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tv   Key Capitol Hill Hearings  CSPAN  September 26, 2015 4:00am-6:01am EDT

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>> thank you. thank you very much. i have been you through every single values voter summit. and one of the things. i was in iowa the other day. of course a lot of you have been there. i was introduced by chuck grassley. let me just say this, the one thing that i can say, ii
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have known him for 20 years, and he has not changed a bit. i think that is about a high compliment as you can get this town. [applause] we just had someone step down space bar in my opinion changed a bita bit and it is probably time for him to step down and start a new chapter in washington dc. [applause] have come here every year and talked to you to thank you for standing up and bringing to the city the issues that are at the core of the problems in this country. america is never going to be a great country if we are a country that kills our children in the home ever. we're never going to be blessed by god over our country is kills our children in the home. we are never going to be a great country, if we allow
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for the destruction of the american family. and thank you for coming here and for standing for truth telephone you know is right and best for this country. a lot of candidates for pres. willpresident will come up. on stage and while you up and talk about the things they will do all that here is the best way to determine whether you can trust the person who is coming before you, look at the record, look at what they have accomplished, look at what they 54, look at what they have paid a price for. i came to washington dc, and i was not a pro-life warrior. it was only a situation similar to what is happening here with planned parenthood
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when we were made aware of this issue called partial-birth abortion, this horrific procedure. i said, not only should we defund planned parenthood, we could be target shooting planned parenthood. they were partial-birth abortions. okay. have you know.
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we have been fighting these battles. life command we see right now know we have people in congress call people in the leadership of our party who come over and given the opportunity to raise up an issue and focus america's attention on the floor of abortion they retreat and refused to fight. they think that they cannot win the battle, so they give up for it is fought. ladies and gentlemen, a lot of people will ask you for your support and sell you that there with you. here is what i would say, have you been disappointed enough by people who policy things not deliver? harry's steamboats that you thought were with you and
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then realized i got tough they were not willing to units in the trenches one person in this race who is always going to fight, always willing to fight for the family, every major piece of pro-life legislation the past the last 20 years, how is the author and led the floor on the senate. [applause] i did not come from the same state where you can easily vote that way. you know what, ten of the 14 republican candidates have said this, as the law of the land.
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really? a united states supreme court that according to several of the justices on the court and the defense acted unconstitutionally. it is time to move on. we have a united statesa united states supreme court who is directly as author the first amendment our constitution and ten often of the 14 candidates say it is time to move on. we have a united statesa united states supreme court the said marriage has nothing to do with children. that marriage is about adults, and ten out of the 14 republican candidates say that it is time to move on. if you are not willing to five for the constitution,
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theconstitution, the first amendment kind american family, why are you running for president? [applause] all tell you aa little story. four years ago i was at one of these meetings. they had gone through all the candidates. they asked me a question of abortion, and i answered it. ps any of the other candidates about abortion? silence. they both said no. they all have the same position as i do, they all say that they are pro-life.
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asked about any of them one question you asked me three. why are you asking me questions and not them? panzer was because we know you mean it. you want to party you can trust something go with the party you trust to do was there on marriage. i here a lot of people talk about marriage now. for the republicans have said that they will fight for marriage. i stepped out of the issue of marriage before anyone else, even before they started to approve gay marriage in court. i criticize the supreme court saying we need to pass a federal marriage amendment republicans and democrats alike called me all sorts of
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names. you are just trying to pick on these people. there is no issue here. there is no problem here. i said we will have gay marriages and ten years. i force the vote, and in the rooms outside of the view of the public i was getting beaten up. why are you forcing us to vote? we look like haters and bigots. we force that and guess what , it is the only one
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that has ever been taken. when i left, so did the effort to make marriage between one man and one woman in the congress. you want someone who will fight for you, look at the track record, look at what they fought for public with a lost over. and look how successful they were. you can trust ronald reagan in 1980 when he came into office that he would stand up against the evil of communism and defeat them. the greatest threat to our country today is a threat of radical islamic terrorism. we need to name the enemy.
