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tv   Book Discussion on Scarlet Letters  CSPAN  September 12, 2015 8:45pm-9:56pm EDT

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nod conversation [inaudible conversations] >> good evening, ladies and gentlemen. thank you for all the ambient noise. and welcome to kansas city public library.
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i'm the director of the kansas city public library and it's a pleasure to have you here tonight. to prove to you once again the kansas city public library represents all political views and tonight it's always -- it is as always a pressure for me to introduce my long-time friend jack cashill. jack and i i have known each other almost since he was in short pants, in newark, new jersey, where he was born a little bit after he graduated from siena college and got his ph.d at purdue in american studies. i think the only dissertation that defended the notion of american capitalism and american fiction, which is hard to do because is no american capitalism in american fiction. jack and i something like 35 years ago, founded something -- the zenith boosters club, political discussion club in which jack then ran for a number of years when i escaped from the
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city briefly. and always has been provocateur. the last tomb i introduced jack i said in his book about president obama's writing, that he tried to prove that bill ayers, the radical had actually written the autobiography, and i said he had only written part of it, clearly. so i disagree. and some of the things he has been writing lately, i occasionally have my disagreements. jack has written very forcefully about the question of religious freedom lately, and whether or not people should be required to serve everybody if they have a, for instance, baking a cake if they have religious objections. i don't completely agree with that because i have ??ed there's a schreck different to this, that legislate in kansas seemed to be about one issue, homosexuality, and i read in
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paul's letter, i read, for instance, that he condemns swindlers and slanderers and drunkards, and it seems to me that this is a trifecta for donald trump. and i don't notice anybody refusing to serve donald trump right now, so i feel better if we were refusing the -- all the adulterers which would eliminate half the republican candidates from president. so i don't always agree with jack, but jack is writing today, and has written his book "scarlet letter" about the neopuritannism in america, and on this subject i am in complete agreement with him. i noted that jon stewart, of all people, said that we were treating kaitlin jenner poorly by criticizing kaitlyn
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generaller and removing her dignity. i thought this has to be the first anytime history that jon stewart has taken a member of the kardashian cast and worried about their dignity. so, i have to say -- and from the library's point of view, we do have people of all voices come to the library. it's interesting to me that in ten and a half years i have been doing this, the only criticisms we get regularly, when we bring somebody is, we bring somebody in from the right. we bring people in from the left, we have lots of them, chris hedges, tom frank, wrote "what i this matter with kansas. i "jack wrote" what this matter with california. "we presented both. the only krill simms we got when we presented jack, not tom frank. so i leave that out for you is a i turn this over to jack. the public library we believe we should defend the first amendment. the first amendment means all voices should be heard, all ideas should be heard.
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and that's what we believe in the public library and that's one of the reasons it's a great -- and only one of the ropes it's a great pleasure for me to introduce my great friend, jack cashill. [applause] >> just to correct the record no one in north new jersey wore short pants, okay? you'd be laughed out of the neighborhood. thank you all for coming out tonight. thanks c-span for being here. my ninth c-span presentation, and i have friends here online so thank you for bearing with me all this time. and thanks to kansas city public library. the only library in the country i know of that does do both sides of issues, and it's so refreshing. it's almost unheard of. [applause] >> the book is called "scarlet
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letters" and as you might suspect, it derives its tail from the hawthorne novel called "scarlet letter." and just to refresh your memory, the heroine of the novel, hester conceives and bears a child while her husband in boston, while her husband is in england. she was obviously committed adultery, and in 17th century boston, the civil and religious authorities punish you when the get to mete out the punishment. her punishment was to scan on a scaffold in the town square of boston, holding her baby for three hours and thereafter after to wear a scarlet a for adrill res on her chest. now, now, hawthorne described that his 17th century forebearers as the most intolerant broad that ever lived. but his puritans were the picture of moderation compared to the progressive neopuritans
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who have dictated our morality for the last few decades, and to be sure, they do not call themselves neopuritans. but in the middle of law and morality and eagerness to make sin a crime, knewow pure tappism fits. and if you talk too one -- we all talk to them. we're related to them. you disagree with one, you're not just wrong. you're immoral. you're sinful. and you're deserving of punishment, in the here and now. not the afterlife. the here and now. now, i got the inspiration for the religious theme on a very ironic way, watching a documentary on my -- the former governor of new jersey of my own state, jim mcgreevey. if you remember mcgreevey in 2004 he was involved in a sex and politics scandal.
