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tv   U.S. Senate  CSPAN  September 11, 2015 4:00pm-6:01pm EDT

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[inaudible conversations] [inaudible conversations] and
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[inaudible conversations] [inaudible conversations] [inaudible conversations]
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[inaudible conversations] [inaudible conversations] [inaudible conversations]
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[inaudible conversations] [inaudible conversations] >> finishing up with a president here at fort meade in maryland. members of congress have been working with it in various ways. jerry moran tweeted out this
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picture of the memorial saying america will never forget the tragedy of 9/11. we remember the lives lost and those who courageously responded to a. john boehner was in the u.s. capitol today and he stopped at a memorial there. he tweeted out take time today to pause and remember the heroes of flight 93. that's the plane that crashed in pennsylvania and and they've been headed to the u.s. capital. virginia senator mark warner marked the date in stafford virginia. proud to stand with first responders today to honor our fallen heroes. >> now to new york city for the traditional reading of the names ceremony. bills are wrong at the time each plane crashed on 9/11 and the name of each victim is read aloud. nearly 3000 died. current and former new york and new jersey state and local officials were in attendance but they didn't offer remarks.
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in total this is about three hours. [inaudible conversations] [inaudible conversations] [background sounds]
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[background sounds] [background sounds] [background sounds]
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>> order, arms. right face. ♪ oh, say, can you see ♪ by the dawn's early light ♪ what so proudly we hailed
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♪ at the twilight's last gleaming? ♪ ♪ whose broad stripes and bright stars ♪ ♪ thro' the perilous fight ♪ o'er the ramparts we watched ♪ were so gallantly streaming ♪ and the rockets red glare ♪ the bombs bursting in air ♪ gave proof through the night ♪ that our flag was still there ♪ ♪ oh, say, does that star-spangled banner yet wave ♪
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♪ o'er the land of the free the ♪ and the home of the brave? spirit order, arms. >> [bells] ♪
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♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪
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♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ >> gordon aamoth, jr. edelmiro abad. maria rose abad.
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andrew abate. vincent abate. laurence christopher abel. william abrahams and. richard aceto. >> donald adams. >> patrick adams. >> shannon adams. >> stephen george adams. ignatius udo adanga. >> sophia addo. >> lee adler. >> alok agarwal. >> david agnes.
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>> brian ahearn. >> joanne ahladiotis. >> andrew alameno. >> peter allegretoo. >> and to my loving brother in law, paul james the past at an early age as many have come and just as reminder, his mother, his father and his brothers and sisters, is nieces and nephews have never forgotten him.
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his memories live on every day. we never forgot come easter, his living laugh come his love for life. we love you dearly and we miss you all. and peace to all of you who stand here today. >> david alger. >> joseph ryan allen. >> richard dennis allen. >> richard l. allen. >> janet alonso. >> antonio alvarez. >> telmo alvear.
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>> christopher amoroso. >> kazuhiro anai. >> calixto anaya, jr. >> kermit anderson. >> michael andrews. >> siew-nya ang. >> joseph angelini. >> doreen angrisani. >> and my brother-in-law, peter
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milano. we miss you every single day. we love you. you are always in our hearts. >> and my brother, police officer ronald joseph -- >> peter paul apollo. >> patrick aranyos. >> david arce. >> adam arias. >> michael armstrong. >> jack aron. >> richard aronow. >> japhet aryee.
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>> michael asciak. >> janice marie ashley. >> thomas ashton. >> gregg atlas. >> gerald atwood. >> james audiffred. >> ezra avles. >> eustace bacchus. >> john badagliacca. >> andrew j. bailey. brent t. bailey. >> tatyana bakalinskaya.
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>> michael baksh. >> we miss you com, we love yous not a day that goes by that we don't think about you. >> and my cousin, firefighter michael edwards roberts. i love you and miss you everyday, michael. >> gerard baptiste. >> walter barron. gerard barbara. >> james barbella. >> colleen barkow. >> david barkway. >> sheila barnes. >> evan baron.
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>> arthur berry. >> maurice barry. >> kenneth basnicki. >> stephen bates. paul battaglia. >> marlyn bautista. >> jasper baxter. >> michele beale. >> jane beatty.
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>> manette beckles. >> michael beekman. >> and my brother paul, your brothers and sisters, your nieces and nephews and we miss you. >> and michael cole and godfather robert michael to each other so much about loving and kind screwed up and i miss it every day. >> maria behr. >> nina bell. >> stephen belson. >> denise benedetto. >> brian greg bennett. >> eric bennett.
