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tv   Key Capitol Hill Hearings  CSPAN  August 24, 2015 6:00pm-6:31pm EDT

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organization. . . somewhere other than the american right on that. trump is speaking to china, which is a huge threat. we applaud him for bringing those issues to the forefront. host: you bring up trump, the caller brings up trump. are the positions that he is taking that you disagree with? backsadline here -- trump abortion exceptions in case of rate, and says, lies of mother. has been confusing on that. we are seeing something from never thought we would see which is we are exposing planned parenthood anyway that people knew. and that their web site has transcripts and descriptions of dealing in fetal parts that
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occurred so i thought when donald trump came out and said we have to defund planned parenthood and when ted cruz did that recently i think that's mod trump is leading a month basically all republican
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tea party,c groups -- evangelical, and moderate. he is ahead on all three. that tells me something. mosttells me that he likely will be, if this continues, the nominee of the republican party. i can't see how he can be stopped. i am a conservative democrat. what bothers me, yesterday, when press," itmeet the lack -- part of the washington cartel. they make me sick. and some the ones -- ultra liberal democrats -- created these problems. , one thing, trump you will not be able to buy him out.
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he wants more contributions, he says, and he wants money. i don't believe personally that he is that liquid. he is no bill gates. these are the things that have to be addressed. china wants to be the number one power by the year 2049. cartelhat washington that help china go communist in 1949. it is the same entity of treasonous scum. guest: thank you. can i respond? host: go ahead. guest: first of all, i appreciate your sediments. i went to the college of holy cross just right of the road. i appreciate a lot of democrats who trump, and others are talking to this election. i was the chairman of the missouri republican party and i sat on the rnc for two years. i will tell you, the process for the primary system is really broken.
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you pointed to those guys, they are both in the tank for jeb bush. their action on the team jeb bush. their longtime jeb bush people -- they are longtime jeb bush people. in iowa, we will see what hundred $50 million spent to campaign for a few delegates, not many. the system is set up to the republican party at the democrats, to be controlled by the media and big money. it is a big problem. i would like to point to china. phyllis and our organization phyllis and her organization started eagle format before speaking but the threat of soviet communism. phyllis played a role with supporting reagan on the fdi stuff and lots of other people weren't what i think the china question is a huge one. it's a communist nation. they treat their people terribly. they poison the environment and more importantly we have got ourselves in trade deals with
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them where we are tied to them in a way that's very unhelpful for our families and for our future. they will tell you once the early 2000 decisions were made by the bush administration to allow china into the wto in 2001 after 9/11 it was the final entry point. .. we are seeing jobs and our way of life shift being an china has got a big stick hanging over us and it's a big album and i think any candidate who will speak articulately about that thread is very important. and that's one of the things we have to do. >> host: that included chief of staff governor matt xuanzhou was on this program last week if our viewers want to check out that segment last thursday. he is executive director of the missouri club for growth and served as legal fellow at american united for life.
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mike is up next sun city california my key republican. mike, good morning. >> caller: good morning. i just want to make a quick it's the left that controls the media and in so doing they break down one taboo after another. as a result they are guilty of destroying wholesomeness in america literally by themselves. that's my one observation. the second one is the left talks about the -- liberal democrats talk about income middle class so my query would be how can you possibly supported by the middle class when you hold it with occult philosophies predicated on bigger government more bureaucrats and higher taxes? >> guest: i think capitalism is in there and it's a real problem. let me stop and talk about the wholesomeness question. eagle form one of our real pillars of our work is focusing
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on education and empowering parents and making sure education system is going in the right direction,, and the right possibilities. the thing, gore is one of the great threats. it's a different name for the centralization and the management of the american education system and is not done to good effect. in the 1960s, early 60s phyllis schlafly wrote a book and let people know her time on national security on pro-life. she wrote a book one of her proudest on how to read. it's a primer and i used it for my kids. i'm using it for my soon to be four-year old how to read as our system has gotten so messed up phonics and you are seeing across the country direction=w%b of common core. families and parents and others getting locusts on more power for them back to them in not just the federal government but