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he had hired an israeli national, wasn't an american citizen, homeland security adviser despite the fact he knew nothing about homeland security other than coming from israel and then mcgreevey hit on him, and he was going to sue for harassment, and then mcgreevey came forward and said i'm a gay american and resigned and as atonement, because he abandon head otherwise and wild he decides to become an episcopalian seminarian. he was a catholic but the catholic church was too high brow for his tastes, and he -- we see him entering the church. this is literally truism had to buy she video to verify what i saw. and on the signboard as he enters the church it says, jesus liberates us from our sins. in this order: sexism,
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homophobia, racism, and classism. now, if the signboard had been a little bigger it would have had islamophobea, xenophobia, and climate change denialism. those are the seven deadlyson our era, and god help the man or woman who violates one. there's one sin that unifies all the other sins. the sin of? hatred. hatred. so you're a hater. of muslims, hater of women, a hater of poor people, hater of black people, hater of mother earth. you're a hater. no matter -- disagree and you're a hater. don't like the president in you're a hater. don't like the would-be president? you're a hater of women. so goes on and on. now, the neopuritan elect -- this is the odd thing, if you
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know them and see them, they have less interest in celebrating their own values than they do in condemning those people who resist the celebration. and they take joy in that. for them it's almost as good as like eating organic or occupying something. and you'll neat -- to be fair i'm using a term "progressive. "eye ignore the subtitles. they're done by committee, and in fact they through the word "exposed" so they can get the x and the d on the scarlet letters. my already thought walt the unholy rise of neopuritannism, which is the theme. i used to use the word progressionsive and liberal advise lid. liberals have historically fixed positions. they believed in things historically, and some -- to some degree dade today they believe in the rule of law. they believe in due process, believe in constitutional
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protections for speech, for religion, for assembly, they believe in justice for all, equal justice. they believe in -- that man is innocent until proven guilty. now, progressives -- we are using the words interchangeably today. hard to find a distinction defineddier but progressives have no set fixed values today. they don't. they at the risk of -- progressives progress. if they believe in anything, they believe in progress. and they're like sharks. they have to keep swimming forward unless they stop, they die. and if they smell blood in the water, it's yours, you're in trouble. so they're constantly looking up, finding new sins new laws, new ways to offend. mark stein, the commentator and brilliant writer, who has dealt with the knewow puritans puritad canada for years in their bizarre human relations commission, saying even when you
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have no idea you're committing a hate crime, chances are, you still are. and he is right. you don't even know anymore. now, hester quinn, by contrast, knew she quitted a sin. adrillry has been on the book for 3 -- adultery has been on the books 3,000 years. she never protested her letter. she knew what she had done. now, the punishment may have seemed severe bullet at least she walked into it knowingly. she had a creepy little guy on the side, but that's another aside. now, you compare the scarlet a with the newest scarlet letter. it's a scarlet t. the scarlet t. for transphobia. and that's not trans-fat phona. that's transgender phobia. a couple of months ago people were telling bruce generaller jenner jokes. publicly telling bruce jenner
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jokes. now on national tv they dare not even say, bruce jenner. that is how -- what grip they have on the culture. if you saw the espys. which is the espn's big award show, just in the way of background, espn and abc are both owned by disney. and the rumor was is that jenner's reps went to abc and said you want a two-hour interview with dianne sawyer? we want to win the arthur e.r.a. coverage award. ...
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the next day the national media scolded him for not applauding enthusiastically enough. if you know anything about stalin or the soviet union, and this is true also, when the members of the politburo saw joseph stalin walk-in they all stood up and start applauding. the great fear was that they would be the 1st to stop. this literally happened. they risked being dragged out in the show and -- into the snow and shot or sent to the gulags. so that is how bad.
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the totalitarian impulses surely within our knew puritan friends. the most progressives are nice people who are just getting bad signals from various people. the front radical edge knows what they are doing and never doubted. you doubted at your own risk. although they do not have a set direction, they do have a goal. and this is going to sound harsh until i explained it, but the goal is to destroy western civilization as we know it, and remake it in there own image. the lump them all together.
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he said that they embraced man's 2nd oldest faith, the faith that satan presented the adam and eve in the garden, ye shall be as gods, they believe that they, man or woman or caitlin jenner can deliver a paradise on earth that god could not. so that is why they are so morally endeared with the righteousness. and that also explains how they could embrace islam because they do. i mean, they are more appalled by islamic phobia than they are by radical islam. the radical islamists shoot up a place in texas, the anger anger was directed at pam geller, not the
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shooters. pam geller is a pariah, and she is a brave lady. these are serious people, and we will talk about that. that. what i would like to do is explain some of the tenants of this faith, sort of a revival movement going on. and so the understandings, number one, the scarlet letter is forever. take the case of robots, the agriculture secretary under nixon and gerald ford. consequential ask the secretary of the century, i campaign plane in 1976. some of you remember, or your your parents told you more likely, grandparents. and he told a relatively innocuous racial joke. and in the joke, it could have just as easily been told about any rural group.
