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tv   U.S. Senate  CSPAN  September 25, 2015 4:00pm-6:01pm EDT

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president of the united states, and mrs. michelle obama. ♪ ♪ ♪. ..
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>> [inaudible conversations]
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>> ladies and gentlemen, the national anthem of the people's republic of china followed by the national anthem of the united states. ♪
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[inaudible conversations] [inaudible conversations]
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[silence] >> good morning. [speaking chinese] >> president, members of the chinese delegation come on behalf of machel and myself myself, welcome to the white house. on behalf of the american people, welcome to united states. >>. >>translator: [speaking chinese]
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>> across more than two centuries americans and chinese have traded together chinese immigrants help to build our railroads and great cities. the united states is enriched by millions of proud chinese americans by those who join us here this morning. this reflects the history of friendship and cooperation between our two great peoples. >> [speaking chinese]
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>> also an opportunity for us to read - - reciprocate from our visit to china. michele and my daughters and mother-in-law were warmly welcomed as they traveled across the country as was i when i made a state visit to beijing. i untold it received 1 billion views on line. mr. president i believe we are accustomed to being outshone by our dynamic spouses. [laughter] >> [speaking chinese]
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>> as i have said many times united states welcomes of china that is stable, prosperous, and peaceful because that benefits us all. we work together to increase trade, boost global economy economy, fight climate change and prevent iran from obtaining a nuclear weapon weapon, shows when we work to gather it makes our nations and of world more prosperous and more secure. >> [speaking chinese]
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>> even as arenaceous cooperate, we agree we must address our differences candidate. dear dennis states will only speak out of fundamental truth and we believe the nation's are more successful in the world makes more progress with a level playing field to result peacefully u.n. human rights of all people are upheld. >> [speaking chinese]
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>> during our multiple visits together i believe we have made significant progress to enhance understanding between the two nations to lay the foundation for continued cooperation. >> [speaking chinese]
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>> mr. president you have spoken of your vision of china's peaceful development to my visit last year you said there were five areas the two nations can cooperate with each other and i fully agree. >> [speaking chinese] >> in fact, i believe our two great nations, if we work together, have an unmatched ability to shape the course. mr. president, members of the chinese delegation, in that spirit with the hope upon us welcome to the united states of america.
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>> [speaking chinese] [applause] >> [speaking chinese]
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>>translator: mr. obama, ladies and gentlemen, in this golden season my wife and i are very pleased to come to the beautiful city of washington d.c. >> [speaking chinese] >>translator: at the outset i wish to thank you, mr. president, for your kind invitation in and kind hospitality. i wish to convey to the american people though warm regards and best wishes of over 1.3 billion chinese people. >> [speaking chinese]
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>>translator: china and the united states are both great nations. the chinese and american people are too great people. since we established diplomatic relations 36 years ago, china u.s. relations have forged ahead despite turns and have made historic advances. >> [speaking chinese]
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speenineteen as our meeting in the summer of 2013 president obama and i made a strategic decision of building a new model of major revisions and more than two years have passed. we have made important progress in various areas of exchange and cooperation. this has been welcomed by people of the world that large. >> [speaking chinese]
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speenineteen working together china and the united states have made a greater impact than our individual efforts. to grow our relationship under the new conditions must adapt to the changing times to seize momentum. i come to the united states this time to promote peace and cooperation to make great advances in our relationship to develop more benefits. [speaking chinese]
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speenineteen we must uphold the right direction of a new model of major country relations to make sure our relationship is defined by ps and respect and cooperation to keep moving forward on the track of steady growth. >> [speaking chinese] >>translator: remus and hands mutual understanding to back each other's interests and concerns with disagreements and to strengthen our people's confidence in china u.s. friendship and cooperation. >> [speaking chinese]
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speeeighteen we must pursue a with a when cooperation with the model and scope of our collaboration. to improve the well-being of the two people of our countries and the world to outcomes. >> [inaudible] speaking chinese speeeighteen we must enhance french and to promote interaction between our people to meet each other halfway with the social foundation of china u.s. relations. >> [speaking chinese]
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speenineteen we must promote world peace to improve coordination of major issues to address global challenges and the work with other nations to build a better world. >> [speaking chinese]
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[speaking chinese] speeeighteen 30 years ago during my first visit to the united states i hosted an american family my hosts were so warm and sincere rehab ted conversations and hugs when we had to say goodbye. to this status moments are still fresh in my memory. three years ago i went back and had a reunion with my old friends there. they said to me, a
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friendship is the big business before the end for many other american friends i can feel firsthand the friendship between the chinese and american people. read to share each other's feelings and this gives me every confidence about the future of our relations. >> [speaking chinese] speenineteen as the president and mrs. obama, ladies and gentleman, a difference, success comes with dedicated effort. china u.s. relations have
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reached a new point in the 21st century. for further growth of our relations behalf of choice but to speak day when when cooperation led is working hand-in-hand with great results to write a new chapter in china u.s. relations. [applause]
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>> mr. president, this concludes the ceremony. ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪
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♪ ♪ [applause] ♪ ♪
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on capitol hill earlier stage john boehner announced his retirement from congress effective the end of october and in a news conference he discussed the joint meeting with the pope and how meeting him influenced his decision to resign. >> did you make this decision last night didn't lead you to this decision? >> no. yesterday was a wonderful day. was the emotional? i may have been. i was really emotional and a moment that no one saw. as the pope and i were getting ready to exit the building we found ourselves
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alone and he grabbed my left arm and said some very kind words to me about my commitment, to kids and education. he put his arm around me and pulls me to him and said please pray for me. who am i? but i did. >> it was never about us vote idea what my members to have to go through this or the institution. especially when i was thinking about walking out the door anyway. sorry entirely comfortable to do this
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earlier today pope francis continued his american tour with a stop at united nations general assembly also able to religious ceremony at the 9/11 memorial and museum at the world trade center this would be tonight 8:20 p.m. on c-span. >> today i reported, yes he comes then hear all the time. i went back to the office and called him, mr. reiter, i have been to club of 55 don't you realize people are watching what you do and where you go to watch naked dancing girls? there was a pause in he said it is nice. isn't it?