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these bureaucrats and s.a.t. test under the same people are huge problem. i would say on this wholesomeness question and this will get my great brother barry lynne on at the bottom they are excited to say we are a judeo-christian country. women are found if we were found in a particular way and we are losing that. they are lots of reasons we are losing that but we are losing them and the people are reacting to that. on the question for example of marriage and marriage the supreme court deciding by a 5-4 vote to impose that on the lands most people, i think most people don't understand how we got here. we haven't had a political debate where one side is won. we have an imposition by judges and others, the culture and the media and its causing huge confusion for kids and ourselves and it's real problem. eagle form our solution is not to i think be personally attacking people. our solution is more facts more arguments more ways to show people what it can mean and to argue for families in charge,
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families the way we have understood them for thousands of kids but it's a very difficult thing when american sovereignty, and your earlier conversation on immigration, immigration question is not just a question of jobs or the economy. the question of culture. the people coming now are not assimilating for lots of reasons, not their own fault entirely. they are not assimilating like you were the last century and that's changing america in a way that people are concerned about reeves i appreciate the help and promotion. the reverend barry lynne will be joining us executive director of americans united for separation of church and state out with a new book that ed martin with us for the next 20 minutes or so. he's the president of eagle forum and taking your calls and comments. kerry is an elkhart, illinois line for independents. good morning. >> caller: good morning, thank you for taking my call. ed, wanted to ask we know at the caucuses of the games that are played in by big money and with
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trump if the kingmakers don't nominate them don't you think it would be a good thing if he wasn't a third party and by doing so do you think we could rake the gop, the establishment kingmakers? thank you. >> guest: thanks. first of all i had my boss as well as some of my mentors phyllis schlafly have never subscribed to the third party theory. i think of the one at third already or fourth party or fifth paper you have to go to europe. here we have a two-party system and i think we have got make a change. that's my first observation. i think it's a fools errand to encourage that too much in my opinion. but i do think you point to something. we are at a breaking point in terms of the party structures and both parties are facing that really didn't know where the conversation would go. maybe it will still go there but the republican party was founded and became a party very quickly over the course of about a year
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in two years into its formation if elected lincoln. it was founded specifically to fight by name against slavery and what they called the twin, forget the phrase now theñi twin eagles are the twin problems of slavery and polygamy. slavery and marriage were the founding of the parties. our republican party is headed towards a convention in cleveland and i hope we go all the way to the convention. their reasons i've written about to believe we will end up at a convention that's contested at which time we will have an argument that the public will look at and say i like these people's principles. i may not always agree on every issue what i like their principles and who they are and that will help us win. i think donald trump is a welcome addition. he's causing people to luck up and look at our debates and see a big is this man who says he's republican. a woman who is articulate and african-american first-time candidate who is as him present
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as any person you can imagine i think that's all good but the republican party and i don't know the democratic party good enough is at a breaking point. if they force the powers that be in the money force a candidate who is the same old echo of the past not only will they lose but i think the party will deteriorate. >> host: who is that candidate they were hoping for? >> guest: the easy way is say this is you see v. kasich's and the jeb's but we are not picking someone early. someone like jeb bush do as people say i've never met him but is probably a great guy and was a good governor supposed that he supports common core and he has not articulated a vision on immigration that recognizes the problem for american families. i was inside the rnc to watch the plan in the rnc is to put tons of money into one candidate signed a candidate early and put your thumb on the scale until everybody else to stand down and built that way.
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it won't work again. we fail to know ed and we failed in 12 and we need something fresh for the country. by the way one of the earlier callers reference there's a movement we talk about these issues of wholesomeness. one great failure is our churches. i happen to be a pro-life catholic. the churches have failed to articulate a vision about the family and marriage are protestant churches have failed. if you believe that this 5-4 decision was a huge threat to marriage and to family the response was milk toast and not serious. we have got to challenge ourselves in our faith communities to respond better because guys like barry lynne are having a field day pushing their vision. we are not pushing that ari well. >> of you want to join the conversation for the next 50 minutes with ed martin republicans 202-7488001 and democrats -- and the pen is not
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(202)748-8002. bill is waiting on her line from democrats -- for democrats from kentucky. bill, go ahead. >> caller: the conservative party has always been for balanced budget and lower taxes. how much more further down do we have to go? we are already on a race to the bottom. we are like 48th in the states or in the countries of the world and what we are bringing in now our companies here in the u.s. don't pay any taxes and they get money back like bowling. what's going on? husk of ed martin, what's going on? >> guest: i i think i was abroad commented and i guess i would say the threat of government growing and the power of government being used to favor any individual or corporation is a problem.