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>> oliver bennett. >> margaret benson. >> james berger. >> stephen berger. >> alvin bergsohn. >> michael berkeley. donna bernaerts. >> david bernard. >> william bernstein. >> david berry. >> joseph berry. >> timothy betterly. >> paul beyer.
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>> anil bharvaney. >> shimmy biegeleisen. >> william biggart. >> marc bingham. >> and my father, philip, we miss you if we try to make you proud every day. we know what you're looking down on lincoln, '01, and katie. >> and my uncle, michael bordo. i wish i could meet you. >> gary byrd. >> george john bishop. jeffrey bittner.
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>> albert blackman, junior. >> christopher joseph blackwell. >> susan blair. >> harry blanding, jr. >> rita blau. >> michael boccardi. >> michael bocchino. >> mary katherine murphy. >> nicholas andrew bogdan. >> darren christopher bohan. >> vincent boland.
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>> alan bondarenko. >> colin bonnett. >> yvonne bonomo. >> mary booth. >> martin michael barshefsky. >> and my uncle firefighter, we miss you and we love you. god bless you. >> and my grandfather, richard. we all love you and miss you at home. grandma misses you more and more every day.
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>> jay howard. >> francisco. >> thomas harold junior. >> kimberly bowers. >> larry bowman. >> shawn edward bowman, junior. >> kevin bowser. >> pamela boyce. >> allen doyle. >> michael boyle. >> alfred j. rocca. >> kevin bracken.
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>> sandy bradshaw. >> david brady. >> daniel raymond brand heart. >> [bells] [silence]
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[reading names] [reading names]
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[reading names] and i like to dedicate this short poem to my brother. do not stand on the great and we. i am not a. i do not sleep. i am a thousand winds that blow. i am the sunlight. i am the gentle autumn rain. when you awaken in the morning, harsh, i am the brush, the quiet birds in circled flight. i am the stars that shine tonight. cannot stand at my grave and cry. i'm not there. to my brother michael. >> and my cousin, melissa.
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we are so blessed to have you as an angel, and we are just empty without you. love you very much. [reading names] [reading names]
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[reading names] [reading names] [reading names] [reading names]
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[reading names] >> and to my brother, michael. michael, we miss you. not a day goes by that you are not thought about. you were in our prayers. we know you're up there watching over us and you are deathly proud of how your nieces and nephews are growing up. we miss you everyday. >> and my father, firefighter michael j. lyons. i think about you every day and it's really hard to go on without you. we love and miss you.
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>> [reading names] a [reading names] [reading names]
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[reading names] [reading names] >> and my brother-in-law, morton howard brinks. everyday your handsome face and beautiful smile reminds me to stay strong and keep fighting. we love you and miss you
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terribly. >> and my father, william. dad, you're in the everyday. we know you're watching over us and we love you. [reading names] [reading names]
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[reading names] [reading names] [reading names]
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[reading names] >> and my precious daughter, suzanne. she was a light of my life. >> and my husband, firefighter, edward. bill and i, our families, make sure no one ever forgets you. and for those who never knew you, they know you now here.
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>> to all first responders, thank you for keeping our families safe. we pray for your safety every day. the 9/11 families i've met through the years, the immediate bond we all have creates one big family and i pray for peace in the hearts of all you. god bless first responders. god bless all of you, and god bless america. [applause] [reading names]
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[reading names] [reading names] [reading names] [reading names]
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>> and my uncle, uncle bill, 14 years later and not a day goes by that i don't think if you. you are always in my heart, the hearts of all your friends and family. we think of you with every note of music would you. especially when look at your gorgeous daughter. you will never be forgotten. >> and my husband, i know you would do the same for me. you are a loving, caring person that took away from your son tyrone junior, 16 years old. is going on strong and he is keeping me strong. and you smile and everything is with us, and we will never forget you. god bless america.
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[reading names] [reading names] [reading names] [reading names]
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[reading names] [reading names] >> and my brother, timothy edward riley. loving son, brother, nephew,
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cousin and friend. we miss you and love you dearly. and may god bless all of the first responders and all u.s. armed forces who put their life on the line to keep us safe every day. god bless. >> and my cousin, firefighter steve belson who dedicated his life, first as a lifeguard, then as the braves member of the new york city fire department, also known as mr. lacker of 24. god bless the united states of america. [applause] [reading names]
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[reading names] [reading names] [reading names] [reading names]
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[reading names] [reading names] >> and my brother, angel perez. i miss you. it's been 14 years. i haven't stopped thinking of you. love you. >> and my uncle, john james will love and miss every day of the
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year. [reading names] [reading names]
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[reading names] [reading names] [reading names] >> and michael go.
