the first time without much comment after words in terms of the aspirations this is the change whether motivated for
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all sorts of reasons that we don't understand and for the country to be a successful to put aside the vitriol that assist to recognize it does it mean they're not motivated than half to get to read broader consensus based on principles the ronald reagan for me is a role model but a role model for the political system of today imagine a country with that heritage that we have the ability to solve the problems this country will take off to be the inspiration for the rest of the world we will of the cave or fetching to rebuild that requires the kind of
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leadership that ronald reagan practices every day and why i am honored to be here. thank you very much. [applause] >> fate q. governor. we have six minutes. [laughter] to take a couple of questions if you have a question raised your hand and tell us who you are. >> governor bush thank you
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so much for your wonderful talk. i am curious with your great resolve of education in florida did you do that difficult teachers' union? >> it isn't the pta it is the fda is teachers' union is one of the most powerful political forces in florida. not as powerful as year but i wish i could tell you we found accommodation but the reality is if you're at of tickets -- advocating reform , people that are organized around the economic interests that is their job to collectively bargain and in the case of florida the represent the teachers and other public
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school employees that do it well for higher accountability for what we did i did not expect that and i did not get that. there was a fight that required to stay the course and execution of the law it was eight long years to get the results that we have been teachers generally have moved to the benefits of the new system but the result could not and to this day they are trying to block reforms not just in florida but around the country. sometimes you find common ground but when you don't you have to sort that out politically i got elected to continue to do what i was
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doing the also to allow us to have enough time now all the states are emulating that around the country. >> [inaudible] [laughter] >> what is the question? [laughter] i am optimistic there is a growing consensus to push the views of the political system that people are getting free and frustrated that they see the need for a new message to go back to the place to be reform at
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the heart of what we believe and if you do that part then you will be carried by the american people not just one elected official. [laughter] we cannot wait until 2016 to change the direction of the country. it has to start now. [applause] >> one more question. >> i am a recent immigrant here. [applause] i am wondering what about
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the children of illegals? what about the finish there is education? then they stay here or leave? >> right now the law is the president doesn't have the executive power but it is unchallenged but unilaterally has suspended the period of time for the students you are describing but it doesn't offer a permanent of solution to this with a path to citizenship for those to
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break the law the children cannot be penalized for that i'm not sure you're talking about anybody that you know, you are under those suggestions that are discussed right now of the person that you described in that relationship over time to get a ged. does that answer your question? good luck. [laughter] [applause] >> on behalf of
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>> all week we've covered a presidential candidate speaking at the iowa state fair what you can see at today, representative debbie wasserman schultz of florida will take to the "des moines register"'s soapbox stage interval as chair of the democratic national committee. that's live at 11 a.m. eastern on c-span. >> with the senate in its august break we will feature booktv program weeknights in prime time on c-span2 starting at 8 p.m. eastern. and for the weekends here are a few booktv special programs. ..
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booktv, television for serious readers. >> here are some programs to look out for this weekend on booktv. first we are live at the first annual mississippi book festival in jackson. american enterprise institute president arthur brooks shares his thoughts on a new kind of conservatism in his latest book. katie kieffer discusses the obama administration as relationship with millennials. also books on voting rights, the


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