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we need to identify the enemy and call them who they are. and i did not just give speeches. iran, we put nuclear sanctions on iran. for 12 years i've been talking here in this country on the floor of the senate talking about the threat of not just radicalism in the case of iran 12 order: apocalyptic islam. that is what they believe. how many times is america
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have to pay the lesson of not listening to a desperate say they want to do. not believing them. we have a regime in iran this is they want to bring about the end of the world and bring about the return of their savior. that is suicidal. and that will not happen if you elect me president of the united states. they one. a1. all these people said, you can't tear this up and you can do this. when the pres. does not have the guts to bring a deal to the congress for ratification, it is his deal, not ours. [applause] i will tell you i am simply this.
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i wrote an op-ed last year i was in isys magazine this year. it was a centerfold. it was a nice picture, nicer than i usually get. tells you how far gone they are. and next to it was a quote underneath the headline in the words of our enemy was my picture and my quote describing who they were. i met with aaron they know who i am.
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we can't risk any misperception. when the next president raises his hand. receptive and they are dealing with friends up to no there dealing with. i we will stand with israel, stand with our allies, and i will defeat radical islam. [applause] ladies and gentlemen, if we are going to win this election we have to take some of the words of what
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pope francis was talking about yesterday, the poor, the workers, the people being left behind in society are focused on the idea that there is an unequal distribution, environmentalism that -- environmental waste that is hurting the poor command here in america we see that the middle of america is getting hollowed out. the reason i did is because i know who the republican party is one of the conservative movement is. they are on wall street. they are not people who live in the big homes in the hamptons. they don't vote for us anymore. who does are people who love this country, who want an opportunity to rise and what you believe in faith and family and opportunity and are looking for a party and the movement who cares and talks about them. ladies and gentlemen, let's just be honest, we have not
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done a very good job that. as a result, if you look at the last election millions of americans who did not want to vote for barack obama just stayed home in pennsylvania and ohio and michigan and all of the states were, as wewere, as we want to win this presidency we have got to attract" which is why i announced that i would make america the number one manufacturer in the world again. you want to solve global warming, create jobs and freedoms. another way to put this framework of being strong for american workers is on immigration.
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many republicans and all democrats have decided that established from the debate. how every other policies friend around. should be in the best interest of not immigration. immigration of his about the people who passed the law. why do we let them do this? why do we even have our candidates appear? a majority of the people in this race, ladies and gentlemen, are not on the issue of immigration. they will talk about how tough they will beat and secure the border, let's
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just get to it. everyone is for securing the border, that is not it. that is a start. as long as you continue to have the magnet here, the border is only part of the problem. the magnet is the belief that there is going to be amnesty. a lot of people get up here and talk about how tough they are, but they actually support amnesty. when he was in the senate he offered an amendment to allow people to stay in the country indefinitely. to me that is amnesty. [applause] we must have a policy that says that we will make sure that everyone who broke the law in this country is returned to the country of origin and has to return to the country of origin the the.
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and for those who say it cannot be done, half ofdone, half of the illegal immigrants in this country are here on visa overstays. we know who and where they are. all we have to do is what we are doing right now, tell them to go home and returned to the country of origin. but it is not just illegal immigration. seventy to 90% of the workers account of this country legally and illegally are wage earners. which is why you see the angst in america about the issue of immigration, why it has caught on so much because when people realize when you bring in 35 million people in the vast majority of them are wage earners,
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fairly low skilled, it will have an impact on american wage earners. that is why they are frustrated and do not see either political party talking about that. and it is not just illegal. it is legal and illegal. only one candidate suggestively eliminate a couple of immigration categories and reduce the number of immigration is by 25 percent. focus on getting a better paying job. american workers no that the policies of this country, thecountry, the immigration policies are hurting, and no one is talking about it yet. every single person in this race is for more legal immigration.
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some want to double it. including the senators who spoke here this morning. some want tosome want to take some categories and increase it by 500 percent. like some of the senators spoke here this morning. ladies and gentlemen, there are big differences command you have to make a tough decision. who will you support, trust, the right vision to capture the voters we need in order to win? and if you like the policies that i just laid out that is a you might want to vote for. but if you like policies were going to go to working men and women, against wall street, against the bigger lawyers, then you have one choice, and it is not a bad choice.
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it is a choice you can trust. on the issues you care about at a time when we need strong leadership to put this country back on the right track. thank you all very much and god bless you. [applause]
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>> i have gotten to know donald trump very well of the last many years, and i'm proud to call him my friend. donald trump, donald trump tells it like it is. he tells the truth even when it is not popular. even when the mainstream media does not want to hear it.