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>> 44 attorneys general from around the country signed a letter saying their greed that what the governor did was politics and not bribery and he should have reported the deaths. that may have been of prime but it 15,000 for a child's wedding or 50,070,000 but mcdonald was considered a vice-presidential candidate was in over his head when he was of the governor's office a public figure with a messy private life combined together. in an hour-and-a-half president obama will host a state dinner in honor of chinese president jinping
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looking at the feet of the dinner here is a look. >> thank you for coming and the press secretary thinks you are a deputy press secretary who put this together if you need anything let us know perhaps we could find an answer. as we have done in the past officials will come around to speak and everything is on the record and to speak about the dinner so please be patient and don't rush. then you can get close-up shots some officials will stay behind to answer questions after word. >> how are you today? i am the white house press
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secretary is my privilege to welcome you that we are having in tomorrow this marks the tenth state visit for the administration following pope francis yesterday. combining the chinese and american aesthetics and in addition of the menu. you can imagine dacias undertaking i cannot do vice also thanks to my social office tv executive dave and the national security council for their assistance. i do have some work to do so i will turn you over to the director for asian affairs. have a great day. >> good morning. this is exciting and new senior director of the national security council i just want to save the
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context that the state dinner will take place. u.s.-china relationship is one of the world's most consequential bilateral relationships we have been enormous agenda from combating climate change to preventing nuclear proliferation to countering the spread of endemic diseases. making progress requires engagement at the leader level. and read douceur to address the cooperation on the issues we have just mentioned so the state dinner is the key part of president xi jinping and the state dinner represents good and smart diplomacy to allow the president and mrs. obama to reciprocate to tremendous hospitality that president xi jinping and first lady have extended to the first family last year. it enables us to continue
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the important discussions cetera taking place earlier in the day including several officials and advisers of president xi jinping to whom we already have access and there are many stakeholders in the night -- u.s.-china relationship to provide an opportunity to include them in the event that the chinese leadership is aware. i want to share those initial comments with you. >>. >> good morning. at the state dinner we are inspired by the harvest that is sourced from all local farmers. for the first course we're doing a wild mushroom
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consomme we have sourced from pennsylvania and washington state with acorn squash rested and it drizzled with a consummate of vegetable stock. second course we're highlighting maine lobster that will be complemented that we sourced from here in washington d.c.. rolled with spinach and the extent shot the mushrooms so much that harvested from our guarded as well. on my plate right now is lamp sourced from colorado with garlic drizzled with
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berries and a paste we take from the garden this summer. that most of the products are sourced from various farms in arianna neighborhoods but i would say 40 percent of produce from the white house garden is your. >>. >> good morning of a poppyseed bread pudding that would have a lemon kurd and a stroll through the garden that is a display and also a
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pianist sesame bar and the key lime t.a.r.p. maples chocolate and pumpkin mousse cake and apple cider t.a.r.p.. thank you very much. >> [inaudible conversations]
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[inaudible conversations] [inaudible conversations]
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[inaudible conversations] [inaudible conversations] >> here we have the trade call date stroll through the garden is the display of chocolates' and a chocolate bridge with the pavilion included is a selection and on the far right apple cider
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tart from the white house kitchen garden and next to that pumpkin mousse cake and chocolate and ming go kiwi chocolate cup. also this is edible made out of chocolate and a moment -- all meant and then sugar roses. >> high road you come up with this. >> looking at the planner overall we try to plan and create a display that will complement the china state
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dinner tomorrow and also to complement president and mrs. obama with the white house kitchen garden said the apple cider is from maryland, the maple is from new hampshire and also it is on top of the main go kiwi white chocolate cup. we have fed preparing these several days. it takes a lot of components to make it all come together. the sugar roses, that is about 2,200 pedal's all he and pulled and the chocolate bridges are all made by hand so they're all components of
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chocolate and they all have to be put together. the roof of the pavilion is made out of chocolate and it is for is an so it takes quite a few days. over a year we collaborated with the chef we have poppyseed bread pudding which is a delicate custard ler's of artisan all bread and poppyseed and a lemon kurd at the base. and the sugar lattice.