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john dean, professional snatch, sitting right behind them on the plane and recorded every word, rushed to rolling stone magazine, a magazine known for its probity and reporting. [laughter] , and within hours that part of his career was over. he was fired or forced out immediately and disgrace. what you do not know is that he lived for 32 more years. the new york times, the ultimate ultimate arbiter of who gets the scarlet letter and who does not, headlined his obituary this way, secretary felled by racial remark dies at 98. right? everything he had done otherwise in his life was irrelevant. what mattered was that he had told the racial joke 32 years ago.
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that -- he might his well have had it tattooed on his head. he told that racial joke. todd akin in missouri. you know, he gets the scarlet are, they can get the scarlet us. the awkward remark about rape and abortion. wonderful human being, six kids that love him to death, three sons in the marines, but that did not matter because he had made this awkward comment. by the end of that day he was aa national laughingstock. the neo- puritans had taken this and run with it. if they profess the faith is more important than to practice it. they took amount because rodney and mccain and the others apologized and asked him to drop out of the race. so appalled, who could blame
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her for being so upset except that a week or two later they show up at the democratic national convention and listen to an unsocial to have sexual predator and keynote the convention. a corollary take the case, one of the bravest and most -- nobelist on the planet, born in somalia, obviously did not sign up for that, escape somalia, ends up in the netherlands, becomes a model citizen, teams up with
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a filmmaker to make a film called submission which highlights the injustice done to women throughout the muslim world, including the netherlands with a muslim populations were not assimilating it all. forfor his efforts his shot off his bicycle in downtown amsterdam and the shooter takes a knife and spikes of five page letter into the chest and threatens the life of brian hirsch. she expects support from the progressive neo-puritans and neo- puritans and does not get it at all. why provoke these people? can't you get along? she is forced to flee to the united states. in the united states she writes this brilliant book and sold millions of copies. brandeis university invites her to come speak has the commencement speaker and then that neo- puritans rebel, and the president of
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grand ice, created post- holocaust to prevent another holocaust and the disinvited her at the last minute. so good works matter little. good works mattered not at all when faced with that kind of repressive uprising. faith tramps over fact. another tenant. if you want to have a good read, if you have not done this, google michael creighton commonwealth 2003, environmentalism. a mega- successful, the same day barack obama was elected president. i don't know what that means. you know, heknow, he produced er, wrote and produced and directed jurassic park, lost world.
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who knows how many millions of dollars. nonetheless, a pretty sure that -- pretty fearless guy. the home of the sierra club. it's an open forum, and is asked to give a talk on the most pressing issue of the day. thethe challenge is given to all of the speakers in the series. for creighton he comes in and says, the most pressing issue of the day is the need to distinguish fact from fantasy. to distinguish truth from propaganda. what is he talking about? and then he walks them through a theological construct of the environmental movement, all of which are apocalyptic and design, all of which begin with this state of nature
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that is unspoiled by man. take someman. take some step by step by step walking through the scientific aspects starting with racial carson and ddt which is maybe the most lethal mistake made in the history of science. paul ehrlich, a ridiculous. the time, carl sagan and nuclear winter. taking on the heavyweights and just making fun of them and keeps describing them in religious terms and tells them that this is not -- this is not facts. you have faith that transcends reality. i don't know if they ever invited him back. a brilliant speech, but they did not and still do not want to here that. he went from global cooling to global warming. i tried to find when the transition came and could not. i simply could not find it.
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it has always been out there. no, it has not. a side note. another tenant in the faith, neo- puritanism means never having to say your sorry. [laughter] 2006, durham, north carolina, ad off-campus, one of 20 groups that year to request strippers for the campus party. that is a problem in and of itself for another day. some of those groups are female, too, by the way. they made the mistake of being affluent. that was the basic crime. the strippers come. being politically sensitive they asked for white strippers, got black strippers. one came totally drunk and fell all over herself. to justify the state that she was in she said that she was raped. the charges ludicrous on the
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surface. everyone knew they were innocent from the beginning. she picked three pictures out of the page of pictures and said those young men. they all had cell 25 solid alibis and out of the dna matched. the 88 stellar faculty came rushing to the lacrosse players defense, not. [laughter] here is what they did, sent out a letter condemning the team and said regardless of the results of the police investigation they condemned them regardless of the results of the police investigation. they ruined the lives of three young men who were dragged through the mud for six months to a year. the new york times down on board and just created and fabricated a story because these guys were the progenitors of the whole white privilege movement.