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we will always love you and remember you. [speaking spanish] >> and my nephew, jonathan capello. jonathan, you are sorely missed by her parents and two brothers as well as the rest of your extended family. century taken from his 14 years ago, you have 12 new nieces, nephews and cousins who are all learning about their uncle john and the truly special person you were. we all love and miss you. [reading names]
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[reading names] [reading names] [reading names] [reading names]
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[reading names] [reading names] [reading names]
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>> and my cousin and godson, joseph actor henry, firefighter, ladder 21. you are a hero to your family and your fellow firefighters, police and family sitting here. you were taken from your mom, alice, and your dad, edward, your brothers and sisters and his world too much girlie at the age of 25. joey, we miss you. we will always remember you, your smile, your laughter and your biggest gift to others, your smile. you are so special to everyone in our family, all of your cousins, aunts and uncles. we pray for you and we pray for the united states of america. god bless america. >> and my father, john, and what
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uncle timothy. continue to watch over us. we love and miss you. [reading names] [reading names] [reading names] [reading names]
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[reading names] [reading names] >> and my cousin, steven, who
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was taken from us way too soon. your loved and missed daily. >> and my father, stephen lewis roche. we miss you and we love you each and every day. [reading names] [reading names] [reading names]
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[reading names] [reading names] [reading names]
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[reading names] [reading names] >> and my brother, thomas michael butler, squad one, fdny. we know you're up in heaven with dad your we love you and we miss you every day.
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>> and my husband, stephen j. weinberg, steven, there isn't a day that goes by that you art thought about, loved and dearly missed. from wherever you are, now joined by your father and my mother, i'm sure you're looking down and beaming with pride. lindsay now has a masters of science degree and she is pursuing her career as a chief medical examiner. and i'm sure you were watching sam as he graduated with honors from your alma mater, seared to show diversity, walking the same steps you did. and you'll be with us again this may watching jason as he receives his diploma from syracuse, continuing your legacy. there wasn't a person you met who didn't want to keep you in their lives for ever. you were a devoted son, son-in-law, brother, brother-in-law, uncle, nephew and friend. but most of all you were a
4:57 pm
husband and a father. you are our hero, and the first responder to all our needs. our world will never be the same without you. we love you and we miss you. [reading names] [reading names]
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[reading names] [reading names] [reading names] spirit and my grandfather.
4:59 pm
we miss you and we love you a lot. >> and my brother-in-law, thomas francis swift. we love you and miss you every moment of the day. [reading names] [reading names] [reading names]
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[reading names] [bells] ..
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>> [silence] >> mark joseph. >> albert. robert. edgar hendrix every, jr. >> christopher. irwin. >> william john irwin.
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>> sarah. >> jose. >> sandy espinoza. >> francis esposito. >> michael esposito. >> roubaix and. barbara. robert edward evans. meredith edward. katherine k.. and my 85 a police officer even though i never met him i love him very much. >> for my a uncle he taught
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me many lessons as a youngster the use every day of my life including persistence. i love you and i miss you. >> patricia mary. sandra smith. charles. dana. so we. jaime fallon. anthony. robert john breaux john joseph. kathleen and. james for reno nancy.
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pager very. elizabeth and former. >> john gerard. >> john w. farrell. >> john patrick ferrell. >> joseph farley. >> christopher edward. mr. faulkner. bernard. robert fazio, jr.. william. francis. sean bernard.
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peter adam. shot. >> and my father. >> my brother joe we and his brothers part are frisky five we lost 11 guys. we miss you all we will never forget you keep an eye on christopher's he just got on. >> if i were to have one wish it would be to me my dad. although i never met him i heard he was a great man progress of wonderful father a loving husband a son and brother in one day i hope to be the same. i love you dad and i miss you every day.
5:06 pm
>> robert john. >> david. lewis. michael stephen. bradley james. jennifer louise. kristin nicole. and ilya. samuel fields. >> alexander. michael bradley finigan. timothy. michael. stephen. paul.
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john f. fisher. andrew fisher. gerald fisher john roger fisher. lucy fisher and. thomas james. richard fitzsimmons. darlene. wilson flag. christina flannery. and my father i love you and i miss you every day. >> and my uncle firefighter even though i never met you from all the stories i hear i know you are an amazing person. everyone loves you and misses you so much bad plus
5:08 pm
n y st and port authority god bless america. >> carl. matthew. john joseph. carl. david. michael. steven mark. jane folger. one donald ford and. christopher foresight. no will foster.