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[inaudible conversations] the chinese leader arrived last night officially yet arrived earlier today the live coverage gets under way 6:00 eastern watch it live here on c-span2. or earlier today the two leaders of the joint news conference live in a the rose garden. >>
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[inaudible conversations] >> ladies and gentlemen, the president of the united states and the president of the people's republic of china. >> please have a seat. i want to once again will come president xi jinping back to the white house knew was here three years ago when he was vice president so this is our sixth meeting and as a result of our efforts are two nations are working more closely across the broader range of critical issues and our cooperation is delivering results starvations and the world. said such a office china exports have nearly doubled the support 1 million
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american jobs. chinese investment in united states supports jobs across our country and we partner to address global challenges whether promoting nuclear security with piracy of the horn of africa, encouraging reconciliation in afghanistan and helping to end the ebola epidemic in west africa. also historic climate change announcements have encouraged other countries to step up as well to increase the prospects of a stronger agreement this year. and as of member of the p5+1 help to bring iran to the table and to prevent them from getting a nuclear weapon. greater prosperity and security is what the american chinese cooperation can deliver. the united states welcomes the rise of china that is
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peaceful, stable, prosperous peaceful, stable, prosperous , and a responsible player in global affairs for crime committed to expanding our cooperation even as we address disagreements candidly and constructively. that is what president xi jinping and i have done with our dinner last night and readings today. i will mention specifics. first with the economic relationship we agreed to step up the bilateral investment treaty to help level the playing field for american companies. we committed to trading and information and technology of innovation and intellectual property. president xi jinping to read so remarkable reforms to devalue the currency and have a china play a greater role to the global economy all of which are steps you very much support i raise
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serious consort -- concerns a cyberthreats to american companies and american citizens i indicated that it passed to stop. the net is states government does not engage in cybereconomic espionage and today reached a common understanding on the way forward. we have agreed the the u.s. nor the chinese government will conduct or knowingly support intellectual property including trade secrets or other information and for commercial advantage of we will work together with other nations to promote international rules of the road for appropriate contact dan cyberspace but i have to insist our work is no longer done even if united states will use all the tools at our disposal to protect american companies' interest.
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second, of we are building posture's climate commitments to reduce traneight emissions and want to commend china and that it will begin the national capital trade system to limit emissions from the largest sectors. last year i announced our pledge to a degree incline a fund and i welcome the climate finance for the most vulnerable countries as well. they're putting in for re a common vision for the agreements we see can paris the two largest economies come together like this there is no reason for other countries to not do so as well so this is another step to reach a into months time
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and third with respect to the asia pacific we agree to new channels of communication between military and united states and china reaffirmed our commitment with us a denuclearization in a peaceful manner and demand the full implementation of all relevant security council resolutions and we will not accept north korea as a nuclear weapon in state. with decisions on the east china sea to unimpeded commerce and as such i indicated we will continue to sail and fly and operate anywhere that national law allows and i conveyed significant concerns over land reclamation of the disputed areas which makes it harder for countries to resolve disagreements peacefully.
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and i encouraged a resolution between climates in these areas we just want to make sure that the rules are upheld by reiterating our strong commitment for one china policy on the taiwan relations act. we agreed to do more to promote international security and u.s. and china will bring countries together to promote the afghanistan we will work with our partners and we agree all parties fully implement the nuclear deal and u.n. security council resolution needs to be fully enforced. for the first time the u.s. and china will partner to perot global development building on our efforts against ebola to expand a joint efforts on humanitarian assistance and
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disaster response and you -- food security and given china's success of hundreds of millions of people lot of poverty which is one of the most remarkable achievements to help rally the world a rhone to polls including to and extreme poverty. we also had a frank discussion of human rights and i affirmed america's on wavering support of all people including freedom of assembly and expression and freedom of press and freedom of religion and i express and candid terms of journalists and lawyers and civil society troops from operating freely to close churches with ethnic minorities are all problematic and prevent china and the people and obviously we recognize there are real differences.
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president xi jinping share how he could move forward and a step-by-step way and to respect we will continue to consult in these areas. . .