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there was an element of the scarlet are but mostly the scarlet c. finally, when the guys are fully vindicated, even the new york times admitting these guys are never guilty in the 1st place, one of the mothers writes a letter to the head of the ada, distinguished chair of english and said, i ask for an apology. she just asked for an apology, some recognition that they were wrong. he calls for a provocateur who is trying to get credit for study bunch of white males whom he described as farm animals. and he still has his job to this day. so you never have to say you are sorry. tenant number six is never enough. brendan ike in 2008 made a $1,000 donation to
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proposition eight in california which was to establish that marriage was a union between a man and a woman. that amendment passed in 2008 because when barack obama came to california and was asked that question he said, i believe marriage is a union between a man and a woman. as a christian i believe it is a sacred union with god in the mix. taking that cute black californians voted overwhelmingly for proposition eight and came to the polls in record numbers. the amendment passed, and hollywood went berserk as a result, as did silicon valley, apparently. brendan ike made the mistake of leaving a paper trail. in 2013 he was given the position, and he was a legend in silicon valley, and 70,000 brave young neo- puritans signed the petition
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demanding ike make an unequivocal statement of support for marriage equality. it was not enough. he had to make an unequivocal statement of support for marriage equality. and he tried to apologize and get around it. he was gone in two days. the knew ceo, the chairman of the board, apologized for being so slow in getting rid of him. he built the company and was gone. finally, the final tenant, no sin is as grievous as one of the seven or now a deadly sins. john rocker found this out the hard way. cocky, profane, southern. this portillo tedder writer was sent on to talk to him. he hated new york city because it was the only place in the world where people would yell from the fact stands that they did
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his mother than i before god told about taking the d train and describe the people on their i'm charitably. [laughter] and he focused mostly on foreigners. the scarlet ask for fear of foreigners. in any case the sports illustrated writer wrote this up. he was suspended. i remember reading about this and "usa today". exactly what the little box on the front page said when he was suspended. suspended for racial remark. bottom 3rd, held in double homicide. abcaseven ray
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lewis is one of the most prominent defensive players in the nfl, but the editors of usa today, that was not a significant as sent as what he said about foreigners on the d train going to shea stadium. you know, there is an element of humor, to the degree that you can be that way about the death of your civilization. two quick stories about how dangerous this woman can be. i talk to these people. does anyone no who they are? they made the mistake of living in suburban portland, oregon. if i were to title the story if i wrote a book about them , 1st they came to the cake makers. ran a little shop, five children, devout christians devout christians in their mid- 30s, lived a humble life. and they served this lesbian couple previously. and then they came in and asked them for a gay wedding cake or same-sex wedding cake.
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sorry. we just do not feel comfortable doing that. your welcome to buy anything else. well, the couple was upset, and they and their supporters began a grassroots kind of neo- puritan campaign, which is harassment which took the form of death threats. they blew up their website with abusive reviews, vandalized trucks, send -- went to their vendors and clients and told them to get out. these people are selling hate at the bakery. they had to shut down the shop. i tried to run them from their home. they just got too many harassing calls to be able to do business. you know what it is now? he drives a garbagea garbage truck to support their five children. that was not enough. here is the ultimate neo- puritan model, not enough to
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share your offense. you must enlist the state and the cause. this is where it begins to approach the puritan model, but they were a picture of mercy and especially in oregon. there must be 100 bakers in oregon who would have been giddy to make a gay wedding cake, especially when it was still not eagle -- not legal. they go to the bureau of labor and industry and level a hundred $35,000 fine to compensate for the emotional damage suffered by the couple. among the things listed were distrust of men and weight gain. they think by denying them the cake. they set up and go fund the account.
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you can't fund a criminal enterprise. the bureau of of labor and industry, i don't know why they are involved in put a gag order on the clients. there is a gag order. no other way to say it. and then what is discouraging, i talked, stalwart people. they have just on the wrong things. we will see how it shakes out. i read one huffington post article to see what the comment section read. was really shocking if you're not used to comments in these sections. hateful, bigots, religion is stupid, anti-christian, anti-christian, anti-christian. this is a little more. and it says want to discriminate against someone, be investigated, find, and potentially shut down. member the first amendment.
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comes into play. the real liberals in america are appalled by this. the others are either quiet about it or decided to just play along because they are afraid, and here it has a lot to do with the fact that killing the mockingbird. i will start by talking about upton sinclair, a socialist. in 1927, executed for killing an italian american payroll clerk that they killed and were tried by a jury that was totally fair. theythey had no grudge against them other than the fact that the evidence was overwhelming. upton sinclair was in the middle -- let me talk about katherine anne porter, 1st a good liberal, pulitzer
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prize-winning author, candlelight vigil on the eve of the execution and walks up to the neo- communist who is leading this rally and sister, boy, i really hope that they stare. go up there. scare andretti? what possible good could they do to us alive? they did not want them alive. they wanted him dead. no one wanted darren wilson and ferguson free. they did not want them in jail. they want to them free so that they could enrage the base. in both of those instance there were rallies protesting the verdict. well, in the mixed of this upton sinclair is writing a big article. and midway through the writing of the book.
