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tv   Key Capitol Hill Hearings  CSPAN  September 28, 2015 10:30am-12:01pm EDT

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[inaudible conversations] >> president obama speaking at the united nations. joints he spent on twitter to get updates and you can watch live on our companion network c-span. other world leaders are gathering to address problems in the middle east and other issues related to peace and international security. speaking after the president will be the president of china, russian president come as the president of south korea and iran. republican presidential front runner donald trump of the announcing his tax plan he says will reduce rates while increasing rates for some like hedge fund managers who he says don't pay into the we'll take
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you live to new york at 11 a.m. eastern. on capitol hill congress working on federal spending to current funding expires wednesday. the house was waiting for action so that will begin work with other bills including one to give states more flexibility in denying medicaid contracts to providers who perform abortions. the senate meets at 4:30 p.m. and will consider the majority leaders plan to fund the government with a vote on whether not to move forward with a plan scheduled for 5:30 p.m. live coverage on c-span2. >> tonight on "the communicators" will talk with the internet corporation for assigned names and numbers. conference today have been a decisive role in icann. they do not directly make policy. they cannot have a seat on our board of directors. this is very much in fact a
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triumph of showing howard private sector lead institution that has the government as an important advisory body, but that has a broader base of decision-making that is private sector lead, including input from the technical community and civil society and academics, et cetera. but that's advice that informs the policy and the board activities are anchored in fact that governments are continuing to play an advisory role to what we do. >> tonight at eight eastern and pacific on "the communicators" on c-span2. >> texas senator and republican presidential candidate ted cruz spoke last week at the values voters summit hosted by the
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family research council in washington, d.c. he sent out his tweet, i am humbled and honored to have the support of so many christian conservatives. he asked supporters to go on the momentum and finished the fundraising quarter stronger here are his comments. he spoke for about 20 minutes. ♪ ♪ ♪ >> wow. [applause] god bless of the values voter summit. [applause] software to ask. what are these things? is barack obama coming?
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i may say thank you to my friend jim bryden center what an incredible, powerful, fighting conservative. >> there's an ancient chinese curse, may you live in interesting times. these are interesting times. yesterday pope francis was in washington. it's wonderful to welcoming you. i have to say the press conference was a little awkward because every time the reporters address the question to your holiness, barack obama answered. [applause] and then today the president of china, president xi is in town. media all across the world are
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reporting on this historic meeting of the world's most powerful communist. and the president of china. [applause] how many of y'all have watched the republican debate? how fantastic is it that we have such an array of young, charismatic, talented principle leaders stepping forth to lead the party, to lead this country? [applause] and what a contrast with the democrats. you know, i'm pretty sure the first democratic debate is going
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to consist of ellery clinton and the chipotle clark. it is amazing to watch the democrats as they keep moving their debates. versus good august and september, it was october pages may move it to 2017. you know commented much we may see the first presidential debate held out leavenworth. [applause] if they can put, project the rainbow on the white house maybe they can put bars on the windows. and i'll tell you they did actually plan, it's not widely known, but they had planned to have an earlier democratic debate. the problem was a debate invitation was e-mailed to
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hillary. [applause] i am so honored to be back with so many friends today. [applause] i want to say my friend tony perkins the family research council does incredible work in this country. [applause] you want to talk about a strong, principled conservative who scares the living daylights out of washington, but i have to tell you, tony doesn't scare washington nearly as much as the men and women gathered in this ballroom do. [applause] you want to know how much each
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of you terrify washington? yesterday john boehner was speaker of the house. [applause] y'all come to town and somehow that changes. [applause] my only request is can you come more often? tony, when it is scheduled these weekly, once a week. listen, every one of us, we know that our country is in crisis. we know that this is not a typical time in politics. we are bankrupting our kids and grandkids. our constitutional rights are under assault each and everyday from washington.
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american has received from leadership in the world. it is making the world a much more dangerous replace. i want to come to this month with a word of hope and encouragement and exultation. all across this country the american people are waking up, and i'll tell you today, help is on the way. [applause] so i want to ask everyone here to look forward, look forward to january 2017. if i'm elected president let me tell you what i intend to do on the first day in office. the first thing i intend to do is rescind every single illegal and unconstitutional executive action. [applause]
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the president tells us he's got a phone and he's got a pin. well, you live by the pen, you die by the end. and my pen has got any racer -- and erase it. the corruption has not been limited to the white house. it has been extended across every agency of the federal government. and the second thing i intend to do on my first day in office is to instruct the department of justice to open an investigation into planned parenthood and these horrible videos. [applause]
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and to prosecute any and all criminal conduct by that organization. [applause] the administration of justice should be blind to party or dialogue. the only fidelity to the department of justice should be to the laws and the constitution of the united states of america. [applause] the third thing i intend to do on the first day in office is instruct the department of justice and the irs, and every other federal agency, that the persecution of religious liberty ends today. [applause]
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that means that every service man and woman can worship the lord god almighty with all of his hard life and seoul, and his commanding officer has nothing to say about it. [applause] that means the little sisters of the poor who pope francis visited this week will find that the case against them has been dismissed. [applause] you know, kim davis is here. [applause]
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just a couple of weeks ago i the opportunity to visit kim. in a kentucky jail house. now, six months ago year ago if i'd come and said that a christian woman was going to be thrown in jail, locked up in jail for living our faith, the media would have dismissed me as a nutcase. that's where we are today. and i tell you, kim hike, we embraced and i told her, i said, kim, thank you. [applause] i said, kim, your inspiring millions across this country by standing for your faith. you know, the book of acts tells us when paul and silas were in jail that god brought an
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earthquake and broke open the jail cell. what i told him is i said you were being lifted up in prayer by millions of believers across america and across the world. [applause] you may have thought you were alone in that jail cell. you didn't understand how crowded it was. and i'll tell you, teams of very simple response. she smiled she pointed up and she said to god give glory. [applause] the fourth thing i intend to do on the first day in office is ripped to shreds this catastrophic iranian nuclear deal. [applause]
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the single greatest national security threat facing america is the threat of a nuclear iran. i've got to tell you, i can't wait to stand on a debate stage next to hillary clinton. [applause] and to make very clear to the american people, if you vote for hillary you are voting for iran to acquire nuclear weapons. and if you vote for me, under no circumstance will and nation led by a theocratic ayatollahs who chant death to america, under no circumstances will iran be acquired to acquire a nuclear
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weapon. [applause] and 50 ayatollahs doesn't understand that, we may have to help introduce into a -- introduced him to the 72 virgins. [applause] the fifth thing i intend to do the first day in office is begin the process of moving the american embassy in israel to jerusalem, the once and eternal capital of israel. [applause] that's day one.
