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tv   Book Discussion on Scarlet Letters  CSPAN  September 26, 2015 4:00pm-5:11pm EDT

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jack cashill and his book "scarlet letters: the ever-increasing intolerance of the cult of liberalism," he argues that a progressive agenda has eroded traditional values and conservatives are only one awkwardly worded tweet away from being branded a homophobe, racist, sexist or worse. [inaudible conversations] >> good evening, ladies and gentlemen, thank you for all the noise. welcome to kansas city public library. i'm director of kansas city public library, pleasure to have you here tonight to prove once again, the library represents
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all political views. tonight it is as always of pleasure for me to introduce my longtime friend jack cashill. we have known each other almost since he was in short pants in new jersey where he was born a little bit after a graduated from siena college and got his ph.d. at perdue and american studies. the only dissertation that actually defended the notion of american capitalism in american fiction because there is no american capitalism in american fiction. jack and i something like 35 years ago founded something jack named the boosters club which was a political discussion club in which jack ran for a number of years when i escaped from the city briefly and he has always been provocative which i admire about him. we agree about lot of things, we
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disagree about some. last time i introduced jack, in his book about president obama's writing, he tried to prove bill ayers, the radical had actually written the autobiography, only written part of it clearly. some of the things he has been writing lately i occasionally have my disagreements. jack has written forcefully about religious freedom lately and whether or not people should be required to serve everybody if they have for instance baking a cake if they have religious objections. i don't completely agree because i notice there is a selectivity to this that adjust wagering kansas is about when issue, homosexual already and in paul's letters to the corinthians i read for instance that he
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condemns swindlers and slanderers and drunkards and it seems to me there's a trifecta for donald trump and i don't notice anybody refusing to serve donald trump right now so i would feel better if we were refusing all the adulterers which were -- would eliminate half the republican candidates for president so i don't always agree with jack. but jack is writing today, has written his book "scarlet letters: the ever-increasing intolerance of the cult of liberalism" about the neo puritanism in america and in this subject i am in complete agreement with him. i noted jon stewart of all people said we were treating caitlin jenner poorly by criticizing caitlin jenner and removing her dignity. this has got to be first time in history the jon stewart has taken a member of the kardashian
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cast and worried about their dignity. sa have to save from the library's point of view we have all voices coming to the library. is interesting to me that in the years i have been doing this the only criticisms we get regularly when we bring somebody in is we bring somebody in from the right, we bring people from the left, chris hedges, tom frank wrote what is the matter with kansas, jack wrote what is the matter with california. we present them both. the only criticisms we got when we presented jack, when we presented on frank, i leave that out for you as i turn this over to jack, public library, we should be defending the first amendment and the first amendment means all voices should be heard, all ideas should be heard and that is what we believe in the public library and that is one of the reasons it is a great pleasure to me to
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introduce my friend jack cashill. [applause] >> just to correct the record no one in north new jersey worked for a pan. if you leave that in that neighborhood. thank you for coming out tonight, thanks to c-span for being here, this is my ninth c-span presentation and i have friends on line, thank you for bearing with me all this time. things to kansas city public library, the librarian the country that does do both sides of issues at so refreshing, it is almost unheard of. [applause] >> the book is called "scarlet letters: the ever-increasing intolerance of the cult of liberalism" and as you might suspect it derived its title from the hawthorne novel of 1850, a classic novel called
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scarlet letter. just to refresh your memory the heroine of that novel is a woman who concedes that bears the child while her husband in boston is in england so she is pretty obviously committed adultery and in seventeenth century boston, the civil and religious authorities punish you, to meet out the punishment, her punishment was to stand on a scaffold in towns where boston holding her baby for three hours and from there ever after to where -- embroidered on her chest. hawthorne described his seventeenth century forebears' as the most intolerant. that ever lived. but his puritans were the picture of moderation compared to the progress of neo puritans who have dictated our morality for the last few decades. to be sure they do not call