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>> so overall we've had an extremely productive meeting. the particular work that has been done by our teams show it is extraordinary progress that we can make when we are working together. the candid presidents between president and myself is to help us understand better misunderstands and further progress in those areas and president xing, i want to thank you. it's another reminder that as we work to narrow our differences we benefit our interest and for the benefit of the world. thank you very much. >> president obama, dear friends
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from the press, ladies and gentlemen, dear friends, good morning. it's a great pleasure for me to meet with all of you together with president obama. let me begin by thanking again president obama on -- and the u.s. government for thoughtful arrangements. i also want to thank the america people for welcome. yesterday and today president obama have had discussions on our respect in domestic and foreign policies, international and regional situations. our meetings are constructive and productive and we have reached extensive and important consensus. during the discussions president obama shared with me the
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domestic agenda and foreign policy priorities that he has been working on and i congratulated him on the progress that he had made in those areas. i appreciate president obama's reaffirmation to me that the united states welcomes peaceful and pros -- china and plays role in arena and china reform of opening up. i indicated to president obama ha china is making efforts to deepen comprehensive, as to achieve the grant goal of building a society of prosperity . china is committed to peaceful development. it is committed to growing
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friendships and relationships with old countries in the world. to work with the united states to build the new model of relationship without conflict, without confrontation, with mutual respect and cooperation is a priority in china's foreign policy. we have spoken highly of the progress made in china-u.s. relations since the summit and we have agreed to follow the consensus, cooperation in various areas and manage differences and sensitive issues in constructive manner and advance major country relationships with china and the united states.
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this includes -- we have agreed to vigorously to treaty negotiations, speak up, the pace of the work as to achieve a high standard and balanced agreement. we will expand mu -- mutually cooperation in energy, infrastructure, agricultural, health and other areas. the two governments found many cooperation agreements and signed commercial contract. china tanned united states are highly complementary and economically and potential for further cooperation. for the united states recognize china on civilian high-tech
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items will help expand within the two countries. we have have had in-depth discussion on the current international and financial situation. we have agreed to step out macroeconomic and financial stability. to this end, we have established the mechanism of regular phone conversation on economic affairs between china and the united states which will be led of china and secretary of treasure, communication respective and global major economic issues. we will also establish communications on other mechanisms. i appreciate the u.s. supporting including the rnb into the imf
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special when certain are met and i also appreciate your commitment to implement the imf reform plan adopted at the summit in 2010. we are truly honored the new progress made in the confidence building mechanism between the two militaries. we have agreed to stock up exchanges and policy dialogue at all levels, hold more joint exercises and training, we believe that terrorism has become an enemy of mankind and we have agreed to step up multilateral. we have decided to increase communication and cooperation and reduction and international operation, and also nt corporation, law enforcement,
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cooperation, corruption, crime. we have in-depth discussion on the situation and we believe that china and the united states have extensive common interest in the region and we should continue to deepen dialogue in cooperations and work together to promote active interactions and inclusive cooperation in the asia pacific to promote peace, stability and prosperity in the china. china is committed to the path of development. we have the right to uphold our own territorial sovereignty. we are committed to maintaining stability in the south china sea
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managing differences through dialogues and addressing disputes through negotiation and peaceful manner and exploring ways to achieve through cooperation. we are committed to respecting and upholding the freedom of new york state council on the navigation under law. china are taken and china does not intend to pursue military evasion. china and the united states have common interest on south china sea. the country directly involved should address disputes through negotiation and we support freedom navigation of countries according to international law. and the management of differences through dialogue and
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effective of doc and early conclusion of the consultation of coc based on consensus building. we have agreed to maintain constructive communication on relevant issues. china and the united states are two major cyber countries and we should strengthen dialogue on cooperation. confrontation and friction are not the right choice for both sides. during my visit, the authorities of both countries have raised important consensus joined against cybercrime. decide today step up crime cases, investigation assistance and information sharing and government would not be engaged or not only accept online intellectual properties and we
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will explore formulation of appropriate state, behavior norms of the cyberspace and we will establish a high level of joint dialogue mechanism, the fight against cybercrimes and related issues and establish hotline links. we must recognize that countries have different historical processes and realities and we need to respect people of all countries to choose independently. the chinese people are think to go realize the great renewal of the chinese nation. this process in essence is a process to achieve social equity in justice and advancing human rights. china stands ready to in a spirit of equality and mutual
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respect, reduce differences, learn from each other and progress together. we have decided to continue to work together to tackle global challenges and provide more public good for the international community. we, again, issued a joined announcement on climate change. we have agreed to expand cooperation, coordination in multilateral negotiation and work together to push the climate change conference to produce important progress. we have china development cooperation and we have agreed to expand through lateral cooperation in asia, africa and other regions in terms of public health system, establishment,