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[laughter] there are 365 days in a year, four years and a presidential term, and for years and a second term. by the end of eight years, this ballroom is going to be a whole lot bigger. [applause] and by the end of eight years there are going to be a whole lot of reporters and newspaper editors and journalists who checked themselves into therapy. in the days that follow i will go to congress, and we will repeal every word of obamacare. [applause]
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in the days that follow, i will instruct the federal department of education, which should be abolished, i will instruct the federal department of education that common core ends today. [applause] in the days that follow, we will rebuild our military. we will honor the commitment made to our soldiers and sailors and airmen and marines. [applause] and we will protect our
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servicemen and women's constitutional right to keep and bear arms and to defend themselves. [applause] that means the next time a jihadists walked into recruiting center in chattanooga, tennessee, he's going to encounter the business end of firearms wielded by a dozen marines. [applause] in the days that follow we will finally, finally, finally secure the borders and in sanctuary cities. [applause]
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we will stop the indefensible practice of releasing violent criminal illegal aliens come and we will pass case law. -- kate's law. [applause] in the days that follow we will take on the epa. and the cfpb and the alphabet soup of the government agencies that strangle small businesses, and we will unleash booming economic growth. [applause] in the days that follow i will go to congress and we will pass fundamental tax reform. we will pass a simple flat tax. [applause]
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where every american can fill his or her taxes on a postcard. and when we do that we should abolish the irs. [applause] now, some of y'all may be thinking all of that make sense to me. basic common sense, live within your means. don't bankrupt our kids and grandkids. follow the constitution. but can we do it? can it be done? you know, scripture tells us there's nothing new under the sun. i think where we are today is very, very much like the late
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1970s. same failed economic policy, same misery of stagnation and malaise. the same feckless and naïve foreign policy. in fact, the exact same country, russia and iran, overly laughing at and mocking the president of the united states. now, what is it that analogy gives me so much hope and optimism? because we know how that story ended. [applause] all across this country millions of men and women rose up and became the reagan revolution. [applause] and it didn't come from washington. washington despised ronald reagan. by the way, it is a candidate to washington and braces, run and
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hide. it turned this country around, and i'm here to tell you the same thing is happening again. [applause] all over this country millions of men and women of waking up. do you know since this capping have started at 70 republican candidates, do you know which campaign raised the most hard money? we did. [applause] to date over 300,000 contributions, people all over the country come into,, the people are waking up. and let me tell you what washington wants.