5:21 am
donald trump is not a politician, so he does not have to talk like one. on a personal note, i know that he is a dedicated family man who runs a family business alongside is incredibly talented children. he is excited about that. and most people don't really understand mr. trump's kindness. diagnosed with a brain aneurysm.
5:22 am
introduce many years ago by mutual friend. mr. trumpmr. trump took it upon himself to dedicate himself to help me raise money for children's hospital. here in washington dc and that is something that people who think they know about donald trump don't understand his art and's kindness. i read a chance to get to no him and wants to share that with you here this morning and his introduction to you.
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with that it is my privilege to introduce to you donald trump. ♪ ♪ ♪ >> thank you very much. i see these beautiful teleprompters. i am not using them. if you run for pres. you should not be allowed to use teleprompters. get these things out of here. i was watching hillary make a speech outside command they were dead, dark, they were not even like this. you could almost see right through them, which really
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is disturbing. is that disturbing to the audience? they were twice the size. what kind of a speech is that? most importantly i brought my bible. [applause] and you know, first presbyterian church. this was written by my mother with my name a long time ago, name, address everything. in the old days if you are something they returned it. today a little bit less so, but i saw the sunset i have to bring in and show it because it brings back so many memories. it is an honor to be here. david is a fantastic guy who has done an amazing job. we had some big news today. [applause] and i have been saying for a long time, and i was just telling david he said i'm
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not a politician or political correct which i think is a great thing. i am so tired. i love this guy over here. thankhere. thank you. i am so tired of the time and the effort of all of this. we havethis. we have a country that is in such danger and such trouble , to be politically correct, every wordcorrect, every word is measured command i can do it. i went to great schools. so easy to do it. who wants to do it. some people like him on a personal basis. we want to see the job being done properly.
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and people that are going to get it done. and i don't understand. they get elected, full of vim and vigor, changevigor, change things, get rid of obama care, do all these things and come down to these magnificent vaulted ceilings you see all over washington and they become different people. they come out and do not do it. and i will say for the groups that want to take what they say is a harsh tone i wrote the art of the deal and will tell you the art of the deal if they would have read it, we know where the democrats are coming from the other side, obama and the democrats :
5:27 am
they hear that they are not going to women have no support there is no way from the art of the deal there is no way they can possibly when, that the republicans can win. they are out they're left hanging so many different times. if they were unified, brought together and unified and said for very important things that you are going to take very strong, harsh measures. youryour going to win because no one is going to 50 years from now no one is going to be talking about the speaker. the government shutdown.
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it would be so wonderful to shut down.down. and the republicans say they wanted to shut down. these people are babies. you remember when they said they want to impeach -- they are babies. they are babies. you remember when they said they wanted to impeach obama and in the democrats said we want him to be impeached. we want him to be impeached. please impeach him. it will be so -- it will make him look so good command he will get all of this points out. it will be wonderful. do you really think they want him to be impeached? so the republicans come back. we don't want to do that. who wants to be impeached? zero, it is so sad. i mean,, marco rubio, i have
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rubio, i have been so nice to him, so nice, so nice. and then, no, he is in favor of immigration like he has been. it was the gang of eight. talk about week on immigration. all of a sudden he goes down in the polls and says changing his town, but you never really change your tone. and also, you have to go and vote. it is so important. he has the worst record. why is he doing that? and sometimes republicans do it more than anyone because they want to sort of get
5:30 am
into the publicity cycle. and all you are doing is hurting yourselves. it's a bad thing. extremely bad. freedom of religion so important. we have incompetent people, grossly incompetent people negotiating these vital deals like that deal where 24 days, i don't have don't have to go over all of the many problems with the deal, israel is an says problems with this deal, no one even
5:31 am
understands what it says, which is a problem, but probably if israel ever attacked her and we are supposed to come to their defense. nobody is able to tell us what was going on with respect to that. at some point something might happen. the deal is horrible. the deal is horrible. for many standpoint that we have to do something, and i can say it is going to have to be if it isn't you will
5:32 am
have nuclear proliferation which is already happening. you'll have the destruction of israel $150 billion. right. we are giving them a hundred and 50 billion dollars a doing things that probably indefinitely we cannot allow them to do with that they are doing. we cannot allow the incompetence that we have had going on in this country. we just can't. we have to use our greatest negotiators, smartest people
5:33 am
, political hacks. they are negotiating deals. take a look at another thing nuclear is so important. one of them is over they're because he is a christian, in jail because is a christian. at the beginning of the negotiation before you start , fellows, they have not figured this out. a little detail. it will take take another hundred 50 years, but they will figure it out. fellas, you have to give us back our prisoners. you have got to do it. you have got to do it. [applause] [applause]
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you have got to give us back our prisoners. they went to carry who broke is like what the hell is wrong with this guy? is he crazy? you don't want them, we do. send a great signal to the american people and make the deal much easier, make a better deal, make it much easier. if they say no you take a walk because you know you aren't going to get it. he take a walk.