5:09 pm
and apropos robert joseph. geoffrey fox. virginia elizabeth fox. colleen france's. gary frank. martin frank. peter christopher frank. colleen frazier richard frazier. william fredericks. manager fredericks. freeman. farthing. alan philander. >> my brother-in-law edwin treatment you are missed dearly every day by all family and friends.
5:10 pm
we noted you are happy now you have your parents with you. we feel your presence every day. please note that you and all of the ever -- other victims will never be forgotten. >> your nieces and nephews to make you proud every day with their hard work and diligence. we love you and wish you were here. >> to my godfather and the uncle i miss you so much i miss the way you laugh and make funny jokes we love -- we love you, we miss you your daughter grow to be a wonderful little girl. ♪ >> andrew friedman. paul friedman.
5:11 pm
lisa. steven elliott. paul james. frederick. richard gabriel. richard gabriel. james andrew. irwin vincent. julia. and her unborn child. anthony edward gallagher. john patrick gallagher.
5:12 pm
vince and. deal fatah. -- g. o. von up. >> ronald. peter james. michael. and drew. caesar. jorge christopher gardner.
5:13 pm
>> douglas benjamin gardner. >> my good friend and companion from company to 30. >> and my father firefighter kevin smith from has met one words cannot explain how mature missed every day and with great honor to follow in your footsteps and carry on your legacy is one of new york's bravest premise you so much and wish you were here. house. el, fomas gar[sugwiteghay.
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michael gould. douglas allen. john richard. christopher michael brady. edwin. david martin. gilbert franco. warren. elvira. winston arthur grant. christopher. james michael gray. john. timothy george. waited green.
5:20 pm
one detonate up. either pain and greenberg. donald freeman green. gael greene. james r. third greenies, jr. >> my brother jimmy james murphy. your sense of humor and infectious bearer by in our lives. i miss you. >> get never good friend of james, said jimmy you were sorely missed. >> i've been marcia. elizabeth martin. denise marie gregory. donald and gregory. florence's gregory. pedro. john michael griffin.
5:21 pm
joan m. donald griffith. warren. ramon. joseph. david joseph. francis edward. linda. kenneth george. joseph. matthew james. robert joseph. richard. jose guadalupe. cindy. jeffrey. joseph douglas brian.
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janet ruth. barbara. peter mark. [silence] [bell ringing] [silence]
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[silence] gary roberts. in triolet and. barbara mary. karen elisabeth hagerty. steven michael hackett. mary lou. dated holderman. my husband my kids and i love you very much and we miss you every single day.
5:24 pm
my kids and i would like to homily think all of us who have helped us the last 14 years to simply go to the sorrow and suffering and pain and thank you all very much. to the nation and friends and family everyone and anyone that we have come across to help us. thank you. >> my cousin and godmother. we love you, we miss you always. >> maya the rachel hale. richard hall. stanley hall. george hall. robert. vincent gerard. james douglas. muhammed. felicia hamilton.
5:25 pm
firefighter robert hamilton. karl hammond junior. frederick. christopher hamm the. firefighter sean he may. valerie jones. >> firefighter paul michael lawrence. dana. christine hanson. it has been an honor the past 13 years to read all the names of the beautiful lives lost on this site and from my son you always will be the wind beneath our wings. >> peter hampton. sous hampton. gerald francis.
5:26 pm
jeffrey hardy. firefighter daniel edward harlan. francis. lieut. harvey harold. and melissa carrington. [silence] [bell ringing] one. [silence]
5:27 pm
[silence] stewart harris. john patrick. eric. john. my son paul robert you are the wind beneath our wings. >> and my father firefighter jon albert company to o one there is in today's that i don't think about you. you're an incredible person inside and out and i know you're up in heaven looking down on mom and a three of us provide hope you're so proud of the job you're raising wife has done with us i hope you are proud of
5:28 pm
the man i am becoming. make sure mom is a god blesses soldiers to defend their country and god bless america. cop cop . [applause] >> peter. timothy. joseph john. karen. michael. timothy.
5:29 pm
donald. in the maurice hawkins. james edward. robert. scott jordan. michael. roberta. charles francis. john have fernand. michael. she the.