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washington wants us divided. washington wants conservatives splintered. they want to choke evangelicals over here, chunk of libertarians over here, a chunk of tea party folks over here. that's how if we are splintered at a moderate establishment candidate runs up the middle with 23% of the vote, steals the nomination and then loses to hillary clinton in the general election. you know what, we have seen that movie before. i'm not interested in going to see rocky 19. we have a simple task before us. if conservatives unite we win. [applause]
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so hot in here to ask each and everyone of you, stand, stand in your faith, stand with your principles, come together. how do we turn this country around? just like in 1980. we rise up as we the people, and we say we will defend this last, best hope for mankind, his shining city on the hill that is of united states of america. [applause] thank you and god bless you. [applause] ♪ ♪ >> when you look at the role that the supreme court is going in our society now come out history series has to of relevance. and so as we thought about what we do to get relevant to our current programming, a series on the court made all the sense in the world. >> the court is in equal branch of government. it's a third branch of
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government here it still has fundamental impact on americans lies. >> inside the elegant building is a court room where cases are heard and decisions are made that impacts all of our lives. there's so many incredibly interesting cases in the courts history. we've all learned about roe v. wade, we've heard about brown v. board of education but for so many they are just things in a textbook. would want to do is really talk about not only the legal side of the cases but the people involved in these cases. they are human beings who felt so passionately that you're being wrong that they brought their cases to the court. >> i think what people find most passing about these cases are the personal stories. one of my personal favorites is mapp v. ohio and the story. i think when people hear this personal story of this woman and a situation, that they will fall in love with these cases, that
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they would feel passionate about what happens in the court and why they matter and why you should care. >> picking the 12 cases was really difficult and arduous task it was a fun task because we would love those 12 cases represent really our evolving understanding of rights in america. when you take a look from dred scott to korematsu all the way to roe v. wade you not only been about the history but of evolving rights in america. >> landmark cases, historic supreme court decisions produced in cooperation with the national constitution center delving into 12 supreme court cases a significant influence our nation's story and our understanding of rights in america. live monday nights at 9 p.m. eastern beginning october 5 on c-span and c-span3, and as a companion to our new series landmark cases the book. it features the 12 cases with
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selected with a brief introduction into the background, highlights an impact that each case. written by tony mauro, published by c-span in cooperation with "congressional quarterly" press. landmark cases is available for $8.95 plus shipping and handling, get your copy at >> republican presidential front runner donald trump will be announcing his tax plan. live in new york for his announcement at his press conference. he says his plan will reduce tax rates were low and middle income families and corporations while increasing rates for some like hedge fund managers who he says don't pay enough. live coverage for his announcement as soon as it begins to in the meantime more from the values voter summit. former senator and presidential candidate rick santorum. we will show as much of this as
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we can before donald trump's press conference begins. >> [inaudible conversations] ♪ ♪ >> thank you. thank you. thank you very much, bill. thank you so much for being here. i've been here for every single values voter summit, and one of the things can i was in iowa the other day in osceola county what of course all of you have been there, reckless i was introduced by chuck grassley. he hemmed and hard about what to say. is and let me just say this. the one thing i can say about rick santorum as i've known for 20 years and he hasn't changed a bit. i think that's about as i thought of it as you can do in this town of washington, d.c., right? [applause]
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we jus just had someone stepped entity who in my opinion changed a bit and is probably time for him to step down to start a new chapter here in washington, d.c. [applause] i've come here every year that i talk to you to thank you, to thank you for staying up and bringing to the city the issues that affect core of the problems in this country. america is never going to be a great country if we are a country that kills our children in the womb. ever. we're never going to be blessed by god, if we're a country that kills our children in the womb. we are never going to be a great country if we allow for the destruction of the american family. that's what's happened over the past 50 years. and thank you for coming here and for standing for truth,
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standing for what you know is right and best for this country. we have a lot of candidates for president who will come up here on stage and they will rile you up and talk about all the things they're going to do. but here's the best way to determine whether you can trust the person who is coming before you. look at their record. look at what they have accomplished. look at what they have fought for. look at what they have paid a price for. i came to washington the -- washington, d.c., and i was pro-life but i was not a pro-life warrior. it was only in a situation similar to what's happening here with planned parenthood where we were made aware of this decision called partial-birth abortion, this horrific procedure. i know about this procedure. i was on cnn the other day and we're talking about i was talking with chris, not always a fun necessary thing to do, and
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we're talking about the plan. invidious as i said not only should we define planned parenthood we should be prosecuting planned parenthood. [applause] >> antigovernment upset with a somewhat unique quirks he said what laws have been broken? will, the procedures that we saw described in these pages, i know very well because they were partial-birth abortions. and he says, well, okay, but how do you know that's against the law? i said because i wrote of the law. i know that it is against the law. [applause] we have been fighting these battles to i've been standing in the forefront for year after year after year fighting the battles on life. and we see right now that we have people in congress, we
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people even in the leadership of our party who, when given the opportunity to raise up an issue and focus america's attention on the horror of abortion, they retreat and refuse to fight. they think they can't win the battle, so they give up before it is even fought. ladies and gentlemen, the are a lot of people are going to come up here and asking for support, if you're going to tell you -- [applause] >> wow. that's some group of people. so we're going to be discussing something so important for our country, for our economy, and for getting us all working
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again, and working well again. it's a tax reform that i think will make america strong and great again. too few americans are working, too many jobs are being shipped overseas, and to many middle income families cannot make ends meet. this plan directly meets these challenges, and the challenges also a business. it will provide major tax relief for middle income and for most other americans. there will be a major tax reduction. it will simplify the tax code. it will grow the american economy at a level that it hasn't seen for decades. and all of this does not add to our debt or our deficit, but i
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will also be discussing some of that at the end because we have to make much better deals, we have to negotiate much harder, and we've got to make our economy strong. changes for individuals will be at levels that you haven't seen in a long time. we're going to cut the individual rates from seven brackets to four. simplification. 25%, 20%, 10% and zero. if you are single and earn less than $25,000 per year, or married and jointly, and jointly earn less than 50,000, so very important. if you're single and earn less than 25,000 or married and jointly earn less than 50,000,
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you will not pay any income tax, nothing. this eliminates very strongly and quickly the marriage penalty, very unfair penalty that it eliminates the amt which is the alternative minimum tax. it ends the death tax, the double taxation. and lots of families go through hell over the death tax. it reduces or eliminates most other deductions and loopholes available to special interests, intand to the very rich. in other words, it's going to cost me a fortune, which is actually true. while preserving charitable giving and mortgage interest deductions. very importantly. it ends the current tax treatment of carried interest. those of the hedge fund folks that i've been talking about for quite a while.