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the problem with big government is not that it's only oppressing one or the groups but it picks and chooses winners and losers that phrase is going around and quickly americans that are not in the group that can influence winners or losers feel like they're left out. that's never been the american way so yourç caller makes a fie point. if i cam i would like to shift a little bit echoes one of the things with this massive government growth in size and scope is a notion of why we have a military what it means. in the 1980s the list was, phyllis schlafly and ronald reagan used the term military superiority. military superiority means we are better than the others in every way we need to be so when our enemies think about us they are afraid and when our allies think about us they feel good and supported. instead we have a conversation about government, excuse me about the military that's broader and convoluted and we
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are losing superiority. my wife and i watch these kids from american france and my wife said it makes you proud to be an an american and as an american as you cost and said something like that's one of the things that seems to be slipping from us. part of it is the clarity of vision and military superiority, but i say military superiority i think you know where we are going and we have to get back to that kind of clarity about who we are as a country and what government is supposed to be doing. >> host: let's go to wreck waiting in detroit michigan on the lines for independents. you were on with ed martin. >> caller: good morning. i would like to address the education problems that you were speaking of a little bit earlier i think since the late 50's and moving forward i think our education has steadily gone down hill and we have had people
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graduating from let's say high school all the way down to college who can't even read or write or whatever properly and yet they moved them onto the systems. and the basic problem we have all these people in the voting bloc now too with no education really and being able to vote. also if i could i would like to address, couldn't get an earlier on immigration thing. the 14th amendment has, the wording in it that really makes it viable is that it says people who reside in the state and people coming across our borders they may reside in the state but it's a foreign state. posted the first you are making
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up for ed martin responds you are saying that your level of education should be a determining factor in whether you should be able to vote or not? >> caller: well if you can't read and you are only listening to propaganda put on by whatever party then how do you determine who you are really votitn tjuñ i think we have seen how the lack of education and the voters that have voted recently in the pastxd election and where we are at today we have a major problem in this country in every area. >> host: i will let ed martin respond. guest:to comment for you to go to our web site eagle you both the phyllis schlafly not only did she do a ps reporter phyllis schlafly report that we do something called the education reporter and every summer she writes about what's going on in the nea.
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whether you are a member or not it's one of the strongest unions in the country and phyllis would say one of the more destructive in terms of their role and i encourage you to go to eagle and review that. they are going to be the one to tell you where your kids can go whether they are college-ready or not college-ready. we by the way of footnote if we had a country that was not so quick to go to free trade and export so many manufacturing jobs they would have jobs like in st. louis one may close the chrysler plant after we build a chrysler we lost thousands of jobs that were 60 to 80 to 100,000-dollar year jobs. there should be jobs in our nation that can be filled by people who have different levels of skills not better or worse but someone who is really good at manufacturing jobs in learning. we don't have those jobs that more courtly for common core and the centralization that's gone on for years different names over the time to try to tell you
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the parents where your kids can go and where they manage what they are going to become. that is very common in the soviet union and common in europe. at your pic gets a certain point and you are told with your kids can go this tracker that track and that's it. we are less like the two want that for families and that's what's at stake. i would agree with you that her kids may not be as educated. i don't understand her hurry with a point about how you should be able to vote on an educational level that's not something i would support but i do think since the 50s we have had a change in our kids are educated. >> host: on education issue william mills said the eagle from his tried to change american history to christian history. >> guest: guess. >> guest: i think he may be referring to some of the efforts in texas. again the observation of how markets impact what we do texas buys the most school textbooks
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so if they want the textbooks to read a certain way certainly in texas and other places we advocate for an understanding of american history that doesn't shy away from our judeo-christian history and specifically to talk about how that informs the role of not only the founders and the revolutionary war. to hear the stories about pastors who are pastors and we are fighting a revolution and to history the people that were using and understanding their judeo-christian heritage and maybe their christian heritage to inform what they did is not something we want to be washed out of history or you want to include it and want to be proud of it. hossa let's go to albert on line for republicans, albert good morning. >> caller: yes, good morning. i want direct my comments to web a guest has said about christian
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country and christian state. i am a african-american republican i'm 87 years old and when you invoke the word christian lookout for minorities have been treated in this country right up until today. as far as donald trump is concerned if you look back at the histories in the 30s hitler came to power the same way rabble rousing and getting the country on their side but my point is how can you mention the church and be a christian the way we treat native americans and africans -- african-americans in this country? >> host: mr. martin go ahead. guess why happened to be a christian i think there's room to recognize when your christian you fail and ask forgiveness and whether it's from your god direct your from your community so i think there's part of that. right now i would tell you i think america is a judeo-christian community and
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yet we are killing 55 million plus and tens of millions of african-american babies with abortion. i think the nation cries out when we are and just. the judeo-christian culture western culture that got us here is why america exists and why the rule applies here. we didn't break away from england because they thought they weren't being friendly to us are fair. we recognize we could do better and the better we could do was freedom for people to live their lives the way they wanted under the rule of law that where the government wasn't -- in other words the government is supposed to protect the basics and allow us to flourish. some of us flourish more or less and that's a different question but that's what judeo-christian culture has yielded very different in human history and very exciting and very wonderful but to say it's not judeo-christian and not who we are is to misunderstand what we are about as a culture and therefore as a nation.