5:30 pm
-- she loved. ronald john. mark. . . [reading names]
5:31 pm
>> norberto hernández. raul hernández. >> and my son anthony hernández. your children work hard because they want you to be proud of them. >> my son michael. i misyou -- miss you every day. they wanted to come here but it was not possible. everyone thinks of you and they remember you and they are growing as tall as you are already and they are 12 and 13 and your children are also
5:32 pm
missing you all of the time and the older ones, i love you and miss but i'll be hoping to see you when jesus comes, amen. [reading names] [reading names]
5:33 pm
[reading names]
5:34 pm
[reading names] >> wonderful memories. we love you and miss you so much. judy and emily and your nephew sarah and brandon send you their love. and my dad james, memories of the only real treasure. dad thank you so much for your
5:35 pm
memories but i really wish you could meet your granddaughter because she reminds me of you so much. i love very much and miss you. >> montgomery george. >> michael joseph. >> michael douglas. >> roberto l., jr. >> charles j. houston. >> angela m. house. >> george gerard howard. >> michael c.powell. >> steven powell.
5:36 pm
>> romana. >> marian. >> steven poca. >> chris robert hughes. robert hughes, jr. >> thomas hughes, jr. >> timothy robert hughes. >> john nicholas, jr. >> kathleen n. hunt casey. >> williams hunt. >> peggy hurt. >> joseph gerard hunter. >> steven, jr. >> robert sosa. >> thomas edwards hines. >> robert hemal.
5:37 pm
>> jonathan lee. daniel. >> michael patrick. >> and my sister jane allen. >> fredrik jr. and my husband wong, we love you and miss you every day. you will live in our hearts forever. >> abraham. >> anthony, jr. >> lewis. >> christopher gracia. stephanie verónica. >> douglas jason.
5:38 pm
>> kristin. eric johnson. >> ishicagua. >> joseph. >> aron, jr. >> john s. alexander. >> lacy bernard ivory. >> virginia. >> brine j. jack. aaron jacobs. >> ariel lewis jacobs. >> jason jacobs. >> michael g. jacobs. >> steven jacobson. >> maría. >> robert adrienne. >> ernst james. >> grays -- griselda james.
5:39 pm
>> maxima. >> paul edward. >> john carlos jenkins. >> and my brother-in-law, devoted husband to jenny, god father of christy and ryan. >> and my grandfather, we love -- me and my sisters wish we could meet you. >> joseph jenkins, jr. alan. >> sarah judy.
5:40 pm
alicia jiménez, jr. >> charles john. >> nicholas john. >> denise m. johnson. scott michael johnson. >> william r. johnston. >> alison jones. linda jones. >> charles edward jones. >> christopher d. jones. >> donald. jones the second. >> donald w. jones. >> judith jones. >> linda jones. >> mary. jones. >> edward, senior. >> robert thomas jordan.
5:41 pm
>> albert joseph. >> carl henry joseph. >> steven joseph. >> jane josiah. ángel, jr. >> karen sue. >> michael. judge. >> thomas jergin. >> pamela choo and my big brother, the king, our guardian ángel number 41, keep watching over us the spirit lives with
5:42 pm
all your family. >> and my husband carlos jiménez you are a big man, your memory remains each and every day in the eyes of your children. you would be so proud of the intelligent compassionate young women that you have helped bring into this world. i love you. i misand i -- miss you and i may never forget, the world may never forget. >> howard lee cain. >> vicente d. cain. >> robert canter. >> debra catherine. >> robin lynn. >> alvin peter.
5:43 pm
>> charles h. >> william. >> douglas g. >> charles l. casper. >> andrew. robert michael crawford. >> john, jr. >> edward. king. >> richard n. king. >> lisa ivonne. >> carl kiesler. >> bárbara keeding. leo russell the third. chandler raymond keller. >> joseph john keller. >> petter kellerman.
5:44 pm
fed -- joseph a. kelly. >> thomas richard kelly. >> thomas michael kelly. >> timothy kelly. >> thomas, william hill kelly jr. and my husband ana a.lavarty. we think of you with love today but that is nothing knew. we thought about you yesterday and days before that too. we think of you in silence, we often seek your name, all we have is memories and your pictures in a frame. your memory for which will never
5:45 pm
part. god has you in his keeping and we have you in our hearts. >> and my cousin, words can't express how i feel. we love you and miss. we will never forget. >> thomas j. kennedy. >> ivonne e. kennedy. >> john richard. >> ralph francis. >> ronald. >> howard. >> douglas d.ketchum. >> ellen keltur. >> sarah khan.