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emergency respond and reduction and we will maintain communication and coordination in implementing the 2015 development agenda, promote a more equitable and balanced development partnership and help developing countries to achieve common development. we have agreed to firmly uphold the international nuclear nonproliferation regime. president obama and i welcome the action reached by relevant parties regarding the iranian nuclear issue. we reaffirm our commitment to realize the complete and in a peaceful way. and we oppose any action that
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might cause tension in the korean pin -- pen >> we believe that the joint statement of the six party talks and relevant resolutions should be implemented in full. and all relevant parties should work together to firmly advance in korean peninsula. the friendship between the two people is the move to reliable foundation for long-term and stable relationship for china-u.s. relations and we should endeavor to solidify the foundation. we have decide today -- decided to make 2016 tourism, total of 50,000 students to study in each
5:15 pm
other's country. we welcome the united states to extend the 100,000 strong from the universities to elementary and secondary schools and by 2020 one million american students will learn mandarin. i also hope that the chinese people could come to the united states for holidays or visits more easily and conveniently. mr. president, with 36 years of development the interest of china and the united states are deeply interconnected and we have greater responsibilities for world peace and human progress. there are broader areas that the two sides should and can work together. the chinese are ready to work with the united states to uphold a spirit of perseverance to seek
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progress for the better benefits of the chien -- chinese and american people and the people in the world. thank you. [applause] >> we are going to take a few questions. >> thank you, mr. president. president, obama and president xing i would like to talk to you about cyber. i've been hacked by chinese pirates, what firm assurances can you give us today that things are going to give better and president obama are you satisfied about the steps china is taking to this end or would you still need to see and president xing would we see prosecution that have hacked u.s. business, would you respond with sanctions. also everyone will kill me if i don't ask, how was your reaction
5:17 pm
to joan -- john boehner has resigned, a government shutdown or you think boehner can raise and get immigration through? >> i'll take them in order. with respect to cyber, you know, this has been a serious discussion between myself and president xing since we first met. and the good news from my perspective is that in the leading up and then finalized during our meeting today, i think we have made significant progress in agreeing to how are law enforcement and investigators are going to work together, how we are going to exchange information, how we are
5:18 pm
going to go after individuals or entities who are engaging in cyber crimes or cyber-attacks and we have jointly affirmed the principle that governments don't engage in cyber against companies. that's -- that all i consider to be progress. what i said to president xing and the american people is the question is now are are words followed by actions and we will be watching carefully to make an assessment as to whether progress has been made in this area. with respect to the various tools that we have to go after those who are attacking our
5:19 pm
companies or trying trying to extract trade secrets or data, we have law enforcement tools. as i indicated a while back through executive action, i also instituted the ability to impose sanctions on individuals or entities where we have proof that they've gone after u.s. companies or u.s. persons, and we did not at our level have specific discussions of specific cases, but i did indicate to president xi that we will apply those and whatever other tools we have in our tool kit to go after cyber criminals either retrospectively or retrospectively. those are tools generally not directed at governments.
5:20 pm
they are directed at entities or individuals that we can identify. they're not unique to china. those are tools that we're going to be using for cyber criminals around the world. and president xi during discussions indicate today me that with 1.3 billion people, he can't guaranty the behavior of every american, which i understand, i can't guaranty the actions of every single american. what i can guaranty and i'm hoping president xi will show me is that we are not sponsoring activities and when it comes to our attention that nongovernmental entities or individuals are engaging in this stuff, we take it seriously and we are cooperating to enforce
5:21 pm
the law. last one i'll take on the cyber issue, because this is a global problem and because unlike some of the other areas of international cooperation, the rules in this area are not well developed. i think it's going to be very important for the united states and china working with other nations and the united nations and other -- and the private sector to start developing an architecture to govern behavior in cyberspace that is enforceable and clear. that doesn't mean that we are going to prevent every cyber crime, but it does start to serve as a template whereby countries know what the rules are and are held accountable and are able to jointly go after the
5:22 pm
actors not in the area. on john boehner i just heard the news. it took me by surprise. i took the time prior to the press conference to call john directly and talk to him. you know, john boehner is a good man. he's a patriot. he cares about the house. he cares about his constituents and he cares about america. we obviously had a lot of disagreements and politically we are on different ends of the spectrum. he has always kept his word when he made a commitment.
5:23 pm
he is somebody who has been gracious and i think maybe most importantly is somebody who understands that in government you don't gets 100% of what you want but have to work with people you disagree in order to do people's business. i'm not going to prejudge who the next speaker will be. that's something that will have to be worked through in the house. and i will certainly reach out immediately to whatever is the new speaker to see what is his or her ideas. the one thing that i will say is that my hope is there's
5:24 pm
recognition on the part of the next speaker, something i think john understood, even though at times it was challenging to bring his caucus along that we could have significant differences on issues, but that doesn't mean you shut down the government, that doesn't mean you risk credit of the united states, you don't invite potential financial crisis, you build roads and pass transportation bills and you do the basic work and that our kids are learning. and there's no weakness in that. there's -- that's what government is it in our democracy, you don't get what you want 100% of the time.