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>> host: sunset texas is up next were kathy is waiting on her lines for democrats. cap the good morning. >> caller: good morning, how are you this morning? >> host: good cathy, go ahead. >> caller: i was calling about immigration and i was going to say i'm from texas and we get a lot of immigrants and to get a lot of illegals here. they work the jobs of the americans don't want to work because they get paid minimum wage. they don't get any benefits. they don't have to pay taxes because they are working underneath the table. they get all the other benefits. they get the food stamps and they get the health care. they get everything. they are not accountable for obamacare. they are not accountable for anything. so who is paying for the immigration laws not incorrect blacks it's not the people that
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are trying to come over to our country illegally. it's the americans that end up hard and trying to pay their the high school kids can even get decent jobs to get out on their own because the minimum wage is so low. >> host: ed martin. >> guest: please forgive me if i quoted incorrectly but i think was milton friedman the city can have a welfare state and open borders for just the reason you said. it's not conceivable to do it then we need to be frank about that. they're plenty of people coming here that are benefiting from being here. again it's not a judgment on their being. it's a description of the facts which cause you and others and all of us and our government but i object to your comment that they are doing jobs americans won't do. i think this is one of the great lies and slurs about america. i know plenty of don -- people that will do the work.
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businesses may have to pay more to get people to pick strawberries or to clean hotel rooms but it's simply not true that americans don't want to work and i would especially point to this absolute disgrace which is the h-1bç visas where the software companies and other companies basically say we have to have engineers come because we can't want them in america. it's a patently false thing to do. what they mean is they want indian engineers and under -- other nations so they can pay half or two there's a salary to and i think that's outrageous. this is the kind of debate we have to have about immigration and eagle forum has articulated for years, not for the last year but for a decade or more that we need a pause in immigration of illegal for sure but legal immigration. these things are done because of crony capitalism. they were complaining at a
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meeting where they needed more juniors and another meeting they were built but they were laying people off. the game was being played because government would reward their colander implants. that stuff has got to stop so there are a lot of issues packed up here. one is not that americans are not going to do the work day they will do the work that we need to be more respectful of our american people. i would start there. hossa time for a few more calls with ed martin on eagle forum .org if you want to check them out. steve has been waiting on our line for independents. steve, go ahead. >> caller: thank you gentlemen. >> caller: they write the laws per state. it was open, if a was open for an independent or some freethinker now see what we have
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right now? everybody wants donald trump because he's above you guys. i don't know what it is. i don't know why you can't listen. you don't listen. you are either paid. we need to move the capital out of washington d.c., let's move it to north dakota. they made money during the recession. let's just do something different. donald trump we are going to vote for him because you don't have anybody. 17 guys with no new ideas. let's buy mexico. let's just buy mexico. what does is the cost is, trillion dollars? lets biotin label shut down the border. start thinking outside the box. >> host: ed martin we will give a chance to respond. >> guest: i would point to a column i wrote on i guess daily
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that was to move the cabinet level departments and other city a small city of 50,000 or less. i believe and i agree with you if you like "the hunger games" movie the capital is growing and we in the districts are feeling more and or tension and how we live. the question in fact the two party system would be like it or not and i agree with your sentiment that we need fresh ideas and we need people that are bringing new energy the system is a two-party two party system. to run this third-party is like constitutional amendments. it's a waste of time. if you want to change what's going on i think it was stephen florida become a delegate to the republican convention in cleveland. your voice will have to be heard he will be there that can make a difference. we make a practical come eagle forum and one of phyllis schlafly's great strengths as we make it judgment on how to impact was going on now. what's going on now's a two-party system and we have to change one of the parties make it more conservative and hope the other party will come along
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to them as we believe. >> host: ed martin is present of eagle forum. you can check out their web site eagle their details about the upcoming eagle council 2015 featuring several of the presidential contenders and you can also follow them and eagle forum on twitter. thanks for your time mr. martin. >> guest: thanks john come appreciated. >> up to be on prime-time on c-span2 live at the busboys and poets bookstore and restaurant in washington d.c.. up next subfive, "last to die" a defeated empire, a forgotten mission and the last american killed in world war ii. >> host: barry lynne jois


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