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and he's a supporter of socko and ready. rounded up to support them. here is the conversation. excuse me. here is the conversation. the aclu lawyer originally assigned to the case and he says tell me, these guys innocent or guilty? and he said, i had to break this to you, but they are guilty. these guys are guilty as sin. these letters were only about five or ten years ago. and says if you don't continue to tell a story they may kill you.
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they did it with the rosenbergs, alger hiss, mumia abu-jamal and carter. usually the right songs about them before they are through. the star turn has been made recently. see, they -- it is understandable to find the guilty innocent. what is not understandable and what is intolerable is to find the innocent guilty. and george zimmerman found this out the hard way. now, you know what undid george zimmerman? the one thing that undid him was his name.
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if george zimmerman had made the name he never would have heard. it would have died in florida. whatever what this is all they had to go on, all the industry had to go on the neo- puritans had to go on the 1st week what a perfect villain in the narrative of this little boy , this 11 -year-old and that is the way. among the worst bits of american media malpractice i i have ever seen, and he paid the price for that. they went through the whole narrative. i will narrow this down
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quickly as to what happened. during the time that zimmerman was being assaulted, one good eye witness came out because it was taking place right on his patio called witness number six. a young guy, very analytical and not inclined to get crazy and he comes out, and the police interview him a half hour later. i came out command right here there is this black guy and hispanic guy. and mma style, mixed martial arts style. and on the bottom the guys yelling help me. and i ran upstairs, dialed 911. when i got upstairs i heard the gunshot and came back. of course, another 911 call it took 40 seconds of zimmerman yelling help, help, help. the next day the witnesses interviewed on local tv and says the same story.
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it is available online today. the police knew that there was no case. zimmerman said, yes, get a copy here quickly. martin circled back and came and attacked them. there was never a case. they knew this. only two boats were written about this case, one i wrote and one by lisa bloom, the nbc legal analyst to cover this case from gavel to gavel, the daughter of glory all read who wrote a book called this mission nation. witness number six, so none of the story is in her book. except to say she gets it wrong. he only came down after the shooting. he shooting. he testified at the trial, the trial was over the minute he testified. how can you write a book like that? and here are otheryour other things, did not mention the
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fact that george zimmerman the year before had led a crusade to get justice for black homeless men whoman who hd been beaten up by the son of a white cop. he fires the gun. i think he had a quote on their, evil will triumph only when good men do nothing. the oscar wilde quote, no good deed goes unpunished. does not mention he is hispanic and the whole book. his mother, zimmerman's mother, yet a grandfather who is african, did the whole thing, just ridiculous. some lessons learned. never apologize. larry summers learned this the hard way. secretary-treasurer under bill clinton, did she felt
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good democrat, 1st jewish president of harvard university. invited to a small 4050 people informal group about why women are underrepresented at the top levels of science and math and he decides not to bring an hr to speak honestly because he thought this was not going to be recorded or whatever and said, i see three reasons. the 1st reason is that to be the best in these fields takes a full-time commitment, 12, 14, 16 hours a day and a lot of women in there childbearing years simply are not willing to make that commitment. the 2nd one is that them of mold the studies we have seen, although men and women average out over the iq spectrum, especially based upon science and math, the
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top 1% on the bottom 1% are dominated by men, and we know a lot of the bottom 1%, with1 percent, but the top 1 pet have to go to number three. he just speculated. she rushed out, went to the boston globe and demanded essentially -- she was on abc good morning the next day. apologized. backed off of science. offer them $50 million for the woman center, never should have. if you apologize, that is not enough. they want your head. they will keep it for the rest of your life. and when he came up, obama was thinking of pointing the finger at the federal reserve. ..