5:25 pm
sometimes you take half or a quarter. that's something that i've learned here in this offense, so -- office. in the meantime, john is not going to leave for another 30 days, hopefully he feels like he gets enough stuff done as possibly can and i will look forward to working with him on that. >> has raised the issue, indeed, that's current for the international community and for china and the united states. this is an issue with president obama and i have on many occasions and long history have views. it's fair to say that we've reached a lot of consensus on
5:26 pm
cybersecurity. overall the united states is the strongest country in terms of kind ore strength, china in number of web users we have 600 million. cooperation will benefit an confrontation will lead to losses on both ends. we are entirely able to carry out government and different levels of dialogue and exchanges to strengthen up cooperation in many respects between the two countries into a new growth source rather point of confrontation between the two sides. china opposes and combats the theft of commercial and other kinds of hacking attacks. the u.s. side has concerns in this respect through the exist
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ing, now, we have already and in the future we will still through the law enforcement authorities maintain a communication and coordination of this matter and appropriately address them. so all in all we have brought common interest in the food -- feud of the cyber, but we need to strengthen cooperation and avoid leading to confrontation. during my current visit, it's fair to say that the two sides concerning combating cyber crimes have reached a lot of consensus going forward. we need to at an early day, reach further agreement on them and further put them on the ground. thank you. now, i would like to
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propose for china television reporter to raise a question. thank you, mr. president xi. i have a president for president obama. i have noticed last night with a meeting with president xin in the welcoming can he ceremony this morning recently made remarks you indicated the u.s. welcomes peace, stable and prosper china and supports the china to play a big role in the international stage. would you please elaborate? what have you done to enable the region and we are more interested for the remainders of the office what will you do to further reach that goal? >> well, first of all, i think the united states has provided a
5:29 pm
platform in the postworld war ii era in which the asia region has been able to stabilize and the conditions in which china was able to grow so rapidly were maintained, and we're very proud of the work that we did after world war ii to help rebuild both asia and europe, to help establish the international norms and rules that facilitated global trades and connections and travel and interaction and to help maintain the peace.
5:30 pm
since i've been president, my goal has been to consistently engage with china in a way that is constructed to manage our differences and to maximize opportunities for cooperation, and i've repeatedly said that i believe it is in the interest of the united states to see china grow, to pull people out of poverty, to expand its markets, because a successful and stable and peaceful china partner with us on the range of international challenges. last night during our discussions i mentioned to president xi that as powerful as the united states is the nature
5:31 pm
of the biggest challenge as we face, things like climate change or terrorism or pandemic or refugees. those are not issues that any one nation alone can solve. we recognize because of our strength and the size of our economy and the excellence of our military that we can play a special role and carry a larger burden but we can't do it alone. china despite its size has development challenges of its own so it can't solve the problems alone. we have to cooperate, and i think that can happen as long as we continue to recognize that there's a difference between friendly competition, which we have with some of our closest friends and allies like great britain or germany and
5:32 pm
competition that tilts unfairly one direction to one another. there's typically where tensions arise is our desire to uphold international norms and rules. even as we recognize that we need to update some of these international institutions to reflect china's growth and power. president xi mentioned where we fully support and want to implement greater voice and vote for china in that institution, reflective of its strength. the same will be true when we go up to the united nations on peace keeping initiatives. china is able to project its capabilities in a way that can be extremely helpful in reducing conflict and in all of those issues as well as education,
5:33 pm
science, technology, we think that the opportunities of cooperation are there as long as there's transparency and fairness in the relationship, and what i have said in the president to president xi that given china's size we recognize there's still a lot of development to be done, a lot of poverty in china, but we can't treat china as if it's still a very poor developing country as it might have been 50 years ago. it is now a power house, that means it has responsibilities and expectations in terms of helping uphold international rules that might not have existed before. that's something china should want. that's part of the deal in being on the world stage when you're a big county, is you have more to do. my gray testifies to that.