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make a lot of money, carried interest. so it ends the current tax treatment of carried interest, the speculative partnerships that did not go businesses or create jobs and are not risking their own capital. changes for business, now, so important, because it's all about business, it's all about jobs. we have 93 million people in this country that are in serious trouble don't want to work. they can't work. so for business, no business of any size, from a fortune 500 company to a mom and pop shop, to a freelancer living from gig to gig will pay more than 15% of their business income in taxes. big reduction. a one time deemed repatriation of corporate cash held overseas
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at significantly discounted which coming back at a significantly discounted, 10%. so it comes back discounted at a 10% tax rate, it ends the deferral of taxes on corporate income earned abroad. now, it's called corporate inversion. it's a huge subject. i've been watching politicians now for years, all talk, no action politicians. i've been watching them for years talking about bringing this money back. the number is probably $2.5 trillion. everybody agrees it should come back, republicans, democrats, everybody. they can't make a deal. they don't know how to go about making a deal to the reason companies are not bring it back is that taxes owners to get doesn't make sense to bring back are, in fact, many companies are leaving the united states, they
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are leaving our shores to go and collect their money, they're going actually moving out of the united states for two reasons. that taxes are too high, and because they tremendous amounts of money that they can't bring back into this country when everybody wants him to bring it back in. it's called leadership. we will have that money brought back in it as an example of millions of dollars overseas. i can't bring it back into this country. we file papers. we've been doing this for a year and have. we can't get it back in the so the money stays in other countries, and that's what happened, not good for us. the level of leadership that we need to get things like this done is so important, but this is something, and i can watch it for a long time, everybody agrees. we also reduce or eliminate some business loopholes, many of them actually come and deductions
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made unnecessarily or redundant by the new lower tax rate on business income. attacks right now is so low that a lot of these deductions which are complicated which don't make sense and which are unfair are gone. and we face and a reasonable cap on the deductibility of the business interest expense. so we are going to give you, we have a very complex set of papers that actually if you know business is not so complex, and we're going to have him right now to the press pick i think you will see we have an amazing code. it would be simple. they will be d.c. it will be fair. it's graduated as you get up in income, you pay a little more. some of the very unfair deductions that certain people have been given who make a lot of money would not be available any longer, but i believe they
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will do better because i think the economy will grow. it will grow rapidly and will have something for special. now, with all of that being said and before we take some questions, we have to cut the costs of what's going on in this country. if you look at what we are doing and the money we are spending, i read where a washer, you know and washer is rex nuts, bolts, a washer. to send from one state to another, it was a 19-cent washer and it cost 1900 some odd dollars to send it from here today. there are many examples, hammers to cost $800 that you can buy in a store for a tiny amount of money. we will run these country properly. there is so much money to be saved. we are reducing taxes but at the same time if i win him if i become president, we will be
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able to cut so much money and have a better country. we won't be losing anything other than we will be balancing budgets and getting them where they should be. so this is the plan that simple, that's a major reduction. i think people are going to be very happy. we've already had some very good reviews. i did the plan for leading scholars and economists and tax experts that are in this country. they love it. they say, why hasn't this been done before? and this is my wheelhouse. that's what i.t. will. the economy is what i do well. whenever they do polls i always come out wit above everybody else on the economy. and on leadership by the way, but i won't say that. so if anybody has -- [applause] wow.
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thank you. that's amazing. that's some of the press was actually clapping. i don't think i've ever seen that before. why don't we take some questions from the press? yes, go ahead. [applause] >> no, i'm not going to do that yet. i have to get approval but we've had some of the top people in this country look at it. we are looking at 3%, it could be six. we'll have growth that will be tremendous. and by the way, if we have more than three, these numbers are really spectacular. and one of the things that they don't take into account in any big league fashion is the county. it is so much waste and i believe what i get into i will be able to cut without losing anything, took a tremendous amount off of come and we're not even showing anything on that so they're very conservative numbers. yes, sarah. [inaudible]
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>> yeah. [inaudible] >> my taxes, my taxes welcome personal item much simpler tax stated that it will be much simpler. when i do my return it will become my returns go to the ceiling and beyond, which is ridiculous. you spend millions of dollars at a high level on lawyers, accountants and everything else. we want to simplify them to a tremendous level. the bracket of 25, a big difference is that many of the loopholes and many of the deductions which are old and a been there for years, antiquated in many cases or are put there because a lot of the people that get these defections are contributed to hillary, they are contributing to bush. that contribute to every candidate that drove because i'm not taking any money. i'm still funding to these people want these deductions. there will be people, we are reducing taxes but believe me there will be people in the
11:16 am
upper echelon that will not be thrilled with this. we are taking away deductions and that's one of the reasons were able to lower its so. [inaudible] >> is actually a tax reduction. a big tax reduction, coding for the upper income. i believe the economy will do so well that even though they won't be getting certain deductions, which are not fair for them to be getting back to end up doing better. yes, go ahead. [inaudible] >> i just think this is a common sense approach. we could say supply side, you consider seeking given names given are for different kinds of reductions or increases. i don't think it's supply-side or anything else but i think this is a common sense, well thought out tax proposal that's
11:17 am
going to trigger the economy, clinic everybody go back and would want to work or it's going to great tremendous number of jobs. one of the other things i'm coupling this with is if i become president i'm going to renegotiate our trade deals. our trade deals are not sustainable by this country, not sustainable. we cannot continue to let our jobs go to all the different countries. there's not a country that we negotiate with that doesn't make a better deal to we lose money with everything. i'm also going to renegotiate some of our military costs because we protect south korea. we protect germany. we protect some of the wealthiest countries in the world, saudi arabia. we protect everybody. we protect everybody, and we don't get reimbursed. we lose on everything. we lose on everything. so we are going to negotiate and we negotiate trade deals, military deals, many other deals that's going to get the cost down for running our country very significantly.