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themselves knee of puritans but in the meaning of law and morality and eager less to make see in a crime, and the approach in isn't kind of fits and if you talk to one and we all talk to them, we are all we needed to them, you disagree with one you are not just wrong, not those unenlightened, your immoral, your sinful and you are deserving of punishment in the here and now, not afterlife or any of that but here and now. i got the inspiration for the religious theme in an ironic way, i was watching a documentary, the former governor of new jersey, my home states, if you remember him, in 2004 he was involved in a scandal, hired an israeli national, an american citizen, homeland security adviser despite the fact he knew
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nothing but homeland security and given coming from israel and he was going to sue for harassment and he said i am a gay american, at the time, he abandoned his wife and child in the process, decided to become an episcopalian seminarian. he was a catholic but the catholic church -- through the episcopalian subsets, we see him mentoring at church, this is literally true, i had to buy the video to verify word for word what i saw when i saw him and on the bus on board at the entry of the church in says jesus liberates us from our since. in this order. sexism, homophobia, racism and classism. of the signboard had been bigger it would have had is llama
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phobia, as in a foamy and climate change denial isn't. those of the seven deadly sins of our era of. dog held the man or woman who violates one. there is one isn't that unifies all the others in san you know what that is? the sin of hatred. hatred. you are hater of muslims, hater of women, hater of poor people, hater of black people, hater of hispanic people, hater of mother earth, you are a hater, no matter, disagree and you are a hater. don't like the president you are a hater, don't like the would be president you are a hater with him so it goes on and on. this is the odd thing if you know the man see isn't they celebrate their own values than they do condemning those people
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who resist the celebration, they take joy in that. for that is almost like eating organic or occupying something. you will notice to be fair i am using a term progress of, ignore the subtitle, it you know anything about the publishing industry, they threw the word exposed at the end to get the x and the d on thus far love letter. originally was the only rise of the of puritanism. i use the word progressive and liberal advisedly. liberals have historically fixed positions. they believe in things historically and to some degree today. they believe in the rule of law. they believe in due process. they believe in constitutional protections for speech and religion and assembly, they believe in justice for all, equal justice, they believe the
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man is innocent until proven guilty. progressive, we use these words interchangeably. hard to find a distinction but progressives have no set fixed values today, they don't. at the risk -- progressives progress. if they believe in anything they believe in progress. they are like sharks, they have to keep swimming forward and if they stop they die and if they smell blood in the water and it is yours, you are in trouble so they are constantly finding new sins, new ways to offend. mark stein, the writer who has dealt for human relations commission, you have no idea you are committing a hate crime, chances are you still are. he is right, you don't even know
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any more. by contrast, history knew she had committed a sin. adultery has been on the books for 3,000 years, she knew she had committed a sin, she never protested her letter, she knew what she had done. the punishment may have seemed severe, she walked into unknowingly, she had a creepy little guy on this side, but that is another side. compare that with the newest scarlet letter, you know what that is, the scarlet cape. it is not trans fat phobia the trans gender phobia. a couple months ago people were telling bruce jenner jokes routinely, comics were probably plead telling bruce jenner joy, now on national tv they dare not even say bruce jenner. what a group they have on
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culture. the esp and award show, espn and abc are both owned by disney. the rumor was espn denies this and make a lot of sense to me, jenner's reps went to abc and said you wanted two our interview with diane sawyer? we want to win the arthur courage award. and he did. no public vote. and the young woman with concert -- the basketball season. and she came in second that year. there was no public vote, you know the -- look enthusiastic, don't want to be tweeted that all over america the next day.