5:35 am
i guarantee you as sure as you are setting their that within a short amount of time a call back and you have your prisoners. but here is the worst, and you need the right messenger. find the messenger you get this prisoners back. if i get elected president before i ever to office i guarantee you they will be back. i guarantee 100 percent. 100 percent. that's a hundred percent, but you need the right messenger, and in the case of the prisoners they ever even half. they said both obama and kerry said we did not want to complicate the negotiation. no, i mean, this was truly a statement. so it is time.
5:36 am
i am a businessman. i made a tremendous amount of money, tremendous amount of money, tremendous amount ridiculous. do not even believe it myself. i am self funding. i don't want to have the lobbyists and special interests. i am turning down millions of dollars. ii feel foolish because it is so anti- me. it is so not me. but i turned down millions and millions. i was in iowa two weeks ago and had a great audience, just such great people and crowds. i said to the people, do you mind if i take millions of dollars? i promise you i won't do anything for the people during media money and they also up and said no. it was important. i did not know. i think self funding is great. everyone else,great. everyone else, believe me, whether it is bush who, by the way come along with rubio, whether it is bush or
5:37 am
anyone in favor of common core, think of it. you talk a christian standpoint, standpoint, you want local school representation, local. [applause] common core is a disaster, but you need people that are tough and smart. another thing, i am going to do so good. i will be the greatest jobs president that god ever created. that i tell you. and actually, cnn to the poll, and i come out so high on that kaman the economy, much, much higher, the highest by far on that and leadership. i come out high on leadership and i come out high on other categories that i say i'm so high and all these categories, why do you have to have an election why? but a woman stood up because the one thing, not sure that
5:38 am
i was a nice person and ii am. i am. i am. i am. i am a giving person. i believe in god, the bible, christian. i have a lot of reasons. i love people. but the woman stood up and said kemal big fan of you and will vote for you, but i you, but i do not know if your nice enough to get elected. i said leti said, let me tell you something, i think that this will be an election based upon competence. we need now competence command we have to have something. we need help. the other china $1.5 trillion. the sector money out, they do everything and we owe them money. how does that work?
5:39 am
$1.5 trillion. they sell us cars, biggest boats you ever seen coming into the harbors. they are loaded. we seldom beef. they don't want it. the farmers don't want it. by the time you get it back. it's aged. now they call it kobe reseller for more money. you look at the imbalance, the us, look at the us trade , china, almost $400 billion year. we lose. japan, 75 billion dollars year.
5:40 am
if people like it or not we will build a wall. is going to have a big beautiful door. they will come into the country illegally. and when people graduate number one in their classroom harvard and yale we do not send them out, and they want to stay in the country. itcountry. it was a case the other day i read about or someone could not stay in the country no matter what and a force them out and found as a country, 5,000 employees. we could'vewe could've had a beer. the force them out. silicon valley needs people, but we forced is incredible people that have been in our system for years. so we have got to be smart, tough, cannot allow our veterans to be treated the
5:41 am
way that they are, treated horribly. [applause] treated horribly, and our military if i went will make a military so big and so strong and so powerful you have proven the other day not so long ago saying that better be careful. we have nuclear missiles. north korea, so many other places. i want every single one,
5:42 am
places i never even heard of. even the fox poll had me in seconds. i'm listening to some of the pundits. some of them are getting better. the evangelicals in iowa just came out, number one, substantially ahead of anyone else. but we have to be careful. as christians. the progressives are pushing to an extent that if we are not careful we are going to have some big problems and even bigger than we had right now. we need people that can
5:43 am
support us, people a strong and smart and can back us. the word christmas, love christmas. you go stores now and don't see the word christmas. it says happy holidays all over. where is christmas? i tell my wife don't go to the stores. i want to see christmas. and other people can have there holiday. christmas is christmas. i want to see -- remember the expression, you don't see it anymore. i can tell you right now. so i just want to thank you. this has been an amazing group of people. to have such a fantastic room, but i want to thank everyone. everyone said there is no way he will ever do it.