11:18 am
i'm not showing a big number in that but i believe that if i become president those numbers are going to be massacred as an example saudi arabia. and make a billion dollars a day. we protect them. so we need help. we are losing a tremendous amount of money on a yearly basis and we go $19 trillion i used to say 18. now with nike to get only going up. yes, tom. [inaudible] >> look, look. senator rubio is a lightweight. we understand that he wouldn't be able to do this. he would know that take you from any other deal. and what certain people are trying to get his their time to take a we just went up in the last poll. we went up two points in the last poll that we continue to corporate entity sql i think we went from 26 that's when i. we're going up strong in the polls. they don't know what to do about it. i built a great company.
11:19 am
you will see that in 60 minutes last night. it's a phenomenal company with very little debt, tremendous cash flow. i'm finding my own campaign. guys like rubio, he desperately needs money. ask a car dealer in florida, ask the people that support him. and a guy like rubio and others can i do what does include a. you are singling him out, but they are largely controlled by their donors and special interests and, frankly, more than anybody else, the lobbyist. i've turned down millions and millions of dollars from lobbyists and special interest because it's not the right thing. it's just not right and that seems to be resonating very strongly. yes. [applause] >> thank you, thank you. [inaudible] >> negotiate, that's true, i do.
11:20 am
i get bills from people in a negotiate. is that a bad thing? the country could do that. i would bring that same attitude to the widest and that's true. she says i have a habit when you get a bill come you call up and you negotiate. to me that the company. i want to take that thinking to the white house. i would bet you bigoted 20% of our budget i could say more but we could have a tremendous amount. that has to be the attitude our country has. you can't spend millions and millions of dollars on doing something that you can do for $2000. we look at costs. we just spent $1 million building a soccer field, okay? a soccer field, for our prisoners that happened to be in guantánamo, okay? i don't like that. what you need a million dollars for? level out the service, let them play, if they have to play it all. what you need to spend a million dollars? we just spent come into the store today. i million dollars on a soccer
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field? how do you spend an adult on a soccer field quick you have a level piece of land. so that it all. why do they even come why are they playing soccer is my question. okay. yes, sir, go ahead. [inaudible] >> no, it's too long. you don't have time. you are not timed. go ahead. why don't you go ahead? [inaudible] >> right. [inaudible] >> no, not at all. we are lowering taxes which republicans love. and i think what are the reasons i am doing so well in the polls and one of the reasons i'm doing so well when it comes to the economy in all polls is that this is the thing. we are lowering taxes or substantially, simplifying and getting rid of deductions that are actually obsolete that
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certain people want to keep for certain reasons. so no, that's not true. yes, sir. go ahead. [inaudible] >> well, who was interviewed and i was interviewed last night i thought his interview. i saw charlie rose did an excellent job but i thought is was a software entity. scott kelly interviewed me. i thought scott was terrific. it was a tough interview i thought he was very fair. and i thought the piece was very good. go ahead. [inaudible] >> easy harder on me than putin? i would say because putin is a nicer person than i am. okay, go ahead. [inaudible] >> right, right. [inaudible]
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>> the worst in 36 years. okay. it's a good question and you can connect the dots but i guess it has been probably since 2004. talking about 12 years that people wanted to bring the money back into the country, and again is called corporate inversion a lot of times the corporation are moving out and going to other countries, taking jobs. now we have a really big problem because we series companies, very large as you know, obviously you know something about business, but we have major companies looking to move out of the united states. it used to be they would move from new york to florida or from new jersey to texas or whatever. now you're talking about moving from the united states to ireland and england and to other places, to spain where they get treated differently. and, frankly, better.