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the former nfl quarterback brett farr didn't get the memo. the next day the national media scolded him for not applauding enthusiastically and off. that is literally true. the soviet union, this is true also. when members of the politburo saw joseph stalin walk in they all stood up and started applauding and there is great fear. you know what the great fear was? to be the first one to stop. this literally happened. to change our pass our whenever, it goes on forever they risk -- sends to the gulag. it happened. telling stalin jokes, it was that is how bad it was. this is a useful point to clarify. we are not in a totalitarian state, we are not a fascist
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state and never will be for reasons i will explain later but totalitarian impulse is surely within our near appearance and friends. i should clarify most progressives are clueless, just nice people just getting bad signals from various people but the front radical edge of this movement knows what they are doing and never doubt it. you doubt at your own risk. although they don't have a set direction they do have a goal. the goal, this will sound harsh until i explain this all little bit, their goal is to destroy western civilization as we know it and remake it in their own image. whitaker chambers defined this 60 years ago better than anyone ever said. socialist progressive, more commitment to their face, he said they embrace man's -- the
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faith was the faith that same presented to adam and eve in the garden, you shall be as dogs and they believe that, they believe they, man or woman or caitlin jenner, can deliver a paradise on earth that god could and so they are superior that is why they're so endued with righteousness and also explains how they could embrace islam because they do. they are more appalled by is llama foamy head and radical islam. so when the radical islamists shoot of a place in texas the anger directed at pam geller who organized the event, not the shooters. i'm not exaggerating, i wish i were. pam geller is up triad and a brave lady, these are serious people, we will talk about that in a minute. i would like to explain the
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tenets of this new faith, second oldest face, revival, revival movement going on. some of the understandings, the scarlet letter is forever. take the case of earl butts, the agriculture secretary under nixon and gerald ford. the most consequential since secretary of this century, he was on a campaign in 1976, some of you remember it this or your parents told you about it more likely, your grandparents, h likely, your grandparents, he told a relatively innocuous racial jokes to pat boone, sitting next to him and it could have been told about red necks or whenever, told about coloreds, professionals and is sitting right behind the monoplane, recorded every word,
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rushed to rolling stone magazine known for its reporting. within hours his career was over. he was fired or forced out immediately in disgrace. what you don't know is earl butts live for 32 more years and the new york times, the ultimate arbiter of who gets the scarlet letter and who doesn't have landed obituary this way. earl butts, secretary, felled by racial remark, dies at 98. everything he had done otherwise in his life was irrelevant, what mattered he had told a racial jokes 32 years ago. that is how -- we might as well have had it tattooed on his head. he went through his whole life with that. or todd taken in missouri, he
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makes it awkward stupid remark about rape and abortion, he is a wonderfully human being with six kids, three sense in the marines, one of the was in fallujah but that didn't matter because he made this awkward, and. by the end of that day, sunday, he was a national laughingstock, money of puritans had taken this and run with it because the second tenet of their faith, to profess the faith is more important than to practice it. the knee of puritans, they took him out because romney and mccain, they asked him to drop out of the race, they talk about that in a minute and they are so appalled by the republican war on women, who could blame them for being so except except the week or two later they show up to the democratic national convention and listen to a
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rapist and known sexbitul predar keynote th ber convention. i am sorry, that is the reality, there istic o way around it. if you make an as awward commen, the difference is clinton professed the faith. and thomas aiken did not and so he is more easily victimized. a corollary to that which coincides with the puritan thinking on it is good works matter little. take the case of one of the bravest and noblest women on the planet, don't know if you knew who she is that she was born in somalia, she didn't sign up, she was enlisted in force nasorativ, at escape somalia, enlor up in the netherlands, becomes a model citizen, teams up with a filmmaker to make a film called submission which highlights the in justices done to women throlauhout the muslim world
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including in the netherlands where the muslim populations weretic ot assimilating at all. for his efforts, van gogh is shot off his bicycle in downtown -- downtown amsterdam and shooter, a muslim takes a knife and spikes the five page letter into the chest and in that letter threatens the life, she expects support from the progressive knee of the origins of the netherlands and does not get it at all. y. provoke these people? can't you get along? the rodney king line. she is forced to flee the united states. in the united states she writes this brilliant autobiography called infidel, sold millions of copies, brand bes univ. invites her to speak in 2014 at her commencement and the knee of puritans rebel on the brandeis campus combined with the islamic knee of puritans and the president of brandeis, created post holocaust to prevent another holocaust falls like the cheap suits and they this invite
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her at the last minute. good wo yors matter little. all her good wo yors mattered n at all when faced with that kind of aggressive uprising. face triumphs over facts of. another tenet of the faith midges you wanted go wi read if you haven't done this google michael crichton commonwealth club 2003 environmentalism. i,ichael grinding is the successful -- he died nov. fifth 2008 the same day barack obama was elected president. i don't know what that means but he is not around to defend himself. he produce er, wrote and produced and directed jurassic park, the lost world, who knows how many millions of dollars he made. nonetheless he was pretty fearless and also 6 fect 7. don't knoworif that matters.