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the mayor of boston says there's no place where a new chick-fil-a franchise on our freedom trail, and uses the power of the mayorship to shut him down. same thing in chicago. trying to do the same thing in san francisco. then the people rose up. and i'm not a great -- i have to give them credit for this, starting this crusade. chick-fil-a appreciation day. never been to chick-fil-a before
9:32 pm
that. a lot of people hadn't. and what you saw were lines wrapped around the block, chick-fil-a's across the country. and now guy go through every -- go there every week. it's a great place. then you see headlines, chick-fil-a now number one in chicken sales, because of the deal. and then you see this year i -- all the fastfood franchises in america, whicher is your favorite, chick-fil-a number one going away. so, at one point in the story -- the dark part of the story is that -- i don't know if you heard about the attack on the family research council midst the fewery, an lgbt volunteer went to the family research council in washington, armed and
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loaded and tried to shoot his way in. a guard wrestlele him to ground. hes had chick-fil-a with him and he was going to rub the chick-fil-a on everybody he killed. thought it would be front, page news. okay, another lesson, plan ahead. one of the heros of my book -- the book is filled with heroes. one is rudy johnson, the president and national -- the national golf course. "the new york times" and national council of women's organizations launch eat bizarre crusade to force this club to admit women. it was a private club. women could play golf there. one who did was condoleezza rice, as a guest she played often, and she defend rudie johnson. rudy did this. he estimated their strategy before they got going. he knew what they were going to
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do. he knew they were going to good for the vulnerable. the knew the "times" and -- would go to the sponsors and say, how dare you associate with this hate group, this old racist, white, southern, sexis, miss sonnist group. he called the sponsors and said, i won't have any sponsors next year. they could afford to do it. the golf fans said, great no commercials. so the took the sponsors off the hook. then "the new york times" and burk went to cbs and cbs was backed oust doing it. the highest rated golf program in the year, and cbs said, sorry, no thanks, we're broadcasting this. and then it dies down, and then a year later they brought the sponsors back, and they were unscathed, as corporate executives are among the most cowardly people in america for a variety of reasons. other than university presidents, i'll say.
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they're in a higher notch. so, then a dozen years later they decide to admit women. know who the first one was? condoleezza rice. so, "new york times" can't even crow about it. a black republican? can't do that. so everything comes around. finally, resist. don't yield. in little ways or big ways. stand up for yourself. sometimes it's very difficult if you're in a sensitive position, but in your individual life you could stand up and say, no, enough is enough, and in the book i talk about this -- a couple of examples of one incident, phil robertson of duck dynasty. he was interviewed by gq. went in there to set him up. they knew what they were doing. the first question he asked the interviewer is, what does "gq"
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mean. beautiful. but robertson -- then he went awry by courting corinthians on home open sexuality -- homosexuality. you could see him trying to use the right language to describe human parts but using a technical word made it even more bizarre, and the next thing you in the a & a wants to pull them off the air. and then in the most bizarre executive decision made in recent history, cracker barrel, decides to pull the duck dynasty stuff off their shelves 'don't they no who goes to cracker barrel? [laughter]
9:37 pm
>> they found out within 24 hours because 700,000 e-mails later, the stuff is back on the shelves. that what's quickest turn-around in recent history. and then ay & e finally backed down, and then when you have the glaad, the gay lesbian alliance -- if they had the number one rated show on cable they might have succeeded but they did not, and phil robertson and his boys did and they prevailed. so do re cyst, -- resist, and hw can i not give a shoutout to the resister of the moment, donald trump. and actually the mark for appropriate, but -- and i don't think -- anyone intends to vote for him. people are saying why are runs voting for donald trump. i say they're not voting. they selecting him in the opinion polls bus he nose they're telling the rest of the crowd to get up, stand up, and
9:38 pm
speak out. and if anyone who is listening here, conservative or whatever. they don't nope what it's like to see your readership apologize, apologize, apologize, and how frustrating that gets over time. so even if the guy's a carnival barker, whatever, he is speaking out, and that's just so refreshing. okay, the future. wrap up. there is hope nor future? i'm going to get -- this is a hard-hitting area, bear with me. not that previous parts heather been hard-hitting. how do we turn this around? i think we may. i think the neopurr temperature -- knee you pour tans have overplayed their hand itch know many -- we need too hear from the moderates. but i am heart ended by the series of undercover videos
9:39 pm
surfaced about plant parenthood, because it's stuff we have all known for a long time but didn't have the ammunition to put on the battlefield. and those videos seriously threaten the neopuritan moral -- they've been dictating that for the last 30 honor years, how we should think and fear about any number of issues. but young people have to be asking themselves, having seen this, and they're not going to be allowed to see it long because there will be lawsuits and the media running away from it already. we can remind them. they have to ask themselves why is it a worse sin to refuse to bake a cake, why is it a worse sin to say, bruce jenner, than it is to kill and dismember a totally viable unborn baby and sell her body parts. shouldn't that at least deserve a letter?