11:24 am
they're doing that for a number of the reasons but one of the big reasons as you is taxes. one of the other reason is to get all of this cash they built up and they can't get back into our country. wins money comes back into our country, that everybody wants, it will be put to work in our country largely. it can go other places but largely. and i think it would be an amazing boon. here's the other thing. they think it is $2.5 trillion. i think it's much more than that. i actually think it's going to be more money than that. and boy, if it is, we have hit pay dirt. go ahead real fast. [inaudible] >> well, you know when to end the repatriation, when you get the money coming back and beyond, tremendous things happen. sera, go ahead. [inaudible] >> well, i will be announcing that in the not-too-distant
11:25 am
future. i will be honest, i'm the only honest about the i watched, i pay so much attacks. i watch all politicians and the sake i fight like hell to pay as little as possible. can i say that i'm not a politician. i fight like hell always because it's an expensive and you know what i feel, i fight, i have the best lawyers and the best accounts and i fight, and i pay. but it's an expense. and, frankly, i would feel differently if this country were spending the money wisely instead of throwing it out the dream. our country spend our money so stupidly, and i will tell you that i can speak for myself, i pay a lot of tax but i fight like hell to make it as low as possible. but i would feel a lot differently if our leadership was such that i respected the decision. all you have to do is look at the list of the things that our
11:26 am
government is spending money on right now, and you don't feel so good about our country. yes. [inaudible] >> well, i'll to you what come in terms of income and equality we will create a lot of jobs. you know, right now we have a false 5.4, 5.3, 5.6 come every month it is to do. it's such a phony number because when people look and look in look and then they give up looking for a job, they are taking off the roll so the number is not reflected i see numbers of 24% are actually saw a number of 42% unemployment. 42%. and it could be because when you're looking for a job and you go around and you look and you look and you find and you want to work and you want to take care of your family, and then you can't get the job, you know i talk about because you're shaking your head, and you can't
11:27 am
get the job, essentially for statistical purposes you are considered employed. so that i read every time it comes out, i hear 5.3% unemployment, that isn't the biggest joke there is in this country. that number is so false. people ask how, trump is doing so well, and carson and others, how come -- you know wipeouts because people are tired of illegal speak. they are tired of the. the worst example of it, one of the worst examples is a phony unemployment rate. the unemployment rate is probably 20% but i will tell you, get some great economist that will tell you it's a 30, 32. the highest i've heard so far is 42%. there's anger out there at the job picture. now, one other thing. with that being said, china, japan, mexico, brazil, these
11:28 am
countries are all taking our jobs that we are a bunch of babies. that will stop. people will treat us fairly if i become president. .. >> he's going to have more money to spend in the economy, so that's good. yes, ma'am? [inaudible] >> should chris christie what?
11:29 am
[inaudible] >> i know nothing about that. yeah, go ahead. [inaudible] >> no i'm not a populist. i'm a man that built a tremendous country with the best real estate. i have many of these. i've done a great job. i've employed tens of thousands of people. i employ tens of thousands of people. i've done a good job. i'm a man of common sense. i'm cutting taxes, create a lot of jobs, i'm going to get a tremendous amount of waste. the waste that i get rid of is going to have a huge impact and i'm not putting that in my numbers. i think it's going to be
11:30 am
terrific. how about one more question? go ahead. [inaudible] >> yes, that's a beautiful way of describing it. where are you from? england. what a beautiful accent. i want to get the industry, we all it the automobile industry to build factories here. ford is building a two and a half billion factory in méxico. méxico took a big plant out of tennessee. i want the motor companies as you would say or automobile companies to build the plants in the united states. i don't want nabisco leaving to méxico or anywhere else. all of these places where they are leaving and they are going
11:31 am
to other countries, i want them to stay here and they will stay here and be so happy. ladies and gentlemen, thank you very much, it's been a great honor. thank you, thank you. [applause] [inaudible conversations] [applause] >> donald trump at trump tower and now his ideas and plans for tax ifs he becomes president from his tump tower offices, the lobby there. we are going to take your calls. 202-748-8921, for all others
11:32 am
202-748-8922. i want to take a look at a cnn polls. donald trump reveals new details about his tax plan in an interview on sunday. that was with cbc's 60 minutes. 0% from individuals making less than $25,000 a years and couple makes less than 50,000 years autotop rate of 25% to the wealthiest americans slashing to top rate which received a preview of the campaigns proposal on monday. you can go to or to our facebook page and answer the question there. we will have the question on what your thoughts are and reaction to donald trump's tax plan. let's take a look from katie.
11:33 am
single filers making 0-$25,000 a year. 20% for 50-100,000 and 25% for anyone making $150,000 and up. let's take a look here. this one talks about something that grover has said. it's consistent with reform. one page form with the irs that says i win under donald trump's tax plan with a look at some of the outline there. joe lawrence writing, tump, i'm
11:34 am
-- trump, i'm not a populist, i'm a man with common sense. putin is a nicer person than i am. i have a caller from richard in massachusetts. hi, richard. >> how are you? >> i thought it was going to be a great tax plan, great ideas out there that's going to set up from the rest of the congress. i don't think he will. donald trump has been doing it for a long time. i mean, he can make america great. >> all right. that's within -- one of his campaign slogans there. hi, dana. >> hi, how are you? >> very good, thanks. >> caller: i would like to know,
11:35 am
i grew up in that town, a manufacturing ghost town right now. at one point they made everything except the automobile. i wish he would have addressed how he's going to bring jobs back that are lost to overseas countries, for instance, timax, a huge company, it's all -- all the watches are made overseas right, lux clock, chase company. i could go on and on. these are factories that gave the middle class a very good-paying wage. he didn't address that topic. that's what i was kind of looking forward to. >> also corporate inversions that you have been hearing a lot about as well part of donald trump's plan. hi, patricia.