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was invited to the commonwealth club in san francisco, the home of the sierra club, it is not a conservative political club, just an open forum and is asked to give a talk on the most pressing issue of the day. that was the challenge given to the speakers in this series and for him, he comes in and says the most pressing issue of the day is the need to distinguish fact from fantasy, to distinguish truth from propaganda and the people, what is the talking about? and then he walked them through us feel logical construct of the environmental movement all of which are apocalyptic in th ber ãyeesign. all of which begin with this state of nature that is unspoiled by man and takes them through step by step by step, walks through the scientific fraulor of the last 50 or 60
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years starting with rachel carson and ddt, most legal i,istake made in the histor science. paul ehrlich, a ridiculous theory even at the time. and nuclear wintelf taken on your heavyweights and making fun of them and keeps desmocibing them in religious terms and tells them this is not fact you are dealing witaul you have fah that transcends realialit. i don't think they ever invited him back but it is a brilliant speech but they don't want to hear that and he went from global cooling to 't and hal wag and by the we c in this book i tried to find when the transition came from global warming to climate change and couldn't. i simply couldn't find it. it has alwe cs been out there. another tenet of the faith neo puritanism means never having to
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se c you are sosory. 2b 6, durham, dnc. there were one of 20 groups that year to requests rippers for their campus party. that is the problem for another day. some groups -- the lacrosse pla 5rs mt le the mistake of being affluent, that was their basic crime. sntaippe grou come, politically sensitive, they got the laugh strippers and fell oliver herseef, at two or t?
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results of the police investigation finally when the
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guys are full the vindicated, even putting jail for a night, that these guys are never guilty in the first place one of the mothers of the three guys, rota letter to the head, moved on to become a chair of english at the vanderbilt university, and asked for an apology. some recognition that they were wrong. and make credit for a scummy bunch of white males. still has his job and distinguished prof.. and it was never enough. and $1,000 donation to proposition eighth which was to establish marriage was a union between a man and woman.
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when barack obama came to california, and asked about that question and this is a quote, he said i believe marriage is a union between a man and woman and as a christian i believe it is a sacred union with god in the mixed, taking that cue black californians voted overwhelmingly for proposition 8 as it hispanic californians and came to the polls and record numbers and the amendment passed and hollywood went berserk and as a result silicon valley apparently up, made the mistake of leaving the paper trail, down to the thing, i believe in 2013, was given a position and a legend in silicon valley, and signed a petition, demanding ike, here is what he had to do, make an unequivocal statement of support for marriage equality. wasn't enough to say let bygones be bygones and live together and
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make an unequivocal statement of support for marriage equality. he tried to apologize and get around it and then the new ceo, chairman of the board apologize for being so slow in getting rid of him. he built the company and he was gone. finally, final senate, no see in as grievous as one of the seven deadly sins are now eight deadly sins. john rocker found this out the hard way. if you remember, the picture for the atlanta braves, cocky, profane, southern, they said this was illustrated writer to talk to him and rocker who hated new york city because it was the only place in the world where people would yell for the fans they didn't mothered the night before. talked about taking trains to the stadium, not charitably.
