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tv   Key Capitol Hill Hearings  CSPAN  August 28, 2015 1:50am-3:01am EDT

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deaths and they really need it can lead to sell rather have the shiny new platelets soul that off. based on restructuring that they came up with in the '80s that the pentagon says there are a series of bases we don't need it is bipartisan they pick 30 to save these can be closed the ones that the pentagon does not want any more. then the senate in the house votes to overturn they can be restructured or close to.
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me say to tens of billions of dollars there is another graft to be done half a billion of spending on property they are not using that is a $1 billion and a lot of money. those kind of reforms that will only happen if the sequester holds and we say no to tax increases. wireless.
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>> tel every day there is not 1 penny to be said that the pentagon. that person is no longer there but to that was the thinking. they he was now interested at any time. with the sequestered the new ballet, is write-up to tell me about the savings idea. >> tell me about the house sky. >> with a spending restraint kapor sequester, all of the said people care about national pets and become the allied not their enemy.
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how do we get stuff sold off ? there is a pile of $1 trillion over time of oil and natural gas with government property with federally owned land and imagine if we had the expansion in fracking and the federal level as some private as you know, one-hundred percent of all growth took place on states and of local legend. >> but who will step. >> bed if you convert to a spending coalitions to say
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we want to react --. >> it is to keep other people away from the table. it is working at the state level. >> it bled be helpful for these purposes of the president were on board as well. a new one will be elected soon. >> if you look around, chris trustee but scott walker you
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would have thought there were as blue because all the people paying union dues never voted to join a union. they were just told it is a condition of employment. teachers and government workers if you make 50,000 it is $1,000 per person.
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and then to get $1,000 since they're not rushing to tell you how they are collapsing. as a result further fraud of the last election were waiting at 62 say hashish hidden. the way this nascent may because they cannot to hit
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he heads and challenged the bar every if president every deadhead and that will lead to change the country. strong governor rick perry, 14 years texas is the big stage and very successful. and bobby gentle of this is a campaign against obamacare he did a dramatic expansion of school choice for education and passed an ethics law in vienna that may be illegal but minnesota style but he got it passed.
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technically it is a republican state you go around cruz touche just announced serious on spending restraint and marco rubio is spanish speaking will do very well with the hispanic vote and lived in florida of those up a - - part are very end my hero but he does stuff like this.
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>> but they'll learn how politics works before reagan changed the rules. . .
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