11:36 am
>> hello. >> hi. >> yes. actually i'm not talking about the policy because i couldn't fathom what he meant, but i do want to criticize this particular things, he's a multibillionaire in the trump tower and can't afford -- >> yeah. >> i couldn't hear thing. so, you know, next time he does one of these -- >> all right. patricia, thanks for the call. trump on companies moving jobs overseas, want them to stay here and they will stay here and they'll be so happy. okay, then. more details from jill
11:37 am
lawrence. republican. >> caller: yes, i wanted to let you know that he had a great idea. it is a great, great idea, but the only thing that i'm concerned most is that he needs to do something with all the towns that people are wearing it out. to he needs to do something about that. >> food stamps. >> virgin islands. >> -- virginia. >> hi, virginia. >> he quoted about the unemployment, it weighs more than the people know. he wants the companies to quit moving out of the united states and build back in the united states for us workers and he is a very good businessman and he will make this company -- this
11:38 am
country great again. >> what's it like there where you are in princeton, west virginia? >> it's jobs people don't want to work here. i don't know what the problem is. they get ssi too quick for my thoughts on it. >> all right, virginia, thanks for the call. mike is on the line, democrat. what do you think of what you heard about donald trump? >> caller: i don't know about this guy. what is he going to cut? i'll cut this and cut that, what is he going to cut, you know. >> okay. joan, you have the floor. >> caller: thank you, he was talking about the military, however, issue with people
11:39 am
behind bars that they get education and single parents work so hard in order to make it and unfortunately they're not able to get an education. i wonder what he would do about that. >> all right, taking your phone calls, getting your thoughts on donald trump's tax plan, some of what we heard in trump tower. you can join us online slashcr -- he said during 60-minute interview. trump to make some of the
11:40 am
wealthiest americans some on wall street pay more taxes. i do have some differences. i don't want to have certain people on wall street getting away with paying no tax after suggesting he would eliminate some unfair deductions. miami, florida, in -- >> i'm in virginia. >> great. >> he's onto a good start with the plan, as advocate to fair tax, we can stop making criminals honest tax paying citizens, it's so complicated and that's exactly what it does. >> what do you like about the fair tax? >> it's a consumption tax. everybody pays it. there's no around the about it. but it's such a simple tax that eliminate -- right now we have a
11:41 am
complicated tax code that's making honest tax-paying citizens criminals. it's got to stop. >> democrats line. harry, go ahead. >> caller: hello, i'm a concerned retired truck driver and multiemployer pension funds, i hear pretty soon that they are not going -- they are taking our pensions away, 10 million people, what are they going to do with retirees out here? are we going to go on food stamps? >> cristian. >> yes, i've been an independent all of my life and just recently four years turned and i just want to say as conservative and republican i'm so ashamed of donald trump.
11:42 am
he not only stands on propaganda, educated on how to manipulate the news, media and the public. he was able to get everyone to stay quiet, the audience so they wouldn't be able to hear the questions. that's a joke. he needs to do a better job of being open. >> all right, republican line there. we are going to go to look at some of what ben carson had to say in the value summit. calls for the media to stop giving ben carson on pass on issues just because he's a brilliant surgeon. these are the comments from the summit this weekend.
11:43 am
♪ ♪ ♪ >> thank you. thank you so much. thank you. thank you. [cheers and applause] >> thank you, thank you very much. thank you. it makes up for my low energy. [laughter] >> you know, i have to tell you something about america. you know i visited at least 57 different countries and i -- [laughter] >> and i have -- i'm always so
11:44 am
pleased when i get here because america has been so good to me. i was born in pretty dire circumstances, grew up very poor, had a bad temper, i was a terrible student, all the thing that is probably would have precluded success in most other places. but here in america the opportunities were there even if you didn't have a silver spoon in your mouth, you could go to the library and it didn't cost you anything to go there unless you turned your book in late, so -- [laughter] >> you know, those are the kinds of opportunities that i want to preserve for other people and i get whir at a -- irritated when people complain about america and say we are the source of all evil. if we were so bad, why is
11:45 am
everybody trying to get in here and nobody is trying to escape. [applause] >> and there is such a thing as the american way. [shouting] >> we should be proud of it. have you noticed that there's no canadian way, there's no french way, there's no egyptian way, there's no other way except america. let's be proud of who we are. you know, we don't have to -- [cheers and applause] >> it's really one of the reasons that i for one am not interested in giving away all of our values and principles so that we can be politically correct. that's a bunch of craziness. [applause] >> you know, some people when you say things like that, they say, you're bigoted and racist
11:46 am
because you don't want other people to import the way of life, we should be willing to accept the way other people do things. anybody is welcome to come to america as far as i'm concerned as long as they meet all of our criteria but they don't get to change who we are. you know, that's a very important concept. [cheers and applause] >> and i deeply believe in compassion in being, you know, kind to other people and i think, you know, we are in a very good position in america to be kind to other people. i think about what's going on a nation like cameroon right now where some major american companies have gone over there and are helping to develop millions of acres of incredibly
11:47 am
fertile land and getting record crops, making a lot of money, i will admit, but also developing the infrastructure of that nation and providing jobs and teaching them the business so that they can do that on their own to a greater extent. that's a kind of thing that's a win-win situation. we are not borrowing money from china to give them billions of dollars in aid. that's the kind of thing we should be doing in south and central america so that they won't feel that they need to come here, and the other thing that we need to be thinking about -- [applause] >> other thing we need to be thinking about in that regard is filling our borders, having gone
11:48 am
down there, the fences that are there would barely slow me down when i was a kid. why do they call border guards if they're not in the border, when they catch people, ice tells them to release. a lot of those people are from iraq, somalia, russia and many of them are hardened criminals and it seems like our federal government is actually fighting against the -- the sheriffs and the people who are down there and then listening to some of the families, i sat with some of the families and they told me the horror stories about what they that had to endure and how fightened it was and they are some incredible brave americans but we need administration that