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he focused mostly on foreigners so for fear of foreigners, in any case this was illustrated writer wrote this up and as he was suspended and i remember reading about this in the usa today. ..
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[laughter] >> i thought that these people involveed -- does anyone know where they are? >> they have five children. they're in the mid-30's and live a humble life. they serveed, whatever they wanted and didn't discriminate for anyone and wanted same-cake wedding cake. we just don't feel comfortable doing that and, well, the couple is upset.
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the grass-roots type. death threats called in. they loaded their website with abusive reviews. they vandalized their trucks. you know, they went to their vendors and clients and told them to get out. these people are selling hate at their bakery. they shut down the home. they got too many harassing calls and they gave up. that wasn't enough. now here is the ultimate model. it's just not enough to share your offense. you have to enlist the state in your cause. this-- there must be a hundred
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bakers in oregon that want to do a gay-wedding cake. so they go to the bureau of labor and industry. 135,000-dollar fine on the clients to compensate for the emotional damage suffered by the couple and among the things that are listed quote, distress of men and by denying them the cake -- [laughter] >> act i -- activists get involved and they put a gag order on the clients. it's a gag order. there's no way to say it.
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and then what's really discouraging on this, i've done the research. we'll see how this shakes out. it was really shocking that you're not used to comments. hateful, religion, anticristian, anticristian. come on, guys.
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but the others are quiet about it or decide today -- decided to play along because they are just afraid. the next is killing a mockingbird. the the author was a socialist, out-of-the-closet socialist. they had no grudge against them other than the fact that the evidence was overwhelming and she's in the middle of -- liberal, good liberal, she's out there the execution and she walks up there, the communist is leading this rally and she says
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to her, i really hope they stare and the lady looked at, what possible good could they do with the lives. they didn't want him alive, they wanted him dead. [laughter] >> no one wanted wilson free. they didn't want him in jail. and both of those protesting. midway through the writing to have book, the supporter, rounded up the support, but they do it today. that doesn't change much. excuse me.
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[laughter] >> originally signed to the case, tell tell me, fred, are ese guys innocent or guilty. i hate to bring -- brake to it to you but they are guilty. she said, if you don't continue to tell the story the way you are telling it now, continue this narrative, they may kill you. they my certainly disown you. that's the way they roll. this is going on all of the time. historically liberals have had a weakness for finding guilty-innocent. they continue to do this over
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the years. they did it jamal, carter. songs about them. a dark turn recently that is the progressive turn. it's understandable to find the guilty innocent or what it's not understandable is to find the innocent guilty. and george zimmerman found out the hard way. one thing was his name. his uncle whom his name is named, if he would have been jorge meza you never would have heard of zimmerman and story
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would have died in florida. all they had to go, his name george zimmerman. he had to be white or jewish here. an 11-year-old -- he paid the price for that. so they went through the whole narrative. even though they knew, i'm to go over as to what happened. during the time that zimmerman was being assaulted. witness called because it was taking place in the yard.
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i came out and right here there was this black hoody or white guy or hispanic guy with a red jacket and he's martial arts style. when i went upstairs, heard the shotgun and went down is there. another call with zimmerman saying help, help. he tells them the same story. it's available on the line today. the police knew that there s no case. zimmerman, get a cop here quickly, i don't know where the is. the guy came to attack them.