9:40 pm
thank you. [applause] >> taking questions. if you'd step up to the microphones if you have a question. >> and keep your questions in the form of questions. like "jeopardy." and keep them relatively terse, and clean, and no bad remarks that have to be edited out. >> fascism for 500. [applause] >> i'm sorry, you mentioned earlier in your speech, your remarks, jack, you didn't think that we were headed down the road towards totalitarianism when you have an entire wing of
9:41 pm
the treasury department that has done the thing it has at the irs, and seems to largely be getting a pass from the public. >> here's the bottom line is this. a scandal only becomes a scandal when "the new york times" says it's a scandal on the front page of "the new york times." up until then -- if there's no watergate -- no "washington post," richard nixon is one of the great presidents of the 20 them century. if there's know "washington post" watergate is only known to washington, dc. you need a media to elevate that. and the united states has it way over the rest of the western world. the alternative media can't sustain a scandal. the "washington times" and "washington post" ask that's true today. i would say there's the urge for totalitarian jim is there. i think there will be an uprising. i think that the underestimate the opposition. i know certain things we know
9:42 pm
about the opposition. i'm not going to talk about it. you know what i'm talking about. we have certain power they don't have, and they'll find that out soon enough. thank you. yes, sir. >> thank you for being here, jack, very much. my name is steve roberts, rivered to serve on then state board of education nor state of kansas, and once upon a tame i said the n-word at state board meeting on the 50th areas of dr. king's letter from birmingham jail, and i suggested using the word once that we get past this word. it's an ugly, repugnant word we should rise above. i paid dearly for that. and now that i'm going threw consecration and i'm being called to do something about race i convince my other nine board member wes should stop labeling our kansan school children by race. and i wonder if you have any advice for me. >> i think that's a noble goal because right now, race is being
9:43 pm
used as a wedge issue. the uses of race have become -- here's how bad it is. martin o'malley, the would-be democratic president of the united states, last week was forced into an apology -- never apologized. remember that line, never apologize -- for saying all lives matter. right? that's where we are today. the most disappointing thing about the obama presidency is that even those that didn't vote for himming are thought that if nothing else race relations would improve. that african-americans would say, hey, if you can become president of the united states, doors are wide open. but indead he is used that as a wedge issue and used it constantly, using it against george zimmerman and against the real people, darren wilson in ferguson. so i would say, kudos to you and good luck with that. i hope it works out.
9:44 pm
it's unfortunately they use it as a way to punish black people. >> thank you very much. yes, sir. >> thank you, jack. always a pleasure. i just like to -- you probably read "the forgotten man." the scheckter brothers, of brooklyn who were attacked by the administration. didn't describe in 1960, this began in 1932 with fdr and the new deal. i call it communism. >> among some of the activists the impulse is there. i think the brothers won. [inaudible] >> they paid a horrendous fine. >> that case is worth looking into because they're being forced to violent their own religion to honor the -- >> trying to do a kosher -- the
9:45 pm
government didn't want them to. they had the straight-line killing. the check at scheckter brothers- [inaudible] >> she has been here. twice. the best book i've read. so i definitely recommend that. yes, sir? >> jack, just wanted to ask, why do suddenly -- when issues like this come up, comes to mind you mentioned todd aiken, and people i know, otherwise good conservatives, rap as fast and far away as they could from him. do you have any insight why they caved so quickly? >> i think it's an impulse they've developed over time for fear as being labeled as a -- whether it's an s or an r or a c or a d and the aiken case is
9:46 pm
particularly awful because they -- aiken accidentally raised an issue that needed to be talked about, and that is the fitness of their keynote speaker, and an issue that republicans need to talk about. i you're pro life, how can you be for a rape exception. doesn't make any sense logically or morally. might make sense if you're -- you don't care, but if you are a committed pro life candidate, as several of the republicans are alleged to have been, but they ran away from that. when you read the comment, what is interesting is that in context the guy who was interviewing him -- didn't hear it. so he makes his remark, aiken makes his answer, he is tired, and jacob was trying to nail them, and hen give the answer
9:47 pm
about legitimate rape and in context it makes some sense. then jacob says, how about the economy? and just moved on. his side chastised him for weeks. how could you miss that? they parsed it and it sound awful when you put the words legitimate rape next to each other et cetera. i would really like to know that. and i think part of the problem is when the they occupy positions of power, freighted of losing power, afraid of losing pensions. if anywhere corporations, all corporate executives are cowardses. we sought saw what happened to the board of governors of the boy scouts. but uniform or not i'm in the resistance. you probably can answer that as well as i can. the people in positions of power.