5:44 am
i have a wonderful life, but i see what is happening with the country, so many things going on, so any things that are caused by incompetence that can be straightened out fairly quickly. if we don'tif we don't stop it now it will be at some point too late. you are not going to be able to turn it. you never do it. he did it. then they will say he will never file a single page where you sign your life away. i signed it. i don't believe it. they said he will never put in his financials because maybe he is not as big financially as everyone thinks. i put in almost 100 pages and i had it ahead, all of the extensions.extensions. you saw the politicians asking for extensions for one page.
5:45 am
i put it in ahead of schedule and the trend of the company was much bigger than anyone thought, much stronger, and amazing company. this guy must be running. and i go with the polls, polls, and they go up just like the evangelicals in iowa, start and every single two or three weeks and now he's reached this. starting this six, went to, went to magdalen to 12. it was like a rocket ship. you seen it. i'm not telling you anything. and he heanything. and they went to 20 and 22 and then the other day it went up to, and i'm killing everybody.
5:46 am
i like fairness. when i'm right about something i know there doing a number on all of us because when iran and the reason iran is because i want to make this country great again and we're going to do it, we're going to do it. i'm are going to do it a lot faster and lot better than anyone thinks is possible. i just want to thank everybody. you are special people and i love you all and this is the key. thank you all very much.
5:47 am
♪ >> thank you very much. thank you.
5:48 am
thank you very, very much. very, very much. it is a delight to be here at the values voter summit, although i realize my appearance is not the big news of the day. boy, talking about getting upstaged. so the speaker has a private meeting yesterday with pope francis command all the reports on the somehow the result of that meeting, he decides he is quitting. now, here is what occurs to me, i wonder if we could get scheduled a meeting with pope francis and the president, just the two of them for a while? [applause] one of the political magazines reports that the absolutely hideous unacceptable an untenable deal with iran that should
5:49 am
have been a treaty should never have been an executive agreement. but this horrible agreement they sat around talking about if a hollywooda hollywood movie was made about this process who would play each of them. and it was decided -- and i am not making this up. this is not a joke. ted danson was going to play john kerry. how the right it was going to play secretary monies come and merylcommand meryl streep will be playing the part of wendy sherman. i thought they had it terribly miss cast.miscast. given the agreement they should have larry, curly, and moe. [applause]
5:50 am
though one of the things that has happened this week because of the pope's visit, we have had unleashed on us weapons of mass distraction. because this is a week in which people are only talking about a portion of what the pope said rather than talking about the fact that hillary clinton conveniently used this weekend all of the news going on to quietly say that she would not support the keystone pipeline, which is one more gut punch to workers in this country and one more got punched a consumers in this country. we ought to be working on not just exploring the energy that we have under our feet, hundreds of years of it, but we ought to become the number one exporter of energy and put putin, the iranians, and the saudi's out of the energy business. we ought to be supplying europe, africa, and asia with energy.
5:51 am
5:52 am
the 84-year-old widow living in south arkansas and a hot augus day, won't have to swelter and the heat, she can turn on her air-conditioning and get it down to 72 and enjoy a nice comfortable day and her home, because her electric bill will be affordable. this is the kind of agenda america needs to have, that hillary clinton has decided to side with people for into crony and some and radical agenda that would bankrupt a lot of poor people in this country. i know something about the clinton but because i've been fighting them all of my life for the past 25 years. [applause]. every election i have ever been involved in, they have been involved in. from the time when i first was
5:53 am
elected lieutenant governor i ran against their hand-picked candidate, who is former chief legal counsel and clearance office, all of his money was raised out of the basement of the white house by staffers, the so excited that i won because i was never supposed to happen. republicans didn't win. i was only the fourth elected in 150 years. hundred 50 years. first and 25 years. when i got to the cap toll i was the only elected republican in the building. they hated me so much, this is no joke, people would get off. they get off. they would refuse to ride an elevator with me. that little video about the nail being nailed shut, i went got sworn in and the doors nailed shut from the inside. john from the wall street journal blew down from the wall street journal to see if it was really true, it was literal.