11:49 am
will back our people up and not for people that are trying to invade from some place else. i've already done interviews today which you will be seeing on television up in the next couple of days. i am just so tickled with the media. [laughter] >> i mean, these guys feel like they just don't get it, you know. you know, the interesting thing is the media is the only business in america protected by the united states constitution, and there was a reason that they were protected. it was because they were supposed to be on the side of the people. they weren't supposed to pick and choose which side they were on because that distorts the entire system and we should hope and pray that one day they come to understand that if the nation goes off the cliff, they are
11:50 am
going off with it. and maybe -- [cheers and applause] >> maybe they will wake up. begin to understand what is going on. i went back and forth with one commentator, but you said that somebody who was of the islamic faith and muslim could not be president of the united states. well, you know, i said, will you go back and read the whole transcript. before that, i said that anybody from any faith from any belief system who comes to america and becomes american citizen and embraces our american values and principles and is willing to -- well, what about a muslim in the
11:51 am
context of maybe somebody who didn't fit in that category? anybody who doesn't fit in that category, i don't care who they are. they can be a cristian. if they don't fit in that category, i'm not going to advocate that they be president of the united states. simple as that. [cheers and applause] >> and by the way -- by the way not advocating that they be president of the united states in no way precludes them from running. as the last i checked, we all had the right to decide who we wanted to advocate for. we don't have to in any way say that you must say this or you must say that. political correctness is dangering our country. it's ridiculous. [cheers and applause]
11:52 am
>> the big problem with the media is they're always going off into these tangents because they don't want to talk about the real issues. you know, we have some serious problems in this country, you know our fiscal internal -- irresponsibility, working on the welfare of children, i cannot quietly sit by and watch us ruining their future, you know, we have a national debt of greater than $18 trillion. what a a ridiculous amount of money. i mean, a million is a lot. a billion is a thousand million and a trillion is a thousand
11:53 am
billion. we're talking 18 trillion. that's what we are putting in the backs of our young people, but that's the good news, because actually -- [laughter] >> it's actually much worst than that. the fiscal gap, now, this is something that no politician will talk about. but i'm not a politician so i'm going to talk about it because, you know, now what it is -- and please look this up when you get home or read about it. it's the amount of unfunded liabilities that we have as a nation. social security, medicare, medicaid, all the departmental programs, you know, there's 645 different government agencies and sub agencies. it is absolutely absurd out of
11:54 am
all that, tremendous amount of money, versus amount of revenue expected to be brought with taxes and other revenue sources, those numbers should be identical if, in fact, you are responsible. you're talking a fiscal gap which is over $200 trillion. it is a staggering amount of money. i mentioned the fiscal gap and the next day the liberal med i came out, he doesn't know what he's talking, fiscal gap, who knows what that is, he's just trying to frightened people, forbes came out 17 nobel economics and professors agree with carson. [cheers and applause]
11:55 am
>> you know, that kind of took the wind out of themselves. the fact of the matter is you look at that amount of money, the only reason we can sustain that level of debt is because we can print money, which we are doing in a very irresponsible way. we stop coupling since 1971. it is a house of cards that is ready to collapse, and what are we doing? continuing to increase that level of debt. in fact, i would say if your representatives, i don't care if they're democrats or republicans, if they continue to vote to increase our debt and to raise our debt and raise the amount of money that we are going to spend at the expense of those coming behind us, you need to find out who they are and you
11:56 am
need to throw them out of office. that is absolutely imperative. [cheers and applause] >> now, i never like to raise a problem without offering a solution because there actually is a solution to our incredible fiscal problems. we are in possession of the most powerful and dynamic economy engine the world has ever known. it's just that it cannot function because we have so many regulations, nothing can work effectively anymore, and that dampens enthusiasm. what people don't know is that every single federal regulation costs us money in terms of goods
11:57 am
and services, costs everybody money because it increases the price of everything. who gets hit more by that? the middle class and poor people. that's one of the things that's driving the income gap. let me tell you something, you take every dime from a tops% and you have a problem, that's a myth and political sham and need to reject that and teach people what the real issues are that are going on in our country. [applause] >> and then when you look at our national debt of 18 plus trillion dollars, you know, it forces the fed to keep suppressing the interest rates, because what happens if they
11:58 am
allow the interest raise -- rates to rise to normal levels, that would be 800-$900 billion. that's ridiculous. we can't do that. so what we have to do, and think about what the result is, by the way, for years traditionally how did people, average people make money in our society? joe the butcher every friday put 5% of his paycheck in his savings account and watched it grow over the next three decades so when he retired he had a nice. that's problem, bonds, allows the average person to develop some degree of financial security.
11:59 am
those things haven't existed for almost a decade now, and the only place to make money is in the stock market, but in order to do that you have to have a risk tolerance. who has risk tolerance? rich people, so again, a driver of the gap. and we have to stop allowing the left to deceive people and thinking that it is the wealthy people among us that is causing the problems. that's not who is causing the problems. it's the socialist among us who are causing causing the problems. [cheers and applause] >> and we can -- we can solve that problem quite effectively. you know, the other thing that they don't want us to focus on is the weakness of our military. you know, it is, you know,
12:00 pm
record lows. our navy, air force, and, you know, marine corps and testimony talked about our nondeployed units and how state of unreadiness existed, largely because they are not getting the kind of support. it's not the men and the women. ..


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