5:34 pm
[laughs] >> julie davis. >> thank you, mr. president. >> yeah. >> i know you said you didn't want to prejudge the next speaker. i wonder what you can tell us what speaker boehner tells you about the republican party and your ability to work with congress in the remainder in your term particularly this is coming when you're trying to negotiate a government shutdown, does this make it easier or harder, would you be able to move forward with congress like the budget, planned parenthood and immigration that you weren't able to address with speaker boehner? and with president xi you experienced an economic down turn. i wonder if you could say what you told president obama or what
5:35 pm
you could say today to restore confidence that these interventions will not have spill-over effects in the future. thank you. >> well, julie, i meant what i said. i'm not going to prejudge how i will be able to work with the next speaker because i don't know who the next speaker is. i suspect that there's going to be a will the of debate inside the republican caucus about who they want to lead them and in what direction. you know, it's not as if there's been a multitude of areas where the house republican caucus has sought cooperation previously, so i don't necessarily think there's going to be a big shift. i do think that speaker boehner sometimes had a tough position
5:36 pm
because there were members in his caucus who saw compromise of any sort as weakness or betrayal and when you have divided government, when you have a democracy, compromise is necessary and i think speaker boehner sometimes had difficulty persuading members of his caucus , hopefully they've learned some lessons from 2011. the last time that they sought to introduce a nonbudget item into the budget discussions, at that time it was obama care and they were going to shut down the government for that purpose and it really ended up hurting the economy, slowing it down and cost a lot of hardship and a lot of problems for a lot of people because government provides a
5:37 pm
lot of vital services. our military provide protection, agencies keep our air clean, water clean, and our -- you know, people every single day are helping to respond to emergencies and helping families get social security checks and help them deal with an ailing parent and if you insist that i need to get my way on this particular issue, i'm going to shut down all those services, and by the way, leave a really hard working people without paychecks. that hurts particular families. as i recall, it wasn't particularly the reputation of
5:38 pm
the republican party either. hopefully some lessons will be drawn. i expect we'll continue to have significant fights around issues like planned parenthood and significant fight against issues like immigration. but perhaps a visit by the holy father to congress may have changed hearts and minds. i know that speaker boehner was deeply moved by his encounter with pope francis. i want to congratulate him by the way on facilitating that historic visit. i know itment a lot -- meant a lot to john and his family. i would ask members to reflect on what the holiness said, not in the petit particulars but in the general proposition that we
5:39 pm
should be opened to each other, we should not demonize each other, we should not assume that we have a monopoly on the truth or what's right and that we show regard for the most vulnerable in our society. it's not a particularly political message but i think it's a good one at a moment when in our politics so often the only way you get on the news is if you're really rude or you say things about people and insist that other people's point of views are evil and leave no room at all for possibilities to
5:40 pm
compromise. i'd like to think that -- that spirit will continue to permeate washington for some time to come. and i know that in his heart that's who john boehner was. it was sometimes hard to execute, but as i said, he was a goodman -- good man and a reasonable man. i hope that we can get some things done before he steps out. >> thank you, madame reporter for your interest in china's economy. china is committed exchange formation regime. since 2005, we adopted the exchange rate reform by june this year, has risen in value
5:41 pm
for more than 35% with the u.s. dollars. in fact, we are continue to go -- continuing to make reforms. that increased the intensity for the markets to determine the exchange rate. due to the influence of factors such as the previous threatening of u.s. dollars, the exchange rate after reform has experienced a certain degree of fluctuation, however, there's no basis to have devaluation in the long run. the exchange rates is moving toward stability. china will further improve the marketization and formation, maintain basic stability as
5:42 pm
adaptive level. china is under increasing pressure of economic downturn and fluctuations on the stock market, but what we are taking is proactive fiscal policy and described them as measure to promote reform, restructure -- restructuring and risks by comprehensively taken measures, we've managed 7% of welfare in the first part of this year. the increase of the economy is equivalent to the size of the middle-sized economy. so for the first half of this year, growth is 7% and for the whole year i think it's expected at the same level.
5:43 pm
the chinese economy man training -- man >> first of all, our people's income is middle income, period. when countries are developing, this is a period where there will be further development. at present our per capita gdp only stands at 700 u.s. dollars, that's pretty much behind the united states. there is a big room for increase and we are now doing what we call the reforms, which is new type of industrialization and modernization. take, for example, every year it
5:44 pm
will increase by 2%. now our urbanization ratio is expect today grow by 2% and that is e qif leant -- equivalent like from 10 million. we also should not let the rural areas go backwards. our you shall urbanization will have development. turning to a speed growth to quality face growth and we are moving to driven economy driven by expanding consumption and domestic demand. i'm confident that going forward, china will surely for
5:45 pm
all of us, for everybody provide healthy growth that strengthen confidence. thank you. now, i would like to remind before the people of china to raise questions. thank you, mr. xi. i have a question. some people in america believe that china's growth might challenge the u.s. leading position in the world. what is your view of current united states and what is china's u.s. policy? >> thank you. in my view, the u.s. in economic and military has remarkable strengths and
5:46 pm
other countries in the world are developing. still the u.s. has incompared advantages. the cold war has long ended. today's world has entered into an area where countries are interdependent upon each other. people should move ahead with the times, you lose i win and establish a new concept of peaceful development. if china develops well, it would benefit the whole world tanned united states. if the u.s. develops well, it will also benefit the world and china. china's policy towards the u.s. consistent and transparent as the world's biggest developing country and biggest develop countries and as the world's two biggest economies our two sides have brought common entrance on world peace and human progress
5:47 pm
and commerce responsibles -- responsibilities. it is also my sincere hope that the two sides of china and the u.s. will proceed from the fundamentals interest of the people to make joint efforts to build country relations and mutual respect. that should serve as a direction where both strive. china contributor and developer and benefit syria. we are willing to work with all other counties to firmly defend fruits of victory and promote them in -- china has raised and proposed aiib, et cetera, a lot of their aims with other
5:48 pm
countries. these initiatives are open, transparent and serve in the interest of u.s. and other countries. we welcome the u.s. and other parties to participate in them, thank you. [inaudible conversations]
5:49 pm
>> in ten minutes president obama host the dinner for president xi ping. he was officially presented in the white house today. the leaders toast later tonight around 8:35 p.m. watch it live here on c-span2. yesterday the white house preview including menu item and the theme of the dinner. here is a look. >> thank you, everybody, for coming. i want to thank our secretary to help with the social office.