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it was never a case. they knew this. just to jump into this, one i wrote called if i had a son and one was written by lisa broom who is nbc legal analyst who covered gavel-to-gavel according to her. she doesn't. >> the witness: number six. none of that story is in her except to say that she gets it wrong. the trial was over the minute he testified. how can you write a book like that and here is some other things she didn't mention. she didn't mention the fact that george zimmerman a year before crusade who had been beaten by the son of a white guy. he alone took his gun and tired all around and posted, i think
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he had a quote, justice, evil when good men do nothing. that's how he bottom it. no good deed goes unpunished. she didn't mention he was hispanic in the whole book. his mother testified in the trial was darker than trayvon martin's mother. okay. some things learn. never apologize. larry summer learned this the hard way. secretary treasurer under bill clinton, good democrat, he was appointed president of harvard university, first jewish president ever, invited to a small like 40-50 people informal
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group about why women are underrepresented. he decides not to bring an hr and speak honestly. he thought no one would record it. it takes a full-time commitment. i don't blame him. the second one is this, from all the studies we've seen, science we've seen, men and women in the iq spectrum based on science and math, 1% dominated by men and we know a lot of the bottom percent. he didn't have to go to number three. he just speculated. she rushed out and demanded
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essentially and started media campaign. apologized, he never should have. he offered $50 million for a women and never should have. if you apologize, that's not enough. they want your head. and when they get your head they are going to get your head for the rest to have life. when he came up to be, obama was thinking appointing federal reserve. don't think that was the first woman appointed accidentally. it was mostly like a slap in the face. scarlet r or a or x is with you for life. another possibility, harness, 2011, single person gave log in
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the middle of pennsylvania, gets upset because a local chick fila franchise sold to an organization that was having organization about traditional marriage. that started the snowball. chick fila sells hate, blah, blah. there's no place where a new chick fila on franchise. they shut them down. they are trying to do the same thing in san francisco. then the people rose up. chick fila appreciation day. i had never been to chick fila before that. ia will the of people had. when you saw lines wrapped around the block, the first time i had ever been to chick fila.
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now i go every week. it's really a great place. [laughter] >> you see the headlines. because of bad pr. which is your favorite chick fi fila? there's still out there. one part of the story that wasn't told t dark part of the story is that i don't know if you heard about the attack, in the mist of the furry lgbt -- lgtb, he shot the black security guard and saved a potential because this guy came with 50 bags of chick f irk la. he was going to rub the chick
4:47 pm
fila on the people he killed. another lesson is plan ahead. my book is full with heros. johnson. the president of the national golf course around the year 2000. "the new york times" and counsel women organization launched crusade to force this club. it was a private club. women could play golf there. she played often and defended johnson. hoody did this, he estimated their strategy before they got going. he knew what they. >> going to do. he knew that the times and would go to the responsors and say how dare you associate with this
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hate group, this racist, sexist group. we are not having sponsors next year. they can afford to do it. that's great, no commercials. [laughter] >> so he took up sponsors off the hook. so then new york times and cbs was back, highest-rated program in the year. sorry, no, thanks, we are broadcasting this. a year later they brought the sponsors back and executives are among the most -- [laughter] >> so about a dozen years later, they knew who the first woman
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was? rice. black republican, come on. that was a a -- revenge. stand up for yourself. sometimes it's very difficult in a sensitive position. stand up and say, no, no, enough is enough. duck dine -- dynasty. he went in there to set him up. >> the first question was what does gq mean. that was beautiful. [laughter] >> but then on the sexuality.