5:54 am
it stayed that way for the first 59 days. that happened that happened because hillary's former law partner, called up to the capital and said let's make this guy not feel welcome. you'll hear people tell you they are ready to take on the selection, there's only one person on the debate stage for the republicans who have consistently challenge the clintons, defeated the clinton machine and lived to tell about it. and that that may be the most important part of all. [applause]. when i got into office corruption was rampant. i had the most lopsided legislature in the entire country. i know i know you may think it was massachusetts, organ are met, perhaps you got is new jersey, new york, or california, but it was not, it was arkansas. more
5:55 am
democrats, fewer republicans than any other state in the country. 90% elected democrats to 10% republicans and and some of those are suspect to be honest with you. i need the political machine of that state had two people up and then we went to work to stop the corruption. i i opened up a toll-free 800 number it and i said call if you want to report some waste or corruption. we had a thousand calls. over the next couple of years, over 15 different elected officials were indicted, convicted, and many carted off to jail. [applause]. you can't fight corruption if you don't take it out of the body. it is a cancer cancer to our constitutional form of government. folks i want to tell you something, i want to come to washington to not to be part of it, i want to come here and to
5:56 am
hear what i did in arkansas and that is go to work at burning down that which is corrupt and building back that which represents our constitutional form of government, and we give it back to our people were founders intended it to be. nothing less than that is a worthy goal for the next president. [applause]. i want to tell you seven. i'm on the can paint trail every day. people are angry. in fact i tell people it's not just anger out there, that's the not the move. it is a seething rage. [applause]. this guy worries me [applause]. i'm only kidding, i love you you brother because i agree with you. i want to tell you something, if you think you are angry i'll tell you what else's angry, i am angry. i went. i went to 37 states last year campaigning for republicans because i thought if we got the
5:57 am
majority in the senate, we would have people who would stand up and do something. i thought we would have people who would calm and defend the constitution and exercise the role of the legislative branch as a check and balance against the overreach of the executive. i'm angry because i wasted a lot of my time last year traveling over this country to get people elected and after a few months i realize, they are not doing anything differently in the majority then they were doing in the minority. it is time we get this country back on track. [applause]. none the easiest thing in the world is to take a gasoline and book of matches and burn the whole thing down. it requires no skill whatsoever. none.
5:58 am
a kid who is 11 years old can do that. but it requires some skill to burn down that which is rotten and build back that which makes for the kind of government you want to give to the coming generations after us. i have five grandkids now, five of them. i would love to show you some photos if you have the time. i only have 3216 on my iphone. people ask me every day and asked my wife the same thing, how are you guys doing this? the answer is always the same, as my my dad used to tell me son if you tell the truth you don't have to remember what he said. you just felt the same way the next time. >> so here's the truth. i've been blessed with this country, i am grateful to god
5:59 am
that i was born in the united states of america in this country have spent awfully good to me. i i have been able to do things my parents and crank parents could never conceive. the fact is, i grew up grew up probably like some of you, dirt poor, my dad never finished high school, i am the first male in my my family to ever do that much less going to college. i have lived the american dream, i didn't just read about it. i also know this, unless we make some significant serious changes in the way we govern this nation , and i'll be walking my grandkids to the charred remains of a once great republic call to the united states of america and say here you go kids, $20 trillion of debt, a country that no longer follows its own constitution, a government in which people are so committed to their own mess.
6:00 am
the fact is, the the bottom 90% of america's workers have had stagnant wages for 40 consecutive years. most american workers in this country have been punched in the gut by the economic policies that have happened, whether it is democrat or republican because it is all about making sure those in the washington and wall street access to power get their cut, whether you get one or not. i say it is time to quit taking a punch in the gut and get this government a kick in the butt. that is what we need to do in america now. [applause]. i hear people say, we have have to have a fighter. i agree. folks, you have never seen what a fight is until you have


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