5:46 pm
>> michael keeper. >> andrew kim. lauren kim. >> mary joe. >> karen m. >> amy r. king. >> teresa king. >> robert king, jr. >> lisa king johnson. >> ryanj. kennedy. >> chris michael. >> robert patrick.
5:47 pm
>> howard barry. >> clint davis. >> richard joseph. >> peter klein. >> alan david. >> karen joyce. >> ronald philip. >> steven a. matt. and my brother, bernard petranaco. you are in our hearts always and in our thoughts and we we look at joe and lexy we see you're very much alive. we love you and we miss you. my big little brother and i see brought the sun, you're smiling on us. god bless you. >> and my older brother
5:48 pm
alexander ortiz which we called álex. the family missed you. we will never forget. i will never forget memories in my memory. god bless the military and the usa. thank you. >> andrew james nobs. >> debra. >> rebecca lee. >> frank jay. >> gary edward. >> have -- vanessa. >> susan rose. >> abulay y.
5:49 pm
>> john j. >> david. >> emilia cassido. >> fed >> thomas joseph. >> angela reed. >> raymond hugh. >> andrew lapuente. >> katherine. >> jeffrey lee.
5:50 pm
>> joseph a. >> james patrick la -- >> janet lewis. >> david james. >> and my cousin, i know ángel you are looking down on your wife michelle and the amazing job she has done in raising your two beautiful daughters. i stand here wearing my flight attendant uniform in honor american flight 11 and american flight 77. we will never forget you. [applause] >> and my son patrick.
5:51 pm
i can still remember # 14 years ago it was a tuesday morning when you left for work. i never know that you wouldn't return. i don't know what you were thinking but you are a true american hero. your my hero, your my son, i loved you. your family is here today, i know you're looking down smiling and shaking your head saying that i'm nervous, but i am, so god bless, son, love you, keep smiling. [applause] [bells]
5:52 pm
[silence] >> michael patrick laport. michael patrick laport. >> alan charles. >> juan méndez lapuente.
5:53 pm
>> vincent anthony. >> william david lake. >> michelle. >> michael lamana. >> robert lang. >> vanessa langer. >> peter j. >> thomas marco. >> michelle lanza. >> nathan. >> robin larkey. >> christopher randall.
5:54 pm
scott larson. >> john adams larson. gary edward lazo. nicholas. >> carlos a. >> maría lavash. >> mary la verde. >> robert lawrence, jr. >> nathaniel. >> and my belovedded -- beloved brother alejandro. if i read it i'm going to start
5:55 pm
crying. you said to me, there's no crying. i just want to say that i love you and i miss you very much. mom and dad are here. your son can't make it. it's hard for him. it's been 14 years. he's 27 now. i know that you're going to be very proud of him. you always said why but he has faith that he will see you one day, we love you and we miss you. >> we think of you every single day. your life and spirit shines through our daughter. i know that you're so proud of her. she hopes that you see her and i tell her that you do. we love you and you are unforgettable.
5:56 pm
>> david w. >> gabriel lavard. >> james patrick. >> joseph gerard levy. >> jay levy. >> robert g. >> lya labor. >> kenneth charles. >> alan j. >> elenas. la -- ladezma. >> david s. lee. >> gary paige lee. >> juan lee.
5:57 pm
>> katherine blair lee. >> linda c. lee. >> larrain lee. >> wo lee. >> richard y. lee. >> stewart lee. >> yang lee. >> steven paul. >> adriana a legro. >> joseph leeman. >> david r. >> david credencio. >> joseph anthony. >> john joseph lennon, jr. >> john robertson.
5:58 pm
>> jorge lewis leon, sr. >> matthew g.leonard. >> michael lapoor. >> charles a. >> jeff levine. >> john kenneth levy. >> alicia karen. >> and my beloved husband peter, forever in my heart and thank you all for those who serve to keep our country safe and our freedom. thank you. >> and my uncle john thomas, my aunt sylvia resta and the baby that we never got to meet, we love you and miss you every day.
5:59 pm
>> robert michael lavine. >> daniel m. >> kenneth e. lewis. >> jennifer lewis. >> yee lang. >> edward. michael. >> steven barry. >> samantha alan.
6:00 pm
>> carlos r.lilos. arnold. >> ray lynn. >> thomas leny. >> thomas c., jr. >> dian teresa la punishing erry. >> alan patrick, jr. >> alberto libriano. >> kenneth paul. >> ming lu.


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