4:50 pm
if you see him try to use the right language why he preferred certain female parts and male parts, by using technical words it sounded more bizarre. they said they shut him down. they suspended. expecting what? okay. we'll do the show without him. that wasn't going to happen. and then the most bizarre decision crackel barrel decides to pull stuff out of the shelves. [laughter] >> they found out in 24 hours because 700,000 emails later. stuff is back on the shelves. that was the quickest turn
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turnaround. a&e backed down. when you have the glad, gay, lesbian, alliance. if they had the number show on cable, but they do not. a shotout to donald trump. [laughter] >> why are republicans voting for donald trump, i said they're not voting, they are selecting in opinions polls because they know the effect of it. he know he is silling, get up, stand up and speak up. a lot of conservative. they don't know what it's like to see leadership apologize,
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apologize, apologize and how frustrating that gets over time. even if a guy is a carn vale, -- carnival, whatever, he's speaking out. is there hope for the future. i'm going to get -- this is little-hard hitting area, how do we turn this around? i think we may. it may have overplayed and partly because too many liberals are watching what is going on and they have to be scratching their head and thinking can we be part of this. i know there many of them out there. there's a lot of moderate muslims out there. we need to hear from them. there's a message that goes to them. there's only couple of videos about planned parenthood. they put stuff that we've known for a long time but didn't have
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ammunition to put on the battlefield. those videos threaten, they've been dictating those for the last 30, 40 years. but young people have to be asking themselves having seen this and they're not going to be allowed to see for long because there's going to be lawsuits and the media running away. why is it worst, a worst sin to refuse to bake a cake, why is it a worst cake to say, bruce jenner to dismember a baby and sell body parts. shouldn't that at least deserve a letter? thank you. [applause]
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>> we will take questions. if you step up to the microphones if you have -- >> like jeopardy. if you can keep them relatively short and clean. no bad remarks that to be edited out. >> 500. [laughter] [applause] >> i'm sorry, you had mentioned earlier in your speech, you didn't think that we headed down the road toward totalitariaism and seems to largely get a pass from the public -- >> here is the bottom line, is this, a scandal only becomes a
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scandal when new york times says it's a scandal. if it's -- richard nixon was one of the president os it have greatest century. watergate is not only noun for real estate community in washington, d.c. you need a media that's willing to elevate that. there's a will the of alternative in the media. alternative med i can't sustain a scandal. that's still true today, unfortunately. so i would say that it's there. there would be on up rise. i think they underestimate the opposition. there are certain things. you know what i'm talking about. we have certain powers that they don't have and they'll find out soon enough. so, thank you.
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yes, sir. >> thanks for being here, jack. i'm privilege to serve on the state board of education of the state of kansas, once upon a time i said the n word in the state board meetings, it was on the 50th anniversary and i suggested using the word once that we get past this word, it's an ugly word that we should rise above, well, i paid dearly for that and i'm being called to do something about race, i'm going to convince my other nine board members with the grace of god that we should stop labeling or school children by race, and i wondered if you had any advice for me. >> that's a noble goal. the uses of race have become -- this is how bad it is.
4:57 pm
martín omaley was sent to an apologize, never apologize even if you're a democrat, never apologize, for saying all lives matter, right. that's where we are today. you know the most disappointing with the obama presidency, if nothing else race relations would improve. boy f you can become president of the united states, doors are wide open, but instead he's used at a wedge issue and used it against real people down in wilson and ferguson. so i would say, you know, kudos to you, good luck with that and i hope it work out because it's unfortunate right now they use to punish people. >> thank you very much. >> thanks. yes, sir. >> thank you, always a pleasure.
4:58 pm
i just -- you probably read forgotten men? >> yes. >> the sector brothers -- [inaudible] >> attack by the administration. this began in 1932 with fdr and the new deal. i caught communism. >> among some of the activist the impulse is there. i believe the brothers won, didn't they? didn't they prevail? >> i think they paid a horrendous fines. >> that case is worth looking into. they were being forced to violate their own religion. >> the government didn't want them to select what they wanted. >> right.
4:59 pm
exactly. >> the brothers -- i thought you might mention. [inaudible] >> she's been here. twice. >> called the forgotten. >> the best book i read. yeah. i will definitely recommend that. >> jack, i just want to ask why do so many right cave when issues like this come up? people that i know otherwise ran as fast as far as they could from him. do you have any insight why they cave so quickly? >> they developed over time for fear of being labeled in one of those letters, particularly awful because they -- raise the issue that needed to be talked
5:00 pm
about, that is the fitness of their keynote speaker among other things. they raised issues that republicans need to be concerned about. if you were a committed pro-life candidate, but they ran away from that. what's interesting about that case is that in context the guy who was interviewing didn't hear it. he makes his remark, he's tired, he's just -- and he was trying to nail him and gives the answer. in context it makes some amount of sense. moves on. how could you miss that.