5:50 pm
if you need anything, please let us know. as we've done, we will have officials to come out and speak, everything is on the record and once we have everyone speak about the dinner. be patient and don't rush and wait for us to get the whole row and you can get close-upshots of everything. so with that, i will pass this over. >> how are y'all doing today? good. i'm the white house secretary here. it's my privilege to welcome you for the press preview of the china dinner happening tomorrow. in a few minutes we will be able to view the decor up and close.
5:51 pm
it combines chinese and american as -- es >> i would like to thank the white house team and the national security counsel for all of their assistance. i have a little work to do. i will turn you over to dan, senior director for agent affairs. have a great day. >> thank you. >> good morning, everybody. >> good morning. i'm the new senior director for national security counsel. without a doubt u.s.-china relationship is bilateral relationships. we have enormous relationship with china to countering the
5:52 pm
spread of pandemic disease. that's exactly what we do through the state visit and we do so so we can advance on the issues that i just mentioned and many more, but also manage the real differences between us. so the state dinner is a key part of president xi to the visit to the united states and it represents smart diplomacy. second, et -- it enables us, the whom we rarely have access. finally, i think there are many stakeholders in the united states, in the u.s.-china relationship and the state
5:53 pm
dinner provides an opportunity to include them in the event and to make sure that the chinese leadership is aware of their views. i wanted to share the coments -- initial comments with you and i would be happy to answer questions later. >> hello, good morning, ladies and gentlemen, for the dinner we are inspired by autumn, we harvested from the garden and from all of the local farmers. for the first course we are doing a wild mushroom consume. squashes that are nicely roasted and drizzled on the plait and finish with vegetable stock.
5:54 pm
for the second course we are highlighting main lobster that will be complemented with a noodle that we selected here from a noodle maker in washington, d.c. some of it are from our garden as well. here on my plate right now we are featuring lamb which is from colorado and with wonderful garlic milk, basically drizzled and dipped into batter to -- and cooked to wonderful perfection. and then pretty much most of our products are source from some area farms in area neighborhoods but also we use obviously 40% of
5:55 pm
our garden this year. thank you. >> good morning, everyone. i'm here to show you the dessert course which is bread pudding which would have a lemon curd and i have stroll through garden, a glimmering display of chocolate pavilion and chocolate bridge. along with it is also forest which are peanut sesame bar. mango-key lime tart. maple chocolate and also pumpkin cake and apple cider tart.
5:56 pm
thank you very much. have a great day. >> it'll take us a minute here. the chef will be over here and we will have -- [inaudible conversations] [inaudible conversations]
5:57 pm
[inaudible conversations] >> can you talk about -- >> highlights american hospitality. [inaudible conversations]
5:58 pm
>> so here we have the tray, it's a glimmering display of chocolate pavilion and a chocolate bridge, included with it a selection and the far right i explained that these are apple cider tarts. next to it is peanut-sesame bar. following that is maple chocolate and mango kiwi.
5:59 pm
it's made of gum paste and it's edible. they are edible as well. then also sugar roses. [inaudible conversations] >> well, looking at the platter overall we try to plan and create a display that will complement and then the china state dinner tomorrow and then also to complement the president and ms. obama with kitchen garden. so the apple cider on the tarts are from maryland.
6:00 pm
the maple is from new hampshire and then also as i said, on top of the mango-kiwi white chocolate. >> you will you be preparing -- >> several days. as you can see, this takes a lot of components to make it all come together. so you know, the sugar roses, there's about 2,200 pedals along with the leaves and the chocolate bridges by hand. ..


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