9:48 pm
and we have all kind of done it at some point or another. it's time to do otherwise. and that's why i'm glad donald trump is making a lot of noise. thank you, sir. any other questions, comments? >> jack, i have to ask as a new catholic, kind of nervous with the priests over here. >> with the priests over there. >> relating to the michael crichton climate change as theology and just wondered if you lad any thoughts about our current pope. >> yes, i do. actually i can tell you a quick story. i was in the -- in 1998 i did a documentary on the conserve testify revival billion the catholic church, and i got to interview cardinal rat singer who later became pope, and in 2005, i was in notre dame cathedral, just walked in, in paris, and just killing time. i walked in, and there was big
9:49 pm
tv screen up there, and there's the new pope. and i said, the cardinal is the new pope. and i go, know that guy! when he was made pope and i was in europe the next two weeks, they attacked him viciously from day one. all the news -- they're consumed by this, for a nation -- allegedly transcended chinnity, it was amazing how consumed they were by this decision. that said, thought he was a great pope. i thought john paul ii was the same. an extraordinary life. pope francis? i think he is serving a purpose right now, and i'm sure god will work through him in a way. [laughter] >> the purpose is this, is that a lot of catholics say, boy, maybe the church is okay. time to come back to church. on the subject of climate change -- here's the bottom line.
9:50 pm
if you raid the -- he said that presuming the science is right, this is all based on the presumption that the science is right. now, if the science is right and the world will be millions of people will be dying from plagues and whatnot, that makes sense. i the science is wrong, doesn't make sense. now, ever since galileo, the catholic church has been deathly afraid of being on the wrong site of science. so i would think giving them a little wiggle room. and i don't get to vote for the pope so i'm not going to pass judgment on the pope. i hope he doesn't pass judgment on me. yes, sir. >> hey, jack. i'm not sure if if this would be a subcategory. i'm thinking about possibly historical contextual phobes, the confederate flag 0, walt disney, proscribed ereese are leasing the song of the south,
9:51 pm
which i loved as a kid, uncle remus, the other day, bugs bunny turned 75, last week, and i would else has more favorite wisecracking every man with a brooklyn accent, but i found out there are 18 cartoons that nor longer to be shown because of racism and especially because of xenophobe ya because they portrayed japanese in a bad light. these were produced during world war ii. >> what i find encouraging is turner classic movies which shows the whole -- they showed "birth of the nation,"" gone with the wind." last week, hady mcdaniels, nice to celebrate the first black oscar winner but every role she played was stereotypical and demeaning. she had the an internal dignity that transcended her position.
9:52 pm
so, i -- at some point that's going to turn. right now we're still moving in the direction of -- my brother professes to be liberal -- he is really. no welt just had family reunion and the subject of the confederate flag came up and he was going on about. and he went to washington university, you know. and i said, how about sharpton and jackson university. when you look for those teachable moments? that was a teachable moment for him. one more thing still recall about -- >> seven or eight years ago there were -- i don't know if what as museum in washington set up for fdr but whoever was witnessing the journalism, they noticedded that every cigarette had been photo shopped out of fdr's hand or face, even though he was famous for cigarette holders, and they also -- >> also put him in a wheelchair
9:53 pm
even though he never wanted to be seen in a wheelchair they're going back and rewriting history. let's take one last question. >> jack, you might share with the audience what we went how to as a result of the folk festival in carthage, massachusetts and what it wag like to be on the receiving end of the kansas city star's -- >> several people here who were there, including the organizers, and it was -- theirs is the way -- you're right. that was an opening salvo in the kansas city star's war on tradition. and there was a folk festival, and apatriotic, pig squealing contest and hundreds of booths. >> goat roping, too. >> of course. what would a patriotic picnic be without goat roping. dwight and i were any n attendance other, people were there. the organizers were there. they were ruined -- suffered badly. >> i was down there visiting my
9:54 pm
clients and my friends who put on the festival. >> right. i was there selling apocalyptic videos about y2k because al gore told me to the world was coming to an en. and i wanted to take advantage of that. so, they went weren't going to have much use after that. so there were clubs of booths and in one booth, the copy of meinkampf was being sold. so then the next day, on sunday, the star headline, front page. >> white supremacist gather in oozarks, present were jack cashill and dwight sullivan. >> and actually wasn't funny. and i thought i was instance lated by the fact i made a series of holocaust.
9:55 pm
at half price and i was surprised at the people who ran away. it was very discouraging to see who refused to -- who knew better, and you probably suffered more and the reids are here, great patriots also, took the biggest brunt of it all. >> well, the writer who wrote it, when she talked to someone who was a mutual friend, unbeknownst to her, she said my whole purpose in writing that was to destroy cashill's reputation. >> she succeeded in a little tine ya corner of the world. but we survived. we're still here. and that's the -- i think there's a message, don't let them get you down. join the resistance, stand up and fights and we'll be okay. thank you very much for coming. [applause]


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