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tv   BOOK TV  CSPAN  September 27, 2015 8:48pm-9:01pm EDT

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all of your political investment into one-party that will eventually take you for granted and the other part will not even consider. 50 years ago. it's to say that any woman that had a child out of wedlock and as long as she didn't have a man out of the home the government would continue to provide a check. 50 years ago. today it's 25%. now it's me standing up and bringing something like that out makes me a sellout i'm proud to be called that. >> are there more black conservatives than it is like on or seems to be in your view? >> absolutely. it's interesting when i travel all across the country through the airports as a matter of fact when i was flying from dallas.
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he knew exactly who i was and why stood for. it's about principle. as the book talks about it's about faith and family and freedom and it's about as booker t. washington said, quality education that opens up so many doors and self-reliance and it's about entrepreneurship. when i grew up and i walked down the avenue from school i saw black professional officers and to talk hers and lawyers and business ownership but you don't see that anymore which is the cradle of the black entrepreneur development. that's what we need to restore but instead when you wake up today look at what happened in chicago, ten young black men murdered, a seven-year old black
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child murdered, 55 wounded. look at the baltimore and what is going on. >> the day that we are taping this is the date of south carolina day that south carolina took the confederate flag down from the capital. it's to focus not whether you have the confederate flag and the dukes of hazard needs to be pulled off of television, what we need to focus on is how do we strengthen the nr service communities and what happened in charleston south carolina was the wall there was a richest social path and what he did was heinous and despicable but i do not think that we need to take that to the level.
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if you are a member of the congressional black caucus. when i joined the congressional black caucus and people asked me how can you do that i said as far as i know there are only two qualifying. the member of congress. he was my representative growing up in atlanta. i said it is an honor to meet you and i told him about my parents and how they are campaigning. he was absolutely shocked and so i think that we need to have
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those voices so that we don't become polarized and so we do get to hear other perspectives because i want to restore the greatness of the community and the inner-city booker t. washington had when he discovered the tuskegee institute. >> you spent quite a bit of time on philosophers in your book. who is your favorite and which ones do you admire? >> without a doubt i think john locke. >> every person has a connection to the creative god and they have these individual rights of life, liberty and property and of course we just celebrated a 239 years of what i think is one of the greatest documents the world has ever known, and jefferson took the words and the fox and said here in america the individual has those rights for
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the creator of life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness and that is what makes the country so great. >> ronin is a word that you see often in the book. what is at? >> it's interesting because it is that disgraced samurai that no longer has a master and i kind of see it as myself that most people believe as a young black man you were supposed to follow a certain path. my path is not about serving any particular it's about serving a set of principles and ideas and as i always say that is what my sword is drawn for and it was so humbling when an actual master from california presented me with the samurai sword that i have on display in my home. >> what is your connection to dana? >> on the fox news contributor
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so when i go to new york city i get the chance to see her but she e-mailed me and told me i had a story that needed to be told and she is a tough little cookie and a hard person to say no to and so i wrote this book and i was pleased and honored not for myself as a testimony to my parents. >> what are you doing here at freedom fest in las vegas? >> as the president and ceo i was invited to be here and i gave a speech wednesday evening as an opening speech and i'm on several different panels throughout the rest of the week. >> finally let's bring up one more controversial issue and that is your choice of motorcycle. [laughter] >> that's not a harley in this picture. >> no committed as committees of 2005 honda 1800 that is the n-november series and i have to tell you if anyone were to get on that bike it was one of the
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most smooth rides that you would find and most of the people don't mind me pulling up and writing with them because they have a ton of power. >> how often do you ride? >> this past sunday i got out with a bunch of reserve component soldiers and national guard in dallas texas. i try to get out every other weekend if i can. >> former congressman and author and now think tank president to guardian guardian of the republic is the name of the book. here is the cover and this is book tv on c-span2. ♪ >> when you look at the role the supreme court is playing in our society, our history series has
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to have relevance for someone we thought about what can we do to get relevant to the current programming is made all the sins of sense in the world. the court is an equal branch of government. it's the third branch of government. it still has a fundamental impact on american life. >> inside this elegant building is a courtroom where the cases are heard and decisions i make to become a bit impact our lives. there's so many incredibly interesting cases in the courts history. we've all heard about roe v. wade and brown versus board of education that for so many people they are names in a textbook and what we want to do is talk about not only the legal side of the case but the people involved in the case. they are human beings and so passionate they brought the cases to the court. >> i think what people find most
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fascinating about the cases are the personal stories. one of my personal favorites is the map versus ohio. when people hear that story of this woman and this situation they will fall in love with these cases and they will feel passionate about what happens in the court and why they matter and why you should care. >> picking the 12 cases was a difficult and arduous task because we learned a lot about those 12 cases are evolving and understanding the rights in america when you take a look at dred scott to the case in miranda all the way to roe v. wade we learn only about the history of the country that the evolving rights in america. >> landmark cases, historic supreme court decisions produced in cooperation with the national constitution center into the 12 supreme court cases have significantly influenced the
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nation's story and the evolving understanding of rights in america live monday night beginning october 5 on c-span and c-span three. >> it's written by the veterans up in court journalists published by c-span in cooperation with the congressional quarterly press ..
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