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he is sound, but he is not sound on a lot of things. augustine has his problems too but he has a much more liberating mind. >> i i think we have time for two more questions. as a reminder if you would like a copy of the book there are plenty of front we will do the signing afterwards. two more questions and we'll end it there. >> with the growth of the church in the southern hemisphere, i don't know that much about latin america. but africa seems to be extraordinarily conservative. you mentioned the natural law, you you hear that a lot in africa, the question is what is the future going to be like in the church if we are looking to
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this huge growth not only in the population of the church and the southern hemisphere but the leadership of the church. do you see that continuing and what are the implications? >> isn't the church growing especially in other countries and what is the future of that. yes it is. francis of of course is an expression of that. even though his heritage is i tell you. he spoke only dialect with his grandmother. he embraced the evangelical movement in the developed countries. he has great sympathy with a lot of the developments there. what we're seeing there often is a kind of repetition of this history of our church at an earlier stage, of saying the western church.
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it is a much more attractive thing to become a priest and some of those countries because there is no other way to get an education and escape poverty or whatever tribal ties people have. so you get a lot of what happens in the early middle ages, priesthood was the only way you could become learned, influential, those kinds of things. of course there are problems in that kind of culture. i was asked when the dalai lama came to chicago to be a on the stage with him. i met him before and he said please ask me hard questions he said people are too deferential to me so i fall asleep and the
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audience falls asleep. so i had not really had questions so i tried to think of one. when i got out there i said, if you return to your country what would you do different? he said i would disestablish the religion. the american way is the right way, the freedom of conscious way as we're going out i said for that do you not need an enlightenment, he said there's the problem. his very next book address the question why have buddhists not come to terms and that is going to be a question and some of these churches that they have to terms with the anointment.
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>> i'm curious about how friends of year in the clergy have responded to your work like priests. more generally how open you think the clergy is in america specifically to reform of the clergy. >> i drink at the second part. >> how open you think the clergy, i guess it would depend on the denomination but in america how open they are to reform such as marriage and that sort of thing. >> i said that the priesthood with the development reflective of understandable needs and organizations et cetera in the church post scriptural times but it should not have a monopoly on the holy spirit. what happened with the
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priesthood as with all offices of power, was it turned imperialistic, it wanted to say not only are we good for satan mass, you can't die without her blessing, you can't get married without her blessing. there is enough the scriptural power of the church, the wedding at cana is a jewish wedding and there is no priest. anyway the question was how did priests react to my book? i don't say there fine if there around they will teach us, they are loving, they will will help organize ourselves as christians. we don't need them for everything. we don't need them from the eucharist either because there is no trans sensation in the
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early church and the early doctrine, but she said how did priests react to that? i only know the ones who liked it. [laughter] know that doesn't mean a lot of other people don't hate it. although the ones who have expressed hate, not to be personally, are all laypeople they want the priest to tell them what to do more than the priests want to tell them on their own. at least the ones i know. they knew i was not attacking the priesthood, what happens now catholics if they come to the church on sunday and there is no priest shows up, they say well there's nothing for us to do, let's get out of here.
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that would not have happened in augustine's church, church, he had taught them, you are the people of god and he said when bread and wine are put on the altar, they are you. he says when he gives communion he says receive what you are, the body of christ. so priests are very nice most of them, they make contributions. the idea that the spirit only spends sense information through this one conduit pope to bishop to priest, if that were true then all of the protestant would be without god. they don't have the right channel. >> thank you so much [applause].
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[inaudible conversation] >> you are watching book tv on c-span two. television for serious readers. at seven pm eastern, doug casey sits down with book tv to talk about politics and economics. from the rest. at 730 firefighter recalls his life as a smoke jumper battling wildfires from above. chelsea clinton highlights young people from around the world who are having a great impact on their
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communities. at nine pm 9:00 p.m. eastern. on afterwards at 10:00 p.m., fox news host bill o'reilly discusses the reagan presidency after the assassination attempt with dave buchanan. at 11 eastern david looks at race through the lens of his experience as an african-american dr.. that all happens tonight on c-span twos book tv. >> next on book tv from politics and prose bookstore in washington dc, max takes takes a critical look at israel and its involvement in the 2014 conflict in gaza. >> thanks. i need to tie myself here so we have enough time for q and a and heckling and so forth. my last talk in d.c. i happen to
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have summoned the audience to help handle hecklers. i was in scotland and to her and i achieved a milestone out there which is for the first time i refused entry to a scottish pub. it was called nice and sleazy. i was refused entry, i was told, i didn't know why, i was told by friends that because of my american accent they thought i was drunk. because scottish people talk in short bursts so it is good to be back in my ancestral homeland of washington d.c. this is the third time as you've heard i have been at politics and prose so i want to extend my gratitude to this bookstore for bringing this discussion here. my first book was republican gomorrah, that is my first book that brought me here. this is my first talk about republican


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