5:01 pm
it sounded awful when they put the words to legitimate rape next to each other. i would like to know that. part of the problem is when they occupy positions of power, they are afraid of losing power and pensions. if they are in corporations, all corporate executives are coward by nature. that organization is finished. there maybe a boycotts to continue on. [laughter] uniform or not -- [laughter] >> yeah, you probably can answer that as well as i could. people in here, people in positions of power. it's time to do otherwise. that's why i'm glad donald trump is out there making a lot of
5:02 pm
noise. questions or comments. [laughter] >> i just have to ask as a new catholic. i'm kind of nervous with the priest over here. >> with the priest over there. >> climate change, i was wondering if you had any thoughts about our current pope? >> yes, i do. actually i had -- i quick story. i was in the -- in 1998i did documentary on conservative revival and it just so happened in 2005 i was at notre dame cathedral. i walked in and big tv screens, 15 seconds, we have a new pope. i said i know that guy. [laughter] >> but but i will tell you this,
5:03 pm
when i was in new york the next two weeks, attacked viciously. they were consumed by this. for a nation -- country allegedly tran -- amazing how they were consumed by decision. i thought he was a great pope. john paul. pope francis is serving a purpose right now. god will work through in a way -- [laughter] >> the purpose is this, liberal catholics, maybe the church is okay. maybe they're trying to come back with the church. on climate and here is the bottom line on that, he said that presuming the science is right, this is all based on the presumption that the science is right, now if science is right and millions of people will be
5:04 pm
dying, yeah, it makes. if the science is wrong, it doesn't make sense. now ever since galileo catholic churches afraid of being in the wrong side of science, i would say give them -- i'm not going to pass judgment. i hope he doesn't pas judgment on me. [laughter] >> yes, sir. >> hi, jack, i'm not sure if this would be a sub category but historical, walt disney years ago, releasing the song of the south which i loved as a kid, but the other day, now this is just too much now. bugs bun -- bunny but i found
5:05 pm
out that there are 18 cartoons no longer to be shown because of racism and specially because they portray japanese in a bad light. these were produced during world war ii. >> right. they show gone with the wind. the first black óscar winner. every role was stereotypical and demeaning. so, yeah, at some point that's going to turn. right now we are still moving in the direction more -- he's really not.
5:06 pm
[laughter] >> we just had a family reunion. all this stuff came up. he went to university, you know. [laughter] >> i said how about jackson university. [laughter] >> just one more thing i still recall about eight or ten, seven or eight years ago, there was a museum. every cigarette had been photo shopped. anyway -- >> they also put him in a wheelchair even though he didn't want to be seen in a wheelchair. let's take one question because i know you want to wrap up. >> yeah, jack, you might share with the audience what you went
5:07 pm
through in missouri and what it was like to be on the receiving end of the kansas city stars. >> there are several people that were there including organizers. you're right. opening in the kansas city stars wore on tradition. there was a festival and patriotic, context, star exhibit, there were hundreds -- roping, of course. [laughter] >> a lot of people here. if you want the raise your hand and we'll talk about that. the organizeers were here. >> i was down there visiting my clients and friends that put on the festival. >> i was there selling videos for y2k because al gore told me
5:08 pm
the world was going to end. i wanted to take advantage of that. we're all down there having a good time. >> it was actually advertised in a catalog. >> right. and so then the -- the next day, the sunday the star head line front page -- >> white supremises. >> i thought i made a series of videos. [laughter] >> i was surprised at the people who ran away. it was very discouraging to see
5:09 pm
who refused to stay, who knew better. great patriots also. >> well, the writer wrote it when she talked to someone who was a mutual friend unbeknownst to her. >> she succeeded but we survived. we are still here and -- and that's the -- there's the messages, don't let them get you down, resist, we will be okay. thank you very much for coming. [applause]
5:10 pm
>> book tv is on twitter, follow us to get publishing news, scheduling updates and author information and to talk directly with autoourself -- authors during live programs. twitter book tv. >> former state department director discusses women movement. also tuesday at book passage, bookstore in california, lilian talks about the history of the


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